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The Baby Sister


It was the most soul-draining and banshee-like scream they had ever heard, and what followed were these sharp yet loud hammering noises of someone slamming their fists against what seemed like reinforced metal. The ping and painful ringing in their ears were evident to that. The voice was just filled to the brim with pure rage and hatred, giving a burst of fear that crawled up and down everyone's spines. It echoed down the halls and bounced off the walls as they got closer and closer to the source of the frightful screams.

Banner had totally gone ghostly pale at this point while following behind everyone. A while ago, he noticed that this whole section of the helicarrier had been totally isolated. More bluntly though, it was actually abandoned. Not a single soul had walked by them for a couple of minutes now. Steve was starting to grow more and more concerned with every horrific scream that ricocheted off the walls. He couldn't even keep his face calm anymore and didn't bother to hide how uncomfortable he was.

Banner opened his mouth and his voice accidentally cracked from the intense stress. "Ah...are you sure about this?" He gave an awkward shrug of his shoulders. "Because I...I don't think this is a good idea." He came by it rather honestly, which was understandable.

"I don't think we should let her out of she's not in the right state of mind," Steve said firmly to make his point made. If things don't go as planned, then everyone on board would be at risk.

"I couldn't agree with you more," Fury said and continued walking with Cain and Abel out in front. "But I made a deal with these ladies here and I really don't feel like breaking it with them." His voice was looming with worry and bitterness.

Steve groaned with frustration and rolled his eyes, the constant pounding beginning to hurt his ears since it was so loud now. "What's going on anyway?" If he can't stop it then he would rather be prepared for what was to come.

"If you must know... 73 hours ago, we shot the baby sister up with advanced sedatives purposely created for her. Afterwards, we locked her up in a reinforced steel box so we could ship her without any trouble." Fury explained, clenching his jaw tightly.

Cain's ears perked up to the prominent female screams that sounded even closer. It was loud enough to make the whole aircraft tremble. Her heart made a leap when she was starting to recognize the tone of the voice that hasn't been heard of in such a long time. "Sounds like the sedatives are wearing off."

Banner abruptly jerked away from the wall to his right when the loud banging rattled the metal. "Won't the box hold?" he asked with a shaking voice, swearing his heart was going to give out.

Cain suddenly stopped walking and turned her body around to face him. "Think about it, Dr. Banner. They're no longer regularly pumping her with advanced sedatives, which gives her the chance to burn away the rest of the drugs in her system. That's over 70 years worth of pent up rage." She then began to speak ominously. "There's no way that box is going to hold her."

Abel sighed deeply and could feel the floor below her rattle with every hard thud. "Seth is a bit...difficult to deal with, personality-wise. Between the three of us, she's a lot more prone to losing her temper."

"Well, that's comforting," Steve said sarcastically.

They continued to walk till they reached the end of the hall where a pair of double doors waited, only to be unlocked with a retina scan. Even the doors were reinforced to not let whatever was inside out.

"Now...before we go in," Cain began. "For a matter of safety, do not drift from each other and do not stray from us. I'm not entirely sure how Seth will react once she is free." she gave her final warning and looked at Fury. "Open it. Now."

That was an order Fury was reluctant to do, but he knew if he didn't open that door right now...then she would do it herself. He finally leaned into the scanner and a green glow hovered over his eye. The lock clicked and the door slowly slid open. It was like one of the seven gates of hell being unlocked.

The inside of the room was large, circular, and empty, making the screams more prominent sounding. It sounded inhuman, a mix between a woman's voice and a creature of eternity. The horrid wailing ranged from a cry of sorrow to pure and honest rage, all coming from a 9-foot tall box in the center of the room. The front of the reinforced door was covered in dents in the shape of small fists, and with every cry of anger, a new one was made.

Just the sheer sound and force of the scream made all the hot blood drain from Steve's body. He felt oddly cold, not as if the scream was totally anger-filled...but just plain sad. It was desperate, dire, remorseful. He didn't know what Seth looked like, but for a reason, he could imagine a small and frightened child behind the door, pounding to be set free.

Abel, on the other hand, looked horrified. "Good God," she uttered, never hearing such a voice come from her little sister's lungs before. It made her absolutely shiver, wishing to plug her ears so she wouldn't have to hear that sound ever again. Still, at this point in time, the sound was already engraved into her memory. "Sister..." she began and felt Cain's comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I know," Cain said in a gravelly voice, feeling her heart squeeze with anxiety.

