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Chapter 23

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 23 of The Last of Her Kind. Now I am going to say this. This chapter was a bit of a pain in the butt to write. Just with what Gwendalyn has to wear in this chapter. God it was hard to write that was for sure. I am usually good at describing what is being worn by the characters, but damn it was a pain to write this one out that is for sure. I tried my best with describing what Gwendalyn has to wear in this chapter. Also I am glad that you guys like it so far. I am very glad that Gwendalyn is a likeable character and I continue to hope that she will be a loved character. Without further ado Chapter 23 of The Last of Her Kind. Allons-y!

Chapter 23

Stuck In Game Land

"What is it? What is happening?" The Doctor asked, falling out of a cupboard. He groaned.

"Oh, my God. I don't believe it! Why would they put you in there? They never said you were coming." A girl said looking at him and helping him up off of the ground.

"What happened? I was…."

"Careful now. Oh! Oh, mind yourself. Oh, that's the transmat. It scrambles your head. I was sick for days. Alright? So, what's your name then, sweetheart?"

"The Doctor. I think. I was, er... " The Doctor shook his head. He realized that he was alone. Where was Gwendalyn? "I don't know, what happened? How…"

"You got chosen." The woman said with a small smile.

"For what?" The Doctor asked in confusion.

"You're a housemate. You're in the house. Isn't that brilliant?" The girl said giggling.

"That's not fair. We've got eviction in five minutes. I've been here for all nine weeks, I've followed the rules, I haven't had a single warning, and then he comes swanning in." The only man said looking unhappy about this.

"If they keep changing the rules, I'm going to protest, I am. You watch me. I'm going to paint the wall." The other woman said, shaking her head.

"Would the Doctor please come to the Diary Room." A female voice called out to him.

The Doctor rubbed his head. He was trying to get his bearings. Where was Rose, Jack, and his Artemis? The Doctor went into the door and sat down in the comfy chair.

"You are live on channel forty four thousand. Please do not swear." The woman told him.

The Doctor's eyes went wide. "You've got to be kidding."


Gwendalyn groaned as she awoke. She sat up slowly and realized something very quickly. She wasn't in her normal clothes. She ran her hand down the gold satin fabric. She stood up on the gold high heeled dress shoes that she had on that were strapped around her ankles and had dangles on them. She looked down at what she wore in shock. It was a deep v-neck dress that had a ring on the front of it holding the dress together two in the back and a slit up the side of the dress that showed a fair amount of leg and the straps and v were decorated in silver and gold beads. She gasped. "What the hell?"

"Oh you're finally awake." A woman with red hair said who was dressed in an elegant black gown that was strapless.

"WHere the hell am I?" Gwendalyn demanded.

"Your on the bachelor."" The woman said with a smile.

"The what?"

"And you have made it just in time for the elimination."

Gwendalyn's eyes went wide. "Where…. where is the Doctor?"


Gwendalyn groaned. She needed to find the Doctor.

"Come on dear. We have an elimination to get to."

Gwendalyn felt the woman grab onto her hand and pull her along with her. Wherever she was she needed to try and find the Doctor and find him soon.


Rose awoke on the floor of a studio. Where was she? Where was Jack, the Doctor, and Gwendalyn? "What happened?" She asked the man that was bending over her to check on her.

"It's alright. It's the transmat. Does your head in. Get a bit of amnesia. What's your name?"

"Rose. But where is the Doctor?" Rose asked, rubbing her head.

"Just remember to do what the android says. Don't provoke it. The android's word is law."

"What do you mean, android? Like a robot?" Rose asked in confusion.

"Positions, every one! Thank you!" A woman yelled.

"Come on, hurry up. Steady, Steady." The man said, helping her up. He could tell she wasn't none too steady on her feet.

"I was travelling, with the Doctor, a man called Captain Jack and a woman called Gwendalyn. The Doctor wouldn't just leave me."

"That's enough chat. Positions! Final call! Good luck!" The woman said.

"But I'm not supposed to be here."

"It says Rose on the podium. Come on." He said taking his place.

