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Chapter 7

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 7 of The Last of Her Kind. I was excited to get to this chapter because it means that I am finished with Aliens of London and getting closer and closer to Bad Wolf and Jack Harkness. I can't wait until I get to those episodes. It will be an awesome ride that is for sure. We will also be getting deeper into Gwendalyn's character by that time as well. But we get to see some reactions to Gwendalyn and the Doctor being missing and Rose realizing that they had left. Also there is a little scene in here that I couldn't wait to write. Interaction between Mickey and Gwendalyn. It is also something that you would probably not be expecting. We know that Gwendalyn is a little bit of a firecracker. We will get to see how much in this chapter she truly is. I enjoyed writing this chapter for sure. I hope that you enjoy it. Without further ado Chapter 7. Allons-y!

Chapter 7

So We Lied

The two of them got out of the Tardis.

Gwendalyn looked at him. "Nice landing."

He pulls out his sonic and uses it on the door. "Shush." He tells his screwdriver.

Gwendalyn shook her head. "Just lovely." She said as she noticed that they had just walked into a room full of Red Berets.

A woman screamed loudly causing them to jump.

"Defence plan delta! Come on. Move! Move!"

The two of them ran towards where the screams had come from.

"Let's hope that this doesn't get us into trouble." She told him as the two of them ran with those of the corps following them. Trouble always did seem to find them. Ever since she had joined the Doctor she doubted that trouble wouldn't be so far away. But she wouldn't admit it that she loved trouble. She loved the thrill that it gave.

"Well if it does…"

"Trouble always flocks to us like flies…." Gwendalyn snapped at him. She hadn't meant to be rude, but it always seemed to come out that way at the moment.

"Right I know."

The two of them ran into the morgue.

"Spread out. Tell the perimeter it's a lockdown." The Doctor ordered.

Gwendalyn shivered. She wouldn't admit it that she kind of loved it when the Doctor took control. But she wouldn't dare tell him that. It would make his ego much bigger.

The Doctor saw that they didn't move. "Do it."

The two of them looked at the woman who was hiding.

"I swear it was dead." The woman said looking up at the two of them. She was surprised that it was even still alive.

"Coma, shock, hibernation, anything. What does it look like?"The Doctor asked looking down on her. He was stating the most obvious things that could happen.

A clatter was heard against the metal.

Gwendalyn looked towards the metal cabinets. "Doctor. It's coming from there." Gwendalyn said moving towards it slowly.

"Right." The Doctor gestured to a soldier outside the door to kneel by the woman. The Doctor moved towards the cabinets. He got on his hands and knees.

Gwendalyn got onto her knees biting her lower lip softly.

The two of them looked and saw a pig behind the filing cabinet.

"Hello." The Doctor said with a smile. His voice was soft so he didn't scare it. That was the last thing that they needed.

"It's alright." Gwendalyn said softly, holding her hand out to it. "We're not going to hurt you."

The pig runs out of its hiding place. It was wearing a spacesuit. It was scared witless. It really didn't know who to trust.

"Don't shoot!" He ordered the soldier that was in the room.

"Just great. Just what I wanted to do. Going chasing down that thing." Gwendalyn said grumbling.

"Come on let's go."

The two of them got onto their feet and went after the pig.


The two of them came out.

Gwendalyn gasped. Someone had fired and hit the poor creature that they were trying to make sure that they didn't kill.

"What did you do that for? It was scared. It was scared." The Doctor demanded.

Gwendalyn pushed past the Doctor and went to look at the creature that had been shot at.

The general looked on in shock. He didn't know that the pig creature was supposed to not be shot at.

Gwendalyn kneeled down next to it and soothingly ran her hand over it's head. She looked up at the Doctor and then to the soldier that had shot it. "You killed it." She said softly. Her voice had a sharp edge to it too. She looked down at it and ran her hand over it's head again. Her black hair hung over her shoulder as she did so. She softly hummed a tune trying to calm herself down.

