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Chapter 10

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 10 of The Last of Her Kind. I wanted to get to the next chapter as soon as I could. Because this is going to be a challenging chapter to write that was for sure. I am now one chapter away from revealing everything to you all of whom Gwendalyn truly is. This chapter was truly a challenge because Gwendalyn was a little bit of a difficult character to place because well it is hard at times to place a character such as a witch into the mix or any other character for that matter. But I did my best. Gwendalyn in this part of the story won't be such a BAMF we will get to see that she has fears as well. Perhaps the one fear that she doesn't like to admit. And there will be some fluff in this chapter that is so sweet that I didn't want to not write it. Without further ado Chapter 10 of The Last of Her Kind. Allons-y!

Chapter 10

Help Me is For the Weak

The three of them got out of the Tardis. They are in a dimly lit area with carpeting and display cases showing many aliens. It was a collection of aliens.

"So what is it?" Rose asked looking around. "What's wrong?"

"Don't know. Some kind of signal drawing the Tardis off course." The Doctor said as they looked around the area.

"Where are we?" Rose asked.

"Good question." Gwendalyn said, tucking her hands into her short jacket that she was wearing.

"Earth. Utah, North America. About a half a mile underground." The Doctor said.

"And in 2012." Gwendalyn said looking over at the Doctor who nodded his head.

The Doctor looked at one of the display cases that was in the room.

"God, that's so close. So I should be twenty six." Rose said in awe. 2012 was close for her that she could imagine what she would look like at the age of 26 years old.

He found the switch for the lights and turned them on. Everything around them became clear.

"Blimey. It's a great big museum."

Gwendalyn looked around. "Not just any kind of museum."

"An alien museum. Someone's got a hobby. They must have spent a fortune on this." The Doctor said looking around.

Gwendalyn felt like there was something very wrong. She didn't feel right in being there.

"Chunks of meteorite, moon dust. That's a milometer from the Roswell spaceship."

"That's a bit of Slitheen! That's a Slitheen's arm. It's been stuffed." Rose said pointing out the arm of a former Slitheen.

Gwendalyn looked at the Doctor. "We shouldn't be here."

"The Tardis picked something up. We can't leave until we know what Gwendalyn is." He said looking at her. He saw that she was a little unnerved with being here. Like something was going to happen. "It will be fine Gwendalyn."

Gwendalyn nodded her head. She could only hope that he was stating the truth. She could only hope that nothing would happen.

The two of them found the head of a Cyberman.

"Oh look at you." The Doctor said looking at the head.

"What is it?" Rose asked looking at it as well.

Gwendalyn shivered.

"An old friend of ours. Well, enemy. The stuff of nightmares reduced to an exhibit. I'm getting old." He admitted. He really was getting old.

Gwendalyn smacked him.


"Oi, if you're getting old then so am I." She scolded him. She was not that far behind him in age. She was old as well.

The Doctor rubbed his arm. She really did have a mean swing on her. He hadn't meant to make her upset with what he had said. He was stating he was old not her, but then again she was old as well since she had told Rose her age not that long ago.

"Is that where the signals coming from?" Rose asked him.

The Doctor shook his head. "No, it's stone dead. The signal's alive. Something's reaching out, calling for help."

"And whatever it is calling for help we need to find it and find it fast." Gwendalyn said, crossing her arms.

The Doctor touches the display and an alarm goes off.

"Oh that is just perfect." Gwendalyn said groaning.

They are surrounded on all sides.

"If someone is collecting aliens, that makes you Exhibit A and Exhibit B." Rose said looking at the two of them.

Gwendalyn glared at her. "Thanks for pointing that out Rose."

"Sorry." Rose said, looking at her surprised.

"Why did you have to touch it?" Gwendalyn asked softly as they were being taken away.

"I didn't think it would have done that." He told her.

Gwendalyn let out a soft sigh. This was just turning into one bad day. A day that she didn't want to have at that moment. She should have known that the Doctor was always one to touch things. Curiosity was in his nature as much as it was in hers. But being caught like this. Well, that was always a bad thing.


The Doctor, Rose, and Gwendalyn followed a woman into the room.

"What does it do?" The man asked the young man that was in the room.

"Well, you see the tubes of the side? It must be to channel something. I think maybe fuel." The young man replied.

Gwendalyn scoffed and rolled her eyes. Why would someone think that? Really? Thinking that it was some kind of weapon when it wasn't? It was a musical instrument. Not no damn weapon.

"I really wouldn't hold it like that." The Doctor said looking at the man. He thought that it was kind of dumb for the man to be holding it that way.

"Shut it." The woman told him.

"Really, though, that's wrong." The Doctor tried again. It was getting on his nerves that this person couldn't even hold it right.

"Is it dangerous?" The young man asked, looking at the Doctor.

