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Chapter III –The Dark Lord's Husband–

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Chapter III

–The Dark Lord's Husband–

Saturday, 2 September 1995


Minerva accepted the letter from Potter's owl to find a hour and location written down.

"Something's the matter, Minerva?"

The Witch looked up to find her co-worker Severus, who she had called to warn him against badmouthing Potter in his classes.

"You Know Who has agreed for me to meet Lord Serpens Black. I requested it to his son who, apparently, was fast at booking me up a meeting."

{Talking on the fireplace/Two-way mirror}


"I already got that talk from the Dark Lord himself, don't worry." The other argued and she looked up at her former student. "His Heir is getting married to Potter who is already pregnant with their child, either He likes it or not, Potter has turned into His most protected possession." The Wizard added.

Minerva sighed.

"Will you join me?" She asked instead.

Minerva nodded and the two left the school. They bypassed Rubeus Hagrid who was literally training Sirius Black's Animagus form beside his dog Fang. When she heard the Grim growl in their direction, she looked at Severus to see him smirk in amusement. Rolling her eyes, she didn't reprimand her co-worker. If Black wanted to be able to walk around his godson he had to learn how to behave in dog form, to learn how to fully pretend to be a dog. They arrived the Front Gates and apparated outside Malfoy Manor where her former student Narcissa Malfoy was waiting for them.

"You are expected. I hope you understand that I have orders that if you act out of place that I have the right to force you out using the Family Manor's Wards." The Witch explained as she opened the gates for them. "After everything that happened to his husband over their youth, my Lord has become quite protective of him and doesn't let most people close. Even his own people."

Minerva nodded, not arguing.

"I won't attack unless I'm attacked first." She offered to which the blonde Witch nodded, accepting it. "I'm sure that the same will be about my colleague."

"Hogwarts' Professors, my Lords." Lady Malfoy introduced.

It was then that she saw Serpens Black for the first-time. The Wizard tilted his head to the side and looked back and Minerva's breath was swallowed away. The most gorgeous man was staring right back that obviously had Black inheritance, but that wasn't what had made her react, what had done it was the massive body scar that had obviously been left by a knife on his skin. It went all the way from his forehead down his nose and onto the side of his mouth and then sideways towards his opposite ear. Now Minerva understood why the You Know Who overprotected his husband. Why he was known to only show up one night a year. He most likely spent most of his life either in hospitals or hidden away.

"Professor McGonagall, I believe?" The Wizard asked with a voice that, even though everything he'd passed through, was filled with innocence.

His voice gave Minerva hope for Thanatos Black.

"Yes, Lord Black. And this is my co-worker and Potions Professor, Professor Snape."

"Last time I saw him he was a young boy teaching a dark-red-haired girl what magic was." The elder Wizard put in and Severus tensed up. "What was her name again?"

"Lily Potter née Evans, my Lord." Severus replied.

"Right... too many decades. My apologies if I don't remember every name that my husband tells me."

Minerva looked at the known coldest Wizard in the world, who signalled towards a chair on the Malfoy's dining table. Minerva and Severus approached and sat by their side.

"Serpens, dear, you need to leave the table now."

"I just spent 12 years without any touch." The other argued.

"Didn't you have Thanatos?"

"Tammy is my son, not my husband."

"What did you need to discuss with us? Harry's Legal Guardians are the Lestranges not us." You Know Who wondered.

"It's about your son." Minerva said and Lord Black finally stopped his playfulness and looked back questioningly. She still remembered when she was a student and how people spoke that he was Tom Riddle's half-brother. She wondered if that had been true, after all, here they were together and married. "May I wonder one thing?"

"We aren't biologically siblings." You Know Who replied before she could even make the question. "Serpens is from a Slytherin and Black's branch that moved onto the States, during his summer holidays he found me and brought me to the Black Family's branch in England."

Minerva nodded.

"Thank you for answering it honestly. That had bugged me when I heard you two had actually married."

