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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Home Burned Down

Lawrence, Kansas

November 2, 1983

Angelique hugged John at the front door. "Thank you for having me over, John."

John squeezed her tightly in the hug. His fingers dug into her cold back. "I wish you could come by more often. The boys miss you a lot Angel." He said softly to her as he pulled back, tears glistening in his eyes. "I miss you too."He admitted softly as he hung his head some.

Angelique took a soft breath. "I come by once a month John…" She lightly touched his cheek with her cold hand. "And I know in your head…" Her hand slowly fell to her side. "You're wondering what is wrong with me… and you know I can't tell you…" She said softly as she looked into his eyes.

"But… Angel… you're like an aunt figure to the boys… and you were an aunt figure to me when I was growing up." John said softly looking at her as a tear slid down his cheek.

Angelique slowly reached up and wiped his tear that fell down onto his cheek. "I know John… I promise… I'll be back like clock work… a month is never truly all that long. You know that." She said softly as she slowly pulled her hand away again as she went to grab her black tight fitting trench coat that didn't look like it belonged in that time period. She slowly went to pull away from him. "Get some rest John. I'll see you next month."

"Bye Aunt Angel." He said softly.

Angelique smiled a small soft smile. "You really should just call me Angel now."

John let out a dry chuckle knowing that was true. He sniffled some and wiped some of his tears that fell. "Is that the same thing you told my old man?"

Angelique's face morphed into one of sadness. "Long time ago yes… when you were a child." She admitted softly knowing that John was bitter about his father running off, but Angelique had a bad feeling that something had happened. But she knew deep down in her dead soul she couldn't tell him what she thought had happened because it would be fuel to the fire for John. She lightly touched his cheek. "You're afraid one day I won't be there…" She said softly looking into his eyes.

John nodded his head.

Angelique shook her head. "I made a promise years ago, John. I won't leave." She said softly as she slowly removed her hand from his face. "I should get going… your sons need you… I will see you soon John." She said as she slowly turned away. "Tell them I love them and see them next month."

"I will, Angel." He said softly for the first time using the name that she had asked him to use her name and not have Aunt in front of it.

Angelique slowly went towards the door and slipped out. She leaned against the door taking a soft breath as she slowly pushed herself up off of the door and went down towards her car that was parked in front of the house. She took a soft breath as she dug for her keys in her pocket as she made it to her car. She slowly unlocked it letting out a breath as she rubbed her mouth.

She got into her car and began to put the key into the ignition. She blinked a few times as she started it up as the radio began to static out. Her brows furrowed in wondering of what was going on. She messed with the dial wondering if it would help it out, only to cause her brows to furrow even more. She took a breath unsure of what was going on, in all of her years of living never once had she seen things like that.

She slowly began to pull her car away hoping that she wasn't making the wrong choice by leaving John's home, but she had to go out and feed and try to relax of the long day that she had. She gripped the wheel tightly as she drove down the road. Her mind kept going back to the radio staticing out and it was still doing so as she drove away. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she continued to drive away.


Angelique had decided that her thoughts reeling of something was wrong had gotten the better of her and she had turned around after 20 minutes of driving she was back at John's home. She didn't even kill the engine of her car when she saw that Sammy's bedroom was on fire. She quickly got out of the car and ran towards the house. She saw baby Sammy being held by Dean and rushed towards them. She shielded herself over them as John came running out. She carried them away from the fire.

The fire exploded out of Sam's nursery window causing Angelique to shield the younger boys from the explosion.

Angelique checked the boys over for any damage. She then turned to John with a worried look on her face. "John?"


Angelique moved towards John and he pulled her into him hugging her tightly. Angelique rubbed his back softly. "I'm so sorry John." She said softly as she tried to soothe him.

John sniffled softly as tears fell from his eyes as he slowly pulled back. "What brought you back here?" He asked softly as he looked into her eyes.

Angelique took a soft breath and her hand went to his cheek softly. "I felt something was wrong that it wouldn't leave me alone… and good thing I did." She admitted softly.

John took a breath looking down feeling terrible of what had happened to Mary. He now needed to know what was going on.


John sat on the hood of the Impala with Dean and Angelique looking at the house. John held Sam close to him thankful that he was asleep. A sour look was on his face as his mind kept reeling. He was tired of people asking if he was alright. He had lost his wife and there was nothing that he could do about it.

He was thankful that Angelique had come back when she did because he wasn't sure what he would have done. He looked over and saw her holding his eldest son close to her.

Angelique looked over at John. "Come on…" She said softly as she got up to her feet slowly pulling Dean up to her body. "You and the boys can stay with me for tonight. You all need some rest…"

John took a breath and nodded his head. He knew that she was right on that. He looked at his youngest son who was sound asleep and new that he needed a proper bed to sleep in which Angelique had in her home. "Okay." He said softly his voice hoarse from the tears that he had shed during the past few hours.


John came into Angelique's living room with his brows furrowed as he came into the living room.

"I know you have something to ask me John." She said softly as she turned and looked at him. She swallowed the lump in her throat.

"You… you've been like that for as long as I could remember…" John said softly.

Angelique slowly nodded her head.

"And your skin is cooler than anyone else's that I've ever met… and you had been an aunt to my father…" John rubbed his face.


"What are you?" He asked softly looking at her.

"Know this John… I've never hurt you or your family…"

"I know, Angel… what are you?" He asked softly looking at Angelique. "What are you?"

"I'm a Vampire."


This is the end of chapter 1 of Forever and Always. I thought that it was nice to add this into the story since I haven't really wrote the beginning of Supernatural this way. I thought since I had her watching over the Winchester family… I thought it was good to add it. Please leave a review of what you think of this chapter. I hope to have the next chapter as soon as I can. I am at least updating on fic a day to keep up with this so I don't fall behind on any stories. Each one will have a new chapter and if it says chapter 3 it will usually be all fics will be updated with 3 chapters. Until next time guys.

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