An unwanted silence then suddenly filled the room like a plague lying in wait to wreck havoc. Abel gave Cain a confused and troubled look before there was one last scream of bottomless wrath. It then sounded like someone used their whole body and rammed it hard against the door with all their might. The door abruptly burst off its hinges at a break-neck speed and hurled right towards the crowd.

"Get down!" Cain's screeched before she dove to the side, the door flying right over her head. "Abel!"

Abel pushed herself, Steve and Dr. Banner out of the way and used her leg to shove Fury to the side. They all fell to the floor and just bearly missed the door that soared right by them. It struck the wall and pinned itself there, totally stuck.

Banner felt like he was having a heart-attack and Steve looked slightly disoriented by the near-death experience that only lasted for like a fraction of a second. The door busted off its hinges way to fast for him to see, and without Abel being there, he surely would have been decapitated without ever knowing what happened or what hit him.

Abel looked up from the ground...and all the air evaporated from her lungs at what she saw stumble out of the box and onto the floor. It was a woman, hunched over on the ground with a wavy mess of caramel-colored blonde hair that covered her face, hiding her features from view. Her skin tone should be pale for being locked up after all these years, but instead, it was a healthy flushed pink color. She was also shorter than her sisters, probably standing at the height of 5'2, and with a petite build. Her clothes were old and out of date, too. A gray top, simple light blue sweat pants, and no shoes at all.

Abel got back to her feet but did so very slowly to not set her sister off. "Seth...?" she called out but she didn't respond. Abel began to slowly approach her with her hands up to not show hostility.

Seth moves were very jerky and she even seemed to snarl. She backed up towards the box but not going as far as to go back into it, trapping herself between it and Abel who was slowly getting closer.

"Seth...Hey." Abel was cautious and spoke as smoothly as she could.

She was close enough to finally see Seth's eyes, something she had missed looking at for a very long time. Her eyes looked like they were made of the most luxurious gems in the world. So clear, glittering, and with enough alluring mischief that could make anyone's heart squeeze with excitement.

Abel's eyes were the most beautiful brown color...but Seth's electric blue ones totally outshined them.

Abel could feel her heart speed up with her final step towards her sister. "Hey..." she said and gently laid a hand on her shoulder.

Seth roughly withdrew from the strange and soft touch, her eyes growing ballistic and deranged in a fraction of a second. Suddenly, she grabbed Abel by her arm, twisted her body around and threw her older sister all the way across the room. Abel's body slammed hard against the wall and she slumped down to the floor.

It about knocked all the air out of her and she struggled to get her words out quick enough. "Se...Seth's unhinged!" she shouted out frantically and watched in terror as her mad sister charged at the stunned men. "Intercept her!"

Steve grabbed the back of Banner's blazer and was about to push him out of the way but Seth was quickly intercepted by Cain and tackled to the floor. The small woman screeched like a banshee at the top of her lungs, vibrating the whole craft while trying to get out of Cain's iron grasp, but this was one hold she could never break free from. Cain trapped her in a tight hold and whispered soft Hebrew into her ear. It took a few seconds but she slowly began to relax and didn't struggle so much. Seth's body clenched up when that familiar raspy voice finally broke through the rage and sorrow of her distorted mind.

It's been so long since she heard Cain's voice, but never in her whole life would she ever forget the way it sounded, her source of comfort and strength.

"Ah...uh..." Seth's voice cracked, rough and dried up from screaming so much. Her lips tremble and she slowly sank down into her sister's embrace, tears finally falling.

Cain dropped her head into Seth's shoulder and felt as if her soul had been released from the 70 years worth of anxiety. The most stressful thing in her life had finally ended and her family was complete once more. "Abe-" She stopped and looked up at Abel walking over to them, tears streaming down from her brown eyes too. "Why are you crying?"

"How could I not?" Abel dropped to her knees and tugged on Seth, wrapped her arms tightly around her little body.

The woman pounding on the door a moment ago was now embracing her sisters like a frightened child that just found her parents. It gave Banner a bit of comfort to know that Seth wasn't acting up, and Steve was just relieved that it ended without much of a fight.

Seth just sat there, wailing like a child who had just been reunited with her lost family. This is what Steve thought when he heard the scream from behind that reinforced box and this is what he was witnessing right now.

They watched in silence when Seth peeked her head up slightly and looked straight towards them. She had the same eyes as Cain and Abel, just slightly different. She had the years and experience...but was riddled with much more wild emotions.

They moved to a different room, one that was definitely bigger than the box. It was just a simple bedroom and a private bathroom to the right, which is where Abel was in right now getting a bath ready for her little sister.

Seth may have calmed down considerably after the whole near-death experience they all had with her, but she was still acting like a wounded animal. Utterly silent to everyone around her, even her own sisters.

