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Cain and Abel


The last Quinjet of the day glided its large body around and landed gracefully upon the Helicarrier's landing platform. The hatch slowly slid down and Coulson walked out with the living legend himself, Captain Steve Rogers.

He was quite handsome. Blonde hair and very clear and honest blue eyes. He was tall, too, at least 6'1, and had a strong build. Steve was also abnormally young-looking for being nearly a one hundred years old man. Only because he was from a totally different era, originally living in the year of 1945 before he went down in the ice, along with the Tesseract.

Steve looked around and kept his face calm and cool, but was a little blown away with how far people had come to get to this point. Everything just looked so different to him now. Despite that though, he didn't feel uncomfortable because the atmosphere still hadn't changed at all in the time he was gone.

He then noticed an attractive woman with red hair walking up to them. Natasha Romanoff

Coulson took the liberty and introduced them. "Agent Romanoff, Captain Rogers."

Steve gave a nod of acknowledgment. "Ma'am."

"Hi." Natasha took a glance at Coulson. "They need you on the bridge. They're starting a face trace, and they need someone to supervise the 'special' cargo," she informed him ominously.

Coulson noticeably got a bit pale. He shook his head and began to walk off the landing platform and inside the Helicarrier.

Steve cocked a brow. "Cargo?" He stared at her, confused since they both looked a bit nervous.

"You'll see it once you get settled in," Natasha explained and began to walk beside him. "There was quite a buzz around here, finding you in the ice. I thought Coulson was gonna swoon. Did he asked you to sign his Captain America trading cards yet?"

"Trading cards?"

"They're vintage, he's proud."

They chatted for a bit but Steve couldn't help but notice a slight discomfort in the atmosphere. He looked around at all the busy faces in the crowd and saw anxiety practically bubbling in every single one of their eyes. Something was bothering them, and they only muttered it between themselves when he was out of earshot, so he didn't hear what it was. Even Coulson was nervous for some reason when Natasha mentioned something about 'special cargo'.

Honestly, it even got him a bit nervous with the way everyone was acting.

Steve and Natasha looked up and saw a Dr. Banner fumbling his way through the SHIELD employees, acting like a fish out of water. His whole appearance looked a tad bit disheveled from stress, easily recognized with the way he walked and darted his head around at the slightest bit of movement. Banner was obviously on pins and needles, being in this heavy and busy environment. It was understandable though, knowing his unique history.

"Dr. Banner," Steve called out.

Banner looked up and saw Steve strolling up to him "Oh, yeah. Hi." He shook his hand. "They told me you'd be becoming."

"Word is you can find the cube," Steve asked.

Banner looked around nervously, fiddling with his hands out of habit. "Is that the only word on me?" he hesitated.

"The only word I care about," he stated firmly.

Banner nodded his head and appreciated the answer he was given. "Must be strange for you, all of this," he gestured around at all the bustling people strapping down Quinjets and taking in cargo.

Steve shrugged his shoulders. "Well, this is actually kind of familiar."

"Gentlemen," Natasha grabbed their attention back to her. "You may wanna step inside in a minute. It's gonna get a little hard to breathe."

There suddenly was this loud mechanical sound of something being powering up, getting louder and louder with every second. The air began to blow harsher and the soldiers quickly scrambled to get everything ready.

Steve looked around, puzzled at what was happening. "Is this a submarine?"

"Really? They want me in a submerged pressurized metal container?" Banner joked.

They walked over to the edge and looked down. The water below the craft suddenly dipped downwards and two very large jet turbines started to emerge. Saltwater splashed everywhere when the propellers slowly began to pick up speed, causing a massive gust of wind to blow up and thrash their loose clothes around.

Banner grinned at the completely impossible sight. "Oh, no. This is much worse," he laughed.

They strolled through the sliding metal doors that let to the active bridge. It was full of people sitting down at computers that were laid out in multiple long rows, and in front of them was a large window that covered a whole wall length. Steve slowly wandered around the busy room and had a bewildered look plastered to his face, totally astonished. Dr. Banner on the other hand just looked nervous, since every single one of the agents was armed.

Fury stood in the back of the room with controls on each side of him. He turned around and greeted the men when they walked in. "Gentlemen," He stopped when Steve suddenly walked up to him, handed him a 10 dollar bill and walked away. Fury stared at the bill for a moment before he looked to Banner and offered his hand. "Doctor, thank you for coming."