"We're as cousins as my son is to Harry." You Know Who replied amused. "Has Thanatos done something already? Did he misbehave?"

"Thanatos doesn't take after me." Lord Black argued. "He is too much like you."

"Mr Black did not misbehave." Minerva hurried to offer before she'd witness some couple bantering that she knew the You Know Who wouldn't take lightly at an Order's Member witnessing. "I am here because I had to go to the School Board to get the official paperwork that gave your son permission to be at Hogwarts."

"I wrote a letter to the School Board myself because the Headmaster... my apologies, what it his name again? My husband and son always call him Dumb Fool."

Minerva looked at the You Know Who with a raised eyebrow, who won an amused smirk as Severus offered Dumbledore's name.

"The School Board showed me your letter as well as the Headmaster's letter to your husband." Minerva agreed. She picked one of the parchments and offered it, which You Know Who picked and looked through it. "That is an official copy that they gave me."

The older than her Wizard nodded.

"Yes, it seems to be all in order." He agreed.

"I wanted to speak with you over how I won't stand for persecution and if any of my co-workers dare to do it that they will have to answer to me."

Lord Black looked at her and finally freed the You Know Who's hand.

"The new Defence's Professor?"

"Professor Bael-Varbrun." Minerva agreed.

"My son said that Harry recognised him as the one who held him down during the power abuse that the Healer did under the Aurors and Minister's orders." Lord Black put in and Minerva knew better than to react when the You Know Who immediately held the elder Wizard's hand. "My husband's classmate, Antonin Dolohov, has to work overtime each time he has to check on my unborn grandchild."

"And I believe that the requirement for Antonin to be at Hogwarts was also requested." You Know Who added. "Harry already has enough problems letting Antonin to look him over, forcing him to let another Healer do it would be too much for him while pregnant."

Minerva looked at Severus and then back at the couple.

"Poppy Pomfrey will be warned of this so she asks it from the Healer's Board. That way Healer Dolohov will be appointed to Hogwarts under official orders."

"And one more thing: I'm sure that in your paperwork was added that Thanatos has to follow Harry to classes and that neither of the two can be summoned to the Headfool's office without Jeremy's presence."

Minerva held back a smile when Lord Black literally stepped on the You Know Who for insulting Professor Dumbledore. She picked the parchment with what the other said and offered it. Lord Slytherin looked through it and then nodded, returning both scrolls.

"I'll warn all my co-workers that Heir Black-Slytherin is to follow Mr Potter to classes." She agreed, only to see the elder Wizard starting to go pale. "I believe this is all. Anything else you want to talk about?" She added before the others would dismiss her and Severus.

You Know Who was about to argue when Severus coughed pointedly. The Dark Lord looked at Severus, who most likely gave a pointed look because he then looked at his husband and finally back again.

"For now." He agreed.

Minerva packed her paperwork and left alongside Severus. By the entrance of the Malfoy Manor, she signalled at the other.

"You don't need to return with me. Go 'speak' with your friend Lord Malfoy." She offered.

Severus looked back and then nodded, turning around and returning inside to go see what he could do for the Dark Lord's husband. Minerva left the grounds and then apparated to Hogsmeade.



Voldemort looked up when Severus returned inside.

"Professor McGonagall told me I could go spend some time with Lucius as an excuse for me to return inside. I'll have to give the Headmaster something later though." The early forties Wizard supplied as he approached Serpens and the young Wizard's body returned to normal. "That was too much magic!" He added as a reprimand.

"It was my idea." Voldemort argued as Severus joined Harry's side and immediately did a check-up spell. "Do you believe she was fooled?"

"Yes, Lord Black. And this is my co-worker and Potions Professor, Professor Snape."

"How bad?" Voldemort wondered as his Harry looked to be going even weaker.

"The Time-traveling spells combined with the glamour spells are making his Magical Core go practically magicless. Luckily I have set-up a potion for in case it would be needed." Severus replied as his House-sheelf popped in and gave Harry the flask. "Drink up."

