Last of Her Kind @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 26

Authoress Note: Welcome to the final chapter of The Last of Her Kind. I hate ending this story because I really liked writing the Ninth Doctor. I always loved writing for him. He is the one I actually watched first since I started watching Doctor Who. I have to say that I am going to miss writing these adventures with Gwendalyn and the Ninth Doctor, but I suppose all good stories come to an end don't they? Perhaps a good ending for this one? Will the Doctor and Gwendalyn be reunited or will she be stuck on Earth and Rose going to save the Doctor. Which girl will become Bad Wolf? Who will be the one that the Doctor will fear? Will it be Rose or Gwendalyn? And what was in that box that was in the Doctor's coat pocket. Everything will be revealed in this chapter as planned. And so much more will be revealed in this last chapter. Hang on tight this is going to be one doozy of a ride in this chapter. It is going to be a wild one at that. I hope that I won't lose you guys in this chapter. It is a long chapter I do know that perhaps not as long as my other chapters, but still fairly long. The question is will we begin seeing a new Gwendalyn or the same Gwendalyn we have seen throughout most of this story? This is also the chapter we will see if she will be the same black haired Gwendalyn or a new one due to her magic powers. I don't want to give too many spoilers. I hate giving spoilers. Without further ado Chapter 26 of The Last of Her Kind. Allons-y!

Chapter 26

To Save The Man She Loves

Gwendalyn blinked in confusion. What the hell? She thought to herself. She closed her hand around it and pulled it out slowly. It was a small velvet box. She slowly opened it and gasped. A beautiful rare ring was in it. She felt tears come to her eyes. Did the Doctor… no… The Doctor was going to ask her to marry him?

Mickey looked at Gwendalyn and held his hand out to her. He could tell that she needed a friend right then and there. After all she too was sent back to Earth with Rose. "Here."

Gwendalyn looked up at him with wide blue eyes. She snapped the box closed.

"Let me help you." He said, offering her a small smile.

Gwendalyn took Mickey's hand and he helped her up to her feet. Gwendalyn's hand gripped around the box that the Doctor had left in his pocket for her. She slipped her hand back into her pocket. She needed to find a way back to the Doctor and smack him for what he did leaving her behind on Earth when she should have been there with him.


The Doctor looked down sadly. He had sent away his friend and perhaps a woman that he was to marry. It made him feel bad that he would never get to see her smiling face.

"Rose, I've called up the internal laser codes. There should be a different number on every screen. Can you read them out to me?" Jack's voice rang out.

"She's not here."

"Of all times to take a leak. When she gets back, tell her to read me the codes."

The Doctor swallowed the lump in his throat. "She's not coming back."

"What do you mean? Where'd she go?"

The Doctor rubbed his face.

"What about Sexy." Jack asked about the other woman that was with the Doctor.

"She's not here either. Just get on with your work."

"You took them home, didn't you?"

The Doctor let out a shallow breath. "Yeah."

"The Delta Wave is it ever going to be ready?"

"Tell him the truth, Doctor. There is every possibility the Delta Wave could be complete, but no possibility of refining it. The Delta Wave must kill every living thing in its path, with no distinction between human and Dalek. All things will die. By your hand." The Emperor said

"Doctor, the range of this transmitter covers the entire Earth." Jack said, nervousness showing through his voice.

"You would destroy Daleks and Humans together. If I am God, the creator of all things, then what does that make you, Doctor?"

"There are colonies out there. The Human Race would survive in some shape or form, but you're the only Daleks in existence. The whole Universe is in danger." The Doctor said glaring. "If I let you live. Do you see, Jack? That's the decision I've got to make for every living thing. Die as a human or live as a Dalek. What would you do?"

"You sent them home. They're safe. Keep working." Jack told the Doctor.

"But he will exterminate you!" The emperor shouted.

"Never doubted him." Jack said. "Never will."

"Now, you tell me, God of all Daleks, because there's one thing I never worked out. The words Bad Wolf, spread across time and space, everywhere, drawing me in. How'd you manage that?"

"I did nothing."

"Oh come on, there's no secrets now, your worship." The Doctor said as he continued to work.

"They are not part of my design. This is the Truth of God."

The Doctor looked up at the bad wolf sign. Why was Bad Wolf following him, Rose, and Gwendalyn for so long? Why? What did it all mean?


Jackie and Mickey were eating their meals while Rose and Gwendalyn weren't touching their food.

