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Chapter 5

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 5 of Looking Glass. I hope that you guys are enjoying this. I can't wait to write more for this series. With out further ado Chapter 5.

Chapter 5

We Run

The Master sat with Chase as they watched the television.

"The President is said to be furious that Great Britain has taken unilateral action."

Chase shook her head as her husband changed the channel to the Teletubbies.

A Toclafane appeared next to the two of them.

"Have you seen these things? This plant's amazing. Television in their stomach. Now that is evolution." The Master said coyly.

"Is the machine ready?" A female Toclafane asked, floating beside Chase's head.

"Tomorrow morning. It reaches critical at eight or two precisely." The Master said resting his hand on Chase's leg.

"We have to escape, because it's coming, sir. The darkness,the never ending darkness. The terrible, terrible cold. We have to run and run and run!"

"Eight o'clock tomorrow morning. Tell your people the world is waiting."

The sphere disappeared.

The Master looked out the window at the pouring rain, his hand running up and down Chase's leg in a soothing motion.

Chase closed her eyes as her husband's hand rubbed her leg.


Martha returned with a bag of takeaway food.

"How was it?" Jack asked, looking at Martha.

"I don't think anyone saw me. Anything new?" She asked hopefully.

"I've got this tuned to government wavelengths so we can follow what Saxon's doing." Jack said with a sigh. He would do anything to get Chase back by his side.

"Yeah, I meant about my family." Martha said, shaking her head, not liking the idea that her family was being held captive.

"It still says the Jones family was taken in for questioning. Tell you what, though. No mention of Leo." The Doctor said, looking at Martha.

"He's not as daft as he looks. I'm talking about my brother on the run. How did this happen?" Martha said with a sigh.

"Nice chips." Jack said eating one.

"Actually, they're not bad." The Doctor said with a smile.

"So, Doctor, who is he? How come the ancient society of Time Lords created a psychopath?" Jack asked, looking at the Doctor. He wanted to know who he was dealing with since Chase was with him now.

"And what is he to you? Like a colleague or…"

"A friend, at first." The Doctor said going into deep thought about how the Master was to him.

"I thought you were going to say he was your secret brother or something."

"You've been watching too much TV." The Doctor said, shaking his head.

"But all the legends of Gallifrey made it sound so perfect." Jack said looking at the Doctor knowing the stories that he had heard about Gallifrey.

"Well, perfect to look at, maybe. And it was. It was beautiful. They used to call it the Shining World of the Seven Systems. And on the Continent of Wild Endeavour, in the Mountains of Solace and Solitude, there stood the Citadel of the Time Lords, the oldest and most mighty race in the universe, looking down on the galaxies below. Sworn to never interfere, only to watch. Children of Gallifrey, taken from their families at the age of eight to enter the Academy. And some say that's when it all began. He stood in front of the Untempered Schism. It's a gap in the fabric of reality through which the whole of the vortex can be seen. You stand there, eight years old, staring at the raw power of time and space, just a child. Some would be inspired, some would run away, and some would go mad. Brr. I don't know." The doctor said, shaking his head.

"What about you?" Martha asked, looking at the Doctor wondering which he had done.

"Oh, the ones that ran away, I never stopped."

Jack's bracelet beeped. "Encrypted channel with files attached. Don't recognise it."

"Patch it through to the laptop."

"Since we're telling stories, there's something I haven't told you." Jack said as the Torchwood logo appeared on the computer.

"You work for Torchwood."

"I swear to you, it's different. It's changed. There's only a half dozen of us now." Jack said softly.

"Everything Torchwood did, and you're part of it?"

"The old regime was destroyed at Canary Wharf. I rebuilt it, I changed it, and when I did that, I did it for you in your honour. Chase was part of it too." Jack said softly knowing that the Doctor would hopefully be pleased with what he had done.

The Doctor hit play.

"If I haven't returned to my desk by twenty two hundred, this file will be emailed to Torchwood. Which means if you're watching this, then I'm… Anyway, the Saxon files are attached. But take a look at the Archangel document. That's when it all started. When Harry Saxon became Minister in charge of launching the Archangel Network." Vivien said.

"What's the Archangel Network?"

"I've got Archangel. Everyone's got it."

"It's a mobile phone network. Because look, it's gone worldwide. They've got fifteen satellites in orbit. Even the other networks, they're all carried by Archangel."

"It's in the phones! Oh, I said he was a hypnotist. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on." The Doctor tapped Martha's phone against the table and it started beeping. "There it is. That rhythm, it's everywhere, ticking away in the subconscious."

