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Pokegirls Bastion's Quest @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 14

Vile Bloom, the poison flower pokegirl. This pokegirl focuses almost entire on dust based attacks, able to form almost every dust attack within her body and spray them at opponent in different mixture to cause numerous different effects.

Victorybutt, the butt kicking pokegirl. This pokegirl is the evolution of the Weepingbutt, and the final evolution of the Buttsprout. Even more aggressive and predatory now, able to summon thorns and sharp needle like leaves.

Driad, the woodland pokegirl. This pokegirl is able to bond physically with a tree. Doing so limits her travel, but gives a variety of benefits. Even when not bound to a location, this breed is still known to fight for and protect the forest.

Dominatrix, the VERY aggressive pokegirl. This Nymph form is the evolution of the Domina, and is an all around improvement of her previous form, bigger, stronger, curvier, and even more aggressive, to the point of being willing to seriously hurt people for just suggesting they be on bottom.

Erika, the Celadon City gym leader, was a lovely woman with quite a powerful team.

Which made the battle almost heart breaking to watch. Chiara, still riding on the high of her recent evolution, took the combat section apart like abstract art.

She wasn't exactly built for handling a Dominatrix of course, but she didn't need to be. Having made it that far, Bastion had 3 fully rested pokegirls to chip away at the Dominatrix with, and after being worn down by Amia and Siara, Galia finally finished the dominant sex battler off.

It didn't even seem fair, but Erika was well aware that it was, and gave him his winnings without sulking. She blushed a bit at the kiss she gave him, unused to the intensity of his aura.

She was almost disappointed when he left her gym, and while Bastion would have loved to stick around, there was plenty more to do in this town, and he wanted to explore with his team.

He found his way to the Game Corner, where he found Ruby exchanging the coins he'd won for a pokeball.

Seems he'd done quite well for himself; something Bastion was certain was purely due to his good luck and not at all to do with dealers ogling what they thought to be a pretty girl and/or becoming flustered at realizing they'd been ogling beautiful boy instead.

"What'd you get?" Bastion asked his friend with a smile.

"An A-bra," Ruby said, "She'll need training of course, but she'll be amazing in time."

A-bra, the psychic snoozer pokegirl. This is one of the more common pokegirls, however most tend not to catch them do to their tendency to teleport away from their tamers whenever startled, and their requirement of eighteen hours of sleep a day.

It would, indeed, take some training. But given time, A-bra evolved into extremely powerful psychic fighters.

Bastion went to the challenge room where tamers battled for coins, looking to get a new teammate himself. His team had been healed from the gym battle, and had been resting safe in their pokeballs since; they were ready to fight if need be.

Bastion finally found an opponent, a high roller who seemed a little too confident for his own good. The gambling trainer begun the match with an electric/steel type, a rather odd looking 'girl.

Maggiemite, the floating bipolar pokegirl. This tech-like pokegirl has several bizarre qualities. The first is her ability to shift her hands and feet, either into half-spheres to aid in her control over magnetism, or into thicker gloves and boots to reduce damage. The second is her bipolar tendencies. Though her personality will never change, her viewpoint will. For example, while she way a Maggiemite wants to tame will remain the same, they might be as shy as a Titmouse about it one minute, and begging for it the next, regardless of where they are. The third is the strange magnetic satellite like devices that always float around her, which she can control directly, and will be magnetically bound in a revolution around her otherwise, moving based on her emotions.

Now, he was certain Chiara could have simply waded through the magnet 'girl, but wanted to give another of his 'girls a shot. He sent out Tiras against the Maggiemite. She might not be a fire type yet, but she'd gotten good at manifesting fire type attacks.

The Maggiemite fired a burst of electrical energy at Tiras, who dove away and threw a fireball in return. The fire attack landed, as did the ember that followed it.

The Maggiemite seemed to switch into a more aggressive mood, launching herself at Tiras with take down. It landed, making the Kitsune yelp in pain as she was pinned; but it wasn't the best of tactics.

The move had not only damaged the Maggiemite to use, but also brought the Maggiemite in close. The Maggiemite refused to go down easy however, landing several hard attacks up close and personal, steel claw and lightning punch raining down on her until the repeated embers finally knocked the steel type out.

Too injured to continue, Bastion recalled Tiras so she could rest.

As the gambler sent out his next pokegirl, a reddish orange furred canine pokegirl, Bastion simply smirked, sending out Aiko.

Growltit, the warm and fuzzy pokegirl. This canine-like pokegirl is the evolution of the Growlie, and considered the natural rival to the Vixxen line, though it focuses more of power and physical strength than on seduction.

While Aiko was still technically ahead, she'd not gotten nearly the chance to stand out as Chiara. So as she appeared from her ball and saw her opponent, she merely grinned at hearing Bastion's order of, "Go wild."

Aiko practically waded through the blasts of fire the Growltit tried to pelt her with, seeming barely affected by the heat and fire as she walked in close.

It did damage, certainly, but hardly enough to slow her. Once she got in close, she picked the now rather frightened Growltit by her scruff, giving her a gentle kiss... before blasting her out of the arena with a jet of water that had her unconscious before she even left the ring.

Gulping, and certainly regretting his large bet by now, the Gambler recalled her and sent out the last of his pokegirls.

Poliwhore, the sexy frog pokegirl. With enough time and care, a Polishag will evolve into this physically fit water type with a lustful disposition and a desire to use the new limbs their evolution has brought.

Bastion considered letting Aiko continue, if only to let her show off, but the fire did seem to have stung her skin, and he didn't want her in pain if she need not be.

And so he recalled her, sending out Amia. The water type seemed nervous the moment she saw a plant pokegirl approaching her, but was still confident; being of a much higher level.

She hadn't realized quite how hopeless a position she was in until the burst of green dust engulfed her. Amia let her vines out as the Poliwhore began to writhe in desperate need from the lust dust. Bastion met the Gambler's eyes.

"You want to call it here and take care of her yourself?" He offered.

With a sigh, he simply nodded, picking up his Poliwhore and leaving his coins for Bastion.

He chuckled, bringing Amia into a kiss before heading to exchange the coins for a cute new harem member to join the fun.

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