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30The Right Exceptions

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Sprinting through the trail leading away from Training Ground 3, Naruto leaps onto the first available rooftop to leap from building to building his home. Normally he would've walked her home to make certain she was safe, but after revealing something about himself that's practically taboo, he opted to flee and leave a clone to cover her back. Though he does like the vision of a large loving family, he knows he didn't confess to her his preference in hopes she would agree. He used it against her but it was for her own good, huffing, "dodged that kunai."

'You lied to me,' Kurama growls from deep within his seal.

"Wha," Naruto sounds before mentally asking his furry partner, 'how'd I lie? I said I didn't want to use her.'

'You agreed with Jiraiya's wisdom,' Kurama retorts with his husky voice. 'You said you would!'

'First, no, I didn't,' Naruto responds, letting his body naturally sprint as his mind converses with the Nine-Tails. Looking through the high golden gate, Naruto shows the prowling beast his counting fingers. 'Second, I don't want Gaara to hate me for hurting his sister. Third, I don't want to ruin whatever friendship Temari-chan and I could have. Since I know what they're planning, it wouldn't be right to take advantage of her like that.'

'I don't like you right now,' the destructive chakra beast flatly declares.

"Aww, come on, Kurama," Naruto replies.

Kurama stops prowling to testify to the blond, 'first, our primary mate refused us, then the crafty blond, then the teammate, and now you reject a willing mate! You enjoy claiming we're partners, yet you make all the decisions!'

'Partners don't ask friends to deliberately trick and hurt other people's feelings,' Naruto hollers back as if it's obvious. 'You wouldn't like it if someone asked me to take advantage of you- Oh, actually, I seem to remember Ji-chan asking me if I could control you, and what did I say? It's not right to do that to a friend!'

'…You said, a person,' Kurama begrudgingly corrects. 'Which I am not.'

Slumping his shoulders, Naruto returns, 'I was respecting the fact that you don't want them knowing too much about you or I would've said friend.' Walking closer to the golden gates, Naruto reminds the great beast, 'and Nai-chan only said she needed a break. If anything's wrong, I know she'll tell me.'

'That was too long ago,' Kurama complains, taking a seat and resting his head on his paws inches from the gate.

Groaning, Naruto begins to say, 'it hasn't even been a week-'

'Don't pretend you're not restless,' Kurama accuses the blond. Naruto avoids Kurama's eye as the chakra beast continues to say, 'I can't imagine you'd make so much progress in your Sage training if you didn't have a plethora of pent up energy.'

'Yeah, well, I didn't think I'd be so… wired,' Naruto sheepishly admits before insisting, 'even still! That's no reason to take advantage of Temari-chan.'

'I can't trust anything you say,' he angrily retorts. 'Rectify the situation. Seek the advice of a professional if you must.'

'Fine, I'll…' Naruto pauses for a moment, thinking about a professional sociologist who can help; an awesome person who didn't deserve his backlash. 'You know, I should probably see Mabui-chan again. It wasn't fair of me to just walk out on her like that. Plus, it really looked like she didn't know.'

'I prefer Jiraiya,' the great beast proposes.

Pointing a stern index finger at Kurama's large red eyes, he bellows, 'I'm not asking Ero-sennin about Nai-chan!'

Leaping on all fours, Kurama bares fangs as he contends, 'you see! There you go again, making all the decisions! And now we're absent any mates to sex with!'

Lulling his heavy head lower than slumped shoulders, Naruto groans, 'ugh, will you please stop talking like that…'


Mabui wasn't surprised to see the orange-clad blond looking through the aisle, likely searching for her. She'd been at their table for nearly an hour before getting up to look for him. Walking back from the entrance, she assumes she must've missed him, but he sees her now and walks directly to her. Mabui was surprised that he was alone. Possessing an item that belongs to a lost clan was a risk. Naruto could've gone to his Hokage and she would've met a squad of Anbu, rather than her handsome genius.

After they greet each other, it feels slightly tense and stuffy, prompting Mabui to suggest they go outside. After collecting her things, she takes him to a restaurant that immediately refuses Naruto service. Though Mabui wanted to argue, her alluring hair, skin tone, and appearance already draw more attention than a spy would like. Offering to treat her to ramen, Naruto creates a clone to bring their order from Ichiraku's while they make their way to his old apartment. Though he mentioned his cousin, Karin showing an interest in redeveloping the area, Mabui didn't press him for more details.

They're in his old room twenty minutes later. With scattered trash, empty needles, burned wood from a small fire, and tatted walls, the one-bedroom, one-bath has clearly housed squatters since Naruto's departure.

Happy about the privacy, Mabui places her hands behind her back—accentuating her voluptuous breasts—before leaning against the wall. She gazes at him with a small smile as she confesses, "I'm glad you came today."

Observing her watch him brings a small smile to his face before he humbly offers, "I'm sorry I blew up on you. That bugged me way more than I expected."

Shaking her head, no, sways her silver bangs as she assures him, "I understand. It's your family; your lineage. I wasn't expecting that, and please believe me when I say I had no intention of upsetting you."

Taking a step closer to her, he affirms, "no, I know."

He's five paces away and silent for several moments. He seems deep in thought, in a way only lost family—lost possibilities—can ever do. Having lost her parents only months ago, Mabui softly asks, "would you like to talk about them? Your family?"

"Uh, I don't mind, but there's not much to say," Naruto reasons. "I only found out I had a clan a couple months back, so, I don't know much. Apparently, they were destroyed by an alliance of other villages, but I don't know who yet."

Recognizing the possibilities for revenge, Mabui cautiously asks, "do you plan on pursuing this?"

"When I have more time, sure," he shrugs, not quite inspiring a lot of malevolence. As if proving to her he's not a vindictive person, he simply adds, "I'm pretty busy at the moment."

"I see," Mabui evenly states. Her parents died of natural causes, yet she still felt angry. His entire clan was apparently targeted and destroyed, yet he has better things to do. His heart is inspiring, giving her the strength to voice, "well, then allow me to share what I know." He takes a step closer to listen as she begins. "The first thing you have to understand is I left my family when I was very young."

"How old?"

"Nine," she winces to admit. Immediately she comments, "I know, I know, very risky but I knew I couldn't stay with my parents. They were farmers, not ninja." Looking at the smoke damaged ceiling, Mabui recounts for Naruto as much for herself, "they inherited a plot of land from my deceased grandparents, and if they wanted the farm to survive, they would need a son or marry me to a strong man so he can help with the workload. Even at a young age, I knew I couldn't be like them. I was too curious about the world with all its mysteries waiting for me. I always had questions; questions they couldn't answer. So, as horrible as this makes me, I left. I left them. I regretted it every day—especially when I was starving, lost, hurt, scared, or a million of things out of my capability—but not once did I turn and run back."

"I know what that's like; being on your own," Naruto sadly muses. "Only in my case, it was the orphanage that I left. I was nearly six when I started living on my own. How'd you survive?"

Her shoulders sway in line with her rotating head shake as she answers, "I stole a little, did odd jobs, but before it got too bad, I tested into a boarding school. My parents were not educated. They could work the land well enough, but, philosophy, literature, fūinjutsu, ninjutsu, math, science, a number of studies I wanted to know about went right over their heads. As much as I loved them, that place was suffocating for someone as curious as me."

Nodding, he then asks, "so you lived in school?"

"They tested for academics and military aptitudes," Mabui details.

With a competitive smirk, he boldly asks, "how'd you do?"

Smiling, she brags, "in the top percentile for logistics, memory, and clinical & social dynamics, and in the top ten percent for chakra use and control." Impressed, Naruto whistles before Mabui curtsies with a smile and continues. "As interesting as being a kunoichi sounded—and they really pushed me toward it—I didn't have high chakra reserves. Ultimately, I decided the pen was mightier than the sword and joined the academic world instead of the shinobi one."

"You must've trained a little," Naruto questions. "You don't feel weak at all."

Mabui easily avoids that land mine by asking, "have you been feeling me up without my knowledge, Naruto?"

"That's not what I mean," he bellows affronted yet with a small smile. "I'm just saying, I can sense you're at least a strong genin level."

"Well thank you," Mabui cutely bows. "Practicing Fūinjutsu helps but I also do a daily workout regiment that an old boyfriend taught me. It includes several chakra control exercises. And I was taught from a young age that you shouldn't neglect the body or chakra to train the brain. They're symbiotic and you need to train them rigorously to be the best."

Naruto's smile flattens as he thinks to cautiously ask, "did you ever see your parents again?"

Inhaling deeply, she crosses her arms as she answers, "I did." Feeling a pang of regret, longing, loss, her voice sours as she elaborates, "after I graduated, I went back a few times… sent them ryō every month. They were… cordial, for the most part, but, it wasn't hard to sense how betrayed they felt."

Sensing her distress, Naruto takes another step forward as he gently asks, "did they ever forgive you?"

Rather than trust her voice to answers, a misty-eyed Mabui simply shakes her head, 'no.' Mabui couldn't ignore the benefit to the mission hugging Naruto for support is, but deeper than that, she simply wanted a hug. His strong arms wrap around her body, making her feel safe and warm. Resting her head beside his, she softly voices, "the last family I had died resenting me… and that was the price I paid to be who I am today."

"…We all pay a price," Naruto voices into her light-gray hair.

After several moments of warm embrace Mabui takes a step back, leaning on the wall as she continues to inform the blond, "the only other thing I remember about my family is my father's brother; I never liked him. My uncle was a shinobi but I don't know where. He visited a couple of times a year until he died. If anything he's the likely culprit for how that jutsu ended up with my parents. I can only assume he found or stole the jutsu since he was never a big name."

Nodding in acceptance, Naruto then asks, "anything else?"

"If I knew more, believe me, I would tell you," Mabui assures him. Having already pondered this conversation, a hopeful Mabui asks, "what would you like to do with your family scroll? I won't lie to you and say I wouldn't like to keep it, but, I know it belongs to you."

"I'll have to talk to my cousin about this," Naruto responds. "I'll let you know what we decide."

Though Mabui didn't like his response, it's to be expected. She can only work to convince him in the future, which is why she's planned for this, calling out, "oh! There was another reason I was happy you came."

"Oh," Naruto starts, perking up as he asks, "what?"

Mabui pushes off the wall and slowly walks around the curious blond, adding more sway to her hips and keeping her hands clasped behind her back as she slyly asks, "do you remember how I said I'd try and come up with a helpful strategy for you to be a little more confident and polished with the polyamory lifestyle?"

"No way," Naruto gasps, turning in place to keeps his large eyes on her. "You came up with something?" Her beautifully symmetrical face nods with a proud smile on her pink lips. "That's great! I actually just told a girl about it and that did not go well, at all."

Though it's surprising he'd try, the result isn't. Quite fortunately for the blond, this mission, Samui, and especially Darui pissed her off. She wasn't normally a vindictive person, but this whole situation was a lose-lose scenario and she was going to share the wealth. "That's to be expected," Mabui answers him, lining up her plan. "This lifestyle isn't for everyone. It takes a special acceptance a lot of people can't approve of on an emotional level."

Nearly hopping in place, his closed hands are in front of him as he rapid-fire asks, "so what is it? Do you have time? Can you tell me now?"

"Yes, yes, and the strategy is very simple," she assures him. "It's called, practice."

His expression flattens before he quirks his brow and skeptically sounds, "huh?"

"Obviously, the big challenge with this lifestyle is how unpopular it is and the stigma behind it," Mabui orates like a sensei. "To many looking in, you would appear as little more than a playboy who only wants to sleep around with many women and is afraid of commitment. This means that you have to know—deep down—why this is the lifestyle for you, and that's not going to happen without some good ol' trial and error."

"Okay, that makes sense," Naruto agrees before requesting, "but what's the strategy specifically?"

Pulling on his loose orange sleeve, Mabui looks affronted by his attire as she asks, "do you own other clothes- nice clothes?" Quickly adding, "I mean something dressy."

Looking down at his beloved orange and blue jumpsuit, Naruto hesitates to answer, "I… I'm going to say no. Why?"

Considering what he likes to wear, she can't imagine his fashion sense has matured enough to dress appropriately for her plans and mentally decides to help him find an outfit as she answers, "because, tomorrow night, you and I are going out on the town."


After telling Naruto he can enter, her blond stud walks into her room, instantly making her remember the last time he was there and how he forgave her; wrenching a little more happiness to her day. They greet each other casually as Ino stands from her desk and when she settles the wrinkles from her purple mini-skirt and crop top, she notices him sneak a quick look. Fortunately, she always dresses to captivate the eyes, so it's not as if she was trying to seduce him, but she appreciates his quick gaze to her naked midsection. She unfurls her ponytail to give him a better look before taking a seat on the floor ahead of the short table at the center of her room. Taking a seat opposite her, Naruto asks, "what's up?"

Without the third party member of her plan, Ino instead asks, "did you talk to Karin yet?"

"Yeah and thanks," Naruto replies with a broad smile. "She's pretty excited about the whole thing."

"You don't have to thank me," Ino assures him with a shrug that sways her platinum blond bang. "That's what friends are for. What'd you tell her?"

Leaning back on his arms, Naruto recounts, "I told her it sounded great and she can do whatever she wants."

Snickering a second, Ino asks, "just like that?"

He shrugs as he responds, "I trust her."

Grinning, she jests, "well aren't you just the most amazing clan head ever?"

Rhetorically, he asks, "was there ever a doubt?"

"Just don't leave her with all the work, you know," Ino verbalizes. "What she's taking on is a lot of work, reading, and meetings. Delegation is part of the job as Clan Head, but you also have to be with her every step of the way."

Palming the table with energy, he implores, "are you kidding? I made sure she knows to bring me in on everything that comes up; I don't care how small. Even now, I got one clone in line at the Council's Housing and Building Safety Department, one waiting in the Area Planning Commission for Wood District, one in Power and Water, and since she said we need a contractor to talk repairs, estimates, and… what did she call it… appraise! We need a contractor to appraise it, I sent a clone to a builder I know in Wave. Hopefully, he can help."

"Wow, you're a one-man army," Ino deputizes, adding, "property developers beware." Enjoy his snicker, she then asks, "what's Karin-chan doing?"

Naruto immediately laughs, making her increasingly curious until he finally explains, "Karin's super pissed right now!"

Absorbing his fun energy, she leans in as she jovially asks, "why?"

