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Messed Up World @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 20

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 20 of Messed Up World. Thank you to those who have left reviews for this story. It really does mean a lot to me that you guys are enjoying this story. I am trying my best and trying to come into my own writing skills which is taking a lot to figure out how the story will go. I hope that I don't fail with this next chapter because I've been trying my best to work as hard as I can while trying to make this chapter as good as I can. Without further ado Chapter 20. ENJOY!

Chapter 20

Margarita carefully put some bound mushrooms that looked like flowers into a crystal tea pot steeping in piping hot water.

Hannibal had tomatoes roasting as he cut potatoes in perfect half-inch cubes, tossing them into a pan with a whole unpeeled garlic clove and thyme. He grinded some fresh meat, which was also tossed into the sizzling pan as Abigail looked on from nearby watching the two adults closely. "It's important to know when it's time to turn the page. Have you thought about applying to schools?"

"My dad killed girls at all the schools I applied to." Abigail said softly looking down feeling ashamed to know such a thing. She knew that she probably wouldn't be able to go to college at all.

"Perhaps that can wait then."

"I want to work for the F.B.I."

Hannibal's face cracked into a warm grin. "I would certainly feel safer if you were in the hallowed halls of the F.B.I. protecting my interests."

"They wouldn't let me, would they? Because of what my dad did."

"Only if they believe that is in your nature, too."

"Nature versus nurture."

"We don't invent our natures, Abigail. They're issued to us, with our lungs and pancreas and everything else. Can't fight it."

"I don't know what my nature is."

"You are not your father's daughter. Not anymore."

"What would've happened to my dad if you guys didn't kill him?"

"We live in a primitive time, Abigail. Neither savage nor wise. He'd be exactly where he is now. Be grateful for your scars."


"Our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real. Anchors us. We all need to be anchored."

Abigail went silent.

"What if it weren't so painful anymore to think of him?"

"My dad?"

"Have you ever taken psilocybin?" Margarita questioned looking over at the teenager with a curious gaze.

Hannibal looked over at his wife with a smile on his lips. He knew that the tea that was being made had mushrooms in it and it would do wonders for Abigail. Well at least he hoped.

"Mushrooms? That's what's in the tea?" Abigail questioned her brows raising as she looked at the two adults.

Hannibal nodded his head. "There are those psychiatrists who believe altered states could be used to access traumatic memories."

"I have all the access to traumatic memories I need. Unlimited access."

"Which is why we need to supplement them with positive associations. No more bad dreams, Abigail."

"You want me to do drugs?" She questioned looking at the two of them like they were crazy to even think of doing this.

"I want you to do this drug. With my supervision. Where it's safe."

Margarita poured a cup of the tea that had been made.

Hannibal carefully took the cup from his wife and offered it to Abigail. "Do you trust me?"

Abigail slowly took the mug from his hands.

Margarita looked at her husband with a soft look on her face slowly coming over to him.

Hannibal wrapped his arm around her as Abigail began to slowly drink her tea.

"Mischa will be home this evening." Margarita said softly as Hannibal rubbed her arm softly in a soothing motion.

"We made the right choice in having Mishca with the babysitter while we have Abigail here." He told his wife softly kissing the top of her head.

Abigail finished the tea as she watched the two adults who looked rather close to one another and it made her think of how her father and mother were. Suddenly she dropped the tea cup onto the floor as it slipped from her hands. She stared at the shattered teacup on the floor. "Doctor Bloom said this was okay?"

"Not at all. We often have a difference of opinion." Hannibal mused softly as he released his wife to allow her to go and get the broom to clean up the broken glass so no one would get hurt on it.

"Another secret for us." Abigail said softly, her voice rather breathy from drinking the tea.

"You and I will have many secrets. Infusing psilocybin into the bloodstream before psychotherapy can elicit a positive, even spiritual, experience for patients."

"I'm not your patient." Abigail pointed out as she looked up at Hannibal.

Margarita got the broom and pan and began to sweep the broken glass off of the floor. She watched her husband talking to Abigail. She nibbled her lower lip softly wondering if they had given her too much tea to start out.

"No, you're my guest. Psychological trauma is an affliction of the powerless. I want to give you your power back."

"I don't feel good." Abigail said sitting down in one of the chairs not none too gracefully.

"That feeling will pass. Allow it to wash over you, through you. Let me be your guide, Abigail."

Abigail eyed the food that Hannibal was preparing and the orange juice that was dripping into a glass from a Philippe Starck juicer. "You're making breakfast for dinner?"

"Not just breakfast. High Life eggs. A chef in Spain called Muro claims he invented it in the 19th century." Hannibal threw an egg into the air, catching it on the edge of the knife he held, cracking it and holding it in place as the contents drooled onto a slice of brioche with a hold already in a pan. The sausage sizzled and crackled in its own pan almost finished. "Taste is not only biochemical, it's also psychological, evoking memories of places and experiences."

"Eggs and sausage was the last meal I was having with my parents."

"I know. It's also the first meal you're having with us."

Margarita watched her husband continue to cook the breakfast that they would be having dinner for that evening. She could only hope that Doctor Bloom wouldn't find out about them taking Abigail out. At least not for a while. She wasn't sure if she could handle Doctor Bloom going at them both. "Hannibal?"

"Yes, mylimasis?" Hannibal asked, looking over at his wife seeing her cheeks flush red at the affectionate tone he had. He smiled softly seeing her going red in the face. He hardly ever used mylimasis when he talked to her, it was rare when he was being overly affectionate with his wife. He wanted to convey that he loved more than anything in the world and their child.

"Do you need me to do anything?" She asked softly, her voice coming out very softly that he almost missed what she had said.

"Could you go and set up the table, mylimasis."

"Of course." Margarita said softly as she went to go and get the glassware and dishware for the table.

"Set an extra plate and glass out."

"Are you expecting another? Doctor Bloom?"

"I would expect her to find out soon enough that Abigail isn't at the hospital."

Margarita hummed softly before slowly nodding her head. "Of course." She said as she got another plate and glass out. She carefully balanced them all and carried them into the dining room. She took a soft breath as she walked into the dining room. She carefully put the plates down onto the table as well as the glasses. She took a soft tired breath as she went back into the kitchen to grab the silverware.

Hannibal watched his wife with a soft look in his eyes. He knew that his wife was doing the best thing that she could do at this moment while Abigail was dealing with the side effects of the tea that she had drank.

Margarita left the kitchen and began to place the silverware onto the table. She nibbled her lower lip softly knowing that her husband was doing the right thing.


This is the end of Chapter 20. I hope that you guys enjoyed this chapter. I tried my best with trying to make this as good as I could. I hope that it was rather enjoyable and I still have 46 more chapters to go before this story is all finished. I am actually rather excited to be writing this story. It's really giving my mind a workout which is good I think anyways. Lol. Please leave a review and let me know what you think of this chapter. Reviews help me keep writing and keeping my muse going. I will update on Friday as long as I have chapters to post. Until next time.

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