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Chapter I –Riddle's son–

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Chapter I

–Riddle's "son"–

Friday, 1 September 1995


Harry arrived the train station with Sirius (in his Animagus form) by his side on his four legs, Tom in his Tham-form dressed in Durmstrang attire walking on Harry's other side while carrying Hedwig's cage in one hand and Harry's adoptive parents beside the two 'teens', one on Tom's side and the other on Harry's side. Mother Alexa, who was the one on Harry's side, fixed his messy hair that had become a mess with the wind earlier. To make it believable that he was letting it grow, it was just slightly bigger than before he went on summer holidays.


Harry looked up to find Hermione running their way. He looked back at his parents, who nodded affirmatively. He let Mother pick his new bags and then approached his best friend and hugged her right back when she jumped onto him and hugged him tight.

"Come, Hermione, I want you to meet the father of your future godson."

"For a moment I thought you were going to say your parents, you already introduced us on your birthday."

"They yes, but not Thanatos Black."

The girl scoffed and let Harry guide her towards Voldemort, who Sirius was obviously looking up at and making fun of. Harry then realized that he was about to introduce a Muggleborn to the known Dark Lord. He rolled his eyes at his lover's tenseness.

"It's a pleasure, Thanatos. I'm Hermione Granger. Harry is my very first and also my best friend. He rescued me from a Troll in our first-year and unlike everyone that hated me for being a Know It All Muggleborn always with a nose in the schoolbooks, he decided to become my friend."

Voldemort looked at Harry and then shook Hermione's offered hand.

"Thanatos Black-Peverell. Heir of both the Black and the Peverell families. I met Harry last year when I was with the other Durmstrangs in Hogwarts School. Last time I actually saw you: you were in Krum's arms being danced around the Great Hall as if there was no tomorrow."

"Black?" Hermione asked surprised.

"My bearer father is Serpens Black. A distant uncle of Harry's godfather." Tom agreed with a nod.

"When I heard that there was a Black among the Durmstrangs, I went to look him up." Harry supplied.

"When was that?" Hermione asked.

"When you were playing Owl for Ron."

Hermione's eyes grew and then nodded.

"But you still went to the Yule Ball with Parvati Patil?" She wondered.

Harry and Tom shared looks as they arrived the red train's door.

"I was head over hills for Harry the moment he introduced himself, but it took him longer than that to allow me in." Tom argued before turning towards the amused Lestranges. "I'll owl you as soon as we get Harry's new timetable to tell you your hours to come give us our Inheritance Classes, Lady Alexa."

Mother Alexa nodded and turned towards Hermione.

"If you want, you may join us. You may not be an Heiress of a Lordship Family, but it doesn't hurt to learn the Wizardry World's ways." She offered and Hermione nodded at once thankfully.

"I'll be really thankful, Madam."

Mother Alexa nodded and then pulled Harry into a hug.

"I'll see you soon, Son."

"Right back, Mother." He agreed and then let Father Jeremy pull him into a hug as well. "Take Mother on that travel that you keep postponing, Father." He added on the man's ear who chuckled in amusement.

"I see what I can do about that." He agreed. "Heir Thanatos, I leave my son on your hands."

"I'm going to school, Father. Not getting married." Harry argued and both Tom and Father Jeremy laughed as Hermione stuttered in embarrassment. "I mean, what's the worse than can happen?"

The three adults, one dog and Hermione gave a pointed look back and he turned deep red.

"Do you really want us to answer you that?" Tom retorted and Harry scoffed, before quickly hugging his new parents again just as the train whistle happened. Then the three entered the train. "Are you a Perfect, Miss Granger?"

"I… yes."

"If my Father told me correctly, the Perfects go to the front of the train." Tom explained.

Hermione hummed and then gave Harry a quick hug, before hurrying towards the front. Harry looked at Tom with a raised eyebrow.

"She is…"

"A friend." Tom agreed and took Harry's hand before they started to walk down the corridor after Sirius. "The others were the Longbottom boy and the Weasley twins, correct?"

Harry nodded and Sirius stopped before a door. Tom released Harry's hand to open it, only for them to see Neville inside alongside a strange girl with blonde hair that Harry had never met before.

"Hello, Harry."

"Hi, Neville. Can we go in?"

Neville nodded and they entered, Tom storing Hedwig on the corner of the seats as they stored their bags over the seats. Finally, they sat down and Neville nodded at Tom.

