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03Dango Blues

Hello everyone. I must warn everyone there are adult themes and scenes in this chapter.


Despite the tickle of concern in the back of her mind, Kurenai is leisurely waiting in her favorite tea shop. It was his idea, which made her suspect, if anything, that he wanted her in a good mood. The question of why he wants her in an amiable mood doesn't fill her with a wonderful feeling. If she listens to her minor feeling of dread, it tells her clearly, 'he's trying to soften the blow,' which, at times, makes Kurenai hate her psychology training.

She's been working with her genin team—Hinata in particular—for a week now and though there hasn't been many setbacks, she hasn't witnessed any progress beyond what one might expect of heirs of great clans. Hinata, herself, barely speaks and when she does it's always clipped and hyper-formal. Even with the beautiful girl staying in her home, it's hard to get her to open up about much of anything.

The gruff, broad-shouldered Asuma arrives then, expressing minimal remorse in his usual non-cavalier manner. "Sorry I'm late."

The way his large frame casually settles for comfort rather than proper posture makes her smile as she comments, "so long as I don't see you reading a little orange book next time, I think I can forgive you."

He chuckles at the ludicrous insinuation before he orders the finest tea in the shop, something of a warning sign in her eyes, but she only smiles. He then tells her, "I just came from Hokage Tower. Princess Tomoko will be visiting the village."

Kurenai listens intently but her mind is moving a mile a minute. Being the son of the Hokage, who's also closely acquainted with the nation's Daimyo, the Lord of Fire country naturally entertained the notion of joining their families to strengthen their power; the Hokage's son with one of his daughters, princesses of Fire country.

It's the reason Asuma never truly connected with her, or at least that's what he told her. He wanted to spare her the unavoidable heartache should the whimsical Daimyo ever decide to follow through with his ideas of union-through-marriage. Kurenai told herself it made sense, and he informed her early on when they first started dating. It hadn't stopped him from being with other women but Kurenai was the only one that earned the heart of the truth from him. Though Asuma ended it before they had become too serious, Kurenai always held out hope that the gruff Sarutobi heir would finally be free to lead his own romantic life. So it hurt her every time she heard about one of his notable escapades or saw him with a loveless beauty of the night.

Never being one for a purely physical relationship with a man, Kurenai herself had tried to date others, shinobi and civilian alike. Unlike her dear friend Anko, Kurenai found it hard to connect emotionally as well as intellectually with anyone she may be seeing. She just couldn't help thinking about Asuma—couldn't help comparing whoever she was with to the smoking Jōnin. Couldn't help thinking, 'what was he doing? What would he think? Would it hurt him to see or hear about me with another man as much as it does her when she sees or hears about his relations?'

With her looks, Kurenai comes across many interested men. That was never the problem. She tried to focus on their positives and if the sex was good, the relationship would last longer. But after some time, she would always find faults with them, then fixate on that like a blaring red warning sign signaling the doom to come before ending it. It was almost like she was ending things with others so as to not hurt them in the same manner Asuma does in his relations. When she realized that, Kurenai had to stop. Consequently, the last time she had sex was a solid year ago, the exact time she decided to simply put forth all her abundant energy into being promoted to Jōnin.

More often than not, marriages among the elite were generally based on alliances for monetary gain or political maneuvering to avoid war. Marriage for love is a distant concern, if at all addressed. Happiness was not a reason to get married. And now a beautiful princess of Fire country is coming to the village, in all likelihood to meet her future husband, the same man that's already claimed Kurenai's heart. At Asuma's comment, Kurenai said nothing, raising her fragrant and scintillating tea to her lips for a sip.

"I'll be honest," Asuma continues. "By the end of her visit, I'll know more or less what my future looks like. Kurenai, I know this isn't fair, but I hope you'll be apart of my life no matter what way this thing lands. You know I'll do my duty if I have to, but if it doesn't have to come to that... I think… I feel that would make me happy," he tells her with his gruff smirk.

She almost returned a smile, but if this didn't pan out the way they both want, that would lead to a hope that would hurt worse than any other time before. "Why don't we just enjoy our tea and catch up," she says, preferring to wait and see instead of diving into what ifs. "We've been so busy, it's been a spell since I've seen you. How's your team? Please tell me you're not smoking around them."

"If you saw what I was dealing with, you'd light one up too," he returns with a small measure of exasperation. "Not a single one is motivated to train. Shikamaru only cares about napping and sky gazing. It's like he skipped adolescence, adulthood, and went straight into elderly. Ino only cares about her figure and the Uchiha brat—bossy as hell too. Choji's a sweet kid—made us all celebration dango to celebrate forming the team—but even his own clan might think he eats too much and he lets Ino walk all over him."

"Sounds like you got your hands full," she mentions sympathetically.

"Better than Kakashi's, but yeah, they're a pain," he responds. "Still, I like 'em well enough to train 'em good. Plus, they saved me from having to go to the Daimyo's palace. Can't exactly take the brats with me, can I?"

Kurenai didn't want to ask but she couldn't not know, "is that why she's coming here?" Every little bit of information aids her constantly active mind in forecasting what the likely future might be.

"Otou-sama made it clear to the Daimyo that training shinobi for the good of the country supersedes something that may or may not happen, so he extended an invitation for her to come here." Kurenai just nods before he asks, "how's your team? You haven't been Jōnin for more than three months and now your training genin. Nervous?"

She can tell he's teasing and smiles as she tells him, "I haven't had them long, obviously. It's only been a week, but I'm reasonably optimistic. Shino-kun is diligent. Kiba-kun is impulsive; type A personality with a lot of energy. Hinata-chan is very shy but very caring. I'm working with her the most. I think she can be an amazing kunoichi if I can just find the right incentive to get her moving."

"I'm sure you'll figure something out," he responds. "You've always cared like that," he states meaningfully and Kurenai can't help but wonder if he means in general, like any sensei or as a possible mother someday in the future they would both be happy with.


