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'I think it's time for some stories,' Naru-nii tells an exhausted Naruto one afternoon.


Sakura looked it up. There's no way her curious mind wouldn't research this after experiencing so many.

'The Human Orgasm,' she recites in her mind. 'There's a gradual increase in all the regions of the brain leading up to orgasm. When climax is reached the brains light up like a fireworks festival. When sexual activity is initiated, genital stimulation sends a signal to your limbic system—the emotional control center of the brain—and hippocampus—which is responsible for memory and fantasies. Steadily increasing pleasure activate the anterior cingulate cortex and the insular cortex during sex, inhibiting pain sensations—though there is a lot of research supporting that profound orgasms can even be achieved through pain. Steadily increasing pleasure activate your cerebellum which is responsible for increased muscle tension, making strange contorted faces and curling toes under persistent sexual stimulation.

'All the sexual activity builds to a grand crescendo. During orgasm, the brain releases oxytocin, a hormone, and neurotransmitter produced by the hypothalamus. In many women, oxytocin can trigger strong uterine contractions that pulse along with their orgasms; suggesting an evolutionary imperative that makes the vagina suck in the penis and semen to produce offspring.

'The hypothalamus and nucleus accumbens produce the grand explosion(s) of rippling sensations across the system. The heart is racing, pupils are dilated, breathing is taxing, and like a full sponge, the vagina wrings itself in majestic bodily fluids; Cumming. Meanwhile, the nucleus accumbens or the reward center of the brain rewards the body for all the sex with a flash-flood of sweet mind altering dopamine. This area, activated by many addictive things, such as chocolate, drugs, caffeine, or nicotine, and makes the body crave sex more to repeat the brain's reward system.

'It's biology,' Sakura continues to think, though physically breathless. 'Oxytocin is the 'bonding hormone' or the 'cuddle hormone.' Research doesn't show that the hormone produces emotional feelings, so I don't actually love this Naruto-looking-Ino. It's simply an effect of many orgasms.' Of which Sakura has been experiencing bountiful waves of.

Laying down in her bed, trying to catch her breath after an intense orgasm, Sakura is vaguely aware of Ino in Naruto's disguise checking her vibrator. Sakura isn't sure if she broke it or it just ran out of battery but she didn't care. All she cared about were those photos. Again, her heart aches at the thought of her love, like something within her is that much closer to breaking, but she has no idea what it is.

She just knows the more of this she does with Ino-henge'd-Naruto, the worse it feels. Still, Ino's already given her two photos so far, and if Sakura has any hope of ever being with Sasuke-kun again, she has to earn the rest and put them to flame so she can finally put this all behind her… as well as some revenge on Ino. 'It's all that matters,' Sakura reminds herself. 'It'll all be worth it at the end.'

When Ino grunts in frustration, Sakura returns her sharpening attention on the blond-disguised-blond. Sakura watches as Ino dispel the henge and stuffs her hand in her hotpants. The pinkette's mind begins to ask, 'is she' when it dons on her. Ino is masturbating in her bedroom, and like a ton of bricks falling on her, Sakura realizes Ino must be frustrated. Recalling the week and a half they've been fooling around, Sakura doesn't recall a single time Ino had her own orgasm. 'She must be super horny.'

Sakura may have thought to return the favor, however, she had a rational suspicion the next task for a photo is taking the large vibrator in her vagina and Sakura felt her world be tarnished that much more by her former friend and rival. So rather than help her out, Sakura states, "okaa-san's going to be here any minute so, if you can leave, I'd appreciate it."

Sakura couldn't help the smile on her face at the despondent look on Ino's face. She looks crushed, not that it lasted for longer than a second as Sakura knows Ino has too much pride to appear weak. Ino simply stands and grabs her things as she casually states, "of course. Tomorrow at mines. Kaa-san's closing so be there at five. That should give us plenty of time," Ino tells her devilishly and despite her one true love, Sakura's body pulses warmly at the thought of continuing this. She's had one of the best orgasms ever, and she can feel herself heat up for more.

Ino Henge's into Naruto again and Sakura feels it's so stupid. 'Does she really think I can't separate her in a disguise from the real thing?' Sakura will admit, in the beginning, training with the real Naruto after kissing the Ino version of him, was difficult. She was so distracted he landing any strike he wanted with ease. It was on the third day when her teammate helped her separate the two Narutos in her life. He was just so clueless. He may be a very strong shinobi of the Leaf, but he couldn't possibly know how to please a woman. It made her laugh at how dumb she's been acting and became normal around him again.

Still, laying flat on the bed, Sakura simply allows In disguised as Naruto to bend over, cup her jaw, and tongue her deeply for a long languid kiss. Ino departs quickly after, leaving a hot, sweaty, breathless Sakura laying in bed, bending and flexing her tingling toes.


Ino rushes over to Kurenai's home, more than ready to have that talk with Naruto, and finds the beautiful Jōnin-sensei and Hinata-chan having dinner instead. At Kurenai's request, Ino tried to hold out, but she just used the last of her batteries to give Sakura multiple orgasms, leaving Ino in wanton wanting and why suffer when she doesn't have to. It's not like she'll be this horny after her time with Sakura is up. 'This is just for now,' Ino's mind reasons, fully supported by her throbbing womanhood.

"Come in," Kurenai tells the girl at her door.

Rather than enter the comfortable home, Ino simply blurts, "I was hoping we could talk?" Ino hadn't thought of how mortifying it is to appear like a junkie in front of someone she admires a great deal.

It's evident to the trained Jōnin-sensei what Ino is talking about. 'Four days,' Kurenai's mind notes as the girl's tolerance. "We can talk after dinner. Come in. There's plenty."

Ino doesn't hear any room for negotiation and weakly nods before entering.

"Good evening, Ino-chan," Hinata sweetly greets.

Ino returns a weak smile as she takes her seat, returning, "hey, Hinata-chan." Ino did her best to appear normal but the stubborn throbbing never left. Still, it was quite pleasant to be around a kunoichi she isn't blackmailing. The shinobi world may have women in it but it's predominantly male; her teammates are male, her sensei is male, it's the same for Sakura and many other teams. Hinata-chan is the only team that has a second female in it and it makes her wonder why the minority shouldn't get together more often.

"Sorry for borrowing your sensei, Hinata-chan," Ino genuinely says at the door and.

Hinata just shakes her head, affirming, "it's okay. I have a lot of reading I would like to do."

"It's good you're training so hard," Ino tells her, enjoying the idea of more strong kunoichi.

Ino enjoys how deep her creamy skin blushes as she nervously bows and thanks her. "I'm sure it won't take long Hinata-chan," Kurenai tells her ward before they leave.

"Take your time," Hinata-chan conveys before locking the door behind her with a blue flash of previously invisible Fūinjutsu seals. Ino finds it an odd thing to have as not many clans use Fūinjutsu for home security anymore; too much upkeep and not enough specialists.


Hinata felt the choice creep up her spine like a sickness. On the one hand, this would be a good opportunity to help Kiba and learn who Ino-chan may be involved in. On the other, she would be betraying her sensei's trust and a good friend in Ino-chan. 'Sorry, Kiba-kun.' Turning around she mentally apologizes to Kiba-kun and heads to the study to read on Iryō-ninjutsu through the use of a Dōjutsu, like her Byakugan.


Walking toward Iruka's is a quiet affair and Ino feels like she's letting Kurenai-sensei down, but that's only because she can't explain the real situation. Kurenai herself seems calm, but that may simply be a mask as Ino can't imagine this would be an easy thing for a respectable Jōnin to facilitate.