"What is it, mind control?" Martha asked, looking at her phone thinking that she needed to get rid of it permanently.

"No, no, no,no,no. It's subtler than that. Any stronger and people would question it. But contained in that rhythm, in layers of code, Vote Saxon. Believe in me. Whispering to the world. Oh, yes! That's how he hid himself from me, because I should have sensed there was another Time Lord on Earth.I should have known way back. The signal cancelled him out."

"Any way you can stop it?" Jack asked, looking at the Doctor.

"Not from down here. But now we know how he's doing it."

"And we can fight back." Martha said, looking at the Doctor hoping that she was right.

"Oh, yes!" The Doctor took parts of the phone and laptop welding them to their Tardis keys. "Three Tardis keys. Three pieces of the Tardis,all with low level perceptual properties because the Tardis is designed to blend in. Well sort of. But now, the Archangel Network's got a second low level signal. Weld the key to the network and Martha, look at me. You can see me, yes?"


"What about now?" He put his key around his neck.

Martha looked at him but couldn't really see him.

"No, I'm here. Look at me."

"It's like I know you're there, but I don't want to know."

"And back again. See? It just shifts your perception a tiny little bit. Doesn't make us invisible, just unnoticed." The Doctor explained with a smile. "It's like, it's like when you fancy someone and they don't even know you exist. That's what it's like. Come on."

"You too, huh?" Jack asked, looking at his friend.

"Don't run, don't shout. Just keep your voice down. Draw attention to yourself and the spell is broken. Just keep to the shadows." He explained to them.

"Like ghosts."

"Yeah, that's what we are. Ghosts."

They stepped out of the pathway and avoided running into people.

"And as the eyes of the world turn towards Great Britain, sources indicate that Air Force One has landed on British soil tonight."


The Master saluted the President. "Mister President, sir." He said with a warm smile.

"Mister Saxon, the British Army will stand down. From now on, UNIT has control of this operation." The President said looking at him with a coy smile.

"You make it sound like an invasion." He said, shaking his head.

"First Contact policy was decided by the Security Council in 1968, and you've just gone and ignored it."

"Well, you know what it's like. New job, all that paperwork. I think it's down the back of the settee. I did have a quick look. I found a pen, a sweet, a bus ticket and er, have you met the wife?" He asked looking over at Chase who was standing with the security.

"Mister Saxon, I'm not sure what your game is, but there are provisions at the United Nations to have you removed from office unless you are very, very careful. Is that understood? Are you taking this seriously? To business. We've assessed your files on these Toclafane. First Contact cannot take place on any sovereign soil. To that purpose, the aircraft carrier Valiant is en route. The rendezvous will take place there at eight am. You're trying my patience,sir."

"So America is completely in charge?" The Master asked his brows furrowing a bit at the thought of America being in control of what was to happen.

"Since Britain elected an ass, yes. I'll see you on board the Valiant."

"It still will be televised, though, won't it? Because I promised and the whole world is watching."

"Since it's too late to pull out, the world will be watching. Me." He said sternly before walking to his motorcade.

Chase came over to her husband with a concerned look.

The Master put his arm around her. "The last President of America. We have a private plane ready and waiting. We should reach the Valiant within the hour. My darling."

Chase nodded her head with a smile coming to her lips.

A police van had arrived at the scene.

The Master rushed over to it in glee.

Martha's parents were brought out.

"Ha ha ha! Hi, guys." He said with a beaming smile.

Chase slowly came over to her husband having him pull her close.

"You can't just do this." Clive said with narrowed eyes.

"All will be revealed." He said as he stroked Chase's arm lightly.

"Put them in the Range Rover." Chase said, looking at the two of them with a cool look.

The guards put Martha's parents into the Range Rover.

"Come my darling."

Chase followed her husband to the other Range Rover to catch their plane to the Valiant.

Martha watched in distaste. "I'm gonna to kill him."

"What say I use this perception filter to walk up behind him and break his neck?" Jack said with narrowed eyes. He wanted Chase back with him, after all he had sworn to protect her and he couldn't do that with the Master having his hold on her.

"Now that sounds like Torchwood." The Doctor said, shaking his head in disdain.

"Still a good plan."

"He's a Time Lord, which makes him my responsibility. I'm not here to kill him. I'm here to save him."

"Aircraft carrier Valiant. It's a UNIT ship at fifty eight point two north, ten point oh two east." Jack said in a matter of fact tone.

"How do we get on board?" Martha asked softly.

