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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

To Stop Michael's Arrival

Sam came into the room where he had found Dean packing his belongings into it.

Natasha walked behind Sam pursing her lips together knowing that this wasn't easy for the younger brother to find Dean. She didn't like the mind set of either of the brothers. Her heart wrenched in her chest.

"Sending someone a candy-gram?" Sam questioned crossing his arms looking at Dean.

"How'd you find me?"

"You're going to kill yourself, right? It's not too hard to figure out the stops on the Farewell Tour. How's Lisa doing, anyways?"

"I'm not going to kill myself."

"No? So Michael's not about to make you his Muppet? What the hell, man? This is how it ends? You just…walk out?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"How could you do that?"

"How could I? All you've ever done is run away."

"And I was wrong. Every single time I did."

"Just…please. Not now. Bobby is working on something."

"Oh, really? What?"

Sam didn't reply to what his brother had asked.

"You got nothing and you know it."

"You know I have to stop you."

"Yeah, well, you can try. Just remember: You're not all hopped up on demon blood this time."

"Yeah, I know. But I brought help."

Dean turned around to find Castiel standing behind him. Castiel's fingers touched Dean's forehead and knocked him out.

Natasha let out a soft breath. "Stubborn man isn't he?" She questioned as she looked over at the younger brother.

Sam let out a breath. "More than you ever know." He said softly rubbing his mouth.

Natasha shook her head softly and moved towards where Dean had fallen. "Well let's get him out of here and back to Bobby's."

Sam nodded his head softly. "And you should visit your mom when we get back to Sioux Falls."

Natasha nodded her head softly. "I'll do that while you guys try to talk some sense into Dean."

Sam nodded as he walked over to where Dean was. "I'm sure your mom will be happy to see you."

"Yeah she would be happy to see me. Probably would give me a nice talking to for being gone so long."

"You could've gone home any time."

Natasha shrugged her shoulders. "I know, but I told you before I wanted to help out. I mean my mom always told me to do something if I could and of course helping with this… I want to."

"This is dangerous… the apocalypse."

"I know." She said softly, letting out a soft breath. "I know it'll maybe get me killed, but I'm going to try to help you guys out."


Natasha went up to the front door of her home knowing that her mom was going to wrap her in a huge hug. She knocked on the door lightly biting her lip softly. She stuck her hands in her pockets nervously and she shifted around looking around.

The door opened revealing her mom. Jody suddenly pulled her daughter into a hug. "You're home."

Natasha let out a soft chuckle. "I'm sorry for being gone so long mom."

Jody pulled back looking at her daughter. "How long are you going to be here for?"

"I don't know." She said softly. "I'm hoping for a little while, but if not I'm sorry." She looked down rather ashamed knowing that her mom would be a bit disappointed with that.

Jody moved back to look at her daughter. "Sweetheart, I know that you want to help those boys and I don't blame you. Not with what we've seen… we know what's out there now… I don't blame you for wanting to help out."

Natasha nodded her head weakly. "I think this is a lot deeper than what we think is going on…" She admitted softly.

Jody touched her daughter's cheek softly. "I know that you will do the right thing."

Natasha sniffled softly as tears slid down her cheeks. She was surprised that her mother was alright with this.

Jody looked into her daughter's eyes. "Go… I'm sure they need you. Since you said this was very deep. Just… Promise me one thing?"

Natasha swallowed the lump in her throat. "What's that mom?" She asked softly.

"Don't get yourself killed."

Natasha nodded her head. "You got it mom." She said softly knowing that her mom wanted her to be safe.


Natasha slowly came into Bobby's study after arriving back from her mother's house and she had to admit that it was nice to see her mother, but it felt even more nicer to be back with the boys.

"Yeah, no, this is good. Really. You know, eight months of turned pages and screwed pooches but tonight, tonight's when the magic happens." Dean said as he looked over at Bobby crossing his arms. A look of agitation was written across his face.

"You ain't helpin'." Bobby snapped as he looked over at Dean.

"Yeah, well, why don't you let me get out of your hair, then?"