'A Jōnin-sensei assisting two genin, who don't even love each other, in sex before marriage,' Ino muses with mild trepidation. 'If it ever got out, we'd easily be the talk of Konaha for years.'

After knocking on Iruka's door, the ever beautiful Haku opens the door wearing a pink and blue yukata and a pink and black apron to great effect. 'Aww,' Ino's mind coos at how adorable he looks. Ino almost wished Haku was Naruto's wife… then immediately blushes at the thought of asking this fantasy female-Haku if she can borrow Naruto to have copious amounts of sex with.

"Kurenai-san, Ino-chan, good evening," Haku greets, to which they return before asking for Naruto. "He hasn't come home yet," Haku tells them with a bit of worry. "I even made his favorite," the older boy sighs, but Ino only sees the fantasy female-Haku and coos, 'Awwww!'

"He must still be training," Kurenai quickly asserts to which Haku asks, "may I join you? I'd like to bring him a bento."

The understanding between student and sensei is to talk to Naruto in private, so Ino freaks when Kurenai answers, "that's fine."

When Haku excuses himself to prepare the food for eating out, Ino turns to Kurenai and quietly asks, "sensei, we could've brought Naruto his food. Haku-san doesn't need to come with us."

"I agree," Kurenai returns. "This may not be more than a hunch but rather than ask us to deliver it or have one of the clones deliver it, he asked to come along and that bugs me a little."

"What clones?" Ino curiously asks.

Kurenai opens the door and inside, Ino is stunned to find ten clones of Naruto all spread about the small home, studying books and scrolls or writing out seals. One clone is comically nervous as it practices stitching a quilt. "I hadn't learned about this until a few days ago," Kurenai tells the flabbergasted Yamanaka. "To my umpteenth surprise, he's—apparently—practically prodigious when it comes to Fūinjutsu."

"You're kidding!" Ino gasps, immediately thinking about the academy. "But he was- …the instructors' bias… After being told so many times he had no talent, he believed it."

"I had the strongest urge to hunt every single one of his instructors and torture their minds with never-ending horror for what they did to him," Kurenai murderously fumes, staring into the void and imagining making them pay. Snapping out of it, she adds, "for what they did as a sensei."

Slowly, Ino nods, adding, "I think I feel the same. How are they even allowed to continue teaching?"

"Naruto was the only one to receive this treatment, and," she sighs before finishing, "the Hokage believes the dye has long been cast. They've all received a letter of censure on their jackets."

"And that's it," Ino gasps.

"Even Naruto doesn't care all that much," Kurenai sighs.

Feeling murderous herself, Ino quietly voices with vitriol, "well, he should." Ino's anger shakes off the shock of witnessing hyper-aggressive learning. They all seem so focus and it truly makes her wonder what may have been if only one or two sensei were as nice to him as they were to her.

'I may have even developed a crush on him instead,' Ino happily muses, before realizing she's in a room with a lot of Narutos, and imagines all of them directing all their focus on some part of her body, touching her over and over, until she cums so hard she passes out. Hot and flushed, Ino rushes out of the room and house to inhale cool calming air and regains control of her hormones. She's mentally cursing Sakura when Kurenai steps close and asks, "would you consider speaking to a clinical professional?"

"No!" Ino shouts before regretting it. "Sorry. I mean, I know I'll be fine. I just need some time."

"Okay," Kurenai agrees and soon the three find themselves walking through the dark forest toward Naruto's training location. The trek is worse for Ino as they travel to the forest beyond Hokage monument, a fact that constantly reminds her about the first time she had sex with Naruto. Haku must've noticed how flush she looks because he cools the air around her with his kekkei genkai. After a grateful smile from Ino, it's not long until they find an odd waterfall.

The rapid cascade of plunging water is two stories tall and a quarter mile long with a wood platform at the middle for a line of Narutos. On the wood beam are a bunch of half-naked and wet Narutos double palming the rushing wall of water. Gazing at his wet muscular back… his glistening lower back… his moist, tense, powerful, lower back, and Ino immediately knows no amount of cold air from Haku is going to cool the aroused heat in her loins.

"…I think I should wait here," Ino cautiously tells an understanding Kurenai. Ino holds the food while Sensei and Haku meet the real Naruto. She can tell they're talking about something before Haku leaves, then Sensei and a dripping, half-naked Naruto walk over to her. None of the clones disperse as Naruto greets her with a wide grin, "hey, Ino-chan."

'Fuck,' Ino's horny mind cracks in gate-dropping surrender. Looking at his tan toned muscles glistening in the moonlight, a glazed-eyed Ino doesn't even bother averting her pupil-less eyes from visually drinking in his tight wet body, capitulating to her suffocating desire to fuck Uzumaki Naruto to death; that is until Kurenai snaps her fingers in front of Ino's face and asks with some amusement, "do I need to hose you down?"

Madly embarrassed, Ino shakes her head and gives Naruto his food before she begins. "Naruto, I need to ask a favor."

He's already slurping his flavor heavy ramen out of the extra-large container when he stops and replies, "sure, what is it?"

Kurenai remains near and quiet as Ino responds, "um, first, you need to think about it before you answer, okay?" He nods while he inhales his salty noodles. "What I want you to help me with is something that's normally done with someone you love…" Ino pauses to move past an especially maddening pang of lust. "And… and what I'm asking for can be a bad thing because I think about Sasuke-kun, and you think about Sakura. But I'm asking anyway, because… Because, for the moment, sometimes it's hard to get past what Choji did to me, physically I mean, and when that happens… when I get very very excited, you're the only person that can help me get through it."

Setting his plastic bowl to the side, Naruto curiously asks, "is that what happened Saturday?"

Blushing at the memory of the second time they've had sex, Ino hotly nods, answering, "uh, yeah."

"So, you want to keep doing that… with me," he seriously asks. "Even though you don't love me?" Nervously, Ino looks from a reserved Kurenai to curious Naruto before nodding, 'yes.' "Are you sure that's what you want? Wouldn't you rather be with someone you care about?"

"Of course I would," Ino answers with a bit of an edge, not exactly comfortable asking a guy to have sex with her as it goes against everything she believes in. However, she takes a breath and explains further, "love isn't really what this is about, though. It's basically asking a friend for help, only the thing I need help with isn't exactly decent. Not that it doesn't happen! Have you ever heard the term sex-friend?"

"Ino," Kurenai finally speaks, and she quickly realizes she's trying to sell him on the idea, which was discussed previously she would not do. Though unknown to Ino, Kurenai had already spoken to Naruto about the specifics of Ino's situation, and along with his worries for Ino's wellbeing, was his concern for his Nai-chan. Kurenai felt flattered he'd worry about her as well, however, she assured him this was only to help Ino, after which things would continue as before.

With a sigh, Ino continues, "look, Naruto, I don't hate you. I can't say I like you but that's only because I truly don't know you. The one thing about all of this I'm sure of is you aren't the sleazy sort of pervert who'd take advantage of me. You're a good person, and I don't know if we'll ever be real friends in the future, but… I do feel safe asking this of you. I feel like I can rely on you… which is more than I can say about a lot of people, so, if you say no, I'll understand-"

"Okay," Naruto calmly answers. "I'll help."

"Naruto," Kurenai calls. 'I only just told you three days ago,' she thinks as she verbally tells him, "you may want to think about this a little more. Sex comes with a lot of responsibility. As much as you may think it's strictly physical, there's always…" Kurenai shorts, momentarily dazed before she exhales and calmly finishes, "there's always the risk of incompatible personalities becoming emotionally attached to one another."

