Pokegirls Bastion's Quest @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 3

Bastion had had to force himself and his group up and out from the bedroom after the first day of fun together.

He was well aware that if he didn't, he was likely to just end up staying there just having fun with his harem for ages.

Once he got going, he could last nearly a week in bed with several others; as his previous playmates had learned the hard way. His old schoolmates had often joked that his mother must have been a Hentaicute; and had never known how close they were.

Currently, Bastion was saunting through the wilderness, enjoying the breeze and the natural warmth of the day. Sexual as he was, his brain was actually capable of processing things other than lust, and he was more than able to appreciate a calm spring day.

As he did though, he began to wonder where exactly it was that he was going. He wondered this initially in the literal sense of what town or location he should head to, as in all the time he'd been preparing for and earning the right to head out wherever he wished, he'd never actually made much of a plan for when the time actually arrived. He knew he wanted a large harem, and he knew he wanted more than just pokegirls in it, but that was the start and end of his plans.

And it was that line of thinking that brought him on to thinking of where he was going in a more general sense. It hadn't occurred to him until that moment that he hadn't really ever had a goal in mind. He figured as a child of a legendary, he ought to have some great destiny or goal, but he had nothing in mind.

He briefly considered that he might be overthinking things, but shook his head. Just because Bastits and most hyper sexual folks like himself had a reputation for being ditzy and flighty didn't mean he had to act like one.

He could just float about, leaf on the breeze, but that would only be stable for so long; especially if he grew a larger and larger harem. He needed a plan. If not a long term goal quite yet than at the very least a short term target to point towards.

To that end, he would make his current goal to challenge gym leaders. Simple, straight forward, resulted in lots of money, naturally occuring training, and a building credible reputation. It was a good solid foundation that he could build any other goal that he decided to pursue on top of. It would keep him and his pokegirls active so they wouldn't grow stagnant.

Sex might admittedly be a hell of a workout at times, but-as sacreligious as it might sound coming from him-he couldn't always rely on seduction to deal with threats. Chiara would probably be actively excited about this development.

As he came to this though, his boosted senses began to kick in. Bastion's ear twitched as he picked up the sound of moans, his nose following suit as he picked up the smell of sex. He grinned, tail swishing eagerly as he followed the smell to its source.

He found a bush nearby, a slender leg poking through it as moans echoed from within the foliage; twitching and squirming with whatever pleasure its owner was experiencing.

Bastion snuck in closer, being sure to keep himself quiet as he moved through the branches to peek at the scene. Bunnygirls, one of Bastion's personal favorite pokegirl breeds.

They were mostly physical human looking aside from some black fur and rabbit ears. They were often considered relatively low on the intelligence scale, which Bastion felt was rather unfair. They were even known as 'The Ditzy Pokegirl.'

Personally, given that they had fourteen potential evolutions, he felt that they were a much better candidate to be called the Evolution pokegirl over the Nymph breed, which only had the Nymph's eight.

Three of said specimen were laying behind (and through in one of their cases) the bush. The one who's leg Bastion had seen was on her leg, her legs interlocked with the second's as she was tribbed into the ground aggressively.

The third was riding the first's face heatedly, legs locked around her head as she ground down against it. All three were moaning heatedly; the first's moans muffled by the third's cunt as her tongue worked hungrily inside of it.

Bastion had no idea what relation these three had to each other, but he did know one thing. His most immediate goal would be to bring all three of them into his harem.

They noticed him approaching, grinning eagerly as they saw him; grinning wider when he produced a strap on for one of them to wear.

Seconds later their position had changed. Bastion and the tallest of the three bunnygirls were side by side, pounding into the other two bunnygirls together; Bastion's on her back, the Bunnygirl's on all fours. He watched as the Bunnygirl smacked her fellow feral's ass roughly, making her moan as she was drilled from behind.

Those two seemed to like it rougher, while the one beneath him liked it… well, not gently, but less aggressive. More passionate. Bastion raised her legs up over his shoulders as he leaned down, rutting deep into her as his hands moved along her body, groping anywhere that felt sensitive. She held onto him tightly as he hammered down into her, moaning heatedly.

One of his hands moved over to the Bunnygirl next to him, groping her ass as they topped the other two.

The neko boy demi-legendary was so enthralled with the fun he didn't notice his pokegirls straining against the pokeballs until he felt Chiara's toy pressing against him from behind and saw Amia sitting down in front of the bunnygirl on her fours with her legs spread.

Bunnygirls were extremely versatile he thought to himself as the foursome became an orgy; physically, evolution wise, sexually. These three would be a wonderful addition to the group~

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