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With a single hard and forceful yank, the reinforced door popped right off its locks and slid open, drowning out the darkness of the storage room with the hallway lights. With a glow at her back, Seth's face remained obscured when she stepped inside, seemingly melting into the darkness like an old ghost. Lost to time and endlessly wandering the world...until there was a clicking sound of her flashlight turning on.

Steve stepped in beside her and glanced around at the crates that were safely tucked away. "Do you really need that light?" he asked. It was a harmless question but he was just curious. The file he read about her family listed some of the abilities they had, one of them being night vision. So he really can't imagine her needing it.

A sudden frown stretched to her thin and pink lips when she realized he had a point. The flashlight really wasn't doing anything for her since her vision was sharp. Sharper than Steve's even. "Now that you mentioned it...not really." She gave the light to him instead, figuring he'll probably need it more than her. "I think it's a habit, you know? Didn't even realize I was doing it until you pointed it out." Seth wandered through the heap of crates, looking at the names that were on the sides to see if she could find anything familiar or suspicious.

"Habit?" Steve walked beside her and used the light to look around, shinning it up at the top floor that had even more storage.

"Yeah. A habit to not act like I'm a million year old immortal with a bad temper." She laughed at her own joke.

Seth had a pleasant laugh, Steve noticed through the short amount of time he knew her. It showed off all her teeth and gave her electric blue eyes a new meaning. Childish, free, a breath of fresh air. And it was those words he would use to describe her perfectly. He could see how her bad temper would get her into a lot of trouble, but Steve only saw that aspect of her to be very minor.

He half expected some sort of million year old wisdom to come from her mouth every time she would talk, like how Cain and Abel had that appeal, but not Seth...she was just way to different from her classic siblings. There was just...so much more to this woman than he could've imagined, and he knew with all his heart that she wasn't the bad guy by all means. If you put the fact away that she's an immortal...Seth truly did just act like a normal 21 year old girl. Wild, young, curious...and beautiful. And he wouldn't deny that fact.

Seth continued to chat as they strolled. "My sisters and I picked up on habits to try and act normal around crowds. Like pretending to struggle with things that weren't actually heavy or having bad reflexes on purpose." She named off a few.

"And in this case: acting like you can't see in the dark. I see what you're talking about." Steve nodded his head. It was nice talking to her, having a normal conversation and figuring out little things about her more and more. It was very interesting. Her life sounded interesting. "It must be hard, getting to this point in time and still not being able to act like your normal selves."

"Well...people just have a habit of freaking out when they don't understand things." Seth's voice had a sudden and unexpected tinge of sadness in it.

That surprised Steve since he figured she would've gotten used to it. But the way she said that made it sound like she wasn't over it yet, or if something a lot deeper was bothering her.

He stopped walking and Seth had to turn around when he did. What surprised her was that he actually looked worried for her. "I know you're probably tired of being asked this but...are you alright with this? Having to clean up SHIELD'S messes," he asked.

She stared at him and smiled, but it wasn't a normal smile by all means. In this very moment by themselves, in the dark where no one else could see...Seth was now starting to show her true age through those electric blue eyes. They looked magnificent yet old, while her smile was soft and saddened. Not speaking a single word more, her silence said it all.

Fury advanced his way down the hall at a hurried pace after learning the news from Cain and what Loki was going to do. With that dangerous thought in mind, he marched with purpose into the lab and was expecting to see the three hard at work. Instead, he saw Banner and Tony sitting back while Abel was still at the computers, checking something that wasn't in Fury's field of vision, because of his eye. "What are you three doing?" Fury demanded.

Tony cocked a brow at Fury's rushed approach. He glanced over toward Abel and saw her peeking her brown eyes up above the glowing computer screen. She lifted her hand and give him three fingers. Three minutes, she signaled. Tony nodded and looked back. "Uh, kind of wondering the same thing about you," he answered to Fury.

"You're supposed to be locating the Tesseract."

Banner chimed in. "We are. The model's locked and we're sweeping for the signature now. When we get a hit, we'll have the location within half a mile."

