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Pokegirls Bastion's Quest @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 4

Bastion had named the three Bunnygirls he had captured Siara, Clara, and Galia.

All three had been more than happy to be captured so long as it was together, even more so the more they found of Bastion's innate taming capabilities.

Currently Siara and Galia were riding Bastion together, the former on his member and the latter his face, while Clara took Chiara's strap-on drilling from behind.

Amia and Aiko were enjoying each other happily not far off, legs locked around each other's heads to hold each other in place as their tongues dug deeper into one another.

Bastion had missed the big groups for fun in the time before he had started his adventure. He'd been alone for quite awhile after he had left school. His father had left him to take care of himself, not trusting himself not to do something he would regret with/to his son.

Bastion had been fine of course, he'd just been lonely. It was one thing to have no one to have fun with, but with no one to even talk to, he hadn't been sure how to handle himself; and had gone slightly mental in the meantime. Before then, he had at least had the school to have fun with.

As he had fun with his pokegirls, the memories of those old days returned to him…

Bastion entered the showers. He had just gotten through showing up his fellow male students on two levels: outplaying them on the field, and gaining far more attention than any of them by the cheerleaders three of which he was reportedly fucking.

None of the guys much liked this. They hated how much attention he got. They wanted to put a stop to it, so four of them confronted him while he was on his way to take his shower. If he tried to fight them, they'd use numbers to overwhelm him.

When they started telling him off though, he didn't seem the least bit afraid, even when they started threatening him with violence.

He just chuckled, and began to undress. "W-what are you doing?" One of them questioned. "What's it look like? I'm getting ready for a shower." He said, completely naked. His body was rather hard to describe. It hit a perfect mid-point between masculine and feminine, making it extremely attractive to basically everyone. The bullies stared, ashamed to be growing stiff.

"What's wrong?" Bastion asked, "We're all guys right? Or are you just not a fan of my tail?" He asked, turning around to show it to them. It was an odd question. Many guys with feline pokegirl parents had tails. Hell, one of the bullies did. But that, they realized, wasn't the point. He lifted his tail, showing them his ass. His alluring aura matched with seeing him naked was too much. They couldn't even remember why they'd cornered him.

"You all look really uncomfortable," Bastion said, "Maybe getting out of those clothes would help~?" He suggested. That was it. They were all out of their clothes in seconds, sporting throbbing hard-ons from Bastion's charms. He giggled, licking his lips, "So, wanna have a little fun~?"

He moved to the closest bully and told him to lay down on his back. The bully didn't try to argue, getting on his back with his stiff cock in the air. Bastion lowered himself onto it, both moaning as he began to ride him. The other three moved over, Bastion taking two of them into his hands and sucking the third, moaning around it happily as he bounced on the first bully's cock, glad they'd followed him into the shower. He almost, almost, preferred the jocks to the cheerleaders.

"Bastion, would you please remain here after class?" His teacher, Ms. Knel asked. Bastion smiled, "I'd love to." He said nonchalantly as the other students piled out of the classroom. She closed the door, and turned back to Bastion, "Bastion, we've been hearing some things about you around school, things about inappropriate behavior with fellow students, male and female."

"Yeah?" Bastion said, "So?" "So, we can't have this kind of behavior at our school. We know many of you are just having your blood gifts and curses come in, and with all that sexual instinct you're bound to have certain.. urges, but it's important to keep them in check." She said. "Actually," Bastion said, letting his aura increase and radiate throughout the room, "I think it's important to let those desires out~"

Ms. Knel blushed deeply, squirming in her chair, "" Her thoughts were getting all mixed up. Of course she'd noticed that Bastion was attractive, every teacher had, though all were too ashamed to admit it. "Come on Ms. Knel, how about I show you why there's no need to make such a fuss over this~?" He said. Knel couldn't even recall moving her hands to do it, but before she knew it, she'd removed her top and bra, and was starting to undress completely. What's more, even when she was sure she had control over her movements again, she didn't stop; she didn't want to.

Knel climbed onto the desk, blushing as she spread her legs for Bastion, who stood at the edge of the desk, lowering his pants to free his cock before thrusting it into Knel's pussy. Knel moaned loudly, the aura making the pleasure build even faster. Her legs locked around his waist as though afraid he'd stop. "F-fuck me~" She purred, completely under his lustful spell, just like nearly all the teachers in the school would be before he left it.

Bastion was shaken from his memories by the cries of both Siara and Galia as they came together, drenching his member and face respectively in their releases.

Bastion could have held out a little longer if so he wanted (that little while being several hours), but as the two bunnygirls moved down to his member together, lapping at his shaft to bring his climax out, Bastion figured that they had earned it.

They purred happily as he covered their faces together, Galia screaming in pleasure nearby as she was pounded into the dirt by Chiara; the fire type having evidently found her favorite of her harem sisters.

Bastion smiled happily. Even if things weren't like they were before, he felt they might even be better now.

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