'We want to learn Rasengan in two months,' Naru-nii explains to his past-self-student. 'It took the fourth three years to master this technique. Divide three years by the two months I'm giving you to learn this and you'll need no less than twenty clones while you train.'

'I'm learning a technique made by the fourth Hokage?!' Naruto gasps with twinkling amazement. 'Finally! Not that I don't appreciate you teaching me, but I was starting to get sick of all the control exercises. I like being able to fight on top of water, but nothing beats ninjutsu, ya know?'

'You'd be surprised,' Naru-nii hints as he sometimes does about things he never has the time to fully explain. 'Beyond the border there's a pretty big world out there with a lot of weird ninja who can do some crazy stuff that beat ninjutsu.'

'I guess,' Naruto answers, accepting his future-selfs assertion.

'Anyway, this is an A-Rank technique. It's an offensive, short range jutsu. You ready?'

"Hell yeah!" Naruto yells in his mind as much as the outside world.

'Alright, are you deep in the forest? Near a water supply? Far enough away so no one stumbles in on your training?'

'Yeah,' Naruto responds, recalling the strength training to get to a secluded area. 'Three hours deep, and a stream nearby, just like you said.'

'And you brought a bag of balloons and rubber balls?' Naru-nii asks.

"In my bag," Naruto answers patting his travel backpack filled with the items requested, a lot of ramen, and some camping gear.

'Good. To start, make five clones and have them use half the bag to make water balloons.'

Naruto does as instructed, and Naru-nii spends the remainder of his time explaining the first step of learning Rasengan: Rotation. Even with all the tips Naru-nii gave him, it's a lot harder than he expected but giving up has never been his style. Along with his clones, Naruto spends the rest of the day trying to churn the water's rotation in different directions using nothing but his chakra. He didn't notice it was nightfall until he fell flat on his back, exhausted to sickness from the hours of chakra use. Deciding he didn't have it in him to trek the three hours back to his apartment, he prepares several cups of instant ramen as he slowly dispels one clone at a time, ending his day knocking out in his sleeping bag.

To warm up, Naruto spends the morning training his body with strength training and close quarter taijutsu against his clones. After lunch, he again focuses on the first stage of Rasengan. Hours later, he hadn't been able to pop the water balloon, but instead of spending another day in the forest, he figured he could practice in his apartment, plus he didn't have the discipline to stretch out his ten remaining cups of ramen for more than a day.

Dirty, smelly, grimy, hungry, covered in twigs and petals of flora, Naruto drags his feet out of the forest. Finally closing in on the village, Naruto doesn't notice the purple and white Starling bird dive down with great speed toward his head, pulling up at the last second to scare the blond into jumping back and tumbling to the dirt floor.

"What th-" He calls but the bird swipes at him again. Naruto runs away covering his head with his arms the entire time but the purple and white bird doesn't relent, chasing after him. The frustration makes him swipe and miss as he yells, "leave me alone, bird-chan!"

It seems to have it out for him until he finally manages a lucky hit and knocks it to the ground. He felt relief for the briefest of moments until he realizes the pretty bird isn't moving, then crippling remorse floods his entire aching system. Though panicked, he gently picks the injured bird up and rushes to the village.


"Uwah!" Ino gasps, clutching her head as she sits up in her bed. "That baka!" she yells, tensing her entire body down to her curled toes, waiting for the throbbing ache in her head and the spinning sensation in her realigning body to subside. The worst of it passes after twenty minutes, but it's only the worst, and Ino fully expects to sport a headache throughout the rest of her day. Allowing herself to fall back into her pillow, heavily panting—as if she just sprinted for an hour straight—she recalls the last few moments before being forcibly ejected from her jutsu.

Not long after her father taught her their family's Shintenshin no Jutsu(Mind Transfer Jutsu) Ino would use it as often as she could. Though it counted as training, her main point of attraction was transferring her consciousness into the minds of animals, mostly pretty birds so she could thrill at the majesty of flying high in the sky with the entire world below her. It made her feel small compared to the size of the land, yet empowering for having the sight to take in in the first place.

Recalling the shock to her system when that idiot landed a lucky hit reminds her of the very nasty downside to the jutsu. There is a lot of pain that comes with being forced out of the mind transfer. Despite the throbbing anguish in her head—going so far as to make her forehead and neck sweat—she immediately sits up again, focusing deeper on one detail of her out-of-body attack on the Dead Last. It's a dull growth of monumental realization as she slowly leaves her spacious bedroom, and ends up running by the time she reaches her father's study. The room is normally only used by him but it has all their books on botany, from roots to poisons and all the various ways they can be used.

With her pounding headache, Ino has to put great effort into focusing as she quickly skims through various books and scrolls. After some time, she finally comes upon several specific books that might help her remember why that distinct petal stuck to Naruto's disgusting jumper is so important. It must've been years ago, but she knows that petal came from an orchid. Fifteen minutes of searching and Ino wonders if she's made a mistake with the book currently in hand and has to read through all the books to find out why this is so important. Make no mistake, Ino knows it's important, she just couldn't say why yet. That is until she finally finds it on the highest row, the fourth-to-last book.

"Rarest Flowers in the World," she breathes, and the image of the petal on Naruto's back, under the white flap, begins encouraging bits of information she'd long stored away when she first read this book. Flipping through the pages, Ino surely finds the target of her query.

"The Fire Slipper Orchid," she reads aloud, slowly moving to her father's comfortable chair behind his desk. With the photo alone, she instantly confirms the petals from the book and the one stuck on Naruto's jumpsuit were the same. "One of the rarest orchids in the five nations; characterized by its red stripes and long side petals. Primary area of growth is forests within elevated areas from 950ft to 1300ft above sea level. Not only is the flower rare, but it can take up to fifteen years to blossom!" Ino broke eye contact with the book in great surprise, easily understanding why the orchid was so rare. Returning her attention to the reading, she learns exactly why her spectacular mind was so fixated on the petal. "Because it's so difficult to find much less grow within a controlled environment, this orchid species has a high market value where it is sold for as much as seven hundred and fifty thousand ryo per stem!"