Rose took her place. "Hold on. I must be going mad. It can't be. This looks like the…"

"Android activated." The floor manager said.

"Oh my God, the android. The Anne droid." Rose said in shock.

"Welcome to the weakest link." The Anne Droid said.


"Here we go again. We've got our work cut out for us." Trine-E said.

"I don't know. He's sort of handsome. Has a good lantern jaw." Zu-Zana said.

"Lantern jaws are so last year."

Jack awoke laying on an examination table. "Sorry, but, nice to meet you, ladies, but where exactly am I?"

"We're giving you a brand new image." Trine-E said to him.

"Oh, hold on, I was with the Doctor. Why, is there something wrong with what I'm wearing?"

"It's all very twentieth century. Where did you get that denim?" Zu-Zana asked.

"A little place in Cardiff. It was called the Top Shop." Jack said, still confused of where he was at.

"Ah! Design classic."

"But we're going to have to find you some new colours. Maybe get rid of that Oklahoma Farm Boy thing you've got going on." Trine-E said.

"Just stand still and let the Defabricator work its magic." Zu-Zana said.

"What's a defabricator?" Jack asked. He realized what it was. His clothes were gone. "Okay. Defabricator. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Am I naked in front of millions of viewers?"

"Absolutely." Both Androids replied.

"Ladies, your viewing figures just went up." Jack said with a smile.


The Doctor was using his sonic screwdriver checking things. "I can't open it." He grumbled.

"It's got a deadlock seal, ever since Big Brother 504 when they all walked out. You must remember that." The girl replied.

"What about this?" The Doctor asked, looking at the alcove with a picture in it.

"Oh, that's exoglass. You'd need a nuclear bomb to get through."

"Don't tempt me." The Doctor said, shaking his head. He needed to get to his Gwendalyn. He hadn't been away from her like this in so long. He got used to travelling with her. He couldn't stand being apart from her.

"I know you're not supposed to talk about the outside world, but you must've been watching. Do people like me? Lynda. Lynda with a Y, not Linda with an I. She got forcibly evicted because she damaged the camera. Am I popular?" She asked curiously.

"I don't remember." The Doctor said softly.

"Oh, but does that mean I'm nothing? Some people get this far just because they're insignificant. Doesn't anybody notice me?"

"No, you're, you're nice. You're sweet. Everybody thinks you're sweet."

"Oh, is that right? Is that what I am? Oh, no one's ever told me that before. Am I sweet? Really?"

"Yeah. Dead sweet."

"Thank you."

"It's a wall. Isn't there supposed to be a garden out there or something?"

"Don't be daft. No one's got a garden anymore. Who's got a garden? Don't tell me you've got a garden."

"No, I've just got the Tardis. I remember." The Doctor said rubbing his head.

"That's the amnesia. So what happened? Where did they get you?" Lynda asked curiously. She was wondering where they had gotten him from.

"We'd just left Raxacoricofallapatorius. Then we went to Kyoto. That's right, Japan in 1336, and we only just escaped. We were together, we were laughing, and then there was this light. This white light came through the walls, and then… and then I woke up here."

"Yea, that's the transmat beam. That's how they pick the housemates."

"Oh, Lynda with a Y. Sweet little Lynda. It's worse than that. I'm not just a passing traveller. No stupid little transmat beam gets inside my ship. That beam was fifteen million times more powerful, which means this isn't just a game. There's something else going on." He looked dead on into one of the cameras. "Well, here's the latest update from the Big Brother house. I'm getting out. I'm going to find my friends, and then I'm going to find you."


"Come on I'll help you with your makeup." The woman said looking at Gwendalyn.

"Why? Why would you want to help me?"

"Every girl must look her best. Especially in front of the man that we are going before." The woman said with a smile.

"And who is that?"

"Robert and he is a hunk."

Gwendalyn swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. She needed to get the hell out of here and find her Doctor. She felt so out of place here. She didn't feel comfortable here. Her being on a show with a man that was not her Theta. Now that scared her a lot.


"Seventeen, sixteen, fifteen. Thank you, people. Transmitting in twelve, eleven, ten…"

"But I need to find the Doc…" Rose was rudely cut off.

