Last of Her Kind @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The Beginning of Something Strange

The alarm went off at 8 o'clock in the morning. A thin small hand hit off of the alarm shutting it off. On one of the fingers was a small band, a ring that was gold and had two moons on it one was aqua and the other was onyx. She sat up in her bed, her red hair was unruly and untamed. She rubbed her eyes tiredly. She groaned and threw back her blankets. She turned her body and her feet went onto her floor. She shivered a little bit and forced herself up to her feet. She ran her hand through her messed up red hair. She groaned, rubbing her face sleepily.

Another day in this world. Why can't something just happen? Anything. Just something that doesn't have to go with the grain.

She shook her head. No that would never happen. Not in a long time. Not while she resided among them. She got dressed for the day. Whatever would happen would happen, but it would be just the same as it was every day. Mortal humans never knew what was out there and she knew what was out there.

She threw a leather coat that was black on and slipped it on over top of what she was wearing which was a simple red shirt with a small buckle on it, a pair of black skinny jeans that had white bleach marks on them and a pair of combat boots. She grabbed her bag and headed out the door. She ran down the stairs and began to walk the town.

"Did ya hear the shop downtown was blown up." Someone said.

"Oh my word. They found poor old Wilson." Someone else said softly.

"What is the world coming to these days?" Someone else said.

"They need to find out who did this. What if it happens again?" Someone else said.

The woman quirked her eyebrow. A shop being blown up in London? That was highly unusual. Very unusual. That is truly odd. She thought to herself. But can't worry about that right now. Have some things that need to be done. She went as far as to push the thought of something odd happening into the back of her mind. She didn't know what was to come in just a short amount of time and meeting up with someone was very unlikely.

She just thought that it was going to be a normal day. People talked, but it didn't mean a thing. People loved being gossip pits and that was what caused problems and a lot of them. And they didn't even realize it at all of what problems it would cause.


The woman began to walk past the pizzeria that was in town when she heard the fire alarm going off and someone was ordering everyone to get out. She was in fact going to eat there since it was her lunch break from her job that she had. But this was odd hearing the fire alarm and someone ordering everyone to get out of there. Now that is too odd. Can't pass this up. She thought to herself. She ran towards the back to see if anyone was coming out the back door. She wasn't sure of what she was going to see when she got back there.

She saw the Tardis. "Oh my moon." She said to herself. She heard a thunk of something trying to get through the door. She saw a girl running out of it. "What are you doing!" She yelled. Her hand shot up and a bright purple light left the palm of her hand trying to reinforce what had already been done. But she knew that it wouldn't hold it for very long. Her magic was becoming a little bit weak.

The girl looked at the woman shocked. Never before in her life had she seen such a thing. Something so out of this world that it would always be seen in the movies. Was this woman from another world? An alien? Or was she a witch that she had heard from many fairytales and from one of the Disney movies called Hocus Pocus.

She grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her towards the Tardis. She wasn't about to allow them both to be killed. That was just not on her list of things to do today. She wasn't one to have a death wish. Perhaps if she was younger she would have more of a death wish, but she was a lot older and knew what needed to be done. She needed to keep the both of them safe and sound that was on her list of things to do right at that moment.

She quickly pushed the girl inside and soon followed. Her violet eyes widened when she saw the man that was there. The man that she thought she wouldn't see in the rest of her life. A time lord. She never thought that she would see the day that she would see a living time lord. Perhaps it would have been the same way when he saw her. And if that was the case then it was going to be proving to be an interesting day.

"It's going to follow us!" The girl said to the man. She was scared out of her mind. Whatever that thing was scared her half to death. And she couldn't understand how the two of them were so calm.

The man shook his head. "The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn't get through that door, and believe me, they've tried. Now, shut up a minute." He snapped. He was getting tired of this girl talking. "You see, the arm was too simple, but the head's perfect. I can use it to trace the signal back to the original source. Right. Where do you want to start?" He questioned. He turned and stopped talking all together. His blue eyes widened when he saw the woman standing behind the blonde haired girl.

He never thought that he would see the day that he would see one of her kind ever again. Not since they were wiped out by the time war. This was indeed an interesting turn of events. He knew that she was most likely the last of her kind. Which meant that she needed to come with them. "What are you doing here?" He was taking in the sight of the red haired violet eyed woman. He saw the ring that was on her finger that confirmed who she truly was. He was happy to see her alive. The last one of her race as well. Someone that was almost exactly like him. Someone that he would be able to relate to.

