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'Alright,' Naru-nii's voice calls. 'Great job learning the second stage so fast.' Naruto chuckles happily. Learning the second stage of Rasengan has really been the past week's only saving grace. More than ever, Naruto was eagerly training with several clones on the second stage until Naru-nii returned. Naru-nii then asks his younger self, 'you ready for the last stage?'

"You bet!"

'Alright!' Naru-nii then passionately explains, 'the third stage is containment, and it's even harder than the last two stages. Obviously, I'll give you every tip I can, but your body is going to have to learn it. Blow a balloon to the same size as the rubber ball-'

"Another balloon?!"

'Why do you think I had you buy those as well?' Naru-nii gently asks thinking it should've been obvious.

"I thought they were celebration balloons," Naruto admits. "You know, to celebrate when I learn this technique."

Naruto can't see Naru-nii shake his head but he can hear his long exhale. 'Like I said, you want the air balloon to be the same size as the rubber ball. This is to help you visualize the shape. You're going to combine a hundred percent of the first two stages—rotation and power—but contain it in a sphere. So if you pop the balloon, you fail. If the balloon even wiggles a little, you fail.'

"That... sounds impossible," Naruto can't help but gasp, completely shocked.

'Man, I really wish I was there to show you, but you're me, and this is for our special people, so I know you'll get it.'

At the mention of special people, Naruto can't help but wonder about his own, or lack thereof. Academy graduate and a ranked member of Konoha's Shinobi forces, and he's still getting assaulted by ninja. Everyone still thinks he's not worth their time. Naruto feels like he's getting stronger but nothing's changed. "...Hey, Naru-nii?"

'Yeah,' Naru-nii voices.

Thinking about his most recent attack by the Jōnin-sensei he was helping, Naruto asks, "do people still hate me in the future?"

'...mmm, I don't think my teammates started looking at me differently until after our first real mission. The other genin probably looked at me differently after the Chūnin exams, and the villagers, not until years later. Why?'

"Has a Jōnin-sensei ever beaten you up?"

'Loads of people have beaten me up,' Naru-nii isn't afraid to admit. 'But you know, instead of letting them get to me, I put my everything into proving them wrong, showing them and myself, that I'm not what they think I am; that I'm worth more. And you know what else?'

Listening intently to the best thing that's ever happened to him, Naruto eagerly asks, "what?"

'It'll take some time, but hard work is the only way of making your dreams come true. You wouldn't give up on being Hokage just like you wouldn't give up on Sakura-chan, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, Ji-chan, Teuchi-jiji and Ayame-neesan, even the teme. Oh, and I can't forget the one and only Ino-chan... that still blows my mind… Ino…'

"You and me both," Naruto laughs.

'Have you talked to her?'

"Actually, she came by the apartment," Naruto chuckles like a gleeful maniac at the memory of her lips wrapped around his dick, then his mood sours when he recalls the sting of her departing words. "I think she's having a hard time, like she's not sure if she likes me or not."

'Can't really help much there, mini-me. Sorry,' Naru-nii says, lamenting having so few answers for his past self. 'If there were some way to train for that, believe me, I would tell you.'

"I know. It's okay. Thanks anyway, Naru-nii," Naruto happily tells the future voice. "Now let's get cracking! I want to master Rasengan by next week!"

'Ha! Don't look down on the technique created by the Fourth!' Naru-nii warns good-naturedly. 'This is an A-class jutsu for a reason.'

Naru-nii gave him every tip he had learned before he couldn't remain any longer. Naruto spent all the afternoon and part of the early evening in the forest training; until a dinner break made him return to his apartment. He would've loved to dine in Ichiraku's but the weekends were hectic for the friendly uncle and his daughter, so Naruto thought of his instant cup of Ramen fondly, until he stepped on the fourth floor of his building to find someone waiting for him.


Waking up on the kitchen floor, in a puddle of dried vomit is the unsightly result of a long night of heavy drinking. Her hangover was massive, and painful, to the point she almost didn't want to move from the vomit covered floor. Just thinking of how pathetic she is made her head throb. It didn't all come back to her right away. Under crisis, Kurenai's mind worked one step at a time, and the current step was gathering enough resolve to remove herself from the repugnant stench of vomit mixed sake.

For the first hour, Kurenai thought of nothing but swearing off alcohol as fatigue, nausea, migraine, and dehydration stunt all her movements; from taking a cold shower, to changing into comfortable clothes, she forces herself through it all; even cleaning her kitchen of the drowning stench of ammonia and vomit. It is as Kurenai is thoroughly disinfecting her tile floor that her higher reasoning—the method by which she governs her entire life—begins to process everything that happened.

"Oh, Kami," she swears, rubbing her throbbing temples soothingly as flashes of last night start to filter through the splintering pounding of her poisoned mind. Kurenai suffered every-which-way she could feel misery, however, proper agony is reserved for those she interacted with. Not only had she made a fool of herself in front of her friends, respective peers, and forced Anko to drag her home, but she violently attacked a weeks-old genin.

"Kami, I threw a kunai at him as he ran away," Kurenai shamefully voices as her memories clearly replays the entire incident. As terrible as she felt about attacking a weak unguarded boy nearly half her age, she was more worried about Hinata-chan. For whatever reason, the girl absolutely adores the Jinchūriki and he, above anyone else, can help her the fastest.

'And I assaulted him with a weapon!'

Kurenai stopped cleaning and reached for the sake bottle on its side, hoping for a little bit left to ease the magnitude of her fuck up. 'What the fuck is wrong with me!' she states in alarm, tipping the bottle over her lips and finding no dampening relief in the empty bottle. A flash of a saddened Hinata-chan with the Caged Bird Seal on her forehead feels prophetic, making her feel powerless to stop it. Growing increasingly anxious, Kurenai felt like she was panicking more than she could control and rushed to the nearest seat.

