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After her father happily agreed to help her pink-haired former friend, former rival, and current undetermined relation, Sakura follows Ino into the blond heiress's bedroom before closing the door behind her. Ino doesn't find it strange at all for Sakura to once again be in her room, let alone ask her clan for assistance. Their bond was strong that way.

With concern, Ino asks, "do you really think you're in danger?"

"Kakashi-sensei is just being cautious," Sakura answers as she stands in the middle of the clean and fragrant room with her luggage over her shoulder. To bring her luggage with her to ask, Sakura must've assumed they would say yes, making Ino smirk at the audacity.

"I'll make sure tou-san knows to beef up the night patrols," Ino comments as she moves to her walk-in closet. "Our cousins always ask for extra hours anyway."

"Thanks," Sakura mentions, looking around awkwardly before slowly asking, "um, I'm not staying in here, am I?"

"Of course you are," Ino states loudly from within her closet, visibly looking through a long line of cool colored outfits.

Sakura's shoulders slump and her heavy bag slips off as she asks, "why? Your home has, like, five empty bedrooms."

"Why not," Ino casually asks as she walks out with a neatly hung royal purple mini skirt, a white long sleeve crop top, a purple scarf, and black thigh-high leggings. "We're not having sex again, if that's what you're worried about."

"No, I'm not worried about that," Sakura huffs with pink cheeks, wondering how Ino can be so casual when bringing up sex. "I thought you liked your personal space. I mean, I could be here for weeks or even a month."

"I don't care," Ino tells the pinkette with a shrug as she begins changing. Sakura promptly turns around as Ino asks, "do you want the bed?"

"I-In another room? Yes," she asserts before queerly stating, "and you should care. I didn't think I should come here after everything that's happened between us, but you're offering me your bed like it's just another sleepover. How do you not care?"

"I'm not forgetting everything we've been through," Ino mentions as she zips up her mini skirt, checking over her skirt and bra form in the full-length mirror. "I wouldn't dare forget, as if I did nothing wrong."

Turning to the womanly figure of the Yamanaka clan's most prized flower, Sakura wants to know, "then how can you be so calm about this?"

"We may not be best friends, or friends, exactly, but we're no longer rivals," Ino begins, taking a moment to don on her long sleeve crop top before continuing. "We have history, a lot in common, most notably boys, and hell, we were even beaten by Hyūgas."

Recalling those chillingly veined white eyes seeking her our to destroy, Sakura shivers as she mouths, "ugh, don't even mention their name." Gripping her tummy, she adds, "my stomach still shudders at the thought."

On her bed and slowly slipping on her black thigh high leggings, Ino chuckles as she claims, "I actually feel lucky matching up against Neji-kun. I was so weak, he didn't even use his Byakugan on me."

Nodding in clear understanding, Sakura asks a content Ino, "so, are you being nice or casual about this because you feel you owe me?"

"No," Ino asserts, standing in front of the mirror again to make sure the threading of her legging is straight and isn't pulling unduly anywhere.

"Well, then I don't understand," Sakura heaves, roughly setting down her large backpack. "You raped me, then blackmailed me, repeatedly…" Sakura pauses as her mind quickly evaluates the cause and effect of everything that's happened to her in the past couple of months, mostly how it relates to Naruto and Sasuke; her positive opinion of Naruto rising in equal proportion to her hard realization of Sasuke.

'He'd kill me or my parents as easily as he nearly did Naruto,' her mind repeats for the thousandth time as a mostly dressed Ino takes Sakura's bag and drags the heavy pack beside the desk.

Moving to sit on the bed, an objective Sakura comments, "look, I hate being this aware of this reality, but I can't say I don't prefer the brutal truth, no matter how colorless, tasteless, loveless… bleak… challenging… grotesque-"

"Alright, I get it," Ino calls out with a smirk as she drags the desk's chair in front of Sakura and takes a seat, crossing her toned legs.

"It would be so much easier if you were evil about it all… but the truth matters," Sakura huffs, recalling her role in it all. "You did something horrible to me, but I was doing something horrible to myself. I hated you for what you did, but… if I wasn't so…"

"I get it," Ino speaks. In her perfect posture, Ino enjoys the serenity clarity tends to offer. She's grown confident because she has the answers Kurenai-sensei helped her to learn and it shows. Content in herself and her environment, Ino light-heartedly affirms, "neither one of us was in the right mindset. Kind of like being in a pit we, not only, couldn't get out of but didn't even know we were in. Thoughts and emotion dictate our actions and if we only ever thought of Sasuke-kun in a world where any mission could be our last, our actions would fall in line. Everyone told us we were acting boy-crazy, but we couldn't listen because we hadn't woken up enough to listen. I mean, how often did your short term goals matter compared to your long term when it involved the last Uchiha?"

Recalling her Optimal Plan, Sakura can easily tell Ino, "every spare second I had was dedicated to Sasuke."

Nodding, Ino adds, "we should've been training instead of worrying about our hair and nails. In my case, nothing else mattered, and from that standpoint, the decisions I made for myself weren't healthy ones. All that said, I'm aware that despite the reason, despite my own lunacy for Sasuke, I know what I did to you and I know what that makes me. We were best friends but I raped you. I want to see you succeed but I blackmailed you. Rivals to roommates, yet, evil nevertheless."

"No," Sakura quickly interjects, staring at the most confident girl she's ever met with confusion. "Maybe if you look at individual actions, people can do evil. Forcibly taking another person's life is inherently evil, but if that person is a terrible criminal, we can all live with it." Her thoughts strayed to Sasuke as she quietly adds, "I'm only now realizing that the world isn't so black and white, just a lot of variations of gray."

"That's what I mean," Ino points out. "A lot of my dark gray is directed toward you-"

"Uh, don't forget braking Naruto's heart," Sakura quickly points out.

"Oh, don't even," Ino expresses. "At some point in a month, year, or decade, he was going to seriously ask you out, and the only course of action you were going to take was to seriously break his heart. Don't blame me just because I sped up the natural course of events. And don't pretend you didn't enjoy yourself. I can't remember the last time I ever saw you so dazed and euphoric. You weren't even like that when we had sex-"

"SHHHH," an incredibly embarrassed and tomato-red Sakura shushes with angry green eyes.

Looking at Sakura dumbfounded before gesturing to the warm and empty room, "we're alone, you loon."

Feeling exhausted, Sakura falls back in the bed, bemoaning, "ugh, Kami, I shouldn't have come here."

"It's not surprising that you did," Ino informs her standing up and moving the chair back to her desk. "You probably feel what's taken me a while to figure out."

Propping half her body on her elbows, a confused and curious Sakura asks Ino, "what? That I must be out of my mind for coming here or that my life is so messed up right now that you were the best option?"

"Neither," Ino answers, voicing further as she takes a kunai, and as many kunoichi do, straps it to her thigh underneath her mini skirt, "like I said, I was thinking deeply about why go so far for and against you?" Ino then walks over to Sakura and extends her hand, which Sakura hesitantly takes before lifting the pinkette to her feet.

They're close enough to feel each other's exhale and Ino continues, "out of all the other kunoichi in our class, after everything I did, why you? Thinking, thinking, thinking, I finally figured it's more than just love when we were little girls and more than just rivalry when we grew up. I was so relieved when I figured out that there's a unique bond between us that I don't feel with anyone else. You challenge me, infuriate me, inspire me, all while loving you just as much as I can hate you."

Beside Ino's bed in the purple and personal room, the blond beauty takes Sakura's other hand and holds it comfortably firm as she continues. "The only word I could think of that fully encapsulates all of that, is sisters. Obviously, we're not blood-related and much more tenderhearted sisters exist, but, you're the sister I chose before I even knew I had, and I'm the sister you chose, and I know, no matter what, I'm always going to love you, even when I hate you. I'm always going to be there to call you a brat when you need it or a genius when you're being absolutely brilliant. I'll always cheer for you, protect you, console you and everything in between for as long as we live because I love you, Forehead."

Ino takes a tearful Sakura into a firm, warm, and comforting hug before whispering, "I have to go meet my team, but I'm sorry I used my jutsu on you. I'm sorry I did those horrible things to you, and I'll never do it again." Ino takes an emotional Sakura's docile head gently by her jaw and presses her cushion pink lips against the girl's forehead. Ino then clears the single tear streaming down her cheek before leaving the pinkette in her sanctuary.


The walk to their home was silent but comfortable. Kurenai is relishing in her team's excitement earlier that evening and though Kiba and Shino asked many questions about Naruto, Kurenai used the moment as a training lesson to make certain her students know never to make assumptions based off of third party information. Kurenai was proud of Shino when he noted Hinata's apt comprehension of the Naruto their class only thought they knew. Even after drinks with Asuma, Kurenai's night with her team was a validating celebration for every member of Team 8.

As they enter their home. Kurenai's senses pick up on a figure in her bedroom, however, her keen senses didn't detect anything malicious or suspicious. Add to that the only person with Fūin access to her home, other than herself and Hinata, is Naruto. Knowing she's only moments away from finally connecting with him made her warm between her legs. Daydreaming about how hard he'll take her and pound his rock hard meat into her made her aroused mind work out a detailed plan on how they'll sneak out after Hinata falls asleep.

"Kurenai-sensei," Hinata starts, drawing the stunning woman's attention. Taking a deep breath to prepare herself, Hinata, with stern lilac eyes, informs her sensei, "I've only returned to grab a few things."

Nervousness doesn't show on the girl's beautiful face, however, Kurenai was wondering if her pupil sensed the man in her bed as well as deduced that the only person it could be was Naruto. Hinata seems too assertive for that to be the case, and casually asks, "what do you mean?"

Hinata answers, "I've decided to return home to undergo special training until the month is out. Father has agreed to train me and I feel that I need it."

"Oh," Kurenai sounds, managing not to let her disappointment show. With the addition of Hinata's decision, that makes the set now. Toward the end of their night out, the Aburame and the Inuzuka clan heads show up to thank her for her diligent tutelage but also to take this opportunity to train their children in clan techniques to better prepare them for the final test. If she considers that her genin may face each other in the finals, it makes sense that they are trained separately, however, Kurenai hadn't expected Hinata would also ask to return to her home for clan training.

As any dutiful sensei, Kurenai responds, "well, I'm certain this will be beneficial to your future."

"I know it will," Hinata clearly states with more confidence than she's seen in the girl. The conviction didn't last long, however, as the indigo-haired princess lightly blushes before affirming, "but I still need your training as well. I made certain father knew I couldn't have made it to the final test without you. So, I was h-hoping… W-we… c-c-could…" A steadily blushing Hinata takes a deep breath before finishing, "there was one t-tr-training m-me-method… I… Y-you… C-c-confi ence tr-t-t-t-train- ing."

"Hinata," Kurenai clearly voices with authority, drawing more attention from the overly blushing beauty. "Breath. Remember, you're always safe to speak your mind with me and are encouraged to express yourself without judgment. No matter what others might think or say, you always have the right to speak your mind, especially in our home."

Nodding, the red-faced girl gathers her courage to speak, "I wou-would like t-to continue our c-confidence tr-training."

"Confidence training," Kurenai wonders aloud, trying to recall such a training when the blushing cheeks make it click into place. "Ah, you mean Genjutsu training." When Hinata nods, Kurenai asks for clarity, "I thought you were getting along well with Naruto-kun. He even used some of the techniques you taught him." Much to Kurenai's amusement, Hinata blushes red hot at that.