Gwendalyn shook her head and brought her hand up to her mouth to keep herself from laughing her ass off. It looked kind of ridiculous of how he was holding it.

"No, it just looks silly." The Doctor said, shaking his head. He reached for the item that the man held in his hand.

Bolts clicked in the guns that were around them.

The man handed the curved object to the Doctor.

"You just need to be…" He stroked it gently and it sounded off a very beautiful note. "Delicate." He played a few more notes.

Gwendalyn looked over at him. He knew how to play the instrument.

"It's a musical instrument." The man said in surprise.

"And it's a long way from home." The Doctor said with a smile. He loved this instrument. It was the one that Artemis had shown him years ago and taught him how to play it.

"Here let me." He said taking it back from the Doctor. His touch was a little bit harsher than the Doctor's. Not a single sound was made.

The Doctor shook his head. "I did say delicate. It reacts to the smallest fingerprint. It needs precision."

He finally gets the hang of it. He is finally able to finally play a few notes.

"Very good." The Doctor said with a smile.

Gwendalyn kept her mouth shut. She didn't think that this man was the brightest person in the box. But at least he got the hang of playing it.

"Quite the expert."

"As are you." The man said looking at the both of them. He tossed it to the side onto the floor.

Gwendalyn gasped. How could someone so carelessly throw something to the side as if it was nothing.

The Doctor put his arm around her. He didn't want her launching herself at him for destroying a musical instrument that was from her planet. Perhaps the only one that was left in the universe and the man had so carelessly thrown it to the side as if it was nothing.

"Who exactly are you?" The man asked.

"I'm the Doctor and this is Gwendalyn. And who are you?" The Doctor asked, looking at the man.

"Like you don't know. We're hidden away with the most valuable collection of extra-terrestrial artefacts in the world, and you just stumbled in by mistake." The man asked, looking at the three of them.

"Pretty much sums me up, yeah." The Doctor said, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Us." Gwendalyn told him softly.

The Doctor nodded his head. "Right."

"The question is, how did you get in? Fifty three floors down, with your little cat burglar accomplice. You're quite a collector yourself. They're both rather pretty. But I do prefer the blonde she."

Gwendalyn got closer to the Doctor. This man was doing everything in his power to creep her out.

"She's going to smack you if you keep calling her she." Rose growled out. She didn't like how the man was talking about her and Gwendalyn both. She should have known that there were still very many creepers left in the world.

"She's English too! Hey, little Lord Fauntleroy. Got you a girlfriend." The man said looking at the young man.

"Oh that is disgusting." Gwendalyn said clicking her tongue against her teeth.

"And you have an American with you as well." The man said looking at the Doctor and Gwendalyn. His eyes wandered over to the dark haired woman that was next to the Doctor. He had to admit the woman was pretty and was more mature than the blonde haired girl that was with the Doctor.

"This is Mister Henry Van Statten." The young man said, introducing the man that was eyeing both of the women.

"Oh charming." Gwendalyn said, rolling her eyes.

"Gwendalyn be nice." The Doctor said softly to her.

Gwendalyn looked up at him. "Alright." She said softly. She didn't want to play nice. Not really. This man was acting like they were some kind of prize which made her mad to no end. But in the end did she really want to be nice to him? No, but she would do it for the Doctor. Since he had asked her to be nice.

"And who's he when he's at home?" Rose asked the young man.

"Mister Van Statten owns the internet."

"Don't be stupid. No one owns the internet."

"You'd be surprised." Gwendalyn said looking over to the blonde haired girl that was with them. "It is unlikely but not impossible."

"And let's just keep the whole world thinking that way, right kids?" Van Statten asked, looking at the three intruders.

"So you're just about an expert in everything except the things in your museum. Anything you don't understand, you lock up." The Doctor said looking at him.

"And you claim greater knowledge?"

"I don't need to make claims, I know how good I am and I know how good she is." He said looking down at the woman that he had his arm wrapped around.

"And yet, I captured you. Right next to the Cage. What were you doing down there?" Van Statten asked looking at the two of them that claimed to be experts in what he was doing at that moment.

"You tell me." The Doctor bit out.

"The cage contains my one living specimen."

"And what's that?"

"Like you don't know."

"We wouldn't be asking if we knew." Gwendalyn snapped out. Narrowing her eyes at Van Statten. He really had no idea what he was dealing with.

"Show us." The Doctor told him.

"You want to see? The both of you?"

"Blimey, you can smell the testosterone." Rose said moving away from the Doctor and Van Statten.

Gwendalyn shot a look at Rose. "Oi."

"Sorry." Rose said, giving the woman an apologetic look.

Gwendalyn rolled her eyes. She would just put up with Rose for now. She would let the comment slide. She wanted to know what van Statten was up to.