Taking deep and even breaths, Kurenai tried to slow her thoughts and clear her mind of self-deprecating reflection. Her shinobi training for torture situations tells her not to endure pain necessarily, but to consider one's life as the duty of the village. The concept that a ninja is more than a body, but a nation, keeps the mind sound through turmoil, and in this case, serves her well as she voices, "Yūhi Kurenai. Kunoichi of Konohagakure. Rank, Jōnin. Registration number 010881." As she speaks, thoughts of Asuma didn't seem quite so disparaging.

"Yūhi Kurenai. Kunoichi of Konohagakure. Rank, Jōnin. Registration number 010881," she repeats and thought's of Hinata-chan with the cursed seal on her forehead didn't seem so inevitable.

"Yūhi Kurenai. Kunoichi of Konohagakure. Rank, Jōnin. Registration number 010881," and again, thoughts of her father didn't seem so disappointed in her failure. She repeats the coping method several times before she calms down, and focuses on what she does best, critical thinking and planning. As there is little she can do about Asuma, and any focus on him only increases her agitation, Kurenai reflects on Hinata-chan, and how to get her training back on track.

The indigo-haired genin is making so much progress in her team training, even smiling more. In one week, with hard work and unwavering diligence, the beautiful kunoichi was starting to come out of her shell. Missing the last two sessions—the sadness in Hinata-chan's eyes because of it—Kurenai felt shame for snapping the way she did on Uzumaki-kun. She knows it wasn't right, but for Hinata-chan's future, she'll have to fix her error somehow.

She spends the rest of the afternoon re-hydrating as she cleans, all the while trying to anticipate the boy's needs for the possibility of bribing him. The ideal situation would be if he understood that she was far too drunk and angry to make good decisions. 'Certainly, he must know alcohol inhibits thought of consequences making it easier to make bad decisions… Who wouldn't know that?' If he does, than she can finesse a way for him to return to the sessions, but the critical analysis part of her mind felt the likelihood of that happening was very low. At dusk, she does a moderately intense work out to increase blood flow and ease tense muscles before showering and searching for the boy.

Armed with Kakashi's intelligence, her first stop was the ramen shop as it was closer than his apartment. Asking the busy girl if she's seen Uzumaki-kun, the girl informed her he generally doesn't come by on the weekends. After thanking the waitress, and coasting the market toward his apartment, Kurenai was praying it wouldn't take long to find him. Fortune must've been paying attention because barely a moment after knocking on his rusting door, Uzumaki-kun steps off the stairs onto his floor.

The panic on his face is immediate, throwing out a rash finger and yelling, "stay back!"

Kurenai expected a reaction but not to this degree. She can see him inspect his surrounding, prompting her to raise her hand in surrender as she states, "Um, Uzu- Naruto-kun-" is all she gets out before he hops on the wall of the apartment, and to her surprise runs up the wall toward the roof.

'Kakashi's already teaching them tree-climbing chakra control?' is her only consideration before she realizes she now has to chase after him; a task that she's heard many times in the Chūnin bars is very annoying. Hopping on the wall, she gives chase. They leap from rooftop to rooftop, and to her great displeasure, he's making her work for it. The boy was smart enough to travel toward the market before jumping and landing down in the streets to try and lose her in the crowd.

Kurenai keeps the high ground, for the inevitability that he would disguise himself to move with the crowd. Unfortunately for him, villagers and people as a whole project easily if you pay enough attention. She can separate a crowd of routine everyday destinations from subtle yet cautious attempts to blend. Red irises scan the throng of villagers like a hawk and soon enough, she spots her prey casually looking around before walking again. It was a good disguise, she notes, but he's obviously lacking experience in body language.

Kurenai retains a safe distance above as she tails him. When the genin is confident he'd lost her, he enters an alley to cut across to the next street and that's when she drops in front of him. "Relax!" she starts quickly putting empty hands up. "I'm not here to hurt you."

"Maybe not this time!" He throws back, jumping in the academy standard fighting stance. "But who knows when you'll be in a mood to beat on a Genin again!"

'He wasn't wrong,' Kurenai guiltily thought, adding, 'but this isn't getting us anywhere.' "Naruto-kun, I came to apologize for what happened last night-"

"Oh, you mean apologize for stabbing me in the leg with a kunai!" he yells drawing some attention from the passerby.

Realizing they should talk in private, she suggests, "how about we go somewhere else. We're not too far from my home." They're actually very far from her home, but Kurenai didn't want to have this conversation around anyone with even decent abilities in surveillance and reconnaissance. This may be a military village but attacking active shinobi, lower rank or not, is taken very serious. Not only is it possible the walk could cool him down but her home is private. He looked warily at her offer, as if about to say no when she adds, "please. I'd really like the chance to make it up to you."

Very reluctantly, he agrees, but he stays behind her the entire walk to her home, giving her the unsavory opportunity to add a little more sway to her hips to break down some of his justified anger. For the setting, Kurenai picks the comfortable couches and gestures for him to have a seat so she can strategically sit across from him to cross her legs whenever needed. She didn't like the idea of using her wiles on someone so full of teenage hormones to manipulate him, but this was too important to leave to his immature process of assessment and resolution. She'll offer him what she needs to in order to reestablish his help, but she needs to be sure he's not too emotional to say no.

She expected the normally talkative boy to yell at her straight away, but he says nothing, and many seconds pass in painful silence. Within those seconds she analyzes his appearance and overall demeanor. He's clearly suspicious of her and not at all shy about showing anger. He's very dirty—training being the most obvious reason—but with dried sweat, bits of blood, dirt, grime, grass and mud stains littering his body, he looks as if he's been thrown to the ground for hours.