The Doctor put his hand on her shoulder. He knew that she was having a hard time with this due to the fact that she was the last of her kind like he was the last of his. He heard her humming and knew the tune right away. It was a tune that was sung on Helmos. God he missed hearing the wondrous tunes from her home planet. It was rather soothing to hear it once again.

Gwendalyn stood up. She looked at the Doctor. Her eyes had tears in them. "Help me." She said softly to him.

The Doctor nodded his head. He helped her carry the pig to the mortuary.


The woman looked at him. "I just assumed that's what aliens look like, but you're saying it's an ordinary pig from Earth."

"More like a mermaid." The Doctor said crossing his arms looking at the pig that was laying upon the table. "Victorian showmen used to draw the crowds by taking the skull of a cat, gluing it to a fish and calling it a mermaid."

Gwendalyn scoffed. "And they seem to like the money that they made." She said, shaking her head. "This is something that shouldn't have happened."

The Doctor nodded his head. "Now someone's taken a pig, opened up it's brain, stuck bits on, then they've strapped it in that ship and made it dive bomb. It must've been terrified. They've taken this animal and turned it into a joke."

"So it's fake, a pretend, like the mermaid." The woman said, trying to grasp at what the two of them were saying.

Gwendalyn tapped the Doctor on his arm.

The Doctor looked at her and he nodded his head knowing that fully enough that it was time for them to go and get back to Rose. They needed to get back before Rose realized that they were gone.

The two of them went to the Tardis and got into it. They flipped the proper buttons to get going. They were well on their way back to where they were before.

"Did you get the information you needed?" She asked, looking at him.

The Doctor looked at her and nodded his head. "Yes. I did."

Gwendalyn smiled. "Good."

"And did you?"

"Oh yeah. I learned as much as I could." She told him as they returned to the spot that they were at before.

The door swung open and Rose came in.

"Alright, so we lied. We went and had a look. But the whole crash landing's a fake. I thought so. Just too perfect.I mean, hitting Big Ben. Come on, so I thought Gwendalyn and I should have a look." The Doctor said.

Gwendalyn crossed her arms. She shook her head. "You wanted to know what was going on. It only seemed right to do so. But it is a good thing we figured out that it was a fake."

"My mum's here." Rose said to the two of them.

"She isn't setting foot in here." Gwendalyn said looking at Rose with an unforgiving look. "She is bloody annoying."

"Oh, we don't need that. Don't you dare make this place domestic."The Doctor said rubbing his face.

Micky came storming into the Tardis. "You ruined my life, Doctor. They thought she was dead. I was a murder suspect because of you."

"You see what I mean? Domestic." The Doctor complained as he looked over seeing Mickey there. Of course it would turn out this way and it was beginning to annoy him that people so willingly came onto the Tardis.

Gwendalyn rubbed her temples. This was beginning to turn into something that she didn't want to even see.

"I bet you don't even remember my name."


"It's Mickey."

"No, it's Ricky."

"I think I know my own name."

"How about you shut up." Gwendalyn snapped at Mickey.

"You took another with you. Wasn't Rose enough?"

Jackie came into the Tardis and looked around in shock.

"And there goes the blooming neighborhood." Gwendalyn said with a huff.

"Mum, don't."

Jackie ran out of there. She was not expecting her daughter to be with two things. The very person that had taken her daughter away for so long.

"Don't go anywhere. Don't start a fight." Rose said chasing her mother out of the Tardis. "Mum, it's not like that. He's not. I'll be up in a minute. Hold on!"

"Rose wasn't enough for you and you had to pick up an American." Mickey continued to rant to the Doctor.

"Ricky I think you better close that mouth of yours." The Doctor said.

"Tell me why Rose wasn't enough for you." He demanded.

Gwendalyn's fist went flying into his cheek causing Mickey to fall to the floor of the Tardis. Gwendalyn crossed her arms and looked at him. "I told you to shut up."