Eyes wide, Ino leans back in utter shock at its value, the compounding aches in her brain doing little to slow down thinking of all the possibilities. Her most immediate concern being that bottle of perfume she absolutely begged her parents to get. She has an allowance and was more than ready to use it all if it were enough. She tried everything, but her parents wouldn't give her the remainder, they wouldn't give her an advance, and they wouldn't even give her extra shifts at the flower shop since it would cut other employee hours.

Ino needs that bottle and whatever else would give her an edge. She's already losing more ground to the Forehead than she'll willingly admit to—lest she stumbles into a great ice-cream filled depression. For the thousandth time, she wondered why she couldn't be teamed up with Sasuke-kun instead of Team 10. And for the thousandth time, her brain told her it was because of her father's partnership with Shikamaru and Choji's dads. She felt the injustice constrain her chest every time she thought of it. It was wrong to assume she would make a good team with the lazy-ass and the fat-ass simply because the three clans grew up close.

It's not that she hated her teammates but they definitely stood in her way, blocking Sasuke-kun from view, and letting the Forehead that much closer to her man. She'll be the first to admit she didn't need to be irrationally angry with her teammates; she knows it's not really their fault but she just can't help it. It gets to her every time the Lazy-ass just wants to sleep, or the Fat-ass just wants to eat, which happens all the time. The constant crunching of salty chips slowly drives her mad until she can't help but snap at them. It's not how she wants to spend her days and they—including her smoke-stack of a sensei—don't even seem to care.

Ever since the team assignments, she's been having one miserable day after another, 'but this,' she thinks, looking at the picture of the beautiful orchid. "This changes everything," she comments to herself, smiling all the while. She hadn't felt very pretty in a while but the possibility of finding the rare, expensive flower is rejuvenating. Doing the calculations in her head, her eyes go wide. "That's at least an A-Rank mission without the hard work or splitting it with the team!"

Quickly standing to her feet, hugging the book happily, she realizes aloud, "and if there's more than one stem, that's… way over S-Class pay... just for me!" Her mind is a cloud of euphoria for seemingly hours until one unpleasant thought bursts that intoxicating bubble of happiness... Naruto.

Groaning in pain, she rushes back to her room. Rather than changing into her typical shinobi gear, she merely hops into a white mini skirt and her purple halter top that shows off her taut stomach and rushes out the door in search of the orange idiot, praying the entire time, "I hope that idiot didn't destroy it." If the red and black stripped petal was stuck on his back, than clearly, he must've landed on one. Ino prays to Kami that the rare, highly-valuable flower wasn't too badly damaged, or that there's at least one more stem out there.

Finally finding him in the market, exiting a food stand with a disgustingly distended belly—looking just as filthy as she remembered from her time in the Starling—she rushes straight at him.

"Naruto," she calls the orange-clad boy, suddenly feeling the physical exertion of running around the village for over an hour with dull throbbing head pain. It hurts so bad, she wonders if her swollen head is as bid as Sakura's. With her hands on her knees as her strained and hot lungs painfully catch her chalky breath, she notes the golden-blond idiot is clearly curious about her sudden appearance. 'And why wouldn't he be,' she imagines. Ino knows this the first time she's ever sought him out, much less this desperately.

"Hey…uh, you okay?" he asks with a clear note of concern in his voice.

She puts up a single finger, hoping he understands she wants him to wait. After a minute, she grabs him by the shoulder. "Hey- What the-" he complains as she pulls the red stripped petal that was stuck on him; caught under the white turtle neck of his atrocious jacket. Examining the soft, colorful, fine-haired petal. It was indeed the extremely valuable plant from the book of rare flowers. Turning to him she demands to know, "where did you get this?"

The startled agitation was clear on his face, and his eyes squint with suspicion, but he looks at the petal in her hand and answers, "what is it?"

Her eyebrow twitches but Ino valiantly holds in her frustration. Taking a deep calming breath she looks around and notices all the faces, some looking at her with lewd gazes, but some looking—well, glaring—at the boy next to her. The worry in her mind, however, isn't in how much thigh or stomach she's showing, or even in how innately Naruto seems to annoy everyone. It's in the idea that someone in this busy market place might know the value of what she's holding in her hand.

Without a second thought, she commands him, "come on," as she grabs him by the collar of his filthy jumpsuit, pulling him along with her. After twenty minutes of marching, they're in a small deserted park, and she turns to him, staying as close to his sweaty musk as she can stand so he doesn't grate her patience too much. Normally she would've said something by now, but this is too important to risk.

"Naruto," she starts. "I need to know where you came across this flower."

"You sure that's a flower?" he asks peering at the flattened petal. "Doesn't look like one."

"That's because you-" Ino cuts herself off and takes a breath. The last thing she wants to do is make this unnecessarily harder by insulting him too much. "Look, this is a flower petal from an orchid that I'm looking for. I think it was stuck to your back because you fell on it. So I really need you to tell me where you've seen a flower with this kind of petal."

Naruto hums in deep thought for several seconds before answering, "I'm not sure. I don't really pay attention to flowers, especially when I'm training."

"Is that what you were doing today," she asks excitedly, scanning his rough and sweaty exterior. "Where! Where were you training?"

"Uhh, well," he starts nervously. "I... I can't say," he weakly finishes, but she's not taking no for an answer.

"Naruto, please," she pleads, her bewitching face instantly forming an adorable charming look she uses on her father when she really wants something. She even bends her knees so she's looking up at him, using the psychology that says men normally prefer to look down into a girl's eyes than up. She's also quite aware that he ought to be able to see a bit of cleavage, not to say she's the most abundant in that area, but she's certainly ahead of many kunoichi, developing quicker than most. She can easily tell it's working by the way he flusters and tries to avoid looking too far down. "I really, really need this," she whines prettily. "Won't you help me?"