"I got a clone with her too," Naruto starts. "They first went to the Civilian Council building to ask about buying a foreclosed business. Someone there told them they had to go to the auction house that the Council outsources to. When they get there, someone tells em the auction house doesn't accept any bids on property without proof of funds. So, they had to run to the bank and open an account for our clan then transfer the ryō into. After running back to the auction house, their files said that the apartment we want to bid on is listed as an REO, which means—get this—that it's owned by the village! So they had to race back to where they first started! The last I checked in, Karin was banging her head against the wall while waiting in line."

Ino covers her mouth to hold in her snickering, then shakes her head remorsefully as she expresses, "I'm sorry, that's not funny."

Restrain his smile to a weak grin, Naruto admits, "it's a little funny."

"Maybe," she timidly admits. Shaking her head and lovely silk hair, Ino hastily orders, "but get her something nice for all her hard work."

"I'll pick her up some okonomiyaki later," he answers with a nod.

"Since you're basically the Hokage of Helping, I'd like yours, if you please- that is, I hope you'll help. You don't have to if you don't want to-"

"I want to, Ino," he assures her with that honest face she loves to see. Just for them, he adds, "we've come a long way, so, lay it on me."

"It's about Sakura," Ino begins.

"Is she still staying with you?"


"How's she doing?"

Disgruntled, Ino sags as she honestly answers, "ready to collapse any day now if she doesn't rest."

"Yeah, she's pushing herself harder than I've ever seen," Naruto glumly voices. "But she's getting really good with her Iryō-ninjutsu. Ji-chan let her make a copy of one of an advanced text, so she's learning a lot."

"Good," Ino replies. "That's good. It's not like I want her to stop. I'm thrilled she's getting stronger, but, she can't keep going like this; not without some relief. Something's gotta give."

"What do you have in mind?"

"All that stress, building day after day," Ino voices. "I think she'll be fine if we help her vent a little. She needs a good, solid break to recharge or she's going to hurt herself." At Naruto's mellow chuckle, a curious Ino asks, "what?"

"Nothing," he assures her with a smile before explaining, "it's just, you two used to fight ALL the time in the Academy; like, every day, non-stop. And now, you're super worried about her."

"Always have been," Ino replies with a smirk before affirming, "I'm sure I can speak for the both of us when I say we've grown a lot since then."

Nodding his head, Naruto then asks, "what's the plan?"

"You," she quickly answers with her casual confidence, making him sound, "huh?" The front door downstairs opens and Ino smiles as she answers his curious gaze, "hold that thought. She's finally back."

Looking at her suspiciously, Naruto deepens his voice to rumbling as he asks, "Ino?"

Lifting her palms submissively, Ino admits, "I want to help and I don't want to go behind her back to do it, honest. When it comes to the two of you, I want to be as open as possible, so I invited her too."

Walking in without knocking, Sakura listlessly communicates, "sorry, I'm late-" before realizing her teammate is also in the room. "Naruto?"

"Yo," Naruto calls out.

"Take a seat," Ino offers with a hand.

Lethargically, Sakura plops down in the space west of Ino and Naruto's north and south as she asks, "what's going on?"

"Not sure," Naruto replies lean back on both hands as he adds, "this is Ino's show."

A worn-out Sakura jokes, "should I be scared?"

"Ha ha," Ino flatly jests. Boldly, she tells her pink-haired friend, "I'll get straight to the point. Sakura, I'm worried about you and I want to help."

With tired eyes lazily landing on Ino, Sakura asks, "why? I'm fine-"

"You're not fine," Ino interrupts. "You're overworking yourself, but that's fine. I didn't ask you here to stop or even slow you down." Sakura seems happy to hear that before Ino confesses, "both of you know I did terrible, unforgivable things-"

"Stop worrying about that," a tired Sakura gripes. "I already told you lets just move forward."

"We've forgiven you," Naruto assures her.

But Ino can't forgive herself just yet, replying, "regardless, I won't forget. What I did was immoral and my remorse has entitled me with the responsibility of helping you both whenever I can. It may always be like this so get used to it."

"Soooo," Naruto slowly voices, looking from Sakura to Ino and back. "Basically, you're saying we're friends," he finishes.

Slumping, Ino tries to reply, "No, I'm saying-"

But she's interrupted when Sakura tells Naruto, "that's what it sounds like to me."

Turning to Sakura, Ino rebukes, "it's more than-"

Naruto casually interrupts to tell Sakura, "she took a long time to say something that's so obvious."

"That's Ino for you," Sakura replies. "Always over-thinking things." Amused by them, annoyed by them, and amused by how annoyed she is by them, Ino simply smiles in gratitude at the playful teammates until Sakura eventually asks, "so this was about helping me somehow?"

"This is about giving you that thing you wanted," Ino cheekily returns.

Drawing a blank, a confused Sakura asks, "what thing?"

"I'm sure you remember, what with your memory," Ino casually remarks, enjoying the anticipation before her bomb. "It was a few weeks back, the night I told Naruto everything."

"The night…" Suddenly Sakura's eyes popped wide in surprise. "Ino! No!"

"What, what is it," Naruto asks.

Ino starts to tell him, "Well, Sakura demanded I let her have se-" But Sakura rushes over the table to clap her hand over Ino's smiling mouth.

"It's nothing, it's nothing. Don't listen to her," Sakura desperately insists of Naruto. With rough hands over her lips, Ino simply eyes the pinkette with all the confidence of a queen. The self-proclaimed sisters have long since been able to communicate with eye contact alone, and looking at Ino's pupil-less blue eyes, Sakura just knows, asking, "you're going to tell him anyway, aren't you?"

With her ability to speak incapacitated, Ino nods once. Sakura groans and huffs loudly as she slumps back into her cushioned floor. The pinkette begins to blush and fixes her gaze downward, avoiding either blond.

"I'm so lost," Naruto bemoans.

"Sorry," Ino brightly calls with a pretty smile. "As I was saying, Sakura's working hard and I feel that qualifies her to play hard too; really hard."

"Things are different now," Sakura weakly protests.

"The only thing that's changed is Naruto isn't my boyfriend," Ino hates to admit. "But even if he was, I'd still ask for you."


"But nothing," Ino heatedly cuts her off. "You need to relax! Time for leisure is in the schedule you wrote for yourself. But if you can think of something better than that-" she asks, pointing a casual thumb at a bewildered Naruto, finishing, "I won't ask him for you."

"I… He…" Sakura blushes profusely and Ino understands why. Masturbation feels good and it's efficient; sex, in general, feels good and though she's never been with anyone else, she's sure she'll enjoy it. After all, she loves talking to the older women in the bathhouses and her more experienced cousins, and the topic generally always revolves around clothes, men, and sex. Asking them discrete questions about the average performance is how Ino knows sex with the blond stamina-freak is on another level.

"I'm still lost," Naruto's voice chimes in.

Proudly, bluntly, Ino assertively decrees, "I want you to have sex with Sakura."

Sakura's entire body glows red with capitol embarrassment as Naruto looks from Ino to Sakura, to Ino and Sakura again before he admits in a daze, "…I'm even more confused now."

Rolling her eyes, she huffs, "Kami, Naruto, what's the confusion?" Using her hands to create simple visual aids, she conveys, "you put the P in the V until she O's. It's nothing you haven't done before."

"That's not what I-" Naruto cuts himself off to then try by asking, "how are you okay with this? It's not- Isn't this like… a thing girls don't do?"

In support of her teammate, Sakura yells as well, "yeah, you! I thought you-" But when she catches Naruto's clear blue eyes, the blushing girl quickly turns away as if physically pained in her stomach to be observed.

Not bothered by their curiosity, Ino casually answers, "I'm okay with this because—not to sound too sentimental here—I love you both. Naruto means as much to me as Sakura does, and after everything the three of us have been through, this sort of just became okay." Turning to Sakura, she explains, "you're the sister I found—the sister I hurt—so, as long as it's you, then having Naruto go balls deep in you doesn't bother me."

Returning her regard to the conversation, a wide-eyed Sakura looks between Ino and a flabbergasted Naruto. It's clear to Ino that the pinkette is thinking emotionally when she asks her, "but, what about you and Naruto?"

Turning her gaze on Naruto for a moment, Ino then answers Sakura, "I'm still in my self-imposed dog-house. I can't worry about that right now. I just want to help. You need some much-needed relief and I'm sure Naruto's been frustrated having to go without for so long." Looking at Naruto, she adds, "in the future, if it feels right, I'm going to ask you out regardless of who you're sleeping with."

"If he says yes," Sakura begins to ask. "You'd still be okay with me and him…" Sakura blushes furiously as she avoids eye contact with a lightly blushing Naruto.

Ino smiles as she honestly answers, "yes, Sakura."

"And if he says no," Sakura suggests.

"If you're afraid of rejection, then you've already lost," Ino flatly and casually announces. "So, here's the logistics. Sakura's training regiment gives her an hour a day for recreational activity; to decompress from the buildup of the day's fatigue. Naruto—for her recovery—I want you to smash in her guts real good for every second of that hour-" In sheer embarrassment, Sakura groans, "for the love of Kami," as Ino finishes, "till she's gushing out globs of your baby-gravy. You guys can decide when the best time for yourselves is. Any questions?"

"Can you kill me now," Sakura chimes.

"Sakura," Naruto softly voices, gently calling the pinkette's attention. "Is this what you really want? I thought you didn't… want a relationship with me."

Sakura couldn't look him in the eyes for long and turns away as she struggles to say, "I… I'm not the same girl I used to be. I'm not saying I love you romantically, but, you're my teammate and I like to think we've grown really close."

"I think so too," Naruto proclaims with a small smile. "I love being your teammate and I know you'll get even stronger. Hell, you even heal me now instead of just Sasuke."

Sakura quickly snorts before taking a deep breath and admitting to Naruto, "I did ask Ino if we… if you and I could… have sex again… regardless if you were her boyfriend."

He lightly asks, "why?"

"Ugh, don't make me say it," Sakura groans in agonizing embarrassment.

"Because you rocked her world," Ino chimes

"Ino!" Getting up, Sakura calls out, "that's it, I'm leaving! I'm way too tired to survive this degree of embarrassment-"

"Wait," Naruto quickly beckons, holding out his palms in hopes she'll stop. She's halfway to the door but she doesn't leave. Naruto turns to Ino and asks, "I'm assuming your asking because Sakura wouldn't?"

"Naturally," Ino hums with a short bow.

Naruto then asks, "would you care if either one of us said no?"

"Not at all," Ino honestly assures them. "This is just me trying to be helpful."

For ultra-precise clarity, Naruto finishes by asking, "helpful like this because Sakura and I have already had sex?"

"As in, I'd never set Sakura up with some rando," Ino assures him. "I'm only presenting this option because you two have already done the deed and still care about each other." Though he didn't need to, he nods to her and she can tell he's not doing so because of the sex, but the respect. Ino wasn't thinking in terms of moves or angles, but simply helping a friend, wild though the suggestion may be.

Turning to his pink-haired teammate, Naruto asks, "first, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I don't want you to be uncomfortable talking about this but I'm more worried that you're being pressured in some way."

Sakura is rosy pink, but she doesn't leave and Ino can see a tremendous struggle raging within her. Not unsurprisingly, the pinkette turns her tortured gaze on Ino and she knows precisely why. It's the same reason she thinks of Kurenai when she's conflicted; a sense of comfort and realization that leads to a decision. A decision Ino can tell Sakura made when her beautiful green eyes get a little braver before telling Naruto, "you don't have to worry about that. I'm not being forced into anything. I did think about having sex again, but, I quickly concluded that if I don't have the time in my schedule for a loving relationship, then it's just about sex. And the idea of starting something so important with someone just for that felt…"

"Cheap," Ino finishes.

"Yeah," Sakura projects. "If sex is as important as love then it should mean more. And without someone like that, I just decided to focus on my training."

Naruto nods before he asks, "am I… can you see me like that? I know it's not love, like in love, but, would you really be okay with me?"

Sakura turned her beautifully hot face away as she answers the blond, "I… did enjoy it. So, yes."

Naruto hesitates to ask but does. "And Sasuke?"

Ino hasn't felt the same about the raven-haired avenger since he threatened Sakura's life and the lives of her parents, and most crucially, when he nearly murdered Naruto. Her stock in Sasuke dropped dramatically after that, but Sakura visibly shook before sagging. "Well, I can't exactly save my virginity for him, now can I," she responds before adding with some torment, "and you know him. If it has nothing to do with 'killing a certain man,' then not even his Sharingan can see me like that. I just… you're my teammate, Naruto, and my friend, and… we've already done it, so I know… I know you can do the job."

"Repeatedly," Ino adds.


To Ino's surprise, Naruto becomes pensive. It's unexpected that he would take so long to think about this. But when her thoughts recite the pros, 'sex, Sakura, no strings attached-' she suddenly realizes why he, of all boys, would hesitate to agree. Kurenai-sensei already told her Naruto values bonds over meaningless or artificial relationships.

Sakura is getting antsy by the length of silence when Ino interjects, "Naruto, you helped me when we didn't have a friendship and I've grown to really value what we have. Sakura's your friend and teammate; if you help her with this, I don't think it'll harm your relationship. If anything, as long as you're both honest with each other, I think it'll bring you closer." Sakura's green eyes have always been a joy for Ino to see. Since they were little girls, Ino's always wanted Sakura to look at her like they do now, in subtle awe and admiration.

"Okay," Naruto agrees. "As long as everyone doesn't feel left out or taken advantage of, I'd be happy to help."

Sakura smiles for a split second before hiding it and declaring, "as you should be!" Ino smirks as the pinkette mirrors the same reaction she had when she asked Naruto for help. Ino holds in her amusement to a smile as Sakura tries to retain some dignity by declaring to the room, "Kami, I can't believe how backward this is. Where has the romance gone?"

Ino smiles even wider when Naruto takes Sakura's hand and pulls her to him so she's flat against him, torso to torso, pelvis to pelvis. A surprised Sakura can only yelp before he grips her toned hips and effortlessly lifts her off her feet so she's looking down into his fearless blue eyes before assuring her, "don't worry, Sakura. I may only be helping, but for that hour, you're my one and only hime-sama."