"I'm Neville."

"Thanatos Black. Harry's fiancé." Tom offered. "And you are, Miss?"

The blonde girl looked up from her magazine that she was reading upside down.

"Luna Lovegood." She offered, confused to being spoken to.

Harry smiled at her and offered his hand, that she took and they shook hands.

"Pleasure, Luna. I'm Harry."

Luna nodded.

"Yes, I know. Everyone does actually."

Harry scoffed.

"Most people know me better than I know myself." He agreed. "Neville, what is that?"

"A Mimbulus Mimbletonia." Tom put in and Neville immediately turned towards the older with wide-eyes. "So long as you don't bother it: it is harmless."

Harry hummed and gave Neville a pointed look when he went to touch the plant, who immediately blushed and stopped.

"Why are you coming to Hogwarts, Black?" Neville asked.

"Even though my parents are two males, people forgot to warn me and Harry that there's more ways than one to get children."

Neville frowned and then turned towards Harry, who nodded shyly.

"Congrats." He immediately said.

"That explains why Heir Black is following then, Harry will need magic lending constantly." Luna offered as she returned to her magazine.


Harry looked up from Tom's arm, where he had leaned his head against as he took a nap – after all the other had kept him awake practically all night long, the bloody horny guy – and as Tom read a book, when the carriage's door opened.

"Do you want something from the trolley, Dears?" The Trolley Lady asked.

Harry was about to straighten when Winky popped in and started making the requests for both Harry and Tom. Harry rolled his eyes but didn't argue.


Eventually the train arrived Hogsmeade, Tom helped Harry straighten his pointy hat as Sirius stood from his place on the floor and followed an amused Hermione and Neville out the carriage train.

"You're embarrassing." He mumbled shyly.

Tom rolled his eyes and grabbed Harry's hand in his.

–I've always wanted to enter Hogwarts School by your side.– The older retorted as they left while leaving Hedwig with Winky and Dobby.

Harry turned towards the other surprised and then realized that Tom had had to wait a whole year for Serpens to return. A whole year of daydreaming.

–Is it anything like you imagined?–

Tom smiled back and they joined the others outside. Immediately, Harry saw Tonks looking back obviously wanting to speak with him. Without a second look at her, he walked with Tom-tom towards the carriages only to freeze before one at seeing what guided them.

"Thestrals." Tom supplied. "Only people who saw someone die can see them."

"I saw my parents and Professor Quirrell. Why only now can I see them?"

"You weren't mature enough to understand what was happening before your very eyes." Tom argued and the actual teenagers nodded as they climbed the carriage.

The raven-haired looked around and then at Hermione.


Hermione shook her head. Harry's lips trembled and he looked out the carriage to keep himself from crying. Bloody pregnancy hormones…

"How different is Durmstrang School?" Neville asked Tom to change subject. "Is it a castle as well? Do you also take the train? Or do you go in the boat?"

Tom hummed and started answering each question as the other two's attention drifted off to him. Harry nodded thankfully at Neville who nodded back briefly. Even when they arrived Hermione kept questioning Tom, who would answer each question without even needing to think much about it. Harry wondered when the older had studied it. The twins joined them by the Great Hall's entrance and pulled Harry into a bone-breaking hug sandwich-style.

"Guys!" He reprimanded embarrassed.

They released him while laughing and then each shook a hand from Tom at the same time as if they always knew him.


"Weasleys." Tom agreed, warily.

"You two already knew him?" Hermione asked as they entered the Great Hall.

"Of course, he was here last year after all. His Daddy is our sponsor for our incoming shop. Actually; anything we do needs to be double checked by him first." George agreed.

"It was Black who told about us to his Daddy so we owe him one because it would be hard otherwise." Fred added.

Harry raised an eyebrow at Tom.

–Your Goblin must have contacted them.– Tom explained. –Did they know you are Serpens?– Harry nodded as Professor Flitwick approached at seeing the newcomer. –Then they must have demanded the truth. I believe by their comments that they know exactly who I am and know better than to provoke me.–

Harry hummed as Tom bowed his head at the tiny Professor.

"I don't believe we were warned of a transfer student, Mr…?"

Dobby popped in with Tom's backpack, who took out his official scroll and have the Charms Professor. The man read it, then looked at Harry and finally signalled the scrolls.