"Does that thing work as a teleport?" The Doctor asked Jack looking at the bracelet that was on Jack's arm.

"Since you revamped it, yeah. Coordinates set."

The three of them teleported to the engine room of the Valiant.

"Oh, that thing is rough." Martha said, trying not to get sick from the teleportation.

"I've had worse nights. Welcome to the Valiant."

"It's dawn?Hold on, I thought this was a ship. Where's the sea?" Martha asked in pure confusion.

"A ship for the twenty-first century, protecting the skies of planet Earth." Jack said, looking around the ship.


"Europe online now. Awaiting confirmation from South America. And keep tracking Japan." Tannoy said.

Chase and the Master had arrived in the lift.

"I want the whole thing branded in my office, not the UN. You got that?" The President said looking at the woman that was standing there.

"This material is being transmitted prior to transmission." The woman said with a firm nod of her head.

"Anything I can do? I could make the tea, or isn't that American enough? I don't know. I could make grits. What are grits, anyway?" The Master asked in confusion.

"If you could just sit."

The Master steered Chase away from the President. "Misery guts. What do you think? It's good, isn't it?"

"It's beautiful."

"Some of my best work. Ministry of Defence. I helped design this place. Every detail." The Master said proud of his work.


The Doctor stopped running down the hall.

"We've no time for sightseeing." Jack complained to the Doctor.

"No, wait. Shush, shush, shush,shush. Can't you hear it?"

"Hear what?"

"Doctor, my family's on board."

"Brilliant. This way." He said, leading them to the gangway to level four. He quickly opened the door at the very end of the hall. "Oh, at last."

"Oh, yes!"

"What's it doing on the Valiant?" Jack asked in confusion going inside of the Tardis. "What the hell's he done?"

"Don't touch it."

"I'm not going to."

"What's he done though? Sounds like it's sick."

"It can't , no, no, no,no, it can't be."

"Doctor, what is it?" Martha asked concerned of how the Doctor was reacting to his Tardis.

'He's cannibalised the Tardis."

"Is this what I think it is?" Jack asked, turning to the Doctor.

"It's a paradox machine."


"Two minutes, everyone." The President said walking up the stairs. "According to the treaty, all armed personnel are requested to leave the flight deck immediately. Thank you."

"Five, four, three, two, one." Tannoy said and then pointed at the president.

"Jelly baby?" The Master asked, looking at his wife.

Chase took a jelly baby and popped it into her mouth.

"Broadcasting at seven fifty eight with the arrival timed for eight hundred hours exactly. And, er, good luck to all of us."


The Doctor tapped a gauge on the metal mesh that was on the time console. "As soon as this hits red, it activates. At this speed, it'll trigger at two minutes past eight."

"First contact is at eight, then two minutes later." Jack said, shaking his head.

"What's it for? What does a paradox machine do?" Martha asked in confusion.

"More importantly, can you stop it?" Jack asked, looking at the Doctor.

"Not until I know what it's doing. Touch the wrong bit, blow up the solar system."

"Then we've got to get to the Master." Martha said, crossing her arms. She was unsure of how they were going to get close to the Master when he had Chase so close to him.

"Yeah. How are we going to stop him?"

"Oh, I've got a way. Sorry didn't I mention it?" The Doctor said looking at his two companions.


"And in just thirty seconds' time, we'll be going live to First Contact. It's been announced that Harold Saxon has invited President Winters to take the address." News 24's reporter said.

"It's three am in the morning on the eastern seaboard and President Winters has been chosen to lead the world into a new age." An AMNN reporter said.

"My fellow Americans, patriots, people of the world. I stand before you today as ambassador for humanity, a role I will undertake with the utmost solemnity. Perhaps our Toclafane cousins can offer us much, but what is important is not that we gain material benefits, but that we learn to see ourselves anew." The President said.

The Doctor, Martha and Jack entered the flight deck quietly.

"For as long as man has looked at the stars, he has wondered what mysteries they hold. Now we know we are not alone."

"This plan, are you going to tell us?" Jack asked softly.

"No longer unique in the universe."

"If I can get this around the Master's neck, cancel out his perception, they'll see him for real. It's just hard to go unnoticed with everyone on red alert. If they stop me you've got a key." The Doctor told them softly.

"Yes, sir."

"I'll get him." Martha said.

"And I ask you now, I ask of the human race, to join with me in welcoming our friends. I will give you the Toclafane."

Four spheres appeared.

"My name is Arthur Coleman Winters, President Elect of the United States of America, and designated representative of the United Nations. I welcome you to the planet Earth and its associated moon."