Ino hasn't felt such a sharp spike of arousal since the night she confessed her misdeeds to Naruto. She thought that stirring, craving, yearning feeling was gone, but watching Naruto take charge of Sakura's fit body sent a thrill through her. She was hot at the sight of Sakura blushing and both Kunoichi tightened their hot legs together.


Leaving Ino's home, Naruto leaped from building to building and Kurama was thrilled by the turn of events, laughing his large furry head high to the dark ceiling and the consciousness above. 'HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!'

Annoyed, Naruto's voice reverberates throughout the chamber. 'You know, it's super distracting having your commentary in my ear while I'm trying to have a conversation.'

Not bothered, Kurama returns with just as much annoyance, 'do you know how infuriating it is to listen to you reject a perfectly willing mate? You should be grateful I didn't try to rip this cage open.'

'You and I need to have a serious talk about boundaries,' Naruto replies.

'Yeah, yeah, I'm taking a nap,' Kurama grumbles


After opening the back access door of the Ten Out of Ten weapons shop for the blond, Haku leads the personable Naruto to the apartment upstairs. Spotting Tenten seated at the table, Naruto calls out to her, "yo," before looking around the two-bedroom apartment. Tenten knows her simple furniture and decor isn't much but he seems impressed. Rather than reply to the man she'll be intimate with, she gives him a short nod before focusing on the hot tea in front of her.

Looking around, Naruto comments to Haku, "I can't believe you're living here now."

As Haku grabs the teapot from the center of the table and pours Naruto a cup, he replies, "if I'm going to help Tenten, this is for the best."

The entire time, Tenten is staring at her steaming beverage, she's wondering about the blond; all the rumors the other shops spread, his hard upbringing, beating a monster like Zabuza, and still finding it within his heart to rescue her and her father. It isn't difficult to admire someone like that, but it conflicts with a boy who approves of Haku. Tenten doesn't know what it is about beautiful boys who treat her so frivolously, but she's starting to dislike it.

Tenten was so deep in thought, she missed Naruto taking a seat in front of her and asking, "Tenten-chan? Are you okay?"

Sitting up straighter, she nods weakly while answering, "I… yeah."

Haku takes his seat at the table as he begins saying, "I know you're busy with your training, but I was hoping you could spare some time to help me train Tenten."

"No problem," he quickly replied. "Just let me know when you want to spar."

Tenten tries not to take offense when Haku replies, "that won't be necessary right now. I'd like you to help in another way."

"If I can, you know I will," Naruto assures them.

"As you already know," Haku begins. "Traveling with Zabuza-sama since boyhood, I came across many types of shinobi. Some fearsome, some frightfully strong, others inept, and in your case, surprising and steadfast ninjas. Due to these encounters, I've been able to extrapolate a baseline of what the proper mindset might be to reach a superior level of success. I'd like you to help Tenten reach that mental fortitude."

Hearing Haku explain it like that in front of Naruto somehow feels a little different than when he explained to her when they were alone; Tenten nearly believed it had nothing to do with pimping her out. Naruto's puzzled countenance ends when he asks the bun-haired brunette, "is it like building up your confidence? Because I've helped with training like that."

"Even I don't know what this is," Tenten answered, which isn't completely true, but Tenten wants to hear what more Haku will say in front of their supposed master.

"I don't know if you've observed this yourselves," Haku continues. "But I've come to believe that much of the education a shinobi gains comes well before they first pick up a kunai or mold chakra. It's hard truths. In many, if not all, of my encounters with strong shinobi, the painful education one receives from life's negative experiences, often leads them down the path of greatness, whether good or bad. My childhood was far from ideal, as was Zabuza-sama's, and Naruto-sama's, and many other exemplary shinobi."

Feeling blindsided, a confused Tenten demands to know, "that's what you're basing this on?" Even if she didn't know all the shinobi in the village, she knew of one eternally youthful shinobi who's exceptionally strong. With fierce brown eyes, Tenten declares, "my sensei didn't have a horrible past and he's one of the strongest shinobi in all of Konoha, rivaling Kakashi-sensei. There! Your 'observation' is wrong!"

Haku didn't seem bothered. Instead, he was surprised and that bothered Tenten before he asks, "you're his student and yet you don't know his past?"

Confused, Tenten cautiously asks, "know what?"

"Your sensei may be flamingly optimistic, but his past is no exception to my theory," Haku calmly claims. "Sometime after the Third Shinobi World War, the Seven Swordsmen of the time, Fuguki Suikazan, Jinin Akebino, Kushimaru Kuriarare, Raiga Kurosuki, Jūzō Biwa, and two others, cornered a Konoha team in the forest; your sensei among them. A young Might Guy and his team were rescued by Might Duy—his father—who fought all seven swordsmen by himself using an unknown, yet substantially powerful technique. Out of seven, only Fuguki, Jūzō, and Raiga survived and not without heavy injures."

"Wow," Naruto sounds. "I didn't know Guy-sensei's tou-chan was so strong."

"While Guy-sensei and his team ran, his father fought to protect them and died," Haku educates Tenten.

Defensively, Tenten questions, "how could you possibly know that?"

"Before Zabuza-sama," Haku starts. "Kubikiribōchō belonged to Jūzō Biwa, who suffered lasting damage from his battle with Might Duy. Before Jūzō lost his sword and his life to Zabuza-sama, he confessed what had happened and the name of the lone man, with steaming red aura, who nearly wiped out the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. It's not hard to imagine what leaving your father to die while you flee for your life might feel like, Tenten; how that might push a person like the eternally spirited Might Guy."

Tenten takes several moments to absorb this revelation, absentmindedly asking for the sake of speaking, "have you told Guy-sensei?"

"I've been debating if I should," Haku muses. "I wouldn't want to cause him needless pain."

"I think you should," Naruto proposes. "If it was my tou-chan, I know I'd want to hear it."

The sheer measure of empathy Tenten feels for her sensei only adds weight to Haku's point and Tenten isn't sure how she feels about that. Not only because she can't measure up in that category but also because she can't think of another strong shinobi who hasn't experienced horribly traumatic experiences. Defensively, she asks Haku, "is that really the same as being forced to kill your parents or practically being enslaved by your own family, or being an orphan in a village that hates you, or the orphaned survivor of a massacred clan?"

"To each their terrors," Haku plainly replies. "I can't say without speaking to Guy-sensei, but I wouldn't be surprised if his father meant the world to him. Nor have I spoken with Hyūga Neji or Uchiha Sasuke about their pasts but I'm certain they've matured drastically due to their experiences. In your case, your father's an idiot, but he's still alive. I cannot say anything about your mother, but even if I knew her story, I don't believe it's a driving force for you."

"Maybe," Naruto hums in deep thought. "I can't say my past doesn't push me every day to prove everyone wrong but it's a tough thing to prove."

"I'm certain there are exceptions," Haku acknowledges. "Geniuses and truly talented shinobi may not need a traumatizing inciting incident to drive them. My theory is ongoing but I've yet to meet someone who disproves it."

"Well, it's hard to live in our world without tragedy," Naruto proposes with a shrug, making Tenten wonder how true that is and if she qualifies. Naruto continues, "I still don't understand how I can help Tenten-chan."

"Misfortunes are owed in large part to the inexperience and naivety of youth," Haku begins to answer the both of them. "Trained in challenging truths, laborious grit, and the hard work we put into the day, even Tenten-chan can learn the theory of success. To put it simply, I feel Tenten would benefit from stoic maturity. So, while I train her in her physical abilities in every way I know, I'd like you to help her experience that maturation."

Looking stunned and amused, Naruto asks with disbelief, "help with maturity? From me? That's a new one, but, okay. How do you guys want to do this?"

"Tenten," Haku asks.

Hesitantly, Tenten struggles to answer, "…doing… a-adult… stuff." She can already feel her body temperature rise to prickly hot around her armpits, neck, and forehead.

Squinting his sky-blue eyes suspiciously, Naruto repeats, "adult stuff," before asking, "like what?"

Swallowing audibly, a fidgety Tenten blushes as she hesitates to answer, "full… bodied… massages… would be nice."

With a tone that's thick with accusation, Naruto asks, "Haku?" Tenten feels a spot of hope when Naruto questions, "why's it sound like Tenten's not up for this?"

'Maybe…' Tenten's mind wishes, hoping to get out of this.

Without a hint of guilt or culpability, Haku offers, "I suggested murdering a few homeless people, but she refused-"

Surprised, Naruto calls, "murdering homeless! Haku!"

"It was just a suggestion," the captivating boy insists.

Turning to Tenten, Naruto begs, "I know you want to get strong, but please don't murder anyone."

Calmly, Haku remarks to the blond, "Naruto-sama, you already know I don't care for killing. I simply want to train Tenten-chan to the best of my ability."

"There are other ways," Naruto argues, to which, Haku agrees.

"I'm sure there are," Haku voices as calmly as ever. "But I can't guarantee Tenten the true strength she herself desires using those passive methods."

Seemingly frustrated with Haku, Naruto turns to the bun-haired maiden and assures her, "Tenten-chan, don't do anything you don't want to."

To which Haku casually comments, "yes, because the path to greatness never encounters anything you don't want to do."

Rotating toward his friend, Naruto frustratingly calls, "Haku-"

But the blond is interrupted when Haku bows to Naruto, voicing just as respectfully as he always does, "I know what you intend to say, Naruto-sama, and I admire you more for it. What I'm attempting to explain is, you already fit the theory, so you can't know what it's like without that drive. Not everyone is ready to accept greatness without conquering the adversity necessary to build that confidence. If Tenten graduated the Academy in Kiri, it means the girl before you would've already killed peers she's studied with just to survive. I don't mean to say Konoha needs to be like Kiri. I only mean to say they expose their ninja to life and death early and often to mold only the best. As a genin, your fight with Zabuza-sama brought you to the line between life and death." Turning to Tenten, Haku confirms to her, "I can't give you that because you are still a Konoha kunoichi and there would be ramifications that would affect Naruto-sama. But I'm giving you the next best thing I can think of. So for the last time, choose."

Through a thick cloud of denial, Tenten can't completely disagree with Haku. If she truly wants to be strong, he makes too many possible points to completely disregard. But she never imagined giving up that part of her to gain the strength. To then watch Naruto—someone who's also suffered—come to her defense suddenly, and unexpectedly felt galling. When Naruto proclaims, "she can choose but it doesn't mean I'm going to help do something she obviously doesn't want to," it provoked her. Like she needed protecting… again.

The image of Zabuza holding his butcher's blade to her neck, accusing her of being sheep, immediately made her mortified that she'd make such a fuss for something she'll eventually do in her life anyway. Her thoughts debate, 'like Neji says, only fate determines who the best will be.' However looking at Naruto, the Dead-Last of his class, she remains confused. To her, they're all incredibly strong; 'even Lee, who was born with a demoralizing handicap.' Neji, Naruto, Rock Lee, Guy-sensei, Kakashi-sensei, Tsunade-sama, and so many other strong shinobi; all with traumatizing pasts. 'And those without?' Her deductive mind registers Sakura, Ino, Chōji, and many of the ninjas in her class, and beyond. This reality was crushing to her dream of being praised by grateful villagers for her ability and of men, including Neji, falling over themselves for a date with her.

As honest as ever, Haku assures Naruto, "I've said my piece, Naruto-sama. And were you to help or not, the request was never mine to make."

Naruto turns to her, assuring her, "don't listen to Haku. In his way, he means well but there are other ways of getting strong. You just keep training, and I'm sure you'll get-"

Abruptly, Tenten stands up, pushing her chair back to loudly scratch the wood floor. The boys look on expectantly, however, she remains quiet, deep in thought. She wonders who she is, who she wants to be, and the price it'll take to get there. The destination is clear but the road isn't, and before Haku's challenge, she's never once said, 'she'd do anything,' and truly meant it. She's fought Haku and lost, Naruto and lost, her teammates always beat her, and she wouldn't even dream of challenging Zabuza.

Looking at Naruto, she knows Zabuza would never call him sheep and that twists her face in anger. It's a scary and uncertain step, but it's a step she's forcing herself to make for the future she wants. Additionally, she trusts Naruto, vividly remembering how she reached for him when she was afraid Zabuza would kill her. If Haku's theory turns out to be sound, and he's offering her Naruto to help, she feels just a tiny bit braver.

Taking a deep breath, she tells the blue-eyed blond, "yes, I'm nervous as hell, and scared." Her throat is so dry Tenten has to pause and swallow. "I'm new to all this and thought I'd be married when… it's a lot to ask, but… I won't be sheep! I'm willing to do what it takes to be strong. So, if you can help me with this… Naruto… I'll be grateful… like, later in life. Right now, I can't think past my anxiety."

"And if I say no," Naruto proposes.

"Don't," Tenten earnestly pleads, planting her palms on the table. "I know we're inexperienced and that's scary, but it has to be you, please."

Pausing for several moments, Naruto voices, "you have to promise me you'll tell me the moment you want to stop. I want you to be sure."
"I will and I am," Tenten nervously answers.

"And you have to promise me you'll always be honest with me, even if it's not something I want to hear," Naruto sternly adds.

It's a little shocking and uplifting to her that he would take this so seriously. With a stern nod, she answers, "I promise."

With a clear eye toward the bun-haired beauty, Haku adds, "because we don't go back on our word."


'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,' Kurama laughs entirely too much for Naruto's patience. As Naruto heads home for the night, the great beast celebrates, 'back to two!'

Rolling his eyes, Naruto retorts, 'it's not two! It's just massages!'


Mabui used the day to recon the appropriate venue to execute her plan. She needed a place with a spacious enough dance floor, as well as booths for a bit of privacy. Additionally, she wanted a nightclub no ninja frequent. The last thing Mabui needs is an interruption by a Konoha shinobi, especially one who recognizes Naruto.

So close to the final contest of the Chūnin exam, the streets are packed with travelers, villagers, tourists, and general nomads. With her tight light-gray dress, Mabui takes a rickshaw to the club she picked and arranged a booth in. It's a tight fit with the other pedestrians, rickshaws, and carts, but she eventually spots the golden-blond hair of the spiky-headed boy waiting for her across the street from the civilian nightclub. The line to enter is long and curves around the building.

