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Messed Up World @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 24

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 24 of Messed Up World. Thank you to those who have left reviews for this story. It really does mean a lot to me that you guys are enjoying this story. I am trying my best with trying to make each chapter good and I hope that I don't fail with my writing and hopefully it will be pleasing to read. I hope that I did well with this next chapter. Without further ado Chapter 24. ENJOY!

Chapter 24

Margarita came up behind Will with Jack with her. She was rather exhausted not getting all that much sleep since they had to make a beeline to Cleveland Ohio. Her hair was messily put into a bun to keep off of her neck and face. Her uniform was slightly wrinkled due to almost falling asleep on the flight there. She looked up at the body that was mounted on the scaffolding covered in plastic sheets creating a divine luminescing from behind.

Brian, Beverly, and Jimmy put their gloves on as they walked towards the scene.

"Why angels?" Jack questioned looking at Will.

"It isn't Biblical. His angels have wings. In sculpture and paintings, angels fly, but not in the Bible." Will explained looking around.

"He's drawing from secular sources."

"His mind has turned against him and there's no one there to help."

Brian carefully picked up a pair of severed testicles.

"Are those? What are those?" Jimmy questioned looking over seeing what Brian had found.

"Someone got an orchiectomy cheap."

Beverly shined her flashlight at the security guard's crotch. "Doesn't look like the victim."

"The Angel Maker?" Jimmy questioned.

"He castrated himself?"

Will looked up, taking a breath, his mind reeling as he thought. "He's not just making angels, he's getting ready to become one." He saw their looks on their faces. "Angels don't have genitalia."

"Save me a place in hell." Jimmy said, shaking his head.

"He was afraid of dying and now he's getting used to the idea?" Jack questioned looking over at Will.

"He's accepted it or he's bargaining." Will explained hoping that it would make sense to everyone.

"Some bargaining chips." Brian said, humming softly.

"Does that mean he's done making angels or just getting started." Jack questioned crossing his arms.

"I don't know." Will said, shaking his head lightly.

"He's not just killing when he gets sleepy. How is he choosing them?"

"I don't know. Ask him."

"I'm asking you."

"You're the head of the Behavioral Science Unit, Jack. Why don't you come up with your own answers if you don't like mine."

Suddenly there was a stillness that washed over Brian, Jimmy, and Beverly with Will's blatant disrespect.

Jack locked Will with a cold stare. "I didn't hear that."

"No, you didn't. I'm sorry." Will said softly. Embarrassed by his outburst Will wandered back over to the angel to collect his thoughts.

Margarita shook her head lightly as she looked at Jack, her arms crossed.

Jack looked at Margarita seeing the look on her face. "What?" He demanded looking at her with a cold stare.

"Oh come off it, Jack. He's trying. For ruddy sake he's working himself into the ground and he's too close to everyone. You're going to end up breaking the poor boy. Do you want to do the same to him like you had done to me?" She snapped, narrowing her eyes, tapping her foot angrily against the ground.

Beverly looked on in shock seeing Margarita disrespecting Jack as well.

"You don't like his answers, try coming up with your own. Then compare notes with him. Don't push him. You won't like what happens if he breaks." She said walking past Jack ignoring the looks that she was getting from Beverly, Jimmy, and Brian, and even the look from Jack. She was pretty much fed up with the whole thing and she wasn't about to have herself being pushed around by Jack. She wasn't that younger agent any more and Jack couldn't push her around as much as he was pushing Will around. She walked over to where Will was seeing him thinking. "Will…"

Will turned his attention to Margarita.

"Don't let Jack get to you. I warned him not to push you too hard. He can't always use you when he's trying to find out what happens with your memory." She let out a soft breath shaking her head lightly.

"I crossed the line." He said softly, his hands grabbing at his sides.

"Will, it was a line that needed to be crossed. I don't want him to end up breaking you and ruining your life." She pointed out looking up at him.

Will took a soft breath. "Your concern for this is…"

"Will I'm worried that he'll hurt you? And I don't want that happening to you. You might have to step back soon. I can see that you're starting to crack under the pressure of this case, just as much as I am."