"I told you." The Doctor said. He looked at Gwendalyn. "I didn't think you would do that."

"He was annoying." Gwendalyn pointed out like it was the right thing for her to do. "He deserved it. Thinking that you are some kind of pimp. You don't understand that are you?"

"You can't just punch someone if they were annoying." The Doctor stressed his point to her.

Gwendalyn shrugged her shoulders. "Well I am not apologizing to him." She stated crossing her arms.

"I wouldn't expect you to." The Doctor said rolling his eyes before looking at her.


Mickey got up to his feet rubbing his cheek. He didn't want to admit that woman had a wicked hit on her. He knew not to upset her that is for sure again.

Rose came back into the Tardis. "That was a real spaceship?"

"Yep." The Doctor said.

"So it's all a pack of lies? What is it, then? Are they invading?"

Gwendalyn laughed lightly.

"Funny way to invade, putting the world on red alert." Mickey said, rubbing his cheek.

"Good point! So, what're they up to?"

"Let's figure that out then." Gwendalyn said with a smile.


The Doctor was busy underneath the grate messing around with one of the wires.

Gwendalyn was busy with the monitor messing with the wires to make sure it was the right one.

Mickey walked over to see what the Doctor was doing. He was avoiding the woman at all costs. After all she had punched him.


"Mickey." He corrected again.

"Ricky." The Doctor bit out. "If I was to tell you what I was doing to the controls of my frankly magnificent time ship, would you even begin to understand?"

"I suppose not."

"Well, shut it, then."

Mickey rolled his eyes. He looked at his girlfriend. "Some friend you've got."

"I believe he said shut it." Gwendalyn said not even looking up from what she was doing. She moved some of her hair back that was in her way. She growled in frustration as it went back to where it was before. She quickly braided her hair back to avoid it getting into her face again.

Mickey pursed his lips. He doesn't want to piss her off. Not after she had hit him.

"He's winding you up. I am sorry." Rose told him.


"I am, though."

"Every day, I looked. On every street corner, wherever I went, looking for a blue box for a whole year."

"It's only been a few days for me. I don't know. It's hard to tell inside this thing, but I swear it's just a few days since I left you."

"Not enough time to miss me, then?"

"I did miss you."

"I missed you."

"So, er, in twelve months, have you been seeing anyone else?"



"Mainly because everyone thinks I murdered you."


"Enough of the domestics." Gwendalyn said as she hooked up one of the wires. She yelped as she got zapped by it.

"You alright?" The Doctor asked her from where he was. He really had wanted to jump up and go and check on her, but that would make it look like that they were a romantic couple and they weren't that.

"Oh yeah just fantastic. I just shocked myself is all." She said shaking her hand out a little bit. It wasn't the first time that she had gotten shocked before in her life it wouldn't have been the last time either.

Mickey shook his head. "So, now that you've come back, are you going to stay?"

"Got it! Ha, ha! Patched in the radar, looped it back twelve hours so we can follow the flight of that spaceship." He said getting out from underneath the grates.

Gwendalyn laughed lightly. He was just like a child sometimes. She crossed her arms and smiled as she watched him.

"And I couldn't do it without you, Gwendalyn." He said with a grin.

Gwendalyn chuckled. "You could have been able to do it by yourself., but you wanted me to help you." What she said was true, he probably could have done it all on his own.

The Doctor laughed lightly. "Here we go. Hold on." He saw it wasn't working. "Come on."

Gwendalyn looked at it. She hummed for a second before lightly tapping it. "There."

There was the trajectory of the spaceship on the monitor.

"That's the spaceship on its way to Earth, see? Except. Hold on." He showed it a little bit before that. "See? The spaceship did a sling shot round the Earth before it landed." He said showing them.

"What does that mean?" Rose asked looking at the Doctor. She was confused about how this worked.