Mickey had invited Gwendalyn along so she wasn't alone. He didn't know what to do. He just wanted to make sure that she was okay as well.

"And it's gone up market, this place. They're doing little tubs of coleslaw now. It's not very nice. It tastes a bit sort of clinical." Jackie said.

"Have you tried that new pizza place down Minto Road?" Mickey asked Jackie.

"What's it selling?"


"That's nice. Do they deliver?"


"Oh, Rose, have something to eat. You too dear."

Gwendalyn looked down and tried not to cry. She just wanted to get back to him. She wanted to yell at him and smack him for making this choice like this. It gave her a nerve wracking scare. She wanted to be near him. She had spent most of her time on Earth and had gotten by without him and now she had him back in her life and she just couldn't lose him again.

"Two hundred thousand years in the future, he's dying, and there's nothing I can do." Rose said softly.

"Well, like you said two hundred thousand years. It's way off." Jackie said.

Gwendalyn pushed herself away from the table. "Excuse me." She said softly. She made a beeline for the door. She just couldn't do it. She just couldn't listen to them talking about the Doctor. She stuck her hands in her pockets and walked quickly towards the Tardis. She just couldn't be around anyone. She unlocked the Tardis. She ended up sitting down in the seat that was there. She took out the small box and looked at it. She just couldn't understand why Theta would do this to her. Like this leaving her all alone again. It was something that she didn't want. She wanted to be with him even if it meant dying by his side.


"Right Lynda, you are my eyes and ears. When the Daleks get in, you can follow it on that screen and report it to me." Jack told Lynda.

"Understood."Lynda said nodding her head.

"They'll detect you, but the door's made of Hydra Combination. It should keep them out."


"It's the best I can do. How long till the Fleet arrives?"

"They've accelerated." Pavale said.

"This is it, ladies and gentlemen. We are at war!" Jack told them.


"You can't spend the rest of your life thinking about the Doctor." Mickey told Rose.

"But how do I forget him?" Rose asked.

"You've got to start living your own life. You know, a proper life, like the kind he's never had. The sort of life that you could have with me. Think how Gwendalyn feels. She is more torn up. She really knows the Doctor." Mickey said, letting out a sigh. He wanted Rose to see that he would always be there for her. That she didn't need the Doctor in her life.

Rose noticed the large letters on the playground tarmac. "Over here. It's over here as well." She said seeing bad wolf everywhere. Rose ran towards there.

"That's been there for years. It's just a phrase. It's just words." Mickey told her.

"I thought it was a warning. Maybe it's the opposite. Maybe it's a message. The same words written down now and two hundred thousand years in the future. It's a link between me and the Doctor. Bad wolf here, Bad wolf there."

"But if it's a message, what's it saying?"

"It's telling me I can get back. The least I can do is help him escape." Rose told him.


Gwendalyn sat in the Tardis closing her eyes. She was imagining what it would have been like. She wanted to be with Theta and they would have been happy, but things kept getting in their way of being happy. The war first, then her being stuck on Earth for over 400 years and now this. How would she get back to him? How would she find a way to get back to him? She needed to get to him and she had to find a way to do so. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if he died.


"Stand your ground everyone. Follow my commands. And good luck." Jack told them.

"You were right. They're forcing the airlock of four nine four." Lynda said.


Rose came running into the Tardis.

Gwendalyn looked at Rose. "Rose what is it?" She asked, putting the ring back into her pocket.

Rose looked around. "All the Tardis needs to do is make a return trip. Just reverse."

"Yeah, but we still can't do it." Mickey told her.

Gwendalyn stood up. "What are you going on about?" She asked in concern.

"The Doctor always said the Tardis was telepathic. This thing is alive. It can listen." Rose said.

Gwendalyn winced. The Tardis wasn't an it. It was a she.

"It's not listening now, is it?" Mickey demanded looking at his girlfriend.

"We need to get inside it."

"Rose no." Gwendalyn said with wide eyes.

Rose sent a look towards her. "Last time I saw you, with the Slitheen, this middle bit opened, and there was a light, and the Doctor said it was the heart of the Tardis. If we can open it, I can make contact. I can tell you what to do."


"Mm?" She didn't even look at him.

"If you go back, you're going to die."

"That's a risk I've got to take, because there's nothing left for me here."

"Nothing?" Mickey asked, feeling his heart drop.


"Okay, if that's what you think, let's get this thing open." Mickey said, feeling defeated.