The teenager didn't even ask, he just brought it to his lips and tilted his head backwards. Voldemort would have to have a talk with his lover over blindly trusting what was put on his hands.

"Baby?" Harry asked as he won some colour.

"Unarm." Severus replied. "But you'll need the Dark Lord's magical lending."

Voldemort nodded as Harry immediately moved from his chair onto Voldemort's lap.

"Won't Professor McGonagall comment my sudden weakness?" The teenager wondered as he leaned sideways against Voldemort's chest.

"She won't." Severus argued. "She believes you to be older than the Dark Lord and with a massive scar on the face made my Muggles. If anything she must have believed that the reason you aren't around most time of the year like the Headmaster claims is because you need to be hospitalized several months a year."

Harry hummed and nodded. Voldemort looked up when Lucius let Antonin inside, who immediately approached and accepted the patient parchment from Severus.

"What happened?"

"I changed Serpens' outside features for a hour long so he could meet McGonagall." Voldemort supplied. "I did not believe he would be so affected by it considering I've been sharing my magic several times a day without the glamours on."

"I gave him a regrowth potion that I brew specially for him and the Dark Lord is right now helping it grow to the desired length." Severus offered.

"Careful how much you share, my Lord. Because of the potion it can become too much." Antonin explained and Voldemort nodded.

Severus looked at the two for a long time and then frowned.

"He side-apparated me." Serpens tell-taled.

"My Lord!" Both Healer and Potions Master snapped and Voldemort mock-glared at his Harry.

"Get me a safe passageway to the Shrieking Shack and I'll start flootraveling through there instead." He argued.

Severus frowned at that before he nodded. So Severus knew of that passageway as well...

"I'll work on it right away, my Lord." Lucius agreed from the entrance of the dining room. "Does food interfere with his healing?" He added towards the Healer and the Potions Master.

The two shook their heads so the Malfoy's House-elf popped in and started setting up the table for lunch.

–Sorry, I threw their anger at you, but they won't dare to illspeak to your face but they dare to Harry Potter.– Serpens whispered as Voldemort pushed his chair closer to the table.

Voldemort looked down at his lover and sighed.

"There's a house in Hogsmeade that we can protect." Corban Yaxley put in as he was allowed inside. Voldemort looked up at him questioningly. "Lucius just contacted me to see about the floo travels." Corban added, before bowing his head at Harry. "Have you been neglecting your job as our Lord's fiancé's Healer, Antonin?" He added towards the Healer.

"Our Lord knows that Sire can't apparate or do too much magic, but still apparated him here without calling me before he used glamours to introduce him to McGonagall." Antonin argued.

Voldemort saw amused what his Harry meant. The three Wizards were obviously wanting to reprimand him, but didn't dare.

"What do you mean by a house in Hogsmeade?" Serpens wondered as he sat with his back towards Voldemort's chest, facing the table and starting to eat. Severus and Antonin immediately looking at Voldemort, who stopped lending magic. "Do you already have a man in there with a house, or do you have to buy one?"

"Yes. A new oner calls the Headmaster's attention." Serpens agreed. "And even if I have an invisibility cloak and a map of Hogwarts to be able to avoid the Professors and Order's Members, there's still so much we can avoid in Hogsmeade's snowy ground."

"How many exits exist, Sire?" Corban wondered.

"Mr Filch knows of four. One is blocked by a landslide. Professor Snape knows one that Professor Dumbledore created for a, at the time student, Werewolf to go to the Shrieking Shack. And I just left through another with my To..." Harry shrieked when Voldemort pinched him, "my Voldemort that leads to the candy store."

The four Knights and one Witch smiled amused, all realizing that Harry was about to use a nickname that was private.

"Seven then." Corban agreed. "Do you have the map with you?"

"I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up To No Good."

Everyone looked at him confused only for the parchment to start to win ink. Voldemort looked at it.

Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs proudly presents you to the Marauders Map

"This was your father's." He wondered and Serpens nodded back.

Serpens opened the parchment and started looking through them.