Cain stood outside of the room and was studying her sister through the one-way window. She could hardly recognize Seth in this feral state. Her appearance was absolutely haggard. The clothes she wore looked like they were once white, now aged to a dark and dingy gray. Her nails looked short but she chewed on them to keep them that way. Hair long and ratty, a complete unmanageable mess. Cain even noticed that there was dried blood in it too.

Banner stared at Seth through the window. "She looks so young," he muttered under his breath.

"I know," Cain stood beside Banner. "She stopped aging at 21, millions of years ago." She sighed deeply, staring at Seth's petite figure curled up in a mountain of blankets on the bed. "Sometimes even I forget how old she actually is when she looks like this."

That is what was bothering Steve when he heard her screams. He thought her voice sounded young. Looking at her now though, he understood why. His jaw tightened and he snapped his head over to Fury standing behind them. "What did she do?" he asked rather harshly, catching Banner and Cain's attention.

Fury blinked, a bit taken aback by his tone. "What?" he asked again, making sure he heard him right.

"She must have done something to get locked up for all those years. What did she do?" he demanded

Fury shook his head. "It's not as simple as you-" Cain cut him off.

"Then make it simple." Her voice cut in deep. For 70 years, Cain and Abel had been in the dark about the truth of her sister's disappearance and was wanting answers just as much as Steve did.

Fury bit down on his lips and said nothing, letting the silence in the hallway drag out.

"Well?" Banner said, waiting.

Cain stared at Fury in his one good eye until he averted his gaze from her, telling the eldest immortal everything she needed in the one split second he did so. "He's not fessing up because Seth never did anything to begin with." She scoffed at the realization.

Steve's eyes went wide. "What?" he exclaimed.

"I've known Seth ever since she was born on a harsh winter day." Cain began and dropped her head into her hands, breathing deeply from her evergrowing annoyance. "I practically raised her myself. She would never do anything without a good reason why." She looked up through her fingers, eyes sharpening into a harsh stare. "So...Fury. What happened?"

Fury clamped down on his words but found everyone's eyes on him, waiting to finally hear the whole truth about Seth's imprisonment and what happened, leaving him with no choice anymore. "It was over 70 years ago when the first report of her appearance was made. A few years before there was a Captain America." He quickly gestured to Steve. "It said that an unknown and unstoppable force waltzed onto the enemy's side and ripped right through HYDRA's defenses, practically knocking them back to the stone age when the war was only just beginning. In the report, they dubbed her...the 'Little Monster'. The Allied Force didn't know what to think about the...problem, but they somehow managed to capture and subdue her. That was back in 1939. Afterwords...SHIELD was slowly built around the idea that...somethings were not as they appeared to be. All starting with Seth."

Cain was quiet for a bit, remembering the year. "1939...It was around that time we lost all contact with Seth." She bit down on her curled up lips."So that's what happened. She must of went to Germany to try and stop HYDRA herself...only to go missing in the process." Her fingers clenched tightly on the fabric of her sleeve, trying her best to not lose her head and go off the deep end.

Steve had to take a couple of seconds to process all his old and dusty memories. He could easily remember HYDRA though, and how destructive they were when he fought them. "So you're saying if Seth hadn't gotten involved at the beginning...HYDRA would have been a lot more advanced?" He took a sharp breath and looked at Fury, disappointment and disgust rising up in his honest eyes. "You had no right to do that to her. She did nothing wrong."

Fury only looked at Steve like he was crazy. "I'm sorry, but how would you feel if an unknown, seemingly unstable and destructive immortal walked right into your crosshairs? We didn't know what to think of her," he tried to defend himself but Steve only shook his head.

"And your first reaction was to lock her up for 70 years. After all she did for us?" He couldn't help his own blood from boiling at the inhumane way they treated Seth. Looking at her feral state right now only made his heart ache. Steve couldn't even dream what they might've done to her during that time in captivity. "How I look at it...we would have lost if she didn't step in and help."

"That was 70 years ago," Fury clenched his jaw tightly and his voice was deep. "And I wasn't the one to make the decision."

Banner could sense the swelling tension in the room and it was beginning to make him nervous. He feared that he would bee seeing shades of green if this kept up. "What I want to know is how SHIELD managed to capture her? Cause aren't you guys suppose to be 'unstoppable' forces?" He looked to Cain for answers.

"That's not entirely true." She suddenly said and even caught Steve off guard. "We all have our limits. In reality, our strength and rebound time differ because of our ages."

"What's rebound time?" Banner asked.

