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A Promise


Two days had passed after the devastating battle in Manhattan, and once the dust settled, the Avengers met up for the last time in Central Park to give their final goodbyes. Without much discussion with what to do with Loki and the Tesseract, it was ultimately decided by both Thor and the immortal family that those two should be handed over to the Asgardians. Fury had no say in the matter, but Cain believed that he understood that boundaries were crossed because of their meddling with the cube.

Cain was glad to see Loki and the cube go, but there was still this throbbing sensation against her heart as it was nearing time for everyone to depart. She stood by with an expressionless face as the cube was placed inside a specially designed glass tube. Loki was chained up and muzzled too, so luckily no one had to hear him talk anymore. The god may have a silver tongue but not even that could save him from whatever fate the Asgardians were going to give him. Though, Cain doubted it was going to be a death sentence. At best, he would most likely be locked up for the rest of his life.

Thor was brief with his goodbyes with the Avengers, but when it was time to say those words to Cain, he found himself freezing up and unable to say them.

Cain watched him the whole time and could see just how much he was struggling to keep eye contact with her. "Why are you nervous? You and I both knew this would happen, right?" she said gently. It was hard to mask something like anxiety, because of its tendency to slip past even the thinnest cracks in one's armor. She can easily see that with him and understood what he was feeling. Anxiety was no stranger to her either. "As much as I want you to stay…We know that it's not the right time. You still have things to do, and that's fine. I'm immortal, and that means we're exceptionally good at waiting, and if it's you…I'll wait for as long as you need me too." She reached her arms out and gently caressed the side of his face before he leaned down and hugged her tightly.

Those words were not just a promise to him, but to herself as well. She wanted to show her dedication and her trust in his feelings. To be able to have the confidence that they will be able to be reunited with no bitter and fleeting moments. Not now…but one day.

Thor held her for as long as he could while burying his face in her hair. He wanted to take in her scent one last time and remember this moment. Remember the heat of her body, the twitching of her muscles, the tenderness of her hands, and the sound of her low voice against his ears. He wanted to remember it all. Make it last until he would be able to see her again.

Cain was the first to pull away and step back between her two sisters. She watched with the rest of the Avengers as Thor handed the other end of the Tesseract's glass case over to Loki, which he reluctantly took. Thor gave one last nod to his friends before twisting the handle and activating the cube. Blue light engulfed them both and they disappeared from sight once the light died.

"I've already taken the liberty of setting you up a bank account and putting a large sum of money into it, so you won't have to worry about that. Along with a couple other accessories you'll be needing in a modern world." Cain said while passing along a new phone, a pair of house keys, and a wallet with all the necessary cards in it. Cain was very diligent and gave a lot of thought to what Seth would be needing now that she was out.

"Sweet. Thanks." Seth opened the wallet and checked out the brand-new ID that Cain had made for her. Her lips turned up into a cheeky smile before laughing at the birth year. "1987? So what, I'm 24 now?"

"You can pass as anything since no one really looks their age anymore," Cain said flatly. "You're still gonna get carded though if you go out drinking, but that's something you're just gonna have to deal with."

Seth scoffed at the idea of a million year old still having to show her ID to purchase alcohol. That was the first thing on her mind that she was wanting to do, but the thought of having to do that spoiled the mood. "Fun times," she said in a monotone voice before glancing at the keys. "These are house keys, right? Are they yours or Abel's?"

"They're mine," Abel answered. "We both got places to stay in Manhattan, but mine was further away from the hot zone."

Cain groaned with the thought of the mess she knew she was going to have to clean up. "Yeah. I'm sure my place has a couple of busted windows."

"I think you'll have a lot more to worry about than a couple of broken windows," Seth said bluntly.

"Just trying to stay positive, Seth. I'm gonna be staying in the city for a while just cleaning my place up, but after that, I'll be heading back to Texas when I'm done."

"Right. What about you?" Seth turned her eyes to Abel.

Abel frowned and thought about it for a moment before her mind immediately fell on the damage that was done to the tower. "Tony and I got our hands full dealing with Stark Tower. It was a big project to begin with…and now it's gonna be doubled that." Abel reached her hand up and suddenly patted her sister's head. Seth looked so taken back by the gesture that she didn't even think about brushing her arm away. "But don't hesitate to come over or call me if you feel like it. The world has changed a lot in the time you were gone."

Seth snapped out of her daze and moved out of the way. "You think I don't know that? You guys are way too protective. I haven't been a kid in a very, very long time, you know."