Finally, she offers, "how about you wash up a bit and I'll make us some tea. You remember where the bathroom is," she states, moving toward the kitchen without his compliance.

Before she takes more than three steps he interrupts, "can't you just say what you wanna say so I can get out of here?"

"It'll only take a second," she counters. "Go on, wash up and I promise I won't keep you long." She exits into the kitchen and is relieved to hear him get up and head to the bathroom. 'Come on water, cool him down,' she mentally hopes. Though he was grumbling the entire way, it's definitely positive that he's following her suggestions. Settled exactly as they were moments later, his cleaner face still blatantly mistrustful, he impatiently started tapping the floor with a shaky leg.

'I guess not,' she thinks, recognizing no difference in his attitude. In hopes of breaking the ice with a compliment, she happily comments, "I had no idea Kakashi-sensei started training your team on the Tree-Walking exercise. You did it quite naturally."

"He didn't," Naruto answers hotly. "I'm going to leave, and I'll fight you this time if you try to stop me, or you can say whatever the hell you want to say, so I can get back to my training."

'A dog with a bone worse than Akamaru,' Kurenai thinks before gracefully jumping right in. "Naruto-kun, I sincerely apologize for what I did to you."

"You know, I expect that from stupid civilians, or retired shinobi, but not Jōnin sensei."

It's understandable how many react to the sight of the blond. She too, will occasionally see the rampaging monster over the boy. But rather than let this be some emotional tirade, she replies, "you're right. I should've known better and I am sorry. I was upset and took it out on you when I shouldn't have, but, part of it was due to you missing our last two sessions. Hinata-chan was doing really well and you may have hindered all the progress we've made."

"I wasn't trying to skip out," Naruto irately returns. But as he couldn't exactly bring up Ino's blowjob nor his longest lasting boner ever, he simply said, "something came up," without going into more detail.

"Look," Kurenai starts. "Why don't we forget this happened, start fresh, and you can come by tomorrow for another session."

"No way," he quickly puts down. She can tell from his eyes alone how dauntless and unwavering he is. 'Not shy to authority at all,' she mentally recognizes.

"Naruto-kun," she slowly says as she sensually crosses her long creamy legs. She catches him sneaking a healthy look as she continues, "I understand you're upset and again, I am sorry, but think about Hinata-chan. You're helping her exactly like I'd expect a Hokage would."

"I'm not upset, I'm pissed," he loudly returns. "And Ji-chan always talks about ignoring crazy people who're trying to take advantage of you. So you can forget it, sensei. Figure out another way to help Hinata-chan cuz I don't want to work with you again."

Kurenai allows the silence to linger as long as she dares, to give the boy some time to cool off. She expected some resistance, but her hopes for a submissive response from the blond dwindle to non-existent. She can't outright force him and negotiating with an altruistic motivation seems like a weak leg to stand on, leaving the beautiful kunoichi with bartering. There isn't a person alive who doesn't want something, and boys his age want all the latest ninja equipment, ninjutsu, or maybe just money.

Remembering the state of his door, and the area he lives in, money might be the best option, prompting her to say, "I prefer this method of helping Hinata-chan. But if working with me feels that difficult for you, how about I offer you some ryo for your assistance? Buying yourself something nice simply for talking to a girl doesn't sound bad, does it?"

Naruto looks at her dumbfounded, a reaction that Kurenai finds unexpected. On the outside, her smile remains just as pleasant, her posture is perfect, swelling out her breasts further with her hands clasp together on the top thigh of her crossed legs, not for a moment betraying her thoughts as he says, "you shouldn't pay people to be friends with your student. That just sounds wrong." Kurenai had not expected that level of integrity from him and she's silent long enough for him to add, "Hinata's nice and I want her to get strong, but I've got a lot of training to do too you know."

When Naruto stands to leave, Kurenai hastens to offer, "I'll help you with your training." If the blond was a master negotiator, she's certain he would've noticed the weakness in her bartering position.

Instead, he turns and looks at her suspiciously, responding, "Kakashi-sensei said I'm not supposed to train with other sensei. He says it could throw off our teamwork if we have more than one sensei at a time."

Stalling for time to consider the boy's other interests, she voices the cannon fodder, "Naruto-kun, this is very important. All you have to do is be yourself, I don't see what the problem is."

"That's because you don't care about me," he hotly returns, thinking of how often he's mistreated and is rarely given the chance to speak about it. With Naru-nii and the fate of the future dangling in the forefront of his mind, he seriously asks her, "you think you're the only one with stuff to deal with? I've got plenty of troubling stuff too, and your stab-happy ass is definitely not helping!"

"Okay, then let me help you," Kurenai quickly hops on the opportunity. "If you're really going through troubling issues, I feel we can work something out that can help us both. If you continue helping me with Hinata-chan's sessions, I'll help you with whatever I can." Noting his pause to ponder the offer, she can't help but mentally exhale and think, 'finally, progress.'

Kurenai didn't know about Naru-nii, the prediction of the future, Naruto's training to prevent that, or the absolute secrecy he swore to his future-self he would keep. Kurenai was also unaware of Naruto's dependence on those now forty minutes a day with Naru-nii, when he can talk to someone who cares about him like family, helps and guides like Iruka-sensei, and most importantly, completely believes there's something great in him. Naruto would never reveal that secret to anyone he didn't trust, so he certainly won't be discussing that with her, but that wasn't his only problem.

