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Hell Cat

By: TheDeadGirlRisen

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Author Notes: This is the final chapter. Again Thank Riku. Only reason I finished this.

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Word Count: 1759

Date Written: 11/1/21

Date Posted: 11/3/21

"Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink."

Flee-On-Sight Tora

With the return of Naruto to the village, the true chaos Tora could cause became apparent. She was content mostly with just wandering around, being fed by her various followers.

But, if someone tried to catch her then all bets were off. She would attack with a viciousness that landed most in the hospital. A few unlucky fools didn't make it to the hospital. Tsunade couldn't even get the cat to leave the village, because according to Naruto the blasted cat couldn't be bothered to go to Iwa or Kumo to cause them paperwork.

No. Instead she was the one who had to suffer it.

Frankly her tolerance for that cat had reached 0. She needed some way to deal with it. Capturing it didn't work. Bargaining was depending on the whims of that feline. She drank a sake, groaning as she did so. She really wasn't sure what to do. It wasn't like she could threaten the cat, it took a team of jounin to deal with the cat when it was riled up.

Naruto didn't ever bother to reign his 'Master Tora' in. Tsunade's nose flared. "Call a council meeting, I want everyone here in Ten!" She shouted at the Anbu who were in her office as the ground rumbled and she saw a building collapse onto the ground. "This ends now! I want that menace dealt with."

The council meeting was a bust. None of the clan heads had any idea, nor any of the civilians. Besides the obvious idea of killing the cat.

Unfortunately that wasn't exactly an option. Shisui Uchiha, the clan head for the Uchiha clan, promised a riot if Tora was killed. Not just from his clan, but from everyone else loyal to Tora.

Including Naruto.

Shisui made one comment in particular that set her on edge though. "If you kill Tora, Naruto would become a threat to the village hasn't seen since the days of Madara Uchiha."

Out of all the examples he could say why him?

Tsunade remembered when she was a child, her grandfather Hashirama, and granduncle Tobirama. She also remembered the stories they told her. Hashirama had told her how he used to be friends with Madara, how they formed the village together. Tobirama had told her how Madara had betrayed the village.

She had never met the man, but she remembered the fear his very name caused people. The way they whispered about him even after he was long gone, even though he was dead.

So why, why did she get the feeling Shisui had another purpose for mentioning Madara than just to say that Naruto would be a traitor.

Danzo had tried to use this as a way to get Naruto as his apprentice or something. Tsunade wasn't exactly sure what he was planning. Just that one of the notes Sarutobi left for her was that she should never let Danzo get his hands on Naruto.

Tsunade sighed as the meeting came to an end with no satisfying result. The only place Tora never seemed to cause any chaos was the Academy, and she had no idea why.

Naruto smiled, giving a silent thanks to Madara as the man gave him another pointer on how to improve his chakra affinity.

Of which he had two, raiton and doton. Mixing the two allowed him to create explosions. He could use it with his taijutsu for devastating attacks, and like Deidara he could mix it into clay and dirt.

He preferred using it with his taijutsu.

"Uzumaki, the Hokage would like to see you for a mission briefing," an Anbu claimed, appearing at the edge of the training field.

Naruto gave a nod.

Soon he was in the Hokage's tower talking with Tsunade who wanted him to go with Sakura, Shikamaru and a man named Tenzo to retrieve Sasuke.

Apparently Sasuke would leave the village every few months to Orochimaru and would disappear for a bit until he reappeared again. Tsunade said that Orochimaru was content with training him for a few months and then letting them have him back.

So somehow Sasuke was still a Konoha ninja despite learning under one of their traitors.

It made no sense to Naruto, but then again he supposed he was also learning under a traitor and still loyal to Konoha, so it wasn't like he could protest. At least no one knew he was training under Madara. Well, except Shisui and the cats.

But Shisui was sworn to secrecy.

Anyways a couple weeks later and they were waiting for Sasuke who should apparently be coming this way soon.

Retrieving Sasuke was no issue.

Apparently the organization Itachi was in wanted the nine Bijuu for some reason. A reason that did not include keeping the Jinchuuriki alive. Madara told him it was something he set up when he was alive so he would have some form of entertainment when he was dead. Then admitted he got bored following around the Uchiha he had manipulated and then found Tora.

Madara didn't tell him what they were planning, just that he was interested to see who would come out on top.

So now they were holding a five kages meeting to discuss what to do about Akatsuki. He wasn't allowed in, unfortunately.

The meeting held a lot of arguing and a lot of non-decisions, nothing like the alliance against Akatsuki that they were aiming for.