"Thanks for asking nicely," Banner awkwardly said. "So, uh...how long am I staying?"

"Once we get our hands on the Tesseract, you're in the clear."

"Where are you at with that?" he asked.

Coulson spoke up. "We're sweeping every wirelessly accessible camera on the planet. Cell phones, laptops. If it's connected to a satellite, it's eyes and ears for us."

Banner shook his head and began to devise up a plan. "You have to narrow the field. How many spectrometers do you have access too?" he asked.

"How many are there?"

"Call every lab you know." He started to take his jacket off. "Tell them to put the spectrometers on the roof and calibrate them for gamma rays. I'll rough out a tracking algorithm based on cluster recognition. At least we could rule out a few places. Do you have anywhere for me to work?" he questioned.

Fury nodded but looked like he was contemplating something for a moment. "We do, but first, I would like you and Captain Rogers to follow me for a moment. I have..." He dragged his words out to find the correct way to say them. "I have a few individuals I would like you to meet. I personally asked them to help find the Tesseract and deal with Loki, if they can."

The sudden change in the air brought Steve on guard. He glanced around the whole room and noticed the multiple pairs of wondering eyes that would look away nervously. "What do you mean by 'individuals'?" his voice dropped, and Banner generally looked concerned.

Fury purposely averted eye contact and began to head over to the door. "It's a bit complicated to explain. Come on, I'll show you." he gestured with his arm.

Steve gave a worrying glimpse to Banner. The doctor shared his concern but shrugged his shoulders, reluctantly accompanying Fury out the doors.

Banner walked beside Steve while Fury let the way through the halls. "These people...Do you trust them?" He was under the assumption that SHIELD was a strong and capable organization, so seeing both Fury and Coulson acting spooked put him on edge, even more than when he first arrived.

Fury took a deep breath and seemed very hesitant to talk about them. He wasn't as alarmed as Coulson was, just deeply concerned. "I can...to some extent. I just don't think they can trust me. I didn't want to do this, but with the Tesseract stolen, I didn't have a choice anymore. I need their help." Fury stopped and turned to face the men. "But without a shadow of a doubt...they are the strongest ones on this vessel."

Steve felt his heart plummet straight back to the Earth. He was looking more and more alarmed by the minute. "Who are they?" he asked.

Once again, Fury didn't answer and continued to walk. "They're right down here." He turned the corner and stopped in front of the first door to his right. He opened it up, leading into a stark white room with two chairs and a table with a SHIELD file on it. "May I introduce...Cain and Abel Bamlett."

What they actually saw was not what they were anticipating. Because of Fury, their imagination ran wild, and they were expecting something like inhuman monsters, creatures, tyrants, unholy beasts capable of making all of SHIELD tremble with bottomless fear. What they actually saw where two very attractive, dainty looking girls.

One of the girls was sat down in a chair. She wore a button-up white top with a dark blue blazer, simple black pants, and heels. Her hair was light blonde, almost white, that went past her shoulders and styled with soft curls. She also has the biggest, most attractive rust-colored eyes they had ever seen that practically glittered in the bright lights of the room.

Abel was a very charming-looking woman, but what really made that possible was the smile she gave them when she lifted her head.

The other woman, Cain was standing up with her back pressed against the wall and arms crossed over her chest. Her face was set firmly in stone but was also very calm. She was attractive like Abel, but the first impression they were given was deep intimidation. Her hair was blonde and was only a few shades darker, resembling a rich honey color. Her eyes weren't a gorgeous rust-colored brown, but still a very unique. They were hazel, mostly green, but with blue and brown flecks mixed in. Her preferred style of clothing was a bit edgier/casual. She had on a black lace top, a gray cardigan under a black leather jacket, black pants, and boots.

Cain's face twisted with slight annoyance when Fury entered the room. "Fury, you sure took your time." She groaned and pushed herself off the wall. "I was beginning to wonder if you forgot about us."

Fury scoffed at her remark. "I was busy," he said and gestured behind him. "These are the ones you will be working with. Captain Steve Rogers and Dr. Bruce Banner."

Banner gave an awkward wave of his hand. He honestly felt a bit silly that this whole thing was blown out of proportion. "Hi."