Stopping in front of Naruto, the blond's eye saucer as he hollers, "wow! …Mabui-chan…" Astonished blue eyes soak in every inch of her from top to bottom as she steps off the transportation. With her silky light-gray hair down over her honey-toned skin, Mabui chose a light-gray, thin strap, bodycon dress that stops three inches from the apex of her legs to keep the allure of a two-tone contrasting visual. Mabui was blessed with winning proportions so as long as her tight mini dress showed plenty of her amber cleavage and thighs, her curves would be all the seduction she needed fro her plan.

"Insanely gorgeous doesn't even come close to how amazing you look," he praises, adding, "I mean really… talk about a knockout."

"Why thank you, Naruto," Mabui hums, gratefully appreciating the compliment. In the crowded road, she instantly draws a lot of attention but she ignores them to shyly tell Naruto, "you're looking exceptionally dashing yourself. Very good fit."

Though it took her some time to convince him muted orange was better than bright orange, she's glad that she did. The spice-orange athletic dress-shirt that shows off his strong shoulders was a fine color to pair with his black slacks, shoes, and vest. Mabui hates herself for doing so, but looking at such an alluring genius, she can't help but compare Naruto to her deceased fiance. Tensai's intellect was all she needed to love and adore him physically, but not only was he twenty years her senior, as a pure academic, his body was unhealthy and on the heftier side. He'd tire before long and they couldn't try many positions. The current genius arousing her womanhood is as fit as an alpha male can be, filling out and thinning his attire in all the right places.

"Thanks, but I feel naked without my Hitai-ate," Naruto laments, rubbing his bare forehead. "Plus, I don't normally think about what I wear. Though, I did like that orange and black one we found in the first store."

"As I said," Mabui starts, recalling the tactical black and orange jacket and pants. "For our mission, an outfit like that wouldn't work in a scene like this. If you like it for casual wear, you should go back and buy it."

"I think I will," he replies. Turning to the popular nightclub in front of them, Naruto asks, "Mabui-chan?"


He candidly points out, "we bought clothes and then you said to meet you here but you haven't explained the strategy."

"There's not much to it," she admits with a shrug, causing her fleshy mounds to jiggle in her tight mini-dress. "You and I are going to pretend to be a couple-"

Rounding blue eyes snap to her as he sputters, "wait, what? You didn't mention that!"

With a grin and a shrug, Mabui lightly claims, "I didn't think that'd be a problem. Unless… you mean I'm not your type-"

"Don't even go there," Naruto calls, waving her comment away. "There isn't a guy on this planet who wouldn't be drooling at the sight of you. I just- Are you okay with me? Acting like a couple means we have to be intimate, like, physically."

"I know," she easily answers, lazily twisting her body in place. "I give you permission to treat me like your girlfriend, and if I ever feel uncomfortable, I'll let you know."

Humming before hesitating to ask, "so… holding hands?"

"Yes," Mabui flatly puts.

"What if I touch you, like, hugging and massaging and kissing?"

With a playful tone of voice, Mabui asks, "what if I touch you?"

He shakes his startled expression away quickly before playfully returning, "what if I like it?"

With a light humming-laughter, Mabui happily responds, "do whatever feels natural. If I don't say anything, assume I'm fine with it. Just don't hesitate."

Taken aback by her permission to be intimate, Naruto has to question, "just like that?"

"Just like that," she answers, adding, "you're a fine man, Naruto. This may be an act but we're both single and I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying this."

"Wow," he moans. "Doing this for me… when you don't have to. I feel incredibly lucky. Thank you."

Though in the middle of a deceptive mission, Mabui is thankful she doesn't have to be dishonest when she tells him, "it's nice to know I can return the sentiment. Since the beginning, I've felt like the lucky one to have met you."

Naruto matches her smile before turning to the bustling nightclub in front of them and asking, "so, what do we do?"

"First, we're going to enjoy ourselves," she insists. "You're too young to drink and I won't have any so that just leaves dancing. Can you dance?"

"Mnn, I've seen other people do it," he replies without embarrassment.

"It's easy," she assures him. "All you have to do is feel the music and move with it."

"And if I don't," he wonders out loud.

"Just move from side-to-side to the beat," Mabui instructs. "We'll be dancing together so I'll help out. Just trust me, I'll make sure you enjoy it."

"Alright," he agrees with a smile. "What else?"

"As a sociologist," the silver-haired scholar begins to explain. "I'm trained to understand human behavior by recognizing social cues and interactions. So while we're having a good time, I'll be searching the room for someone I estimate may be open to your- or for the purpose of this plan, I guess our lifestyle, and will hear us out."

"Then I talk to them? Like, how? I've never picked up girls before."

Assuming he has next to no experience with women—especially in a club scene—Mabui understandably enlightens him. "You're not 'picking up' girls, Naruto. You're simply talking. It's like making friends except the end goal is slightly different, so don't worry about it too much. Just be a friend and if you see a chance to flatter or compliment her, take it."

As if resolving a difficult mental problem, he nods as he determines, "well, this feels like training, so, why not?"

"Training with help," she corrects. "I may be playing your girlfriend but I'll also coach you in real-time or steer the conversation when needed."

Ignoring the men staring at Mabui, Naruto turns to her and asks, "so we're really doing this?"

"We are," she says, taking his hand in hers. Enjoying the warmth and strength of his fingers, she reassures him, "and don't be discouraged if it doesn't work out. However they react is perfectly fine and we can always try again another night."

Intertwining their fingers, Naruto responds, "right."

If Mabui hadn't purchased a booth and bottle service the day before, she and Naruto would've had to wait in line with the others outside due to the influx of people packing the village and resulting businesses. The nightclub Mabui and Samui located was closer to the heart of civilian sectors and more upscale than she would like. Though more expensive than a casual club, it did a better job of ensuring concealment and anonymity. The club had three levels with bars, booths, and a dance floor on each. All the rooms were dimly lit with many sources of low light; a decorative light bulb at the center of the table, glow-lights at the edges of the booth, warm lighting on the walls with lasers, strobes, and spotlights illuminating the dance floor, bars, and small tables.

As they were led to their booth, Mabui ignored the attention she easily drew in to enjoy the spectacle with Naruto. He didn't seem to pay any mind to the lascivious attention she was garnering, so either the male attention didn't bother him because he was confident or ignorant. Holding his hand as they're led to the second floor, Mabui then realizes he's likely enjoying the night for what it is; educational training.

Still, Mabui enjoyed the attention from the men and women, whether positive, negative, envious, horny, or lovestruck. She's especially giddy when she thinks of how brilliant the man whose arm she's holding is compared to everyone in the room. Having had wet-dreams of being with Naruto, this club play is so near to one of her many fantasies, the impact of it being real was irresistible, titillating, and arousing to the white-haired beauty.

Finally to their table on the second floor, overseeing the dance floor, Mabui purposefully accentuated her shuffle into the booth, jiggling her cleavage to get to the center. Though she played it like she didn't notice, she can sense Naruto was stunned until she looked at him to join her. He wasn't the only one to enjoy her dainty body-shifts in a tight and alluring dress, but he was the only allowed to join her. The way Mabui was enjoying herself with the blond genius made her reflect on her past and how different her life would've been had her fiance survived his heart attack.

Quickly stifling long lost hopes, Mabui decides to simply enjoy the night, starting by dragging Naruto onto the dance floor. Two men tried to greet her on the way but with quick apologies, they soon find themselves in the bumping heart of the music. Mabui fastens his arms around her slim waist, effectively pulling them together before she wraps hers around his neck. The moderately fast-paced and upbeat music was so loud she needed to yell, "just relax," for him to hear her.

With her guidance and his control over his body, it wasn't long before they found a rhythm that worked for them. Mabui made certain to sway to the beat against his strong body effortlessly and repeatedly fondling each other with their hot and flexing bodies. To her surprise, his firm hands would massage her lower back and hips, and she was not against the delightfully feeling at all. Dancing soon turned from instructive to fun and from the ceiling, the nightclub occasionally expelled thick plums of white gas, intensifying the lasers to the ecstasy of everyone on the dance floor.

From track to track, the dancing couple remained sealed to one another. The moisture in the air added a sheen to their skin and hair as their athletic, gyrating bodies canoodle to the pumping excitement of the music. Through the thin material of their outfits, the hypnotic Mabui easily felt his passion stirring between his legs and didn't know what to make of it. She could tell he was only semi-hard, but the circumference rubbing against her cheeks felt wider than she anticipated. When her mental alarm told her to expect Samui, Mabui was shocked forty minutes had gone by.

Sure enough, the blond bombshell entering the second level of the club was a bright beckon of beauty in the dim room of the homely, effortlessly drawing in the sight of anyone with a visible eyeline. Mabui easily stood out, with her body tight dress that showcased ninety percent of her caramel thighs, luminescent white hair splaying over her bare shoulders, and her exposed cleavage. Samui toped even her. The Kumo women had chosen a long-sleeved midnight black mini dress with a plunging neckline that put her robust cleavage and inner-side breasts on full display. Her short, silky blond hair and sharp, blue eyes made her feel like a force only the truly cocksure could survive. Even witnessing the stunning woman walk was a dazzling sight in itself.

Using their pre-existing encounter, the plan was simple; get Naruto near Samui. To test the blond genius in her arms, Mabui turns him around, and like many in the club, points to Samui gracefully walking toward the bar. As Mabui asks Naruto what he thinks, she finds it funny how many men fight to buy the stoic beauty a drink.

Naruto laughs, calls her, "crazy-pretty," then continues dancing.

The expressionless Samui effortlessly ignores every male advancement until the allotted time the Kumo kunoichi planned passes. After Mabui asks to rest, they return to their booth and talk about possible candidates in the room. As per their plan, Naruto and Mabui talk to a small pool of girls; quick compliments, followed by introductions, and a quick inquiry. Mabui makes certain none of them pan out, and eventually, she asks Naruto for a glass of cranberry juice while she visits the washroom.

Waiting behind a column for her cue, Mabui wonders how Samui is going to shake off the group of playboys around her. Fortunately, it's as easy as stepping on someone's foot, pretending to lose her balance and bumping into Naruto. Mabui's grateful his reflexes doesn't allow her cranberry juice to spill. Despite the men accusing Naruto of being careless, he apologizes with a few bows before leaving. Samui then flat-out rejects all the playboys before following Naruto.

Naruto is by their booth when Samui taps his shoulder and admits over the loud music, "I know you."

After his initial surprise, Naruto's face questions hers before he orates, "actually, you look familiar."

It was all the dialog they needed before Mabui lands right beside Naruto. Leaving no question that they're a couple, she wraps her left arm around his right arm—pressing her breast into the clear muscle groups of his arm—and in a playful voice, says, "I leave you for one minute and you're already talking to another girl."

Sliding his right hand around her waist forces her left arm around his neck as the jovial Naruto asserts, "I was not- well, not like that."

Without the accompanied facial expression, Samui's, "I'm sorry," didn't feel as genuine as it should. The bombshell then curtly asks, "is he your boyfriend?"

Smiling, Mabui squeezes him as she answers, "he is."

"I wasn't trying to steal him," Samui frankly states.

Playing off of the girl's straight face, Mabui asks, "are you sure? You're so gorgeous, I'd be tempted to let you."

Naruto's head whips back a little as his surprised eyes turn on her, asking, "Ma-chan?"

Surprised herself, she asks him, "Ma-chan?"

Innocently, he asks, "what? It's cute, just like you."

Shaking her smiling head of silver mane, she bows to Samui and introduces them. "I'm Mabui and this is my boyfriend, Naruto."

The popular blond beauty bows before very plainly returning, "Samui."

Mabui then asks, "would you like to join us, Samui-san? We have plenty of space. Or are you already here with friends?"

"No, friends," Samui candidly answers, just as stiffly adding, "I would like to join you."

"Well then…" Mabui calls out with a happy grin. "Let's get on the dance floor; just a little longer." Wrapping her arms around Naruto's right arm presses her supple breasts into his shoulders as she asks, "one more time… please?"

Naruto turns to Samui who nods her approval before he answers, "sure."

"I'll join you shortly," Samui says before leaving for the restroom.

"Great," Mabui calls, leading Naruto hand in hand to the dance floor. It's all apart of the plan, even pressing herself closer against him to dance. Silver and gold hair mesh together as their heads relaxed against each other. Her plush lips brush against his ear as she communicates, "I know some of the other girls haven't panned out, but I think it's a good sign that Samui-san accepted sitting and dancing with us."

Mabui loves the way his hand caresses up her graceful neck, combing her silky white hair with his strong fingers and massaging her scalp before he voices in her ear, "how come?"

They're slowly swaying to the music as she explains, "that little joke I made about letting her steal you didn't make her uncomfortable, which doesn't say much by itself, but of all the ways to react to that joke, hers seems promising."

As envisioned, Samui joins them and starts awkwardly to prompt Mabui to help her. For Naruto's benefit, the girls dance together as Mabui says over the loud music, "just listen to the tempo of the music; that's your timing to move." Mabui's dancing was nothing advanced or choreographed, but fortunately, ninjas are masters of their body and timing, and Samui is no different. "Good, just do what I'm doing," Mabui voices while dancing with Samui. "Start with the feet, add the knee movements, then sway your hips… here, lean on Naruto. It'll be easier."

Every straight male with a clear view, near or from afar, is furious at the sight of the luckiest blond boy in the world dancing with the top two beauties in the popular nightclub. Samui is leaning against Naruto—her head pressing against the side of his—as she sways and rocks her voluptuous body on the man while Mabui tops the Samui-sandwich, holding Samui's hands throughout her close up dance.

Using her attention to detail, Mabui observes how aroused Naruto is. With Samui's back leaning low against his chest, it's impossible not to see down her exposed and freely swaying cleavage, and with Mabui dancing in front of Samui, Naruto's dilated vision is filled with two voluptuous and lust-provoking women very nearly dry-humping him. Feeling Samui's apple-bottom rubbing down to up against his crotch, Naruto's face quickly turns panicked and strained, as if he's trying very hard not to blow in his pants.

Taking pity on him, Mabui suggests they sit. After Naruto slides in their low-lit booth, Mabui sits right beside him before swinging her toned and glossy legs over his lap, leaning forward so she can rest her head against his shoulder. Samui takes his other side, though not as close. Having caught Naruto eying Samui, Mabui asks, "Naruto?" They're very close and when he turns to her, his clean, handsome face fills her vision when she playfully says, "I know she's beautiful but it's rude to stare."