Kurenai didn't know how sexually conscious Naruto has become. She couldn't see him pondering about training and mastering an area of his young life he or Naru-nii knew very little about. Of course, Ino-chan's words play across his mind like a brass winded instrument blaring in his head, "You don't make me feel good at all!" he recalls Ino yell from beyond the barrier of his front door. And of course,"You don't even know what you're doing!"

Naruto really didn't know what he was doing. Naru-nii couldn't help and some of the books he's looked through are more story based than instructional. Naruto needed an ultimate guide to the female body and how to manipulate it like he does his chakra. He needed a sensei for sex. Kurenai didn't know any of this, but felt a little nudge would move her closer to what she wants. As Naruto ponders whether he should ask—if it's even proper to ask—she challenges his hesitation by inquiring, "do we have a deal? We'll even shake on it so neither one of us backs out of it, okay?"

'She is a woman, and really hot,' Naruto thinks. 'Since she's older, she should know more… unless she's virgin,' Naruto grimaces, then shakes his head. 'A woman this beautiful is probably beating them off with a stick… or kunai,' his mind reminds him. "Well," Naruto hesitantly begins, cheeks turning a tough pink. "There is something I need to learn more about."

"Alright then," Kurenai says with a smile, bringing her index and middle finger up to her chest, as if activating ninjutsu, than extends her paired fingers out in harmony. "On the Konoha honor of reconciliation, we'll promise to help each other out."

Naruto easily recalls the Seal of Reconciliation from Iruka-sensei's classes, but can't help a nagging uncertainty about the differences between each of their needs. "You don't even know what I need help with."

Keeping her hand extended, Kurenai confidently replies, "we're simply agreeing to help each other if it's at all possible. Obviously I won't steal, kill, or abuse someone with jutsu for you. And I can't teach you something if I have no experience with it." Tilting her head with her winning smile, Naruto guardedly joins his paired fingers with hers in amiable harmony.

"Okay than," he agrees, with a firm two-finger shake.

"Good," Kurenai happily states. "I'll see you tomorrow, same time. This is important, so please be there."

"I will," Naruto grumbles.

Moving back to the couches for a celebratory tea, Kurenai asks, "so, what would you like me to help you with?"

Naruto grows incredibly nervous fast, enough so for the beautiful kunoichi to notice. His cheeks grow warm as he looks away from her and scratches his head. "Mnn, haha, well, I uh, ...n- hel… mak- um, gir ls- f-feel-… gd."

Despite his garbled response, Kurenai honed in on the last three words and slowly, very reminiscent of when she attacked him, walks to him. "Uzumaki-kun, I didn't quite catch that. As a self-respecting and very dangerous woman, I suggest you choose your next words wisely."

"...I," he balks a moment at the intensity of her antagonistic red irises, but gritting his teeth, he bravely returns, "I need to learn how to make girls feel good!"

She grabs him by the dirty collar of his jacket and forcefully hoists him up.


"Do I look like some sort of harlot to you!?" Kurenai growls. "Put me do-" he tries but she cuts him off. "Or that I would prostitute myself to you for your perverse fantasies?!" He struggles, as he yells, "let go," but she doesn't. "I always knew you weren't very bright, but I never thought you were this stupid!"

"You're choking... me!" She drops him like a sack of potatoes before Naruto angrily whirls on the woman who physically assaulted him for a second time now. "Fine, jeez! You don't want to help me, I get it! Just don't expect me to help you either!"

Taking a deep breath, she practically growls, "we shook!"

"I'm not the one backing out!" he hurls back, rubbing his throat.

"I said I'd help you, but not with that!"

"Fine!" Naruto yells. "It's not like I'm forcing you too. I- I just... don't know a lot about... that, and you said you'd help as long as I don't ask you to kill or steal, or use jutsu on people. And we shook, so, well, that's what I need!" It's silent for a long time, and Naruto mutters, "whatever," before walking to the door.

His hand on the door's knob, he opens the door half way before Kurenai's extended hand slams it closed from behind him, sullenly compromising by countering with, "... I can get you books."

"Oh, wasn't I too stupid for you a minute ago?" he sarcastically asks. "I can't say I've tried all the books but I've read some and they're not- …they don't say what I need to know."

"You're worse than Kakashi," Kurenai mutters exasperatedly. She turns and walks a few paces down the hall before facing him again, pinching the bridge of her nose. "What exactly is it that you're asking?"

"Uh… I can't say exactly what," he slowly struggles to reason aloud. Keeping in honesty of reconciliation, he continues, "it's like I need to learn what to do when I'm with a girl so she doesn't... regret being with me. I want her to feel really good, so- so, if you can show me how to do that, than I'll definitely help you!"

Her analytical mind tries to separate her desire to kill the blond from the ultimate goal. Despite the weight of the choice ahead of her, the mission is Hinata. Naruto's a boy. It's common for young boys to be curious about the female body. Kurenai knows at a planned point in the future, a shinobi-sensei will take his young pupil—if he's single and willing—to Redlight Alley in Konoha or a gambling town in the nation, to properly shed the vestiges of his innocence, but that isn't for several years if she remembers correctly. It's almost unbearable to Kurenai that Uzumaki-kun—the Jinchūriki—would want this of her. 'But the final step is just beyond this,' she thinks. Hinata's fate—the village's next generation—is resting on her shoulders. If she hadn't fucked up maybe she wouldn't be here suffering for it.

"…We're not ever having intercourse," Kurenai phonetically puts down.

Naruto shrugs, completely fine with that stipulation, stating, "as long as I learn what I need to, that's fine."

"Why do you need to know this?" she asks. "You're still so young."

"Why do you need to help Hinata-chan so badly?"

"She's my student," Kurenai easily answers.