"W-we do," Hinata stutters, restraining her innocent smile. "But, I- Iwanted… Hug-hugging is…"

At the girl's crippling physiological reaction to the thought of physically embracing Naruto, Kurenai became frightened Hinata might actually pass out. Though her precious student's love for the blond that Kurenai is physically intimate with should feel odd, Kurenai can't say no to such a courageous face. It's a mild unease, at best, so easily sidelined that Kurenai, instead, focuses on the warming pride she feels to know Naruto gives this beautiful girl so much strength.

She happily tells her student, "of course. Practicing physical contact, like hugging is a great way to become more comfortable, not only with that person but with yourself. And the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more confident you can be in anything you do."

Hinata nods in complete agreement, determination once again returning to the girl's eyes as Kurenai conveys, "just give me some time to properly prepare, then we can start right away."

"Thank you sensei," Hinata calls out as she hugs her, and with a happy heart, Kurenai hugs her back just as hard.

Thinking about her blond lover, Kurenai becomes both excited and scared as she answers her student, "you're always welcome, Hinata-chan."


"Sorry, Haku…" Naruto starts, staring at the now-vacant space the Demon of Hidden Mist disappeared from. "But Zabuza-jiji is such a dick!"

In the apartment above Ten Out of Ten, as Karin notes with certainty, "he's not far; probably watching us from… forty-five meters away," Haku just smiles with acceptance of his special person before asking, "would you like to leave now?"

"We have to take Tenten's dad to the hospital first," Naruto says turning to the bleeding weapon's merchant.

"We can't," Tenten tells him. "Zabuza stuck one of out exploding notes on his back—the type only Zabuza's chakra can disarm—and told us if we stepped out of the shop, he'd die."

"That monster is going to kill me anyway," Dānyī voices from the floor.

"I believe it, old friend," Ōyashiro consoles with a slow nod of his head.

"You're no friend of mine," Dānyī retorts. "You, who'd sell your own mother for an exotic animal."

"You always throw that in my face," Ōyashiro huffs with outstretched palms that highlight his long skinny fingers. "I bought her back," the dealer whines.

"Karin-chan is correct," Haku tells Naruto. "Zabuza-sama will be watching us. As it's your decision, what would you like to do?"

"If I may," Ōyashiro directs at Naruto gaining everyone's attention. "I'd be very eager to witness your match and promise to stay well out of the way."

Looking oddly at the man, Naruto consents with a nod before turning to his cousin. "Karin-chan, you stay here with Tenten-chan and her dad-"

"I want to come too," Tenten quickly states, regretting how unnecessarily meek her tone was.

Cautiously, Naruto asks the bun-haired girl, "don't you want to stay with your dad?"

"I do…" Tenten expresses, looking from her angry father to Naruto. However, the questions she has about this blond are burning inside her. She needs to know why Zabuza treats him differently and proclaims, "but I need to see this."

"I'll make certain she remains safe," Haku offers.

"Fine," Naruto agrees. "Let's go."

Walking down to the store's steps to the weapon's inventory, Naruto notices the very weapon he's been saving his ryo for. Though he still can't afford the pair, he turns to the frazzled brunette and asks her, "hey, Tenten-chan, you mind if I buy one of them? I promise to give you the ryo for it tomorrow. Ah, and I'll eventually buy the other one."

"Here you are," Ōyashiro states dropping a roll of Ryo on the counter before taking and handing Naruto both of the lightweight, black, knuckle blades. The young blond knew he loved the weapons the moment Asuma let him use his. They were so ideal, he hardly felt them, but like an extension of his body, he simply knew they were there.

"I can front you the money, no interest," Ōyashiro continues, adding, "if you would but grant me an audience after your match."

"You don't have to," Naruto responds, finding the man a bit weird. "I can pay… for one."

"Consider it a bet, if you will, on future events," Ōyashiro replies. "Ryo is of little concern when one has more than half the country, however, where people place their value has always been a great source of enjoyment. I'd be very interested in witnessing this second miracle Momochi-dono spoke of."

Naruto hands him one of the chakra blades back, informing the arms merchant, "I don't mind talking after, but I can only afford one right now, so I'll give you the money for it later."

"Very well, Uzumaki-dono," Ōyashiro says with a smile and a slight bow before denoting, "I'll hold on to this one, in the meantime."

"Gimme," Tenten demands, extending her hand to Naruto, who is confused. Answering his confusion, she explains, "if you're going to use a weapon, I can get you something better than that. That's a chakra blade. It's not fully sharpened, and on top of that, you need to be able to manipulate the nature of your chakra to use it properly."

"I know," he confirms. Having continued his Futon chakra control even after he learned the Rasenshuriken, and practiced with Asuma's chakra blades, Naruto effortlessly creates a long blue blade out of his wind-natured chakra, very much to her dumbfounded surprise.

Wide-eyed shock clear on her face, Tenten can't help but immediately ask, "are you ANBU or something?"


After his smirk, the group exit Ten Out of Ten and together with Ōyashiro's blond bodyguard, who the merchant vouched for, they sprint the tops of buildings and scale walls for forty minutes before hopping over the tall fence of the Forest of Death.

Naruto glumly mouths, "of course he'd want to fight here. How's he even know about 44?"

"I told him you were taking a test in the forest of death," Haku mentions. "He seemed to like the sound of the training ground. He has a surprising flair for the dramatic."

"I'll wait here," Ōyashiro states as his pretty and quiet bodyguard sets the man down. She has sharp blue eyes that Naruto can't help but appreciate; very observant, which he notes must be a good trait to have for a bodyguard. Also, his brain likes the fact that his father, Ino-chan, and himself all have blue eyes and blond hair.

Sensing a palpable danger heighten deep in the thick forest vegetation, many in the group can even feel animals moving away from the monstrous predator as Naruto tells Tenten, "I think everyone should wait here too."

As if to answer that proper precaution, the forest begins filling with a thick mist, slowly swallowing every moss infested tree, bush, and stone. Without preamble, and to Tenten's surprise, Naruto simply rushes into the thicket of mist. His eyesight becomes a varying degree of gray and white and little else.

Naruto puts his fingers together and calls, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." A duplicate of himself pops into existence before calling, "henge," and the clone transforms into a Fuma Shuriken. Gripped firmly by Naruto, he hops on the nearest tree fog-covered and sprints to the very top.

Fortunately, Kubikiribōchō is large and heavy, and though Zabuza can use it silently, it's that very silence Haku had explained gives it away. So when Naruto's trained ears suddenly detect a slight dip in the ambient noise of the Forest of Death, he knew Kubikiribōchō—in the hands of the silent killer—was cutting through the molecules in the forest air before it's edge finds tree bark where Naruto's neck was previously.

The blond couldn't even detect Zabuza strike or disappear, hindering Naruto's ability to counter, and though Naruto dodged Zabuza's first strike, the genin can tell the veteran shinobi was only testing him; not that counter-attacking mattered. Continuing his mad sprint up the fog-shrouded tree, Naruto knows he can't fight in this fog and Kakashi-sensei always tells him the terrain in a battle often determines victory or defeat, which Kurenai later translated plainly to, 'make the battle-field more comfortable for you to fight in.'

Naruto narrowly evades Zabuza's attack four more times before the blond reaches the top of the giant tree. The visibility wasn't clear of fog even at that height—it was everywhere—but Naruto didn't need it to be clear there. With the charged Chakra coursing his muscles, the blond shinobi leaps hard off the last stable branch, reaching a couple dozen feet into the air before he throws his Fuma Shuriken even higher into the night sky. Falling back, he nearly missed his landing due to extremely low visibility.

Naruto brings his chakra blade before him and it amazes him how odorless, inaudible, invisible, imperceptible Zabuza is in a fragrant and noisy forest even when he clearly speaks as if beside Naruto's ear, "I don't know what that was supposed to accomplish but it won't work. The one clone turning into twelve clones and landing in the thickest part of my mist won't do anything."

"Hmph," Naruto defiantly sounds, maintain all his heightened senses to detect the invisible man. "I don't want to hear that from the guy who lost to me once already."

"You know what the worst part for you is about that day," Zabuza menacingly asks. "It's your one trick that won't ever work on me again."

"It's got nothing to do with that," Naruto voices into the great swirling white and gray mist as he begins feeling the wind pick up

"What are they-" Zabuza starts to voice when he realizes there's now a rapidly growing cyclone swallowing the Kiri-nin's chakra created mist.

Naruto smiles as the wind becomes more violent, slowly clearing his sight of the fog as he tells the veteran ninja, "you're going to lose because it takes more strength to protect than it does to destroy."

Sprinting toward the center of the cyclone, Naruto begins to receive bits of memories of his clones being sliced up and lands in the fog-scattered field just as his last clone is forcibly dispelled. Using twelve powered up first-stage Rasengans near enough to each other in a circle to create a huge cyclone is something he's always wanted to do, though he isn't sure why the vortex of wind didn't continue when, almost immediately, he realizes Zabuza dispelled twelve clones with stage one Rasengans in the tens of seconds it took him to reach the clearing.

The fog may have cleared, however, it's still dark with little moonlight reaching the small grassy field. In the dark fogless field, lugging his massive blade on his shoulder, Zabuza turns to Naruto as he lands in a small clearing between many tall trees. Their eyes adjust to the darkness while his feet feel cold covered by the moist mist settling just a few inches above the grass.

With a more balanced playing field, the pair of shinobi stare at each other, knowing no words or pleas were going to prevent the battle of conviction that lays ahead. Zabuza is a renowned assassin extremely capable of killing Naruto, however, the young genin knows the veteran is wrong. And more than anything, Naruto doesn't want Haku to bury either one of them, despite how possible it may seem with a shinobi like the Demon of Hidden Mist.

In an instant, they both rush at each other, clashing their weapons in the middle of the field to very bright sparks, illuminating their focused faces and the nearby vegetation. Large, strong, and brutal, Zabuza battles Naruto with all the rage of a demon, effectively using the momentum of the bright clash to follow with another wide swipe. The large man and his imposing weapon are louder in Naruto's ears, nearly deafening as he expects and parries Zabuza's following strike with his chakra covered knuckle blade.

Suspiciously accustomed to Zabuza'a style, Naruto isn't surprised when the veteran buries the tip of his blade into the dirt after missing his head and uses the motion to lead into a short combination of punches and kicks. He then tapers his body's rotation by recovering his large blade and attacking all over again. It's as if ninja and weapon take turns rotating attacks, like two tops spinning in turns. As he had against Haku, Naruto has an easier time with the slender man's fists and kicks, however, the size and weight of the weapon bats Naruto back, violently shaking his guard painfully down to his entire body's marrow.

Undeterred, Naruto evades or blocks each fatal strike, however, even when Naruto blocks the long sharp sword, meeting it head-on still clips Naruto in the shoulder, thigh, or other unguarded muscle groups, drawing a mist of blood out of his tense and chakra-filled body. Yet, in defiance of the stinging pain, Naruto's resolve holds firm. In his combat state, he's aware of these movements, and despite feeling Zabuza's overwhelming experience and battle savagery, Naruto's confidence in himself keeps him on his feet and his conviction for the future he's trying to forge ahead strengthen his fists.

'They need to see what else is possible,' Naruto's mind yells as he counters Zabuza's sword with his chakra covered blade, vibrating his bones to his clenching teeth. Naruto knows there's another way, and it boils his blood that so many shinobi, including the vicious one he's battling, can't see it.