"And you'll get your cube back, no muss, no fuss-" Tony was cut off when Abel spoke from across the room.

"Got it," she said and rose up from her seat. Abel spun her computer screen around, revealing that Tony's code had finally broken into SHIELD's file, giving a harsh discovery.

Tony narrowed his eyes and stared at the file that showed a picture of the Tesseract being put in what looked to be a missile head. "What is PHASE 2?"

"Funny you should ask." A smooth, velvety voice cut through the air like a knife ready to stab someone. It may be sweet-sounding but far from playful, as Seth strolled into the lab beside Steve. She carried something over her shoulder that looked big and heavy, slamming it down on the table for everyone to see.

It was an old HYDRA gun.

"PHASE 2 is SHIELD uses the cube to make weapons," Steve said, then turned to Tony. "Sorry, the computer was moving a little slow, so I asked Seth for help."

Abel slowly moved out from around her desk and cupped her hand over her mouth. "What?" she gasped softly and turned horrified. Biting down on her lips, she accurately was trying her very best to hold back on her anger. It was the type of anger that if lost, could rip a hole in the very room they stood and suck everyone out into the open air. "Did you really believe that we wouldn't find out?" Her voice quivered from her growing resentment against this man. The same man who kept her sister locked up for 70 years.

Helping SHIELD fine the Tesseract was the extent of their deal with them, but now Abel just felt like an idiot for going along with this mission so blindly. There was always something more, something hidden and out of sight from the immortals. This whole time she figured the reason SHIELD didn't want them to get involved with their business was that they feared them, but that wasn't it...they just didn't want the sisters to find out about their dirty little secret.

Not only Loki...but SHIELD too could not be allowed to possess the Tesseract.

The world will surely meet its end quicker that way. Humankind's own downfall would naturally be by their own hands. It was tragically beautiful but bitter at the same time.

In an instant, Abel hasty marched over to the door as Fury tried to intercept her. He knew what she was doing and who she was going to call. Fury didn't make it in time though when she shouted outside the door...calling out for the one person, the worse person imaginable to find out about this exposed secret.

His heart took a nose-dive straight down to the ground and shattered on impact.

"Sister!" Abel shouted.

There was no doubt in his mind now. Cain was going to kill him, then bring the whole aircraft down with her own hands.

Luckily for Abel and Seth, their elder sister wasn't far and was already at the end of the hall when she heard that desperate plea from her sister. Cain took off in a hurried sprint just as Thor and Natasha rounded the corner to catch up. The immortal lady had already crossed the long stretch of hallway and made it to the door leading into the lab.

Abel opened her mouth to inform her of what was happening but was greatly startled when she saw how rigid Cain had become, addressing her sisters in Hebrew so no one else could understand them. It was a method she used whenever she needed to just talk to her family about important or delicate matters. It was a way to not freak anyone else out. "Don't take your eyes off of Dr. Banner!" Cain pointed her finger towards the puzzled man.

Banner flinched at the severe tone in her voice. "Ah, what is she talking about?" He was alarmed at this point since Cain was looking directly at him when she spoke in Hebrew. He didn't understand what she was saying but her voice told him it was important.

Seth cocked a brow and crossed her arms over her chest. "Yeah, that's what I wanna know." She gestured her thumb towards Fury. "Did you know that One-eyed Willy over here was planning on using the Tesseract to make weapons?"

Cain's eyes grew wide as Thor and Natasha walked into the room. She snapped her head over to Fury and just stared at him. Her unnerving gaze pinned Fury to the ground and kept him from moving. She stared at him like a dang predator who would pounce if he so much as twitched.

There were just too many things to process at the moment that it was beginning to make Cain's head throb a bit. She knew that she should be focusing on Banner right now but this sudden news flash made her have whiplash. Cain stared at Fury for a moment before looking back to Dr. Banner. "Abel, please just watch Dr. Banner for me," she managed to spill out and was grateful Abel didn't question her and moved over to Banner's side.

"Just give me a couple of words so I know what's going on." Abel pleated in Hebrew, her beautiful brown eyes growing more and more anxious by the minute. It was always Cain's silence that killed her.