"I don't live with Kakashi-sensei," he snaps, clearly pointing out Hinata seems to mean more than her other students.

"I have my reasons," Kurenai returns irately, wondering why this conversation feels so one-sided.

"Than so do I," Naruto just as easily replies.

"Are you dating anyone?" Kurenai asks, changing tact. "Because this is the kind of thing you both learn together... a very long time from now."

"I'm not dating," Naruto answers glumly, instantly picturing Sakura-chan's face, followed by Ino-chan's. "I want to know because I want to be the best. Isn't that enough?"

"I... will attempt to figure out a decent way of helping you, but if that's not enough for you, tough. It's all I'm offering."

"Sweet! Ne, can we start tonight? Please? Please?" Naruto begs with a sparkle in his perfectly blue eyes. "I've been dying to know what a girl is supposed to feel like when a boy puts his thing inside of her."

In that very moment, Kurenai realizes she drank her last bottle of sake and there's nothing else in her home that could possibly make this bearable. "H-How about you let me gather the material... to teach you and- and we'll start tomorrow." His suspicion is apparent in his squinting eyes, but after a moment he shrugs and agrees.


Lying awake in her bed, Hinata stares at the dark oak of her ceiling wondering when she'll have another one of her special lessons with Kurenai-sensei. The Hyūga heiress wasn't sure about the genjutsu in the beginning, far too nervous to see a fake Naruto-kun, but after that first time, Hinata slowly began to learn, if anything, it's slightly better than her dreams. In her mind at rest, Hinata is strong, brave, assertive, and more than anything, always by Naruto's side; helping him, supporting him.

She may have difficulties within her clan, but at least she's given a first-rate education, a warm place to sleep, food, training, a beautiful sister, and despite how cold her father is toward her, she would much rather have him in her life than not. She loves her family and would willingly give her life for theirs. Given what can happen to her, should the seal be placed on her forehead, Hinata is always comforted knowing that her little sister will be spared that fate. So long as Hanabi is safe, Hinata knows she can endure.

Hers is not a terrible life and she only has that perspective because of Naruto-kun. Using her perceptive eyes, she knows with absolute certainty that nearly the entire village hates him, or is completely indifferent to his existence. Naruto-kun is treated like vermin since he was a child, and yet he doesn't give up. He doesn't even look sad. He always tries, always smiles, and with a strength that completely baffles her, refuses to ever accept their fate for him. He fights. Always fights. And she loves him for it. Despite the fact that Kurenai is using genjutsu to help treat her crippling insecurity, the genjutsu-Naruto-kun feels so real, she can't help falling for the illusion.

Thinking of the depth Kurenai is willing to go for her, Hinata is so grateful to have her as a sensei, making her want to try harder all the more to move past her fears. For the goal of being able to talk to Naruto-kun properly, in real life, Hinata will do the best she can. 'I just hope we can keep doing the special training session,' she mentally huffs before finally succumbing to sleep.


The balance of power between them shifted with every turn. Naruto did well in the next session, very well in fact. To Kurenai, it almost seemed like he can project warmth and happiness because Hinata-chan never smiled more. It certainly embarrassed the young Hyūga to smile in front of him, but Hinata couldn't help pay so much attention to Uzumaki and would forget her shyness from time to time. It was one of the best sessions yet, and in that singular moment, watching her student's honest smile, Kurenai couldn't be more relieved.

Later that night, her every step toward Uzumaki's residence filled her with dread. With the manuals in hand, the knowledge she was about to impart on a boy eight years her junior, made her stomach turn. Knocking on the rusted, faded-red door, she wished she drank another saucer of sake before coming here. When Naruto excitedly opens the door, she was absolutely relieved to see his apartment was filthy.

There were several full trash bags in the corner along with oddly organized piles of trash. 'Recycling,' she thought, noticing several tall stacks of ramen cups nearly as tall as Uzumaki. Clothes in a pile on the floor, dust, and for some odd reason, partly-cut leaves were littered everywhere. The smell was just as bad as the sight, and Kurenai knew this was her best way out of this uncomfortable situation… at least for a few days.

"I refuse to spend one minute in this squalor of a room," she told him. He tried to argue that he could clean it all if she gave him fifteen minutes but rather than watch him shove everything into a closet, she tells him, "I will point out everything that needs deep and thorough cleaning as well as washing before I leave. Consider this your first lesson; girls like a clean man." The single charming point in that entire apartment was the beautiful, majestic purple Starling he kept by the window with its cage door open. She noted it didn't leave and figured it must enjoy being there, though why that could be, she'll never know.

Despite the filth and stench of the room pressuring her to flee, she quickly told him there wasn't a single spot that didn't need cleaning. She made sure he understood that sweeping something to the side or dusting wasn't enough and he needed to disinfect absolutely everything, as well as promising that she'll never teach him anything in such a polluted environment.

That didn't work out well the following session when Uzumaki was noticeably upset throughout the entire two hours with Hinata. He was quieter than normal, sullen, clearly upset, and Hinata-chan thought it was her fault. Kurenai could literally see the girl retreat into her shell. Moments after Kurenai 'dispelled' her 'genjutsu,' she managed to convince Hinata-chan that his behavior was simply a test to see how she might act to an upset Naruto even though she did nothing wrong and further explained how the girl could remedy the situation in the future.

By nightfall, she was pounding on Uzumaki's door. Walking in, she was momentarily stunned by how clean the entire apartment was. The floors were clear, swept, and actually shone. The walls were unblemished of the trickle down stains she saw the night prior. The stove, counter-top, table, and chair seem sterile and uncluttered. Even the smell is a mix of disinfectant, lemon, and freshness. It was shocking to see and realize he had done it in a day when she was expecting it to take at least three. Still, her purpose did not waver and she demanded to know why he acted that way.

