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D-Rank Tora

Hell Cat

By: TheDeadGirlRisen

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Author Notes: The inbetween is boring, but Madara has found his own amusement by training Tora the demon cat to be better able to escape. A series of events leads to it being known as the cat from hell.

Word Count: 1023

Date Written: 6/14/19

Date Posted: 6/14/19

"All Cats want world domination."

D-Rank Tora

Madara watched in amusement as the tiny kitten caused all sorts of havoc for the genin team that was forced to chase after it. The tiny cat was named Tora and was Madam Shijimi's latest cat after the last one had suffered an unfortunate accident. Already this new cat seemed to be causing more annoyance than the last one.

It may be due to the fact that this new kitten happened to be a descendent of a ninja cat.

Madara watched in boredom, it had been about four years since Obito had released the Kyuubi on Konoha. Madara followed as the cat was finally captured and returned to the fire Daimyo's wife. Tora was glaring sullenly at the genin team that had captured it.

"Cat. What do you say to me training you, for you causing Konoha chaos?" Madara asked once the cat was left alone in a room.

Tora looked at him interested.

Madara had found that animals were able to sense his presence, and cats in particular had a special connection.

"I can teach you how to use chakra, you might be able to learn a few jutsu's."

The little kitten grinned at him in interest.

"Wonderful," Madara said with a wicked smirk as he began training the kitten. He may be dead, but he could still cause havoc among the living. Heh, Tobirama had told him there was nothing he could do being dead, he was going to prove that bastard Senju wrong.

Itachi was currently with his genin team, who were many years his senior, as they had to chase after a cat. His teammates, Tenma Izumo, and Shinko Inari were currently chasing the feline to him where he had a trap set.

The cat, well more of a kitten suddenly turned left right before the trap. As if it had sensed Itachi lying there in wait, but that had to be impossible.

Itachi joined the other members of Team 2 in catching the cat.

-5 hours later-

A team of genin stumbled into the Hokage tour, their clothes were torn to shreds and were barely hanging onto them. Scratches covered them and Itachi was staring at the cat container with a wariness in his eyes.

"Hokage-sama, why were we not informed that Tora was able to sense people?" Their sensei Yūki Minazuki asked.

The Hokage blinked, "I was unaware it could do that."

"I see, and what of Tora's ability to use chakra to enhance her speed?"

"That's interesting…" The Hokage said looking at the cat who was hissing at them from inside her container. Tora was scratching at the container to no avail. With that Tora was returned to Madam Shijimi's care.

Tobirama stared in horror as Madara stood behind the team with a smug smirk as he said, "Good work Tora, I'll teach you a few new tricks that should help next time you escape."

Of course Madara had found some way to cause chaos. Well at least it was restricted to making the cat a bit of ninneko, that couldn't be that bad. Besides it gave the genin some better training then just trying to capture a regular cat.

Years later Tobirama would regret allowing Madara to influence that cat.

Once more Team 2 was the poor suckers who had to catch Tora when it had escaped, it had been a month and a half, but they still remembered the hassle from it's last escape. They thought they were prepared for her.

They were wrong.

Team 2 had the perfect trap set up and Tora was caught in it within moments, when Izumo went to grab it though the cat seemed to smirk and a moment later a log was left in her place. "How can it use substitution?!"

Itachi caught a glimpse of the cat a few minutes later and went to catch her, the cat hissed at him and launched herself towards him claws out. "Not my eyes!" he screamed as he stumbled back and the cat escaped.

-3 hours later-

"We caught it!" Inari exclaimed happily as Tora was now in the carrier.

"Meow," With that they all looked at the cat as her claws seemed to grow longer and had a blue glow to them as she slashed the pet carrier and it fell to shreds and she dashed off while they were still in shock.

"She… she shredded the carrier like it was paper!" Izumo exclaimed in horrified shock.

"Keep track of the cat, I will get a new carrier made for ninneko," Minazuki said with a sigh.

-2 hours later-

"Get back here!" Izumo shouted at the cat as substituted out of the ropes. Tora lept at Inari slashing with its claws as Inari tried to catch the feline. "EEP! My clothes!"

-Another 2 hours later-

Hiruzen stared at Team 2, they looked like they had been through hell. Shinko Inari was barely clothed. Itachi was smoldering a bit, and was the furthest away from Tora. Tenma Izumo seemed to be bleeding profusely from multiple scratches to his arms.

Even the sensei seemed a bit winded. "What happened?"

"Tora knows the substitution jutsu."

"And the reason you are using a ninneko carrier for the cat?"

"She can sharpen and extend her claws with chakra."

That was a bit worrying Hiruzen thought as he stared at the battered team, still they had completed it, even if it had taken them awhile.

"Good job."

Hiruzen sighed as he gazed at the stack of complaints from the genin about their wounds from the cat known as Tora, it had been six months and the cat was only getting better at hiding and causing chaos amongst the genin. It had even earned the nickname as the demon cat.

A lot of people were saying that the cat needed to be put down, but Madam Shijimi refused. As it was he was going to have to make the mission a higher rank, the cat was simply to dangerous for a simple D-rank mission.

Signing the proper paperwork he sighed. For some reason he felt like Tora was going to be the death of him.

A/n: This Story is mostly focused around Tora. It only has seven chapters planned. I hope you enjoy.

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