"She won't be going alone Mickey." Gwendalyn told him.

"What?" Mickey asked, turning towards her.

"I have nothing holding me here. She has family. I don't." She said, shaking her head. "I'm going with her."

Mickey nodded his head understanding the reasoning behind why Gwendalyn was going. "Are you certain you want to go?"

"I have to. If he dies." Gwendalyn took a deep breath. "If he dies… I'm alone. I won't have no one with me that knows what it is like to be alone in this world. Being the last of your own race."

"Okay… Let's get this thing open." Mickey said walking out of the Tardis.


Mickey had hooked up a heavy chain and hooked it onto his Mini and the other end onto the Tardis console.

Gwendalyn looked at Rose. "Are you certain that you want to do this Rose? You are opening the heart of the Tardis."

"Yes, anything to save the Doctor."

Gwendalyn let out a sigh and went to the door. She saw Mickey get into his Mini. She waved her hand letting him know that it was time to try to get it undone.

Mickey begins to drive to try to knock it loose.

"Faster!" Rose yelled.

Gwendalyn turned and cupped her hands around her mouth. "Faster Mickey!"

"Come on!" Mickey yelled.

"It's not moving!" Rose yelled.

"Keep trying Mickey!" Gwendalyn yelled.

The chain breaks.

Gwendalyn let out a groan. "Damn." She rubbed her face.

Rose kicked the console in frustration.

Gwendalyn rubbed her face. She looked at Rose. "I am sure that we will come up with another plan."

"He could be dead by now."

"Don't think like that." Gwendalyn told Rose softly. "Please don't talk like that." She didn't want Rose to talk like that. It was making her think the worst. She didn't want to think that her Theta was dead.


"Advance guards have made it to four nine five." Lynda said.


"Jack how're we doing?" The Doctor asked over the com.

"Four nine five should be good. I like four nine five." Jack said with a smile.


"Identify yourself!" The Dalek shouted.

"You are the weakest link. Goodbye!" Anne Droid said, destroying three Daleks in quick succession.


Jack jumped up. "Yes!"


"You are the weakest link."

A Dalek blew her head off.

"Goodbye." The Anne Droid said powering down.

"Proceed to next level."


Lynda was watching the screen. "They're flying up the ventilation shafts. No wait a minute. Oh, my god. Why're they doing that? They're going down." She said with wide eyes. Tears came to her eyes. She turned off the sound of the screams of people dying. "Floor Zero. They killed them all."


Rose gave up. She couldn't find a way to get it open. But she didn't want to give up. She wanted to save the Doctor. Her Doctor. He wasn't Gwendalyn's Doctor, but hers.

Gwendalyn sat resting her head in her hands. She was tired of hearing Rose. She really thought Rose had given up.

"It was never going to work, sweetheart. And the Doctor knew that. He just wanted you to be safe. You along with America there." Jackie told her daughter.

"I can't just give up." Rose said softly, wiping her eyes.

"Lock the door. Walk away." Jackie told her daughter.

"Dad wouldn't give up."

"Well, he's not here, is he? And even if he was, he'd say the same."

"No, he wouldn't. He'd tell me to try anything. If I could save the Doctor's life, try anything."

"Well, we're never going to know."

"Well, I know because I met him. I met Dad."

"Don't be ridiculous."

"The Doctor took me back in time, and I met Dad."

Gwendalyn shook her head. Too much domestics for her. And what had happened in 1987 was all of Rose's fault anyways. She knew that Rose wouldn't tell her mom what she had actually done. Which was a good thing. That was the only thing that mattered.

"Don't say that."

"Remember when Dad died? There was someone with him. A girl, a blonde haired girl. She held his hand. You saw her from a distance, Mum. You saw her! Think about it. That was me. You saw me!"

"Stop it."

"That's how good the Doctor is."

"Stop it! Just stop it!" Jackie said, running away from them.

Gwendalyn shook her head. "You didn't have to tell your mother that."

"What do you know?" Rose said, turning glaring at Gwendalyn.

Gwendalyn shook her head. "I wouldn't have talked to my mother like that. She is the only one that you got. Be thankful that you got her. You'll miss her when she's gone."

"You don't know what you are talking about."

Gwendalyn took a deep breath and let out a soft sigh. "I know… what an 897 year old would know about missing her mother. My mother has been dead for years. Over 200 years now." Gwendalyn shook her head. "Never mind. Don't listen to me. I don't know a damn thing." She said moving away from Rose.


