Rise of Genesis @kaealeah


Pained and dreadful screams pierced the dark and gentle night that immediately threw Kaecilius out of bed in a panic fright. He sprung up in a cold sweat and looked around, but his room was still and without a problem. He could hear out in the halls though, all of Kamar-Taj seemed to be in an uproar with sounds of people running back and forth past his room.

Kaecilius stepped out of his room and just barely moved out of the way from the multiple people rushing by him. He noticed quickly that they were all wearing the same panicked expression on their faces. He even saw Mordo among the crowd and quickly grabbed his shoulder just as he passed by. "What's going on? What's happening?" he demanded.

"I'm not sure. Daisy just started to have a fit. The Ancient One is looking after her right now." Mordo tore his arm away and disappeared down the hall where the screams were coming from.

Kaecilius followed after but at a slower pace. He listened to the screams that had now turned into painful cries that grew louder the closer he got. There were deep gasps, struggled grunts, and inconsolable shrieks of pure agony. It sounded like someone was being tortured relentlessly just around the corner, but if that was true, why would it be Daisy? A woman that was known to never cause trouble or worry ever since she arrived at Kamar-Taj. Completely harmless and without threat.

Kaecilius pushed aside the gathered crowd and peered inside Daisy's room. He saw her petite frame laying on the bed and curled up tightly in a ball, holding her throbbing head as blood poured from her nose. Her skin was as white as paper and every part of her body was trembling and covered in sweat. She was trying to speak but could hardly say a word with electric pains pulsating through her head.

The Ancient One was kneeled down beside her bed and was pushing Daisy's brown hair away from her face. "Daisy, can you hear me? I need you to focus. I need you to tell me what you see," she said.

Daisy tightened her jaw and held her breath before speaking. "It hurts. Oh, God..." she cried with hot tears running down her pale cheeks.

"It'll all be over soon. Just tell me what you see," The Ancient One said to soothe her.

Daisy took in a couple of deep breaths to brace herself before opening her eyes wide. Her eyes, which were once an elegant brown, now didn't look at all to be normal. Instead, they were a vibrant and shimmering green that glowed like a gemstone under bright sunlight.

Kaecilius couldn't believe what he was seeing and instinctively held his breath. He knew of those eyes but only through rumors and legends in forbidden text. They were eyes that could see everything in its entirety. Eyes that could see an old world, and one that hadn't yet come to pass. Eyes that had seen a million lives and futures.

"She has…the Butterfly's Eye?" he said breathlessly, but loud enough for the Ancient One to hear. She momentarily looked back at him over her shoulder and just stared with a skeptical look, but after they made eye contact, Kaecilius quickly walked away.

Daisy was still ridden with agony but the green mist inside her head was starting to part into a clear image of an uncertain future. "It's just blood. The same blood. The oldest blood! Oh, God... it's that family! There's another!"

Author's Note:

To be continued with Iron man 3 in...Edge of Humanity!

Fifth installment post date: 7/2/2021

And thus we reach the end of this...long, long story. I honestly didn't expect it to take this long, but it looks like we've made our way back to Iron Man, where it all began! But it looks like things will be changing from here on out!

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