The woman huffed a little bit. "I was just passing through." She said in an Irish accent. "Nothing more nothing less." She was irritated with having to pull the blonde girl along. But not only was she irritated with that, she really didn't know what she had stumbled across. "I'll leave if you want me too, but I don't doubt that thing that was after the two of you would be pleased to see me." She said jabbing her thumb towards the exit of the Tardis. She really wasn't sure what that thing was, but whatever it was it was something unworldly like herself and the man that was there.

"Stay." He told her. It was more like a demand to her really.

She crossed her arms and let out a sigh. "Fine. I'll stay since you so nicely asked me to stay."

The girl looked around. "Er, this is bigger on the inside." She told the man.

"Yes." He said looking at the blonde.

"It's alien."


"Are you two aliens?"

The woman and man looked at the girl. "Yes…"

The woman was kind of getting fed up with the girl's talking. She knew that the girl was scared, but her mouth really did run a lot when she was scared and she hated it when people got wordy.

"Is that alright?" The man asked, crossing his arms.

"Yeah…" The girl said looking a little bewildered at what she had just found out. Aliens and one was actually walking around like a normal human being. Her day had just gotten weirder. And she didn't eat anything that was bad.

"It's called the Tardis, this thing. TARDIS. That's Time And Relative Dimension In Space." The man said.

The red haired woman rolled her eyes. Of course he would want to show what he knew off.

The girl burst into tears.

The red haired woman moved towards the girl and pulled her into her arms trying to sooth her. Perhaps her time being here on Earth was softening her up. But it was something that she needed to do to comfort the poor young woman that was with them.

"That's okay. Culture shock. Happens to the best of us." The man said. He wasn't really concerned about the fact that the blonde was crying.

The red haired woman glared at him. "Oh sod off." She had enough of him. She really didn't remember time lords being in such a way. It pissed her off hearing him say such a thing. The girl had every right to cry. This was not normal for her. But that was just her assumption.

The girl moved away from the red haired woman. "Did they kill him? Mickey? Did they kill Mickey? Is he dead?" The girl began rambling.

The red haired woman was confused. What the hell was this all about? Who the hell was Mickey and what on earth did she walk into?

"Oh, didn't think of that." The man said, shaking his head.

"You didn't think of that?" The red haired woman said looking at him. "Are you serious? You didn't think that the boy that she is talking..."

The blonde haired girl looked at the man angrily. "He's my boyfriend. You pulled off his head. They copied him and you didn't even think? And now you're just going to let him melt?"

"Melt?" The man said in wonder. He turned and saw that the head was indeed melting. "Oh, no, no, no ,no!" He said running over setting the Tardis into motion.

The red haired woman held onto one of the bars. Now she remembered why she hated being in a machine like the Tardis. She had problems with travelling through time and space.

"What're you doing?" The blonde haired woman demanded.

"Following the signal. It's fading. Wait a minute, I've got it. No no, no, no, no, no! Almost there. Almost there. Here we go!"

The red woman shook her head as he ran towards the door.

"You can't go out there. It's not safe." The blonde shouted. She didn't want him to get hurt, but then again he probably took good care of himself.

The red haired woman looking at the blonde haired girl. "When it deals with him it's never safe." She said, following after him.

The blonde haired girl followed the woman out.

"I lost the signal. I got so close." The man whined.

The red haired woman scoffed. "Fantastic." She shook her head. Of all things that could have happened the signal was lost. And now they were far away from where they had started out.

"We've moved. Does it fly?" The blonde haired girl asked confused.

"Nope." The red haired woman replied not even looking at the blonde haired girl. She was looking around trying to figure something out.

"Disappears there and reappears here. You wouldn't understand." The man said, waving off the blonde haired girl's question.

"If we're somewhere else, what about that headless thing? It's still on the loose."

"Headless thing?" The red haired woman asked looking over at the blonde haired girl that was with them. What on earth did she walk into? That was the burning question that she had right that moment.

"It melted with the head. Are you going to witter on all night?" He snapped. He was getting tired of the fact that she just kept talking. It was beginning to get on his nerves.

"Oh quit being rude." The red haired woman snapped.

The man looked at her with wide eyes. Now he wasn't expecting that. Not from her kind.