"What the hell happened to you?"

"Reality happened. Nuclear's the only option we have left. Michael can ice the devil, save a boatload of people."

"But not all of them. We gotta think of something else."

"Yeah, well, that's easy for you to say. But if Lucifer burns this mother down, and I coulda done something about it, guess what? That's on me."

"You can't give up, son."

"You're not my father. And you ain't in my shoes."

Bobby pulled out a gun out of his desk and sat it down on the table. He takes a bullet out of his pocket and looks at it.

"What is that?" Dean questioned looking at it.

Natasha bit her lip softly wrapping her arms around herself.

"That's the round that I mean to put through my skull." Bobby set the bullet down on his desk in front of him. "Every morning, I look at it. I think, "Maybe today's the day I flip the lights out." But I don't do it. I never do it. You know why? Because I promised you I wouldn't give up!"

Castiel grasped his head and hunched over in pain.

"Cas, you okay?" Sam questioned as he looked over at the angel.


"What's wrong?"

"Something's happening."

"Where?" Dean questioned.

Castiel suddenly disappeared, wind thre papers around the room.

Natasha let out a breath. "Didn't expect all this when I came back."

Sam looked over seeing Natasha. "Nat… hey when did you come back?"

Natasha let out a chuckle. "Not too long ago."


Natasha sat in the study reading a book biting her lower lip softly.

Wind blew papers around the room as Castiel arrived back with Adam's body. "Help."


Castiel laid Adam down on the cot.

Natasha got up to her feet, her brows furrowed looking at the young man. Her lips poured together. Who on earth was he?

"Who is it?" Bobby questioned.

Sam looked in shock, his eyes wide. "That's our brother."

"Wait a minute. Your brother? Adam?" Bobby questioned looking over at Sam.

"Cas, what the hell?" Dean questioned looking at the angel.


"Angels? Why?" Sam questioned his brows furrowing some.

"I know one thing for sure. We need to hide him now." Castiel puts his hand on Adam's chest and brands the Enochian symbols on his ribs to hide him from the angels.

Adam wakes up. "Where am I?"

"It's okay. Just relax, you're safe." Sam said softly.

"Who the hell are you?" Adam questioned his brows furrowing some.

"You're going to find this a little...a lot crazy, but we're actually your brothers." Dean said rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's the truth. John Winchester was our father, too. See, I'm Sam-"

"Yeah, and I'm sure that's Dean. I know who you are."


"They warned me about you."

"Who did?" Dean questioned his browsing.

"The angels. Now where the hell is Zachariah?"

"So why don't you just tell us everything? Start from the beginning."

"Well, I was dead and in Heaven. 'Cept it—it uh, kinda looked like my prom and I was making out with this girl, her name was Kristin McGee-'

"Yeah, that sounds like heaven. Did you get to third base?"

"Just uh, just keep going." Sam said looking at Adam.

"Well, these…these angels, they popped out of nowhere, and they tell me that I—I'm chosen."

"For what?"

"To save the world."

"How you gonna do that?" Natasha questioned crossing her arms. She didn't like how this story was going on.

"Oh, me and some archangel are going to kill the devil." Adam said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"What archangel?" Dean questioned looking at Adam.

"Michael. I'm his uh, sword or vessel or something, I don't know."

"Well, that's insane."

"Not necessarily." Cas said, shaking his head.

"How do you mean?"

"Maybe they're moving on from you, Dean."

"Well that doesn't make sense."

"He is John Winchester's bloodline, Sam's brother. It's not perfect, but it's possible."

"Well you gotta be kidding me."

"Why would they do this?" Sam questioned looking over at Cas.

"Maybe they're desperate. Maybe they wrongly assumed Dean would be brave enough to withstand them."

"Alright, you know what? Blow me, Cas." Dean snapped looking over at Cas with narrowed eyes.

Natasha shook her head. "Oh that's real grown up Dean." She crossed her arms pursing her lips together as she turned to look at Adam.

