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Vatos Part 2


Rick's face twisted with concern while he stared at their new friend. Natasha had taken the time to try and explain the plan to everyone about how they were going to get the bag of guns from off the Walker flooded streets. "I don't think it's a good idea. Just you two? Alone?"

Daryl bluntly chimed in. "Even I think it's a bad idea and I don't even like you much."

Natasha let out a defeated sigh and mentally slumped down into herself. She knew she was already skating on thin ice with these guys but she figured that the predicament they were in right now could overlook their views on her long enough to get things done. Unfortunately though, that doesn't seem to be the case. They were still highly suspicious of her, not to mention they've only met her an hour ago. Natasha kept herself collected and tried to push for the idea. "It's a good plan, I'm telling you." She tried to convince them but Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog only looked at her like she was insane.

"No, no, no." Glen promptly called out. "I agree with Natasha. It's a good idea. Listen. I get what she's talking about. " He reached over and grabbed a black clip and placed it on the map that Natasha drew on the ground with a marker. "This is the tank, five blocks from where we are now." He grabbed a crumpled up sticky note and placed it beside the black clip. "That's the bag of guns. Here's the alley I dragged you into when we first met. That's where Daryl, Natasha, and I will go."

This surprised Natasha when Glenn tried to support her plan. He had the most dangerous job out of the four, so she was truly taken back to know that this man would put his trust and life on her hands, faster than anyone would accept her. "You sure you want to go with me? I just threw out a plan. You don't have to take it if you don't want to risk it." Natasha just had to ask, wanting to make sure he was alright with the plan. If anything, she would rather do it herself but that's obviously not going to happen.

Glenn nodded. "No, no. It's fine, really." He gave her a reassuring smile that Natasha was thankful for. "I trust you'll have my back."

Daryl cocked a brow. "What I wanna know is why you're bringing me if this chicks going with you." He saw Natasha at the corner of his eyes mouthing the words 'This chick?' with a confused eyebrow arch.

"Your crossbow is quieter than his gun," Glenn explained then gestured to Rick. "While Daryl waits here in the alley, Natasha and I will go and grab the bag."

It took a moment but knowing that Glenn was onboard made Rick rethink everything and was beginning to see the good reasoning behind Natasha's plan. "You got us elsewhere?" he asked her.

She took her hand and pointed down to the map that had another alleyway drawn on the floor. "I'd figure it would be best for you and T-Dog to be here."

"Two blocks away?" Rick saw where she was pointing and this only confused him. "Why?"

"'Cause Glenn and I might not be able to go back the same way. If something happens or if the original path is blocked off, we'll be heading in your direction. With both ways covered, the chances of ALL us getting out alive is more likely." She took a breath and looked between everyone else, hoping that this would be fine with them. "Is everyone alright with this?"

She was forced to wait in a large ball of anxiety for at least a minute as Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog exchanged looks. She was finally given her answer as a great deal of relief washed over her.

They all nodded their heads.

Natasha released the last bar of the ladder and fell into the alleyway. Her feet struck the ground and she immediately scanned her surroundings to make sure there were no walking corpses on the narrow road. She wasn't sure if it was clear or not so she made sure to go down the ladder first before anyone else did. Once she realized everything was clear she signaled up for Glenn and Daryl to come down.

They hastily sped over to the very edge of the alleyway that had a gate at the end, leading out into the streets where 'they' wandered. It was because of this gate that Natasha chose this alley. If things went wrong then they could close the gate to give themselves the opportunity to slip away if needed.

All three of them stopped and hid behind a dumpster to keep out of sight.

"You got some balls for a Chinaman," Daryl said to Glenn.

"I'm Korean." he corrected annoyingly.

Natasha peeked out from behind the dumpster and saw a hoard of Walkers just mindlessly hobbling around in the streets, groaning and grunting to themselves. Luckily there were few and far between so there was enough room to run around if necessary, which was a good thing for Natasha, but she would rather not waste any time and just grab the bag and leave before a lot notice them.

She made sure her jacket was situated correctly and patted down the fabric around her arms and neck area. All her knives were in place and in their holsters too. The only thing left was to wait for Glenn to start moving. "It should only take 15 up to 20 seconds to grab the bag of guns. Right after we'll come back." She looked over up at Daryl while he got his crossbow ready. "So make sure to close the gate when we get back, okay?"

Daryl didn't pay much attention to her concerns. "Yeah, whatever."

