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A different hunger forces Naruto and Kurenai from his thoroughly soiled bed and into the kitchen. As everything in Iruka's kitchen is mostly expired, they decide having dinner in her house would be best. Fortunately, it's Saturday and Hinata is staying in her compound. Though Kurenai is thrilled by the idea of shower-sex, her vibrating body needs rest and thus after separate showers, they walk to her house.

Along the way, Kurenai senses it's safe to ask the blond, "Naruto, why is it that you never mentioned Ino-chan before?" The boy leaps a few feet in the air in clear panic, groaning nervously before Kurenai adds, "I was able to speak with her recently, is why I'm asking. You always mention your teammate Sakura-chan, but you've never mentioned Ino-chan."

Relaxing some, Naruto nervously answers, "did she say it was okay? To talk about it? Because she sooo didn't want me to bring it up… to anyone! Said she'd kill me if I ever did."

Kurenai can sense the disconnect. Clearly, he's referring to something specific, whereas Ino-chan felt like she was abhorrent to the idea of their pairing… 'or was that it?' she wonders, leading her to ask Naruto, "is she why you wanted me to teach you how to make girls feel good? Because you didn't make Ino-chan feel good?"

"I guess," Naruto admits, growing confused. "I can't really say, you know? I didn't know what I was doing and she… she was just so… I don't know. I thought we both liked it at the time, but then she said she didn't, so I was super confused."

Kurenai can't quite believe what he's alluding to without explicitly saying it and so tries, "the kiss?"

"The kissing, normal sex, anal sex; everything," he plainly admits. Kurenai is absolutely stunned as he continues. "She was my first, you know? I think I was her first too… even though I'm pretty sure she loves Sasuke-teme just as much as all the other girls do. I just don't get why she picked me and then said she hated it after," he glumly admits.

"She…" Kurenai didn't know where to begin, mentally gasping when she realizes this boy is just a bottomless pit of surprises. 'The heiress of the Yamanaka clan… wow,' she mentally gasps before finally communicating, "Naruto, as a woman I might be able to better understand her if I could ask you a few more questions."

"Really?" Naruto asks. "Oh, yeah, you totally could! Ask away!"

"Tell me about the time before it happened," Kurenai starts. "Essentially everything leading up to it." Naruto then explains the flower petal and Ino's desire to look for the flower; meeting her and walking through the forest; suddenly being jumped by her and her begging him to have sex.

"We did it for a while," Naruto explains fondly. "And at the end, she yells at me to never tell anyone and that she'd kill me if I did, which is why I'm super relieved she told you. This's been bugging me for a while," he tells her with a smile, and Kurenai feels a twinge of remorse for tricking this monumental secret from him. But she also worries others may learn of her secret just as easily. "So can you tell me why she was so upset? Did- Did I do something wrong?"

Kurenai couldn't answer him. She needed more information, especially since Ino-chan was acting suspiciously. "You know Naruto, if Ino-chan felt she made a mistake, she may not want to think about it, and being around you would have the opposite effect; it would make her think about it more. I don't mean to say you are a mistake, but if Ino-chan was sure she wanted to be with you one minute and then unsure the next, she would want to take some time for herself to understand why she did what she did. I feel she may have yelled at you so she could have some space to properly sort out her feelings."

"…Wow," Naruto marvels at the woman's explanation. "You think so?"

"Women can be very attuned to their emotions," Kurenai explains. "Sometimes it takes time to sort through them or they leave us very confused."

"So, does that mean she hates me," Naruto gently asks.

"I personally don't believe so," Kurenai tries. "She could've made some horrible claims if she actually hated you, but you may need to ask her to be sure. I would say wait until she approaches you."

"Has that ever happened to you?" He adds, "being confused about your feelings, I mean?"

At the unexpected query, she turns to him stunted in response for a few moments. Before she can answer, she spots Asuma waiting at the very end of the street in front of her home. At the sight of him, Kurenai feels less confused but more than that, she feels a great need to do what he couldn't and be honest. "Naruto… I'm sorry, but I tricked you. Ino didn't actually tell me about the two of you."

Whipping around, pained he yells, "WHAT?!"

Kurenai steps in front of him. "After meeting you both, I could tell there was something but I didn't know what exactly," she tells the betrayed and scared boy. As Asuma starts walking toward them as Kurenai continues to tell Naruto, "listen, I know what I did was wrong—I know that—and I do feel bad about it, but as a sensei, I also want this to be a learning experience for you. Those closest to us are in the best position to hurt us." She can sense she still has time before Asuma reaches them and adds, "I personally say, 'it's good to trust, but it never hurts to test.' I understand if you don't like me very much. I just don't want you to regret trusting someone one shouldn't. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

"I- I don't hate you," he slowly responds as his mind floods with images of a crying Ino. "But what about Ino-chan?"

