Rise of Genesis @kaealeah
Gods and Immortals


Thor flew down to the European mountain ranges and roughly threw Loki upon the peak of a rocky hill, surrounded by the dense veil of darkness provided to them by the twilight. He hit the rugged terrain hard and groaned with pain deep in his voice, a mischievous laugh and smile soon surfaced in its place.

"Where's the Tesseract?" Thor demanded through gritted teeth.

"Oh, I've missed you too." Loki only laughed.

"Do I look to be in a gaming mood!?" The clouds overhead bend and bowed to the mighty god's powerful voice, darkening with the sound of rolling thunder behind the thick gloom of the sky. A storm was upon them but only in the dreaded form of a very angry demigod.

"Oh, you should be thanking me. With the Bifrost gone now, much dark energy did the Allfather have to muster to conjure you here? Your precious earth...that's home to that appalling woman." Loki spat out in a mocking tone.

Thor's eyes became wide with sudden anger, seeing only red for a fraction of a second. He could recall Cain's lovely face like it was only yesterday and every little detail about it, but for her to be labeled as a monster made his veins burn like hellfire and it actually started to hurt. It was an obvious taunt to try and provoke the God of Thunder. He knew that, but just Loki using Cain's name in that kind of statement just mad his blood absolutely boil.

The whole mountainside trembled when Thor suddenly dropped his hammer to the ground. He marched over to Loki, his fist clenched in a tight ball. He was shaking, wanting nothing more than to knock his brother's lights out for what he said...but in the end, he was still his brother. "I thought you dead," he spoke, voice cracking from all the pent of anger and grief that developed throughout the rough year.

"Did you mourn?" Loki eyed him.

"We all did. Our father..."

"Your father." Loki corrected. "He did tell you about my true parentage, did he not?" He stepped away from his brother.

"We were raised together, we played together, we fought together. Do you remember none of that?" He wanted to know the truth, everything...and where it all went wrong. Moments like this, he truly did feel jealous of Cain and her bond with her sisters, but his relationship with Loki...it just felt toxic now and he hated it. Thor wanted nothing more than to have his brother back.

"I remember a shadow," Loki spat at him. "Living in the shade of your greatness. I remember you tossing me into an abyss. I was and should be a king!" he shouted, feeling his whole body quake with anger.

"You can't though... This world belongs to not only one woman, but a whole family. This is Cain's world. This is her one and only home. Do not take it as recompense for your imagined sights."

"Her world?" Loki scoffed at the accusation and actually found it quite amusing. "You truly know nothing about her or her world. The humans slaughter each other in droves, and your love is just as guilty. You can smell the iron coming off her from the ages of just bathing in it."

That must've hit a cord for Thor. "I am aware of what Cain had done in the past, but I'm assured that everything she had done was for the sake of protecting her family. And do you honestly think yourself above them? Above her?"

"Well, yes," he said, clouded by his own arrogance.

"Then you miss the truth of ruling, brother. The throne would suit you ill."

Loki shoved Thor to the side and walked up to the ledge. "I've seen worlds you've never known about! I have grown, Odinson, in my exile! I have seen the true power of the Tesseract, and when I wield it..."

That caught Thor's attention as he approached his brother. "Who showed you this power? Who controls the would-be-king?"

"I am a king!" Loki shouted.

"Not here!" Thor roughly grabbed his brother by the upper arms. "You give up the Tesseract! You give up this poisonous dream!" he then spoke calmly. Pleading actually. "You come home."

Loki scoffed with a smirk. "I don't have it. You need the cube to bring me home, but I've sent it off I know not where."

Thor clenched his teeth and shoved Loki away. He summoned his hammer back to his hand and held it up. "You listen well, brother. I..." His words suddenly fell short though when this loud, ear rattling booming noise.

POW! POW! POW! The skies went.

It was a sonic boom that was completely soul-draining, appearing like something was slamming against the air very hard, causing a mass parting in the dense clouds above them. Thor and Loki felt the hairs on the back of their necks stand on end when they looked up at the split in the sky. Thor was confused at what it could be...but the look in Loki's face said it all. He knew what was coming, while his brother remained oblivious.