When the elite ninja isn't actively trying to concuss Naruto's brain with bludgeoning shots, the blond expects the slicing swipes to any one of eight choices; liver, lungs, spine, subclavian vein, jugular vein, kidneys, heart, brain. Even when Naruto evades, the strike is so near to his skin it deafens his ears and cold-burns his skin. With the weight and momentum for hard unstoppable hits, it forced Naruto to jump with the strike, getting sent back dozens of feet to avoid standing his ground against the worst of it.

Their fist-pistoning attacks are so fast they create a whistling noise from forcibly displacing the molecules in the air, however, Naruto doesn't have the same reach, leading him to stay low and direct his strikes toward Zabuza's legs. Yet even then, dodging left to be kicked by the right sent a stunned and bleeding Naruto flying while Zabuza makes four rapid hand seals before calling out, "Suiton: Suidan no Jutsu."

After a deep inhale, Zabuza exhales a laser beam of a large quantity of water at Naruto. Narrowly dodging the first beam of water rips at his right sleeve. Upon the follow up water-based attack, Naruto focuses spinning chakra to the very center of his left hand and thrusts the strong rotating energy forward. It wasn't the Rasengan, but the first and second stages of the powerful technique meets the water lance head-on, and though a grunting Naruto felt the impact nearly shatter the bones in his hand, pushing him back in the process, the whirlwind of futon chakra spins and spreads the water lance like a spinning drill breaking through the tough earth.

Zabuza didn't let up, however, adding more and more fury to the high-pressure laserjet of water that a yelling Naruto matches. The water is cut and redirected like rays of sunlight hitting a ball of mirrors, only in this case, the stream of water cuts through branches, gouges tree trunks, shrubbery, and skins the surface of stones.

The left sleeve of his orange two-piece jumpsuit is shredded off by the time Zabuza finally relents, and only then does Naruto realize there was so much water created by Zabuza's fierce attack, the level reaches his thighs.

Elevating himself to the surface of the water with his chakra, Naruto takes a knee on the waving pond created as he inhales in deep breaths while Zabuza looks on. The tall ninja with his blade on his back seems angry in his thoughtfulness before he mouths, "Haku…"

Shaking his head of any further words, Zabuza quickly begins another series of hand seals and he's already on his thirteenth seal when Naruto realizes what his next attack will be. Rather than stopping the elite Kiri-nin forty feet away, the blond instead claps his hands together and through an extended cry, gathers all the chakra within him, going so far as to even ask, 'Kurama, hold your chakra back for a little bit.'

'Don't wanna,' Kurama returns from within his seal. It takes a lot of Naruto's chakra to perfectly maintain his energy's balance along with Kurama's. His chakra coils grow larger as a result and Naruto rarely, if ever, has full access to all his chakra. Much of it mingles with Kurama's in order to maintain their equilibrium, giving the Demon fox a connection to the outside world. So, Naruto understands when the Demon Fox says, 'I feel nearly nothing when that happens.'

Focusing as much of his spirit energy to his core before Zabuza finishes his forty-four seal technique, Naruto tells his partner, 'it won't be for long.'

'…Are you going to ask about multiple mates-'

'Yeah! Yeah! Fine,' Naruto mentally yells as Zabuza calls, "Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu."

From the expansive waving pond they were standing on, as well as, the invisible thinness of the air, small globules of water all rush together to form a twenty-foot serpent of water with the head of a dragon. Like being in a storm, the heavily displaced water the crouched Naruto is standing on waves toward the kinetic energy expelling out of the monster. Tree trunks rumble, tree branches shake and most of the water is either blown away or sucked into the chakra serpent.

Ignoring the sting of needle-like water striking him on powerful gusts of wind, a drenched Naruto focuses on his staggering rise of strength feeding his aching muscles until it bursts from the tenketsus of his physical form, not unlike Kurama's chakra shroud. All his aches disappear and the response of his physical strength feels as if he can lift a mountain. As his skin tingles with electric goosebumps, he quantifies the strength currently rushing through in him at one tail of Kurama's chakra, so despite Zabuza's giant aquatic monster screeching before it attacks, Naruto yells, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Though two hundred clones are created, a score of them is immediately destroyed as the water serpent barrels through the throng of clones. Though Zabuza notes many of them leap out of the way and into the forest, the small muddy field between the trees is chaos of storming water and advancing clones attacking the large water dragon in vain. Zabuza then takes note of a few clones creating that blue ball of chakra that had surprised him on the bridge before and attacking him.

Smiling, Zabuza confidently shouts, "it's like I told you before," bringing out his gigantic sword with every intention of showing the blond his one trick won't catch him unawares again. Sprinting directly to the barrage of Rasengan carrying Naruto's he yells, "that's not going to work on me again!"

True to his word, Zabuza makes light of the weaker Narutos, dodging deftly and countering perfectly. After four incredibly fast hand seals, the elite demon is shooting dense, armor-piercing water bullets from his mouth as his water dragon wrecks trees, uproots trunks, and destroys as many clones as possible.

Chakra blade extended as far out as a normal sword, Naruto attacks Zabuza from the front, yelling, "and I told you-" before they clash and Naruto's blade chips into Kubikiribōchō, sending sparks out as both shinobi glare into each other's eyes. It was the first sense from Zabuza; a sense of someone afraid to fail. To fail what, Naruto couldn't discern, but it was honest, and it spurned Naruto to fight even harder then he currently felt capable.

"That true strength comes from the will to protect," Naruto triumphantly chants, and as if to prove his point, from the very top of the tall trees, one clone followed by two others are plummeting at a tremendous velocity with the clone in the lead spearheading a Rasenshuriken in hand, before slamming the destructive technique into the spine of the distracted water-beast.

A large shock-wave of extreme pressure from the expanding spirit energy vaporizes the water and forceful steam explodes outward, as a gigantic dome of a countless microscopic wind blades shred the aquatic dragon, dirt, muddy grass, and stone into nothingness. The way the water catches the light gives the entire murder dome a soft bluish-white glow as Zabuza and Naruto are blown away along with any remaining clones.

Mentally out of it with a horrible ringing in his ears, a sluggish Zabuza slowly makes it to his feet and witnesses an incredibly large and sizzling hole at the very center of the small field. Trees are bent, broken, or blasted away. Branches, stone pieces, and dirt are scattered across the even forest floor. The only thought to pass through a snickering Zabuza's mind was, 'fucker could kill me if I'm not careful.'

A groan to Zabuza's right alerts him to the blond shinobi benching a large branch off his chest, however, a glint to his left from moonlight catching sharpened metal helps him locate Kubikiribōchō stuck halfway into a tree trunk. Before he can take a single step toward his weapon, one of the blond's clones lands on the handle, leveling his chakra blade in front and ready to fight. Looking around, another three clones appear and already begin to make his signature technique in defense of the weapon.

Feeling winded himself, Zabuza's mind couldn't help but ask, 'how the hell does this brat have so much power?'

Upright and breathing heavily, a muddy, bleeding, and soggy Naruto is holding his right side in clear pain, but in the moonlight, Zabuza can see the blond's eyes are slitted near to that of a predator and knows this shinobi won't quit. Quitting isn't in him, and the older man can't help but smile at that before asking, "Haku taught you my style didn't he? It's the only way you could know how to survive all of my tricks."

"We sparred… almost every day," a heavily breathing Naruto admits. "But I didn't know… that's why he fought… that way," Naruto claimed, wincing from a stabbing pain his mind is attempting to block as his body tries to heal; tries to press on. "But you still… don't get it. Haku's will to protect… is stronger than this fight."

"You're counting your chickens before they hatch," Zabuza claims before lowering his stance to combat readiness. "I'm still standing."

Naruto smirks, realizing aloud, "Haku is protecting us both," before charging after the taller ninja. Zabuza fights an armed Naruto bare-handed and with his skill, size, and experience manages to just barely maintain the advantage, but no matter the slip, the punch, the kick, Naruto evades, counters, and keeps on coming until, the experienced ninja accepts Naruto's bladed strike, catching the sharp metal through his left palm before twisting and redirecting it to the surprised Naruto's chest.

Though Naruto stops adding Fūton chakra to the blade, the dull material of the knuckle knife penetrates the muscle of his own left hand, a defensive catch that only allows an inch of metal to pierce his chest. Both their hands skewered and bleeding on one another, Naruto and Zabuza glare at each other like raging lions until the genin's right hand lets go of his chakra blade to grip the assassin's left elbow for what's to come.

Without even looking the pair know what the powerful howling of a large broadsword spinning thrown toward them by a clone is without looking. Naruto's baby-blue, slitted eyes glare at Zabuza in open challenge, setting his feet wide and holding firmly in place for the large butcher's blade to dismember them both, however, Zabuza isn't worried and only smiles demonically. Just before the loud spinning blade reaches them, the elite Zabuza leaps high enough for the spinning blade to harmlessly drive-by underneath him. Holding firm himself to keep Naruto in place to be severed in half, Naruto easily read Zabuza's eyes as they say, 'not good enough.'

Zabuza hadn't expected the large sword to burst into a puff of white smoke and be replaced by a clone with a Rasengan already formed. Though the clone's attack would've missed Zabuza still mid-leap, Naruto drops to his knees sinking the midair Zabuza low enough for the clone to hit the tall shinobi right in the gut.

So long as the equilibrium of the spinning spirit energy remains in check, the spinning ball of chakra is an effective kill technique. However, Naruto doesn't want to kill Zabuza and allows the compact hurricane to explode forcefully upon contact rather than maintain its shredding spin, rocketing the former Kiri ANBU forty feet away, scrapping skin against the ground with every bounce until he hits one of the large trees still standing with a loud 'thwack!'

When Zabuza awakens, his once peaceful mind is immediately bombarded by volleys of sheer agony from the number of broken bones and shredded muscle. He then realizes he can't move; not due to being restrained in any way, but because his fevered and dirty limbs feel heavier than he currently has the energy to lift.

With busted blood vessels filling the whites of his eyes with red and wincing from the intense pain, Zabuza looks to the dark forest above sinking in his sight at a snail's pace. It's when his slow mind realizes he's being carried before eventually discovering he's being carried on the shoulders of six clones, almost as if he were a casket being taken to his gravesite.

"If Haku…" Zabuza grunts in pain but ignores it, as he's been trained to do. "If Haku… hadn't shown you my style… you'd be dead."

Tilting his view to the seventh Naruto, who's left arm is in a splint made out of the remains of his orange jacket, limping on his right foot, dirty, sweaty, bleeding from multiple lacerations nowhere more severely than his swollen left hand and injured pectoral. Even half-dead, the boy still has enough strength to lug Kubikiribōchō over his right shoulder.

"No," Naruto huffs. Thinking of an appeased Kurama, Naruto adds, "I wouldn't."

With a concussed brain and, likely, a fractured skull, thinking hurts the elite ninja, however, after a moment, Zabuza recalls aloud, "the red… chakra."

Feeling a great wave of laughter from his torn gut, Zabuza only chokes out blood onto the blond hair of the nearest clone, prompting the clone to angrily communicate, "watch where you're spitting Jiji," at the same time the real Naruto mumbles, "easy, easy-"

"You didn't… even… use your ugh! full power," Zabuza yells, immensely amused, half choking out more red liquid, half laughing.

Rolling his eyes at the bleeding psycho, Naruto reiterates, "I told you… we didn't need to-"

"Yeah… we did," Zabuza heaves. "Now I know… the only way… to kill you… is… the most boring way."

Frustrated, Naruto spits red saliva from his muddy and bloody mouth before berating the elite ninja. "Will you stop trying to make Haku sad!"

"Haku knows… who I am," Zabuza returns. "Don't worry… when I do kill you… it'll be an end… befitting of a true… shinobi."