She didn't tear her eyes away though and was finally fed up enough to hit him on the leg, not hard, but enough to finally make him look at her properly for once in his life. She spoke firmly and made sure every word she said was clear to him. "I'm serious, Daryl. Close the gate as soon as we come back. If you don't then it's going to get ugly." Natasha promised with every bit of stubbornness that she could muster.

Daryl scoffed at this woman's assertiveness, despite her having a point. "Yeah, yeah." He wasn't stupid and he knew he had to close the gate once they got back. The only thing he had to worry about though was how long it actually was going to take.

Glenn finally jumped out from behind the dumpster and moved swiftly into the streets where the smell of decaying meat lingered densely in the air. Natasha hovered close behind him but was far enough away to take down any Walkers that saw him and not her. It made it easy to dispatch them when they started to slowly lurk towards Glenn. They were slow as all hell so it made things easy.

The seconds rolled on by as Natasha counted them out. It's already been 10 seconds since they started moving through the Atlanta streets with more and more Walkers starting to take notice of them. Even without looking she could hear their moans and grunts started to turn aggressive. They would spin around and began to limps towards her and Glenn, all the while attracting more walking corpses.

Glenn final saw victory in his line of sight when he noticed the bag of guns. They were in a police duffle like Rick said they would be and right by the still-dead tank. Glenn's fingers curled around the bag straps and he yanked it up quickly, only now noticing just how many more Walkers were around them. Fear plunged deep into his heart and froze him stiff. "Tasha?" he weakly called out, looking over his shoulder just in time to see her take out two Walkers that were sneaking up behind him. He jumped back into action when their bodies hit the floor.

"Don't stop." Natasha seethed urgently through her teeth. She heard growling in her ears and swiftly turned around and was startled when gray and boney arms reach out to her. She held her arm against the Walker's chest and thrust her knife up under into its chin and right into its brain. Natasha hiked her leg up and kicked the corpse off her. "Go, go, go, go."

Glenn fumbled for a bit before grabbing Rick's sheriff's hat from off the ground. He ran off back towards the direction of the alleyway but not before snatching up Rick's hat. "Natasha...!" he hissed at her since he couldn't raise his voice. "Natasha, come on...!"

"Yeah." Natasha turned around and stumbled back a bit when she realized her path was cut off by Walkers. She quickly waved Glenn off. "Go! Just go! I'll be right behind you!"

Glenn heisted for the longest second before he reluctantly pulled away and made a dash back to the alleyway.

Natasha roughly shoved her hands against a Walker's chest and caused it to trip back into the others behind it so they would fall over. She didn't waste any time and quickly hopped over their bodies to catch up to Glenn before Daryl could shut the gate on her. She knows that he would.

Back in the alleyway, Daryl was hunkered down behind the dumpster and waited for Glenn and Natasha to get back. He heard the Walkers outside on the street growing more and more agitated as time stretched on. Natasha was wrong about her initial prediction of it taking only 15 seconds. They were up to a minute now and still going.

Something caught Daryl's attention though that sounded like slow-paced footsteps coming up from behind him. He instantly got up from behind his cover and pointed his crossbow at a young man of Mexican descent. He was unarmed by the looks of it too.

The young kid immediately put his hands up to stop Daryl from shooting him dead. "Whoa, don't shoot me! What do you want?" he said in a panic.

"I'm looking for my brother. he's hurt real bac. You seen him?" Daryl demanded.

Immediately, the young man started to cry out, shouting at the top of his lungs for help. "Ayúdame!" His voice echoed off the buildings and throughout the Walker infested streets that Glenn and Natasha were still out in. "Ayúdame!"

"Shut up!" Daryl hissed and nudged his crossbow closer to his face. "You're gonna bring the geeks down on us. Answer me!"

"Ayúdame! Ayúdame!"

Daryl swings his crossbow up and struck it across the man's face to shut him up. The force knocked the kid to the ground but he continued to shout for help. Daryl covered his mouth with his hands to silence him. "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up."

Before he could even comprehend what was going un, two other Mexican men came down their alleyway and saw Daryl struggling to keep the young kid quiet. They both ran up behind them and immediately knocked him off and started to beat him up while he laid helpless on the ground, kicking and hitting him with a bat.

Glenn finally came into the alleyway but stopped dead still when he saw Daryl getting brutally beaten up by these two unknown men. They both turned their heads though and spotted him.

"That's it. That's the bag, Vato. take it! Take it!" One of them pointed at the bag Glenn was holding while the other raced after him.

Glenn turned to run but was hit from behind and knocked to the floor right at the edge of the gate. "Ah!" he shouted while they began to assault him with a bat. "Natasha! Natasha!" He called for help just as an unknown car drove up beside them and stopped.