"I'll take full responsibility," Kurenai says as Asuma closes in. "Besides, I have to talk to her anyway-"

"But she doesn't want anyone to know!"

"I know, Naruto, but in this case, something just isn't right. This is suspicious," Kurenai answers him. "Don't worry, this isn't your fault. Trust me, I'll fix this and... and I think you're going to like how I make it up to you. You have my word." Pink-cheeked with a wild imagination, Naruto slowly nods as soon as Asuma shows up.

"Naruto-kun," Asuma calls with a hint of familiarity.

Distracted with fantasies of how the beautiful woman might make it up to him, Naruto simply answers, "…hey Asuma-nii."

Curious by the personal name, Kurenai turns to the gruff Jōnin who answers with a shrug, "I've seen him around Otou-sama's office often enough."

Shaking her head astounded at the ease by which Naruto knows the Hokage, she turns to Naruto and relays, "you can head in first, Naruto-kun. I'll only be a moment."

"Actually," Asuma calls. "If we're talking dinner, I wouldn't mind joining you. Kakashi talked to me about lending a hand. It seems Naruto-kun and I are both Fūton users." Naruto is still upset about outing Ino, but is enthused enough to smile as Asuma adds, "why don't I show you some stuff later."

"…Okay," Naruto agrees before turning to Kurenai. "I'll eat at Ichiraku's Kurenai-chan. See ya."

After Naruto disappears, Asuma asks with a bit of a smirk, "Kurenai-chan?" Kurenai rolls her eyes and thanks Kami he hadn't said, 'Nai-chan.' "Never thought I'd see the day you'd be so casual with Genin."

"As if he'd listen," Kurenai returns with a hint of exhaustion.

Asuma chuckles, nodding as he says, "he still calls Otou-sama, 'Ji-chan.'"

"How did that even happen," Kurenai can't help but ask him, even though she's worried about falling into easy conversation with him. Her heart both hums and aches at the idea of talking to him again. Fortunately, her recuperating body's too exhausted to do more than buzz in the glow of some great fucking.

"Can't really say," Asuma states with a casual shrug.

Instantly recalling what Kakashi told her, she grows annoyed enough to sharply ask, "can't or won't?"

His shoulders tense a moment and Kurenai knows he wants to smoke, but he won't. He knows she's never liked it and he wants to be on her good side. With half a smile, the gruff man admits, "I should've been the one to tell you."

'When?' is right on the tip of her tongue, but with a great effort, she holds from continuing this argument. It's pointless and changes nothing. "What's it matter," she tells him, beginning to walk around him.

"Kurenai," he speaks, taking her hand as she passes. "Genma was supposed to… It all sounds like excuses now, but please give me one chance. Just one. Nothing will get in the way again."

Kurenai takes her hand away. "I already am, Asuma. I'm sorting myself out. Have a good night," she bids before returning to her home.


'That doesn't sound too bad,' Naru-nii answers his younger-self.

After informing Naru-nii about everything that's happened today, including a single, short sentence in reference to getting some alone time with Kurenai-chan—Naru-nii couldn't hear more than that—Naruto finishes his sixth bowl of Miso Chashu Pork Ramen with less enthusiasm than he tends to have. The reason for his melancholy is simply put, Ino.

'I betrayed her,' Naruto thinks. 'I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone and I totally broke my word.' Naruto doesn't usually come by Ichiraku's Saturday nights. It's their busiest night and he feels bad when he drives away business just by sitting there. Though Teuchi-jiji and Ayame-nee are always happy when he visits. While six bowls is moderate for him, he decides to help them and himself by leaving.

He had a lot on his mind and like Kurenai-chan likes to say, 'sort it out by thinking it through.' Luckily, Naru-nii will always listen to him when he has enough energy to use the prayer beads. Though Naruto was with Kurenai-chan when Naru-nii had prayed earlier, he said he'd try again when he wasn't so busy.

'That's always a possibility,' Naru-nii slowly explains. 'I've messed up loads of times. I made a promise to someone we both really care about, a promise I still haven't been able to keep,' he says with heavy sadness and a sigh. 'But you know, I won't give up. I can't.'