"I'll have to tell his mother…. Mickey. I'll have to tell his mother he's dead, and you just went and forgot him, again! You were right, you are alien."

"Hey hey… he might still be very much alive." The red haired woman said to the blonde. She was trying anything to keep the girl calm. She didn't need the blonde to have a massive panic attack that would draw attention to them. That was something that they didn't need. They didn't need to draw attention to themselves because that would do more harm than good.

The man rolled his eyes cutting off the red haired woman. "Look, if I did forget some kid called Mickey…" He was beginning to get tired of the red haired woman's ramblings. At least she wasn't as bad as the blonde.

"Yeah, he's not a kid." The girl snapped.

The red haired woman let out a soft sigh. This is going to be a long night. Especially with these two at each other's throat.

"It's because I'm trying to save the life of every stupid ape blundering on top of this planet, all right?" He snapped at her. He was just doing his job and this blonde was making it a lot harder on him.

"All right."

"Yes, it is!"

"Enough. Your yammering back and forth really does give a headache." The red haired woman snapped. She had enough of the two of them going back and forth. It was making her nerves worse than what they already were.

"Who exactly are you?" The blonde asked looking at the red haired woman. She now wanted to know who this woman was after all. Since she had pulled her into the Tardis.

"Name's Gwendalyn McBride." The woman introduced herself, her Irish accent was a little bit stronger than it was before.

"Rose… Rose Tyler."

"And no point in introducing this lug." Gwendalyn said gesturing to the man. "I know who he is. Doctor." She said with a smile coming to her pale pink lips.

Rose nodded her head. She looked at the Doctor. "If you are an alien, how come you sound like you're from the North?"

"Lots of planets have a North." The doctor replied.

"And I've been here too long. Picked up on the accent." Gwendalyn said putting her hands in her pockets of her jacket that she wore.

"What's a police public call box?" Rose asked.

"It's a telephone box from the 1950's. It's a disguise."

"Okay. And this living plastic. What's it got against us?"

Gwendalyn's eyes widened. Living Plastic that's not good. She thought to herself as she bit her lip keeping herself from saying something stupid.

"Nothing. It loves you. You've got such a good planet. Lots of smoke and oil, plenty of toxins and dioxins in the air, perfect. Just what the Nestene Consciousness needs. It's food stock was destroyed in the war, all its protein plants rotted, so Earth, dinner!"

Gwendalyn looked down when he mentioned the war. She hated it when war was mentioned. It made her blood run cold. Her home was destroyed as well. It wasn't just the Nestene Consciousness and the Time Lords that lost their home.

"Any way of stopping it?" Rose asked, concerned if there was a way to stop it.

The Doctor holds up a tube of blue liquid. He was proud of himself having it.

Gwendalyn looked at it. "Anti-plastic?"

"Anti-plastic." The Doctor confirmed.

"Anti-plastic?" Rose asked confused.

Gwendalyn shook her head.

"Anti-plastic. But first I've got to find it. How can you hide something that big in a city this small?"

"Hold on. Hide what?"

"The transmitter. The Consciousness is controlling every single piece of plastic, so it needs a transmitter to boost the signal."

"What's it look like?"

"Like a transmitter. Round and massive, slap bang in the middle of London."

Rose and Gwendalyn looked behind the Doctor. They were looking straight at the Eye of London.

"A huge circular metal structure like a dish, like a wheel. Radial. Close to where we're standing. Must be completely invisible." He rambled on.

Gwendalyn crossed her arms.

Rose continued to look at the Eye of London.


Rose moved her head.


"Behind you." Gwendalyn said, shaking her head.

He turned and looked. It didn't dawn on him. "What? What is it? What?"

Gwendalyn cleared her throat. She couldn't believe it. He was daft.

The Doctor blinked a few times. "Oh…" He realized what they were looking at. "Fantastic!"

The three of them ran quickly across the Westminster Bridge.

"Think of it, plastic all over the world, every artificial thing waiting to come alive. The shop window dummies, the phones, the wires, the cables."

"Breast implants." Rose said, shaking her head.

Gwendalyn rolled her eyes. Of course Rose would say something about breast implants. Most women have them nowadays. They weren't happy with how they looked which was sad in her eyes.

"Still, we've found the transmitter. The Consciousness must be somewhere underneath."

Gwendalyn ran down the stairs. "Down here." She called up to them. She looked up at the two of them. A small smile was on her pale pink lips. At least she had found part of the way to find what they were looking for.