"Lynda! What's happening on Earth?" The Doctor asked.


"The Fleet's descending. They're bombing whole continents. Europa, Pacifica, the New American Alliance. Australasia's just gone." Lynda said sadly.


"This is perfection." The Emperor said.


"Floor 499, we're the last defence. The bullets should work if you concentrate them in the Dalek's eyestalk. I've got the forcefield at maximum so Dalek fire power should be at its weakest."

"I'm only here because of you. I joined the Programme because you were on it." Pavale said looking at the woman.

"Am I supposed to say when this is all over and if we're still alive, maybe we could go for a drink?" The woman asked, looking at him.

"That'd be nice."

"Yeah, well, touch." She said before giving him a wink and a smile.


"There's got to be something else we can do." Mickey said, rubbing his face.

"Mum was right. Maybe we should just lock the door and walk away." Rose said, running her hand through her hair.

"I'm not having that. I'm not having you two just, just give up now. No way. We just need something stronger than my car. Something bigger." Mickey turned his head and saw a big yellow recovery truck and Jackie was driving it. "Something like that."

Gwendalyn looked at the recovery truck. Perhaps that would work. She could only hope. She wanted to give the Doctor a piece of her mind.

Jackie got out of the truck. "Right, you've only got this until six o'clock so get on with it." She said to Mickey.

"Mum, where the hell did you get that from?" Rose asked.

"Rodrigo. He owes me a favour. Never mind why, but you were right about your dad, sweetheart. He was full of mad ideas, and it's exactly what he would've done Now, get on with it before I change my mind." Jackie said, throwing the keys at Mickey.

"Jackie." Gwendalyn said looking at the older blonde haired woman.

"Yes dear?" Jackie asked, looking at her.

Gwendalyn smiled a small smile. "Thank you."

Jackie smiled. "I know that look."

Gwendalyn tilted her head to the side. "What look?"

"The look of being in love."

Gwendalyn blushed.

"You love him."

Gwendalyn nodded her head.

Rose gave Gwendalyn the nastiest look that she could give. She didn't like what Gwendalyn had said that she had loved the Doctor.

"How long have you loved him dear?"

Gwendalyn's cheeks went pink. "For a while. I don't think I even knew." She said softly. She shook her head. "I guess I always thought of it as a friendship than anything else."


"Open fire!" Jack yelled.

The Doctor hears the gunfire. He ran quickly hooking up the massive power cable. He closed his eyes. This was pretty much his last stand. He could just imagine how Gwendalyn was acting right at this moment. He missed her. He wished that he didn't have her go back, but he had promised her that he would keep her safe and sound. He wanted to protect her the best that he could.

He remembered the good times that they had together. He remembered the times that the two of them were curled up in her bed in her room. He was going to miss her and he knew that she was going to miss him and perhaps she would never forgive him for what he was about to do. But at least her and Rose were safe and sound and not there. He wouldn't dare put Gwendalyn through that. He wouldn't sentence her to death.


"It's not working!" Pavale yelled.

"Concentrate your fire! Eyestalk, two o'clock!" Jack yelled.

"My vision is impaired! I cannot see!" The Dalek shouted.

"We did it!"

A Dalek kills her.

"No! No!" Pavale yelled, jumping up, firing his gun and getting killed as well.


"I've got a problem." Lynda said.

"Human female detected." A Dalek said.

"They've found me."

"You'll be alright Lynda. That side of the station's reinforced against meteors." The Doctor told her.

"Hope so! You know what they say about Earth workmanship." She nervously looked up and saw a Dalek right outside of the room. She screamed as the glass broke.


Jack is backing up firing at the Daleks. "Last man standing! For God's sake, Doctor, finish that thing and kill them!" He yelled.

"Finish that thing and kill mankind!" the Emperor said to the Doctor.

The Doctor closed his eyes. What would his Artemis do? What would she do if she was stuck in this path? Wait she wouldn't. She wouldn't do that. She would use her powers to destroy them all. She would send herself into her own death sentence. He swallowed the lump in his throat. He was glad that he had sent her away.


Gwendalyn looked at Rose. She could only hope that this would work. It had to work. She needed to get to Theta. She wouldn't' send him to his death. Not like he had done so to himself.

"This has to work."

"It will work. That is if you believe in it." Gwendalyn said with a small smile. This had to work. It was the only option to save the Doctor.