"Look, no way. After everything that's happened? All that crap about destiny? Suddenly the angels have a Plan B? Does that smell right to anybody?" Sam questioned looking over at Dean.

"You know this has been a really moving family reunion, but uh, I got a thing, so—"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, no. Sit down. Just listen, okay? Please." Sam said, stopping Adam from leaving.

"It's unbelievable."

"Now, Adam…the angels are lying to you. They're full of crap."

"Yeah, I don't think so."

"Really. Why not?"

"Um, 'cause they're angels."

"They tell you they were gonna roast half the planet?"

"They said the fight might get pretty hairy, but it is the devil, right? So we gotta stop him."

"Yeah, but there's another way."

"Great. What is it?"

"We're working on "the power of love."" Dean said, letting out a breath rubbing his mouth.

"How's that going?"

"Mmm. Not good."

"Look, Adam…You don't know me from a hole in the wall, I know. But I'm begging you. Please, just trust me. Give me some time." Sam said softly looking at Adam hoping that Adam would listen to him.

"Give me one good reason.'

"Because we're blood."

"You've got no right to say that to me."

"You're still John's boy." Bobby said looking at Adam.

"No, John Winchester was some guy who took me to a baseball game once a year. I don't have a dad. So we may be blood, but we are not family. My mom is my family. And if I do my job, I get to see her again. So no offense, but she's the one I give a rat's ass about, not you."

"Fair enough. But if you have one good memory of dad, just one, then you'll give us a little more time. Please." Sam said softly.


Natasha patted Bobby on the shoulder. "Hey did you want anything from the kitchen?" She asked softly, leaning over to see what he was reading.

Bobby looked up at her and put his hand on her small hand before patting it lightly. "A beer and a sandwich please."

Natasha gave Bobby a small smile and nodded her head. "Alright. I'll be right back." She said as she went to move away from him. She headed towards the kitchen to go and get Bobby a beer and a sandwich for him. She was just glad that she was able to help out where she could without worrying about what was happening in the world that was collapsing pretty much around them.


Natasha brought more beer out to Bobby and put it down in front of his as Sam came into the room.

Bobby looked up at Sam. "How's he doing?"

Sam shrugged scoffing.

Natasha bit her lip softly.

"How you doing?"

Sam nodded his head slightly.

Natasha looked at Sam slightly concerned.


Bobby looked at Sam knowing that something was wrong.

Natasha's brows furrowed seeing Sam alone. "Where's Cas?" Her voice laced over with concern.

"Blown to Oz. Look, I'll get Dean. He couldn't have gone too far. Just watch Adam."

"How? You may have noticed, he's got a slight height advantage."

"Then cuff him to your chair. I don't know. Just watch him."

Natasha moved towards Sam. "I want to help."

"You can help Bobby watch Adam."

Natasha shook her head. "No, I want to help you, Sam. It is wide to have two people hunting for your brother."

Sam took a soft breath and slowly nodded his head knowing that Natasha was going to be stubborn and that was something that was going to get her killed one day. "Okay. Come on."


Natasha let out a soft groan rubbing her face softly.

"Bobby, what do you mean, "Adam is gone?"" Sam questioned looking at the older man.

"Should I say it in Spanish?"

"He's gone how? What the hell, Bobby?!"

"Watch your tone, boy. He was right in front of me, and he disappeared into thin air."

"Sam this isn't his fault if he vanished into thin air." Natasha said looking at the younger Winchester brother.

Sam let out a breath rubbing his mouth in frustration. That wasn't a good sign that Adam had gone missing.

Cas appeared carrying a bloody and battered Dean. "Because the angels took him."

Sam looked over in shock.

"What the…"

"What the hell happened to him?" Sam demanded coming over to where Cas was with Dean.


"What do you mean, the angels took Adam? You branded his ribs, didn't you?" Bobby questioned looking over at Cas.

"Yes. Adam must have tipped them."


"I don't know. Maybe in a dream."

"Well, where would they have taken him?" Sam questioned his brows furrowing together.