Van Statten looked at his right handed woman. "Goddard, inform the cage we're heading down. You, English. Look after the girl. Go and canoodle or spoon or whatever it is you British do. And you, Doctor with no name and Gwendalyn, come and see my pet."


Gwendalyn held onto the Doctor's hand as they went down to the level where the cage was. She was nervous. Perhaps too nervous of what was going on. Perhaps it was all the relics that Van Statten had found and the creatures that he had found as well.

"We've tried everything. The creature had shielded itself, but there's definite signs of life inside." Van Statten told the two of them.

"Inside? Inside what?" The Doctor was confused.

Gwendalyn squeezed the Doctor's hand.

The Doctor looked at her. "What is it?"

"What is if it is…"

"Don't you dare think that. They're gone, Gwendalyn. Long gone." He told her in a soothing tone. The Daleks were gone. He had made sure of it.

A man walked up to them. "Welcome back, sir. I've had to take the power down. The Metaltron is resting."

"Metaltron?" The Doctor and Gwendalyn asked, looking at the man in confusion.

"Thought of it myself. Good, isn't it? Although I'd much prefer to find out it's real name." Van Statten told the two of them.

"Here, you'd better put these on." The man said, trying to hand him the gauntlets. "The last guy that touched it burst into flames."

"I won't touch it then." The Doctor said. He looked at Gwendalyn. "You stay here."

"Doctor." Gwendalyn said softly.

The Doctor looked at her. "What is it?"

"Please be careful. You have no idea what is in there."

The Doctor pressed a soft kiss to the top of her head. "You worry too much." He said to her softly. He wouldn't allow no harm to come to her. He was just going to the cage to see who was in there. It was probably nothing that would hurt him.

"Someone has to be concerned about you if you aren't concerned about yourself." She admitted to him her cheeks flushing a little bit due to her admittance to him. She was always concerned about him and the choices that he made. Sometimes the choices weren't the best and they had the worst outcomes.

"Go ahead, Doctor. Impress me." Van Statten said to the Doctor.

The Doctor walked through the heavy door to see what was inside of the room.

"Don't open that door until we get a result." Van Statten told his workers.

Gwendalyn looked at the screen. She was going to make sure that he was alright. She didn't know what was in that room. She was feeling like she had sent him to his death and it scared her. She had been in that position in the past and she hated it then and she still hated it now.

"Look, I'm sorry about this. Mister Van Statten might think he's clever, but never mind him. I've come to help. I'm the Doctor."

A white light blinks next to a blue glow.

Gwendalyn's eyes went wide. No it couldn't be. The Doctor had said those were all gone. It couldn't be the evil pepperpot that liked destroying everything in it's path because they weren't perfect.

"Doc Tor?"

"Impossible." The Doctor said.

"The Doctor?"

Gwendalyn's eyes widened when the lights turned on. It was a bad tempered pepperpot. No, it couldn't exist. The Doctor had made sure that they were all destroyed.

"Exterminate! Exterminate!"

The Doctor ran to the door and slammed on it with his hands. "Let me out!"


"Let him out of there dammit!" Gwendalyn said going to the door.

"You don't know anything." Van Statten said glaring at her.

"I know more than you think." Gwendalyn snapped back at him. She put her hands on the door. "Open it please. That is his sworn enemy and mine." Tears came to her eyes. She didn't want anything to happen to the Doctor. She needed the Doctor. More than the Doctor would ever know.

"Sir, it's going to kill him." Goddard said to Van Statten.

"It's talking." Van Statten said with a smile. He didn't care if it killed the Doctor. At least it was talking.

"Who gives a damn if it is talking. It will kill him. You trapped him in there for death." Gwendalyn closed her eyes. Tears fell from her eyes. "You would be willing to kill him just to have that pepperpot to talk. An evil pepperpot that has a bad attitude. It will kill anything and everything. It has laid out billions of lives proving them worthless." Her voice was shaking in both anger and fear.

"You are an enemy of the Daleks! You must be destroyed!"

"It's not working." The Doctor shouted in glee. He laughed. "Fantastic! Oh, fantastic! Powerless! Look at you. The great space dustbin. How does it feel?"

"Keep back!"

"What for? What're you going to do to me? If you can't kill, then what are you good for, Dalek? What's the point of you? You're nothing. What the hell are you here for?"

"I am waiting for orders."

Gwendalyn scoffed and moved towards the monitor. She had wiped her tears away, but her blue eyes were still fairly glassy from unshed tears. "And he is probably going to be waiting a long time." She muttered under her breath so Van Statten didn't hear her.

"What does that mean?" The Doctor demanded.

"I am a soldier. I was bred to receive orders."

"Well you're never going to get any. Not ever."

"I demand orders!"