The blond genin regard one another before Naruto admits, "well, I can't say I know about all that." He chuckles as he adds, "I mean, you're both a hell of a lot smarter than me-"

"Says the Fūinjutsu genius," Ino retorts with a smirk.

Naruto chuckles. "I only mean, I do want to be friends, Ino-chan; real friends, forever if it's possible. And you're asking me for help." He grows pink in the cheeks as he adds, "I get this is more than just hanging out and laughing, and our emotions can make things confusing, but, I'm sure if we're really really honest with each other, it'll be okay. Oh, it's like in Fūinjutsu, you gotta plan a seal by breaking it down to smaller and smaller jobs with correlating redundancies, then connect the right numeral ciphers with the right arrays so the whole thing works out right, you know?"

Ino couldn't believe she isn't smart enough to understand what Uzumaki Naruto just said. 'Uzumaki Naruto!' her mind yells. 'It's like learning about Shikamaru all over again!'

"As in, the key to dealing with risk in missions, is honest communication," Kurenai simplifies with a smile. "The flashy moves aside, true ninja don't hope for the best. Success in every likely scenario is only possible if we communicate honestly about the good and the bad."

"Damn, right," Naruto whoops. "Ninja don't run from problems. No matter how hard it is, we figure it out. So, yeah, if I can help, of course I will."

Ino smiles at the ludicrous correlation between a field mission and sex. Humored, she remarks, "well… it may be proper etiquette for me to say thanks, but I think we can all agree you're the lucky one here."

With a tight smile, Kurenai informs them, "and Ino-chan will, of course, try to minimize the number of times you meet… so as to not risk any emotional complications."

"Hey, it's not like I'm the pervert here," Ino defends herself, acutely discovering just how weird this conversation is for her delicate views of real romance. "I'm only going to ask when I can't handle the urge. I'm sure I'll be fine once the month is out."

"Okay," Kurenai states with a nod. "If that's everything, I'm sure Naruto wants to get back to his training."

"Um," Ino interjects nervously, finding it extremely uncomfortable asking, "Is- is it okay… can we just… there's time, right?"

"Nope, not a pervert at all," Naruto smirks as he teases her.

More mortified than angry, a beet red blushing Ino lunges at him, repeatedly slapping his raised naked shoulders as he laughs. "Naruto-baka, I'm not a pervert! I'm suffering, there's a difference!"

Naruto laughs under her frail onslaught of embarrassed smacks and after a few moments, he expertly grips her descending wrist, twists her joint to force her into a spin and lock her movements while his free arm easily wraps around her soft chest, pressing her firmly into him. With one arm pinned behind her, rolling his semi-hard groin between her round twin cheeks, he whispers, hot in her ear, "and you need me to make it all better?"

Ino's entire body unexpectedly shudders at such an assertive move from him. Against his hot body, at his mercy to do with as he desired, he was less the blundering Naruto she remembers in the Academy and more the man who can bring her to a screaming orgasm. Her heart pumps blood outrageously fast and her sopping vagina was engorged with oven-hot arousal, twitching for him. Despite the Jōnin kunoichi she admires in front of them, Ino whimpered as her pert ass bucks against his rod on its own.

"Hey!" the three heard Haku's voice call from the tree line. The former Kiri-nin is walking toward them dragging a tied up Tenten behind him and Ino tenses.


"Until, we know more, I'm going to hide you both," the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha states before expertly using her highly tuned craft to hide Ino and Naruto from any senses of detection. Haku can see them disappear but as Tenten is being dragged, she couldn't and so asks Kurenai for effect, "where did they go?"

"Naruto's still training, and Ino-chan went home," Kurenai answers Haku despite visibly seeing Naruto still holding Ino-chan—she can tell he's rolling his forearm to massage Ino's ample bust. Kurenai isn't sure how she feels about this situation and that alone concerns her since she shouldn't be confused. She's already talked to Naruto about helping Ino in this capacity and she's seen plenty worse on missions, but the fact that this is Naruto with a younger girl is… confusing. The present anxiety comes from feeling like her head, heart, and loins are battling for supremacy of all future decisions.

'I can't have romantic feelings for Naruto,' she mentally asserts before hesitantly considering the perspectives of that certainty. 'I'm… not emotionally ready for a romantic relationship. What we have is physical. Naruto is… available and… exceedingly effective at satisfying me, so it would be inefficient to find a strictly physical relationship with another man since I already have him. That's all. He's comforting… he's my thick comfort,' a selfish side her mind voices.

A part of her analytical mind reasons if she were younger or he were older, there wouldn't be a problem, meaning the only real issue she has with him is his age and that makes her realize how far she's come. Several months ago, he would be too young, simple, and immature to even be considered as a possible first date, let alone love him. Now, he's just too young, and she gives him much more than a first date. It scares her how much further she may go with the boy.

As if exhausted by this continuous back and worth, her moral mind pitifully battles back, weakly yelling, 'he's too young!' However, Kurenai entertains the possibility that the more time she spends with Naruto, the more he seems to impress her.

'He just keeps surprising me,' her mind argues, as if it's not her fault she's feeling confused. How could she know he would take to Fūinjutsu the way he did? How could she know his drive to learn was ravenous, and with his clones, he's finishing scrolls faster than she can supply them. The Fūinjutsu he practiced on her home security impressed her every time she or Hinata came home. Even she couldn't completely grasp some of the seal arrangements he used and it infuriated her to no end how Naruto may have discovered this talent for such a monumental craft if only one of his Academy instructors didn't simply fail him on purpose.

Now Naruto is pleasuring another kunoichi in front of her, and Kurenai hates to admit, 'this bugs me. It shouldn't and I truly care for Ino-chan, but this bugs me.'

"Tenten," Kurenai calls to give her mind something else to focus on. Some of her talks with Naruto have been about Tenten's fixation on trying to buy Kubikiribōchō and so she asks, "can I assume this is about Kubikiribōchō?"

"Can you please untie me," Tenten gripes at Haku. "The wires are starting to dig into my skin."

Kurenai nods and Haku simply flicks his wrist to undo the ninja cables as she asks, "do I need to speak with Guy-sensei about this?"

"No!" Tenten calls getting on her feet and brushing the dirt and grass stains from her perky bottom. Though focused on the bun-haired genin, Kurenai notices Naruto still hasn't let Ino-chan go and her pupil-less blue eyes are closed as she slowly grinds her ass against Naruto's crotch. 'Oh, Kami please not here' Kurenai mentally begs. Despite seeing him every day, it's been three days since they've had a sex lesson and she's getting more and more restless. To now witness Naruto use his cock to remedy another girl's needs will only juice-up her own frustrations.

"I didn't-" Tenten tries before lamenting. "…Yes, it's about Kubikiribōchō, but I was only trying to gather more intel so I can come back with a better offer."

"Zabuza-sama has come across many trying to purchase Kubikiribōchō from him," an annoyed Haku explains. "They offered him millions of ryo, a harem of women, land and castles, and no matter how destitute we were, he never sold it. Just like Zabuza-sama, Naruto-kun will never sell, so please stop bothering us."

While Haku crudely chastises Tenten, Kurenai glimpses a somewhat forward bent Ino covering her mouth with both hands as Naruto's hand is under her purple skirt. Kurenai's nipples begin to harden when she realizes Naruto's fingering Ino in front of her.