"Ah, ano," Naruto fumbles, looking at her chest a moment before clearing his throat and looking at her pupil-less blue eyes. "Uh, sure!" Not completely for effect, she jumps up happily with a giggle. "I... I'll help, but, you absolutely cannot tell anybody where I'm taking you; it's my secret training spot."

"I guess. Where is it?" she asks curiously. 'How could any training ground in Konoha be secret?' she mentally asks. 'All active shinobi use them, you idiot.'

"It's in the forest, about three hours north of the Hokage monument," he answers.

"What?" she gasps. "Why would you train so far away?"

"It's secret training that's going to make me the strongest ninja in Konoha!" he happily tells her. Though she doesn't believe for a second that the Dead Last in their class can beat anyone, let alone be the strongest anything, she says nothing, content to play along until she has her treasure secure in her hands. He continues to say, "that also means I can't show you what I'm doing. I don't mind taking you where I was, but you can't see my training. Sorry," he awkwardly tells her as if she cared.

She may have completed a step in her journey, but now she has to travel three hours through a dense forest without any assurances that the flower is there or still intact if it is. "You're sure you don't remember seeing it," she asks again, moving the petal closer to his face.

"Sorry, Ino-chan," he replies. She ignores the chan as he continues, "I more or less remember where I was, so I can take you there, but I was too focused on my training to remember any flowers."

He chuckles at his own idiocy and it annoys her, but she moves on. "I have a team meeting tomorrow morning. It shouldn't be anything serious, like training," she clarifies. "He just wants to tell us something important, so I can meet you afterward; by the Hokage monument."

"Sweet," he says brightly. "I'll see you tomorrow."

And with that he was off, leaving her in delicious anticipation of better days to come. "Finally," she yells. Ino felt she needed something good, and for it to happen as soon as tomorrow, was thrilling. Ino walked home content and ready for good fortune to take her.

Meeting at their usual tea shop, Asuma-sensei took a single drag of his cigarette prompting her to yell, "either put that out or tell us what this is about, sensei. That's horrible for my skin, you know!"

"I actually agree with her," Shikamaru tells his sensei. "This is our day off and it's really early."

"It's nine am," Asuma corrects the lazy boy with a smirk.

"Like I said," is all Shikamaru responds with.

"…These three," Asuma mutters to himself before explaining why he called their meeting. "I called you all here because Konoha will be hosting one of the Fire Daimyo's daughters, Tomoko-hime. During her stay here, I'll be her escort, so I won't be able to stay with you for most of the day like we've been doing. That doesn't mean I want any of you to slack off."

"Are we going to meet the princess," Ino asks hopefully.

"Maybe," Asuma answers after taking a sip of his tea. "You're my students after all. That's pretty much it. Any questions?"

"Are we still doing D-ranks?" Choji asks between a handful of chips, his constant, audible chewing annoying Ino to no end.

"We'll do a few for sure, but maybe not every day," Asuma answers the Akimichi. "Anything else? No? Alright, dismissed?"

Asuma is already lighting his cigarette as he leaves his genin team and exits the shop. Before Ino can get more than a step away, Choji calls out to her. "Ino-chan wait!"

"What is it," she throws out, annoyed, though making a small note of how weirdly Shikamaru is looking at his fat-ass of a friend.

"I know you didn't like the celebration dango I made for us becoming a team," he starts to explain as he takes a container out of his pack where he keeps his potato ships. "I thought I'd make one special for you though." He opens the container to show a single stick of a yellow, a red, and a blue dango. "This one is super low calorie, barely any carbs, no sugar, no salt and fat-free. It's basically little better than water."

He presents the special dango to her and instantly she feels bad for some of the horribly insulting thoughts she had of him. Regardless of how everything turned out, she knows none of it was their fault, and since she's going on a long hike, she decides to take the stick of dango. "Thanks Choji. That was really nice of you."

The smile on his face surprised her. It wasn't so serious a thing he needed to be overjoyed over. 'Maybe he worked really hard on this,' she thought as she ate the first two with delight. 'And I did throw away that last one he made.'

"Maybe we can hang out since we have the day off," Choji suggests with a hopeful vigor, turning to Shikamaru. "What do you say Shikamaru? We can go to the park and play, or if you want to shop, Ino, we could do that too."

"Sorry," she starts, ripping the last blue dango from the long pick, before throwing the slim piece of wood into Choji's bag. "I actually got plans today. Maybe next time."

"What are you doing," Shikamaru asks with bored suspicion. To the pineapple-headed boy, she seems slightly more chipper and less bossy than normal.

"No way," Ino mocks him in fake shock, before adding, "is that genuine interest I hear?" She smiles broadly at them before turning and leaving. She manages to hear the pineapple head, mutter, "troublesome," before she's out of earshot and on her way to the Hokage monument. Luckily it's not more than fifteen minutes away from her team meeting spot.

"Yo!" Naruto calls when he sees her. "Morning Ino-chan."

Rolling her eyes at the chan he adds to her name, she returns a glum, "no time for chit chat. Three hours there, three hours back, and I don't know how long it's going to take to find it; we don't have any time to waste, so let's go!"

With a weak chuckle he turns around and they begin their hike at a run.

It starts five minutes in. For some reason, Ino grows warm, very warm, nearly flushed. As they jog over through leaf invested grassy floors and over large tree roots, Ino begins to wonder about her physical well being. The Dead Last isn't going any faster than she can handle but the excessive warmth is beginning to pool primarily to her lower back, hips, and thighs, though it doesn't exempt her neck, cheeks, and bouncing breasts.

Ino tries to ignore it as her fogging mind reasons it was something she ate, however, soon, the salivating warmth invites a certain weakness to her feverish muscles. It was as if her well-conditioned control had been sucked out of her body, replaced by this tingling allergy spreading from her irritably stuffy pelvis down her humid thighs, up the flat of her toned abdomen, the swell of her torrid breasts and her languid red neck.