Will stood between the corpses of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

Margarita stood at the doorway watching him with her lips pursed together and her arms crossed. She hadn't gone home just yet knowing that she needed to go home and get some sleep since she hadn't slept all that well before being called to Cleveland and then returning to Quantico to the BAU morgue.

Beverly entered the room and leaned on the morgue drawer studying Will.

Margarita's brow raised slightly wondering what on earth Beverly was going to say or if she was going to just stand there and watch Will working.

"I've never seen anybody talk to Jack the way you talked to Jack." Beverly pointed out crossing her arms as she looked at Will.

"I was out of line." Will said slowly, opening his eyes and looking over his shoulder at her not making full eye contact with Beverly.

"You were out of your mind. My ears rang like they did the first time I heard my mom say the f-word. Are you okay? I know it's a stupid thing to ask considering that none of us could possibly be okay doing what we do. But are you okay?"

"Do I seem different?" Will questioned his brow raising wondering why Beverly thought maybe he wasn't alright.

"You're a little different. You've always been a little different. Brilliant strategy. No one knows when there's something up with you."

"How would I know if there was something up with you?"

"You wouldn't. But I would tell you if you asked me. Return the favor?"

Will went to answer, but Jimmy interrupted the moment that they were having in their small talk.

"Would the real Mr. and Mrs. Anderson please stand up."

Will looked up at Jimmy as he entered with the file in his hand.

"No? Meet Roger & Marilyn Brunner. May recognize them from such lists as Most Wanted. He likes to rape and murder. She likes to watch." Jimmy handed the file to Will, who quickly looked it over. "We have a DNA match. They falsified the motel registry and were driving a stolen car, so it took a second to identify them."

"I wonder how long it took Angel Maker to identify them. He didn't choose them randomly."

Jimmy handed Beverly another report. "He knows something about them. The murdered Security Guard wasn't actually a Security Guard, which I'd say means he was up to no good."

Margarita pursed her lips together in thought.

"Could Angel Maker be a vigilante?" Beverly questioned looking at the file she was given.

"Vigilantes are pragmatic, purposeful. They don't lay down and go to sleep under their crimes.

In his mind, he's doing God's work." Will said, wondering why they would even do that.

"That spells vigilante." Margarita said thinking as she crossed her arms.

"Playing God has advantages. One of them is never having to be alone."

"He makes Angels out of demons."

"How does he know they're demons?" Jimmy questioned his brows furrowed slightly.

"He doesn't have to know. All he has to do is believe." Will said, taking a breath as he began to think.

Margarita knew that this wasn't a good sign. "Meaning we might not have a chance to catch him before his next kill… or even that if he kills himself. I mean he's already castrated himself… it's only a matter of time that he deems himself ready to become an angel."


Margarita opened the door to the house and slowly went inside to see Bella leaving Hannibal's office. She pursed her lips together as she slowly put her keys down onto the table.

Bella's eyes went wide seeing Margarita there knowing that she worked with Jack.

"I won't tell Jack a thing." Margarita said tiredly looking up at Bella.

"You won't?" Bella questioned her brows raising slightly.

Margarita shook her head lightly. "It's not my place to tell him. And it's not my place to tell your husband that you're seeing my husband."

Bella looked over her shoulder to where Hannibal's office was. "Your husband is very helpful." She admitted softly looking back at the woman before her.

"Yes, I suppose that's why he took the oath of being a surgeon formerly and now a psychiatrist." Margarita mused softly as she offered Bella a small smile. "I know it won't mean much, but I wouldn't try to hide this too much longer from Jack… He'd want to know." She slowly went to walk past Bella. "Hope you have a good night."

Bella took a soft breath wondering why Margarita was being so nice to her even though she was hiding such a secret from Jack. Nor telling Jack what was going on made her heart hurt to know that she was hurting Jack more than what the cancer was doing to her right that moment.


This is the end of Chapter 24. I hope that you guys enjoyed this chapter. I know that it's a bit bumpy and a little bit graphic but that's why I bumped up the rating and told everyone to read with care. I thought that the T rating might have been too low, so I raised it to M. But if you guys feel like it is in the T rating I can bump it back. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. Reviews help me keep going when it comes to my writing and my muse. I hopefully will update on Friday with a new chapter. Until next time.

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