"Can you blame us for feeling this way?" Cain spoke wistfully while crossing her arms. "After Everything the three of us been through in the last 70 years."

"Well…you guys can go ahead and push those thoughts out of your head. You can be damn sure I'm not gonna get caught like that again," Seth said through gritted teeth. She wouldn't dare let that happen again and cause her family any more heartache. That was her promise to them. Something she was going to keep no matter what.

Cain pulled her family into one last hug before they went their separate ways, as did the rest of the Avengers. One by one they began to leave as Seth watched silently. Cain left first by herself, which was just like her. Then Abel, Tony, and Banner, and lastly were Natasha and Barton. Steve wasn't too quick to leave though and was hesitating as Seth just stood there. She didn't move for at least a couple of seconds before she suddenly turned around and sat down on a bench. Steve wasn't even thinking and just automatically sat down next to her.

"This is what you must've felt when you came out of the ice back then, right?" Seth said with a sly smile. She pulled up the camera on her phone and pointed it up towards the sky, where the crack in space once was. There was nothing there anymore and the only thing she could see was the golden rays of the sun shining in her eyes.

"More or less," Steve said with a shrug. He leaned back on the bench to see what she was doing and noticed that she snapped a picture of the sun, "but you'll probably work all this out better than I ever could. There are things I'm still pretty lost on."

"Well, adapting to change is something my family is best at. We've lived over a hundred different lives just to stay hidden from the world." She stared at the picture for a while and was somewhat thankful that it hadn't changed. The sun was one of those things, that no matter how much time as passed, was still trapped inside an endless loop of brightness and warmth. "Now though…I'm a little blown away by how far the world has come in such a short amount of time."

"70 years is short?" Steve blinked. They briefly met eye contact when she looked up to smile at him.

"Man, I consider 100 years to be short. 70 years is nothing but an eye blink to me." Her voice began to drop sullenly, as did her smile. Her wondrous eyes that usually held childish energy and freedom…now just looked uncertain. "But if I were to be honest though…I'm not sure about this."

This was something new that Steve had never seen before. In just the span of a couple of days, it felt like he had seen over a million emotions sweep across either her face or subtly hidden behind her eyes. Uncertainty and unease were never one of them though. "What do you mean?"

Seth's smile did eventually return but it wasn't nearly as joyous as it should've been. She put her phone away before clapping her hands together and hunching over. "I'm not worried, just…unsure, I guess. I mean…I don't know what to do at this point. Being inside the box this whole time. I was either thinking of a way to get out…or I was passed out by the sedatives. I never once thought ahead."

Steve hunched over too just so he could be closer to her level. "I thought the same thing when I got out of the ice. I didn't know where to go or what to do. All my friends were gone, I missed a date I had with someone and…" His words seemed to fall short. "I guess we're just a couple of old folks in the same boat right now, huh," he said lightly and waited eagerly as Seth's lips spread wide into a cackling smile, much to his relief.

"Speak for yourself. I'm only a million years old. I'm still young." She said and nudged her elbow into his arm.

Steve nudged her back in return. "And I'm only a hundred, but if you want…You can come with me."

Seth paused momentarily as her eyes widen curiously and her stomach fluttered. She sucked in a sharp breath as her face began to heat up and turn red. "You got a funky way of smitten with people, man," she muttered against a shy smirk that was being covered by her hands. "Is this your way of asking me out?"

Steve leaned in a little and was just close enough to see her hidden smirk and red face. "Is it working?"

Seth reached up and lightly slapped his shoulder a few times (Not hard) before uncovering her face. "Yeah…it's working."

Fury stood inside the conference room and faced down the crude scowls of every single council member in world security. He knew this was coming and already prepared himself for the disappointing comments that they were going to throw at him. Especially about Seth's sudden release back to her family, which wasn't even authorized by any of them aside from himself. Even though it wasn't his place to make the decision, he knew the immortal family wouldn't have helped otherwise if he didn't give back their sister. When it came down to the consequences of such an action. He'd rather deal with the anger of the council than face the fury of Cain and Abel.

"We don't recall giving permission to release the immortal known as 'Seth'," one of the council members said calmly. "Where is the immortal family and the Avengers?"

Fury crossed his arms and stayed firm. "I'm not currently tracking their whereabouts. I'd say they've earned a leave of absence. And regarding Seth's abrupt pardon…I believe it was the right call, in order to get her family on our side."

"For what? To make them our allies?"