'So what should I do?' Naruto glumly wonders.

'Take it head on!' Naru-nii champions, and Naruto can just imagine the fist pump, which brings a little smile on his face. 'We may not be super smart but even when we mess up, we can still be damn good friends.'

'Yeah,' Naruto thinks. 'Yeah, I think so too.'

'Of course we do,' Naru-nii chuckles. 'I'm almost out but remember-'

'Keep practicing on the leaf,' Naruto recalls. 'I know. This thing's been kicking my ass for so long, I got nearly a hundred clones with Kurama's chakra on it most of the day now. You know how long it takes to dispel that many?'

'I'm telling you, once you get halfway, the rest is easier- well, smoother,' Naru-nii reminds him. 'Also, if Kurenai brings up Fūinjutsu, run with it, or better yet, try to trade all the reading you'll have to do for sparing with Hinata-chan.'

'How come,' Naruto wonders, thinking about the kind, quiet and nice girl.

'Dude, I told you she's badass,' Naru-nii happily promotes. 'I know she seems quiet and stuff in the beginning but that's mostly because her family treats her like crap. It's basically like how the villagers treat us, only she's getting it from her family.'

"Really!" Naruto actually calls aloud, drawing in a few glares from passing villagers. 'How could her own family be so mean to her? She's like super nice and sweet!'

'I know,' Naru-nii calls from his future. 'Wait till you meet Neji. It's crazy, but it's exactly why Kurenai-sensei wanted to help her so much. Trust me, try to get some sparring sessions if you can.'

'Ossu!' Naruto thinks before his future-self falls silent.


As Ino walks back to her home, she's making mental plans on how to best help Asuma-sensei reach Kurenai-sensei's heart. Ino knows it won't be easy. Having spent time with the beautiful kunoichi before learning of her connection to Asuma-sensei, Ino would've never guessed the woman is either broken-hearted due to princess Tomoko interference, or in love with her Jōnin-sensei. After a few inquiries with her father, Ino learned how smart and driven the raven-haired woman is, so it's likely her mask is just that strong.

Still, Ino is adamant. She wants Asuma-sensei to regain his love. Maybe if she can get them together, she might feel a little better about the state of her own love life with Sasuke-kun.

Near her home, she's intercepted by the most irritating boy of late. Holding Cow Parsley flowers, Inuzuka Kiba has been pestering her ever since her mother discovered the second orchid. Her mother's logic led her to believe Kurenai-sensei was helping one of her students and since the Aburame clan flat out told her parents it wasn't them, that only left the Inuzuka. In Ino's eyes, the canine clan must've jumped at the opportunity because Kiba has been hounding her non-stop since, and the worst part about it is how primitive his attention to her is.

In front of Ino, Kiba is even more boastful than she remembers him being as he calls, "hey Ino-chan. You're looking extra sexy today." He extends the whitish parsley with his K-9 partner adding a bark from within his jacket. "You smell super good too."

With an especially long sigh, Ino states, "for the last time, I don't want to go out with you."

He just smirks, as if pleased to hear her response. "That's just because you're a strong woman. Maybe I wasn't clear before when I said only the strong make perfect partners, but I like strong women. Unlike other guys, I still want you to be strong when you become my woman."

Ino isn't sure if he's aware how chauvinistic he sounds. Though recalling Tsume-san refer to a relationship as a possessive, 'my man,' Ino feels it's a clan thing more than anything intentionally disrespectful. Ino also wonders if someone is coaching him because it seems after every exchange where one of her responses stumps him, he returns with some form of counter-argument for that same point. It feels like bartering, like he's haggling to lower her patience, like a lower price, in hopes of wearing her down enough she finally feels too tired to say no.

With clear annoyance, she yells, "I'm not going to be your woman! I don't know who put you up to this but I don't love you. I don't even like you. How do you not understand that Sasuke-kun is the only one I love!" And to her great dismay, an image of Naruto looking deep into her eyes pops in her mind, tightening her chest. 'That's not the same,' her mind yells at the mental image. 'That's just new and physical and really good!'

Her resistance feels even weaker when Kiba replies, "Sasuke-kun doesn't have to be the only one you love."

With squinted eyes and at a complete loss, Ino asks, "W-what does that even mean?"

"It means you can love me too," he emphatically states, beating his chest. "You can love us both and then I'll prove to you I'm better than he is!"

Rolling her eyes, Ino retorts, "that's ridiculous! You can't love more than one person."