"Looks good to me." He called down to her.

Rose and the Doctor caught up to Gwendalyn.

They went underground to where they thought that the Consciousness hopefully was. They went down a flight of stairs after going through a door.

Gwendalyn stopped. The air in that room felt thicker. She swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. She hated that feeling. She felt useless.

"The Nestene Consciousness. That's it, inside the vat. A living plastic creature." The Doctor explained.

"In a place that it shouldn't be." Gwendalyn said in a tone that surprised the Doctor and Rose both.

"Well, then. Tip in your anti-plastic and let's go." Rose said looking at the Doctor.

He shook his head. "I'm not here to kill it. I've got to give it a chance." He told her. He walked down to the catwalk overlooking the vat of the living plastic. "I seek audience with the Nestene Consciousness under peaceful contract according to convention 15 of the Shadow Proclamation."

Gwendalyn rolled her eyes. Of course he would bring up the Shadow Proclamation.

"Thank you. If I might have permission to approach?"

Rose notices Mickey, her boyfriend on one of the lower levels.

"Rose don't." Gwendalyn said, but she was too late. The young blonde was already running down to her boyfriend. Gwendalyn huffed in annoyance. That girl was really asking for a death sentence.

"Oh, God! Mickey, it's me! It's okay. It's alright."

The man latched himself onto Rose. "That thing down there, the liquid. Rose, it can talk!"

Gwendalyn rolled her eyes. "Bloody brilliant that one." She shook her head. He had to point out the obvious thing.

"You're stinking. Doctor, they kept him alive." Rose called down to the doctor.

"Yes, that was always a possibility. Keep him alive to maintain the copy."

"You knew that and never said?" Rose looked at the red haired woman. "And what about you. Did you know about it too?" She demanded.

"Can we keep the domestics outside, thank you?" The doctor shouted back up at her. He continued going down to the lower level.

"As if I knew." Gwendalyn shouted down to Rose.

"Am I addressing the Consciousness? Thank you. If I might observe, you infiltrated this civilization by means of warp shunt technology. So, may I suggest, with the greatest respect that you shunt off?"

Gwendalyn's eyes widened. Oh that was just a wonderful thing to do. Just to piss off the Consciousness.

"Oh, don't give me that. It's an invasion, plain and simple. Don't talk about constitutional rights. I am talking! This planet is just starting. These stupid little people have only just learnt how to walk, but they're capable of so much more. I'm asking you on their behalf. Please, just go."

"Doctor!" Both Rose and Gwendalyn yelled.

A pair of shop dummies grab him. One takes the vial of anti-plastic from his pocket.

"That was just insurance. I wasn't going to use it. I was not attacking you. I'm here to help. I'm not your enemy. I swear, I'm not. What do you mean?"

Rose looked up. "Gwendalyn look out!"

Gwendalyn felt something hit her in the back of the head causing her to collapse.

"No. Oh, no. Honestly, no. Yes, that's my ship. That's not true. I should know, I was there. I fought the war. So did she. It wasn't her fault and it wasn't my fault. I couldn't save your world! I couldn't save any of them." The Doctor said sadly.

"What's it doing?" Rose yelled down to him. She was worried about the woman who was laying above them who was most likely knocked out cold due to a hit to the head.

"It's the Tardis! The Nestene's identified its superior technology. It's terrified. It's going to the final phase. It's starting the invasion! Get out, Rose. Just leg it now."

Gwendalyn put her hand on her head and groaned. "Bloody hell." She didn't want that to happen again. It was something that she wasn't going to allow to happen again. That was going to be one killer headache for her.

"It's the activation signal. It's transmitting!" The doctor yelled.

"It's the end of the world."

Gwendalyn felt the dummy grab onto her and pull her up off of the ground. Gwendalyn let out a frustrated growl and heaved the dummy over her causing it to fall.

"Get out Rose! Just get out. Run. Take Gwendalyn with you."

Gwendalyn scoffed. "The hell I am not leaving you Doctor." She called down to him.

The Doctor looked up at her with wide eyes.

"The stairs have gone!" Rose yelled at him. Her and Mickey go towards the Tardis, but neither one of them have the key to it."I haven't got the key!"

Gwendalyn rolled her eyes. "Smart one that is."

"We're going to die." Mickey said panicking as his girlfriend was looking around.