Fury scoffed at the thought. "You're mistaken. We already burned and sank that bridge all the way back in '39, when Seth was first imprisoned. That family is not our ally…but they do have a strong moral code that often comes into contact with our goals. That's the only reason they will work with us."

Not a single council member looked satisfied with that answer and it was clear with the disdain they had on their faces, but it also wasn't surprising that it turned out this way. Cain's family was one thing they knew they couldn't control no matter what they said or did. It was like they were their own independent faction that worked strictly on their own accord.

A loud whirling noise began to pick up within the ball of hellish flames that swallowed Cain's body. It vibrated the air and a loud rattling noise began to pick up speed with every passing second until the fires got hotter and brighter. The flames suddenly fired back tenfolds and struck the Destroyer square in the chest, hard. Its feet were swept up beneath him and was sent crashing into the front wall of the diner behind him. The giant suit of armor laid on the ground and twitched under the pile of crumbled cement. It looked up, seeing that its own flames somehow burned hot enough to melt the metal chest plate.

No one breathed in that split second minute it all happened and just stared at the burning spot they last saw Cain. Suddenly their whole body began to shudder upon witnessing long and elegant fingers clawing away at the black smoke from within. A deep and raspy voice echoed out and all they felt were shivers up and down their bodies. It was the kind of voice that would even make the devil tremble with terror. "You really have no idea who you're threatening right now."

The smoke faded and everyone was left in a state of hysterics at what emerged from the inferno, thought to have been scorched alive. Cain was completely uninjured with not a single burn or scar on her flawless skin. Her face was set in this completely calm and composed manner that made it seem like an entirely different person had emerged instead of the woman they thought they knew.

"And the Tesseract?" another council member asked, now getting on a more worrisome topic that Fury didn't look at all interested in bringing up.

"The Tesseract is where it belongs: out of our reach," Fury said.

"That's not your call."

"I didn't make it. I just didn't argue with the God and firstborn that did."

"So you let him take it and the war criminal, Loki, who should be answering for his crimes?"

Fury shook his head. "Oh, I think he will be."

Banner must have blocked out all sound around him cause his brain was refusing to work. He looked bewildered at what he was staring at inside the girls' file. "You mentioned before...In return for your help, you would get back someone you lost roughly 70 years ago." his voice began to quiver with anticipation, skin turning a haunting shade of pale.

"Yes, that's right," Cain replied.

"And that would happen to be your..." Banner reached into the file and took out a picture, staring at it with a worried and horror-struck expression.

Cain stared Banner right in his deep brown eyes that were clearly anxious. "It's our little sister...Seth."

The picture in Banner's hand was an old one, much different than the other girls' current and modern ones. It was very blurry, and he couldn't make out much of it. The only thing he could really see was the outline of a woman with her mouth hung open wide, screaming loudly.

"I don't think you understand what you've started. Letting the Avengers loose on this world. They're dangerous. Especially that family," the Councilmen began through gritted teeth.

"They surely are. And the whole world knows it. Every world knows it."

"Was that the point of all this? A statement?"

"No. A promise." Fury turned off the monitors and ended the conference there before walking out of the room.

Obadiah grinned and leaned forward. "You're an immortal, are you?" Those words were the gold in his hands, the best thing he had heard all his life. It filled his body with absolute glee and confidence. This was it. This was finally it. The things he has been looking for all his life. As impossible as it would seem, he had living proof standing before him right now, all the secrets tucked away in the petite body of a beautiful woman.

In a second, Abel's whole demeanor changed. It was so drastic and instant that she didn't even look like the same person who was a nervous young girl a moment ago. She was something more. A new flicker began to show behind her old, yet powerful eyes. Now showing who she REALLY was. She was indeed a woman of many years. Confident, but humble. Strong, but wise. She had experience in all kinds of fields and definitely had made her mark on the earth unbeknownst to anyone about how giant her very existence was.

Abel's new voice rumbled like the oncoming thunderstorm. Deep, intimidating but overflowing with confidence. "I have had many names throughout my long life. 'Octavia', 'Brunuhville', 'Rybar', 'Yimir', and now it's 'Bamlett'. Despite all those names though, I only have one, and I only go by one. From the biblical figure known as 'Cain and Abel'. I am the 'Abel'."

All the air was sucked out of his lungs and his heart stopped for a moment. Giant wasn't even close to her true existence. Its real size wasn't even remotely close to what her true existence was. She was Colossal. She was absolute. She...was not a woman using the name from the sacred biblical figure... She was 'Abel'.

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