Natasha took a breath. "We need to find him quickly or it will be too late." She said softly. "I know you think family is the first thing and I'll help you get your brother back."

Sam looked over at Natasha knowing that she meant what she had said. She had her own brother at one time and he was sure that she did everything for him.


Dean was handcuffed to the cot that was in the panic room.

Natasha bit her lip softly as Dean came to.

"How you feeling?" Sam questioned as he looked at Dean.

"Word to the wise: don't piss off the nerd angels. So how's it going?"

"Adam's gone. The angels have him." Sam admitted to Dean letting out a breath rubbing his mouth softly.

Dean let out a breath. "Where?"

"The room where they took you."

"You sure?"

"Cas did a re-con."


"And the place is crawling with mooks…Pretty much a no-shot-in-hell, hail-Mary kind of thing."

"Ah, so the usual. What are you going to do?"

"For starters…I'm bringing you with."

"Excuse me?"

Sam unlocked Dean's cuffs, releasing him. "There are too many of them. We can't do it alone. And uh, you're pretty much the only game in town."

"Isn't that a bad idea?"

"Cas and Bobby think so. I'm not so sure."

"And I don't think it's a bad idea… to save your younger brother this might be the only shot that we have." Natasha said softly as she rubbed her arms.

"Well, they're right. Because either it's a trap to get me there to make me say yes, or it's not a trap and I'm gonna say yes anyway. And I will. I'll do it. Fair warning."

"No, you won't. When push shoves, you'll make the right call."

"You know, if tables were turned…I'd let you rot in here. Hell, I have let you rot in here."

"Yeah, well…I guess I'm not that smart."

"I—I don't get it. Sam, why are you doing this?"

"Because… you're still my big brother."

Natasha bit her lip softly knowing that what was going on wasn't easy on them, not in the least bit and of course she was worried about the two of them.


They arrived at an old abandoned warehouse.

Dean blinked a few times looking up at the warehouse. "Where the hell are we?"

"Van Nuys, California." Castiel said as he looked over at the older Winchester brother.

Natasha pursed her lips together. Her heart rammed in her chest feeling that something wasn't right.

"Where's the beautiful room?"

"In there."

"The beautiful room is in an abandoned muffler factory in Van Nuys, California?"

"Where'd you think it was?"

"I—I don't know. Jupiter? A blade of grass? Not Van Nuys."

"Tell me again why you don't just grab Adam and shazam the hell out of there." Sam said as he looked at Cas.

Natasha looked over her brows furrowing some. That was something that swirled in her brain why didn't he didn't save Adam.

"Because there are at least five angels in there."

"So? You're fast." Dean said looking over at Cas.

"They're faster." Castiel took off his tie and wrapped it around his palm. "I'll clear them out. You three grab the boy. This is our only chance."

"Whoa, wait. You're gonna take on five angels?"


"Isn't that suicide?"

"Maybe it is. But then I won't have to watch you fail. I'm sorry, Dean. I don't have the same faith in you that Sam does." Casitel said as he pulled out a box cutter out of his trench coat pocket.

"What the hell are you gonna do with that?" Sam questioned his brows raising.

Natasha swallowed the lump in her throat. She knew that this wasn't a good thing.


Dean, Sam, and Natasha entered the warehouse through the same door as Castiel had done not too much prior.

Dean noticed a slain angel on the ground. Dean entered the room before seeing Adam on the floor against the opposite wall. He hurried to his side to help him. "Adam, hey. Hey."

"You came for me."

"Yeah, well, you're family."

"Dean, it's a trap."

"I figured."

"Dean, please. Did you really think it would be that easy?" Zachariah questioned looking at Dean.

"Did you?"

Sam came at Zachariah from behind with an angel blade only to get it knocked out of his hand and threw Sam against a screen.

Natasha came up behind before jumping on his back with an angel blade in her hand. She got flung across the room landing hard on the ground near Adam.

"Sam! Natasha!"

"You know what I've learned from this experience, Dean? Patience." The angel questioned before waving his hand and Adam fell to the floor coughing up blood.