"Urgh… I don't even want to know what that means," Naruto groans. "But I'll take you on… anytime. And for Haku… I'll kick your ass… and make sure we both survive… because… he'd be sad… if one of us died."

"Guess I'll take… the bun-haired brat," Zabuza voices pityingly, as if Tenten is a consolation prize, going so far as to add, "might be able to… make a decent weapon out of her."

"You're not taking Tenten-chan," Naruto huffs with bored finality as if he understands more who Zabuza is.

"I said pick, didn't I," Zabuza reminds the blond. "Haku… should be more important… than some chick… or even, your village. Unless you don't think… I'll really take Haku with me."

With dizzy thoughts of future Sasuke, Naruto angrily retorts, "trying to force someone to stay… when they really want to leave doesn't work, you idiot. It's not my place to decide for Haku. If he ever wanted to leave… I know I'd hate it. I'd probably beg for him to stay… but I won't physically try to stop him. As long as Haku knows he can always rely on me… that I'll always be there for him… then that's all that matters."

"…Ugh, shut up," Zabuza bellows. "You're making me feel worse than I already do."

"That's called your feelings," Naruto hums. "Because you're such a loving and caring Jiji."

"SHUT UP," Zabuza nearly yells, then immediately regrets it, turning silent as the throbbing agony nearly knocks him out.

"You're taking Kubikiribōchō back," Naruto declares with authority. "And you're going to stop doing bad things to good and innocent people."

"…I'm… not," Zabuza stubbornly returns. "I work… for the highest bidder. As long as they pay… I do whatever they want… whether that's killing women and children… assassinating a Kage… or planting damn trees."

"But you don't have to-"

"Kubikiribōchō is yours," Zabuza cuts him off, wincing in pain for his efforts. "So… if… you're …willing to let me earn it back… I'll work for your clan… when it's up and running."

Naruto's aching mind takes several moments to realize what Zabuza is offering, and calls out, "oh… yeah sure."

"Having said that," Zabuza voices between his raspy breathing. "You still have to pay me."

"What," Naruto yells then winces. "But I barely have any ryo as it is!"

"Not my problem," Zabuza maintains.

"…mnn, if I sell Kubikiribōchō, I'd probably get a ton of ryo-"

Growling, Zabuza yells at the blond, "do that and I'll definitely get it back and kill you with it!"

"Sheshesheshe- owww… oww… ugh, Kami," Naruto moans from compounding pain radiating throughout his body. "Whatever, Jiji."


"Zabuza-sama," Haku calls, landing in front of them from the high branches above. "Naruto-sama," an unsettled Haku adds, immediately looking over both men before beginning to treat them. As the clones gently set the tall man down, Haku takes a scroll of Naruto's design and unseals several vials of green and white liquids and pills. Handing Naruto a few, Haku then takes the initiative to pour the medicinal contents between Zabuza's lips.

Falling from the trees above, Tenten yells, "Naruto!" Landing near the bleeding blond, Tenten simply looks at her fellow ninja in sheer amazement, forgetting everything but the simple fact that the genin Uzumaki Naruto beat the elite Momochi Zabuza.

"Hey, your dad's fine now," he tells her befuddled expression. Despite her clear shock and silence, Naruto heaves the legendary broadsword from his sore shoulder and extends it to the young weapon's specialist, asking, "mind holding this for me?"

Further amazed, she hesitates to ask, "you… trust me?"

With a lazy shrug, he stipulates, "as long as you promise not to run off with it-"

"I won't," Tenten quickly interjects. "I wouldn't! Not after…" Tenten trails off, turning her view to a concentrating Haku treating Zabuza before noting each and every one of Naruto's visible injuries. "I can't believe you actually beat the Demon of Hidden Mist… after everything my father said and did… I didn't even defend you-" which voicing aloud only made her realize, with widening eyes, she's exactly as Zabuza had identified her, 'sheep,' saddening her beyond belief.

"Uh, it's fine," Naruto claims, pressing the large blade forward, disrupting her train of thought and process of shame. "I've heard worse and I don't think you're a bad person, so will you hold it for me? It's kinda heavy."

"Of course," Tenten states, mentally chastising herself for not aiding him as much as she can. As Tenten takes Kubikiribōchō with one arm and rests the hunk of metal over her smaller, yet strong shoulder, she asserts, "we need to get you to the hospital!"

"Naruto-sama," Haku calls. "If I can use your clones to bring him somewhere safe?"

"Yeah," a dog-tired Naruto nods before telling one of his clones, "let Karin-chan know she can take Tenten-chan's dad to the hospital, then make sure she gets home alright."

As Haku, Zabuza, and the clones leave, an exuberant Ōyashiro steps forward, addressing Naruto happily as, "Uzumaki-dono. A moment of your time before you tend to your wounds." Extending the other, much cleaner, chakra blade, the weapons merchant articulates, "a gift."

"Wait a minute," Tenten interjects, careful not to hit anyone with Kubikiribōchō over her shoulder. Staring angrily at her father's merchant friend, she declares, "Ōyashiro-san knows he needs to be more specific about the reason behind gifting, so all parties know there haven't been any violations."

"Why, yes, of course," Ōyashiro slowly agrees. "Konoha does have laws like that, don't they. My mistake." Turning to Naruto, the arms vendor states, "I freely offer Uzumaki Naruto-dono a gift, a single chakra blade, as a show of good faith, without any special conditions or restrictions or obligations expected from him."

As he looks on at the partner of his chakra blade, a weary Naruto can't think much more than knowing the politics of sales is confusing and turns to Tenten. The blond at least trusts that Tenten knows about these things and after her stiff nod, he to shrugs and takes the weapon, citing, "thanks. I'll get you the ryo for the other one tomorrow."

Nodding, Ōyashiro states, "would you be opposed to speaking when next we meet?"

Glancing to the man's expressionless bodyguard a moment before looking at the elder merchant, Naruto asks, "uh, what was your name again?"

"Where are my manners," the merchant claims with a smile before bowing. "We haven't been formally introduced. My name is Ōyashiro Izumo, from Ōyashiro's Global Services. As a merchant clan, we manage a far and wide network of trading, rather successfully, I might add, and it's through my contact here in Konohagakure that I was able to learn of Kubikiribōchō's availability."

"Oh," Naruto slowly voices. "I guess we can talk…"

Naruto's eyes suddenly focus on the curvy blond bodyguard eying Kubikiribōchō on Tenten's shoulder. For the briefest of moments, he has the impression she was going to steal it when another presence makes itself known from the shadows in the trees above. Naruto didn't know who it was, but, the blond woman takes a step back when the merchant quickly bids Naruto and Tenten, "goodnight and be well, Uzumaki-dono."

Turning to the blond woman insistently, she easily picks up the elderly man before leaping into the tree branches above. Watching them go, a slanting Naruto felt ready to pass out then and there. He's slept in the dangerous forest many times before and has no qualms about doing so now, however, Tenten pats him on the shoulder, telling him with a smile on her face and a large sword over her shoulder, "let me help you."

Tenten takes out a scroll from her pouch and stores Kubikiribōchō within it then gives it to Naruto. As he stuffs it in his pouch next to his chakra blades, Tenten turns her back to him, kneels, and offers her back for a piggyback ride.

"You sure," Naruto asks.

"Of course," Tenten calls out. "It'll be faster this way." Straddling her hips with his one good arm around her neck, Tenten uses her chakra to bolster her muscles and leaps into the branches above before sprinting out of the forest of death.

Disaster only struck the pair after they reached the field outside of the perimeter of Training Ground 44. Once in the middle of the cool, moonlit field, sprinting fluidly through the swaying tall grass, the clone Naruto sent to Kurenai's house had dispelled, and aside from happily meeting a stunning green-eyed, tan-skinned, and silver-haired woman interested in Fūinjutsu in the library, the immensely sexy sight of Kurenai tongue-kissing him before seductively telling him, 'Naruto, I need you in me,' while stroking his groin gave him an erection then and there.

Despite his blood loss, his raging boner dug into Tenten's lower back, who jolted at the feeling as Naruto instinctively tried to move his lower self away, causing them both to fall to the ground. After rolling and sliding to a stop, a dusted Tenten rushes over to make certain Naruto isn't worse for wear only to notice the large tent popping from his crotch. Blushing madly, Tenten turns around as a modest Naruto tries turns away from her.

Though a blushing Tenten made many octaves of sounds spill from her mouth, it couldn't be described as words, to which Naruto asks, "uh, Tenten-chan? Why don't you head over to the hospital, check on your dad, and I'll just meet you there."

"Uh, but, wait, no," Tenten starts to respond. "I can't leave you like this-" And at the sight of him keeping his obvious arousal away from her, amends her statement. "I mean, injured! I can't leave you injured. Not… uh, your-"

"Thanks," Naruto interrupts in a high-pitched tone. "But I'll be fine, I promise. I'll be there before you know it."

Slowly, she answers, "…Okay. And Naruto?"

"Yeah," he voices, awkwardly looking over his shoulder.

"Thank you," the grateful brunette expresses, trying hard not to look below his neck. "For saving us."

"Don't worry about it," Naruto returns, waving his hand.

"Please don't brush what you did off," Tenten calls out, taking a step forward in spite of his obvious state. "I thought I was going to die, and… and we were horrible to you. You didn't have to help us, but you did anyway, and I'll always be grateful to you because of it."

"Well, that's nice of you… to say, I mean," he awkwardly says with a nervous chuckle. "I'm just glad you're okay." When she doesn't move, he continues, "really, Tenten-chan. We're Konoha shinobi. You would've done the same for me."

With a stern nod, Tenten leaves Naruto. Though the mentally congested, horribly fevered, bloody, and dirty blond is still fiercely hurting, he's no longer hemorrhaging freely and only feels throbbing pangs of extensive pain rather than throbbing pangs of extensive agony. Under the night's whitish-blue moonlight, Naruto travels as best he can through the lamp-lit lights of Konoha's dark streets but with his injuries, it does take more time than he'd like.

Finally reaching Kurenai's home, rather than press his chakra to the Fūin security platform, Naruto knocks on the door before using the wood barrier to ease himself to the floor. Pressing his back against the solid entrance to keep himself upright, looking out to the pleasant tranquility of the night and happy to finally be home, a content Naruto smiles with relaxing joy.


Awake in bed, staring at the ceiling, Kurenai felt vulnerable, discarded, weak, tricked, and foolish. What was supposed to be an occasion of celebration, did not end as she had hoped. Hot and frustrated, Kurenai turns in her bed as she counts down the positives that unfairly warped to negatives.

All three of her students made it to the final test of the Chūnin exam, and yet, now she must stand aside while others continue their education. Her opportunity to be honest with Asuma went from one drink to three and no closer to telling him her feelings regarding them. Her groping tongue-kiss of Naruto's clone, and expectation to see him soon, turned into over an hour of waiting and an absent bed-partner. Kurenai isn't angry by the turn of events, just horny and frustrated. Evidently, the day is refusing to treat her kindly.

Socially meeting Asuma at the crowded Jōnin bar, Elite Spirits, easily reminded Kurenai why she fell in love with him in the first place. She reverted to all their old patterns with the ruggedly handsome man, and not only was it easy to go back to that and play along, but it was also a comforting role, like an old favorite dress that still fits. Laughing with Asuma in their favorite booth in their bar, her insightfully imaginary brain used probability to navigate that future-line with him and it felt a bit lacking… less impactful… less fateful.