"This." He pointed and Corban approached, pointing it down. "Fred and George Weasley claim that it's closed off by a landslide. There's also here." He pointed to another. "Is the one to the candy store's basement." Harry started looking through and finally pointed at a last one in the gardens. "And this is the last one not known by Mr Filch. I do not know where the first leads to. The last leads to the Shrieking shack."

"I have to be there in person for the map to show me how."

"I'll do it while Serpens is asleep." Voldemort supplied. "I'll tell you later where it leads to. That map doesn't show the one in the Headmaster's office though."

The older than her Wizard nodded.

"Behind the portrait of Salazar Slytherin himself. It leads to the forest on the outskirts of Hogsmeade. You cannot enter through there, only leave. It only opens to a Parselmouth because the former Headmaster won't open just for anyone."

They nodded understanding.

"They know that I am Serpens Black and never told their parents. I told them on the day of the train back, before I become the Dark Lord's lover. Back when he was a child to me. The Goblins told them exactly who Thanatos is and they know better than to talk about it. They even persuaded my sister in everything but blood to stop questioning Thanatos because he was the You Know Who's son and that even if in love with me it was better for her, a Muggleborn, to hold back."

Corban looked at Voldemort and then back at the notes.

"Serpens is officially their sponsor." Voldemort agreed.

Harry looked up at the blond and then back to his meal.

"You better warn him to not mess with me because I don't believe my lover and fiancé will take it lightly and I might have hated Voldemort out of fundamentalism, but Draco was my archenemy."

Voldemort choked as Lucius nodded at once.

"I'll make sure he understands not to mess with any of you or your group of friends, Sire." Lucius agreed, thankful that Serpens was giving his son a free pass that Voldemort obviously wouldn't, like he had given Lucius when he had accidentally walked in on them.

"Do the check-up spell, Severus. We need to return to school."

Severus obeyed and looked at it, before nodding.

"Use House-elf magic instead. It's magic has less reaction on the pregnancy than side-apparation. When you arrive, Sire Serpens is to go directly take a nap."

Severus served a glass of water and set before Voldemort's sitting-self as the others stared at the suddenly harsh and deadly version of Serpens. There was a reason why even though Voldemort was the older, he would still back down when the teenager would glare at him.

"I'll pass the word among the others to make sure they know better." Corban agreed with a bow as Voldemort gulped his water to will down his lust at Serpens actually spooking his Knights by ordering them.

Voldemort brought his lover back to Hogwarts and up to the Gryffindor Tower, Sirius immediately joining them and at seeing the teenager's weak body, looked back immediately.

"He just needs a nap." Voldemort argued in his Thanatos form.

The Animagus huffed and pushed at Harry's chest, what made the teen fall over his massive bear-like body. Once they arrived they Gryffindor Tower they entered the private quarters and Serpens' godfather shifted into his human body, moving the teenager around until he was bridal style instead of on his back and brought him to the bed. Voldemort sat on his momentaneous office and opened the Map, studying it.

"You do know that that's mine, right?" Sirius III asked from the entrance of the bedroom as he looked back

Minerva held back a smile when Lord Black literally stepped on the You Know Who for insulting Professor Dumbledore. She picked the parchment with what the other said and offered it. Lord Slytherin looked through it and then nodded, returning both scrolls.

"According to the Weasley twins the passageway is blocked by a landslide."

"I cannot do it when Serpens is within distance."

"Does it interfere the pregnancy?" Sirius III asked confused.

"Do remember that your godson isn't Dark."

The other frowned and then grumbled.

Voldemort looked up from the parchment towards the other with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you actually telling me to go check on a tunnel that leads outside the school?"

"Are you going to betray Harry's trust and use it for your take over?"

"Then go. I might not like you, but I trust that Harry wouldn't have trusted you with the map if he wasn't certain."

Voldemort stood and left, bringing the map with him. As he walked through Hogwarts though he found himself facing the Headmaster himself. He mentally had to remind himself that he supposedly was a teenager at the moment and not the Dark Lord.


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