Rose nodded her head. She looked at her mom. "Tell him to go!"

Jackie wove her hand to tell Mickey to get moving with the truck.

"Keep going!" Rose shouted.

Gwendalyn closed her eyes. Come on please. She thought to the Tardis. She could only hope that the Tardis would open the console for them.

"Put your foot down!" Jackie yelled.


"Give it some more, Mickey!"

"Keep going!"

"Come on, come on!"

"Keep going!'

"Give it some more!"

The console busted open and Rose moved to look into it. Gold light streamed into her eyes. She was getting the Tardis moving. Closer and closer to the Doctor.

Gwendalyn saw the doors swing close. They were going to save the Doctor. Gwendalyn quickly pulled Rose away from the heart after she looked into it. Gwendalyn took a deep breath. "I am really sorry about this Rose. Don't hate me for it." She said softly. She grabbed Rose and kissed the poor girl on the lips taking the energy from her and taking it into herself. She didn't want Rose to burn. She knew what happened when you looked into the time vortex. She had heard stories before from the Doctor. No one was ever supposed to look at the vortex like Rose had done.


"Doctor, you've got twenty second maximum!" Jack yelled.


The Tardis hurtled through time. All the time was sending energy into Gwendalyn now instead of Rose.


Jack ran out of bullets. He threw his gun down and began firing the pistol and it too ran out of bullets.


"I kind of figured that."

The Dalek blasted Jack into the wall killing him at the lift door.


"It's ready!" The Doctor yelled.

The Daleks entered on all sides.

"You really want to think about this, because if I activate the signal, every living creature dies." The Doctor told the emperor.

"I am immortal."

"Do you want to put that to the test?"

"I want to see you become like me. Hail the Doctor, the Great Exterminator."

"I'll do it!"

"Then prove yourself, Doctor. What are you, coward or killer?"

The Doctor's hands were on the switch. He thought of Gwendalyn and thought what she would have done. He shook his head and pulled his hands away. "Coward. Any day." He said softly. He couldn't bring himself to do it. Gwendalyn wouldn't forgive him if he committed genocide. Like this. No he couldn't do that to himself. He wouldn't want his Gwendalyn to hate him. No, he couldn't. He just couldn't. He had the feeling that she hated him for making her leave against her own will.

"Mankind will be harvested because of your weakness."

"And what about me? Am I becoming one of your angels?"

"You are the heathen. You will be exterminated."

"Maybe it's time." The Doctor said, defeated. He closed his eyes.

The Tardis materialises behind him.

"Alert! Tardis materialising!" The Dalek shouteds.

"You will not escape!" The emperor yells.

The doors open and Gwendalyn is surrounded by a blinding purple and golden light. Energy tendrils snake outward.

"What've you done?" The Doctor asked, looking at his Artemis. What had she done? She couldn't have done that. No she couldn't have looked into the heart of the Tardis. She knew what happened.

Gwendalyn steps out. Her eyes were glowing purple and gold at the same time. "I looked into the Tardis, and the Tardis looked into me."

"You looked to the Time Vortex. Mis no one's meant to do that." The Doctor said softly. His blue eyes were filled with tears. He never wanted this for her. He should've known that she would do something like this.

"Rose looked into. I saved her." Gwendalyn said looking at him.

"This is the Abomination!"


Gwendalyn holds up her hand and the beam is pushed back. "I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here. To lead me back to my Doctor."

"Gwendalyn, you have to stop this. You've got to stop this now. You've got the entire vortex running through your head. You're gonna burn. You know that you're gonna burn." He pleaded with her. He didn't want her to burn, not like this. He didn't even want her to die.

"I want you safe. My Doctor. Protected from the false god." Gwendalyn said as purple and gold tears began to fall from her eyes.

"You cannot hurt me. I am immortal."

"You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space. Every single atom of your existence, and I divide them." Gwendalyn said, destroying the Daleks slowly with purple and gold light. "Everything must come to dust. All things. Everything dies. The Time War ends."

"I will not die. I cannot die!" The emperor shouted.

His spaceship is destroyed by purple and gold waves.

"Mis, you've done it. Now stop. Just let go. Please Mis you need to let it go. You need to let go of the void into the Tardis."

"How can I let go of this? I bring life to the one that needs it." Gwendalyn said looking at him as more tears spilled from her eyes. The pain was becoming too great for her. She looked away from him as purple and gold light hit Jack.