Kurenai voices, "I'm afraid Haku is correct, Tenten," while trying to avoid staring directly at Ino's lustfully flushed face and lip-biting mouth. To Kurenai, teaching is the single greatest profession. After all, Jōnin know the true Hokage of the village are the future generations that will one day lead it, however, Kurenai had never thought she would feel a tentative thrill watching Naruto use sexual techniques she enjoyed teaching him on Ino-chan. Her relation with Naruto aside, it's her techniques putting that mindless vision of pleasure on Ino's face.

As a direct result of her sex lessons with Naruto, it's not a far leap for Kurenai to think, 'Kami, I put that pleasured smile and unfocused eyes on her face.' Kurenai felt her pussy grow humid as she continues. "You cannot continue to harass him like this. There isn't a price Naruto would willingly part Kubikiribōchō with."

"Please," Tenten calls. "Look, I know it's not just a sword to him, but it's not just a sword for me either. I'm a weapons specialist. I want to collect many of the most legendary weapons in all the five nations."

"While I sympathize, this is one weapon you will have to go without," Kurenai states as Ino moans gutturally deeply from behind her clamped hands as her powerful orgasm saps all the energy from her buckling legs. Naruto gently lays her down, whispering if she feels better, to which Ino lazily nods.

"Would he- Do you think he might let me train with it sometimes," Tenten tentatively asks making Kurenai absurdly wonder if Tenten wanted to train with Naruto's cock before realizing how unfocused she is. 'Calm down,' Kurenai mentally commands herself.

"I'm quite certain he wouldn't have a problem with that," Haku states before adding, "but I would. I'd rather keep you from the temptation."

"He has a point," Kurenai admits before unexpectedly locking eyes with a very aroused and hard Naruto. She knows what those eyes mean and her heart races as her mouth salivates in thrilling anticipation. "It's fairly clear you only want his sword-" Kurenai snaps her head away from Naruto's round bulge and clears her throat as she continues. She ignores Haku's smirk as she clears her throat and tells Tenten, "if we catch you again-"

"Wait! W-Would he be willing to accept a challenge?" Tenten desperately asks.

"Zabuza-sama happily accepted those," Haku states fondly. "Any excuse to cut someone down."

"You want to challenge him for the sword," Kurenai clarifies. The Jōnin-sensei draws in her beautifully arranged brows when Naruto takes Ino's hand and leads the trembling Yamanaka flower around Kurenai until they're directly behind her. As she can't see them nor can she move, Kurenai is curious about his plan until she hears his zipper clear as day. 'Wait! Wait!' Kurenai hears Ino whisper behind her. 'No one can see us,' Naruto responds to which Ino quickly refutes, 'Kurenai-sensei can still- Mnn!' "Ohh!" Naruto groans deeply, paired well with Ino's hand covered moan.

'Younger, smaller, she must be tighter than me,' Kurenai sadly admits right before she hears a dragging wet suction noise as Naruto pulls out. Kurenai feels her own love canal lubricate profusely as Naruto slams back in. "AHHHNN!" Ino moans before clapping her hands over her mouth.

Kurenai clearly hears muffled grunts and moaning in tandem with flesh smacking pumping as Tenten nods, answering, "if I win, I get Kubikiribōchō."

"Just out of curiosity what does he get if he wins," Kurenai asks, simply to ask anything. She can practically feel his rapid thrusts sloshing sharply in and out of Ino's tight drenched cunt. "Ahnn! Mnn! Mmm, mmm, mmmn," a rutting Ino moans despite the hands over her mouth. "Amazing! Amazing, ugh, ugh, mnng!" Naruto grunts right behind her as well as in her vivid memories.

"I…" Tenten pauses and it's evident that the girl hasn't thought this through. "May I talk to tou-san first?"

"If you really want him to accept the challenge, it would have to be a very good incentive," Haku states. "Do you own any spare houses?" "MMNN!" Ino moans loudly, losing any sense to stay silent. "That's… your spot, Ino-chan… You squeeze me so tight… when… I… hit… right… there!" "Ahh! AHHH! Ohh! Kami, Kami, Kami!" Ino continuously moans, escalating Kurenai's dripping yearning for her own deep tissue bruising.

Unaware of fornicating genin behind Kurenai, Tenten answers Haku, "aside from the apartment above the shop, we don't own any other property. But maybe my father can put up something good to offer! Please, just let me ask him first."

"While Zabuza-sama would be quite homicidal if Naruto-kun sold it, I don't think he'd mind if Naruto-kun accepted a challenge," Haku explains as Kurenai's ears are filled with Ino moaning and yelping in the throes of pleasure-smacking passion, "I'm going to- Ahn! I'm gonna! I'm gonna! Ahn! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Cumming!" Kurenai gasps a bit, feeling her own wet sex tighten with Ino's own powerful release.

Sensing Naruto pounding away throughout Ino's full-body release to reach his own climax, Kurenai's incredibly aroused mind and sex rush to tell Tenten, "speak with your father and I'll do the same with Naruto. Haku-kun if you can make sure she makes it back to the village, I'd appreciate it."

"Of course, Kurenai-san," Haku says and Tenten bows before leaving. With one final grunt, Naruto unloads his first load of piping semen, dragging out another long orgasm Ino's feeble quaking form.

When Haku and Tenten are gone, Kurenai turns around to find Ino's face flat against the ground, knees spread and under her so her twitching and spunk-coated ass is raised enough for Naruto to take her deeply. Naruto is pulling his large, glistening cock from her sopping wet snatch, creating sticky webs connecting the blonds until he stands up, then eyes her carnally with hooded glazed over eyes. Kurenai's knees buckle under his starving hunger, happily asserting, 'once isn't going to be enough for him.'

Kurenai stares back with what she can only imagine is the same hunger. Activating genjutsu to block a barely lucid Ino from hearing them, Kurenai still whispers, "I'll return Ino-chan home." Kurenai's eyes drop down to his throbbing, cum-covered cock and casually orders him, "don't wash off." Despite feeling extremely lewd, Kurenai couldn't bring herself to actually admit she wanted to lick their combined juices from the entire length of his thick meat pole. "You have twenty minutes to make your room completely sound-proof so I can scream as loud as I want while you fuck me into the mattress."

Both mutually driven for passionate satisfaction, they act like one mind. Naruto creates a clone—complete with raging boner—before dispelling it, sending the message to the clones at Iruka's to start on silencing the room. Kurenai cancels her genjutsu and helps Ino to her feet before cradling her princess style and sprints from the clearing.

Along the way, Ino, holding her twitching legs together and her trembling arms around Kurenai's neck, regretfully expresses, "I'm sorry sensei… first in your home and now doing that right behind you. I feel like I'm always apologizing to you for something."

"It was not very considerate of you both," Kurenai says with no animosity as she sprints through the forest. "But I'll forgive you this time. How are you feeling?"

"…too good," Ino blushes as she admits. Ino adds, "I feel like I'm floating and the world is made of flowers, chocolate, and puppies," making Kurenai feel bizarrely proud to hear—as proud as witnessing the achievements of any of her students. "I didn't think he would be so…"

"…so?" Kurenai tentatively asks, wondering if this is a train of thought she should really explore. Ino exhales cuddling deeper into Kurenai's warm embrace. The Jōnin-sensei reminds Ino, "this is the communication we probably shouldn't ignore."

"…Do you think it's possible to be in love with one person, but enjoy being with another?"

"'Being with another,' doesn't usually mean having sex with that person," Kurenai offhandedly mentions.

"I know, but," Ino starts then pauses before clarifying, "it's still a time and activity I'm enjoying that has nothing to do with the person I love."

Kurenai tentatively asks, "does it feel strange enjoying something so intimate that isn't with the person you love?"