"I hope you don't mind that I held onto this as I take care of the paperwork and your future quarters? It must have lost its way from the Ministry of Magic to here."

"It was done two days ago. It was when my bearer father Serpens Black finally persuaded me and my other father Tom Peverell to come with my Harry so he could do his fifth-year before he delivers our incoming child. The School Board has put Healer Antonin Dolohov in the paperwork to be contacted if something happens and for weekly check-ups on my Harry." Tom supplied.

Professor Flitwick nodded.

"You are Tom Riddle's son?" He asked and Tom nodded. "Was that in the original paperwork?"

"Yes." Harry agreed sternly, because he knew that Dumbledore had gotten the warning paperwork from the School Board because of his letter to Tom the day before.

Professor Flitwick scoffed and turned towards the staff table.

"Poppy!" Madam Pomfrey stood and approached. "Do you remember our classmate Tom Riddle?"

"Of course."

"This is his son. Whose paperwork got 'lost' in the mail."

The old woman scoffed and accepted the scroll.

"Black? Tom actually married the infamous Serpens?"

"I'm Heir Black-Peverell. My father changed his surname to his own Family name."

Madam Pomfrey smiled amused and nodded.

"Sit down, you two, the first-years students must be about to arrive. Me and Filius will take care of the missing paperwork right away."

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey." Harry hurried to say. "In my paperwork there should be a no practical classes or, at the least, limited access because of my condition."

Madam Pomfrey frowned and Harry set a hand on his lower belly, making her eyes to grow.

"I'll see about finding the original paperwork right away." She agreed sternly and the two adults left.

Harry and Tom sat on the Gryffindor table besides Harry's friends. Harry looked at the head table to find a Ministry member among them, Harry having seen him when he had been being given the throughout check-up. No way…

"What is it?" Tom asked quietly.

"The new Professor…"

Tom looked at the head table as well and his eyes narrowed.

"Wasn't he one of the ones who ordered the Healer to…?" He started to ask, but stopped when Harry shivered. "Miss Granger and Heir Longbottom, never leave Harry alone with the new Professor no matter what."

The two looked back confused and then at the head table.

"We'll do our best." Neville agreed.

Tom hummed, accepting it and they quieted down as the doors opened and Professor McGonagall entered with the first-year students. Hermione leaned over and quickly whispered towards Tom what was happening. Harry smiled at the way his friends just accepted him even though they hadn't heard about him previously.

He could feel looks from the head table and felt a shiver run down his back. Before anyone could react, Tom had stood taken out his massive Durmstrang-type jacket and then pulled it over Harry's back, who turned deep red. He pulled the jacket close though as it smelled like his Tom-tom. He ignored the Slytherins snickering, knowing that if he acknowledged it: it could end in a literal death.

Harry's stomach had just grumbled when Professor Dumbledore and the new Professor finished their speeches. The food appeared, but before Harry could serve himself Madam Pomfrey and Professor Flitwick entered the Great Hall. The School Healer approached Harry and Tom, leaning down on her heels to be at their height.

"Magic-made food is not advised for pregnancy. Your House-elf just went to fetch you a meal from Perthro. Tomorrow I'll have a corner of the kitchen ready for your House-elves to be able to set up your future meals." She whispered. "The engagement's quarters in the Gryffindor tower were taken care off. The School House-elves are bringing your belongings and Familiar there as we speak."

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey." Harry agreed.

The woman took one look at Harry's jacket and then raised an eyebrow at Tom.

"He was shivering." Tom retorted.

"I was being stared from the head table, the new Professor is part of the group that ordered the Healer to do me the illegal throughout check-up." Harry argued. "Tham must have thought my shiver was from cold."

Madam Pomfrey looked at the head table and then at the jacket, feeling the material.

"Magic repellent?" She asked Tom, who nodded. "I'll contact the Lestranges to get you school robes with it as well, Potter." She agreed.

Dobby popped in and both Harry and Tom's plates and glasses were filled with Lady Nott's famous food. Madam Pomfrey nodded and straightened, walking away as Harry hurried to eat.


Harry entered the Gryffindor tower with Tom beside him. He couldn't help but wonder how different this was from Slytherin's common room. By the side he could hear Hermione giving his lover and the first-year students the tour and introduction. Eventually Tom joined him by a couch before the fireplace.

"No ranking." Tom put in questioningly.

Harry shook his head.

"How are you dealing with all this differences?" He whispered back.