It finally came to a head when Abel's small and petite body fell through the cloudline. Completely silent at first, like water trickling down a small lake...until her feet finally hit the ground about half a mile away from them. The impact vibrated the whole mountain range and rocked Thor and Loki back and forth.

Thor regained his balance and clenched his hammer tightly, preparing himself for what was to come. His eyes couldn't penetrate the darkness and all was quiet for what felt like an eternal second. Time either stopped or Abel hasn't made her move yet, but he definitely knew she was out there, watching, judging, and studying.

The rocks and small pebbles creaked and crumbled under the heels of Abel's shoes as she stared silently at the gods from afar. She could tell that Thor was trying to look for her but the darkness provided the immortal with the perfect cover.

Slowly, she placed her foot at the very edge of the hill and leaned down, bending her knees before suddenly launching herself towards them at an alarming and break-neck motion. She tackled Thor and threw them both right off the mountainside and inside the darkness of the forest below, leaving Loki by his lonesome.

Loki rolled his eyes and sighed. "Simpleton," he muttered, his heart almost coming to a complete halt when there was this loud crashing sound from directly behind him. Loki turned around but not fast enough to avoid a flying but small fist that punched him straight in the eye. Seeing stars for a second, he collapsed to the ground completely unconscious.

Seth shook out her fist and stood above the fallen god, eyes half-lidded with irritation. "Simpelton," she mocked and tried to impersonate his voice, rolling her eyes to the back of her skull. Seth looked back up to tried to spot Abel and Thor in the midst of the sea of trees.

The descent was rough on both Abel and Thor. They crashed into a couple of trees on the way down and came to a rolling halt, brains obviously rattled and a couple of Abel's bones were broken from the fall.

Every time she moved, even the simplest twitch made her jolt with a fury of pain. Through her struggles though, Abel somehow managed to roll herself on her back and was finally capable of breathing smoothly once more, gasping for air to return. Her body was creaking all over as it tried to repair itself, steam fluttered in the air as proof. "Ow, ow, ow, ow," she whimpered. Abel closed her eyes tightly and had no choice but to wait a couple of seconds until the steam finally faded, allowing her the ability to get up once more.

Thor let out a frustrated grunt and pushed himself up, swaying back and forth. He started at Abel with urgency in his eyes. "I will ask you politely...to not do that again," he warned the immortal woman standing limp in front of him.

Abel felt her last joint pop back into place and felt a rush of ease. "Believe me when I say...that I don't want to fight you, but I would also appreciate it if you didn't suddenly take the man we're supposed to bring in for questioning." She was, of course, being as polite as she possibly could to not cause a fight to break out, but she could easily tell that Thor was frustrated with more than one thing on his mind.

"You have no idea what you are dealing with," he shouted back at her.

"Yes, I do!" Abel replied urgently to him. "We know how dire the situation is right now and that's why we're bringing him in. You taking him away will not benefit us at all or help the situation."

"Loki will face Asgardian justice!"

"Time will tell when justice will be brought upon him...but not when we need him to find the Tesseract." She was hoping this man would see reason but it didn't look like it was processing right with him.

A moment later Abel turned her head when Seth descended down beside her, knees bent and ready to engage. She probably would've if her older sister hasn't placed a hand on her shoulder, having the grip strength of a thousand men to keep her little sister from doing anything rash.

Seth groaned and looked at her. "What? He started it." she pointed at the god who was growing more and more frustrated by the second.

"And we're not going to drag it out. We don't have the time for it," Abel said firmly.

"You've got to be kidding me." Seth broke free from her. "That asshole up there (Loki) mucked up our home so that makes him our problem to dispose of. Handsome over there can have what's left of him when we're done!"

Abel bit down on her lips when she noticed Thor gripping his hammer tightly. "Seth..." she began and saw the god pull his weapon back and chuck it as hard as he could across the forest. "Seth, get down!" She shoved her baby sister away just as the hammer struck the side of her body, bones shattering and puncturing her organs on impact. Abel was knocked to the cold floor and felt blood gush up from her throat.

"Abel?!" Seth's voice shrieked out like claws on a chalkboard. She immediately kneeled beside her fallen sibling whose eyes were wide, gurgling up blood from the damage the hammer inflicted on her glass-like body. "Oh, God...Ah, uh..." She grits her teeth and fixed a glare at Thor, eyes wild with boiling anger. "What did you just do! That's my sister!"