"I guess so," Ino admits. "It could be the way Naruto triggers me, but…"

"If you and Uchiha-kun were in a relationship, then I'd say you need to have a frank discussion about where you are as a couple," Kurenai advises. "I do not, nor will I ever condone cheating. There is no excuse for betraying someone's emotional confidence."

"…But Sasuke-kun and I aren't together yet," Ino slowly admits. "And he may not be ready for a relationship like that for some time yet."

"I can't answer that question for you Ino-chan," Kurenai admits, thinking about her own situation in the same circumstance. "Acceptable loss and gains are different for everyone and only you can decide what you're willing to live with. Just think it through… even if it takes months."

They're close enough to the Yamanaka compound for Ino to walk the rest of the way and Kurenai sets her down. Before leaving, Ino admits to her in a low voice, "he's not bad, is he?" Kurenai looks at her curiously. "Naruto. He's not a bad guy at all."

"No," Kurenai agrees from deep in her own thoughts. "I don't believe he is." Ino is about to leave when Kurenai tells the girl, "write a diary, or log, or letter for your parents and seal it." At Ino's confusion, Kurenai clarifies, "should select people find out, he's going to catch hate faster than anyone in this situation. I'd rather he not be killed."

"Like a Black Scroll for my parents," Ino comments. Kurenai nods and they split up. She makes it to her home in record time, shamefully gives Hinata an excuse about a headache and going to sleep early, before grabbing a bottle of lubricant and escaping out from her bedroom. Rushing through Iruka's front door, Kurenai bids Haku a good night before closing Naruto's door behind her.

Kurenai finds him laying on his bed on his back, rubbing his temples. He must've dispelled either all or most of his clones. He had at least ninety training for half a day or longer. 'He must be in tremendous pain,' she thinks. Rather than dispelling them one at a time, he did it in twenty minutes… 'for me.'

Kurenai walks up to him and he only notices her when she sits on the bed next to by his waist. Red irises admiring his clean, whiskered face, in his pain, Kurenai smiles sympathetically, a gesture he weakly returns, compelling her to lean down and kiss him for his efforts. Instead, she twists leans over his crotch and unfastens his orange pants as she softly urges, "just relax Naruto. Your sensei's going to make you feel all better."

A weak smile barely spreads his cheeks but his hand slowly reaches for the wall. He summons his chakra and activates the black Fūinjutsu seals he carefully painted on each wall of the small room. Blue seals flare in the darkness of the room, stunning her in awe. However, Kurenai wonders about the seal's effectiveness when she clearly hears Haku walk up and knock on the door, asking if everything was okay. Naruto, then, deactivates his wall covered seal and weakly tells Haku, "it's just the seal. It masks us."

"Ah," Haku happily says. "Please, enjoy yourselves."

"Night Haku," Naruto states and reactivates the seal again.

Kurenai can clearly hear Haku leave, and asks, "we can hear outside, but no one outside can hear us?"

Rubbing his aching head, Naruto weakly answers, "yeah. Just in case…"

Amazed by his forethought, she mentally gasps, admitting to herself, 'it's like I can't fuck him enough.' She slides down his pants and boxers, freeing her favorite organ of bliss from its confines. Kurenai then takes off her own red fitted, long sleeve tee and her athletic white shorts, finishing her strip at her sexy seamless thong and bra.

Naruto is never flaccid when she's between his legs and half-naked, but considering the pain he's in, it's understandable. Kurenai takes his semen-dried phallus in her hand and tenderly tells him, "you know, Naruto, the reason I didn't want you to clean up, was because when I put your cock in my mouth, I want to taste Ino's cum when I lick you clean and suck you off." His young giant swells in her hand and Kurenai massages his hardening member as she asks, "do you remember when I explained how Dirty Talk is a great skill to have between partners, whether to instigate sex or during it?"

"Uh," he groans rubbing his temple. Kurenai feels his pain and continues rubbing his half erect penis with carefully measured strokes, targeting the sensitive meat flaps of his crown in hopes of making him forget the pain for the pleasure she's oh so eager to give him. "Um, you said we'd talk about it later, but I don't think we did."

"I think this is the perfect opportunity to practice," Kurenai tells him before taking his gentle hardness in her mouth. She sucks on his the shapely crown a few times before holding the pressure and licking his spongy head. Swirling her strong tongue around him she takes him deeper into her warm moist mouth. Her excited mind registers the perverse mix of Naruto and Ino's dried cum and laps his rigidness up for several moments until he's risen to the typical majesty he always satisfies her with. With one final popping suck, Kurenai strokes his clean saliva covered hardness as she explains, "most stay quiet in bed because they're afraid of saying something that'll make them look foolish, but as you know, it's good to communicate during sex so both partners can feel present, in the moment, and connected to one another."

Naruto smirks a moment before asking, "you don't mean like how you always moan, or beg, or say, 'more,' and, 'yes,' and, 'you're the best,' do you?"

He can't laugh at his soft verbal poke due to the pain, but he smiles weakly and though she doesn't wholly agree with his eye-rolling playful taunt, she just squeezes his moderately hard penis for a second, calling him a, "brat. But yes, it's more than that example. Dirty talk is a different form of connection that's very personal."

Rubbing his temple with his eyes closed, he asks, "so, what's the best way to talk dirty?"

"Above all else," Kurenai starts, circularly thumbing between the main two hardening muscle of the underside of his shaft; just playing with his appendage at this point. "We have to feel comfortable, no matter what we say. As an example, I could say I'm your Hokage now, and you must address me as Hokage-sama." Kurenai is happy to feel him get harder at that. She rewards his crown with lusty licks before sucking his head to a wet pop. "Mnn…Or you could make me beg for permission to cum. 'Naruto-sama, I can't hold it any longer! Please, won't you let me cum? You make me want to cum so bad!'"

Though his brow is still drawn together, his smile is wider now as he asks, "can I call you a dirty name?"

In between licking, she asks, "like what?"

Nervously he answers, "like… a slut?"

Kurenai stops and turns to him, the length of his meaty thickness pressed against her perfectly attractive face. "Do you think I'm a slut?"

"No!" he answers sitting up. "No, I don't think that at all!"

"Naruto," she calmly says with a smirk. "This isn't about being shy or apprehensive- er, afraid. Those feelings have no place when talking dirty. You have to be just as confident as when you tell people you're going to be the Hokage-"

"Best Hokage, ever," he clarifies to her wide smile and she's happy to see he's starting to feel better.

"Exactly," Kurenai happily acknowledges. "This is about being risky and accepting of one another's imagination. It's fantasy, like when you henge. We both know I'm not a slut, but in the moment, when we're both incredibly aroused and high on sex, it can be extra thrilling to imagine that I am your cock-hungry slut, who can't live without your cum. Or you're my pet who does what I want, when I want, how I want."

"…Fantasy," he mutters looking deep in thought, as if the word sparked something in his memory banks.

"It's a great way to reach a new level of erotic intimacy."

Naruto takes his shirt off. Moving away, she watches him arrange the pillows before laying back, so he's elevated enough to see her without having to strain his neck. Though his head still ached with obvious discomfort, Naruto's face changes as his voice commands, "Nai-chan, come here." A little taken by his calm yet staunch directive, an amused Kurenai slowly advances, making certain her breast dragged from thigh to chest. When her head is an inch above his, he commands her, "you're not naked enough, Nai-chan."

At the sight of his thick mast rearing to go, Kurenai smiles and plays along, slowly removing her seamless panties and bra before straddling his crotch.

