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60 Days in an Autumn

Summary: Now with no time-travel Harry returns to Hogwarts but this time he is pregnant and his beloved Tom/Voldemort comes with me. Of course nothing is going to happen…

Spoilers: 60 Years in a Summer

Disclaimer: I have no right to any character, they belong to JK Rowling. The only thing that is mine is the mistakes

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Pairing: Harry Potter/Tom Riddle | Voldemort

Characters: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle | Voldemort, Hermione Granger, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Winky (Harry Potter), Dobby (Harry Potter), Nagini (Harry Potter), Lestrange

Warnings: Writer isn't a Native English Speaker, Slash, Alternate Universe - Time Travel, Mpreg, Age Difference, Past time travel, Sequel, Don't copy to another site

Ner words in this chapter: 846



{Talking on the fireplace/Two-way mirror}


Thinking in 3rd person POV/Dream/Memory/Flashback/Others


Time change/Date of time

Change of POV


Thursday, 31 August 1995


If a couple months ago someone had told him that he'd fall in love with the known You Know Who and would be pregnant with his child, Harry would have sent him to be checked by a Special Ward in a Psychiatric Hospital.

Harry looked up from his meal towards his new family. Lord and Lady Lestrange: his adoptive parents who actually lived up to the name of loving parents. That was something he had never believed he'd have. By their side was the known You Know Who, his Tom-tom who he loved above everything and anything and all because of a stray spell that had hit him while he run away from his Tommy. By Harry's other side was his godfather. Sirius had taken time to accept the known Dark Lord as Harry's lover, he had actually freaked out when he first realized but had accepted it by now.

And to think that tomorrow Harry would go to school with the Dark Lord. He would actually bring the You Know Who with him to Hogwarts, but frankly Harry didn't care what people thought anymore. He had known on the moment he had chosen to be with his Tommy, he had turned his back to the Light's point of view of the world. He had turned his back on everything he believed in.

Sirius choked on his food, making Harry look at him confused only to see his face pale and his eyes wide-eyed. Harry frowned and looked at the others to realize that his Tommy's facial expressions were with their usual mask, but his eyes were looking back with Dark lust promising lots. Harry's mouth suddenly turned dry and, in no time, Sirius was growling his name to remind him to control himself.

Voldemort's lips twitched into a smirk at the corner of his lips. Harry mock-glared at his lover, who obviously was doing this on purpose.


Harry knew he should go sleep in his own bedroom, but walked into his Tommy's room instead. Tom was already waiting for him and the bedroom door locked behind Harry magically.

"You're actually locking it?" Harry argued amused.

"This way not even House-elves can interfere." Voldemort explained and sat down on the bed against the headboard. He patted on the mattress, so Harry took out his shoes to join. "Lose the trousers and pants as well."

Harry frowned but obeyed. When he kneeled on the bed to approach, Tom pulled him to sit over his legs. He pulled Harry's hands onto his shoulders and then guided Harry's face into a kiss. Harry kneeled closer to be able to kiss his lover, only to feel the other touching his own clothes. When Harry pulled his head back, he realized his lover also had nothing but his robe.


"How do you feel about the idea of riding me?"

Harry's eyes grew and looked at the lube Tom was grabbing from the bedside table. Immediately Harry pulled his shirt over his head to take it out. Sure he was pregnant, but he was also a teenager. He was always horny.

"Don't forget to take it slow." Tommy whispered on his ear seductively, before he started to stretch him with his lubed fingers.

"I'll do my best." He gasped out as Tom did quick work out of him as Harry held onto his lover's clothed shoulders. "Gosh! Was this what was on your mind during dinner?"

–Yesss.– Voldemort added, obviously unable to restrain himself from slipping into Parseltongue. –You facing me earlier because of the letter made me want you like never before.–

Harry closed his eyes with strength as Tom touched that point inside of him that made him moan like mad.

"Tooom!" He gasped and in no time the fingers were slipping out. He opened his eyes confused to find Tom taking Harry's glasses out and storing it on the bedside table. "Wha…?"

One of Tom's hand moved to Harry's hip to guide him to rise himself and it was then that Harry's mind realized that he had to be the one doing the moving this time. His eyes grew and looked down at the mess of colours, just knowing that Tom was waiting for Harry to start. Biting his bottom lip, he started to thrust himself down into Tom's member, who was obviously keeping it in place with one hand as the other held Harry's hip. Harry glanced up at his lover, who was looking back with dark lustful eyes.

"I love you, my Harry."

Harry blushed and leaned forward to kiss his beloved as he kept pushing himself down onto his lover's member. Oh boy! This position made it go directly into Harry's sweet point!

"We are so doing this position again." He gasped out, it being hard to think because of the massive size being pushed inside of him.


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