"Sorry," Naruto abashedly replies. Turning to Samui, he explains, "it's just… I know you from somewhere and it's driving me crazy."

"We never officially met," Samui replies. "I was Ōyashiro-san's bodyguard."

"That's right," Naruto huffs in relief. "You were there when I fought Zabuza-jiji."

Crossing her fit legs, Samui nods before asking, "what happened to him?"

"Zabuza?" With a shrug, he answers, "not sure. Haven't seen him since. How about Ōyashiro? I felt bad I couldn't sell him the sword."

It was planned for Samui to appear sad or troubled when she responds, "he fired me as his bodyguard before leaving Konoha." Instead, she seems indifferent to being fired and left behind. Mabui's mind gripes, 'how am I supposed to work with that?'

Fortunately, Naruto responds, "that sucks! What an asshole! Why would he do that?"

"I don't know," Samui plainly states. Mabui blinks in morse code, 'elaborate.' Samui then adds, "he left me here… and I've been alone ever since."

Internally Mabui sighs at Samui's blunt discourse, however, Naruto seemed fine as he responds, "well you're not alone anymore."

The three engage in general small talk about Konoha's weather, jobs, and hobbies before Samui asks how they met. After Mabui explains their chance encounter in the library, she curls closer to Naruto as she confesses to Samui, "you see, I absolutely love intelligent men; to the point that it's a fetish for me."

Expressionless, Samui questions, "you do?"

Leaning up, Mabui places her soft, juicy lips against the hot skin of his neck, imagining the arteries sending oxygen-rich blood cells to his mammoth of a brain. He leans into her warm kiss before she repositions her full lips to suck on his skin a moment. When she pulls away, he's caressing her legs over his lap as she answers Mabui, "they excite me more than anything."

"You must be quite intelligent, Naruto," Samui manages to hum with surprise.

"I don't know about that," Naruto bashfully admits. "I'm a little better than most at Fūinjutsu but that's about it."

"No," Samui disagrees without animosity. "I was present when you defeated a renowned missing-nin from Kiri. You're strong as well."

Snug against Naruto, Mabui asks, "what about you? Any man in your life? Maybe back home?"

Though Mabui's mind prays that Samui is tactful in her phrasing, the blond beauty answers, "I've experienced sexual activity on nine separate occasions."

Mabui's mind yells, 'too blunt!'

In an unexpected moment, however, Samui shares in a genuine way, "thus far, the experience isn't… how I've heard others describe."

Mabui's training instantly kicks in, narrowing her green eyes and closing in on the moment by asking, "what were you expecting?" It's a small deviation from the plan, but one Samui is going to have to accept, because as the blond captain likes to say, 'it's for the mission.'

Samui hesitates in deep thought as she answers, "more… impact."

"Emotionally?" Rather than answer, Samui simply nods. Mabui then professes, "emotional connection can be a very difficult thing for some people. Is there anyone you love? It doesn't have to be romantic."

"My brother," Samui answers, warming Mabui's heart.

Naruto leans into Mabui, apparently touched as the silver-haired beauty continues to orate, "as humans, we place an intensely high value on love. It's easy to believe that love makes us fundamentally human, but for those that have a harder time feeling and expressing love, it can make us feel anxious or alien, like we're not normal. All because we believe we're not experiencing love the way we ''ought'' to."

Without asking, Samui speaks of her own accord, detailing, "I've been told in order to be a decent person, I should be in a sexual relationship and constantly thrilled to be with the other person."

Horrified to hear that—and secretly planning on learning that person's name—Mabui precisely guesses, "but you couldn't, could you?" Though cognizant of how far they've departed from the plan, Mabui trusts that Naruto will respond more to a genuine interaction then pre-planned talking points. He's always struck her as empathetic, and as this is Mabui's operation, she continues assuming of Samui's experiences, "you couldn't act like you didn't feel."

After Samui nods affirmatively, Naruto states, "I used to think that's how you were supposed to love too. Crave to see them every day. Always want to ask them out, always hugging and kissing and just want to be together; I never did get past the asking out part though. Still, turns out there's more to loving someone than that romantic love."

"Very true," Mabui chimes before adding, "plenty of people focus far more on idealized love than they should, because without that, it can feel like they're not decent, sane, or normal, which is, of course, incorrect. That's only one of three basic aspects of love; each with their own virtues and seasons that can powerfully extend our sense of what love can mean. Eros, Philia, and Agape. Eros is the powerful attraction we feel at the beginning of a relationship. Popular romantic love says that your entire relationship should be sustained by Eros, but that's not practical. Like all things, that sexual intensity wains over time, and at that point, a relationship can either die or evolve into Philia. Philia is a warm, loyal, friendship type of love." Tilting her head up to Naruto, Mabui sneaks in, "that's what our polyamory is heavily based on."

"Polyamory," Samui curiously repeats.

Mabui waves it away as she continues, "Philia is a great foundation to base marriages on. It's a touching nuance to a union, like a partnership. Essentially, being in love without having to constantly validate the relationship. Sadly, many Eros-based relationships don't reach this point and vice versa. The final type is Agape and that's the kind of love one might have for the flaws and weaknesses in all of us. Basically, compassion and forgiveness for others even if they've wronged you."

Thoroughly impressed, Naruto squeezes her athletic calf muscles with pleasurable finesse as he compliments, "jeez, intelligence really is sexy."

Looking affectionately into his kindly sky-blue eyes, it feels completely natural to Mabui, the way they lean into each other and experience their very first kiss. He isn't overly aggressive or wet or uncoordinated and his warm lips knew how to suck, press, and tilt in perfect synergy with her; even his nose seemed to caress hers. Feeling the command and confidence behind his lips impresses Mabui more than she expected for someone so young. The honey-skinned beauty is actually disappointed when he pulls away, forcing her to remember where they are and what she's doing.

Mabui's warm and tingling when Samui admits, "you are both sexy. And polyamorists?"

Concerned, Naruto turns to Mabui to answer, however, this moment was his and she nods for him to take the lead. He chuckles nervously before admitting to the blond bombshell, "as you can see, I have a gorgeous girlfriend. She's wicked smart and really kind and I'd be happy every day if it's just us, but, if we were lucky enough to find another person to we'd both love, we can be a bigger family. So even though I'd be happy with a two-person relationship, I think we'd be even happier with a three or four-person relationship in which we all love each other." Naruto turns to Mabui with questioning eyes and she responds with a smile and nod of her lovely head.

"So, as an example," Samui dispassionately voices, "if I were in a relationship with you, I would also be in a loving relationship with Mabui-san?"

"Yeah," Naruto answers. "And like Ma-chan said, it could be Eros, Philia, or Agape. I get that it's not for everyone-"

"You're right, it isn't," Samui interrupts, and Mabui can feel Naruto tense under her legs. "However, I'm not against it." With Naruto's surprise, the silence stretches long enough that Mabui morse code's, 'more.' Taking a breath, Samui adds, "if love is indeed more than romantic gestures… If an emotional connection can be built on loyalty and friendship… it appears that is something I can offer."

"That's good. Don't ever believe you have to act a certain way to be in love," Mabui voices before asking the titular question. "Do you think a polyamorous relationship is something you'd be interested in?"

Mabui can feel Naruto's body heat heighten as Samui considers her response before answering, "with others, no. With you both… yes." Though it's mostly part of the plan, Samui feels genuine to Mabui. She can only assume it's because of the honesty the stoic beauty shared with them rather than any true agreement. Still, the three are silent so long, Samui asks, "did I say something wrong?"

"No," both Naruto and Mabui quickly answer. Mabui takes the lead to assert, "I was simply thinking that tea at my place would be a better setting to talk. I mean, it's not as if any of us are drinking or eating here."

"That's true," Naruto hastens to add. "Dancing's fun but I'd rather train or eat."

Without hesitation, Samui comments, "I like training as well." Turning to Mabui, Samui asks, "should I get my coat?"

With a nod, Mabui answers, "we'll settle the bill and meet you out front."

The minute Samui is out of earshot, a perplexed Naruto groans in genuine disbelief as he asks, "uuwwaahhhh! Ma-chan, did she really just agree to this?"

Playing along, Mabui slowly answers, "that's what it looks like."

Lost, he asks, "…so …what do we do?" Mabui moans an uncertain sound for a moment before Naruto blurts out, "I didn't think this would actually work!"

"Okay, okay," Mabui replies, settling him with her hands massaging his strong shoulders. "We could tell her the truth, but, I won't lie to you, I'm not a fan of that. If she seemed more… sound-of-mind, I'd tell her the truth. Unless she's always like that, it looks like it's taking her a lot of courage to be here."

"Either she has the best poker-face in the world or she's really nervous," Naruto chimes.

"If we reject her now," Mabui continues her play. "She might not have the courage to be this open again."

"…Maybe," Naruto thoughtfully admits. "But I don't want her to hate us later for lying to her now."

Going in for her best argument, Mabui claims, "I know we said this would practice and she doesn't know that, but that's not much of a lie if she's essentially doing the same thing."

Befuddled, he starts to ask, "how do you know she's doing the same-" Cutting himself off, he seems to have come to the answer she was hoping for. "Oh, because she's not from Konoha."

"If she's not from here, she may not have any intention of staying," Mabui points out. "This could be just as much of a passing opportunity for her as it is for us. On top of that, she's positively stunning and seems genuinely interested, if not curious, about the polyamorous lifestyle."

"But you're not," Naruto points out.

"Well, I did say I'd help," Mabui replies, humming a moment before adding, "and personally, I'm neither for or against it… as long as it's with the right people."

"Wait, really-"

"We can't stand here and debate this forever or she'll begin to worry," she points out. "Looking at her, my professional opinion is telling me she's not ready for this. So how about we keep going, and when she backs down, we just talk over tea or part ways."

Naruto hums a moment before answering, "sounds good." Mabui turns to leave when Naruto halts by taking her hand and calling, "and Ma-chan?" Her silky-light gray whips around her caramel shoulders as she turns to him and is surprised when his sly smile confesses, "this might be the cranberry juice talking but you're a hell of a kisser."

Mabui couldn't keep the broad smirk from her face and abruptly decides to kiss him. It's unnecessary but his lips are warm and somehow adept at making her feel a shooting thrill up her core. Kissing him makes her wonder if the amazing feeling is her fetish for geniuses supplying the additional fervor or they're more compatible than she previously realized. Feeling herself succumbing to excessive arousal, Mabui pulls away with a moist 'chu' and prances happily away without looking back.

As per Samui's timetable, the three make it to the small studio room they quickly rented for Mabui within the margin of error. The building they found is in the civilian sector for the moderate to low income villagers. It's not the worst area to walk through, but nor is it wonderful. With its plain off-white walls, the cozy little room uses every available space. The right wall stations the small bathroom next to the small stove, sink, and refrigerator. The opposite wall is fixed with the only window in the room and the closet with combined shelves for books, materials, and scrolls. Mabui has her futon and plush comforter on the tatami floor against the farthest wall.

The cozy third-floor corner room with a half kitchen and bathroom wouldn't appear appealing to most visitors and that's the point. Mabui living in luxury would contradict with Naruto's upbringing and her training assures her that his consideration strongly gravitates toward the downtrodden due to his unpleasant past. In addition to the sympathy he'd likely feel for her, there's also no hiding in the single room. If anything happens, it'll be in full view of the other.

For privacy, Mabui, Samui, and a disgruntled Atsui spent the morning sound-proofing the room, so when Mabui freely speaks, "welcome to my humble home," she's not worried about neighbors listening in. The silver-haired beauty then asks Naruto to set the foldout table in the middle of the room while she puts their coats away.

"Every time I come here, it reminds me of where I used to live," Naruto remarks, reminding Mabui about how he used to live while simultaneously acting the boyfriend.

Looking around, an apathetic Samui surmises, "this room is optimal for someone unwed and without children."

Preparing the kettle, Mabui wonders if that's supposed to be a compliment as she weakly replies, "…thanks." Fortunately, Naruto seems to be entertained by Samui's indifferent character.

After the table is set in the middle, Naruto's unexpected manliness surprises Mabui by gliding up behind her, sliding his fingertips across her sensitive sides and stomach into a full-on hug from behind as he softly asks, "need any help?"

Truly starting to wonder about his level of experience, a thrilled Mabui returns the affection. Bending her knees, she playfully arches her butt into his crotch as she answers, "get the cups and sit down, you. We have company, so behave."

He grabs the three teacups atop the small refrigerator and sets them on the table as he asks Samui about her training. Mabui is content to let them discuss different training strategies until the green tea is ready. Taking her place beside Naruto, her tight bodycon dress would only allow her to lean against his chest—resting her silky-haired head against his nape—while her long caramel legs pressed together to the side. Mabui asks from the premeditated script, "so how long will you be in Konoha, Samui-san?"

With a blank expression, Samui answers, "I don't know. I'm attempting to save for my return trip home, but I've been forced to leave my current hotel."

"Why," Naruto asks as he plants his palms on the floor behind him to lean back so Mabui can rest easier against his chest.

"In my first hotel," she starts recounting. "Someone broke in while I was away and stole my belongings. In this latest one, the owner allowed me to stay three days, free of charge, before attempting to trade my continued stay for sexual favors."

Naruto is naturally upset and ready to ask about the fictional owner when Mabui pushes on to ask, "wait, so where are you staying tonight?"

"I still have some ryō left," Samui starts. "I can afford a short-stay hotel while I figure out my next steps."

"That's terrible," Mabui soulfully expresses. She doesn't even turn to Naruto before deciding, "I won't have it! You're staying here with me, Samui-san. Until you can get your affairs in order."

Tilting his head and extending his neck so he can see the side of her honey-toned face, Naruto asks, "Ma-chan?" She tilts her head to look up at him as he asks, "are you sure?"

"Of course," Mabui claims. "I have a knack for people and I can tell Samui-san is a good person."

"I mean, I think so too, but, you just met," Naruto hesitates to point out.

"He's correct," Samui flatly concurs, dully stating, "I'm also a trained assassin. However, having witnessed your fight against Zabuza, I would never think of incurring your wrath by killing your love."

"I… thanks," Naruto simply replies.

Bowing, Samui coolly asserts, "for your kindness, I promise no harm will come to you."

"Well, thank you, but I can take care of myself," Mabui hotly informs the strong blonds before merrily adding, "and don't take him too seriously Samui-san. Naruto's just sad we'll have to go to his place now."