"I- I'm almost sure you just wanted to leave yesterday," he told her with an edge of uncertainty, but still adamant. "I told you I could clean it fast. We even could've gone to the roof, but you wouldn't even listen. So excuse me for being angry with you."

"Uzumaki-kun, you have to understand that this isn't easy for me," Kurenai tries.

"You think this is easy for me? How am I ever going to learn what I need to know if someone won't teach me?!"

"Because this is the kind of thing you learn with a girl who likes you as much as you like them."

"Girls don't like..." Naruto cuts himself off to avoid feeling depressed. "We shook, right? You said you would, so either do or don't, because I have other things I could be training on."

With a disgruntled huff, a much too sober Kurenai stressfully explains in painfully blunt detail the many points of anatomy for both female and male genitalia, as well as the numerous pleasure zones for each with a few scientific diagrams. It was terrible for her and only made worse by his many questions. It was clear he didn't understand the difference between locating and exploring a girl's erogenous zones, from just sticking it in and out. He had far too many questions for the hour allotted to explain this incredibly uncomfortable topic.

But Uzumaki did much better the following session with Hinata-chan. There didn't seem to be noticeable progress on Hinata-chan's end but there wasn't a decline either. With enough liquid courage for the following sex lesson, Kurenai was able to feel a little less perturbed by the whole affair and answer more of his awkward questions; 'why do we orgasm? What's the difference between girl orgasms and boy orgasms? How do I make sure she orgasms? Are you supposed to make sure you fit your entire dick inside her or is part of it okay? What if you can't? I heard it feels good for a girl in her ass?' And on, and on, and on.

With every session she eventually learns two shots of sake is best for the hour long session though in her inebriated state it worries her when she thinks the way his whiskered cheeks redden is cute. If the topic for the night is particularly stressful, Kurenai will ingest three shots.

His constant and often repeated questions showed her he couldn't mentally rehearse with knowledge and theory alone. By their third night, she realized at some point this wasn't going to be enough. She's been around him long enough to realize he's a more practical learner, and sure enough, the next day he nervously asks, "can you, please, um, show me, please?"

"The pictures are enough," she flatly puts him down. He lets it go until the next day, when he again asks, "can't you please just show me? Just to see how- how a girl looks when s-she... cums. Please!"

"No, Uzumaki-kun!" Kurenai asserts forcefully. "Use the diagrams and visualize according to the information!"

He asked again the following night and her response did not change.

Though it was the weekend and Kurenai didn't have Hinata, it would've been very easy to argue fairness—trading sessions for sessions—to get out of 'coaching,' however he's slowly but steadily growing despondent. She can almost feel him withdrawing as she left his apartment, dispirited. So, in order to show the genin her dedication as an instructor, she came by Saturday night. Though she had to turn down his request, yet again, she promises to come by the following night as well to prove her participation and keep him from backing out.

Sitting at the bar, alone, is difficult for Kurenai. Not only is the sight of a woman sitting by herself good incentive for bachelors to approach and offer one's company, but Kurenai is one of the most beautiful kunoichi in Konoha. She was turning away company left and right since she was already planning on heading to Uzumaki's shortly. She also wanted the time alone to ponder.

Kurenai was considering adding rubber models to the lesson plan and if worse comes to worst, actual genjutsu to make him see examples of what is being discussed. Taking this humiliating endeavor so seriously isn't something she's comfortable with because Kurenai never wants this to become a normal thing she does, but the faster she teaches him what he needs to know, the faster she can be done with it, so going further may actually end this quicker.

"Buy you a drink," a familiar voice asks from behind her.

"No, thank-" Kurenai begins to say before turning and recognizing Genma complete with his toothpick. "Oh, hey," she says offering a small smile. "Thanks for the offer but three's more than enough." 'Enough to teach a young boy about sex,' she mentally adds, downing her last shot.

"Just as well," he says, before taking the seat next to her and leaning over. "Listen, I went ahead of the others just to make sure you weren't here."

Furrowing her brow curiously, she asks, "what are you talking about?"

"The princess," he starts, taking a breath before explaining, "wanted to take another break from nobility and come back here, tonight. I- well, we just thought it would be better if you weren't here to see them."

'To see them,' her mind quickly repeats three times. Suddenly short of breath while her heart tightens as she mentally adds with repetition, 'to see them,' as in, 'a couple,' as in, 'to see them as a couple.' Kurenai's lungs deflate but her chest feels incredibly tight as a burning prickling sensation breaks throughout her skin. For some reason, she feels the warmth of the sake in her system, but cold in her weakened bones.

As the rejection and hurt start to settle in, Kurenai throws up two fingers for another couple of shots as Genma continues, "I get that this isn't ideal but I don't think she'll be here much longer. Nothing's been announced and who knows what might happen even there were an announcement."

Kurenai can't comment in any way about them or the situation—preferring instead to avoid more heartache—as she throws back both shots in quick succession, and simply asks Genma, "can you cover this. I'll pay you back," she adds as she leaves the bar. She takes no more than four steps outside when Asuma and princess Tomoko in fine, yet civilian clothes, are walking towards her. Kurenai freezes and is about to at least wish them good night, but Asuma, escorting the princess, walks around her with a simple, "Yūhi-san," before clearly ignoring her very presence.

Kurenai could have stood there all night trying to understand what exactly happened. She could have replayed that series of motions over and over in her mind and never understand it. She could have run inside and demanded an explanation but she already knows. She already knows because this was exactly what he warned her about; why he, as the son of the Hokage stayed an arm's length away from anyone. It didn't stop the tremendous hurt, but it did provide some heart-weeping clarity.