"So you'd rather young widows just give up after their man dies?" He hollers back with a bit of a smirk. Ino wasn't expecting that kind of insight from Kiba which truly makes her wonder who's helping him. "I know for a fact you can love more than one person! And besides, Sasuke didn't send you flowers!"

Unwilling to debate this and growing more frustrated, she simply argues. "You didn't send me those flowers either!"

"So," Kiba cackles waving the Cow Parsley. "Who's this other guy then? You think about him too?"

"That's none of your business," Ino shouts trying not to think about Naruto.

"Afraid Sasuke'll learn you don't love him as much," Kiba arrogantly suggests taking a confident step forward. "You know why this other guy wouldn't matter to me, Ino-chan? Because you're super hot. Other guys are supposed to want you. Luckily, I'm an alpha and I'll kick anyone's ass who thinks they deserve you more than me," Kiba states with the assertion of a pack leader.

Ino hates that she can't control her thoughts and force Naruto's face out of Kiba's point of view, responding, "look, I'm just not into you… like at all. So please, stop." Ino walks around him.

"Wait," he calls as he runs right back in front of her. "Come on, I get you want a strong man, but you know, the Chūnin exams are coming up. Kurenai-sensei has been working us really hard for it… like to the bone… like I'm a little scared of training with her right now."

"So, you probably need it," Ino replies, wondering if it had to do with Naruto. After all, Ino's been pushing her team to try harder so as to not be left behind. On top of that, it's empowering to know Kurenai-sensei believes in her future.

"So," he says with a wide grin. "If you need proof of how much better I am, fine. I'm a hundred percent sure Akamaru and I can beat anyone we face in the exam, which means I'll be the first one in our class to be Chūnin, and when you see me in my flat-jacket, you'll definitely want to be my woman then. I'm only saying we can start now and skip all that because I don't want you to feel like you missed out, is all."

With simmering anger as her driving force, Ino dubiously asks, "you actually think that's what I care about—who has the biggest muscles or the most chakra? How shallow do you think I am?"

"Oh get off your high horse," Kiba calls incredulously. "With a straight face, you're telling me if Sasuke was the Dead Last and failed everything three times, you'd still be into him?" Again, her mind flashes all sorts of images of the ultra-confusing Naruto. Stunned in silence, Kiba chuckles as he continues. "Even I'm not dumb enough to fall for that, but it's okay. There's nothing wrong with wanting the strongest, and when I beat everyone in the exams, you'll definitely want me too."

He extends the most unromantic flowers she could think of, repulsed not by them or even Kiba's arrogant advances, but by the question of her love for Sasuke-kun. The raven-haired Uchiha has always been so singular among everyone, she never really imagined him as common. 'Would I still love him if he was like Naruto?' Her mind is silent, wavering in a response that some months ago would've been a resounding, 'yes!' It makes her question why it is we love who we love. 'If I didn't love Naruto, why did I have so many intense orgasms with him? Why was that experience still an amazing memory?' she quickly wonders. Even now, her body automatically responds at the mere recollection of him.

Ino glumly walks around Kiba, finally returning home. After having a light dinner, she ascends to her bedroom, but rather than spend the time with her thoughts, Ino retrieves her vibrator. It's taken her some practice, but Ino's learning more about how to use the large toy to excite and satisfy her. Just recently she learned how simply grinding against it as she sped the tempo of her rolling waist up or down could bring her to an intense orgasm.

When she's sure her parents have gone to sleep, Ino turns on her large vibrating dildo. Having learned she likes being on her knees, raising her ass off the bed to let her juices trickle down her thighs, Ino's already growing excited. Her heart's beating fast and her skin feels hot when she begins to gently rub and tug her hardening pink nipple with one hand while simultaneously rubbing the head of the low shaking phallus up and down her leaking labia. She learned how much better it feels when everything is slick. With her face planted on the bed, a low moan escapes her open mouth as Ino slides the thick orange toy up and down the pink slit of her raised ass.

Feeling a good build to a fantastic orgasm, Ino raises the vibration as she speeds her phallus massage. When she's ready to slide her orange partner in her wet folds, a slight knock is heard against her door. Ino immediately shuts the vibrator off. While her mother hasn't found her toy yet, Ino's had enough near misses with the observant woman that makes her think it's only a matter of time until they have an awkward conversation. Fortunately, her mother is a trained psychologist and is likely to handle it well. Still, Ino remains motionless, just in case the sound was nothing.

It wasn't.