Naruto chuckles and drops his sound argument. If they truly had been dating, Mabui would certainly appreciate Naruto watching out for her safety, but Mabui can't have him thinking too much about this. To distract him, Samui continues the script by telling them, "I don't mind."

Mabui and Naruto catch each other's eye for a moment before turning to Samui and asking in unison, "don't mind what?"

"If you have sex while I'm here," Samui passively answers and it still amazes Mabui that Samui can say something like that without expressing any emotion.

"Really?" Mabui asks.

"As you can tell, I'm not very emotive," Samui admits. "While that has disadvantages, it also means I'm a decisive person."

"So you'd truly be fine if, let's say, I was kissing Naruto in front of you," Mabui asks with full knowledge of the answer.

"You already have," Samui points out, answering, "but yes."

"Sorry, Samui-san," Mabui continues. "This is just new to us. As in you're the first girl we've met who's ever expressed an interest in polyamory."

"I understand," she responds. They planned this crucial moment for Samui to take the lead. As Naruto isn't a player or experienced, Mabui expected he'd be hesitant to initiate anything with women who's attractiveness can be intimidating. Mabui made certain Samui knew that she would have to be the one to push them over the edge. So, as planned, Samui asks, "would you be opposed if I kissed you, Mabui-san?"

Mabui pretends to be surprised then flattered. While Samui is the initiator, Mabui has to be the one to show Naruto it's okay. She eyes Naruto for several moments, as if truly considering it, before smiling softly and nodding to Samui; much to his continued surprise. Purposely sitting on the other side of Naruto—leaning toward him so their dresses don't hike past their nether region—Mabui and Samui lean in, assuring he has the best view of the gorgeous women pressing their moist plump lips together.

'Soft,' Mabui thinks as she tentatively kisses the stoic woman. Though Samui's lips are sweetly gentle, the blond stunner is clearly the passive type, letting Mabui take the lead. When they were planning this portion of the plan, Mabui instructed her captain to try and follow her cues, so when she prompts Samui to open her mouth a bit, or tilt her symmetric head, or follow her in-and-out rhythm, Samui obeys.

To her unforeseen disbelief, Samui's submission heavily excited Mabui. To think of dominating someone this strong, smart, and beautiful, but also fragile was like a forbidden thrill she wasn't expecting of herself. She suddenly felt more demanding, taking the blond's yielding mouth and doing whatever she likes; sucking, nibbling, and licking. Mabui felt such a growing rapture in taking the submissive Samui's tender lips, that she didn't mind continuing.

Samui must've been keeping track of the time because Mabui is surprised when she pulls away, forcing Mabui to ponder the depth of her rising arousal as a thin trail of saliva stretches and breaks between them. Breathing heavy, both women gaze into each other's half-lidded eyes and Mabui won't deny she liked it. She's only kissed one other woman in her life and that was for the visual benefit of her older fiance. She felt nothing then, but she also wasn't as sexually charged as she feels now. Flickering her eyes down, she can tell Naruto is aroused as she is.

The gorgeous woman then turns to a blushing Naruto and asks, "may I kiss you?"

Three aroused and impassioned faces are inches away from each other as a blushing Naruto looks out of his peripheral for approval or consent. Either way, Mabui nods and Naruto kisses Samui. It's Mabui's turn to watch Naruto take command of Samui's supple lips. His hand clasps just under her jawline as he tilts their merged lips and pulls her in so their noses are side by side. In the process, Samui's godly chest is pressed against his, making the oblated bubble of side-boob look erotically appetizing. Mabui clamps her hot caramel thighs together, feeling her frustrated womanhood dampen and yearn for attention as she observes her genius completely take her captain's lips. He wasn't being forceful, Samui was simply that submissive, and Mabui was getting wet with anticipation.

The plan is for Samui to next place her hand on his erection but Mabui is growing impatient. Watching them, the amped woman licks her lips in heighten anticipation. She wasn't sure if she was expecting a short kiss or if Samui is simply dedicated, but it took much longer than she expected. Mabui is pondering jumping in the kiss herself when Samui finally proceeds to the next step of the plan. The moment her blond captain slides her hand up his thigh toward his tightly constrained erection, he breaks away just as Mabui asserts, "wait!"

Naruto acted as Samui predicted and continues the play, raising a palm apologetically as she tells the blonds, "sorry, I didn't mean to yell." Placing her hand protectively on Naruto's strong thigh, she adds, "it's just, where your hand was going made me feel territorial for a moment."

"I understand," Samui plainly states, and without the appropriate facial expression, Naruto and Mabui are forced to take her word for it.

"Maybe we should just get ready for bed, instead," a bothered Mabui suggests without any intention of sleeping. Naruto looks pained to hear it as Mabui tells Samui, "there are clothes in the bathroom if you'd like to shower and change into something more comfortable."

Peeling away her large breasts from his chest, the blond replies, "thank you," before leaving the pair.

They wait until they hear the shower running before a shocked and aroused Naruto whispers, "wow!"

"She's certainly… different," Mabui remarks.

Still whispering, Naruto asks, "what do we do?"

Placing her palm over his pounding heart, Mabui asks, "first, did I cross a line?"

"No," he quickly answers. "I'm fine- shocked, but fine. You?"

"I'm shocked her lips were so soft," Mabui nearly moans to say. Naruto's widened eyes has her add with a hint of embarrassment, "ah, but yes, I'm fine. Would you mind staying a bit longer? I don't think anything is going to happen but I'd feel safer with you here."

It was her hope he'd offer to stay, however, he says, "I don't mind, but if you're not comfortable then we should ask her-"

"No, no, I'm fine, really," Mabui insists, leaning in as she eyes his lips and blurts, "maybe I just want to kiss you again." He leaned in with animalistic instinct before retaining control in the last second and backing away again. In front of a hot woman with a raging hard-on; she'd be impressed with his restraint if she didn't need him to break it.

Looking at her curiously, he asks, "Ma-chan?"

"Kami, what am I say," Mabui giggles with head-shaking embarrassment. "I feel giddy. But that's-" Taking a breath she whispers, "I'm sorry. It's just… it's been soo long since the last time I've… and I'm single… and you have such an amazing brain…"

Curious, Naruto softly asks, "is that a real thing? You said it was called-"

"Sapiosexual," Mabui sheepishly answers. "Someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature for a potential sexual relationship." Naruto's long whistle of disbelief makes her shoulder shove him, groaning with embarrassment. "Moh, Naruto. This isn't something I can help."

"Hey, I'm fine with it," Naruto answers with a wry grin. Hugging her tightly, Naruto asks, "so how does that turn you on? Like what's specifically arousing about it?"

Growing mortified, Mabui calls out, "this is embarrassing, you know." He shushes her for fear of Samui hearing, then Mabui answers, "things like… when you explain ideas you have with Fūinjutsu."

"Really," he whispers in her ear, making her feel his hot voice down to her toes as he elaborates. "Like if I explain how I can use Fūinjutsu to create accelerated healing seals that can heal a person from almost any physical injury by designing a system of arrays that can convert chakra into a fibrous connective protein. That holds the cells together while turning the injured area into stem cells that can differentiate and divide everything from skin and bone to muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. You mean like that?"

Her beautiful green eyes were large by the end of his intellectual pussy-stroke. His every whispered word tickled her into a bundle of frenzy until Mabui giggles excitedly as she snuggles up to him, answering breathlessly, "yes! Kami, yes. How do you know that?"

Snickering, Naruto honestly answers, "I have no idea. It's like when I think about a problem and then I think about Fūinjutsu, an answer just pops into my head."

Pressing her soft pliant body against his muscular frame, Mabui excitedly asks, "do you understand all of it; the details? Like, that fibrous connective protein you mention is collagen. A third of our bodies is made of it."

"Unless it has to do with the seal," Naruto stipulates before finishing, "not really. I just know it'll work."

Pressing the bridge of her cute nose under his jawline and the concave of her closed eye into his hot neck while inhaling his brilliant scent, Mabui pleads for more. "What else? What else do you just know?" She used to be this demanding with her fiance and become just as aroused. It turned her on so much she didn't care how short sex with him was. His brain made it feel fantastic.

Smiling, he continues to edify her throbbing sensibilities. "Besides other body augmentation seals, like to enhance vision, hearing, smell and other senses, there's energy manipulation seals. With Fūinjutsu, I know I can create a seal that fuses light atoms into one. Since the total mass of the new atom is less than that of the two that formed it, and as described by the equation E=mc², the 'missing' mass is given off as energy. There's enough energy to could power whole villages."

Rubbing her soft vibrating body against him, Mabui corrects him. "You! You could power whole villages… mmn, with that big, thick brain of yours…" Lightly mewling into his pulsing neck, a wanton Mabui didn't need any more to jump him. Her hot body was buzzing from head to toe in sparkling euphoria.

She was already wet and yearning to be churned, but the toasty warm body of Naruto holds her tighter as he whispers, "one of the ideas I like to play with is Space/Time Seals; gravity manipulation, dimensional pockets, and something you saw me crack in a few minutes, teleportation seals like the Heavenly Transfer technique." Eyes fluttering open, Mabui holds her breath as he whispers in her sensitive ear, "from memory, I figured out the teleportation station you place an object on is a matter tweezer that traps atoms. The platform works with the contract and your chakra to create a statically charged chakra vacuum that compresses and transmits anything you want anywhere on this planet."

Mabui tilts her dilated orbs to look up into his confident blue eyes and acting on pure instinct alone, she locks her hungry mouth to his like a magnet, fusing their lips together. There's little point thinking about the plan now because Mabui can't think beyond the word, 'SEX.' Her tongue was in his mouth and her hot-blooded womanhood was pulsing for thick friction. Without breaking their locked lips, Mabui slides and shifts onto his lap, forcing her bodycon dress to ride up her grinding hips and toned waist. On his lap, swallowing his mouth from above him, the enraptured beauty could only react innately to her fetish: She wanted his cock. She needed him inside her. She wanted to breed.

When they part for much-needed oxygen, Naruto huffs, "as long as you know we can stop whenever-"

After enough air, Mabui takes his lips again, wrapping her arms around his neck and incessantly caressing his silky blond scalp with her fingertips. Back and forth, their hungry tongues dive into each other's open maw sucking and massaging each other, however, it wasn't sloppy. Somehow, Naruto knew how to direct her need so their locked mouths and tongue danced sensually; without too much saliva or teeth. It was perfect.

Upon their next break for air, Naruto heaves in between asking, "and… we can talk after-"

"Yes, yes," Mabui interrupts, thinking of nothing more than chasing that hot throbbing feeling. "Now shut up and kiss me!"

He complied as quickly as the thrill building in her humping crotch was building. Burning with need, she's certain her love nectar has seeped through the tent of his pants, but she can't think past how hard he is. Moaning, she rode his restrained erection as she made out with him moving closer to a grand release when her carnal spell is finally broken with Samui's, "I apologize for the interruption."

Clean, citrus-scented, and in a gray and white hooded sweater that barely restrains her large breasts or covers her privates, Mabui didn't sense her captain until she was speaking right next to them. In looking at the picturesque blond, Mabui finally found a benefit to her expressionless face; she didn't have to see a sassy expression essentially accusing her of having too much fun. Instead, she evenly explains, "I tried calling out."

"Sorry," a blushing Naruto sheepishly replies.

Getting up, Mabui's heavily-lidded eyes watch Naruto as she slowly shifts her dress to cover her thonged womanhood. The way he gazes hungrily at the honey leaking down her toned caramel thighs unquestionably clinches her determination to squeeze every ounce of genius juice from his throbbing pleasure-stick. She doesn't even have to pretend to want him for Kage and country and orders her blond captain, "keep him warm for me," as she rushes to the bathroom.

Gripping the sink tightly, Mabui tries to calm her lust while her mind yells, 'why the hell was I fighting this! Thank you, Kubikiribōchō!' To Mabui, this is kismet. Samui ordered her to prostitute herself, Darui and A-sama endorsed it, and now Mabui wants to indulge more than they would be comfortable with.

The plan was for her to take a shower to give Naruto enough time with Samui, but Mabui was too hot to wait. She felt fevered; having gone too long without a genius inside her and she prays to Kami the boy will last longer than her fiance could.

Slipping out of her dress, thong, and bra, Mabui splashes cool water on her fevered face to soothe the rough pangs of desire stimulating all her pleasure zones. She then slides on nothing more than her gray silk lingerie nightgown; the easiest thing to hike up or rip off. She dots a bit of peach perfume on her neck and runs her fingers through her silver mane to add just the right amount of volume before exiting the small washroom to the scene of Samui making out with Naruto while straddling his lap.

'She's not even grinding against his erection,' Mabui's salacious mind points out. With an abrupt clarity, Mabui remembers the stoic beauty's difficulty with intimacy and decides to help Samui first while she still has the presence of mind to do so—'because if he says one more astonishing revelation about Fūinjutsu, I'm going to fucking lose it!' Walking behind the straddling blond woman, Mabui knows Samui wasn't wearing anything under the hooded sweater.

Recognizing the possibilities of triggers, Mabui softly voices, "Samui-san," before physically touching her back. Looking down on them, Samui lazily pulls away from Naruto as Mabui rubs her shoulder blades and traps. "Don't you think we should help Naruto out of his clothes?"

Samui stands up before helping Naruto to his feet. His whiskered cheeks were flaming and his eyes were black with unbridled desire, yet Mabui can tell he was going to speak more unnecessary words. Shaking her head—smoothly shifting the bangs of her silk mane over her face—she presses a finger to his lips as Samui takes her position behind him. Mabui kept constant eye contact with him as she lowers herself to her knees, teasing the waistband of his slacks with her delicate fingers. Subtly like that seems to escape Samui as she smoothly and efficiently unbuttons his black vest and spice-orange dress shirt before sliding them off his arms, breaking any allure Mabui may have been building. With a sigh, Mabui hopes Samui is, at least, pressing her large breasts against his back.

Without eye contact, Mabui resigns herself to taking off his black slacks—an effort in itself with his erection—and is completely shocked when his thick, nearly eight-inch cock is set free. 'Fuck me,' her mind gasps. After all the times she's been pressing her round ass cheeks against him, she surmised he was above average, but seeing his monster member spring up in front of her face, her mouth flooded as much as her lower mouth did.