"Just shut up and play the game." Rodrick said, glaring at her.

"Seven, six."

"Alright then. What the hell. I'm going to play to win."

"Three, and cue."

"Let's play The Weakest Link. Start the clock. Agorax, the name of which basic food stuff is an anagram of the word beard?" The Anne Droid said.

"Bread." The man answered.

"Correct. Flitch in the Pan Traffic Calendar, which month comes after Hoob?"

"Is it Clavadoe?" The woman asked.

"No, Pandoff. Rose, in maths, what is 258 minus 158?"

"One hundred." Rose said.

"Correct. Rodrick."


"Which letter of the alphabet appears in the word dangle but not in the word gland?"


"Correct. Colleen, in social security, what D is the name of payment given to Martain Drones?"

"Default." The woman replied.

"Correct. Broff, the Great Cobalt Pyramid is built on the remains of which famous Old Earth Institute?"

"Er, Touchdown?"

"No, Torchwood. Agorax, in language all five examples of which type of letter appear in the word facetious?"


"Correct. Fitch, in biology which blood cells contain iron? Red or White?"


"No, red. Rose in the holovid series 'Jupiter Rising', the Grexnik is married to whom?"

Rose laughed. "How should I know?"

"No, the correct answer is Lord Drayvole. Rodrick, in maths what is nine squared?"


Jack posed in his new outfit.

"It's the buccaneer look. Little dash of pirate and just a tweak of President Schwarzenegger." Trine-E said.

"Er, not sure about the vest. What about a bit of colour to lift it?"

"Absolutely not. Never wear black with colour. It makes the colour look cheap and the black look boring. Now, let's talk jackets." Zu-Zana said.

"I kind of like the first one."

"No, that's a bit too much Hell's Angel. I think I like the shorter one. Look, waist length, nice and slimming, shows off the bum."

"Works for me."

"Once we've got an outfit, we can look at the face. Ever thought about cosmetic surgery?" Trine-E asked.

"I've considered it, yeah. A little lift around the eyes, tighten up the jaw line, what do you think?"

"Oh, let's have a bit more ambition. Let's do something cutting edge."


"So Rose, what do you actually do?" Anne Droid asked her.

"I just travel about a bit. Bit of a tourist, I suppose."

"Another way of saying unemployed."

"No." Rose said, shaking her head.

"Have you got a job?"

"Well, not really, no, but…"

"Then you are unemployed. And yet, you still got enough money to buy peroxide. Why Fitch?"

"Er, I think she got a few of the questions wrong, that's all."

"Oh, you'd know all about that."

"Well, yea, but I can't vote for myself, so it had to be Fitch. I'm sorry, that's the game. That's how it works. I had to vote for someone."

The woman Fitch was in tears. "Let me try again. It was the lights and everything. I couldn't think."

"In face, with three answers wrong, Broff was the weakest link in that round, but it's votes that count."

"I'm sorry. Please. Oh God, help me!"

"Fitch you are the weakest link. Goodbye." A barrel comes out of her mouth and a beam shoots towards Fitch disintegrates her.

"And we've gone to adverts. Back in three minutes." The floor manager told them.

"What's that? What's just happened?" Rose asked in confusion.

"She was the weakest link, she gets disintegrated. Blasted into atoms."

"But I voted for her. Oh, my. This is sick. All of you, you're just sick. I'm not playing this."

"I'm not playing. I can't do this. I'm not. Please, somebody let me out of here." Broff said.

"You are the weakest link." Anne Droid said.

Broff ran across the studio only to get zapped.


"Don't try to escape. It's play or die." Rodrick said to Rose.


"Doctor, they said all the housemates must gather on the sofa. You've got to." Lynda told him.

"I'm busy getting out, thanks."

"But if you don't obey, then all the housemates get punished."

The Doctor groaned. "Well, maybe I'll be voted out then."

"How stupid are you? You've only just joined, you're not eligible." Strood said to him.

"Don't try anything clever or we all get it in the neck." Lynda said, shaking her head.