The person below her laid motionless and had long, messy blonde hair and a torn-up blue dress that looked like an animal mauled it. The golden strands of hair were stained with warm blood and her face was swollen badly, discolored with black, blue and red. Her entire body was covered in bruises and cuts that weren't made by any wild animal. It was clear for Seth that it was by the hands of a human who did this.

Seth stared at the broken woman, wishing it was someone else...she hoped it was, but she knew better. It couldn't have been anyone else.

"S...ister?" Seth gasped sharply and crawled over to her sister's body. "Sister?" She let loose this wild, animal-like cry and desperately shook Abel's shoulder like a mad-woman. Seth felt her eyes began to get hazy and her throat was closing up. "Sister! Hey! Oh, God! Please say something!" she screamed in this high pitched tone that even surprised herself. Seth felt her body shaking all over and her subconscious spun like a twister. It's hard to breathe, much less speak anymore. The only thing that could process through her head was to shake her like a child crying for their parent, but what stopped Seth was a small gasp escaping from Abel's cut and bruised lips. She leaned down right over Abel's chest and desperately searched for a heartbeat, hoping that her mind wasn't playing games on her. "Abel?"

A second later, Abel abruptly spat up the blood from her lungs and gasped deeply. Her brown eyes snapping open and darted left and right in search of something that was no longer there.

"Hey! Hey!" Seth held the sides of Abel's face and peered down at her. "Sister, are you alright? Can you hear me?"

It was a struggle for Abel to speak since her throat felt like it was coated in glass shards. "Seth...?" It was painful, an electric shock rippling through her whole body and caused her to flinch. "Where is she...? We have to...we have..." Abel fought to get her body to move but the fiery pain was too great. "Please," she pleaded with her broken voice.

Seth's eyebrows squished together with confusion. She looked up and scanned the dark forest with her eyes but saw nothing, much less hear anything either. Seth only now realized that the woods were completely quiet, not even cicadas could be heard. She found the unwelcomed silence to be eerie. "What are you talking about? Was it our sister who did this to you? Where is she?"

Something was terribly wrong with their sister.

Seth knew something was wrong with Cain, she just didn't want to accept it.

Cain never acted like this before, suddenly becoming so estranged. Knowing that she tried to kill Abel though made Seth's heart squeeze and body tremble.

Was it really Cain who tried to kill Abel?

And for what exactly?

Just what drove her to do this?

Abel cried out as her brown eyes started to become glassy, washing out the blood as tears streamed down the sides of her face. "We have to stop her or...or...she's going to kill herself!"

Seth's body felt like it was being dipped in ice water. She stared down at her weeping and injured sister, eyes wide with despair. "What...?"

Thor felt his heart sway a bit when he heard Seth's voice. The rage was absolutely poisonous, chilling to the bone and his very soul as well. Terror was there but it was guilt that began to eat away at him.

He didn't want to fight them, so the plan was to grab Loki as quick as he could and get out of there, hoping that the girls wouldn't follow. It was a good idea, he knew that, but his mind wasn't playing games on him...he knew that was Cain up there in the jet. The way that his heart sped up, the automatic attachment and yearning to touch her again were overwhelming his logical way of thinking.

He longed to see her, more than taking Loki back to Asgard...he wanted nothing more than to hold that woman again.

Thor took the moment in the girls' distress to quickly summon his hammer back to him. He began to spin it fast just when the last of the steam faded away from Abel's body, her head turned to him in an instant. She bolted upright from the ground and rushed at him in a flash. Abel took a hard swing but Thor quickly reacted this time and caught her fist before it could make contact with him. He felt his hand sting a bit when he caught her fist, his knees bowing from just the pure strength she had behind it.

He leaned back and headbutted Abel right in the face and knocked her head back. Her eyes suddenly snapped open wide though before coming down on him twice as hard, slamming her forehead against his. There was a loud CLONKING noise and Thor stumbled back before tripping. He felt his vision falter a bit as a loud ringing began to go off in his head as well as a throbbing and pulsating pain.

