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Pokegirls Bastion's Quest @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 6

Buzzbreast, the swarm warrior pokegirl. These pokegirls are generally quite mindless, working in swarms beneath their Buzzqueen ruler; functioning quite similarly to actual bees; if far more innately hostile.

Buzzbreasts, one of the many pokegirls thought of primarily as pests by general society. Bastion wasn't totally sure where his opinion fell on them.

Thinking that any living being was innately bad or bothersome was somewhat against his general beliefs, but given the bee like pokegirl's seeming lack of basic sentience, he wasn't sure if they could even be considered alive like other pokegirls were.

However you felt about them, a large swarm of them had been traveling back to their hive; their route taking them directly through the clearing Bastion had been using. Under normal circumstances, Bastion and his pokegirls would have been content to hide in the bushes and let the feral swarm pass them by.

But the swarm of Buzzbreasts hadn't just been carrying about their business. Well… they kind of were, but that business happened to involve abduction in this case. Being carried by one of the Buzzbreasts was a tamer; a smooth skinned beauty with scarlet hair in knee high silver FMBs and teasingly short skirt that matched her hair.

No.. Bastion realized, not her, him. Bastion's keen eye could tell where most wouldn't have that they were male; though their features virtually gave no sign of it at all.

Whether the Buzzbreasts had been fooled by the trap's feminine appearance and were taking her off to be turned into a Buzzbreast, had seen through it and were bringing him back for food, or had not carried what they were and were bringing them back as a sex slave for their Buzz Queen, Bastion didn't know, and wasn't going to let it occur.

They must have been hit with Stop Sting or some similar paralysis causing move, because they were holding perfectly still as they were carried despite the three pokeballs containing pokegirls who might be able to help. Bastion rushed forward with Chiara, shouting to get their attention. Most of the swarm passed on, though a small section containing the kidnapped tamer stopped and began to rush at Bastion.

When they got close, Chiara blasted fire from her tail flame, engulfing the closest bug types in flames and, do to the elemental weakness, knocking several of them out. Bastion struck a pose, letting his Bastits aura take effect on the Buzzbreasts who'd knocked been knocked out.

Mind you, two more did end up getting knocked out anyway by Clara and Siara, the Bunnygirl's Dumb Luck ability taking effect, the former managing to nail one of the Buzzbreast in the head with a rock, the latter missing, only for the rock to hit a branch, knock it down, and knock out the Buzzbreast below. This caused them to drop the trap tamer, Bastion catching them in his arms backpedalling. They had enough movement in them to ask Bastion to let out his pokegirls to help them.

Bastion took no argument with this, sending out all three from their pokeballs. The Cat girl and Dog girl were both basic enough pokegirls that weren't too big of a shock to see, the former agile enough to avoid being grabbed as she struck at the wings of the Buzzbreast with her claws, the latter using growls and superior bulk to knock several down. The rest were sorted out by a rather surprising find: a Cockadiddle.

Cat Girl,the all-purpose feline pokegirl. Not much of an improvement over the Kitten (their pre-evolved form), but with a bit more intelligence and potential for evolution. If trained, they can learn to handle a wide variety of tasks.

Dog Girl, the All-purpose loyal pokegirl. Loved by beginning tamers for being easily trained, durable, loyal to a tee, and able to learn to handle just about any task.

Cockadiddle, the cock obsessed pokegirl. This bird-like pokegirl is notable for two things, the first being its remarkable skill with sword fighting, the second being its unshakable love of men. There is no Cockadiddle in the world (save for the one or two possible random mutations) that will accept a female tamer, all choosing male tamers and only male tamers. They can continue taming for hours on end without stopping, so it is suggested that a tamer have them start with oral, as the taste of a man's member alone is enough to make a Cockadiddle cum. What's even stranger is their ability to actually sense the presence of a male, allowing them to hunt them down and, if they're feral, rape them.

The sword wielding avian pokegirl took note of the situation, glared, and sprung into action. She activated first Fiery Passion, giving her a temporary fire element, then set to carving her way through the Buzzbreasts with her flame elemental sword.

The whole encounter only lasted a few moments, maybe five minutes from the swarm arriving to all of those who'd been stopped being taken down.

They didn't wait around to see if they were down for the count, the whole group piss bolting out of the clearing and putting a good deal of distance between themselves and the clearing before they stopped.

They set up a small campsite together so they could whole up inside a tent, the Catgirl retrieving an incense from her tamer's back to keep the feral swarms away while they did so. Gradually, the paralysis wore off, and the tamer was able to thank Bastion for the save.

"Name's Ruby," he introduced, "This is Natalie, Ray, and Cora." He said, introducing his Cat Girl, Dog girl, and Cockadiddle respectively.

"You really saved me back there." he said with a smile.

Basiton chuckled, "You're lucky we weren't still tired from training. We couldn't let such a cutie get carried off like that~" he purred, instincts kicking in now that they were safe.

Ruby grinned at this tone, "Well, is there any way I could thank you~?" the girly tamer boy questioned, laying back alluring.

As Bastion's nose picked up on the smell of the chemical starting to fill the tent, he realized why Ruby had such adorably womanly fay like features. He must have had a Nymph ancestry. And in addition to the looks, the boy could apparently produce the same Nymph lust chemical.

Mind you, looking like he did, Bastion felt that he should have hardly needed to use it.

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