"Big Brother House this is, Davina Droid. Crosbie, Lynda and Strood, you have all been nominated for eviction. And the eighth person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is…. Crosbie."

The Doctor leaned back on the sofa bored. He needed to get out of here and to his Gwendalyn. Where did they put her? What game would they put her in? He was concerned that she was in something dangerous.

"I'm sorry. Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry." Lynda told Crosbie.

"Oh, it should've been me. Oh, that's not fair. Crosbie love." Strood said.

"Crosbie, you have ten seconds to make your farewells, and then we're going to get you."

Lynda hugged Crosbie. "I won't forget you."

"I'm sorry I stole your soap." Crosbie told her.

"I don't mind honestly."

"Thanks for the food. You're a smashing cook. Bless you." Strood said hugging her.

"Crosbie, please leave the Big Brother House."

"Bye, then. Bye Lynda."

"Bye." Lynda said softly.

Crosbie walked through the arch that Lynda and Strood had made.

"I don't believe it. Crosbie." Lynda said softly.

"It's only a game show. She'll make a fortune on the outside. Sell her story, release a record, fitness video, all of that, she'll be laughing." The Doctor told them. He had no idea what was about to happen.

"What do you mean, on the outside?" Lynda asked.

"Here we go." Strood said softly.

The two of them ran back to the sofa to watch what was happening on the screen.

"What are they waiting for? Why don't they just let her go?" The Doctor asked.

"Stop it, it's not funny."

"Eviction in five, four, three, two, one." Davina said.

A beam came down hitting Crosbie and she vanished in a puff of smoke.

The Doctor's eyes widened. "What was that?"

"Disintegrator beam." Strood said sadly.

"She's been evicted. From life." Lynda said clearing up the problem that the Doctor had in understanding.


"There. You look beautiful now." The woman said with a smile. "Now let's go and meet up with the others."

"Okay…" Gwendalyn said softly following her. She was a bundle of nerves now. She didn't want to meet this guy. She knew how this show worked. This show was nothing but a pain in the ass. Really in her own eyes it was a sickening game.

The woman that had fixed her up had her stand next to her.

"Welcome to the elimination of The Bachelor."

Gwendalyn closed her eyes taking a deep breath. She already knew that this was probably going to be the worst day for her. She needed to find a way out of here and fast. She needed to get back to Theta and the others.


"Are you insane? You just step right into the disintegrator? Is it that important, getting your face on the telly? Is it worth dying for?" The Doctor yelled at the two remaining house members.

"You're talking like we've got a choice!" Lynda cried out.

"But I thought you had to apply."

"Don't be stupid. That's how they played it centuries back." Strood said, shaking his head.

"You get chosen whether you like it or not. Everyone on Earth is a potential contestant. The transmat beam picks you out at it's non stop. There are sixty Big Brother houses running all at once."

"How many? Sixty?" The Doctor said with wide eyes.

"They've had to cut back. It's not what it was." Strood said, crossing his arms.

"It's a channel house! What about the winners? What do they get?"

"They get to live." Lynda told him.

"Is that it?"

"Well isn't that enough?"

"Rose and Gwendalyn are out there. They got caught in the transmat. They're a contestant too. Time I got out. That other contestant, er, Linda with an I. She was forcibly evicted for what?"

"Damage to property."

"What, like this?" The Doctor used his sonic on one of the cameras destroying it.


Gwendalyn was saved from being evicted. She looked down at the rose that was in her hand. How did it end up to be like this?

"You alright there honey?" A brunette asked looking at her who was wearing a green dress.


"What is it honey?"

"Is there any way to get out of here?" Gwendalyn asked in a hushed tone.

"Oh no. Not since 369 of the Bachelor. They had three women run away. They bolted us in now."

Gwendalyn closed her eyes. That was what she was afraid of.

"Why do you want to get out of here?"

"I have someone that I have to look for."

"Is it a guy?"

Gwendalyn nodded her head.

"Your boyfriend? Fiance?"

"Friend." She replied. "A very good friend of mine. I was hoping that he would ask me out."

"Oh honey. I am sorry. You might not see him again."