One of the men reached down and to grab the bag of guns when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his shoulder blade that stopped him. He howled with pain that came deep from his throat and moved his hand to the back of his shoulder and felt that it was a knife that stabbed him. He yanked the blade out sharply turned around to see that it was Natasha that threw the knife from at least thirty feet away. She went to throw another one but stopped when they yanked Glenn up and held him out in front of them so she wouldn't attack.

"Get off me! Get off me! Daryl! Daryl! Natasha!" Glenn shouted for help as he was pulled into the running car that drove off the first chance it got.

Daryl sprung up from the ground and screamed at the car that got farther and farther away with their friend. "Come back here, you sumbitches!" He then looked back to Natasha as his eyes grew wide. "The hell are you doing?! Look out!"

Daggers made of ice punctured through her body and rippled throughout every nerve when a sharp pain was suddenly torn through her shoulder. Natasha let out a sharp gasp at first, totally astonished, but she began to feel the hot breath on her neck and the nasty smell of a Walker biting into her shoulder. The creature ground at the fabric of her coat and clawed it's weak nails at her back to keep Natasha in place. Her stunned state only lasted for a fraction of a second though before she snapped back from her horror. She took her knife and plunged it right into the back of the Walker's head and it finally released herself from its gnarly hold.

Natasha's stumbled away and began to breathe heavily. Her body was throbbing with agony and her mind was on fire. She grabbed her shoulder tightly and refused to look at it, fear of what she might see.

Her eyes gazed up and met Daryl's for only a second. Shock was written on both their faces that couldn't entirely comprehend what just happened. Glenn was taken hostage and Natasha was just bitten.

Daryl was started when he realized that Walkers were beginning to close in on him. He was left with no choice but to close the gate, locking Natasha outside.

Adrenaline began to pump through her veins and pumped hard. Natasha felt her brain, that was already on fire continue to work as her strong survival instincts took over. She darted her head back and forth and tried to find a clear path through the maze of Walkers, trying to find a way out, a way to survive and got off the streets!

She'll freaking worry about the bite later.

Natasha set her mind straight ahead at the task at hand and finally took off down the street when a path was finally laid before her.

Daryl watched as she disappeared down another alleyway with a herd of Walkers following an endless pursuit. He couldn't see anything nor could he hear. Daryl had no idea anymore if Natasha was still alive, devoured by Walkers or turned into one herself.

Rick and T-Dog finally came running down the alleyway after hearing everyone's shouting. Glenn and Natasha were missing and Daryl was moments away from killing the kid who was unfortunately left behind when his friends escaped.

Rick quickly ripped Daryl off the kid. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop it!"

Daryl tried to shove past and pointed his finger at the kid that T-Dog was keeping put. "I'm gonna kick your nuts up in your throat!" he screeched. "They took Glenn and Natasha got bit too because of that little prick! That little bastard and his little bastard homie friends. I'm gonna stomp your ass!"

Rick kept Daryl away and looked around but saw that Natasha was nowhere to be found. "You said she got bit? Where is she?"

"Hell if I know! I had to close the gate so she ran off somewhere else to try and get away!" Daryl explained through fits of screaming.

T-Dog's eyes suddenly went wide and he urgently pointed to the gate in front of them. "Guys we're cut off!" He gestured to the gate that was being pushed against by the Walkers.

"Get to the lab." Rick urged everyone since there was nothing he could do. "Go!" He picked up the bag of guns that were left behind and quickly snatched up his hat. Rick and the rest of them took off down the alleyway to get away from the Walkers, having no choice but to leave Natasha to her fate.

Author's Note:

Internet's down at my house right now. Had to edit half this on my phone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did I just seriously kill off my main girl in the second freaking chapter?! Haha. Well, if that's not attention-grabbing then I don't know what is.

And it does feel like Glenn would be the most accepting person out of the four, doesn't it? I thought it would be cute that he accepted Natasha first.

Sorry it took a while to post the second chapter, but I changed up my schedule for posting stories. I'm probably going to only update a chapter once a month or every other month.

I do realize that this is going to be a slow burn story since there's not enough time to truly establish a relationship between Daryl and Natasha during RG. It's just going to be one of those things that they'll just have to ease into. I'm contemplating on changing the genre of this story though, for this one at least. I want it to be known that a romantic relationship is where I'm going but...I don't know. I might just leave it alone.

Anyway. My carpal tunnel is really acting up a lot today so I'm gonna head out for now. Let me know what you think so far, and until then, take really good care of yourselves.

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