Another gentle knock on her door frustrates Ino like nothing else as she retorts, "One second!" Ino slides her wet toy under her pillow and pulls up her hotpants. She towels her face, arms, thighs, and cleavage with her silk robe as she rushes to her bedroom door. "What-" is all she manages to get out as a hand clamps over her mouth and she's shoved into her room by Naruto.

At his force of intrusion, Ino is instantly outraged. Despite feeling she could kill him, in the middle of what she was doing, she can't help feeling excited as well. This is the boy who turned her into a woman… now in her room… covering her mouth with his hot hand… 'so he can have his way with my horny little body,' Ino thinks as her cheeks and neck flush with blush. Inflamed by her imagination, his impregnating presence, and at his hot hand covering her small mouth, Ino's heart is hammering in her chest. Her pleasure center throbs with a prickling heat, picking up where she left off with her vibrating dildo as her juices trickle down her thighs.

Though her knees buckle and her muscles flutter with excitement, her mind is still rational enough to be pissed. She grabs his forearm as he nudges the door closed with his foot. He moves in close and she feels his radiating body heat as her nostrils are filled with his male scent. He whispers, "I'm sorry I showed up like this. You have every right to scream but, I had to tell you- I felt you deserved to know… Ino-chan, I fucked up."

Despite her heaving chest, accelerated heart-beat, and her beckoning pussy, Ino can recognize the remorse in his tone. Her limited brain power can also reason he wouldn't dare be here unless something significant happened. Ino dreads what he has to say but she doesn't move away as she slides his hand down her lips to ask, "what? Why are you here?"

He looks pained to say, "Kurenai-sensei… I… I told her… about us." Ino feels like the world stopped and went silent. Even though she knows he's continuing to say, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! You can hate me, you can kick me and beat me-" she can't hear him as she grabs him by the collar and punches him in the face.

The greatest shame in her young beautiful life is now known by a third person. Ino punches him again as she realizes she can never look at Kurenai-sensei without feeling ugly in her stunning red eyes. He doesn't defend himself as she hits him again when she realizes that it's only a matter of time before the respectable Jōnin-sensei tells her mother. She hits him again when she imagines the disappointment in her father's eyes. Ino whirls the boy so that he falls on the bed—the floor would make too much noise and she doesn't want anyone to interrupt.

Jumping atop his torso, he doesn't defend himself as her rage strikes him in the nose, temple, jaw, and mouth. Her fists grow stained with blood and still, he doesn't stop her in any way as she attempts to break through his thick skull for every friend or family her mind tells her will soon be happily sharing opinions about her shame.

'Even that braggart Kiba wouldn't want her after he learns what she's done,' and that thought makes her want to cry. Her whole life is turning upside down and everything is being dislodged from their perfect place as shaky, bloodstained knuckles stop punching so she can cover her crying eyes.

"I'm… sorry," his lightly swelling bloody face wheezes.

Through her hand-covered face and sobs, she weakly asks, "why? How could you… destroy my life like this?"

"…Because… I'm stupid," Naruto pitifully responds, like it's the title to his autobiography.

However, that fires off a cluster of brain cells that knows that's not true. She's been made aware of the truth by Kurenai's reconnaissance work, backed up by a few discreet questions to her parents. Ino simply couldn't understand why everyone hated him so much and her mother's basic answer of, 'transference. To many citizens, he simply represents one of the worst days in our village's history,' was the only explanation that made the most sense.

"No," Ino sobs as her tears lessen. "You're not stupid. Tell me exactly why you told her!"

Even with his moderately swelling face, she can tell he was surprised by her assertion of his intelligence. 'He really does think he's stupid,' her mind recognizes as he begins to explain how Kurenai-sensei will be assisting with his training and how the Jōnin-sensei asked about her. Though by the end it sounded as if Kurenai might've tricked him, the most important thing she needed clarity on was, "you're sure she said something was suspicious?"

"That's what she said," Naruto asserts. Not only is Ino curious by what that could mean, but by the way his face seems to be recuperating despite being slightly swollen only moments ago. Her thoughts are quickly kicked out in place for her sensations when he places his warm hands on her straddling, bare thighs. "Ino-chan, I'm sorry. I know I said I wouldn't tell anyone and I totally blew it. You have every right to hate me but if I can make it up to you, you have to let me try. Please."

Though Ino listened to every word, her moist labia is pressed against the furnace of his stomach and her legs are wrapped around his expanding and deflating chest. She heard every word but her mind isn't thinking about a verbal response. 'He'll do anything you want,' her body feels and when his hands tighten on her feverish thighs, Ino couldn't help but answer with an instinctual quick buck of her hips. The slight dig of friction ripples pleasantly up her spine, like a tease of what more there is to feel if she does it again.