Ino had to stop jogging. Her uncooperative leg muscles were twitching and the sweat between her vibrating legs felt sticky. She didn't even realize how long she'd stopped for until Naruto is standing right in front of her—not even breathing heavily—expressing, "it's going to take us longer to get there if you don't hurry up."

Jumping at the chance to utilize the heat of her anger rather than the oddly sensitive heat of her body, she musters enough airy voice to shout back, "Sh-Shut... up." It's the weakest comeback she's ever felt. "Just keep jogging," she finishes. Naruto shrugs before taking off again.

Following after the golden-blond, Ino couldn't understand why her body was reacting this way and what makes her start to panic is it's only getting worse. With every step she took, Ino felt her breasts and the apex of her inner thighs getting hotter and hotter. A sensitive heat that continues its invasion to odd places she never really thought to feel before, like her ears, the back of her knees, between her toes, her ass cheeks, and even—to her horror—her sphincter. She can feel it twitch with a growing itch.

Ino was soon walking again, breathing heavily despite only jogging for five or ten minutes. She brings out her canteen of water, desperate for it's cooling relief but only finds the clear liquid can do nothing to bate this demanding heat growing within her. In fact, the trickles of water that splash away from her cherry red lips, and stream down chin and neck, seem to ignite her sensitive skin further.

Nearly an hour in and she's sweating shamefully profusely. The way her fishnet stalkings and white bindings stick to her sodden skin, and her damp purple top wrapping desperately around her tender C-cup breasts and pebbled teats only fuels how incredibly obscene she feels at the moment. The raunchy Royal-Purple rags of her typical outfit cling to her, stretching and pulling with every dragging step ahead, but that's not where her attention is drawn. No, all of Ino's focus is on the incredibly heat gathering in her core and her stone hard nipples.

Though embarrassed, the fog of her mind and the special kunoichi training help her avoid reacting on those shameful feelings, lest she turn back and end her mission for coming out here in the first place. It also helps Naruto is always leading them and can't see her, which is a relief as even the gentlest of breezes hazes her mind euphorically as it plays with her tingling body. 'It's odd,' she thinks when her forgetful mind questions why she's following the hypnotic orange of the blond's jumpsuit.

As Ino wonders if they're playing a game of slow tag, her hand drops to the tender junction between her legs and the slightest of contact nearly takes her knees out, electrifying her with the most pleasure she's ever felt. So unaware of her surroundings, she didn't even realize the moan that she heard came out of her mouth until Naruto was right in front of her. She can barely make out how concerned he looks over the simple recognition of his maleness.

"Neh, are you okay," he asks, putting his warm hand on her shoulder. Ino bursts at the contact. She couldn't understand how a hand touching her bald, fleshy, sweaty shoulder can feel so deliciously thrilling. Ino simply couldn't think but for the urging of her basic needs and lurches forward, sending them both to the grassy floor.

On his back with Ino landing on top of him, her hips react without consent, or in Ino's cloudy mind, without awareness, grinding her sodden crotch against his thigh, moaning freely of her ever-building pleasure. Ino becomes a being of continuous amazing sensation, lamely reasoning the strong muscle pressing against her needy crotch is contracting more pleasurable feelings with every single thrust. She isn't even aware of the blond boy the strong thigh muscle is connected to as her hungry hips beg for more titillating stimulation, unconsciously grinding her leaking core against it repeatedly.


Naruto had no sense of what to do. He didn't know what Ino was doing. He didn't know why she was doing it—or why his thigh was growing more and more wet. But the fact of the matter is, Ino—one of the prettiest girls in the village—was straddled his left leg. 'Squishy,' his mind sums it up. The purple flaps of her skirt gathered out of the way so he can clearly see her moist bandaged crotch rub itself vigorously against him. Her C-cup breast bounce inches away from his wide eyes and her constant weeping moans are regularly exhaled across his face.

'This is… This is like sex,' his mind yells, feeling the friction from his leg build to his crotch, stretching his pants. Looking at the mesmerizing way Ino ride his leg, Naruto can't help the bulge growing any more than he can say, "so hot."

The act itself was familiar, if not exactly like how he had researched. Naruto easily remembers pictures of girls riding boys but he didn't understand why Ino was doing that with him. From all his research into sexiness for his jutsu, he learned that having actual sex should be with someone you love… unless you pay for it, in which case, there's no love in that.

But Ino kept on doing it. Rubbing her lower part on his thigh, moaning and whimpering loudly, inching closer and closer to his raging erection. Naruto notices the bandages loosen a moment before her sudden scream cuts through the serenity of the forest. Then, as if her voice shorted, her head snaps back, alarming him as her pelvis slides up his thigh and press against is his steel erection. She shivers and shakes uncontrollably, and the pained look on her face would worry him more if the tight warmth of their thighs squeezing against his dick didn't feel so good. She stays static and spams for at least twenty seconds before she collapses on her back, her legs going limp straddled over his lap.

To Naruto, there's a lot going on from moment to moment that's more captivating than the next, but also none more so than the other. Her feverish red cheeks on her erotically satisfied face is no better or worse than the delightful groans of pleasure humming from her saliva covered mouth. Nor was the drenched, softness of her girl part pressing against his rock hard rod between them any better or worse than the way one of her hands begins roughly rubbing her breast. He couldn't reason how this was happening, but he's never been one to shy away from asking.

Leaning forward, her legs flop like jelly, spread open and Naruto inspects the flush and heavily breathing girl as he crawls over her prone form a bit to reach her head. "Na, Ino, why did you- MNN!" Naruto is physically silenced when Ino tilts forward to wrap her arms around his neck and drag him down for a fierce kiss. She presses her full and soft lips hungrily against his. Naruto was stunned yet again when she opens her mouth to snake her tongue deep into his mouth and blend saliva.