Kurenai stopped at the convenience store for a bottle of sake on her way to Naruto's—saving it for when she returned home—but Sunday night in Uzumaki's neighborhood, the locals weren't exactly shy about heavy forms of public displays of affection and half the bottle was already gone by the time she reached Uzumaki's ugly door.

He let her in and they take their usual seats at the dining table. She can tell he noticed how different she was speaking and acting but didn't comment otherwise. After thirty minutes of horribly disjointed explanation, Naruto again asks, "ne, ne Kurenai-sensei, can't you please just show me what it looks like, so I know she felt good? You said it's harder for girls, right? So how would I know unless you show me!"

"Uuuzumaki-" she slurs.

"Please, please, please, just once," he begs her with prayer's hands. "Just this one time and I know I'll understand more if you do! Please!"

"I try ssso hard... for my v-village, my ssstudents..." she glumly says, disinterested and dejected with images of Asuma and his beautiful princess replaying in her mind as she mentally adds, 'why?'

"I'm your student," Naruto pleads, suddenly next to her, breaking through her fog of dismay. "I'll try hard for you!"

'Yūhi-san,' she hears him echo in her mind.

'Why?' Her mind repeats in a tired defeated fashion. 'Why bother' and she mentally checks out. Kurenai slowly gets up and on uncoordinated legs walks to his bedroom, exciting him to no end. Skipping happily, he eagerly follows her into his thankfully clean bedroom and commands the blond to, "ssshut off the lights. Leave… the door open."

Slowly moving to the light switch, he comments, "I won't be able to see if I shut off the lights."

Her fingers fumble with the button of her white shorts as she responds, "thasss why I sssaid keep the door open. The light from the living room'll be enough." She'd prefer to remove as much of her sense of sight as possible. Though the absurdity of this thoughtless decision hasn't sunk in as well as the sake has, she still feels some embarrassment for someone seeing her well-maintained nether regions.

She hasn't been with anyone in over a year and judging by Asuma's cold shoulder, it would appear her bed will remain devoid of love for the foreseeable future. Lying on the edge of Uzumaki's bed as she untangles her shorts from her feet, her uncoordinated weight nearly tilts her forward. When she realizes Uzumaki is kneeling a few inches away from her knees, Kurenai easily observes his breathing has quickened and his eyes are laser focused.

"Uzumaki-kun, girlsss can easily become nervous if a boy ssstares too much," she slurs as she removes her black lace underwear, though her long toned legs remain closed.

"But I want to see," Naruto whined. It's been so long since Ino-chan, he's finding it incredibly difficult to control his excitement. "Since it's you training me, it's alright, right?"

"Training... " she slowly repeats. "... I..." With the constant image of a princess and son of the Hokage walking together in her mind, her arguments, her worries, her rationality, her soberness, her sense of caring, all fall silent and absent. For this singular moment, nothing matters. Nothing. "...don't care."

Kurenai spreads her legs and allows Uzumaki full view of her vagina. "Thisss isss my pussy," she crudely says.

"It looks way better than the pictures," Naruto says inching closer and closer between her legs to take in as much of her pretty pink slit and clear white skin.

Kurenai barely registers his radiating warmth but can certainly feel his breath on her skin. Despite the close-up underage audience, Kurenai starts touching herself; using her middle and index to circle the petals of her pussy. "I ssstart by ssstimulating my labia, or pussy lips," she explains to him what she's doing and why. She further explains, "it doesssn't have to be excessive clitoral stimulation…" but her mind slips the longer she continues to play with herself.

Her juices are leaking down the underside of her spread legs and Kurenai falls back in the bed, eyes closed as one hand searches for much needed release while her other hand snakes to her aching breasts, massaging the hard nub of her nipples and the ample bosom of her chest. She pulls and twists her hard nipple through her top, moaning, "Mnnn… Aahhnn… mmn, ysss…" Kurenai forgets about a lot on her back and in the dark: Asuma, the princess, her deceased father, her precious ward, and her genin team, but most importantly, she forgets about Uzumaki.

"Mnnnnyesssso closeso close… haahnn… hhnnn… I'm- MMMMNNN."

Naruto is inches away from her soaked and digging digits when Kurenai groans a loud moan, plunging two fingers in her cunt while her thumb massages her erect clit. Her pelvis bucks madly when she cums as concentrated pleasure shocks her quaking body, filling her with stress relieving bliss much like her moans and whimpers fill the dark room. In her blissful ignorance, Kurenai didn't expect, at all, for Uzumaki to launch his head forward, tongue leading the charge as his mouth engulfs her twitching cunt, eagerly licking and swallowing as much of her pleasure juices as possible.


His unexpectedly rough tongue was a shocking reminder that she was not alone, but in her inebriated, pleasure-flooded mind, little thought was spent explaining the presence of an eager tongue in her weeping cunt. She just saw a black ceiling and felt pleasure coursing. Pondering who simply didn't matter to Kurenai as the digging, muscular organ lapped up her expelling essence, its bumps scraping at her clit in the most delicious way while her only thoughts were on how much she missed this feeling.

He was eating her out for every ounce of nectar, like a man whose thirst is days old from an inordinately long drought. She grabs his blond silk mane and presses him further into her drenched crotch, crying out, "deeper!"

Abruptly, restless fingers begin to probe her throbbing, pink pleasure hole as a moist hot mouth latched onto her fun button, sucking and prodding her clit with gleeful abandon. Naruto couldn't believe how hot her wet pussy felt, how hard she clenched or how much she spasmed. Her cunt was like the best glove ever and he wanted to put more and more inside.