Abel got up off her chair and spoke gently to him, smiling very warmly. "It's nice to meet you, really. I've seen your work and I'm extremely impressed with your capabilities."

Banner shook her hand and felt oddly relaxed around her. "Thank you," he said earnestly with a smile twitching up to the corner of his lips.

Steve walked up to Cain and introduced himself to the elegant looking lady. "Ma'am." He offered his hand out for her to shake.

"Cain," she said, grasping his hand and shaking it firmly. "It's a pleasure to meet someone like you, Captain Rogers. You have my deepest respects. " She was surprisingly a very well-spoken woman, and apparently took everyone she first meets with respect. Cain then peered over her shoulder and gestured to Abel. "This is my younger sister, Abel."

Steve looked between the two girls, and now that it was mentioned, there were some similarities between them. Abel actually resembled a younger version of Cain. Her features were soft and classical looking, while Cain's were mature and elegant. One thing that they didn't have in common though was their voices. Cain's voice was surprisingly deep and rough, her sister's being soft and smooth.

"We were told you were going to work with us?" Banner said.

Cain nodded. "We offered him our help in return for something..." She glanced at Abel and saw her sister cast her eyes somberly to the floor. "Someone that we haven't seen in over 70 years."

Steve and Banner froze in that instant and it felt like the world stopped spinning, reality soon slipping away from them. They stared at the girls over and over again to see if they missed that crucial fact. The girls looked young, Cain being around her early 30's or later '20s, and Abel maybe being 24 or 25.

Banner gave a nervous laugh, hoping that it was some kind of bad joke. "70 years? You two don't look that...old."

Cain slowly raised a brow and turned back to Fury. "I thought you would have told them before coming to meet us."

Fury gave her a look like she was crazy. "Yeah. Like that is the easiest thing to do," he said sarcastically and walked over to the table. He picked up a thick document, labeled 'Genesis'. "Gentlemen." He turned around to face the men that grew more and more concerned and confused. "What I'm about to tell you...is as classified as we can get. While it's true when they said '70 years'...that's only the tip of this...massive iceberg." He handed Steve the file. "Don't let what you're about to read leave this helicarrier," he said as firmly as he could.

Slowly and carefully, Steve opened the file and in that second, his mind went blank. Banner stood next to him and slipped on his glasses to read. There were multiple pages, at least twenty held together and organized by years that just kept on dating further and further back. There were old pictures of the girls from each timeline, some were paintings and others of actual pictures that matched the century they were in. The most recent ones were of the current century.

Silent filled the room for a good five minutes and not a single person dared to utter a word. It didn't even sound like anyone was breathing while they read the files in hand. The sound of flipping pages was the only noise there was. Gradually, their faces began to contort with a storm of emotions. First surprise, concern, confusion, then denial.

Banner's eyes widen and mouth hanging open, giving a breathy reply. "That's not possible..."

Steve handed the file over to Banner, already seeing more than enough without his head exploding, though it was starting to ache. "You've come a long way," he called out calmer then he would have expected. It was because his mind couldn't completely comprehend what he just read. Immortals, Genesis, humanity. It was too broad of a topic to swallow in only five minutes.

Cain nodded her head and crossed her arms. "So have you."

Banner must have blocked out all sound around him cause his brain was refusing to work. He looked bewildered at what he was staring at inside the girls' file. "You mentioned before...In return for your help, you would get back someone you lost roughly 70 years ago." his voice began to quiver with anticipation, skin turning a haunting shade of pale.

"Yes, that's right," Cain replied.

"And that would happen to be your..." Banner reached into the file and took out a picture, staring at it with a worried and horror-struck expression.

Cain stared Banner right in his deep brown eyes that were clearly anxious. "It's our little sister...Seth."

The picture in Banner's hand was an old one, much different than the other girls' current and modern ones. It was very blurry and he couldn't make out much of it. The only thing he could really see was the outline of a woman with her mouth hung open wide, screaming loudly.

Author's Note:

I love you guys. I truly do. I have never been so happy to see so many familiar names just keep on popping up on the first day I posted Rise of Genesis.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to not mentioned anything about Seth, not even her name. I wanted the shock factor and the high tension for that last scene. But I think I teased you enough, so look forwards to Seth Bamlett in the next chapter!

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