In her bed, tightening her warm legs together, Kurenai reasoned Asuma was no longer her only favorite dress. She's gained a newfound adoration to an orange dress she hadn't expect to love wearing rather often. Her newer, favorite dress, to put it aptly made the world and her influence in events much larger. The power of sex, her beliefs, her team, her missions; her future-line with Naruto was everything a strong independent person could want.

And Kurenai's need to see her blond lover only grew when she learned her time with her team will be cut down to a third of what it once was; essentially team meetings and drills. Though she didn't let it show, it was depressing for the Inuzuka, Aburame, and Hyūga clan heads to take their children for special clan training.

Kurenai knows she's being a little dramatic, however, after watching Naruto's near death, losing her students, and gaining more objectivity with Asuma, all in one day, she felt out-of-sorts and vulnerable and couldn't help the irrationally reoccurring thought, 'my students are leaving me'

So, after finding Naruto's clone reading on her bed, she walked right up to him, grips him desperately by the hair and jaw and kisses him deeply, drilling her tongue deep in his oral cavity and greedily siphoning as much of his saliva as she could before eventually pulling away. Stroking his groin through his pants, she wantonly expresses, "Naruto… I need you in me."

After the dazzled blond came to his senses, he popped away instantly, and at the latest, Kurenai expected the real Naruto to burst through her bedroom door in fifteen minutes. She fantasized he'd be ripping off her clothes in under ten minutes and ramming inside her seconds later, however, laying in bed, hot and bothered, she felt foolish and desperate when she looks to her clock and counts aloud, "an hour and twenty-three minutes."

Too restless for sleep, Kurenai considers pleasuring herself with her orange toy when she hears a slow yet powerful knock at the door. The only people she would ever expect at that time of night can enter without knocking. Unsure who could be visiting her at such an hour, Kurenai slips on some underwear, black silk pajamas, and her red robe before making her way downstairs. Her expanding senses reassures her there's no observable threat to her for a mile, though she picks up on a person sitting against her door. Disarming the Fūin security and unlocking the entrance to her home, a bloodied Naruto's upper half slides back and lands flat on his back.


Dropping to her knees, her alarmed mind can't even begin to assess his major injuries from his minor ones with all the dried blood, dirt, mud, and grime caked on him. His filthy and torn jacket is being used as a splint for his left arm, the swollen hand of which has dirt and dried blood over a sealing gash. That same dirty arm is redder than the skin tone of his body from severe irritation. Additionally, his chest is caked with dried blood from a pectoral puncture, the skin around his right eye is purple, and under his nose and mouth is dried blood. His breathing hitches and his right ankle also looks swollen.

"…Yo," he tells her with a weak grin.

"What happened," Kurenai calls, leaning closer to inspect every inch of him. Kurenai knows a few rudimentary healing jutsu and places her palm over his chest. But before her green chakra can begin to diagnose his wounds, Naruto's hand reaches her face, palming it affectionately.

His blue eyes are a well of happiness she can easily become lost in when he tells her, "you always say honesty in communication is important." Taking a deep breath, he admits, "don't freak out, but I just came from fighting Zabuza-jiji-"

"What! How! Why!" Kurenai immediately responds, before hastily dropping that line of inquiry and concentrating her green-covered hands on healing what she can, stating, "nevermind! I'll get you to the hospital and alert ANBU on the way-"

"Don't," Naruto slowly tells her, softly pinching her cheek. "We just had a disagreement, is all. It's fine now."

"That may be the case," she starts, feeling a wave of adoration for the way he pinched her cheek. "But he's a missing-nin from our Bingo Book who's within the village. I'm obligated to-"

"I know," Naruto replies, nodding as best he can. "I know, but, I'm asking you not to… for now."

"You're putting me in a terrible position," she hates to admit, moving away from his warm and dirty palm.

"Yeah," Naruto states with a soft smile, letting his palm drop heavily. "Trust me, Nai-chan. I do mean only for now and I'll tell Ji-chan. Plus, Zabuza-jiji can't even get up right now. He won't hurt anyone."

Letting out an exhaustive breath of air, her hand caresses his face as she responds, "for now, I'll keep it to myself… however, I will inform Sandaime-sama as soon as you're okay." When he nods with his beautifully warm smile, she moves on, saying, "we have to get you-"

"It's fine. I just need some sleep and I'll be fine," his softly admits. "More importantly… Nai-chan… I'm home."

Snorting before a pained smile graces her red lips. She hooks as much of her falling midnight hair behind one ear, leans down, and kisses his stained lips. Though she can tell how weak he is from her meager Iryō-ninjutsu connection, he had strength enough in his lips to make her feel safe, weightless, relieved, and happy. When she pulls back, she softly and happily tells him, "welcome home."

"Uh, did you just kiss a damn kid," Anko's voice travels from the pathway leading to the open door of her home. Kurenai freezes, chastising herself for losing so much focus she couldn't detect another person, 'ten paces away,' her mind counts. Her closest friend witnessed her kiss a boy eight years her junior. Never having been in a situation like this, Kurenai's mind and heart become septic with panic and short-circuits.

"Uh, don't hate me," Naruto voices as his head begins to lull, weakly adding, "but, I'm going to pass out now." With his eyes traveling to the back of his head, he finally yields his consciousness to the pain-relieving darkness of deep recuperative sleep.


Due to noninvasively torturing Haku-kun and Karin-chan for any relevant information or confirmations Konoha has in their foreign intelligence records, Anko knows Uzumaki Naruto-kun lives in the Chūnin-sensei, Umino Iruka's home. Given the late hour, she had expected him to be home, however, when she's certain no one was home, the curvaceous kunoichi left.

Unfortunately, Naruto's living situation is all she knows about the blond boy's day-to-day. Aside from being the Jinchūriki, his favorite food stall, and declarations of becoming Hokage, she doesn't know his hangouts or preferences, which makes finding him on a random night difficult. Walking the path from Iruka's residence through the shinobi's residential area, Anko decides to postpone her search for the boy for the rare opportunity to see her babe, who lives nearby.

Being a proctor for the Chūnin exams on top of her work as a special Jōnin for T.I.F. she hasn't had much time for anything of late, let alone nights out with her beautiful friend. They had chatted in the tower during the second test, however, it was never long conversations before one of them needed to be somewhere. As such, Anko's steps are upbeat at the thought of surprising her best friend.

At the same time, she grows more and more concerned when she detects uncoordinated mud-skidding footmarks and the small smears of blood on the floor that seem to lead to Kurenai's house. Seeing blood in a ninja village is nothing new, however, Anko held her breath at the sight of indistinct bloody sandal-prints trailing into her dearest friend's open door. Anko rushes up the pathway only to stop dead in her tracks at the sight of her twenty-four-year-old raven-haired friend full-on kiss the bloodied blond subject she'd been searching for.

A good interrogator always has questions. They can question anything, however, at that moment, a wide-eyed Anko was bombarded with so many of them, she simply could think to speak until her beautiful friends pulls away and warmly welcomes the boy home with a tenderness that absolutely blew the special Jōnin's mind. At that point, in an extreme effort to understand the alien evidence of love and affection in front of her, Anko first needed to ascertain, "uh, did you just kiss a damn kid?"

Though the blond passed out, Anko's acute attention was on Kurenai's wide red eyes, tight jaws, tense shoulders, and rapid breathing. Even her long hair seemed to stand up in shock. Kurenai's physical tells couldn't scream louder that she got caught than if she actually used her voice to scream so.

And the debauched maniac within Anko wanted to know everything!

Smiling, broadly, a giddy Anko hops over on her tippy toes, light as air, swinging her arms merrily, and sweetly asks, "oh, no, Kure-neechee-ahhnn," she starts, cutely emphasizing the suffix. "What happened to him?"

One of the sweetest interrogations for Anko to take part in is when everyone in the room, especially the criminal, knows the guilty party is caught, but rather than go straight for the confession, the interrogator takes their time, talks about other subjects, really pressures the guilty party with mundane affairs until the growing itch of truth begs to be scratched and they can't take it anymore. In most cases, if the interrogator is good, they don't even need to ask before the criminal confesses simply to end the subtle mind torture. In this case, a wide knowing smile and happy hungry eyes for an explanation is all Anko needs.

However, Yūhi Kurenai is not a simple person and Anko can see the shock on her gorgeous friend's face recede to neutrality as the trained Jōnin dons on her emotion-concealing mask. Clearing her throat, the gorgeous kunoichi starts, "he fought… someone dangerous."

"Oh," Anko gleefully voices, dragging the sound out before kneeling beside the boy opposite Kurenai. Her body's swaying motions were wide and deliberate as Anko asks, "and did the cuuute Uzumaki-kun win?"

Staring straight-faced, Kurenai breaths for several moments before slowly explaining, "…I wasn't, uh, there, but I suppose- yes, he won."

Smiling wickedly, Anko couldn't help responding, "oh, I bet he did."

The double meaning clear to both women, a tense Kurenai curtly says, "just grab his legs, Anko."

Beginning the joy of her gentle probing, Anko grabs the blond's ankles as she comments in a lively tone, "oh, my, what big feet he has. My, finding sandals that fit must be hard, don't you think, Kure-neechiaahhnn."

To a trained interrogator, Anko can learn a lot solely from silence or physical reaction. With more comments came more scope and in this astonishing case, the potential was all too titillating. Traveling upstairs in silence with a body between them, Kurenai ignores the gleefully smiling Anko when the busty tokubetsu jōnin notes, "I notice we're going to your bedroom… where sleep, among other things, happen."

Taking no notice of Anko's high-pitched humming-like laughter, Kurenai neutrally answers, "he has an accelerated healing rate, however, we need to wash him off and dress his wounds."

"Accelerated you say," Anko sings as they carefully handle the boy while entering Kurenai's large bedroom. "So he doesn't stay down for long, huh? Fast recovery means he can go again and again, huuuh?" Anko notices that her high-pitched humming-like laughter after each question makes Kurenai take a deep breath as they enter her bathroom. Looking at the tub, Anko notes, "oh, my, what a large tub. You could fit two people in there… with plenty of room to move around in, huh?"

Whether Kurenai broke her neutrality to deny whatever their relationship is or she remained silent about the obvious elephant in the room, possibly suggesting how far they've gone, Anko was giddy with either outcome. With more and more comments or questions, the implication of which could either be telling or continues the torture show, it all has Anko laughing like a maniac within her troubled mind.

Though Kurenai can tell Anko is nearly maniacal trying to restrain her urge to laugh out loud, she disregards the interrogator's game to state in a detached tone, "remove his clothes while I get my med kit."

Magically sliding her kunai out of the sleeve of her brown coat into her nimble fingers, Anko carefully, yet expertly, cuts into the unconscious blond's clothes as she wonders aloud, "I hope he doesn't mind if I'm the one removing his clothes."

Once she removed the slant that is his jacket, wire-mesh shirt, and pants, Anko sobers up a little as Kurenai returns with all her supplies. Uzumaki had a fair amount of injuries, and it was especially interesting to see the gash at his chest and the hole through his left hand slowly close up upon being properly cleaned. Preserving the silence as her friend worked, Anko stood by as Kurenai cleaned every wound on the blond with a sponge, disinfected his wounds, and carefully wrapped up the injured area in gauze. She still had a million questions but she could wait. There was an injured Konoha shinobi that needed tending to first.

Observing her friend gave Anko plenty of time to recall Kurenai's behavior as of late. Like many of their friends, and to Genma's dread, they all assumed Kurenai and Asuma would be an item again after the Bitch-Princess from hell left. That was six months ago and even if it took Kurenai a few moons to forgive Asuma for shutting her out like that, she had expected to see the happy couple together by now. They all had and it affected Anko when they hadn't.