"Adam? Let him go, you son of a bitch." Dean said, narrowing his eyes looking at Zachariah.

"I mean, I thought I was downsized for sure. And for us, a firing...pretty damn literal. But I should have trusted the boss man. It's all playing out like he said...You, me, your hemorrhaging brothers." Zachariah turned his fist in Sam's direction, causing him to cough up blood like Adam. Before turning his attention to Natasha and did the same thing to her knowing that the older Winchester saw her as someone to care for. "You're finally ready, right?"

Dean looked from Zachariah to Sam, Adam and Natasha who were coughing up blood.

"You know there's no other choice. There's never been a choice."

"Stop it. Stop it right now!"

"In exchange for what?"

"Damn it, Zachariah. Stop it, please. I'll do it."

"I'm sorry. What was that?"

"Okay, yes. The answer is yes."

"Dean!" Sam yelled looking at his older brother in fear.

"Do you hear me? Call Michael down, you bastard!"

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"Do I look like I'm lying?"

Zachariah turned and speaked Enochian summoning Michael. "Zodiredo… noco… aberamage… nazodpesade… He's coming."

Sam gave his brother a questioning look.

Dean winked at Sam. "Of course, I have a few conditions."


"The few people whose safety you have to guarantee before I say yes."

"Sure, fine. Make a list."

"But most of all…Michael can't have me until he disintegrates you."

"What did you say?"

"I said…before Michael gets one piece of this sweet ass…he has to turn you into a piece of charcoal."

"You really think Michael's gonna go for that?"

"Who's more important to him now? You…or me?"

"You listen to me. You are nothing but a maggot inside a worm's ass. Do you know who I am…after I deliver you to Michael?"


"Michael's not gonna kill me."

"Maybe not. But I am." Dean stabbed an angel blade into Zachariah's head through his chin. Dean fell to the ground.

A bright white light and the ear piercing noise indicated Michael was coming.

Dean rushed over to Adam. "Can you walk?"


"Okay, come on." Dean said as he helped Adam up before running over to Sam. "Come on, move it!"

Natasha got up to her feet shakily and rushed with the three brothers. The door slammed shut behind them locking Adam in the room.

"No! Dean! Help! It won't open!"

Dean left Sam with Natasha.

Natsha held Sam up, biting her lower bloody lip knowing that this wasn't good.

Dean touched the door and he's burn.

"Dean, help! Dean!"

"Hold on! We'll get you out. Just hold on. Adam! Can you hear me?!"

The bright light faded and Dean touched the door and opened it to find that it was now an abandoned office. "Adam?"


Dean drove down the road and looked back in the rear view mirror at Natasha who was resting her head against the door with her eyes closed.

"You think Adam's okay?" Sam asked softly looking over at Dean.

"Doubt it. Cas either. But we'll get 'em." Dean said softly, gripping the wheel tightly in his hands.


""So" what?"

"I saw your eyes. You were totally rockin' the "yes" back there. So, what changed your mind?"

"Honestly? The damnedest thing. I mean, the world's ending. The walls are coming down on us, and I look over to you and all I can think about is, "this stupid son of a bitch brought me here." I just didn't want to let you down."

"You didn't. You almost did. But you didn't."

"I owe you an apology."

"No, man. No, you don't."

"Just...let me say this. I don't know if it's being a big brother or what, but to me, you've always been this snot-nosed kid that I've had to keep on the straight and narrow. I think we both know that that's not you anymore. I mean, hell, if you're grown-up enough to find faith in me…the least I can do is return the favor. So screw destiny, right in the face. I say we take the fight to them, and do it our way."

"Sounds good."

"Really good." Natasha said slowly, opening her eyes slowly.

"No you'll be going home." Dean said looking at her. "We almost got you killed."

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm helping you."

Sam took a breath. "Your mom will be upset."

"I know, but I want to help no matter what. You guys need more than just you two, Bobby and Castiel."

Dean took a breath letting it out slowly. "Okay." He said softly.

Natasha grinned a small smile knowing that she had made the right choice in helping the brothers out.


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