"Where does my cock go, Nai-chan," he confidently dares her. Smiling wider, her humid palm takes his extremely hard shaft by the base and she lines him perfectly with her sodden snatch. His countenance is half pained and half aroused as he gazes her beautifully nubile body slowly descend on his long thickness, spreading her slick line into a wide oval. Kurenai shuts her eyes tight as his striking crown kisses her cervix, and still, there's more length to his girth. Naruto takes her forearms and pulls her to him, bending her at the waist while she tightens deliciously around him.

"Mnnnn," Kurenai moans as his left hand massages her reactive scalp while his right traces her jawline, caressing her cheek and neck. They so close when she thinks to kiss him, he roguishly asks her, "when I was all the way inside of Ino-chan, like how I'm deep inside you now, I did what you taught me."

Smiling despite half her focus on his pulsing and jerking prick, she dares him to be perfect at talking dirty on his first try by asking a daring question. It isn't the first time she expects him to be perfect right at the beginning because Kurenai understands this is how he learns. He makes mistakes once maybe twice before he gets better, and though it may not be romantic, it's fortunate for them this relationship doesn't depend on romance. With a bit of a pout, she asks, "was she better than me?"

To her surprise, he smiles but he doesn't answer right away. Instead, he rolls her over so he's on top of her before gripping the underside of her knees and raising them, gradually adding to the moist tightness, then hooking her long toned legs over his shoulders. Deep inside her tight, sodden, hot, center, he flexes his raging hardness, and as if by some command, her moaning body softens even further, taking the rest of him in as Kurenai groans loudly through clenched lips.

Face to face, the tip of Naruto's nose presses against Kurenai's when he finally answers, "that's the wrong question."

"Mnn…" Kurenai moans feeling the vibrations of his words as her eyelids flutter open. With her legs flush over his shoulders, his hands have free reign to massage and knead her pliant round orbs, manipulating her soft tissue to add to the pleasure of his intimate stuffing. 'Kami, I'm so fucking wet,' she mentally yells as she fights his bone-deep heat and her heightening arousal. Kurenai asks in a breathy and shaky voice, "then- mmnn, w-what's- the ummnn, right question?"

Rolling her stiff pink nipples between his middle and index fingers as he massages her fleshy chest languidly, he softly asks, "you want to know?" And she can feel his breath on her flush cheek, eliciting goosebumps to travel down her neck and back.

"MMn-hhmm," she moans, eyes closed and rubbing her face against his, adding clearly, "yes."

He moves his face away, withdrawing his thick rod as he gazes at her flush figure below him and demands her to, "beg."

"Please, Naruto- AAH!" Kurenai groans as Naruto slams back into her with ease, stuffing her completely.

"Please, Naruto-sama," he demands as he pulls out and pistons back in.

"Please," Kurenai tries again as he starts zeroing out of her before completely filling her creamy nook again. "Naruto-sama, ahn, haah, MMN! Tell me- uhn, teach me what the ahn! Right question isszz!"

Picking up his pace, Naruto can feel himself become mindless to the hyper-pleasant feeling taking over as the ledge of his penis-head vibrates incredibly against the slick ribs of her hot tightness. His abs and inner thighs tingle as he nears release, yelling out, "such a good girl, Nai-chan!"

"Aahhn, aahn, ahhh! I'm your good girl, Naruto-sama," Kurenai moans as her hands find his nipples and playfully rubs at his hard nips.

"The question," he starts as he builds the buzzing pleasure of wet hot friction. "You should be asking… is was her pussy… made for me?" He struggles to speak as he pounds deep into her amazingly wet center with long angled strokes, moving closer to forgetting this lesson in favor of happily releasing his eager man milk inside her.

"AHH, Naruto!" Kurenai moans loudly as the power of his thrust increase, making her once again marvel at his crazy staying power. Pulsing powerfully, her muscle tense and quiver as she meets his every thrust eagerly. Neck, jaw, trapezius muscles begin to spasm up and the taunt curvature of her back and down her toned legs burn in anticipation.

Losing his higher brain function, Naruto can barely demand, "ask- haah! Ask me- uooh, if her pussy was made for me!"

"MMn! Was her tiny pussy- Ahn! Made for your- Ahhnn! AAhhnn! AAhhn- Magnificent cock- Kami! Naruto-sama!?" Kurenai feels her leaking walls shaking and her toes start to curl under the monumental anticipation of a powerful release. "Was her pretty pussy AHH, made for you?!"

"Not yet!" he grunts. "My pretty little Nai-chan… needs to teach her how to please me! Mng!"

Kurenai recites her own prayer before her kingdom cums. "I'm almost- AH! Naruto-sama, I'm almost-"

He yells, "say no one wants my dick more than you!" as he feels the fuse has been lite. Naruto is witless as he rushes to his monumental climax.

Kurenai feels like she's going to suffocate in pleasure as she bangs her sweaty head against the pillow, screaming, "no one wants your dick more than meeeeeee!"

"…this pussy belongs to me!"

Th- Thi- thhiisssss pussssy be- belongs to- to- ah! You!"

"Say… my cum… belongs in your cunt!" Naruto slams forward diving in as deep as he could go before his balls lurch tightly before rupturing monstrously inside her.

Kurenai tries, "your cummmmm AAHN belongs in- in my cunnnnnnt," before her enormous pleasure coil snaps. "CUMMM, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMMMMMIEE!" Feeling his massive amount of molten baby cream hasten to fill and drown her pink cavern, her loud wails chokes to silence with her wide tongue-out mouth in raptured pleasure and her midnight mane is matted to the sweaty feverish skin of her pleasure contorted face. As her quaking quim wraps and pulls in his massive semen spewing shaft, their bodies, wrecked with waves upon waves of mind-altering euphoria hold each other for dear life.

It takes them many minutes to finally come down from their amazing high to which a huffing Naruto can only comment, "wow!"

"That… haah, was a very good start," answers with a satisfied grin as she catches her breath.

"The research I tried to do before you agreed to teach me was more like that," Naruto admits. "There's a lot of that bossy kind of stuff in those books I read. I guess they came in handy after all."

'Kami I hope it wasn't a little orange book,' Kurenai thinks, preferring not to ask. "Well, don't be afraid to push it further. Remember, it's only a fantasy between two consenting partners."

"Fantasy," he repeats with a soft chuckle. At her curious red eye, he takes her in his strong arms, brings her even closer and answers her silent query, "Nai-chan, you're the hottest, smartest, most caring woman I get to have sex with… I get to cum inside of… I get to kiss and hold. Who cares about fantasy when real life is a thousand times better!"

Touched to the point of being tongue-tied, Kurenai struggles to say, "…Thank you… Naruto."

"Shesheshe," he chuckles. "You don't have to thank me."

"No," Kurenai abruptly declares, staring deeply into his baby-blue eyes. "Thank you for not being a horrible person… for being a wonderful student, for asking me to be your sensei. I know this isn't love, but every day I grow just a little more… blessed, I guess, to have this with you."

Though his lips rush to meet hers, his haste was only to close the distance. Once his nose is beside hers, Naruto slows to just before their pillowy soft flesh meet. Kurenai can feel his presence like a second skin; his heat, his breath, his sweaty musk mixing with her own. He was suffocating and when his moist lips finally pressed fully against her, the emotions behind them felt like she could breathe. He opened his mouth against hers, pushing all the while until she rolled to her back, opening her mouth to happily surrender all the moist access he wanted.

In that moment, she gave him everything, but Kurenai also returned just as much affection, just as much tongue, just as much heart all the while his right hand found a home in her lush ebony locks, massaging and gripping, pulling her head in or tilting her the way he wanted with a slow yet vigorous need for more. His left hand ran up and down her body, kneading and massaging her breast to her mewling delight as her own hands' massage and hold him flush to her. Her toned legs spread and wrap around his ass, ensuring he doesn't leave her.