Anko didn't know why she needed them together, exactly, but Kurenai's happiness somehow felt connected to her own, as if allowing the tainted and disgraced special Jōnin to live the best of both worlds; the happiness of commitment vicariously through Kurenai, as well as independently with the occasional romp whenever she wanted. After all, it wasn't as if she could find that on her own after Orochimaru.

In the end, Asuma and Kurenai hadn't gotten together, and for the past three months, Anko hasn't felt content even with some of her favorite men. It was as if Kurenai's lack of the perfect romance somehow sucked away the joy of her casual sex flings. It's fortunate preparing for the exams kept her too busy for nights out or hookups, and as she watches Kurenai gently lay the slumbering half-naked boy in her bed—tucking him in—Anko finds herself absolutely salivating to hear this story.

Opening the bedroom door for Kurenai, the beautiful pair find themselves in her kitchen; lights on and a glass of honey wine between them. 'Another change,' Anko's mind notes as she leans forward with her strong abdomen pressed against the counter of the kitchen island.

In her low-cut red silk robe, Kurenai was leaning against the counter by the stove while Anko eyed the glass when she answered Anko's curiosity toward the wine. "I stopped stocking liquor in the house."

"Is he the reason why," Anko casually asks, nudging her chin at the ceiling to the blond in her bed. Kurenai doesn't answer and Anko grins wickedly. Respecting Kurenai's mind and her ability to use it, Anko breaks first, like that itchy criminal and openly confesses, "this is INSANE!" Laughing as Kurenai shushes her, worried the boy might wake up. "Not that I care you're robbing the cradle-"

"He's sixteen," Kurenai interjects before quickly adding, "please, Anko, this is going to be hard enough as it is without exaggerations and miscommunication."

Nodding her head with closed eyes and a huge amused grin, Anko agrees, "yeah, of course." Turning a little more serious, she starts, "before anything, there's just a few things I need to get out of the way. And just because I ask these questions doesn't mean I don't know who you are. This is just sooo not you… I'm in chaotic need of a realignment here."

Sighing audibly, Kurenai accepts with a nod and an, "I understand."

Anko first asks, "is he blackmailing you?"

"No," Kurenai quickly answers.

"Would you be allowed to tell me if he were," Anko counters.

"He's not blackmailing me," Kurenai answers before adding, "nor is he using some mind-controlling jutsu on me."

Nodding, Anko then asks, "…are you blackmailing him?"

Affronted, Kurenai touts, "no!"

"Alright," Anko responds, holding up a palm. Cautiously, she then asks, "are you using him to get over Asuma?"

Kurenai's face morphed with her words, from an affronted, "no…" to a doubtful, "not really…" then finally, a guilty, "not anymore." Clearly, there's a story there as Kurenai weakly requests, "please don't judge me."

"I'm offended," Anko humorously claims. "You know I'm not judgy like that." They pause as Kurenai takes another long swig of her sweet-red. Scratching her neck, Anko then tries for the big question, "is this, like… love… or something?"

Kurenai starts with, "I…" then, seemingly out of words to answer such a basic question, decides to drink her entire glass of wine instead.

Anko couldn't help her large eyes and loud groan. "Wooooooow," Anko gasps, taking a sip of her wine out of courtesy as she's not much of a wine drinker.

"He just snuck up on me," a blushing Kurenai tries to justify as she refills her glass.

Anko laughs out loud, guttural and joyously as she holds herself up on the counter to keep from falling, then jokingly asserts, "your fucking shadow ain't even that sneaky!"

"Moh, Anko," Kurenai groans in annoyance. "This isn't funny."

Weakly waving in surrender, the amused and relieved Anko takes many moments to settle down before apologizing, then continuing, "right, right, you're right. Hah… I guess the real question is, why didn't you tell me? I mean, we are girl-friends, right? I'm not wrong about that, am I?"

"No, no, you're not," Kurenai quickly allays. "Yes, Anko, we are, and you're right. I should've told you at some point."


"…I didn't say anything… for a few reasons," Kurenai slowly answers to the best of her ability, again, alluding to a series of events behind all this. "At first," Kurenai continues. "It started as this unbelievably insane mistake, followed by another one, then another-"

"Been there," Anko toasts.

Kurenai raises her glass while saying, "then, before I knew it, it became more. And now… ugh, Kami, I… I think I'm falling." Kurenai takes another long swallow, though she doesn't empty the glass this time.

"Woooow," a blinking Anko sounds in sheer disbelief, taking a sip herself before asking, "and you're sure this has nothing to do with Asuma?"

"That's like asking if I like the color orange because I'm trying to forget the color blue… I don't know," Kurenai answers. "Everything is sort of mixed in, isn't it?"

"Wait," Anko states, waving her hands. "How long has this been going on- Wait, how far have you gone with him- Wait," Anko keeps interrupting herself when she recalls how sexy and glowing Kurenai has been looking and asks with the widest eyes of shock and certainty, "you've had sex with him, haven't you?"

After involuntarily licking her lips, Kurenai slowly voices, "…let me just start from the beginning," and Anko screams with giddy joy. After Kurenai pelts Anko with some napkins, the curvaceous torture specialist settles down. Taking the bottle with them, they move to the comfortable sofa in the living room and Anko listens to a story that will be ingrained in her memory for as long as she lives.

Anko only interrupted her beautifully embarrassed friend three times, asking, "you actually attacked him with kunai?" Then again with, "wait, how big is he?" And the final time with a surreptitious, "bitch, his dick does WHAT?"

Sliding lower on her comfortable sofa, an emotionally exhausted Kurenai finishes the hour-long story with, "and suddenly, he's this utterly surprising young man I just can't stop thinking about."

"Kami, so much makes sense now," Anko remarks. Scooting closer to her confused and emotional friend, Anko tells her in her most comforting voice, "I can understand some of that- actually, I can understand a lot of it; especially the drinking. But at the heart of it all, I get the options."

"Tsume-san is probably the only kunoichi I know who's a leader, still involved in the village, and has children," Kurenai remarks. "Even Yūgao-chan has expressed concerns about the role her gender is viewed to serve to the village."

"Well, she has an easier chance of getting Hayate-kun to stay home and mind the children," Anko comments about the chronically sick man, to which Kurenai sluggishly nods. "You know I always thought it was disgusting how women were expected to stay home while the men fight." "I do," Kurenai mumbles, lazily sipping her wine, before Anko continues, "as if I didn't want to be out there defending my home right next to em, not that I don't understand it. They can't pop out babies to refill the armies."

"Whether I'm out in the field or educating the shinobi of tomorrow," Kurenai begins to share. "I'm not sure that I want my baby to be the only contribution to the future of this village. A stay at home mother after all that training? I just don't know."

"I can't imagine that would be an easy adjustment," Anko reasons. "Especially when you think about how easy it is for us to kick the bucket. You and Asuma could have a little brat of your own when one bad mission ends yours or his life. People die young in our world; no way around that. Which means we either train like crazy to live as long as we can or live from moment to moment, like a lot tend to do."

"Getting with Asuma feels like trading away the village for the person, not to imply it's any less meaningful," Kurenai huffs. "But with Naruto, I can continue to serve my village, the sex is utterly fantastic, he's amazing; in an intriguing sort of way… I just can't help delaying the probability with Asuma. I keep telling myself, 'just a little while longer.'"

"He's sleeping in your bed right now, babe," Anko notes, sensing movement. "You won't even tell me who he fought. It's pretty clear he's more than just some good dicking… Shit!"

"What," Kurenai asks, straightening her posture and turning to her friend.

"Mnn, I came here to see you," Anko starts, murmuring a bit with uncertainty. "But I was also going to as if you know Uzumaki's usual haunts."

Growing confused, Kurenai asks, "why?"

"Didn't you read the report," Anko calls out happily. "He not only covered my six when I was fighting that summon, but he held back that snake-fucker all on his own! I was going to offer him a BJ, maybe even pop his cherry, but, I guess that's off the table, huh? …That is off the table, right-"

"Yes," Kurenai responds, too buzzed to think about crossing such boundaries.

"Right, right," Anko hums. "…I mean, I've never heard you gush about a guy deep-dicking you-"

"Anko," Kurenai admonishes, feeling more heat in her cheeks, certain she's blushing madly. Anko didn't bring up how her sense of smell is easily picking up how aroused the raven-haired beauty is, and simply raises her palms in humored surrender as she responds, "alright, alright. I probably wouldn't have anyway. I… uh, haven't actually had sex in a month and a half… to be lying; in two months."

"That's- I see," Kurenai slowly processes before asking, "is everything okay?"

"Honestly, not sure," Anko shrugs. "I've wanted to talk about it—part of the reason why I came over—but, we've been busy. A lot's been on my mind and the only times I can stop thinking is when I'm torturing someone. Then that snake-shit came back… I don't know. I'm just feeling… off."

"Well, I think that's okay, Anko," Kurenai softly admits. "Our senses are highly tuned to our distress, whether internal or external. Take your time. There's nothing wrong with properly working out your thoughts and emotion. I know I haven't been the best of friends recently, but I'll always be here for you."

Hugging her friend for several minutes, Anko eventually says, "I'm going to get going."

"You don't have to," Kurenai reassures her friend.

"Yeah, I do," Anko states with a wide sly grin. "Your boyfriend is awake."

Kurenai blushes as she corrects, "he's my student… and… he'll go back to sleep."

"Instead of going to the hospital, he came straight here," Anko points out as she gets up.

Following Anko to the front door, Kurenai justifies Naruto's decision by remarking, "it's likely he wouldn't have received fair treatment, which explains why he came here."

"Oh girl, you are deeeep in denial," Anko chuckles before kissing the red-eyed beauty on the lips. "Thank him for me," Anko mentions, adding, "four or five rounds ought to do it."

"Moh, Anko," Kurenai bemoans as the busty blue-tinted ebony-haired Jōnin declares, "night, babe."


In the silence of her own home, a buzzed and warm Kurenai grows nervous as she secures the door and arms her Fūin security. Her senses tell her Naruto's cardiac rhythm has elevated to that of a conscious person. Turning around to look at the staircase leading to the second floor, to her bedroom, to her bed, and the blond stud in her bed waiting patiently for her elevates her heart rate and amplifies the erotic synergy crackling throughout her body.

Before she realizes it, she's closing the door to her bedroom and leaning against it. Lying in bed, nearly as she left him, only looking directly at her with his deep blue eyes, Kurenai feels her nipples harden as she flatly asks, "how do you feel?"

As Naruto does away with his covers, his large pure eyes focus solely on her, as if he wasn't capable of seeing anything else, and with a slight limp, walks over to her.

Captivated by his eyes and heart-pounding, Kurenai tries to remind Naruto as much as herself, "you should stay in bed." However, he remains silent as he presses his shinobi's body comfortably against her as Kurenai tries, "you… you're… still injured-"

Head-to-head, Naruto takes the clean line of her elegant jaw with his good hand and meets her red full lips with the heat of his. Tilting his head, pressing the side of his nose to hers, deepening their soft fleshy connection with every eternal-second that passes until her entire body tingles in delight. Kurenai felt so light, hot, and loved, she returns the passionate kiss just as ardently, taking his jaw to press in as much as her need for him demands.

Pulling back, Naruto caresses her face as his first words to her expresses his gratitude in a hoarse voice and couldn't believe how much she loved to hear his scratchy throat vocalize, "thank you for taking care of me."

His husky voice sent a thrilling tingle down her stirring body as she slowly runs her fingers through his silky blond hair and mindlessly mutters, "of course."

