Pokegirls Bastion's Quest @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 2

Bastion's three starters were a bit surprised to see that they had all been picked.

Not upset mind you, just surprised. Bastion smiled, once they entered his home, he began introducing himself to the three of them, and explaining that he had a rather… silver tongue with the professor.

They smiled, all seeming to agree that this would, at least, make things more fun. Bastion brought all three of his starters into a warm, loving kiss. It was a rather sloppy affair, as a four person kiss ought to be, but it somehow ended up feeling wonderful and passionate, both intimate and open at the same time.

Bastion pulled back with a grin, "Much as I'd love to please you all equally, I'm afraid I've only got the one member, and so turns will need to be taken. You can decide for yourselves who will go when, but you'll all get equal attention." The pokegirls considered this together.

Eventually the Charamanda shrugged, "I'll go last. If I go first, he'll be too weak to finish you two off~" She bragged, not yet aware of the demigod's boundless stamina.

With that brick removed it was a simple matter for the Squirtitty to go first, the Boobisaur's passive nature not minding if she were to go second. Bastion smiled, bringing the water type into a kiss, his hands tracing along her naked form.

She shuddered at the feeling of her tamer's hands. Being a starter pokegirl of any kind made it unlikely to carry on with oversensitivity, but Bastion seemed to know exactly where to touch and kiss and rub to leave the shelled pokegirl with her legs wobbling.

"How would you like to be tamed~?" Bastioned asked, his words like honey.

With a shiver up her spine, Bastion leaned in, whispering what she wanted into his ear. Bastion's tail swished gently, and with a grin, he nodded.

His kiss moved down to her neck, sucking on the sensitive flesh as he moved the starter down onto her back. Onto the shell specifically, leaving her body slightly off the ground.

He'd been aware that the Squirtitty breed were known to like being tamed this way, as it gave them an instinctual feeling of helplessness (despite how easily hey could actually right themselves).

The water type groaned, quivering from his teasing touches already. He lined up to her sopping wet slit, pushing into her roughly. The two moaned together, the starter's wetness making it easy for her body to take his member in spite of his size. He pumped into her roughly, wanting her to feel all of him.

She groaned out as she felt it, holding Bastion close to her body as she took his powerful thrusts. His kiss moved from her neck down to her plump breasts, giving them the attention they rightly deserved as he sawed into her roughly, showing the speed with which his hips could move.

If Bastion so wished, his climax could have been held back for quite awhile. But he saw no reason to here, with his starters whom he wished to form a Bond.

And so they groaned together as they came, his member unloading into the water type as her cunt gripped tight around his shaft. They panted together, Bastion catching his breath quickly and giving the Squirtitty-whom he would dub in this moment be named Aiko-one more kiss before moving to his lovely plant type.

At her request, Bastion sat down for him to mount. She lowered herself onto his member gently, noticeably moist already from watching him with Aiko.

He moaned as he took hold of her hips, helping her movement as she began to work up and down her tamer's length.

Bastion traced his fingers along the inside of her thighs as he pumped into her, the plant type moaning more as she pumped up and down the demigod's member. He was careful not to harm her bulb as he rutted up into her.

His hands moved from her thighs to her breasts, ever so slightly larger and more sensitive than Aiko's had been and in need of attention during taming. She groaned as he massaged her tits, putting the sexual traits he had inherited to good use.

The Charamanda bit her lip as she watched, wishing now that she had not agreed to go last. She refused to touch herself as she watched though, feeling that that would show weakness, and she wanted only strength to be seen.

This grew harder as the pace picked up, the plant type's legs held up and out, spread wide so the Charamanda and Aiko could watch his cock slamming to the base inside of her cunt, their hips slapping together rapidly until both went roughly over the edge.

As with Aiko, the the Boobisaur to was named now; Bastion whispering the name Amia to her as he slid out of her slowly.

The Charamanda licked her lips as she approached for her turn. Bastion smiled, but unlike with the others, there was a process for the fire type.

"Much as I know you wish to be in control, and much as I'd love to give it to you, I'll have to take dominance, at least for our first taming," Bastion explained.

He knew full well that if he didn't, it would affect her mind, especially during evolutions. She would lose control of her aggression, and Bastion couldn't have that.

"But, I've a reward for you if you get through it~" He purred, whispering what she would be given if she accepted the mandatory submissive role for her first taming.

Her eyes sparkled as she heard this, the fire type nodding eagerly, willing to let him do damn near anything in that moment.

Smiling, Bastion snapped the cuffs onto her wrists. She'd been so enthralled she'd paid no attention to her hands being moved behind her back as he'd spoken.

With a sudden 'eep!' the Charamanda was pushed down onto her knees, her head down, her tail to the side, and her firm ass up. Bastion licked his lips, giving the literal hot ass a rough smack before lining up to her. The charamanda grit her fangs hard, refusing to yelp or cry out as she was dominated.

Her wrists reflexively strained against the metal of the cuffs, but they were no cheap plastic, and held firm as Bastion thrust down into the fire type, showing her enough strength to prevent her instinctive aggression getting out of control over time.

He kept the pace rough, correctly presuming that she would likely be insulted if he held back. He gave her ass several more rough smacks, leaving his handprint against her scales. Her fangs were starting to draw blood from her lip as she squeezed her eyes shut, instinctively rejecting any pleasure she felt from such a position.

Bastion felt her cum around his member regardless, and reached his own limit not long after. He sighed as he slid out of her, giving her one last smack to the ass before placing her reward before her and uncuffing her.

The fire type panted for a few moments. When she was stable, she turned to find a mouth watering sight; a strap-on of eight inches in length, and Bastion on his fours for her, delicious looking ass swaying back and forth for her.

He would name her Chiara as she thrust into him from behind, and he would let her exercise her aggression and enjoy her lusts now that he could be sure they wouldn't overwhelm her. They moaned together, happily, as they tamed.

Bastion's shuddered hard from Chiara's pounding, though was given the most shivers from the knowledge that this was merely the beginning of his quest.

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