Though he was rock hard and throbbing against her protruding love button, the lovers were content to build this affection with the deep kissing and skin-to-skin adhesion. Kurenai can feel how different this union was than all the others. It felt more intense with emotional vulnerability. The intimacy was more than just physical and she knew how much more when he breaks their slow kiss to gaze affectionately in her red irises. He didn't break eye contact for even a moment as his hand descends, takes hold of himself and slowly guides it to her sodden entrance.

Naruto was so slow and so wholly connected to her, Kurenai grew scared—his eyes felt like looking directly at a sun made of affection. Kurenai was scared and when he slowly spread her tight sex, she shuddered, like expelling a cold breath on a hot day. Her eyes prickled with moist heat as his thick rod slowly spread her small sodden closure wide. Kurenai gasps breathlessly as he rearranged her quivering insides, and despite being fully inside her, they never break eye contact, even when tears flow down the sides of her face. He looked so fascinated to see her, and in defiance of her fear, she couldn't look away.

Pulling out added to the building emotional pleasure. His throbbing manhood already brings out the highest peak of physical satisfaction, and now, Naruto—the person—is within range of her sensitive heart. It's beginning to feel like more…

Impassioned by the depth of their connection, Kurenai's drenched womanhood instinctively sucks him in when he drives back to her very core, making him grown as her tight pussy memorizes ever vain of his pulsing thickness. The sex was gentle, yet passionate, making them breathe and sweat just as heavily as any other of their vigorous sessions. His every thrust felt so near to loving, a tearful Kurenai could only squeeze him with arms and cunt as her overly sensitive pleasure system shorts and snaps with system-wide bursts unconditional bliss.

"Na- Naruto… AHH! AHNN! I'm about cum! AHn! You're going to make me cum! MMMN!"

"Let- Let me see…" Naruto asks, gripping her sweaty face with both hands while his hips continued his languid pumping. He gazes at her lovingly, begging softly, "let me see," as his contorted face confesses his own raw pleasure. It was his clear, sky-blue eyes staring deeply in her red eyes that did her in and he was right there with her. Her convulsing vaginal walls snapped around his fully sheathed shaft as they climax powerfully together, rocking and jerking as they desperately hold one another. Impossibly, it was new heights of euphoria made all the more perfect when she feels him unload his enormous load of hot semen in her quaking womb.

They rest in satisfied embrace until their breathing evens and then longer than that when they hear a knock at the door. Neither move, though they pay attention as Haku exits his room and opens the front door of Iruka's home. Kurenai isn't as surprised as Naruto is when they hear Haku lead Tenten into the living room.

They hear Haku state, "it's rather late Tenten-chan."

"Where's Naruto-kun," Tenten asks looking around.

"How do you know where Naruto-kun lives," Haku asks.

"I said I love investigating," Tenten says by way of answer. "I followed him once. I wasn't expecting him to live in Iruka-sensei's home but I guess it's better than that crap apartment that's about to be foreclosed on." Though Tenten is proud of her detecting skills, Haku remains silent and disinterested. "Earlier you asked about any property and I'd already checked his home address and found- Anyway, I talked with my father-"

"Naruto-kun hasn't decided whether to accept your challenge or not," Haku interrupts.

"Well, I wanted him to know as soon as possible," Tenten starts with a passion. "My father and I are offering to be his personal shopper for all his market needs. So rather than going to shops who overcharge him, I'll do all his shopping for him, and we'll even cover fifteen percent of the cost."

"Seventy-five percent," Haku sweetly counters.

"Tch," Tenten sputters. "Twenty-five."

"Seventy-five percent," Haku coolly maintains.

"Hey now," Tenten calls. "You can't expect us to cover seventy-five percent of all his market expenses for the rest of his life over one wager."

"In fact I can Tenten-chan," Haku says. "The only way Zabuza-sama accepted a challenge is if the challengers, or the proxy they paid to fight in their place, put their life on the line. In that way, he could delight in feeding Kubikiribōchō their still-warm blood. Naruto-kun will likely be opposed to killing you, and since he's not a materialistic person, there's very little you can offer him that he would truly need. So, seventy-five percent."

Tenten is silent for several long seconds, long enough Kurenai and Naruto hear Haku move to the door when the bun-haired kunoichi calls out, "fine! Seventy-five percent! But if I win, Kubikiribōchō is mine!"

"I will pass along your challenge and stakes to Naruto-kun," Haku politely tells the clearly irate girl. "If that is all…" After Naruto and Kurenai hear Tenten leave, Haku stops just outside of Naruto's door. Naruto deactivates his Fūinjutsu and they clearly hear Haku ask through the door, "if she soured your time together in any way, we can make her pay."

As if recalling what they were doing before Tenten's arrival, Kurenai can feel Naruto's cum coated cock stiffen from within her as Naruto calls out, "she didn't."

Kurenai holds in her moan as Naruto's incredible cock swells magnificently, stretching her sensitive and slick walls to her golden limit while Haku asks, "will you be accepting her challenge?"

"Mmnn," Naruto hums in thought as leans up. "Naruto, mmn!" Kurenai's whisper is cut off when Naruto pulls out of her. He sits on the bed and pulls her to straddle his soaked crotch as he asks, "when Zabuza-jiji comes back, won't he just fight whoever has his sword?"

Leaning up as he props himself up on his arms, Naruto has a wonderful view of a glistening, sexy, thoroughly debauched Kurenai straddling his hard dick. Her knees are bent against the mattress, allowing her to lift her round ass and impale herself on his pulsing member if she wanted, but until the seal is reactivated, she won't do it. Naruto engages his core muscles to steady himself so he can take her soft breasts in his hands and mouth as Haku answers, "yes, I'm sure he will."

Kurenai's hands hold his shoulders, unsure if she wants to push him away so he can finish his conversation with Haku, or stay quiet while allowing the pleasure of his sucking and thorough ministrations to continue. Naruto's mouth pulls her breast with the strength of his suction alone until there's a wet pop as the pressure seal of his lips unfastens around her stiffly throbbing teat and her perfectly shaped mammary jiggles back into its perky place. Naruto asks around Kurenai's withheld moan, "and probably kill them?"

"Yes, I expect he would," Haku answers.

Naruto considers what that would mean for anyone possessing Kubikiribōchō as his hands continue to lavishly massage the silent Kurenai's soft, pliant globes, until he finally answers, "I guess I'll accept the challenge, but rather then the shopping stuff, I'd prefer she never challenge me for the sword again. I don't know if I'll win but I definitely don't like the idea of her facing off against Zabuza-jiji."

Naruto pinches Kurenai nipple making her shut her eyes tightly and hold in her moan as Haku returns with clear amusement, "your decision isn't surprising. I understand. Have a good night Naruto-kun, Kurenai-san."

"Night Haku," Naruto calls, drawing chakra to his free palm, but before he activates the seal, he looks at a silently heaving Kurenai. Naruto tilts his head toward the door, as if to say, 'say good night too.'

Kurenai rolls her eyes before capitulating. "Good nigh-KYAAHH!" she shrieks after Naruto pinches and pushes in her pert nipple, jiggling her whole breast in tandem with the pinch just like she taught him.

"'Kyahh,' she cries," a surprised Naruto happily guffaws.

Incredibly embarrassed, a much more girly Kurenai cries, "Naruto!" she calls smacking him in his defensively raised shoulders as he laughs. " Don't! Embarrass! Your- Kyahh!" she screams as he pinches her perfect butt.

