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Pokegirls Bastion's Quest @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 10

Bastion entered the Pewter city gym and marched directly up to the gym leader.

The neko tamer licked his hips at the sight of the muscular, dark skinned gym leader sitting bare chested on the stone slab opposite from Bastion on a battlefield for the pokegirls.

'Not bad at all~' He mentally purred. He managed to quiet his lustful side down for the moment and got their battle underway, Brock sending out his first pokegirl; a six foot humanoid 'girl with solid gray-brown skin.

Geogal, the dependable pokegirl/very near human. Most of the time Geogals look and feel relatively human with the exception of differing shades of tan, brown, or gray camouflage-like patches, depending on what climate they grew up in. But when they harden their skin, it can become as tough as granite or steel, depending on the strength of the pokegirl, and what they've eaten.

Bastion grinned, sending out Amia. Bastion swore he could see the look on the Geogal's face from across the battlefield, an expression that perfectly conveyed 'oh for fucks sake!' at the realization that they were about to get a train run over them. Amia's vines struck out, wrapping around the Geogal before she could make it three feet.

She yelped as she was snatched off the ground and tossed into the air. She was released from the vines while in mid-air, but only because it made her easier to bombard with razor leaves. She landed hard, and weak from the plant damage.

The last thing she saw before blacking out was all six of Amia's vines surging towards her like missiles. They hit her together, denting her into the ground and knocking her out.

Brock wasn't phased, recalling her and sending out his second pokegirl. Type advantage or no, the second 'girl was a rather imposing figure.

Eight feet high with sleek, pure black skin, a chest that you could get lost in both literally and metaphorically, legs that seemed to go for miles and nothing at all to cover the beauty.

Onyx, the rock giantess pokegirl/humanoid. Most look like very tall gray stone statues of women. Most have a set hair style that is literally set in stone. She cannot change it without a skilled sculptor, but she CAN regrow it back to its original form by consuming some rock. Because of their density, some domesticates become quite irate when comments about their weight are made, even in the most gentle and subtle of fashions.

Amia gulped slightly at the sight-though Bastion couldn't tell if it was from nervousness or attraction.

Perhaps both, as thats certainly where his own mind had settled. They tried to go for an immediate razor leaf barrage again, and while it was certainly doing damage, the Onyx's stone skin was so dense and solid that she was able to charge through it without being slowed, tanking the elemental damage she was taking for the chance to drop the source of it. Amia had to stop her assault to dive out of the way.

It was startling to see the Onyx suddenly stop and turn on her heels, as one wouldn't have thought such a motion to be possible for someone so large. It was less the movement itself and more the swift kick to the side that caught Amia's attention though.

She let out her vines to strike her, and while four of them struck home hard, the Onyx grabbed hold of two of them in one hand.

She gave one hard pull that yanked the Boobisaur off her feet, reeling her in close for a back hand that echoed throughout the building. Bastion winced as his plant type crumpled to the ground like a bag of hammers.

He called to her, both verbally and through their Bond, not to give up yet, that she had already done a lot of damage, she just needed to hang in there. Amia managed to get, albeit shakily, back to her feet, and once again let out her vines. This time though, she didn't just go for whiplashes.

Two vines with to the Onyx's legs, two for her arms, and two for her midsection. They entangled around her slowly in a position that would have been able to combo quite easily into the Vine Bondage technique, but they had already discussed before the battle that it would be a bad idea to attempt that unless the target was already hit with lust dust, and the Onyx was currently not within range.

So instead what followed was an intense, prologue game of tug-of-war between Amia and her six vines, and Onyx's sheer strength. It looked at times like the two were holding perfectly still, the only signs of how much struggle was really going on being the powderized stone that was pushed up by the Onyx's stone heels whenever there was movement on her end. The struggle had to reach a breaking point, but neither side was quite expecting what that breaking point would be.

Shaking with the effort, it looked like Amia was about to pass out or collapse. Instead, her body became enveloped in white light. All eyes in the room went side as-vines still holding the Onyx-Amia gained half a foot in height, her hips and bust both growing in size as her back bulb began to open to show pedals of the potential flower within.

Ivywhore, the floral Pestilence pokegirl. This pokegirl is much more attuned to nature, her plant sense able to reach out several miles. She is also now able to use up to eleven vines and form a variety of powder attacks, including stun spore, poison powder, sleep powder, bloom powder, sap powder, and itch powder.

The white light hadn't even faded when three more vines extended out, wrapping around the Onyx with the others.

Through a combination of the extra vines, the increase in strength from the evolution, and the shock that had thrown the Onyx off her game, the newly formed Ivywhore successfully reeled the Onyx in, the vines now entangling her body more dominantly as the largest cloud of lust dust Amia had managed yet-and most potent judging from how deep the green of it was-erupted from her bulb.

The Onyx, overwhelmed with the lust effect, softened her skin immediately as Amia's vines held her legs apart, letting her bury her tongue and two of her vines inside of her needy cunt. It was a foregone conclusion at that point.

None of Bastion's 'girls were about to lose or even be challenged by a normal sex battle. Perhaps that was why Brock's third pokegirl, one that presumably had been meant specifically for sex battles, instead came out guns blazing; the golden blonde fox girl sending a ball of fire at Amia the moment her feet hit the ground.

Vixxen, the fornicating fox pokegirl/animorph (vulpine). Horny as a Vixxen goes the saying, and that is the most noticeable character feature of a Vixxen. Vixxens are ready: anytime, anywhere, any conditions. They are no good as pets, however, as their libido tends to wear out pet owners and their fiery nature just means that keeping the pokegirl in line can be difficult for any tamer, let alone someone who owns pets. The fact that they lack control over their libido, and in some cases, their flames, means that no Pet Owner is going to give a Vixxen the chance to burn their home down.

The fireball his Amia's gut and made her stumble back. She had not been expecting a fire type from a rock themed gym, and needed time to pre-orient herself.

Time that she was decidedly not given, the Vixxen engulfing her with fire from a powerful flamethrower. It didn't knock her out immediately, but she was down for the count.

Thankfully, Amia had only been the first of the three max pokegirls he was allowed to use for the battle. Aiko was sent out next, the Vixxen's eyes widening at the sight of a second form water type entering the ring.

She didn't even have time to get out the word 'mercy' before she was pinned to the ground by watergun. The battle, all told, had only lasted ten minutes.

Not exactly a world record, but definitely fast for a gym battle. Brock actually chuckled as he handed Bastion the Boulder badge, quite impressed with his skills.

Grinning, Bastion invited Brock to the center to have his 'girls healed. Seeing nothing wrong with stepping out for a bit, Brock agreed, and the two headed to the center together. Brock's weakness for NurseJoys became apparent the moment they arrived, the gym leader unable to stop flirting with her the entire time the pokegirls were being healed.

Bastion grinned, leaning in and whispering to him all the things they could do with the Joy if he stayed at the center with him for a bit longer~

"Foolish demi-legendary."

She spat on the ground with such force it sent cracks through the rough stones, "I can't believe she was so brazen, so… so absolutely shameless.."

She paused for a moment, and sighed, "No.. no I can entirely believe it. I suppose I just never believed she would let it go so far. A child.. And with a human.."

She shook her head, "Someone is going to have to teach these fools their place. It will at least be interesting to see how long the boy lasts I suppose."

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