Pokegirls Bastion's Quest @sinfulnature1123
Chapter 1

Yes this is effectively the same first installment from the drabbles, but I have to start somewhere don't I?

"Wake up my child~"

Bastion woke with a grin and a stiff member pressing against soft fur. He'd recognize his mother's voice anywhere. Bastits, the sex goddess pokegirl, smiled as her only child woke, his morning wood rubbing against her leg and then against her pussy.

She didn't get to visit him nearly as much as she'd have liked to, but she had done everything to raise him to be a proper tamer.

Being the child of the literal goddess of sex, Bastion had been sexually oriented from a very young age.

He'd simultaneously been the slut of his school and the heart throb, attracting attention from basically every student and nearly all the teachers as well, even the males who had been, up to that point, straight. His lustful aura was far more powerful than any normal human's, and his skills at being dominant, submissive, and everything in between, were unmatched.

He'd grown up now, and was officially of age to become a tamer. He couldn't recall a time he'd been more excited, save for the time his mother had first appeared to him to give him the greatest first time in bed ever.

Now here she was to help him celebrate his first day as a tamer.

She lifted herself up, then dropped down onto him solid cock. She moaned loudly, holding his hips as she rode him. He'd always been bigger than he'd had any right to be, another benefit of being a child of Bastits.

Currently his member was at eleven inches, but he had the power to shrink it to please those who would be hurt by his normal size.

Bastion thrust up into Bastits, his hands going to her hips as he thrust in rhythm with the movements of her hips.

The sight of his mother's tits bouncing as she rode him always sent him into a lustful frenzy, and they went from a gentle pace to one that would have injured normal people or even pokegirls remarkably quick.

"I'm so proud of you my son~" Bastits moaned, lowering herself so Bastion could latch his lips around her nipple, sucking it hard while he used on hand to grope the other.

She moaned, "Don't stop my son~ harder~" Bastion seemed to take this to heart, putting all his strength into every thrust, something he was only every able to do with her.

His entire cock slammed into her warm, eager pussy with roughly the same force as an actual jackhammer, but Bastits took it all easily, moaning in pleasure as she went over the edge, cumming in perfect unison with her son.

Neither one of them was the slightest bit tired. They could have fucked for the entire day and not gotten tired until nightfall. They may have attempted to do so if not to the limit on how much time Bastion had to get up and go get his starting pokegirl. Bastits gave Bastion one last kiss before teleporting away, wishing him luck and love on his adventure.

Bastion didn't bother getting dressed. He rarely wore anything. Being naked in public was perfectly legal in the world of pokegirls because of how many breeds of pokegirl either preferred to go naked or literally couldn't wear clothing, either because of bodily complications such as extra limbs, or because of elemental issues such as constantly burning fire types or the solid bodies of stone types.

Bastion never saw the point to wearing clothes. They usually just got in the way really, and he loved the attention he got.

The Professor didn't seem shocked in the slightest to see that he was naked. He'd taken his tamer's exam naked and turned the entire testing hall into a bisexual orgy the last time he'd been in the lab.

"Here for your first pokegirl?" he asked. It was a silly question really, but Bastion just nodded. The Professor let out the three pokegirls he could choose from; Charamanda, Boobisaur, or Squirtitty.

Bastion whimpered at the prospect of having to choose. All three of them were so beautiful. "Are you sure I can only take one?" he asked.

The Professor nodded, "Only one." "Are you sure there's no way I could...persuade you otherwise?" He asked. His tone was innocent, but his grin was rather suggestive, and his aura made it impossible for the Professor not to get stiff at the offer.

"I..well..I don't exactly think it would be very fair to.." The Professor's voice trailed off as Bastion ground his palm against the tent in his pants.

"I promise I'll do a good job~" He purred.

The aura was too much, the Professor couldn't think straight. He didn't remember dropping his pants, but the next thing he was aware of was Bastion's incredible mouth around his cock, sucking it like a pro and seeming to take immense pleasure in doing so.

He held the Professor's hip with one hand as he bobbed his head along his stiff cock, the other going to his balls, fondling and massaging them expertly as he took his entire cock to the back of his throat without gagging.

Bastion could sense what the Professor wanted and how he wanted it, and so he moved his hands to the Professor's and placed them on the back of his head. On cue, the Professor gripped Bastion's head and began to skull-fuck him aggressively, the three starter pokegirls all squirming and struggling not to start touching each other.

The Professor groaned, cumming hard down Bastion's throat. He took every drop, swallowing it all. "What do you say now~?" Bastion asked.

The Professor didn't actually say anything, just left all three pokeballs with Bastion as he left the room. Bastion grinned, turning to his three pokegirls, ready to please them as well. He wished his father was still around, he'd have loved to share this experience with him as well. He hoped to make him, as well as his goddess of a mother, proud. He had one hell of an adventure planned~

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