Pokegirls Bastion's Quest @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 8

Bastion had fully been intending to share the kitsunes with Ruby, but the femboy seemed adamant that the both of them going to him had been a sign that they were for him to catch.

He didn't seem disappointed by it much at all, the nymph born likely able to catch twelve with a flip of his hair. The two Kitsunes seemed to agree with him, and Bastion could hardly argue with them, happily kissing the both of them as his hands moved down to their pert, soft rumps.

They moaned softly together as he groped them gently, grinding their bodies against their new tamer.

The two Kitsunes were named mid-taming session, the shorter of the two of them, who at the time was riding Bastion's member fast enough that her hips were very nearly blurring, was named Maria.

The taller of the two, at the time riding Bastion's face, legs locked around his head to prevent him stopping as he ate her, he dubbed Tiras.

Mind you, with his mouth occupied, he was unable to ask them if he liked the names until they had finished their fun later; but both of them seemed to love the names regardless.

Ruby was having fun with his 'girls while Bastion welcomed Maria and Tiras to the harem, Amia showing off her new vines to the rest of her harem sisters.

Bastion mentally chuckled, figuring that today was going to be one of those late start days…

It didn't occur to Bastion until after he had caught Maria and Tiras and they had finished breaking down camp to get on with their day that, with them, he had already taken up all eight of his slots, having to assign both of the Kitsunes to the non-combat slots in order to keep them with him at all.

He sighed at this. He recognized why they had to have the PC, things would get hectic if every single tamer was allowed to go about with their entire harem with them at all times, but he was not a fan of having his group spread out like that. He wanted to have a great big happy family with him.

And he was sure to vent at Ruby about this as they headed out of Viridian forest. Silly as he felt about doing so, he was actually glad for it, as the Nymph born tamer actually had a solution for him.

"You could sign up for a breeder's license," Ruby suggested, "Pokegirl breeders don't have any limit to the amount of 'girls they can keep on them at any given time. There's a test of course, and you have to have four gym badges to even take it, they don't just let you saunter in and become a breeder, but if you're really intent on having your 'girls all with you.. You can do it." He explained.

Bastion had to specifically stop them at this, pinning Ruby to the nearest tree as he heatedly kissed the girly tamer boy, having no better way to immediately convey his appreciation.

Being a fellow tamer, and one with Nymph blood at that, he didn't seem bothered in the slightest by it, putting his arms around Bastion's neck and holding the kiss for several moments before they got back on the road.

Both had to make a specific goal not to maul each other again until they got out of the forest. The group had nearly gotten out of the forest and into Pewter city… when they were met with a feral bug type.

Just one thankfully, not a swarm of feral drones like the Buzzbreasts from before. But it was by no means a weakly pokegirl that was confronting them.

Sword Dancer, the loyal sword bug pokegirl. These pokegirls are extremely, intensely loyal to their tamers, referring to them as 'my liege' and acting as their knights. As aggressive as they are in combat, they are extremely submissive to their liege, borderline masochistic, as their greatest kink is having their tamer steal their swords and hold them to her skin, threatening to harm her. The exact reason for this is unknown.

Over six feet tall, with chitinous green armored skin, an alluring D sized chest, matching hips, and even more strikingly, six arms with a well crafted looking sword in each hand.

Bastion tended to feel that the dex entry for the Sword Dancer could be somewhat misleading. They were loyal and submissive to their tamers to be sure. But neither Ruby or Bastion were her tamer, and to a feral of her kind, that made them little more than posts for her to sharpen her swords on.

Ruby didn't particularly think Cora's skills were quite up to handling a Sword Dancer quite yet, and she would have been their best chance aside from Chiara's flames; which at the time being would require her getting far too close to the living slap-chop that was approaching them.

Bastion considered cranking up the legendary attraction charm for this occasion, which ever since he had left school he had made a conscious decision to try avoiding unless the occasion made it necessary; but Ruby proved it to be unnecessary.

With a strut that could have turned the straightest tamer stiff as a board, Ruby stepped forward to the Sword Dancer, giving her a look that Bastion couldn't see, but was evidently intense enough for the feral to sheathe all six of her blades and rush the nymph born for taming. Bastion was rather taken aback by this.

Not that a Nymph's lust effect wouldn't be strong enough to achieve this of course, but Bastion hadn't thought the blood gift connection to the breed in a human would be nearly this powerful. Slightly hypocritical coming from him he supposed, but he was a demi-legendary.

The neko tamer just whistled as he watched the Sword Dancer drop to her knees in front of Ruby, two hands holding onto his hips so she could take his length into her throat, two going to her chest to grope herself, and two moving down to jill herself heatedly in anticipation for taming.

When he'd said he was a nymph bloodline, Bastion had assumed just his mother was a Nymph, or perhaps his father had had Nymph blood. But for strength like this, his family must be Nymphs all the way back for generations.

He gave a grin as he watched, figuring it would be nice to travel with someone with powers so similar to his own.

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