"You're not the Master." One male sphere said.

"We like the Mister Master." The female sphere.

"We don't like you." The second male sphere said.

"I can be a master, if you wish. I will accept mastery over you, if that is God's will."

"Man is stupid." The second male sphere said.

"Master is our friend." The first male sphere said.

"Where's my Master, pretty please?" The female sphere said.

"Oh, alright then. It's me. Ta da. Sorry, sorry, I have this effect. People just get obsessed. Is it the smile? Is it the aftershave? Is it the capacity to laugh at myself? I don't know. It's crazy." The Master said with a smile.

"Saxon, what are you talking about?"

"I'm taking control, Uncle Sam, starting with you. Kill him."

A sphere points its weapon at Winters blasting him into little pieces.

Guns were drawn.

The Master laughed and applauded. "Guards."

"Nobody moves! Nobody moves." The guard said.

"Now then, people of earth. Please attend carefully." The Master said with a smile pulling Chase close to him.

The Doctor took his key off and ran forward.

Two men in black grabbed a hold of him.

"Stop him." The guard yelled.

The Master turned around still holding Chase close to him. "We met at last. Doctor. Oh ho. I love saying that."

"Stop it! Stop it now!" The Doctor yelled looking into the Master's eyes.

"As if a perception filter is going to work on me. And look, it's the girlie and the freak. Although, I'm not sure which one's which."

Jack lunged forward and the master zapped him with his screwdriver dropping dead to the ground.

"Laser screwdriver. Who'd have sonic? And the good thing is, he's not dead for long. I will kill him again."

"Master, just calm down. Just look at what you're doing. Just stop. If you could see yourself…"

"Oh, excuse me. Little bit of personal business. Back in a minute. Let him go."

"It's that sound. The sound in your head. What if I could help?" The Doctor pleaded with him.

"Oh, how to shut him up? I know. Memory Lane. Professor him and his genetic manipulation device? What, did you think that little Tish got that job merely by coincidence? I've been laying traps for you all this time. And if I can concentrate all that Lazarus technology into one little screwdriver?But, ooo, if I only had the Doctor's biological code. Oh wait a minute, I do." He said, opening a large metal briefcase. "I've got his hand. And if Lazarus made himself younger, what if I reverse it? Another hundred years?" He aimed his screwdriver at the Doctor and he went into convulsions.

Jack revived after being killed. He turned and looked at Martha. "Teleport."

"I can't."

"We can't stop him. Get out of here. Get out."

Chase looked on in unhappiness seeing her husband acting this way. She gasped when the Master stopped zapping the Doctor and he looked at least 100 years older.

Martha caught him. "Doctor? I've got you."

"Ah, she's a doctor. But tonight, Martha Jones, we've flown them all the way from prison."

Her family was brought in their wrists tied together with cable ties.

"Come on, move."

Martha's eyes went wide. "Mum."

"I'm sorry." Francine said looking at her youngest daughter.

"The Toclafane. What are they? Who are they?" The Doctor asked, looking at the master.

"Doctor, if I told you the truth, your hearts would break." The Master said with a smile.

"Is it time? Is it ready?" The male sphere asked.

"Is the machine singing?" The female sphere asked.

"Two minutes past. So, Earthlings. Basically, er, end of the world. Here comes the drums!"

"Here come the drums. Here comes the drums. Baby, baby, baby. You are my voodoo child, my voodoo child. Don't say maybe, maybe."

A tear appeared in the sky above the Valiant and thousands of spheres came out of it.

"Is supernatural. I'm coming undone. Baby, babb, baby. You are my voodoo child, my voodoo child. Don't say maybe, maybe. It's supernatural. I'm coming undone. Baby, baby, baby. You are my voodoo child, my voodoo child."

"How many do you think?" The Master asked Chase close to him.

"I don't know." Chase said softly looking at her husband.

"Six billion. Down you go, kids!"

The spheres headed down to the population.

"Valiant,this is Geneva. We're getting slaughtered down here. Valian, report. Help us. For God's sake, help us! They're everywhere."

"This is London, Valiant. This is London calling. What do we do? They're killing us! The Toclafane are all around. They're killing us."

Martha teleported away leaving Jack and the Doctor.

Jack looked at the Doctor only to have him nod his head.

The Doctor felt someone picking him up. He looked over and saw that it was the Master and Chase holding him up to show him the slaughter.

"And so it came to pass that the human race fell, and the Earth was no more. And I looked down upon my new dominion as Master of all, and I thought it was good."


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