"Oh, he's quite big," Samui's voice from over his shoulder interrupts her stupor. 'Far bigger than Tensai's penis,' Mabui's mind adds. 'Naruto may not have the most alluring looks, but he certainly won this lottery!'

In front of her face, her senses are bombarded with the heat of his thick appendage. The sight of it throbbing and leaking pre-cum from his prominent crown, the tasty pheromones of his meat… Mabui mindlessly leans in, taking the base of his pulsing manhood with her hand before dragging her saliva-covered tongue up the underside to the very tip, tasting his leaking man-milk.

'…the tangy taste of a genius,' her fetish-fragile mind reminds her before she rushes in for more.

Her lips varnish his knob as her saliva-covered tongue licks his tip to his audible delight. His groans only seem to make her hungrier and she massages his base and balls with her hands as her vacuum-mouth feasts on more dick than she could've anticipated. Sinking her sliver head until he's against the back of her throat, she couldn't believe how many inches of bloated shaft was left. She guesses she can take four inches but she wants all of it. Pulling away, she barely gets a glimpse of Samui making out with Naruto up top before she fills her oral cavity with his cock once again. She's determined to take as much of his meat as she could, sucking and licking his shaft with unreserved glee. Soon, Mabui is bobbing her head on his hot cock with reckless abandon.

The slurping, humming, and moaning only excited her, and Mabui was happy to suck on his cock forever. When her jaw began to ache, she felt his hands run through her hair before gripping it tightly.

He moans, "Ma-chan," and the quick pull of her hair made her glutinous for more. She wanted her creamy prize and was sucking him in whilst massaging his large balls.

He yells, "I'm mmn, almost!"

Gripping her head tight, he gasps before ejaculating a thick stream of gelatinous seed into her starving throat. Load after load of his thick cum shot to the back of her throat, more than what she could handle and she pulls away as more ejaculate splatters her gorgeous face and hair.

'…So much,' Mabui's mind moaned in ecstasy. To her surprise, he was still fully erect and throbbing, only more excited to continue. 'Sorry Tensai, Darui, I'm going to enjoy this too much,' Mabui's dazed and entranced mind diagnoses.

Samui takes off her hoodie as Mabui gathers the creamy treasure off of her face with a finger and swallows it. Between the buoyant bounce of the nude Samui's double D-sized breasts and a high Mabui lapping his cum from her fingers, Naruto's love muscle thickened even harder.


Without hesitation, an incredibly aroused Naruto takes Samui's hand and leads her to lay down on the futon. It's been over a week since the last time he's had sex, and the promise of helping Sakura has only made him more eager to sate his hunger. With his unparalleled energy, two dazzling women, and Kurenai's education, Naruto knows he won't be sleeping tonight.

It isn't the first time Mabui has seen Samui naked, but her large round breasts, toned abs leading down her low hip flare, strong thighs and calves, and gorgeous face… Mabui didn't blame Naruto for diving in. In seconds, Mabui washes her face before returning to assist Naruto.

Surprised yet again, Naruto seems adept at being intimate. He moved without hesitation, slowly massaging her large breasts in rotation as his mouth sucked and nibbling the V-line of her lower abs and hip bones. Though she was absent facial expression, somehow he can still read Samui's enjoyment from her body's slight twitches. His strong hands knead and pull her breasts just shy of painful before returning to a more delicate touch.

Samui didn't know what to think when his mouth began descending to her sex mound. Her mind didn't know what to do. If he hadn't assured her he'd take care of her, she wouldn't know to do more than simply putting him inside her until he came. Though she's felt orgasms before, it seemed to be a troubling thing for her partner at the time to achieve and never did so again. The blond's tongue is closing in on her vagina and she may not have thought anything of it before. But with his practiced hands relieving so more stress from her breasts working in tandem with his oddly rough tongue, Samui couldn't ignore the growing warmth building in her womanhood.

Mabui takes charge of Samui's large, soft, weighty breasts. Whilst massaging her large chest, flattening and pulling her pert nipples, Mabui also makes out with Samui's open mouth. Between Samui's spread legs, Naruto slowly laps up her moist love-petals with the long flat of his tongue while massaging the twitching muscles of her inner thighs. Deliberately dragging the brillowy nodules of his flat tongue slowly up her moistening snatch tends to spark gentle bouts of electrical pleasure through women. When her breath quickens and her hot thighs around his head spasm, Naruto knows the expressionless Samui is no different. He plunges his long tongue into her dilated vulva, searching the leaking woman's pink pleasure lane for that area of peak stimulation.

For what feels like an hour, Samui suffers an onslaught of sexual attention she's never experienced before. Between the two of them, they gently nibble of her lobs while running fingers through her hair; massage, kiss, and suck on her delicate neck, fleshy dough-breast, hard pink nipples, inner thighs, legs, and her ass.

Samui would've been satisfied with this until she feels a sudden shock of pleasure rush through her, managing a small, "ahn," from her lips. As if her small moan was a loud battle cry, Mabui and Naruto redouble their efforts to bring the gorgeous blond to thrashing completeness. Mabui sucks and massages Samui's collar bone, large fleshy breast, and hard pink nipples while Naruto continues eating her sloppy cunt out. Without any instruction from her mind, Samui's body softens and becomes more sensitive to their attention.

Without the usual sounds and expressions to go off of, Naruto had to judge how ready for more Samui was when she involuntarily thrusts of her hips. Smiling, he laps up and sucks on her clit as he slides two fingers inside her wet blooming flower. Sucking on her love bud, Samui's pleasure quickly felt dangerously powerful, wresting sweet groans and moans from her drooling lips.

"Ahhnmmnhah," Samui sounds as she involuntarily shakes and thrusts her hips as he fingers her pussy in that spot that curls her toes and arches her lower back. She was making mewling sounds she never makes while Naruto and Mabui inch her closer to the edge. When he abruptly curls his fingers, brushing that lethal spot, Samui detonated.

"AAHH!mmmmmmmm," Samui moans deeply from her gut.

Strong thighs clamp around Naruto head, keeping him in her wet place as her mind goes white. Her body involuntarily convulses in electric pleasure as the explosion of pleasure reverberates up and down her taut muscles and bundled nerves. The strongest wave of bliss she's ever felt drowns her mind and body for what feels like half an hour. Eventually, her boneless legs slump to the floor as her heaving body did.

It was the most erotic thing Mabui has ever seen. 'He made her cum,' her mind repeats in disbelief. 'Hard,' she adds and her body wants him. However, they weren't done.

Naruto might've given the heavily breathing Samui more time to recover if he wasn't so turned on. Jonesing to be inside of a woman again, he grips the crook between thigh and hip, rubs his rock hard cock down her juicy hot pussy, and slowly pushes into her spasming vagina.

Mabui plays with the woman's nipples as she whispers in her ear, "he's going to fuck you now, Sa-chan." She continues to knead the woman's large breasts while watching Naruto slowly build a rhythm. Though her mind questions how he would know to start slow, it disappears from her mind as easily as he buries his monster cock in her captain. Naruto pulls out before finally burying his full length and girth to the very depths of her hot canal.

"Ahn," a sweating Samui moans, feeling absurdly stuffed; as if he were pushing her intestines and stomach out of the way. And even then, her slippery love tunnel grips him in more.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH," Naruto elatedly hums, savoring the sporadic spasms of her love-glove squeezing his entire shaft tighter.

Without meaning to, a sweating Samui moans when he drags his hot meat-ram out of her and gasps sharply when he thrusts back in. When he starts pumping in and out of her, Naruto tries to be gentle at first but with Samui's gorgeous legs spread wide for him, the sexy Mabui sucking mouthful of Samui's fun bags, and her usually expressionless face now biting her lower lip in a bit of fear, it's far too much for him, and soon, he's slamming into her. Having already found the pleasure barbs of her g-spot, he constantly drags the displacing ridge of his cock-head there, forcing her to squeeze as he repeatedly plunges balls deep.

Mabui is fingering Samui's clit in addition to massaging and sucking both of Samui's mammoth breasts. Before long, Samui feels the coil in the pit of her stomach begin to tighten once again. As the hot room fills with humidity and the sounds of wet skin smacking, grunts, and moans, Naruto and Mabui continue their sexual assault, spurring Samui into a frenzy of bliss. The pleasure coil shaking to shatter feels even larger than the last one and if they didn't stop, she was going to burst any second.

"I'm… ahn," she tries to say, feeling right at the dizzying edge.

But Naruto can already feel her jerking body beginning that weightless second before the drop. Lifting her hips, he pumps into her harder, hitting her wet hole in just the right spot before her strong legs snap around his waist with her explosive orgasm.

"AAAHHHH," Samui moans, humming, "mmmm… mmmm… mmmm," repeatedly as her body quakes and jukes to a tremendous rhapsody of biting pleasure. In her to the hilt, her pulsing insides were deliciously frantic, rippling with serial bursts of extreme euphoria.

As the pleasure reverberated throughout the stunning woman's system, Mabui's surprised, Naruto slowly rocked their joined bodies as he massaged her ass, thighs, hips, and waist. Unless he was a prodigy of sex, she couldn't understand how he'd know to extend her orgasm, 'unless this wasn't his first time,' she muses. Immediately, Mabui didn't care when his half-lidded eyes bore on her like hot spot-lights. He left no doubt in her mind; 'I'm next,' she thinks, feeling her mouth water and her pussy quiver.

As he pulls out of Samui's quaking quim, he drags strings of stretchy juices, broken only by the powerful spring of his horniness when he fully exits her. Standing, he moves his pulsing, glistening cock to her face and without being prompted, she gladly cleans his genius shaft off. Taking his balls and base in her, her tongue laps up the essence of another woman, making the hot-blooded Mabui mewl with excitement.

She sucks him off until he's fully clean. Not a moment later, she was on her feet making out with Naruto. As his rough tongue plunged in her mouth, his hands tuck under her soft round rear before lifting her. Her legs wrap high around his back as he turns and flattens her against the wall. Pressing her firmly into the wall, one hand travels to her chest and nipple while the other lines himself with her flooding pink slit. He grips her neck and ass-cheek before thrusting deep into her.

Mabui's, "AAAHHHNNNN! Big!" matches Naruto's, "Uuhh! Tight!"

Unlike Samui, Mabui was a one-pump stuffing, snapping their chins up as they both groan loudly, happily. To be fused together by such lubricated heat, pressure, and pleasure, they already felt close to climaxing; Naruto because of the obvious sex and blowjob he's had thus far and Mabui because her fetish has completely corrupted her mind and body. His hot body pressing her into the wall, breathing on her flush skin, fully stretching her tight pussy, feeling his heart and cock pulse, everything about him was driving her crazy. And when her thoughts reasoned the monster cock throbbing inside her was a direct connection to his monster brain, the reality of that felt like her whole body was melting, like she couldn't hold on, like she couldn't breathe.

Her whole being becomes an erogenous zone for his intellect.

Kissing her open and drooling mouth, Naruto pulls out, making her moan in disappointment before he grips hands-full of her caramel ass and thrusts right back in. Mabui's whole body quivers with euphoric shocks. Her cunt sucks him in as a wailing, "MMMMNNNNN!" rushes out of her throat.

'She's out of this world,' Naruto's mind delightfully sings, treasuring the wet, hot feel of driving his meat pole deep in and out of her velvety soft love-glove.

The misty room is thick with the scent of sweat and flooding bodily fluid as Mabui's sweet voice continues to moan with every powerful thrust. Feeling everything, she mewls adorably in his ear as he fucks her into the sturdy wall, curling and spreading her toes as her knees lock around him. Only a minute in and she isn't sure she can take another. Her supersensitive body has never felt this soft, this yielding, this euphoric to a genius before. Holding him for dear life as he pounds her gushing pussy to the shape of his massive cock is all she can do for him.

"Ma-chan… I'm almost," Naruto groans, indulging in the wet friction against the gripping ribs of her tight crevice.

"In! AHH, AHHN, MMNN," she hollars. "In! MMm, Meee! MMN!"

His guided thrusts sharpen and speed up, suffocating Mabui with delirious with pleasure. She started on the edge to begin with, so when Naruto stuffs his full length to the balls and fires a heaping load of thick semen into her love core, Mabui's mind goes white as her body's ravaged with never-ending convulsions of peak pleasure. Her only shred of sense was measuring the increasing amount of semen being pumped into her gleeful womb.

With an arched spine, Naruto felt like he was emptying all of him inside her hot, wet essence. He was buzzing, cumming into a cock pocket milking him dry. When he finally gains some higher function, the breathless Naruto slowly realizes Mabui is experiencing multiple orgasms, frequently spasming against him. He also comes to realize he's still hard inside her quaking quim and wants more. Lethargically, he turns to Samui and is amused by her expressionless observation of them.

Samui moves aside to allow Naruto to place the grinning caramel beauty on the futon. Removing his cock, Samui follows Mabui's example. He can't even get up before she takes his hardness by the base and guides it into her mouth. Unfortunately, absent Mabui's impassioned skill, Samui wasn't the same and now isn't the time for instruction.

With Samui on all fours, ass in the air as she sucks him off, he lost reason once again and pulls her onto his lap, bringing her lips to his. Her soft body flush against him, they're making out as one hand is massaging and kneading her large sensitive breast while the other is treating her lower back much the same. His long hard cock is at the wet juncture between her shaky legs, pressing hard against her aroused and leaking slit. He knows she's ready when her hand cups his neck to pull him in for more. Breaking away after dominating her small oral cavity, Naruto turns Samui around and has her fall on all fours over Mabui.

"Kiss her," Naruto commands as he begins fingering them. Samui immediately complies, pressing her breasts into Mabui's. The silver-haired beauty moans into Samui's mouth as Naruto rubs her mound with the base of his palm as two fingers pump and curl inside her. Naruto couldn't believe how response Mabui felt. It heavily reminded him of Ino which also excited him. Anything he does just seems to get Mabui going and while his hands keep her in an elevated state of bliss, Naruto lines his cock with Samui's slit before ramming deep into her luscious pink folds.

"Ahhn," Samui sweetly mews, making Naruto want to ravage the cute blond.