Cain was able to gather her bearings enough to calm down considerably, speaking lowly in Hebrew still. "Loki's manipulating Dr. Banner. He's trying to release the Hulk."

Seth's eyes grew wide with terror and shock as a soft "Oh shit" escaped her lips.

Abel felt a cluster of sharp pain in her abdomen, breathing soon becoming shallow while fighting to keep a panic attack down. One problem. Abel could only deal with one problem at a time but this flash in her mind about a green monster literally chilled her to the bone. "But..." She had to clear her throat since her voice was cracking from the stress. "What I want to know is why SHIELD is using the Tesseract to make weapons."

Fury tightened his jaw then pointed to Thor and Cain. "Because of them." he suddenly said.

This puzzled Thor. "Us?"

Cain kept her mouth shut and didn't pay any mind to Fury shifting the blame.

"70+ years ago we learned that the biblical figures, Cain, Abel, and Seth were true. Undefeated and unmatched immortal beings that could level a small town if you piss them off enough. And last year Earth had a visitor from another planet. We learned that not only are we not alone, but we are hopeless, hilariously, outgunned." he stated grimly.

"My people want nothing but peace with your planet." Thor felt a surge of anger wash over him but he was more so offended by the fact that they saw Cain and her family as threats.

"But you're not the only people out there, are you? And, you're not the only threat. The world's filling up with people who can't be matched," His eyes turned to Cain who remained quiet. "They can't be controlled."

During this whole time, Seth stood in the corner of the room with a pit of anger beginning to swell from within her. It was boiling and hot. She saw red and spontaneously began to march up to Fury but was stopped when Cain's iron-like grip wrapped around her waist and pulled her away, stopping her from killing Fury.

"You're working with the Tesseract is what drew Loki it, and his allies. It is the signal to all the realms that the Earth is ready for a higher form of war." Thor cut in.

"A higher form?!" Seth's voice cracked like lightning, totally bewildered. "These sumbitches can't even close an umbrella, much less prepare for a war of that magnitude! The world is nothing but a match stick, moments away from being lit!"

Seth's harsh words pained him to hear since she was very much telling the truth. "You forced our hand." Fury defended. "We had to come up with something."

"Nuclear deterrent." Tony cut in dryly. "'Cause that always calms everything right down."

"You speak of control, yet you court chaos," Thor said.

"It's his M.O." Banner began to feel the frustration growing in the room and it agitated him. "I mean, what are we, a team? No, no, no. We're a chemical mixture that makes chaos. We're...we're a time-bomb."

Fury turned to Banner and spoke firmly. "You need to step away."

"Why shouldn't the guy let off a little steam?" Tony placed his arm on Steve's shoulder but was immediately slapped away.

"You know damn well why! Back off!"

"Oh, I'm starting to want you to make me." Tony stepped up into the soldier's face.

"Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you?"

"Genius, billionaire, immortal-dating, philanthropist," Tony announced with a cocked head.

Steve rolled his eyes. "I know guys with none of that worth ten of you. Yeah, I've seen the footage. The only thing you really fight for is yourself. You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play. You're the kind of guy who would let the woman he loves do it for him. You don't care if she gets hurt...it doesn't matter because you know she can walk it off."

Abel's heart stung with that remark because she knew it wasn't true. Yes, there were plenty of times she let herself get hurt in Tony's stead but only because she was immortal and he wasn't. Dead was a small trivial and temporary matter for her, but for Tony it was permanent.

"You think I don't care when I saw my girlfriend being burned alive to save me? Do you have...any idea how much I wanted to take her place during that moment?" There was a new kind of anger beginning to surface in Tony's eyes. He looked like he was going to punch him any minute now but the only thing that was stopping him was that Abel was in the room, and he knew she didn't want to see him get hurt. "You're a lab rat, Rogers," he spoke through his teeth. "Everything special about you came out of a bottle!"

"Put on the suit, let's go a few rounds."