"The great Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha can 'Kyahh,' just like all the other gorgeous girls," he playfully mocks as he laughs during their playfully battle in bed.

In her soft ire, Kurenai bemoans cutely, "Moh! Don't expect me to forgive you for thi-" she's cut off when he grips by her elegant neck and lowers her to his happy lips. "Mnnff!" she moans, and he doesn't let up until she sinks farther and farther into the sweetness of it all, kissing him back just as happily.

At some point, he activates the Fūinjutsu around the room and she hopes it was before he started thrusting into her, ripping out loud moans as she rode his wild cock. Kurenai was happy to spend the rest of the night rutting on her back, on her knees, and against the wall, filling her spectacularly in either rectum or womb to more and more orgasms. However, in spite of the copious amount of semen inside her, Kurenai eventually leaves Naruto's bed, feeling lighter than she's felt in some time. It was more than a physical bliss. There was serenity as well. What she has with Naruto may not be accepted, but it gave her peace and that's worth defending.


"Well," Dānyī asks as his daughter settles down next to him at their workbench.

"He'll tell him," Tenten tells her father as she takes a shuriken from the bin ahead of them and helps sharpen them to practiced perfection.

"Wonderful," he happily calls, sharpening with more energy.

"But…" she pauses when he stops. Tenten can already feel his disappointment when she takes a deep calming breath before informing him, "I know you said don't go higher than thirty-five percent, but I had to, or Haku-san wouldn't take it to Naruto-"

"How much?" He cuts her off, setting the sharp object down.



"Five," Tenten weakly finishes.

"Seventy-five!" Dānyī yells, pushing off his stool to move away from his daughter. He whirls around, calling in disbelief, "Ten! How could you do something so stupid!"

"Tou-san," Tenten tries, standing to meet her disappointed father. "We aren't in an optimum position to bargain. They know they don't have to trade with us, which means we have to do whatever we can to bring them to the table. If Naruto accepts the challenge, all I need to do is win, and we get Kubikiribōchō free and clear."

"You better," her father warns. "Because I have no intention of honoring such blatant theft, especially with that fucking demon!"

"I'll win," Tenten emphasizes with a hint of desperation. "You'll see. Guy-sensei believes we're ready for the Chūnin exams and I have a year over him. I think I can beat a genin a few months out of the Academy."

Dānyī turns to his daughter and for the first time ever, unleashes his killing intent on her, asking with seething hate, "can you kill him?"

Despite eying her father, a shaking Tenten takes a step back, voicing through the stunting fear, "I- Tou-san… I… hah… don't… need to kill him."

Seemingly satisfied, Dānyī lowers his long-unused killing spirit, stating, "this is your last week, Ten. All that time you spent investigating, did you happen to learn why he has Kubikiribōchō?"

Breathing a little easier, Tenten slowly answers, "no. The log for that day showed seven teams entering the Hokage tower but only six missions were logged for public record. Which of course doesn't make sense since all missions are logged, whether successful or not."

Looking out the window, Dānyī roughly replies, "that simply means something happened that we don't know about."

"If it did, it was more than likely because of Uchiha-kun," Tenten argues. "I know that Kakashi-sensei and Uchiha-kun left for some special training. If I had to guess, it has something to do with his eyes."

Turning to face her daughter, with hard eyes Dānyī rigidly asks, "then why does the demon brat have Kubikiribōchō?"

Feeling slightly crushed under the displeasure of her father's little eyes, Tenten weakly postulates, "the only thing I can think of that makes any sense is Uzumaki and Haku stole it, but without asking them, it's only a guess."

"We've struggled every day since the Kyūbi attack. Rather than stay, and put in the hard work it takes to rebuild our destroyed business from the ground up, she left. Your mother left because she'd rather live the easy life." Dānyī eyes her with such vitriol, Tenten wonders if he even sees his own daughter before him. Dānyī warns her, "don't do the easy thing and hesitate, Ten." His eyes are hard and she can't shake the feeling that he's suffering in some way because of her. "I don't care if you kill him, just don't hesitate for a second," he finishes.

"I- I won't," she replies earnestly and he leaves her to finish sharpening the boxes of the shuriken on her own. Alone with her thoughts, a placid Tenten doesn't think about her woes. It's because she's spent a year with her three impressive teammates, that she discovered her one true concern, and it had nothing to do with her mother, her father, and the business.

It wasn't her mother. Tenten had already spent a good amount of her youth shooting at targets thinking of the woman who birthed then left her. However, after learning of Neji's family, she eventually came to the conclusion that this woman who apparently looks like her, quite simply ran away with another man, and as callous as it may sound, the fact is, her mother wasn't coming back. After learning of Neji's family, Tenten couldn't help but ask herself, 'why dwell on a woman's who's not coming back?' The bun-haired brunette didn't need to consider more than that rationality to move on.

Tenten doesn't think about her father; not truly. Stress and anxiety in the body throws off her pinpoint accuracy, which she will not allow. While it's upsetting that he's so upset with her, she also knows everything will be alright after she wins Kubikiribōchō. So, since it's pointless to waste energy on useless, round-about what-if scenarios, she focuses on winning. Attaining that sword is the only solution she will give any thought to.

Tenten wasn't worried about the challenge either. Though she's very curious how he managed to gain the legendary weapon, Tenten doesn't spend much contemplation on Naruto-kun's skill level. He's a rookie genin and she's sparred dozens of times against Lee-kun, Neji, and Guy-sensei by this point. 'He's a close-range fighter who's probably never dealt with a long-range type before.' At least not a long range of her caliber.

As she sharpens the shurikens to perfection, she instead wonders, as she often does, about her place, not only within her team but within her village as well. It's the constant and reoccurring source of wonderment for her. Despite not having any ability in ninjutsu, Lee-kun knows exactly what his goal is and works harder than anyone she's ever seen to reach it. Though dour, Neji is simply a genius who obviously doesn't share her concerns. Even her sensei is a major threat. Tenten is so different from her team, from her village, it's often left her wondering if she's trying hard enough, or worse, if she's even good enough.

She'll never admit how childish her dreams of rescuing whole villages or kidnapped Daimyō with her impressing skills as a kunoichi are. It's not that she isn't confident in her ability, but she can't help but feel the reality of her skills don't align with her fantasy, and that very concern is always at the forefront of her mind. Every day, among her teammates, she can't help but wonder, 'am I good enough?' Kubikiribōchō can change that. Kubikiribōchō can change her. To be better—to be the best—is all she wants; for her team, village, father but more importantly, for herself. It's the very reason why she won't hesitate to beat Uzumaki-kun.

Emotionally, Kurenai is closer. Ino is behind her but following in the same direction.

Tenten has always struck me as a kunoichi in a similar position as Sakura(stronger teammates and wanting to be stronger), but I always liked her. She didn't seem bitter, or unkind, but she wants to be one of the strongest kunoichi in history, and I can admire that. Since we don't know much about her family and she never mentions them, I reasoned her need to prove herself might've come from her own personal drive, possibly an extension of a less than stellar home rather than a wonderful and stable home environment. Like someone who only has their job because nothing else fulfills them as much.

Oh, Haku, you confusing cutie!

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much for all your support and comments. Have a great one,


PS. I didn't want to mention this at the beginning of my notes but another reason for the delay is Game of Thrones really gutted me. I was all about Season 8, ready to proclaim to all how amazing the season finale was... now I feel so sad and horribly depressed. I couldn't even write. If you still love it, I think that's great and I'm jealous, but, I just can't anymore.

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