"It means it came from Earth in the first place. It went up and came back down. Whoever those aliens are, they haven't just arrived, they've been here for a while. The question is, what have they been doing?"

"Very good question." Gwendalyn said looking at the monitor more. "This makes no sense. No sense at all."

"But that is the wonders of it. That is what we are going to find out."


Mickey and Rose were channel hopping on the scanner. They were trying to find anything that would help them out on this.

"How many channels do you get?" Mickey asked looking at the Doctor.

Gwendalyn let out a sigh. "Men." She muttered. It was always men that were looking for sports.

Mickey shot her a look.

"All the basic packages." The Doctor said.

"You got sports channels?"

"Yes, I get the football. Hold on, I know that lot." The Doctor said seeing the UNIT.

Gwendalyn looked. "Damn I know that lot too." Of course it had been a while since she had seen that lot.

The Doctor looked at her. "You do?"

"Experts." She told him not looking over at him.


"It is looking likely that the Government's bringing in alien specialists- those people who have devoted their lives to studying outer space."

"UNIT. United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. Good people." The Doctor said with a smile.

"How do you know them?" Rose asked the two of them.

"Cos he's worked for them. Oh yeah, don't think I sat on my backside for twelve months, Doctor. I read up on you. You look deep enough on the Internet or in the history books, and there's his name, followed by a list of the dead." Mickey said looking over at Rose.

"That's nice. Good boy, Ricky." The Doctor said, rolling his eyes.

"If you know them, why don't you go and help?" Rose asked.

"They wouldn't recognise me. I've changed a lot since the old days. Besides, the world's on a knife-edge. There's aliens out there and fake aliens. We want to keep this alien out of the mix. I'm going undercover." He looked at Gwendalyn. "Care to join me?"

Gwendalyn smiled. She clicked her tongue against her teeth and chuckled. "I thought you would never ask."

"And well, we better keep the Tardis out of sight. Ricky, you've got a car. You can do some driving."

"Where to?" Mickey asked.

"The roads are clearing. Let's go and have a look at that spaceship."

The four of them walk out of the Tardis and straight into a spotlight.

"Do not move! Step away from the box and raise your hands above your heads." The police said.

Mickey ran and hid. He wasn't about to get himself caught,

Gwendalyn raised her hands above her head and so did Rose.

"Rose!" Jackie called for her daughter. Jackie was caught by some of the soldiers. "Rose!"

"Raise your hands above your head. You are under arrest."

Gwendalyn looked at Rose. "Of course it had to be your mother to call on us."

The Doctor rose his hands up into the air. "Take me to your leader." He said with a smile.

The three of them were taken into a police car.

Gwendalyn found herself on the Doctor's lap. "Well this is anti-climatic." She said as her cheeks flushed a little bit.

The Doctor laughed lightly. He didn't want to admit it to her, but he found it rather nice having her on his lap. After all he knew that there wasn't really enough room for the three of them to be together in the back seat and sit comfortably.

"This is a bit posh. If I knew it was going to be like this, being arrested, I would have done it years ago." Rose said.

"We're not being arrested. We're being escorted." The Doctor corrected her.

"Where to?"

"Oh come on Rose. Really think about it." Gwendalyn tried her hardest not to move on the Doctor's lap.

"Where'd you think? Downing Street." The Doctor said with a smile.

"You're kidding."

"I'm not."

"Downing Street?"

"That's the one."

"Oh, my god. I'm going to 10 Downing Street? How come?"

"We are going Rose. Not just you." Gwendalyn said, rolling her eyes. She was beginning to become fed up with this blonde.

"I hate to say it, but Mickey was right. Over the years I've visited this planet a lot of times, and I've been, er, noticed."

"More so than me." Gwendalyn pointed out. "They never really could follow me, but they could keep tabs on you."

The Doctor gave her a questioning look.

"Now they need you?" Rose asked, looking at him.