"OOhhh, Kami, yes," Naruto groans in raw pleasure. Her tight, sloppy love chamber is just the perfect amount of tight friction. Pistoning his solid meat repeatedly inside Samui's tight twat from behind gives him the best view of the two women making out. As his bulbous crown displaces her free-flowing love juices, it's not often the world ceases to exist around him. It happened with Ino, Kurenai, Sakura, so he recognizes it here and now. Nothing mattered but their pleasure and in this small humid room with these beautiful women, he was going to drill for every well euphoria within them.

Exploring Samui's G-spot in tandem with Mabui's tongue suckling massage of her breasts and nipples soon makes Samui's muscles twitch in tandem cunt tighten. Gripping Samui's ass cheeks, the wet smacking intensifies as a sweating Naruto repeatedly buries himself to the hilt, rocking both of the horny women. When Samui begins to moan as her dripping pussy begins sucking him in, he rears his hand back before smacking her seductively athletic ass.

"MMNN," Samui wails from her open saliva-covered mouth. So sweet are her hoarse moans in the small room that he's taken by surprise when her cunt snaps around him like a vice as her arms give out. Mabui's holding the twitching beauty as she orgasms, sending him over the edge and groaning loudly as he cums buckets inside of her thirsty womb. Through the statically-charged bliss ripping through her, Samui's quaking stomach warms over several degrees as Naruto floods her womb with his gelatinous baby-batter.

A huffing Naruto finally feels himself soften before he uncorks her cum loaded chalice and falls back on his ass. Hot, heaving, and sweating, Naruto gives himself a moment to catch his breath when, before long, Mabui crawls over to him. Her half-lidded green eyes gaze at him hungrily before she leans down and takes his softened, cum-covered member in her mouth.

"AAHHHHH," Naruto moans at her impressive oral skill. He's still very sensitive, but she continues to suck him off for many moments before he finally regains his thick vigor. She finishes her blow job with an audible pop before standing and straddling his waist. Lining her throbbing love petals to impale herself on, Mabui slowly lowers herself on his beefy meat-tower.

"AAAAHHHHH… MMMnnn… Kami, yes," Mabui moans as she becomes one with her genius. He thoroughly enjoys the honey-skinned view and feeling of her stuffing her soaked pleasure-zone to the brim. Inch by inch, Mabui savors how his head stirs her ribbed walls up, closing her eyes as he spreads and rubs her sensitive love muscle to electric bliss. Fully sheathed, she instantly forgets herself the moment she senses a short road to another mind-bending, body-crumpling orgasm. Her bent legs on either side of his body, Mabui rides his veiny pole to frenetic bliss, erupting and reverberating multitudes of pleasure pockets throughout her arching and sweaty body.

The humid room is already stifling with the scent of sex, supplementing to their ecstasy. However, it's entirely unfair of Naruto to grip her hips, massage them as he edifies, "you're so beautiful- mnn, Ma-chan… I want to use life-force manipulation seals to link our sensations… so you can feel…uhnn, how amazing… haah, you make me feel-"

To hear his brain educating her while she's fucking him, Mabui's slopping love glove instinctively tries to aspirate the entirety of his thick pleasure-pole. Gripping her bouncing hips tighter, Naruto leverages from his back to pump into her harder as she leans her flexible body over, resting her feverish forehead and sweaty tresses on his muscular chest.

Aside from the wet smack noise bouncing around the sex room, a cross-eyed Mabui manages between frightened moans, "N-Naruto- AAHN! …N-Naruto! Ifffmmn, ahn, if you keep- I'm goin' to- I'mmMMN!'

Taking her sweaty head in hit hot palms, he continues pumping as he leans forward enough to whisper in her ear, "it's called a mirror-touch synesthesia array… a-and I can link our sensations- mnn… so- so you can feel… exactly how amazing cumming inside you is!"

Mabui's eyes roll to the back of her head. Losing control of her motor functions, her elated body quakes catastrophically when her succulent orgasm bursts. The pressure from her vice-like grip squeezes him to his own orgasm, pressure pissing his nut-spunk deep into her already stuffed womb. Wailing in jubilation, Mabui orgasmed in mind, body, and spirit for minutes, passing out on top of Naruto.

Rubbing her hot, micro-spasming back, Naruto enjoys her soft weight on him when he hears a soft voice ask, "why did she pass out?"

Combing Mabui's clumped-together hair to the side, Naruto tilts his neck to answer Samui, "I might've gone a little overboard with the stimulation."

"I didn't know that could happen," Samui comments, helping Naruto lay Mabui down on the cum-stained futon.

"It's rare," Naruto remarks, gently laying Mabui's head on the small pillow. "But it happens." Turning to the lightly blushing blond kneeling with both feet under her, Naruto asks, "how do you feel?"

Naked and alluring, her nipples harden as she wiggles in her seated position and simply answers, "good." Without Mabui, however, Samui can't be sure her reply is enough. For good measure, she adds, "impressively so."

Despite her expressionless countenance, Naruto couldn't deny the woman seated in perfect posture was incredibly arousing. Standing, she maintains eye contact with his meaty erection until he circles and sits behind her. Snaking his arms under hers, his hands grip and massage her impressive mammaries, lifting the supple flesh until the warmth contorts around his fingers. When she feels the carving crown of his erection probe her ass-crack, she lifts herself high enough for him to slide his pawing pleasure-pump up and down her leaking labia. As he continues to caress her love petals, lubricating his veiny member, Naruto whispers in her ear, "would you like to continue feeling good… Impressively so?"

Though expressionless, she answers with a cute little nod before Naruto has her lay on her chest beside an unconscious Mabui. He keeps her legs closed tightly together and places a pillow under her to elevated her strong, round butt. Naruto massages her hamstring muscles until she feels soft and tender, then moves his ministrations to her plump posterior. It isn't long before her lower back extends and contracts with adorable yearning.

'So cute,' he thinks as he spreads her cheeks and labia before plunging his love muscle deep in her honey-hole. Gripping her toned handles, Naruto begins churning her buttery love tunnel to their prolonged delight. The additional tightness of her closed thighs and angle of his targeted thrusts manages a few sweet moans before he feels her pink chasm spasm under him.

"MMNnn!", she yowls, as her butt and body shake under him.

'Already?' Naruto's euphoric mind lethargically wonders. Turning her over, Naruto is enthralled with her blushing face, half-lidded blue eyes, and the saliva streaming down her open maw. He brings her knees to her shoulders before reinserting himself and letting her toned legs rest on his shoulder. Naruto fucks her furiously for many long minutes, ripping out more involuntary moans from her expressionless face. Her eyes close tightly when he kneads her pillowy chest and sucks on her sensitive nipples until both blonds orgasm at the same time; exchanging hot bodily fluids under critical pressure.

The blond pair happily endure their long-lasting euphoric high when the semiconscious Mabui nestles over against Samui's hot sweaty body. She lazily opens her green eyes to the sight of Samui with her legs over Naruto's shoulders as they ride the tail-end of their seismic climax together.

Feeling high and desperate for more, Mabui maneuvers to her knees beside Naruto. Pressing her wanton body against his and Samui's thigh, she takes his face for the hungriest kiss she's ever felt. Feeling her soft mocha-skin breasts press against his fevered arm and Samui's leg as their tongues lap and play with each other made Naruto recovers in very little time, expanding inside of Samui's tight cream canal. Naruto's hips automatically begin pumping into the sensitive blond and in starting their third consecutive round with little rest between, Samui finally feels like she's losing her mind.

'Too much,' is all her mind yells as Naruto effortlessly locates the most sensitive ridges and fins of her pink slickness and wrests gallons of delight from within her like she's a drenched sponge in his squeezing hand. He simply hits her spasming spots over and over again, driving her closer and closer to blessed insanity with alarming efficiency. The moment she thought she had to admire his skillful efficiency, Samui feels the love spring of her intoxicated core tighten incredibly fast, threatening to snap. The moment came, as she did, when Mabui drops her hand down to the woman's engorged clitoris, whisking the sensitive bundle of nerves until the beautiful blond detonated.

Samui wails, snapping her neck back, Samui wails, "AAAAUUUUUHHHHHH."

Though Mabui cherishes Samui's long and rich moan, she knew Naruto hadn't climaxed and she was aching to have his brain-connected-cock inside her again. Naruto laid Mabui beside the glowing Samui and a moment later they were groaning in the soaping bliss of being rejoined again. Thrusting atop of her, Naruto is only inches away from her lovely, enraptured face. Breath to breath, he gazes deep in her moss-green eyes and regardless of the passion of his body-rocking thrusts, they maintain eye contact.

Just as he's experienced before, he needed to 'see' her; break, crumble, trust, vulnerable. He thrusts harder to see that moment. Her brow furrows, her pink lips are wide open, and her eyes are gazing into his as they rise to that ultimate euphoric fall. His thrust increase in speed and power, her legs wrap around his waist and she can't stop moaning with his every blissful plunge. Connected as they are, when her soaking womanhood begins contracting and quaking around his rod, Naruto hurries his pace to reach his eruption at the same time.

"Let me, haah," he huffs, when he feels like she's moments away. "Let me uhn, see."

As if eager to follow his command, Mabui's womanhood clamps on him, swallowing him in as her taut body explodes with reverberating pleasure. Her mouth is open but her moan is silent as Naruto blows his load in the same moment, pumping his pressurized man-milk into her fertile womb. More importantly, they watch each other collapse and shake from pure joy. It's as amazing as every other time he's done this. The pure ecstasy, the delight, the trust, the connection was the most intoxicating feeling Naruto has ever felt. Enjoying the rush of his thick fluids filling her holy chamber, Naruto leans down and kisses her with all the gratitude his immense heart can produce.

'Thank you, Ma-chan,' his mind voices and he hopes she can hear it. If it wasn't for her, he would've missed on so much and he certainly wouldn't have hope for Kurenai, Ino, and possibly one other.

Naruto kisses Mabui with everything in him, and to his ever-lasting delight, she returns the sentiment. Flush against each other, they kiss with tongues and hearts for several minutes until they're interrupted. To their surprise, Samui wants to kiss as well and she makes out with Naruto, then Mabui, and then with Naruto and Mabui.

Naruto is eventually lying on his back while the beauties lick and suck every inch of his towering cock and loaded balls together. Holding their heads as they wantonly suck him off, Naruto notices Mabui enjoys ordering Samui around and though it's hard to tell, the blond beauty doesn't seem to mind being dominated. Though, Mabui did seem disappointed when Samui managed to deep-throat his entire length. The mocha-model's cute pout as Samui learns to suck him down to his base… Naruto cums right away, filling Samui's stomach with his thick man-sauce before they share his load and clean each other's faces of his cum.

Throughout the night, Naruto takes turns filling each of them with his baby-gravy in as many positions as he can, until finally, he can go no more. He fills their flesh caverns eighteen times in total—eleven loads in Samui and seven in Mabui; a record for him—until their sexes overflow with spunk.

Morning soon came, and though he'd rather stay in bed, resting between the sexy body's of two insanely gorgeous women, watching Samui drag herself out of bed to train, excited him to do the same. They both kissed the slumbering Mabui before leaving for the day.


As Temari approaches Iruka's home, she's taken aback and pleased to see Naruto walking out of the front door. He looks tired, as if he hadn't slept much, but his smile widens as it ever does at the sight of her.

"Temari-chan!" Naruto calls out before asking, "what are you doing here?"

He stands before her, no different than he ever is, as if nothing happened, but she knows that's not true. She thought long and hard for a full day since the night he revealed to her his preference and she can't fail; not her father, her brother, her village, and in doing so, herself.

"I've thought about it," she starts. His curious brow urges her to answer, "…polyamory?" He's taken aback as Temari continues. "You said it was like one big family, and not only did I ignore that, I ignored you. If I hadn't… reacted as I did, I would've remembered that you're trying to build your clan; much like the shinobi of old did in the Warring States Period."

"Temari-chan," Naruto interjects. "You're allowed to feel the way you feel. I wasn't trying to change your mind."

"Well, you ought to," Temari asserts. "There's nothing wrong with wanting a large, loving family environment. I know that's it's not common but you should fight for the things you believe in." Naruto is startled by her suddenness to argue for his preference and that's exactly what she wants; a bit of control.

Recalling himself, Naruto protests, "I do! Maybe not on everything I believe in, but, definitely on the important things."

Challenging him, she asks, "really? So, who's this woman you want to introduce into our relationship? Better yet, does she know you support polyamory? Does she even know how you feel about her?"

Temari waits several seconds for him to stutter, "I- uh… it's not so… There's a lot going on right now-"

"I understand," Temari interrupts, intentionally relieving the pressure. She doesn't want to antagonize him; just unsettle him before she avails him of the hassle. "The life of a shinobi is very straight forward. Daily exposure to life and death easily outweighs silly little romantic dramas. It's why we're so sure about who we love and stick to it because we all know our day is due." Happy that Naruto is simply listening to her, Temari smiles as she reveals her move to salvage the mission.

"I thought long and hard about what you said," Temari begins. "And I've come to two conclusions. The first is I'd like to hear you out and learn more. And the second, is, if it's the right person, I think I'd be open to a polyamorous relationship."

"Temari-chan, you don't have-"

"I've sent word to Otou-sama and your Hokage to amend the Omiai to include multiple spouses," Temari orates over him. With the limited time she had, she can't be certain of the numbers she looked up, however, Temari won't let him escape again. "If you didn't know, hundreds of years of polyamory has actually left a mark on our genomes. Over time, such a pattern will spawn more genetic differences on the X chromosome than Y chromosomes. It's easy to recognize because women have two copies of the X, while men only one. And that signature-mark tells us that a small number of males—likely the strongest or powerful—were mating with many females. In other words, diversity arises because some men don't get to pass on their genes, while most women do."

"Okay," Naruto voices. "I can't say I knew all of that but, I'm not into polyamory to sleep around-"

"I know," Temari agrees, regardless of her disbelief. "I'm only saying as much because I've calculated a minimum number necessary to boost the growth of your clan in a short period of time and added that number to the amendment of the Omiai."

"…really?" After her nod, he asks out of sheer curiosity, "what's the number?"

Temari answers, "nine."

This chapter was very hard to structure and edit. I knew more or less the characters involved and what needed to go down, but arranging it in an organic way took some extra effort on my part. Speaking of, I apologies for any mistakes you find. It's a fairly large chapter and I'm only one man with public school education.

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Mabui's reactions may have been over the top but I'd always think what it must feel like to be soo stimulated in mind and body. On top of that, Naruto is really good now.

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