To her immense joy, the pressure of his warm and strong body pressing into her soft and pliant physique, somehow sucking the popping energy from her legs and paper-thin knees as he hoarsely asks, "is… everything okay with your friend? Anko-chan, right? She was the proctor for the second test."

"It is… no thanks to you," she jokes, wondering why his voice is making her extra sensitive. Pressed so close together, with the building heat from his body and breath on top of his unique scent filling her nose, it takes her a moment to settle down to explain, "we talked. I… never doubt she would support me, but it feels different now that she knows."

"Different good or bad," his impregnating voice quietly wonders.

"…I'm going to need some time to figure that out," Kurenai finally answers. With a wicked smile, she slowly adds, "but I don't believe it's anything that would prevent me from being your very proud sensei."

Still pressed against her soft warm body, Naruto slowly lowers his body by his knees, creating dragging friction that made her think he was going down on her until his hands hook the back of her strong thighs right under her bubble butt, and despite his healing injuries, he lifts her off her feet. Surprised, Kurenai yelps as she automatically wraps her toned legs around his hips, marveling at the engulfing heat radiating from the strong muscles of his hot body.

"Good," Naruto tells her with his hoarse voice and she can't help but squeeze his waist tighter and sex leak further. Hugging his neck, her instinct-driven crotch slowly grinds against his throbbing rod.

Still, her buzzed mind won't relinquish full control of her actions as she maintains, "we… shouldn't." Leaning her head low so their foreheads are touching and her arms are around his neck, she mentally berates herself as she feels little control of the way her body is grinding against his. Though, she weakly adds, "you're still recuperating."

Inhaling her bewitching scent, Naruto sways rhythmically with every step to the side of her large bed so her long, shaggy, onyx hair wisps against his content face and neck. The aroused blond gruffly tells her, "Nai-chan, I need you way more than I need rest."

Like the opposite poles of two magnetic fields, Kurenai's soft needy lips felt the pull and automatically snap full-on to his. She actually moaned to feel his raw emotional need through his hungry lips and her tongue yields to his rough organ as he nourishes her hunger long-awaited hunger for him. Buzzed, aroused and all but lost to her impassioned body, a hot Kurenai unconsciously rocks and rolls her dripping venus on his throbbing champion. Arms wrap tightly around his neck and head as his hands knead her sensitive thighs, they make-out passionately until oxygen becomes an immediate priority.

It was only a break for Kurenai, who happily wanted to continue such an arousing kiss, however, she hadn't expected Naruto to toss her on the soft bed, shrieks happily in surprise as she lands gazing at him. Her breasts jiggle invitingly underneath her nightie and he quickly drops his useless boxers, standing before her ready, hungry, bandaged, but at full mast and dripping.

His blue eyes zone in on her arousing sexy body and Naruto's cock twitched at the mere thought of being so completely enveloped by her wet, hot, hole. Vividly recalling the feeling of being embraced by her soaking sex, pounding his hot rod inside her until she milks him for every ounce of thick man milk in him while staring deep into her captivating scarlet eyes makes his heart race and his determination to stay inside her forever soar.

Fog-minded with lust, Kurenai was scared by how sensitive her hot body is for him. After weeks of going without, after her time with her students has been reduced, after arresting what could be with Asuma, after recounting to Anko the events of just how far she's come to this very moment with an amazing, strong, virile blond gazing carnally with determined fascination, she nearly has a mini-orgasm from her building anticipation under his gaze alone.

Even so, they are starving for more, like nothing else mattered.

He wasn't gentle when he lifts her knees to his shoulder and she didn't worry when she used the leverage to lift her pelvis off the bed, making him wince from the injury to his left arm and chest. Wanting her desperately, he removed her silk pajama shorts, but he grunted as he ripped off her wet panties. Kurenai only grew unbelievably horny when the impassioned blond drags her closer to the edge of the bed and only hooks her left knee over his right shoulder as she eagerly spreads her left leg out.

'I taught him how to fuck my brains out,' her hazy mind screams in excitement as he slowly drags his bulbous crown along her glistening labia. Torturing her with his slow dig of the entrance of her pleasure pocket, her mind yells, 'he should know I'm ready! I've been patient long enough!' Her stomach flexes trying to gain more reach but when it doesn't work, Kurenai pleads, "Moh! Naruto just fuck me already!"

The galling mind games she taught him, he smiles as he continues on, and her melting mind moans, 'he's grinning. The motherfucker's grinning at me.'

As much as she hated it, she couldn't deny how unbelievably hot it was and just when her horny delirium is dead set on yelling at him, he grips that curving spot she loves between her waist, ass cheek, and high hip of her hooked leg before he sharply thrust his entire love muscle deep into the core of her yearning womanhood, stretching her quivering quim like she couldn't remember him ever doing.

"MMMnnnmMMnnnnnn, MMMnnnnn, AAAHnnnn," her wet voice wails out, her tight body cumming a little as she shakes and quivers sporadically from her squeezing core. Both overly wired for this very moment, when a fully submerged Naruto comes alive to Kurenai's hot sopping sex as she grips him merciless, they both groan loudly from the excruciating passion. Overjoyed together, it's exactly the powerful force the lovers have been lacking in their lives and were in great need of.

Knowing how absolutely soaked she is for him is arousing enough, but on top of that, his precum-leaking crown feels more sensitive than usual. Though he felt he wouldn't last long, Naruto had the presence of mind to calm down a whit before leisurely pulling out of her sopping wet suction, to her continued moaning delight. Gripping her by the bend at her hip with her left knee hooking over his shoulder, Naruto slams back into her spread legs, hard, treasuring the rich pink honey pot only a second before pulling back out with a loud, 'shlickk!'

Her entire body was crackling energy, rupturing sporadically and with every pounding thrust, vibrated with every fold her beef curtain tangle on his prominent crown, and Kurenai was mindless. Hers was a constantly quivering cock-socket as she tries, with every thick meat-filling to latch onto his pounding shaft, but with the overflow of her lubricating walls, her dilating pussy could never hold him in; generating shocks exploding through her flushed body as his thick head churned her buttery insides. Her rocking body grips the sheets, nearly ripping them. Her toes contort, stretch, and cross. Her saliva dribbles out of her moaning open maw and the room was a hotbed of smacking meat, guttural moans, and a creaking bed.

"Yes, mmnn, yeeesss, Kami! Ahn! AHHn! Mmnn! I've Haah AHhn! Missed this," she mindlessly moans out to the steaming room, arcing her elegant and flexible neck back, and with a practiced hand, Naruto leans forward, steeping his cunt-spreading thrusts deeper as he grips her windpipe just below her jaw, exciting her to a frightful glee. Happy with just the right amount of aggression, of passion, Kurenai was in euphoric love with the boy fucking her to a stupor.

Cushion soft and gripping his cock like a hot vice, Naruto, groans in his husky voice. He keeps a slow rhythm because any more speed, any more friction, any more of her exciting sounds, or insane pleasure from her cock-cleaner, and he'll unload his brimming sack in a second. In the furnace heat of their union, his only saving grace is the pain he still feels from his battle with Zabuza. However, in her favorite position, he knows her entire pleasure zone expanded to her entire being, making her velvet pleasure organ spasm deliciously with every thrust, bringing him closer and closer to his edge.

With his every body-rocking thrust, Kurenai couldn't refrain from moaning in eye-crossing pleasure. She felt like she was experiencing mini-orgasms while simultaneously building to one massive climax, losing further control of her quivering motor functions to the point her fanning eyelashes flutter from his thick pounding.

Everything was adding up to a truly tremendous explosion and she wasn't sure she would survive it; the length of time going without him, feeling his great need for her, feeling her great need of him, what it means to be with him instead of Asuma, coming clean with Anko, planning to have her darling Hinata-chan embrace the real Naruto when likely have raw sex after… numerous creampies… possibly being impregnated… every thought was so hot, anything could set off her. Then she heard his deeply husky voice fuck her ears to sugary pleasure.

"Your pussy's perfect! You're perfect for me, Nai-chan! Nai-chan! I'm- Mnn! CUmmmmmniNNG!" A wincing Naruto grunts with his hoarse voice, and unbeknownst to him, that burning tone shoots pure ecstasy into her brain.

Engorge with as much imminent lust as his pistoning cock, the thick coil of pleasure building at the gate of Kurenai's entire being ruptures. Naruto slams deep into her cunnie, stuffing himself to the balls exactly as her pleasure-snatch clamps shut around his erupting pleasure pump. Sharp pleasure detonates from her core and his hot cum as the nerve-racking waves pop and crackle up and down her gorgeous form, tickling her scalp joyously, moaning from the wide O of her red lips, electrifying her nipples and thighs, and twisting her toes.

With the first burst of the injured Naruto's long-awaited thick semen, his legs give out. Though their sex organs welded together, Kurenai was in heaven and couldn't make sense of being dragged over the edge of her bed, pulling slick sheets with her. Her jittery crotch will not let go of his as he falls on his ass and the kinetic energy pushes up deeper into her swallowing love tunnel.

With her quivering leg slides down to his right elbow, pressed between their sweating bodies, he unloads weeks worth of pent-up man-milk, and as she expected, it was a massive quantity. Moaning and shuttering on his lap, his cock simply kept ejaculating hot rivers of baby-batter, expanding her contracting chamber with ounces of his hot cream. Despite the fireworks going off in his nearly catatonic mind, her jiggling breasts and erect nipples danced in his face and Naruto instinctively latches on to her right nipple while massaging her spasming hip muscles, prolonging her sensation of mind-altering multiple orgasms.

As concentrated hot cum was pumped into her hot sucking cunt, Kurenai couldn't do more than react. The delay of their union was too long, the heavenly gratification was too perfect and she held him like her only solace while she drenched his cock and balls in her lady honey. As her shuddering meat glove sucked him in greedily, her shaking limbs held on to him, taking shelter in his solid embrace from her mind-eroding pleasure.

With his constant oral and palming ministrations, her series of orgasms lasted for nearly nine minutes. Her raven locks were plastered to her sweaty skin, her honey pot was brimming with cum and she was so happy she couldn't help taking possession of his jaw and kissing him deeply, only pulling away to weakly admit, "it's scary… how good you make me feel," before kissing him again.

Chuckling with his husky voice, he remarks, "you took the words right out of my mouth." Removing her knee from over his arm, she wraps her legs around his waist as they have another long make-out session basking in the sweaty heat of their union. His hands massage her neck and scalp before pulling away and his rough voice confesses, "there's nothing like looking into your eyes when you cum around my cock."

Chest-to-chest with her arms around his neck, Kurenai starts, "yours is the only cock I want to…" However, gazing into his hypnotic blue eyes, seemingly into his densely bright soul, she's lost for words. His happy face so close to hers, Kurenai instinctively knows she will be loved by this amazing young man possibly for the rest of their lives. Their connection feels that deep—life-long—and considering where they started, her treatment of him, it amazes her that she's so open to sharing her heart with him.

Matters of her heart have been gravitating toward the blond stud more frequently, and though she isn't bothered by the prospect of being more with him, her convictions won't cross that line unless she's certain not to cause Hinata-chan any undue anxiety and betrayal. That would go against everything she stands for as a sensei and mentor to the future leaders of their village.

Be that as it may, at the moment, with boneless arms possessively around his neck, Kurenai leans in and slowly shares an open-mouth tongue exchange with more heart and need than she typically allows; a kiss that felt more like forever rather than in the moment. A make-out session so deep, slow, and heavy, it left them both breathless and dazed for more.