"It's how long we stay dead. Between the three of us, my strength is the greatest and my rebound time is the shortest. Only lasting one minute. Then there's Abel with two minutes, and finally Seth with three whole minutes. Seth is strong but she is still the weakest of all us, which is why she got caught."

Steve lowered his head. "So that's how it happened," he said and the Director of SHIELD only averted his gaze.

Cain gently placed her hand on the window and never took her eyes away from Seth. "Excuse me," she said and quickly excused herself from the conversation that was only making her mood worse.

She walked back into the bedroom where Seth was, curled up on the farthest corner of the mattress and wrapped up in thick blankets. Cain spoke up and managed to talk very softly to Seth, in a way to not frighten the poor girl. "Abel's getting a bath ready for you right now. She's going to trim your hair while she's at it, too. Is that alright?" She waited for her sister's reply, wanting to her charming voice once more.

Seth kept her electric blue eyes forward and only nodded her head in response, still not uttering a single word.

Suddenly the door slid open and Cain could hear Seth's heartbeat skyrocket. Seth's eyes darted to the door and Cain saw Steve walked in, carrying a glass of water in his hand.

Steve hesitated when he saw Seth go on the defense, clearly clenching her fists tightly underneath the blankets, waiting for the opportunity to pounce on him if he made the wrong move. He couldn't help to notice that her eyes totally looked animalistic. Steve took a glance at Cain. "I thought I would bring her water," he asks softly.

If it was anyone else, then she wouldn't trust them. Cain could tell that Steve didn't do anything to the glass, and it was clearly just ordinary water. She sighed with contentment and looked back to Seth, speaking in Hebrew for her.

Seth listened in her cacoon of silence before darting her head back to Steve, staring at him with her wild and skeptical eyes. She began to slowly reach her hands out from her blanket and towards the glass. Steve said nothing and gently handed it over to her, noticing how much the water was shaking because of her trembling hands. Seth sunk right back into her covers but didn't drink the water just yet. She watched as Steve turned his back towards her and she tilted her head. "As...yu...ah, uh..." she suddenly said, her dry voice cracking like glass.

Steve halted and looked back at Seth when he heard her trying to speak to him. "Did you say something?" he asked eagerly.

She tilted her head to the side and merely only stared at Steve for a couple of seconds, studying him in her silence. Seth finally took the cup of water and drank it, pulling her head all the way back and swallowing every last drop until the glass was totally empty.

Even Cain was curious about what Seth was trying to say and listened in closely.

Seth cleared her throat a couple of times and lifted her hand, gesturing him to come closer, in which he did, getting a clear few of her electric eyes. She leaned in close so he could hear and finally spoke her first real words in over 70 years. "I said you had a nice ass."

It was like time had stopped and reality became warped. Steve...was not expecting that at all, not even remotely close. His mouth dropped open and he couldn't say anything, his throat was so dry. He watched as a large and mischievous grin stretch to her lips before Seth let out this most light-hearted laugh he had ever heard.

It was only seven words and Cain was already starting to feel the exhaustion that came with having to deal with Seth. That woman just natural had a talent of draining people of energy with her blunt and flirty statements. Still, what was Cain expecting? "Seth..." She ran her hand through her hair and dropped her head.

Abel finally came out of the bathroom. The sound of running water came from behind her and steam escaped through the open door. She then frowned when she saw Cain's tired expression, Steve's shocked state, and Seth grinning ear to ear. "Ah, uh... Seth? Come on." She would rather not ask and get started with grooming her sister back to normal. "I got scissors to cut your hair and extra clothes in your size.."

Seth nodded slowly and got up, dropping the blankets and disappearing into the bathroom with her sister.

Steve had to step back and think over what Seth just said to him. He could finally get his words out and a weak laugh escaped from his lips. "Well...she's definitely a character."

Author's Note:

I have to say I'm sorry. My internets down at my house right now, so I'm having to edit this chapter on mobile, which is very hard! It might not be the best...but I'll edit it better once I'm back online.

Seth's screaming and her break out from the box was actually inspired by Teen Titans episode 62, when Starfire broke out from her imprisonment. Just a little fun fact for you.

I hope you're ready for a lot of flirting on Seth's part. She is actually my favorite one to make dialogue for, so I hope you'll enjoy her. Anyway though, so now you know the reason why I didn't do the first Captain America movie. Seth was already imprisoned a few years before Steve became who he is today. We'll get more backstory about that day as Genesis continues. We got a lot of things to cover in this story though.

Side note: I also imagine Seth to look something like Imogen Poots. I usually have models when imagining my character, all in which you can find on my profile for everyone I use.

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