"They're never going to come! Your race is dead! You all burnt, all of you. Ten million ships on fire. The entire Dalek race wiped out in one second."

"You lie!" The angry pepper pot shook in anger.

"I watched it happen. I made it happen." The Doctor said.

Gwendalyn felt a pang of guilt wash over her. He had wiped out all of the Daleks in order to make sure that the rest of the universe didn't burn.

"You destroyed us?"

"I had no choice." He said sadly.

"And what of the TIme Lords and Witches?"

"Dead. They burnt with you. The end of the last great Time War. Everyone lost."

"And the coward survived."

"Oh, and I caught your little signal. Help me. Poor little thing. But there's no one else coming 'cause there's no one else left."

"I am alone in the universe."


"So are you. We are the same."

Gwendalyn gasped. Her hands went up to her mouth. The Dalek couldn't possibly say that they were alike, but she knew deep down that they were alike. They were the last of their kind. The last of three races that were fighting in the last time war.

"We're not the same! I'm not… No, wait. Wait maybe we are. You're right. Yeah, okay. You've got a point. 'Cause I know what to do. I know what should happen. I know what you deserve. Exterminate." The Doctor pulls a lever that was on a nearby console and the Dalek lights up with electricity.

"Have pity!"

"Why should I? You never did. Your kind killed her!" He shouted."

"Get him out." Van Statten demanded. He wasn't about to lose his prized possession.

"Help me!"

Gwendalyn watched on the screen as the Doctor was grabbed and Van Statten tried to talk to the Dalek.

"You've got to destroy it." The Doctor shouted.

Gwendalyn ran over to him. "Doctor."

"It's not dead." He told her. He saw the fear wash over her. "He's not going to get you."

Gwendalyn swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. "You can't be so certain of that. You know what they do to my race."

"I know and I won't allow it to touch you."

She looked at him and smiled a small sad smile. "I know you won't."

"It doesn't know you are here. You are safe."

"For now. Once it finds out I'm here… well needlessly enough to say well we will both be in danger. It will try to kill us both."

"I know that, but as long as he doesn't know you're here you are safe." He said taking her hand in his.

She squeezed it lightly.


"The metal's just battle armour. The real Dalek creature's inside." The Doctor told Van Statten.

"What does it look like?" Van Statten asked curious of what the Doctor and his dark haired friend knew.

Gwendalyn shot Van Statten a look. "Trust me you don't want to know."

"A nightmare." The Doctor stated. "It's a mutation. The Dalek race was genetically engineered. Every single emotion was removed except hate."

"Genetically engineered? By whom?" Van Statten asked looking at the Doctor.

"By a genius, Van Statten. By a man who was king of his own little world. You'd like him."

"A man that thought that he would be able to control them." Gwendalyn shook her head. "He was destroyed by them in the end. Couldn't control something that has only hate in them."

The Doctor nodded his head. "That's right." He said looking at Gwendalyn.

"It's been on Earth for over fifty years. Sold at a private auction, moving from one collection to another. Why would it be a threat now?" Goddard asked looking over at the Doctor.

"Because I'm here. How did it get to Earth? Does anyone know?" The Doctor asked.

"The records say it came from the sky like a meteorite. It fell to the Earth on the Ascension Islands. Burnt in its crater for three days before anybody could get near it and all that time it was screaming. It must have gone insane."

Gwendalyn shook her head. "Insane. No. Perhaps more angry for not knowing where it was. It is only made up of hate."

"It must have fallen through time. The only survivor." The Doctor said as he put his hands into his pockets.

Gwendalyn let out a soft sigh. "All that time alone. Waiting for orders that it would never receive."

"You talk about a war?" Goddard asked.

"The Time War. The final battle between my people, Gwendalyn's people, and the Dalek race."

"But you two survived." Van Statten said looking at the two of them.

"Not by choice." The Doctor grounded out. He really didn't want to survive but he didn't have much of a choice. He had to live on. He didn't want to, but if he hadn't he would have never met the witch that was by his side now.

"This means that the Dalek isn't the only alien on Earth. Doctor, there's you and her. The only one of your kind in existence and hers as well."

Gwendalyn's eyes widened. "Oh just great. Why did you have to tell him that." Gwendalyn asked, panicking.

The Doctor's lips tightly pursed together. He had said way too much which meant that they were in big trouble. More trouble than he cared to admit at that moment.


This is the end of Chapter 10. I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope that I will be updating soon with another chapter soon. I only have one chapter left before I get to write my own chapter and show you who Gwendalyn really is. I can't wait to get to that. The next chapter will be a hard one to write because well because the rating is going up to M. Which is actually going to be changed on the story as well instead of T. Just to be safer than sorry. I don't want it to be reported or anything like that. Until next time guys. Much Love, 3

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