At her upward thrust, Naruto regains enough sense of mind to pull back, quickly asking, "I-Ino, a-are you alright?"

Ino's benumbed mind didn't understand his question or his reluctance simply voicing her womanly needs. "Fill me up, Naruto! Make me feel good Naruto. Make me feel good!" she moans as she starts sucking on his neck while she pinches and pulls on one of her peaking nipples.

"You want me to-" he tries but he's losing focus, asking, "how- Are you sure-"

"Just fuck me, Naruto!" she yells, losing control of her hips as the try to connect to any stiff surface of his. "Please," she mewls. "I'm hurting! It hurts soo much without your dick!" She yells before forcibly taking his lips again.

Naruto was harder than he's ever felt in his life—to the point his dick hurts from the constriction—and Ino was kissing him like her life depended on it. Without thought, Naruto's pelvis juts forward, pressing an impossibly constrained erection into the fleshy wet heat between her legs. A needy Ino moans into his mouth at the contact before she immediately pushes him up enough to pull her purple top off, her platinum blond hair whipping back with it. Naruto's pelvis thrusts into her again and again, reveling in the pleasure of the wet warmth as she removes the safety pins of her binding. She couldn't peel it all off but that wasn't the immediate need.

Feeling his perfect and constant thrusts, she moans weakly as she nearly rips off the strangling ribbons and that sound spurned him on. Years of training in reading body cues to understand an opponent is telling him she's desperate for this. He can hear her want in her animal cries and feel her need in her impulsive plunge back.

"Take off," Naruto hears her groan.

"Ino," he gasps his question, losing his ability to articulate the thought, 'what do you mean?'

"Take off your fucking pants, already!" she yells as she finally frees enough of the white trapping to liberate her gleaming, pulsing pussy to the open, forest air. It tingled enough to make her moan and she began exploring the sexual organ bringing her amazing pleasure with both hands. It wasn't until she heard the zipper being drawn down like a chainsaw, that she came back to some form of minor awareness and realized this was Naruto on top of her. Naruto was the one making her feel good, but she couldn't think as to why that would be bad.

Naruto was wildly stimulated and his thoughts didn't stretch further than the most immediate and sustained pleasure, which couldn't be bothered to completely take off his pants or even think to remove his jacket and undershirt. He didn't waste any time liberating his rock hard rod from the tight confines of his boxer; showcasing to Ino the thick length of his want for her.

Looking down at it, Ino couldn't really compare him to anyone since she hadn't ever done this before and most of the pictures she's seen were diagrams for educational purposes. Naruto was long, thick, with throbbing veins and round golden-pube balls, but what really surprised her was how shapely the head of his dick was. Her hands instinctively reach for his hot meat stick. Despite it's aggressive posture, it's smoother than she expected. She wonders if it should be so hot until she feels it pulse in her hand and hears him groan in satisfaction above her.

To Naruto, he felt cold and he only had a mind to be inside hot wetness. Ino felt hollow enough she might disappear and needed him to feel full again. She lined him to the entrance of her aroused canal, pressing his eager shaft against her swollen lips before he promptly thrusts into her. The two teens groan in unison, each feeling different sensations but equal in immense satisfaction. Ino's legs quake as all energy is sucked out of them.

'He's splitting me,' Ino's mind yells with clenched teeth, easily feeling Naruto's veined member plunged to the end of her soaking snatch pulsing impatiently. Naruto pulls out slowly with a wet 'shloop', dragging out a deep groan from Ino before stuffing her sloshing pleasure cavity. Instinctive for more, he pounds away into her, lost to anything but the pure pleasure in this gorgeous once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The size of him forces pain to register in her mind, but her drug-addled mind needed too much pleasure to tell him to slow down, or Kami help her, to stop.

The new, intrusive experience didn't hurt much, if at all. She was vaguely aware that it was supposed to; not that her hymen was intact. The majority of kunoichi lose that barrier of flesh through rigorous exercise and training. In Ino's mind-numbing arousal, it isn't long after he first stuffed her to the brim with his meat that she's moaning loudly by his relentless thrusts, filling her with unbearable satisfaction in spite of how much he was stretching her to accommodate his girth. With the amount of fluids flooding her love channel, it didn't take Naruto more than four or five thrusts to completely sheath himself inside of her. "You- Kami, Ino, you feel sooo good," Naruto hotly groans between grunts. "It's so tight! Hot! Wet!"

With ever etch of her pleasure membrane deliciously being pulled by the thick head and veined girth of his member, Ino moaned continuously. With every thrust, Ino's hazy mind bursts with long echoing pleasure broadcasting to every inch of her body. It seemed like no time at all before Naruto was pounding his thick meat with fluid ease and she was moaning for more.

"MNN, yes, Naruto! More!" Ino gasps. "Pl-Please, harder! I'm- I'm- I'm almost-" she begged, as his bulbous head would tongue her cervix with fluid ease, pulling fantastically at her squeezing walls on its way out before his entire shaft would fill her sponge-tunnel completely again ripping an "AHHNN!" out of her every time.

Ino was lost in a whirlpool of pleasure as a result of Naruto's devastating rod and her moist vagina squeezes his sensitive shaft hungrily, begging for its nourishment. "Ino!" Naruto calls, feeling like he's getting close to deliciously breaking apart. Naruto knows he's close and he knows it'll be great when without warning, the frothy walls of her vagina snap shut, clamping on his sensitive dick, sending him over a peak that feels explosive in pleasure. Naruto buries himself with one final thrust burying himself in her quaking hole to his balls and empty weeks worth of gelatinous cum inside of her.

Feeling the molten semen filling her small cavity triggers a second more powerful orgasm and Ino's eyes roll into her head, her toes curl intensely like they've grown a fourth joint to bend further and she clings to Naruto's dick as she blacks out from the sheer waves of euphoria drowning her sweaty body. As her body held and squeezed a groaning Naruto, he wasn't aware that she had passed out.