Gwendalyn bit her lip. She already knew that would probably be a good possibility.


Jack looked at what he was wearing. Tennis whites. Ugh that was something he didn't like. "No, I'm just not getting this. It's just too safe. Too decent. And you'd never keep it clean."

"Stage two, ready and waiting." Zu-Zana said.

"Bring it on girls." His clothes were gone again.

"And now it's time for the face off." Trine-E said.

"What does that mean? Do I get to compete with someone else?"

"No, Like I said, face off." Trine-E said starting her chainsaw up.

"I think you'd look good with a dog's head." Zu-Zana said, starting up a large pair of scissors.

"Or maybe no head at all. That would be so outrageous."

"And we could stitch your legs to the middle of your chest."

"Nothing is too extreme. It's to die for."

"Now, hold on, ladies. I don't want to have to shoot either one of you." Jack told them.

"But you're unarmed!" Trine-E said.

"You're naked." Zu-Zana said.

Jack holds a small hand weapon that was somewhere hidden behind his back.

"But, that's a compact laser deluxe."

"Where were you hiding that?" Trine-E asked.

"You really don't want to know." Jack said with a smile.

"Give me that accessory."

Jack shot them both. He shot Trine-E's head off then Zu-Zana's.


"You are the weakest link. Goodbye."

Colleen was destroyed.

"Going to the break. Two minutes on the clock. Just a reminder we've got a solar flare activity coming up in ten. Thanks, everyone." The floor manager said.

"Colleen was clever. She banked all our money. Why'd you vote for her?"

"Because I wanted to keep you in. You're stupid. You don't even know the Princess Vossaheen's surname. When it comes to the final. I want to be up against you, so that you get disintegrated and I get a stack load of credits courtesy of the Bad Wolf Corporation."

"What do you mean? Who's the Bad Wolf?"

"They're in charge. They run the Game Station."

"Why are they called Bad Wolf?"

"I don't know. It's just a name. It's like an Old Earth nursery rhyme sort of thing. What does it matter?'

"I keep hearing those words everywhere we go. Bad Wolf." A memory of Gwyneth pops into her mind. Then with Van Statten with the helicopter. Then recently with Margaret and the power plant. Also the graffitied bad wolf on the side of the Tardis and on the face of Boe. "Different times, different places, like it's written all over the Universe."

"What're you going on about?"

"If the Bad Wolf is in charge of this quiz, then maybe I'm not here by mistake. Someone's been planning this."


"The Doctor, you've broken the House Rules. Big Brother has no choice but to evict you. You have ten seconds to make your farewells, and then we're going to get you." Davina said.

"That's more like it. Come on, then. Open up."

"You're mad. It's like you want to die." Lynda said to him in surprise.

"I reckon he's a plant. He was only brought in to stir things up." Strood said.

"The Doctor, please leave the Big Brother house."

The Doctor ran into the white corridor. He was one step closer to find his friends and find his Gwendalyn. "Come on then, disintegrate me. Come on, what're you waiting for?"

"He is, he's mad. He's bonkers."

"Disintegrate me. What are you waiting for?"

"Eviction in five, four, three, two, one."

The machine shut down.

"Ah, ha! I knew it. You see someone brought me into this game. If they'd wanted me dead. They could've transmitted me into a volcano. Maybe security isn't as tight this end. Are you following this? I'm getting out!" The Doctor opened the door leading out of the white room.

Lynda opened the other door.

"Come with me." The Doctor told them.

"We're not allowed." Strood said.

"Stay in there, you've got a fifty fifty chance of disintegration. Stay with me, I promise I'll get you out alive. Come on."

"No, I can't. I can't." Lynda said, shaking her head.

"Lynda, you're sweet. From what I've seen of your world, do you think anyone votes for sweet?" The Doctor held out his hand.

Lynda thought for a second and took his hand.


This is the end of Chapter 23. I had to add Jacks, The Doctors, and Rose's pieces into this. It wouldn't have been right to not have them in this chapter. We have three chapters left of this story. Who do you think will become the Bad Wolf in the end? Will it be Rose or Gwendalyn? Until next time guys. Much Love.

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