"Like it said on the news. They're gathering experts in alien knowledge. And who's the biggest expert of the lot?" The Doctor said with a grin.

"Patrick Moore?"

"Really?" Gwendalyn scoffed.

"Apart from him."

"Oh, don't you just love it."

"I'm telling you. Lloyd George, he used to drink me under the table. Who's the Prime Minister now?"

"How should I know? I missed a year." Rose told him.

The Doctor looked at the black haired woman that was in his lap.

"I was gone a year too. My gift can't tell me who it is." Gwendalyn said with a shake of her head.


The three of them got out of the police car.

The Doctor wrapped his arm around Gwendalyn asd he smiled for the cameras.

"Oh my God." Rose said softly.

Gwendalyn laughed lightly. "She's star-struck."

"I knew it would happen." He said as the three of them moved into the building.

A woman comes in and shows her id to an armed police man. "Harriet Jones, MP Flydale North."

"Ladies and gentlemen, can we convene? Quick as we can, please. It's this way on the right, and can I remind you id cards are to be worn at all times." The man said. He handed one to the Doctor. "Here's your ID card. I'm sorry, your companions don't have clearance."

"I don't go anywhere without them."

"You're the code nine, not them. I'm sorry, Doctor. It is the Doctor, isn't it? They'll have to stay outside."

"They're staying with me."

"Doctor now come on be reasonable." Gwendalyn said to him.

"Look, she's right. I don't have clearance to go in there. I can't let them in and that's a fact."

"It's alright. You go. Gwendalyn and I will be fine here."

"Excuse me. Are you the Doctor?" The woman asked.


"Not now. We're busy. Can't you go home?"

"I just need a word in private."

"I suppose so. Don't get in any trouble." The Doctor tells the two of them.

Gwendalyn laughed. "Trouble finds us and you Doctor you know that."

The Doctor nodded his head. "I know." He said as he went in with the others.

"You haven't got clearance. Now leave it." The man told Harriet. "I'm going to leave you two with security."

"It's all right. I'll look after them both. Let me be of some use." She looked at them both. "Walk with me."

The three of them walked.

"Just keep walking. That's right. Don't look round. Harriet Jones, MP Flydale North. "

Gwendalyn looked at her. "What is this all about?"

"Your friend, he's an expert right? He knows about aliens."

"To tell you the truth he isn't the only one." Rose said looking at her.

"What do you mean?"

"She means I am one as well. I just don't have the clearance."

"What do you want to know?" Rose asked, looking at her.

Harriet started to cry.


"They turned the body into a suit. A disguise for the thing inside!" Harriet told them.

"It's alright. I believe you. It's, it's alien. They must have some serious technology behind this. IF we could find it, we could use it."

"Rose, it would be impossible."

Rose began to search the room. She opened a cupboard and a man's body fell out. "Oh, my God! Is that the…"

"Harriet, for God's sake. This has gone beyond a joke. You cannot just wander. Oh, my God. That's the Prime Minister!"

Gwendalyn looked at the man that had caught them in this room. "This is the Prime Minister… that means…"

A woman with blond hair came into the room. "Oh! Has someone been naughty?"

Gwendalyn glared at the woman and stood in front of the man.

"That's impossible. He left this afternoon. The Prime Minister left Downing Street. He was driven away!"

"And who told you that, hmmm? Me." She reached up to her hairline and began to pull the zip across it. The woman then slammed her massive talons against Gwendalyn sending her flying into the wall.

Gwendalyn smacked her head off of the table that was there.

"Gwendalyn!" Rose yelled. She thought that Gwendalyn had been killed.

Gwendalyn heard her yell as her world went black. She would never know what was going on around her.


This is the end of Chapter 7. I hope that you enjoyed this chapter. I enjoyed writing it that is for sure. Tell me what ya think and hopefully I will be updating soon. Remember reviews keep me going. Until next time guys.

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