However, with Naruto still inside her, she can feel he isn't recovering as fast as he normally does. She also notes his heavy breathing and droopy eyes, and can only imagine how exhausted he must be. Despite his otherworldly vitality, everyone has their limits.

'Survived nearly dying fighting his teammate early in the morning, and Momochi Zabuza later on in the same day,' she mentally gasps. 'It's amazing he could get it up let alone give me a fucking marathon of orgasms.'

So rather than trying for another round, a deeply satiated Kurenai kisses his forehead before standing on shaky legs. Immediately she can feel the monster quantity of frothy ejaculate streaming down the length of her ravished womanhood. Ignoring it, she takes his good hand and smacks the other when he tries to reach for her perfect C-cup breasts.

"None of that until you recuperate," Kurenai sternly tells him as she helps him up.

She drags him into bed as he groans in disapproval, reminding her, "but we're celebrating, aren't we? One time isn't a celebration."

Ignoring his bratty argument, Kurenai makes him lay down before tucking him in as she asserts, "when you feel better, I'm not going to say no to more celebrating. But for now, I really do want you to rest."

Rather than argue her care of him, Naruto yields, though, after she freshens up, he enjoys cuddling with the raven-haired beauty. Cuddling wasn't anything new with them, but going to sleep with her head resting on his shoulder and half her body holding him felt different. He tends to hold her when they sleep together, but this time she was holding him, which made him feel warm and loved.

Atop her man, Kurenai went to sleep happy… and awoke an hour later when Naruto was beside himself with arousal. Momentarily stunned by the sudden development, she doesn't pay attention to what's happening until he is nestled between her legs and lapping up her sensitive cunnie. His tongue is already long and rough, so to start with a wider surface dragging achingly slow up her love petals, Kurenai was hot and leaking in no time.

He kept his slow pace regardless of her pleas for more until she bucked her hips for more friction. Pulling away from her pink slit, his rough tongue and mouth then focus on her love button as his fingers shallow probe her dilating quim. As a sensei, she marvels at how well she taught him, thrilling her immensely in the process, while he steadily builds her orgasm to a hip bucking climax, quaking her love juices into his gulping mouth.

Though he lets her rest, she can feel his steel hardness press against her blissful core, happily reminding her that his passion for her hasn't ceased. No sooner did she think how much she missed him did he finally give her the stuffing she craved, moaning just as happily as he does. Considering their experiences, missionary is a fairly tame position to be churning her inside with, however, there's no better position to gaze into each other's eyes when he ruptures deep in her quaking baby-chamber and she wrings him out for every drop. Holding each other blissfully, they fall fast asleep… until his vitality demands, once again, to ravish her sweet sex until their mutual completion.

His insatiable eagerness pushed between her yielding pink lips several times the entire night, resting for an hour or so between session, upon which, Naruto would, once again, take her firmly by the hips, align his shapely knob to the entrance of her hot moist sex, and groan together when he penetrates her tight squishy sex. It wasn't until early morning when they finally slept for longer than an hour, and yet even then, before they even have breakfast together, she's filling his mouth with her soft breast while he's repeatedly filling her lower velvet mouth with his rock hard cock.

After, with thoughts toward Karin-chan, a mostly recovered Naruto tells Kurenai he should check on his cousin, however, they agree to meet later that night to discuss Hinata's genjutsu training before continuing their celebration. Walking away from his second home, Naruto didn't notice Anko rush into Kurenai's house to demand all the glorious details.


Turning to the familiar chakra leaping through the cascading rush of water and into the little carved-out room behind the waterfall, Haku bows as he greets a former acquaintance. "Mei-san."

Observing the empty round terra-room—absent of any light to avoid detection—behind the oddly placed waterfall, a drenched Mei notes, "Konoha certainly has some strange landscapes." Turning to the beautiful boy stand in front of a cot a deathly Zabuza is resting on, a wet Mei greets, "Haku-kun," before lamenting with an obvious sigh. "If only you were more masculine… and straight. What a union we could've made."

The tall, shapely woman with a large bust, thin waist, and perfect hips steps forward like a model, wearing a mesh insert, long-sleeve blue crop-top, bodice dress, the hem of which reaches above her knees and is double-slitted up to her hips so her legs were not restrained even if her mesh-legging thighs were enticingly visible. Unannounced in foreign territory, it wouldn't make sense for her to bring her white belt and pouch, though she still wore her white, high-heel, knee-length sandals with shin-guards.

With fair, unblemished skin, seductive green eyes, vibrant auburn hair down to her thighs was accented with a top-knot and short bangs fetchingly framing her model face and covering her right eye. The woman was the most stunning example of a seductress. A perfect woman even the man she's in the process of murdering couldn't hate.

Smiling politely, an impassive Haku simply replies, "if only," before quickly asserting, "before you continue, I know you came to purchase Kubikiribōchō as a means to attract Zabuza-sama and myself to your cause, but as you recall, we did not agree with your diplomatic methods of rebelling against Karatachi Yagura then, and nothing has changed now."

"As I recall, Zabuza-san is the one who didn't agree with my methods," Mei reminds him. "You merely followed him."

"Correct," Haku doesn't disagree. "I empathize with your situation, with all of Hidden Mist, however, my stance has not changed any more than Zabuza-sama's directive dictates. I only follow Zabuza-sama… and most recently, Naruto-sama."

"Traveling from Kiri," Mei begins, looking over the vials and materials Haku is employing to nurse Zabuza. "I simply couldn't believe Chōjūrō-kun when he alerted me of Kubikiribōchō. It would certainly be beneficial to have the executioner's in our forces, however, it was difficult to imagine just how it came to be on the black market without the Demon's demise. For surely Momochi Zabuza would not part with Kubikiribōchō unless it was taken upon his death." Turning to Zabuza and impassively observing his prone, yet muscular form, Mei adds, "when I came upon him on our journey here, he, naturally, wouldn't confess to me what had happened no matter how much I asked. Honestly, Haku-kun, I don't know how you travel with such a sourpuss."

"With fulfillment and joy," Haku answers.

Shaking her head with clear remorse, Mei sadly states, "why are all the honest and loyal ones taken… or gay?"

"I'm trying to sleep," Zabuza gravely informs them.

"Such a sourpuss," Mei sighs, closing her eyes on the slender man like closing a disappointing book. "After witnessing his fight with the blond, Uzumaki-kun, it's understandable why Kubikiribōchō became available. For quite a young shinobi, he's certainly strong. It's understandable why you would follow him, Haku-kun."

Walking back to the water-rushing mouth of the room, Mei turns and addresses them of the loud waterfall. "I want you both to be apart of this movement I'm gathering: to unite the villages and rebuild diplomatic relations within Kiri and all the other nations. Zabuza-san, Haku-kun, help me end this reign of chaos and murder behind Yagura's leadership. Align your strengths to our mutual cause and to start," her piercing green eyes lock on Zabuza as she promises, "I will make certain Kubikiribōchō is back in your possession." Turning to Haku, the beautiful enchantress continues, "when our new, peaceful reign begins, Zabuza-san will have a place in my government, which also means you will finally have a home as well."

"I already have a home," Haku claims.

"It's not Konoha," Mei assures him. "I'd be surprised if you weren't currently being monitored in some way for the first year of your life here, to make certain you're not a spy or saboteur. At this very moment, the owner of that weapon shop is reporting the Demon of Hidden Mist nearly killed him, your known associate, Haku-kun. I imagine you know this, which is why you brought him here instead of the home you reside in. I understand you care about Uzumaki-kun, however, he is a Konohagakure shinobi, thus unable to assist you when they come for you. And they will come."

Zabuza's scratchy voice asks, "that it? I thought you were going to say something worth a damn."

"I can secure passage out of Konoha right now," Mei continues, not bothered by Zabuza's aggression. "Ōyashiro has a safe-site nearby that you both can hide in until Zabuza-san is well again. In the meantime, I'll recover Kubikiribōchō. Then we can take our country back from the bloody clutches of a tyrannical Kage."

Haku turns to Zabuza, ready to accept any decision he declares. Being Zabuza's weapon for so many years, assisting him, watching him, healing him, Haku knows everything about the wonderful man. Regardless of how brash he would like to be, Haku knows him, so when the deathly pale-skinned man grumbles, the beautiful boy realizes Zabuza's train of thought is running against his own interests.

It makes Haku smile fondly and it's no surprise when Zabuza states, "I work for the kid now. I'll stay at the black-site, but if you want my sword, the kid has to sign off on it."

"I didn't explain myself earlier, Mei-san," Haku happily begins to explain to the captivating woman with the most seductive poker face. "When I said, 'I have a home,' I didn't mean a place; I meant Zabuza-sama and Naruto-sama. They are my home." Haku then admits to the seductress, "Zabuza-sama has tasked me to make Naruto-sama's dream come true and I have every intention of sacrificing my life for his, if need be, in order to make his dream a reality."

"And what is the dream of such a captivating boy," Mei slowly asks, momentarily making Haku alert. Mei-san may be very civil and fair, but like Zabuza-sama, she graduated Kiri's academy by murdering all the other potential ninjas in her class, and with her lineage, has only grown stronger since then. Zabuza-sama himself had once admitted the stunning kunoichi was born with the potential to surpass any within their nation and possibly without.

It almost unnerves Haku to be peered at by Mei's sharp green eye and he cautiously answers, "though Naruto-sama might say, 'to be the greatest Hokage in existence,' such a dream is too small for his potential."

"I'm intrigued," Mei voices with a wicked grin she somehow manages to make charming. In front of such a devastating allure, Haku is grateful to be immune to her spell. "Then what would you claim his potential is capable of?"

"His is the strength of unity upon the world," Haku voices, though primarily to himself to affirm the truth within his heart. Focusing his chocolate eyes on a sharp green one, Haku simply states, "to unite the five nations."

"Mmmm," Mei hums, her smile growing wider. "Such a man… perhaps it would be in all our interests if I simply persuade Uzumaki-kun to join our cause."

A sudden wave of panic rushes through Haku, who quickly implores, "I'd appreciate it if you did not attempt to marry him."

For those that don't recall, Karatachi Yagura is the Fourth Mizukage, the jinchūriki of the Three-Tails and was being controlled by Obito/Tobi. He was a big reason why Hidden Mist became known as the Bloody Mist.

I think we can all agree Ino and Sakura have a sisterly sort of friendship. I have sisters and I've seen them fight and cheer each other and everything in between.

YAY! Anko knows! I had so much fun writing that scene, lol! She'll be back.

Mei! I have some interesting stuff planned for her. And just for clarity, Ōyashiro's blond bodyguard is not his actually bodyguard. She was just pretending in order to tag along. One guess who the bodyguard as well as the green-eyed, silver haired woman are.

I hope you guys enjoyed Naruto's fight with Zabuza. I specifically did not use KCM because I know some feel it takes away from Naruto's strength. I do want to let you know that I don't believe that. I like KCM and when he uses it. Still there is merit in being able to win without such a significant power boost and I wanted to try that with this fight.

I also hope you enjoyed the lemon. This may be the last detailed Naruto/Kurenai lemon for a while. If I do bring it up again, I don't believe it will be so in depth. Moving ahead, the other girls are going to be featured more prominently.

Special thank you to my amazing patrons! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for your support! My fanfiction stuff is of course free/public, however, I'm writing an original novel that their support will help me hire an editor to work with and bring to fruition. If you'd like to support me, it might be impossible because 's search algorithm sucks. If anyone knows how to make that easier, I'd appreciate the assist.

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