The ramp of the carrier opened up as it hovered in the air outside the helicarrier. Clint Barton stood at the base of it with a bow and arrow in hand. He pulled an arrow out and placed it against the bow and pulled back. He stood still for a bit then suddenly released it. The arrow rippled through the air but suddenly made a sharp turn by a gust of wind, puncturing the engine as the faint sound of a timer began to go off.

Abel rubbed her temples when her head started to hurt. Cain gave her a concerned glance and kept a firm arm on Seth to make sure she wouldn't jump on someone. All three of them could sense the growing aggravation in the room and could even begin to feel it. It was like a hazy mist clouding everyone's judgment, and at the same time, an odd feeling being to radiate from the scepter that sat idle on the table.

Cain didn't like that scepter one bit, and it wasn't just her. It was unnerving the whole immortal family.

Just then all three of their eyes widen and they snapped their heads in the same direction, out the window where nothing was in sight. Cain and Seth walked over to the thick glass fame and stared out it, giving each other uncertain looks.

Something was wrong. They knew they could confirm it too with how all three of them reacted in the same way, staring in the same direction.

"Agent Romanoff," Fury asked. "Would you escort Dr. Banner back to his..."

"Where?" Banner cut in. "You rented my room."

Fury tried to calm the developing situation. "The cell was just in case..."

"In case you needed to kill me, but you can't! I know! I tried!" The room finally went quiet for the first time in minutes when those unbearable words fell from his mouth. "I got low. I didn't see an end, so I put a bullet in my mouth and the other guy spit it out! So I moved on. I focused on helping other people. I was good, unit you dragged me back into this freak show and put everyone here at risk!" You could see something bubbling in his eyes as everyone became discouraged. "You wanna know my secret, Agent Romanoff? You wanna know how I stay calm?"

Abel slowly inched over to Banner when his words began to boil up to the point of rage. "Dr. Banner," she called out softly, noticing Fury and Natasha lowering their hands to their weapons. "Please put down the scepter." She placed a delicate hand down on his shoulder and he flinched.

Banner glanced down at his hand and finally noticed that he was holding Loki's scepter. This shocked him to his very core since he didn't remember at all grabbing it.

Just then the computer starts to beep. The search was over.

The Tesseract was found.

Banner placed the scepter back on the table. "Sorry, kids. You don't get to see my little party trick after all." He and Abel stared at the screen that finally had the location of the Tesseract while the rest of the 'team' argued with each other on who will get their the fastest. Banner looked up from the commotion and finally noticed that the immortal sisters, Cain and Seth hadn't said a single word this whole time. They were fixated on the outside. "Hey," He called out to them. "What's wrong?"

Seth gave Banner a puzzled look and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. Something is beeping in my ears." She looked to Cain who was quiet, still searching out the window. "Sister?"

Cain's stared silently with eyes narrowed in on what that beeping noise was. Dread soon came over her as a mixture of hysteria and terror crossed her face in a fraction of a second. She whipped her head around and shouted at everyone in a panicked voice. "GET BACK!"

The arrow detonated and engulfed the engine in flames. The fire sprung up from the vents and shot up into the lab where everyone was standing. The blast threw them away in different directions and blinded their eyes from knowing where they all went, including Cain. She had managed to grab only Seth in that fraction of a second it happened and tossed her out of harm's way but she had no idea where Abel and Dr. Banner went. The fire faded and the two were just gone.

"Abel!" she called out but heard nothing.

Seth yanked both Steve and Tony up by their shoulders and shoved them. "I am not playing this game right now of 'who has the bigger suit'! Get your asses moving right now!" she yelled as all three of them rushed out of the room.

Fury sat up and saw the smoke quickly filled the room, as well as his lungs. "Hill!?" He reached for his earpiece to call in, wanting to know just what happened.

Panic spread throughout the bridge as Hill ordered everyone to their positions. "Turn up the engine! Number 3 is down! Can we get a run in?" She walked over to one of the men. "Talk to me."

The Galaga player pointed to the monitor. "Turbine's loose. Mostly intact, but it's impossible to get out there and make repairs while we're in the air."

"We lose one more engine, we won't be. Somebody's got to get inside and patch that Engine."

"Stark! You copy that!?" Fury shouted into his earpiece.