"Oye will you shut it." Gwendalyn yelled at Mickey getting tired of how he was acting. A coward.

"No!" The Doctor yelled.

"Time Lord and Witch!" The Nestene yelled.

Rose stands up and looks at the Doctor. Concern was written across her face. She had to do something. Anything.

"Just leave him." Mickey yelled. He didn't want his girlfriend to do something crazy. "There's nothing you can do."

"Humans." Gwendalyn said with a shake of her head. Gwendalyn looked around and saw a rope. She shot a blast of purple light towards it freeing it. "Rose!" She yelled.

Rose sees the rope. "I've got no A Levels, no job, no future. But I tell you what I have got. Jericho Street Junior School under 7s gymnastic team. I've got the bronze." She grabbed onto it and ran and jumped swinging across the side of the catwalk kicking the two plastic men that held onto The Doctor.

The one that held onto the anti-plastic had dropped it into the Nestene.

"Rose!" The doctor shouts catching her as she swung back. "Now we're in trouble."

Gwendalyn ran down toward the Tardis. She used the magic to keep them protected from the blasts. "Well then hurry up." She said looking over her shoulder at the Doctor. "Don't have much time here."

The doctor unlocks the Tardis and the four of them quickly get into it.

Gwendalyn let out a soft sigh as The doctor began his work of getting the Tardis moving. Gwendalyn felt drained from what she had done. That was the most that she had used her magic in a long while.

The Tardis appears outside of Queens Arcade.

Mickey runs out of it.

Gwendalyn shook her head. Some boyfriend Rose had. He was scared of just the littlest thing.

Rose came out of the Tardis and walked towards her boyfriend.

The Doctor looked at Gwendalyn. "Gwendalyn…"

Gwendalyn looked at him. "Yes, Doctor?"

"Will you travel with me?" He asked her softly.

Gwendalyn looked out the door at the London that she had grown up in and had been in most of her life. She looked over at the Doctor. "It is always dangerous and I know that." She allowed a small smile to come across her pale pink lips. "I will join you Doctor."

He grinned. "Fantastic." He looked at Rose.

"A fat lot of good you were." Rose said.

"Nestene Consciousness? Easy."

"You were useless back there. You'd be dead if it wasn't for me."

"You forget I helped." Gwendalyn said looking at her.

Rose nodded her head at the older woman.

"Yes, I would. Thank you. Right then, I'll be off, unless, er… I don't know, you could come with me. This box isn't just a London hopper, you know. It goes anywhere in the universe free of charge."

"Don't. He's an alien. So is she. They're things." Mickey said.

Gwendalyn rolled her eyes and leaned against the Doctor a little bit due to how tired she was.

The Doctor of course didn't seem to mind her doing just that. He knew that she was tired. He could tell by just looking at her. "He's not invited. What do you think? You could stay here, fill your life with work and food and sleep, or you could go anywhere."

Rose looked at him. "Is it always this dangerous?"


"Yeah, I can't. I've er, I've got to go and find my mum and someone's got to look after this stupid lump, so."

"Okay see you around." He said before turning to help Gwendalyn inside of the Tardis. He shut the door and went to the controls. He began hitting buttons to get it moving.

Gwendalyn looked at him through tired eyes. "You aren't going to let this go are you?"

The Doctor looked at her and smiled. "Nope."

"You want her to see adventure."

He nodded his head.

"Well then perhaps you should tell her that it also travels in time." Gwendalyn said, offering the Doctor a small smile.

"You are brilliant."

"Yes, but it is just the truth that I am stating." She said crossing her arms.

"Hang on we're going back."

Gwendalyn just simply shook her head. Of course he would go back.

The Doctor moved around her and ran towards the door. He swung it open and stuck his head out. "By the way, did I mention it also travels in time?"

"Thanks." Rose said to her boyfriend.

"Thanks for what?" Mickey asked, confused.

"Exactly." She kissed him on the cheek and then ran into the Tardis.

Gwendalyn looked at the girl. "I knew you would show up." She said with a smile.

Rose grinned at her. She couldn't wait to go on this adventure. She wanted to see what else was out there. Past, present, or future it didn't matter to her. Not in the least bit. She wanted to have a splendid time with the two aliens that were with her. She was curious about the two of them. She wanted to know more about them and soon enough she would. But how much information was the two of them willing to give her?


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