"Your House is a lot more welcoming than what I am used to." The older argued making Harry snort. "I still believe you look better in green."

Harry rolled his eyes and let his face be pulled into a kiss. Only for a flash to suddenly flash in their faces.

"Cooolliiiiiin!" He snarled, not even needing to look.

The 14-year-old male turned deep red and Harry stood, running after the running away younger teen boy.



"Collin Creevey." The Muggleborn put in as she sat on the armchair by the side. Voldemort raised an eyebrow at her. "Harry's fan number One, or Two if you count Ginny Weasley over there."

The known Dark Lord looked at who she meant, to see a red-haired, brown-eyed girl glaring back with jealousy in her eyes.

"Completely different from what I was used to." He argued and Sirius III scoffed on his place on the rug before the fireplace, making him glare at the Animagus. He was still the other's Family Lord and he better remember that. "Not to mention the language difference of course."

Miss Granger nodded eagerly, obviously ready to learn anything he'd be ready to tell her. The Weasley twins approached and popped in on the couch where Harry had been.

"Then, Harry calls you «Tham»?"

"Yes and, if you call me even a third of the horrible nicknames that he does, I'll make you regret it." Voldemort agreed warningly. He wasn't a Gryffindor so he didn't need to pretend. Only that he was a teenager from another school and country. Besides that, he could be himself. "Harry and my father Serpens are the only two allowed to call me nicknames."

The two snorted but didn't argue.

"Thanatos, then." They agreed. "Instead of Weasleys you can call us Gred and Forge. After all: you are engaged with our baby brother Harry. You are practically family."

By the side the jealous girl choked in outrage and the other Weasley boy gasped in horror.

"Fredrick and George it is." Voldemort agreed and the two snickered that he actually knew they were testing him. Harry returned and sat on the arm of the couch, giving the older the roll of the camera. "You managed to catch him?"

"I'm a sprinter." Serpens agreed with a shrug. "Collin and Dennis promised not to picture us kissing or anything like that again." He added and took his hat out, passing a hand through his growing hair.

It wasn't as big as Voldemort was used to, but it would get there eventually.


"Collin's younger brother." Harry offered and leaned against Voldemort, who ignored the twins' leering looks. "He entered last year. Immediately joined Ginny and Collin's fan group."

Voldemort hummed and could see that Harry was going magic weak. He stood up.

"Let's move to our new quarters. You need me to lend you magic."

Shyly, his Serpens said goodbye to his friends and then followed him into the engagement quarters at the bottom of the boy's staircase. They entered into an office with two doors. Tom opened one to see a private bathroom. Looking back at Harry, he realised the other had found their bedroom. He guessed that tomorrow he could look around his new office, for now Serpens needed him.

Voldemort entered the bedroom and, even if obviously Gryffindor-themed, could tell that Winky had a hand in it to make plenty of it in silver and green instead. As Harry changed, Voldemort opened the bedcovers of the four poster bed. It was Slytherin-themed instead of the walls and rug that were Gryffindor's red and gold.

"I bet that was Winky." Serpens agreed and when Voldemort looked his lover was already in pyjamas and holding Voldemort's snake plushie in his arms against his lower belly that still didn't show that he had a baby there.

"I'm already staying in a place all red and gold, I need a place to not feel like destroying it if I ever get overwhelmed."

Harry nodded and laid down on the green and silver bed, before taking out his glasses and set them on the bedside table. Voldemort went to blow all the candles and double check the doors, windows and fireplaces before he joined his fiancé in bed, finally letting his features return to normal to be able to lend his lover his magic. Serpens leaned against Voldemort's naked body as the older started lending magic.


"For what?"

"Being nice to Hermione." Serpens mumbled.

Voldemort looked down at his lover and then up at the top of the bed as Winky closed the bed curtains.

"So long as she is ready to learn the difference between the Muggle World and the Wizardry World, I don't have anything against her. Still, she needs to be ready for things to be different from what we were taught in the Muggle World."

"Still, thanks."

Voldemort nodded.

"You are going against your beliefs for me, I know that. I also need to learn to change and accommodate your beliefs into my way. A group of people is hardly comparable to what you do."

Serpens snorted and set a hand on each side of Voldemort's head and raised himself on his arms.

"Can't you just accept a thank you like a normal person?" He argued before he leaned down and claimed Voldemort's lips with his own.


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