"I'm on it!" Tony called back.

"Coulson! Initiate official lockdown in the detention section then get to the armory! Move out!"

The scent of smoke and burning metal filled Abel's senses enough for her to come out of her state of shock, replaced soon with dread though to find that she and Banner were knocked down below to the engine room. There was a glass window behind them upstairs that they must've been blown back against.

Abel had to blink a few times to process everything that was happening around her. It was a lot so it took longer than she would've wished. "Wha...?" Nothing was broken but she surely was bruised and beaten by the fall.



Abel cranked her head to the side and saw Banner on the ground a foot away. "Dr. Banner?" she called out gently to him, sucking in a deep breath of smoky air.

Banner was struggling, needless to say. He was gasping, breathing heavily and clenching his hands so tightly that they turned white. Abel was hit with a sudden sense of terror and had trouble breathing just as much as Banner was.

Was he turning? Down here in this narrow area?

"Hey. Hey!" Abel scrambled to her knees and crawled over to him, despite her fear. If she can calm him down then it would be alright. If she can stop the turning then everyone will be alright. "Dr. Banner, you need to calm down, okay? Just listen to me. Everything's going just-" She gently laid her hand on his back when he snapped his head up to her.

"Alright!?" he shouted at Abel in a monstrously low voice that sounded so soul-draining to her. It didn't even sound like him anymore. Like two people talking at the same time, their voices overlapping and melting into one.

It frightened Abel enough to where she had to stand up and back away from the once shy and awkward man. His skin began to turn a dark shade of green and his shirt started to rip, his body growing in size. He fell off the vents they were on and scampered around on the ground. One last time, he looked back at Abel. His eyes were still human, the last thing that remained, pleading at her silently with words that could never come to light.

Abel began to feel her body tremble as fear overtook the sense to run away. "Sister?" she called out desperately, for some reason wanting to see a familiar face instead of facing this creature alone. "Seth?"


His body was at least 10 times bigger than Abel's when he stopped growing. His muscles pulsated and moved under his green skin as this deep growl resonated throughout the whole aircraft, as well as Abel's body. It was a sound that could rival Cain's own powerful voice.

Abel took small steps in backing up. Her vision started to blur with tears and she couldn't help to cover her mouth with her hands to try and keep herself silent...but it was too late. The Hulk's head slowly looked over his shoulder and spotted Abel's small figure behind him. He clenched his teeth so tightly his whole body shook with rage like it was replacing the pumping blood in his veins. He was practically made of it.

He turned around and took one large step forwards as Abel took one small step back. The Hulk abruptly pushed off the ground and charged at her in a mad dash of blind fury. He swung his arm side to side like a maniac when he ran, hitting everything around him as he closed the distance in a fraction of a second.

Abel could no longer contain her voice. It broke from the fear. She opened her mouth and screamed. "CAIN!"

The Hulk reached his hand out to her but only made it a hairs distance away before Cain suddenly dropped down from the floor above them, crushing him into the ground with all her might. His body laid flat on the ground with a large crater below him from the impact she inflicted.

Abel took a breath of relief and felt like her knees were going to buckle. "Sister?"

Cain immediately jumped off the Hulk and grabbed Abel by her shoulders to pull her away. She knew the creature wasn't down just yet and was still very much awake, just as angry as before. She could hear the deep and intimidating growls vibrate the ground.

Abel stood closely behind her elder sister as they started to back away slowly. "Where's Seth?" she said in a voice that was nothing but a whisper.

Cain started to quicken their pace. "She's still upstairs, but I'm pretty sure she's in a better position than we are right now."

The two sisters retreated steadily away from the Hulk as he dug himself out of the hole. His whole body trembled when he turned around to face them, his face twisted and morphing from hatred. He hovered over the girls like a Shadow of Death or Eternal Damnation, in their case.

Cain urgently turned Abel around and began to push her, desperate to get away. "We got to go. We can't fight here. Go! Abel! RUN NOW!"

The immortal sisters took off at an alarming rate with a raging green monster hot on their tail in a deadly pursuit of cat and mouse.

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