As he fills Ino's sanctuary with line after line of his thick ejaculate, what Naruto couldn't be told is unusual about how he cums was that penises do not swell at the base to twice their girth. That's an animalistic characteristic not found in normal humans but as Ino was unconscious for her first ever creampie, she would have to tell him after the second round.


Sound is the first thing Ino becomes aware of.

"Oh," she hears him grunt lewdly in tandem with a repeated wet smacking noise. "Ssso good Ino-chan! You feel soo goood," Ino hears, slowly opening her glossy eyes to the hypnotic rocking of the tall trees above and the boy eagerly fucking her. Ino's boneless legs were wrapped securely around the cunt-humping blond and she was flush against him with his head beside hers. The pleasure all rushes back to her like growing pains and very quickly, Ino automatically returns his amorous affection without question. Fucking him just is and her cerebellum is immediately rushed with an overpowering amount of mind-numbing pleasure, triggering miniature quakes up and down her arched spine and throughout her sweaty body.

"You're so beautiful!" The half-naked blond praises her between a long series of flesh-smacking thrusts. "So beautiful!"

Ino met him eagerly thrust for thrust and she couldn't fathom as to how. He felt so much stronger than her, bigger, hotter, impossibly perfect inside of her. His grip, his thrust, the molten steel pounding inside her, reach her upper walls easily to that lovely spot that seems to shoot unimpaired jolts of lightning throughout her entire body, forcing her to arching her lower back deeply and spread her legs as far as she can to give him all the access he wants. He was unrelenting and she accepted the pure bliss of submitting to him unashamed. The tension in her lower stomach builds faster than she's ready for, adding that extra bit of concern for her sanity.

"Keep going! Keep! Fuckin'! My little cunt!" she happily yells, letting the waves of mounting pleasure roll over and over her into a higher precipice. "Whatever you do, don't, AHHN! Don't s-s-s-stop.Ahn, ahn, it's- It's coming again," She yells deeply and freely. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm CUMMMINGGGGGG!" She moans greatly, hoarsely as the astounding pressure within explodes with pleasure, short-circuiting all brain function but for the eternal satisfaction of squeezing his hot, thick dick as she cums endlessly.

With the quick shifts and jerks of her furnace-like gyrating hips, Naruto couldn't overcome how pleasurable her canal hosting him felt. With a final grunting thrust, he buried himself as deep as physically possible and discharged copious helpings of his thick seed inside her quaking meat sheath. With his most delicious waterfall being squeezed into her, Ino oddly wonders why his dick is swelling so much—an isolated thought that didn't last.

As if her orgasm triggering his orgasm wasn't enough, feeling the boiling pool filling her so deeply, extending her walls and etching into sensitive fold, Ino saw white as her head shoots back and her scorching body is wracked with another wave as mighty as the first burst, quaking and spasming mini contractions throughout her weakened constitution. She simply held on with taunt arms and her stuffed pussy, feeling more attached to him than Ino could've ever thought possible. Her plugged pussy quaked continuously, holding a copious amount of his spunk as her fevered body squeezes his spitting rock hard appendage like a vice as if trying to memorize every vein and curve of his impressive manhood.

Naruto's weight dropped on her like a sack of crushing water but as even the roots of her platinum-blond scalp feels amazing, so too does the pressure of his weight on her. Time was meaningless as the warm mesh of perpetual pleasure rendered the lovers motionless.

The last vestiges of restraint, of ration, of any lucidity, had long abandoned her—both of them, in truth. They've long since given up trying to explain the why of losing their virginity to each other. It couldn't matter when there was so much ecstasy to be had. Ino's hazy mind can't even process the connection of losing her virginity to someone she doesn't love—the Dead Last of their year, of all people—nor that it was little more than wild animals rutting savagely in the open forest floor.

They stopped for the sake of resting their highly trained lethal bodies, however as ninjas, they didn't need much. With Naruto's boundless stamina and Ino's abnormal addiction to pleasure, both teenagers give in to their primal and unquenchable urges, satisfying each other again and again as if nothing else existed. Her mind was silent of any doubt or plan or consequence. The singular thoughts forming loudly in her loopy head is of submission, and in an odd way, liberation.

In their momentary rest, he works his tongue and lips down her body, to the swollen center of her love-tunnel. Naruto ate her out and she came so hard she squirted. He lapped it up, spouting something about ramen broth, and to her dull astonishment, Ino happily returns the favor.

It was odd being faced with the appendage responsible for all her pleasure; from a boy she never—even in her wildest dreams—ever thought she would let in her mouth let alone her body. And yet here she is, too high on the wonders of bliss and the source of it all to care about taking a firm, possessive hold of his base and licking the bulbous head. Her tongue brushes the underside of his thick shaft, and instead of disgust, she relished in the obscenity of their combined taste—a frothy nectar made of her pussy juice mixing with his scrubbed cum. Ino lapped it up, cleaning his shaft thoroughly before taking him in her mouth, very much to his great pleasure.

She never expected to like taking a man in her mouth. It's not a topic of conversation among the girls her age but she's heard from other clan members. The older kunoichi would seem to repel at the way men expect this act and so Ino always thought it was strictly a man's pleasure at the woman's expense. But when Naruto groans loudly, almost feebly, it gives her such a rush that she can control him like this, that she sucked him off like delicious candy. She can almost play him like a puppet, and it made her wet.

"That feels- that feels… so great, Ino!" he would moan, both hands on her head. "You- Your mouth… is amazing!" And it always thrilled her to hear. When he came, she didn't expect to like his tight, strong, and needy grip on her head as he groans to the high heavens. She also didn't expect to like his thick spunk being pumped down her throat. But more than anything, she didn't expect the cum-pumping cock in her mouth to swell at the base to nearly twice its girth.