Seth cautiously approached Abel from behind and bit down on her lips. "Jesus, Mary, Joseph," she muttered under her breath and patted her sister on the back. "Now I just pity the poor guy." She wasn't the one who got hit but she definitely witnessed Abel's killer headbutts before in the past. Just the sound of someone's skull crashing into her's just made her skin crawl in all the wrong ways. Thankfully she never was on the receiving in of that forehead.

Abel rubbed her bruised forehead until the redness faded. "Same here. I hate doing that but it never fails to bring someone to their knees and just listen." She frowned with herself and let out a deep sigh of frustration.

It took a moment for Thor to come back to his senses. He got back to his feet and stumbled a bit, head still ringing like the bells of Valhalla calling for him. "I don't have time for this," he grumbled, already at his wit's end with these girls. He finally howled out the words he wanted to say this whole time. "I have to see her. I have to see Cain!"

This was his only desire, the only thing he wanted right now. Just once, even if it was only a single glance...he just wanted to see Cain once more.

Abel suddenly stiffened and her voice grew weary with disbelief when this mighty god spoke her sister's name. "You know our sister?"

Thor's whole body shuttered and turned cold that very instant Abel spoke those words, not entirely sure if he heard her correctly. "What?" he said weakly, no power at all left in his voice. He could see now, the resemblance between the two sisters in front of him. The blonde hair and the elegant features that looked utterly divine. It reminded him of Cain whenever he would look at them, maybe it was why he felt so reluctant to fight them in the first place. "You're...Cain's sisters?"

Seth sucked in a deep breath. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously at the god before her who was utterly shellshocked from this discovery. "My question to you though...how the hell do you know our older sister?"

"I...we..." Thor turned a ghostly shade of white before his hammer slipped from his fingertips and fell to the floor. His stomach began to twist painfully and he suddenly fell to his knees in total defeat. "What...was I...doing?" he questioned to himself.

Abel's pink lips parted slightly when she saw the dismay began to bubble up in his eyes. She couldn't even possibly imagine how this man could know Cain. "Just who are you...to our sister?" She was a bit speechless at this man's sudden change in tone, but their attention was brought away when this loud pounding sound rattled the air.


Abel jumped and Seth looked up at the sky, seeing the clouds split open once more. "Speak of the devil."

Something descended to the earth and slammed down between Thor and the sisters. There was this unknown force that caused a ripple through Thor's body and the whole area as well, erupting in a shockwave the pulled the god off balance. Dirt was thrown in the air and Thor could only see a fury of blonde hair before him.

Seth was only able to keep her balance because she was using her unmovable sister as a windbreaker. "Holy hell?" Seth peeked up from over Abel's shoulder and saw her elder sister standing between them in a large crater. "The hell were you trying to do? Shatter the earth's crust with your weight?"

Cain shot her baby sister a dirty look before waving her off. "I'll talk to you later about that mouth of yours. More importantly, where's Loki?"

Seth gestured with her thumb to the mountains behind her, speaking casually with annoyance itching in her voice. "I knocked him out on that mountainside over there because he was annoying the shit out of me."

Abel furrowed her brows and turned around, trying to see if she could spot the unconscious god in the distance. "I was wondering what he was doing this whole time," she muttered.

Thor blinked a couple of times and shook his head. The shockwave blinded him and caused this abrupt ringing in his ears. He could hardly make out the voices for a second when his vision finally returned. Thor looked up when Cain finally directed her attention down to him.

He got to his feet very slowly and took a hesitant step towards her, still not entirely sure if it was real or not. "Cain...?" he whispered without even realizing.

A softness grew in Cain's hardened eyes and a smile rose to her lips. "It's been like a year since I've seen you...it's comforting to see that you haven't changed at all."

Her low and gravely voice ultimately hit with this realization, a shock of reality that was completely and utterly true. She was here, standing in front of him. Bathed in the moonlight but still glowing like gold. The sensation of longing finally filled him up to the very brim just by looking at her glimmering eyes once more.

His body moved all on its own, trapping her in an instant within his arm, squeezing tightly and burying his head into her shoulder.

This is what he wanted. He wanted to touch her again, feel her hair graze against his skin and have the inchanting scent of vanilla captivate his very reality.

"I've longed to see you," Thor mumbled into her shoulder. "Cain...I've missed you...so much."

His words made the year-long wait completely worth it. Cain's lips started to quiver before she hid in the strength of his embrace. "Me too."

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