Learning with his body had always been the best way for Naruto to become better. Though he was incredibly excited, he'd listened to her moans and mewling, feels her twitch or grip and tried to detect which spots made her moan the loudest. He wasn't sure what he was doing or if he was any good, but he loved it.

As she feels the build of another intense orgasm approach her high edge, her hands grip his hair as she uses his face to roll her throbbing labia for more surface contact. The heat of his face only complimented the way his tongue played with her ultra-sensitive nub, as his warm fingers would thrust and curl in and out of her sopping wet love tunnel.

She lost track of time, of location, of her identity as the strong meat coil at the pleasure pit of her stomach would continue to wind with his every attack of affection. Tongue, fingers, sucking, the heat of it all making her excited and lightheaded. Naruto found her womanly body amazing and like a third helping of Ramen, it wasn't enough. She was tight, warm, wet, and her ever-growing mewls and moans were the best sounds he'd ever heard.

"I'm… I'mmmmnnn, your tongue, yes… ahn, ahn, yesss," her voice would tickle his ears. "I'm almost… suck me off- MMn, yes! Suck me!"

Moments after realizes how close to oblivion she was, the grand wet coil of amassing pleasure snaps with the concussive power of a canon, rolling waves upon waves of shocking pleasure throughout her delicate body. Her arching back snaps up and down as sweaty black locks shoot back with the snap of her marvelously moaning head. Her toes curl and every muscle in her body twitches repeatedly in a delicious frenzy; even her eyelids prickle with minute pops pleasure. She holds an eager Uzumaki against her crotch as he licks and sucks every fluid jetting out of her, gripping her gyrating hips to keep her as steady as possible.

Her legs abruptly fall limp over the edge of his bed, her body boneless as she's singularly aware of the constant rolling pleasure of her long coming orgasm. In her elated euphoria, her eyes were closed so as to enjoy the happy buzz travel up and down her taut body. Judging by the pulling joints at her hips, Kurenai couldn't understand how her legs spread wider, nor could she see what an inviting sight her dripping pleasure hole was for a desire-heightened blond with a thick dick. Gripping her hips, she only felt the head against her opening a moment before Naruto thrust his thick manhood to the hilt, earning a grunting moan from Kurenai.

Her mind is as dark and hazy as the room, filled with animalistic pleasure as the two sweaty bodies began rutting against each other. Kurenai didn't need a face or rational thinking; she just needed to forget and a good hard fuck and Naruto was all too eager to relish in the wet furnace of Kurenai's gripping center. Feeling her rolling walls grip and suck at him in desperate wanting, her moans, her hands stroking the pebble nubs of her breasts, her long strong legs easily wrapped around his waist… it all aroused him to paranormal heights. He didn't last long, but he didn't soften either. Naruto would thrust into her soft folds even as he ejaculated into her flooded depths. He was starving for her delicacy as much as he starved for his ramen, and just like his favorite food, one helping wasn't nearly enough.

Naruto pumped his raging hard on into her quaking quim for a length of time that just felt insufficient. They moaned together with his every energetic thrust moving closer and closer to the fantastic end. The smack of skin, moans of ecstasy fill the room as much as the creaking of Naruto's old bed.

He reaches his height again before Kurenai joined him, both gyrating against each other, vibrating intensely as they came together and it's the first break his thrusting hips take. Yet he only spends it sucking and kneading Kurenai's perfect C-cup breast, extending her pleasure with continuous micro orgasms while the knot at base expands to plug her stuffed cunt. Kurenai didn't know what the additional pressure was but it pulsed snugly against all her spots at once and her mind couldn't cope. A little scared, Kurenai simply held on to the hard body on top of her enjoying the magnitude of her overflowing bliss.

His energy, his passion, his rapture was intoxicating and Kurenai lost herself to the moment; to anything her mind would consider meaningful, purposeful, respectable. All that mattered was the trance exaltation. Within those parameters, it didn't matter that she moans, begged, and screamed for more. It didn't matter whether she was on her hands and knees as he took her from the back, slapped his ass for more, or that she forced him on his back while she rode his thick, meat pole. It didn't matter that he filled her womb with his virile seed, knotted her to mindless orgasms, or that she begged for more. The only thing that mattered was the lush delirium that took her away from all her responsibilities, and it's subsequent hardships. All that mattered was a paradise of dick and mind-numbing, body-crumbling orgasms.

The room was filled with the stench of sex and fluids as they would chase their cosmic orgasms repeatedly, often reaching that bliss together. Though in the early hours of the morning, Kurenai's orgasms would simply erupt continuously, one after the other until she passed out.

I don't know how many of you guys know this but Kurenai is noted on the data books and in anime as being an evening drinker(honey wine if i remember). She's always enjoyed a drink. Obviously I pushed it pretty far here but my one excuse is she's young. How many of us-who are legally allowed to drink-haven't pushed it that far a time or two.

I know some have voiced concerns about the dubious decisions of these characters and I just have to say, given the right circumstances, I personally believe anyone is capable of anything. I read a book on the great depression and a line that always stuck with me was, "Starvation and despair turned men into monsters." If that makes no sense to you, consider than that maybe you've lived a better life than most.

I also want you all to know that just because a character starts off with undesirable characteristics does not mean that's how they stay. I love making my characters go through a transformative journey. If my character is the same in the beginning, middle, and end, than I personally feel like I've failed as a writer. So I hope that helps

I'm still trying to get the flow of writing a sex scene. It's certainly a lot harder than I thought. I'll have to practice some more until I find a tempo I'm comfortable with.

As always, thanks again for reading and have a great one,


P.S. Yay, his apartment is clean, lol. I found it hilarious people brought that up :)

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