'That's different,' is her only scrutiny on the impossible reaction as she swallows load after load like sucking on a baby bottle. It was satisfying in a primal way to be used so desperately for his pleasure and Ino craves more. Flipping him on his back so she can straddle his waist, his thick manhood was stirring her pleasure sensitive sex seconds later. The afternoon sun soaked the wanton lovers as she rode him, her long silky hair, undone and catching the lowering light and Naruto couldn't believe how beautiful she looked.

Despite the eagerness of her gyrating hips, lifting and grinding down on his meat pole, his sky blue eyes never left her erotic face contorted in absolute pleasure. When her pupil-less powder blue eyes lock on his intense gaze, she felt penetrated in a way she wasn't expecting. By now, she wouldn't bat an eyelash at the bliss of taking his large cock in her or even releasing his wonderfully hot load in her young womb, but the eyes are the window to the soul, a part of her that was more vulnerable than even her body.

Riding him felt different then, bigger, not simply in the act of intercourse but in the meaning behind him. He was looking at her like there were no tomorrows, like she was the world and time stood still. What they were doing was larger in that sense, and through the electric haze clouding her mind, she was compelled to turn away. Looking at the sky as tears stroll down her cheeks, Ino knows they don't love each other. They don't even know one another; not really.

He sits up adding a delicious angle of penetration, finding a spot that sent shivers up her spine as he wraps her clammy torso in his strong arms, calling her attention back to him. "Don't, please," he pleads, his eyes expressing far more than his words. "Let me see you. I just want..." he groans as she meets his upward thrusts. "...To see you... your beautiful... gorgeous... wonderful... face..."

His beautiful blue eyes relay a wealth of information that wouldn't allow her to look away. He was giving her the best of his everything, and that courage, to be so free and trusting with himself, with her... the thrill impulsively forces her body to clamp down on his greedy appendage. They both groaned deeply at the sudden tightness, only allowing themselves a moment to enjoy it before he snaked his arms around her back and kept thrusting into her, all the while staring deeply into her vulnerability.

The face she shows him—this euphorically pained face that no one's ever seen—and the way he craves for her the same way she craves for him, the tightly wound, massive coil in the core of her stomach snaps, seizing her entire body with gigantic crippling shocks and aftershocks. Her scream is loud and hoarse, as her body contorts and contracts wildly. With one final thrust, he buries himself to the balls and brilliantly coats her thirsty walls with whatever he has left, transferring even more powerful aftershock battering her exhausted and spent body before he plugs her with his unique cock.

After the massive inferno of pleasure is reduced to a humming simmer, she falls forward as his back finds the mushed grass. Both gasping for breath, Naruto holds her against him indulging in the feel of her soft breasts and hot moist skin against his. Ino can almost feel his smile as she rests her head by the side of his. When his now softened penis slips out, he groans almost sad about it. With the exception of swallowing one of his loads, Naruto preferred to finish inside of her.

'It must've felt great for him,' her lucid thoughts suggests. She couldn't know that he really likes the connection, the closeness, the affection, the way she squeezes him hungrily for every ounce he has to offer. She just couldn't know what this means to him because to her, his reputation was enough to avoid learning any more about him.

At the first attempt to leave, Ino barely reached for her purple top before Naruto was on her again. Holding herself against the trunk of a tree, he fucked her from behind, her legs spread wide enough for his ease of relentlessly deep pumping. Ino couldn't hold herself for long and kept sliding down the smooth bark. It was only due to Naruto's tight hold on her shapely hips that kept her remotely upright, until her taut core of pleasurable snaps with concussive force, and yet again, an explosion of mind-numbing pleasure rips through her spine and up her cranium, overloading her entire existence with unabated pleasure.

As she rides wave after wave of unceasing pleasure, her spasming meat pocket holds onto Naruto for dear life, causing him to break his spunk-bank yet again to deposit a frothy helping of his thick cum. Gathering the superheated pool of his man-milk in her filling uterus triggers her ascension to a realm made entirely of intense bliss and Ino succumbs to a litany repeated orgasms.

After much needed rest, they try again to leave, with either of them mindlessly voicing, "… I think… we should…" And they move to reach for their clothes only for Ino wind up on all fours with Naruto gripping her hips and probing the wrong hole. "Wai… wait… Naruto."

"Hmm?" he manages to ask as he uses more force to poke through.

"That's… my… ass," she says before a wicked moan rings in the air. Though Ino should feel repulsed by his mistake, her drug-addled mind recalls the itch of her ass. The scratch that was pulsing profoundly a fingers length inside her bowls. Naruto's reach was longer than her finger and his thrusts were insistent.

"That's so hot," Naruto states, seemingly of the belief that she's as okay with this as she is with everything.

Ino finds the more she relaxes her bowl and ass muscles the more satisfying it becomes. Though she prefers he stuffs her pussy, she finds she delights in anal play as well. The steadily increasing rhythm of his hooking bulbous head scratches her buzzing itch so deliciously, Ino is moaning just the same as if he was assaulting in her soaking pussy. The way his balls hits her clit with every moist smack of their crotch was like being choked with pleasure until she couldn't breathe and died in ravenous euphoria. At the feeling of his thick pole filling her bowls, Ino passes out again from the intensity of the body-breaking feeling.

After each intermission to catch their breath they would try again to leave—to go back to the village—but every time would end in failure. After hours of sex, Ino's not ashamed to admit she absolutely loves the feeling of his molten man-milk being vigorously pumped into her ass, pussy or mouth. The rolling hills of bliss crashing lethally against her weakened body seemed to her like the only joy that could exist, and Naruto always seemed ready and eager to give it, knocking her out time and time again, to then wake to him devouring her breast or eating her out. Despite their growing exhaustion, the lovers find oblivion in each other until they both collapse.

This was the first sex scene I've ever written. It's part of the reason why I started this fic. I wanted to practice that. This was also the main reason why I aged up the characters, though some may have noticed I don't mention their age much.

Let me know what you think. Have a great one,


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