Jack gasps for air.

"But this is wrong! You can't control life and death." The Doctor told her. He was begging her. Truly begging her to stop. She was going to end up burning herself out. The time vortex was too much for anyone.

Gwendalyn looked at him with a look of sadness.

The Doctor backed up. The glow in the eyes of the woman he loved scared him.

"But I can. The sun and the moon, the day and night. But… But why do they hurt? Why do they hurt so much." She said as more tears slipped from her eyes.

"The power's going to kill you and it's my fault. I never wanted this to happen to you. You are my Artemis. I wanted to protect you." The Doctor said looking at her.

"Theta I can see everything. All that it, all that was, all that ever could be." She said softly.

"That's what I see. All the time. And doesn't it drive you mad?" He asked her in wonder. He knew that it was becoming way too close to her and she was beginning to burn if it was causing her to hurt.

"My head…"

The Doctor moved towards her."Come here."

Gwendalyn moved towards him. "It's killing me."

The Doctor pulled her close to him. "I think you need a Doctor." He told her smoothing some of her hair back from her face so he could get a good look at it. He kisses her softly on the lips all of the energy that she had taken from Rose and the time stream into himself and then into the Tardis.

Gwendalyn falls into his arms and looks at him weakly. "I'm sorry." She said softly. "I couldn't just let you die. Not like that facing an armada of Daleks alone."

"I've got you." He told her softly. He lifted her up into his arms and took her inside of the Tardis. He sees Rose laying on the floor. He gasped when he saw purple sparkles surround her body. "Mis no you can't." He pleaded with her. He was too late to save her.

"I'm sorry." She said weakly in her american accent. "I had the vortex too long." She said sadly. She knew it was true that she had the vortex for far too long in her body.

"You can't change."

"I'm sorry… I'm so so sorry."

The doctor closed his eyes as the sparkles consumed her and turned brighter. He opened his eyes and his eyes widened with what he saw. It was still his Gwendalyn. His Artemis in his arms, but no longer the black haired woman that he was holding before. But a strawberry blonde and silver eyed version of her. The Doctor placed her down on her feet.

She staggered a little bit.

The Tardis left to go through time and space again.

Rose sat up. "What happened?"

"Don't you remember?" The Doctor asked her as he held onto the console.

"It's like there was some kind of singing."

"That's right. I sang a song and the Daleks ran away." He said lying not wanting to tell the truth to Rose that Gwendalyn had killed all of the Daleks.

"I was at home. No, I wasn't, I was in the Tardis, and there was this light. I can't remember anything else."

Gwendalyn staggered past Rose.

The Doctor looked at his hand. He closed his eyes. He knew he was dying and he had to change.

"Doctor." Gwendalyn said in a northern english voice that matched his own.

"Stay there." He said looking at her.

Gwendalyn nodded her head knowing what was about to happen.

"Rose Tyler. I was going to take you so many places. Barcelona. Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. You'd love it. Fantastic place. They've got dog with no noses. Imagine how many times a day you end up telling that joke, and it's still funny." He said laughing.

"Then, why can't we go?"

"Well maybe you will, and maybe I will. But not like this."

"You're not making sense."

"I might never make-sense again. I might have two heads, or no head. Imagine me with no head. And don't say that's an improvement. But it's a bit dodgy, this process. You never know what you're going to end up with…" He doubled over.


"No don't!" Gwendalyn shouted.

"Stay away." The Doctor said holding up his hand.

"Doctor, tell me what's going on."

"I absorbed all that energy of the Time Vortex, and no one's meant to do that. Every cell in my body's dying."

"Can't you do something?" Rose asked.

Gwendalyn looked away. She knew it was her fault that he had to do this.

"Yea, I'm doing it now. TIme Lords have this little trick, it's sort of a way of cheating death. Except it means I'm going to change, and I'm not going to see you again. Not like this. Not with this daft old face. And before I go…"

"Don't say that." Rose said.

"Rose before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I."

Gwendalyn looked at the Doctor. She shielded her eyes with her hand as he burst with golden light. She removed her hand seeing the man that now stood there. Brown hair and brown eyes. Her Theta still no matter how he looked.

"Hello." He said with a smile. His accent was now a South London accent. "Okay…" He ran his tongue behind his teeth. "Oh, new teeth. That's weird. So, where was I? Oh, that's right. Barcelona." He said with a bigger smile.


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