And then a masked man claiming to be Madara showed up. And everyone was on board together against the Akatsuki. Which was great. But she had another reason for calling the five kages. "I don't suppose any of you have an idea for how to deal with Tora?"

Gaara glared at her, "Master Tora does not need dealing with."

Of course the kazekage was one of those damn cat lovers.

"And you can't just… kill this Tora?" The Mizukage asked.

Tsunade sighed, "No. I've been promised a riot should that happen."

A few ideas were tossed around, nothing she hadn't heard of or tried though.

Naruto's first meeting with Tobi was underwhelming, especially as the man was trying to pose as Madara.

Having known Madara for a good portion of his life, he could easily tell just how bad his imitation was. Especially his fighting style. He over relied on his mangekyou sharingan, and not enough fire. Or badassery.

Also he found the whole 'Tsuki no Me' plan amusing. He could see why Madara would get out of enjoyment over watching them trying to complete it. Really, a plan to put everyone in a genjutsu was amusing.

Still it was a viable plan that could work if not stopped. And a very real threat to his own well being. But not just him, it would also hurt Master Tora. If he didn't have Kurama then he wouldn't be able to give her Bijuu chakra. If he did that then he wouldn't be as good as a minion as he was.

So he would stop Akatsuki and the Eye of the Moon Plan.

One year later, Naruto was looking down at the defeated Tobi, otherwise known as Obito Uchiha.

"I thought you said you trained him?" Naruto muttered under his breath to Madara.

"I did, he is just a weakling though, even I could do no more to help him. It is not my fault he did not bother to train seriously."

The hardest part of defeating Obito had been getting rid of his Mangekyou sharingan, which he had managed to destroy with a well timed explosion release. After the eye was gone Obito had gone down disgustingly easily. If Naruto ever was without his eyes, he would still be able to fight. Maybe not as well, but good enough to get away.

How pathetic.

Really this whole war against Akatsuki had turned out fairly easy. With an alliance with the other villages, and two former Akatsuki members telling them everything they knew, it was easy to have the upperhand.

They laid siege to Ame. Took out most of the organization in one fell swoop. The main issue came from Pain, who had the rinnegan. The fight had been difficult, but they had won, at the cost of Tobi escaping with the gedo statue.

It had taken a year to track him down.

That was the only reason this war had lasted as long as it had.

Tsunade was talking with Iruka about the latest batch of academy students when a scream rang out. She sighed and glanced out the window as she felt Kyuubi's chakra flood the air.

It seemed like some idiot had tried to go after Tora's bounty again.

Iruka frowned, "I don't understand why you let Tora run around like that."

Tsunade growled, "It's not like I can do anything about that damn cat."

The chunin blinked, "What are you talking about? Dealing with Tora is simple."

"You know a way to deal with that cat?" Tsunade questioned, eyes narrowed in disbelief.

"Sure, why do you think Tora never does anything to the academy?"

"If you think you can stop Tora from causing chaos in my village. Then do it. That's an order."

Iruka rolled his eyes. The disrespect! "Sure, just call in Naruto with Tora."

About twenty minutes later, Naruto was there with Tora. And Tsunade couldn't believe what Iruka told her would work. She had to see this for herself.

Iruka smiled, "I have another question for one as smart as you, of course if you can't answer it I want you to stop causing chaos in Konoha. The same rules apply as before, you may not accept any help in finding the answer."

Tora narrowed her eyes, ears flicking to the side and tail twitching.

"Master Tora will accept your terms," Naruto informed them as Tora sat down staring at Iruka.

Free. Gloriously free.

Peace. Peace at last.

First Tora had been dealt with because the question Iruka had asked had stumped the feline. And then, the council had been so overjoyed they agreed to make Iruka the Hokage!

She was free from the paperwork and responsibilities of the Hokage. Sure, she still had to deal with the hospital but that was easy compared to being Hokage.

Tora still caused chaos in the other villages, but that wasn't her problem.

Nor was it her problem that Naruto and the other cultists would sometimes meet up to plan out how to spread their cult.

Was it her problem when she heard that Tora could use mokuton?


Not. Her. Problem.

She was done.


I hope you enjoyed Hell Cat. This story is completed. Konoha is free from the chaos Tora can cause, and Iruka makes sure that he always has another question prepared for whenever Tora eventually does solve his questions. Could she cheat and get the answers? Yes. But she has her pride and won't cheat. In the meanwhile she terrorizes the other villages.

Naruto never does become Hokage, the non cultists are much to terrified of Tora to allow that to happen. When the majority of people eventually succumb though you can bet he would become the Hokage.

Hidan and Itachi are the two former Akatsuki members who gave the answers.

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