'No,' her mind thinks, hoping Naruto didn't feel that, however, his eyes widen—or at least one does—telling her he did. She then watches his gaze drink in her form; her young yet curvaceous body in purple hotpants and a white tank top, with her long platinum-blond hair down and around her beautiful face.

Even though he can feel humidity from her lady parts, Naruto says, "I know I'm not who your heart thinks about. I bet you're confused, like, in your feelings. I get that. After everything, even I don't know if I'm good enough for Sakura-chan anymore. I just mean that I get it if you only want us to have-"

Ino grabs her pillow and mushes it over Naruto's face, unnerved by his insinuation. "You think I want to have sex with you?!"

"I can't breath!" his muffled voice yells and she lifts the pillow so only his gasping mouth is visible. "I don't know! I… I just don't want you to hate me."

'Like everyone does,' her mind fills in for him. All the tension in her body is suddenly exhaled. In a more relaxed state, she can feel him again; his heat, his scent, his muscles between her legs. Despite herself, straddling him is exciting and arousing, and at the sight of her orange vibrator visible where her pillow used to be, her body reacts on its own; steeling her pink teats, buzzing under her bum and softening her pink flesh. Her body is honest to a degree Ino can't fully control.

"S-Stay still," Ino commands. Bracing herself with her arms, Ino slides her crotch down his waist to his hips until she feels his tent. 'He's hard,' Ino's mind shouts as she closes her eyes. 'My body made him hard,' her mind moans, growing thrilled in her grinding against his thick hardness. Without authority from her brain, her lower body awakens to a mind of its own, picking up the pace for more friction—more satisfaction. The slick slide down shoots a thrill down her legs while the grind up escalates sparks of pleasant tingling up her spine and into her brain. Her flush body overrides everything, taking charge as she steadily rolls her wet crotch against his.

The friction is delicious and it isn't until she feels his hands on her arms that her eyes snap open, surprising her as she yells, "no! This- This isn't sex. I don't- mmn… ahhn!" Her denials and disapprovals would sound more authentic if she weren't moaning whilst trying to split herself riding his thick tent.

"I know," Naruto claims as his hands slide up her arms. His strong, hot hands coursing over her skin feels like electric fire sliding up her arms, sucking the inhibition from every bit of skin and replacing it with delight. 'He's going sooo slow,' her mind yells with hot excitement as they trace her bicep and round her feverish shoulders, then descend. She grinds down harder, faster, getting closer to something more powerful than she ever felt with her vibrator.

'Yes!' She thinks when she realizes where his slow-moving hands lighting up her feverish skin are heading. It feels like the tension of pleasure tightening in her wet core will be triggered when his hands reach their pink and pert destination. He cups her soft hand-filling breasts, pressing them against her grinding form before pulling. 'My nipples! Ahhn! My nipples! I'm- Ahn! I'm cumming! I'm Cumming! I'm cumming!" The moment she realizes she was actually being vocal, he suddenly grips her blood hardened peaks and squeezes painful pleasure out of them the moment her clitoris is kneaded against his strained cock; shocking her clenched pussy with back-breaking spasms as her whole body climaxes on top of Naruto.

Ino's entire body shutters violently. The delicious pulse rippling up and down her every nerve as a tsunami of joy drowns her altered brain. Falling forward so she can map his torso with her buzzing sweaty breasts, her head is right under his chin as she moans and hums in delight. The gleeful shivers are prolonged as his strong hands massage her ass over her hotpants. Without his sight, Naruto relishes kneading and pulling her sensitive twin orbs, making her buck and moan pleasantly on top of him. He's happy to note she has sensitive and playfully round ass.

Though the pillow still partially covers his face, his own thrusts against her sensitive pleasure button keeps her in a haze, so, she puts up no resistance when he flips her over, nor when he slides her ass to the edge of the bed. She doesn't truly sober up until he slides her purple short shorts down her vibrating legs. 'I should stop this,' her mind yells, yet her body doesn't heed her command. 'Ino, stop it,' her pounding heart warns. Propping herself on her elbow, she's in time to see his long tongue lap her sensitive pussy lips. "Ahhh!" she moans at the rough tongue digs out a large flare of pleasure from her raptured body.

"Ino?" the platinum-blond hears from outside her door, shattering her pleasant haze for pure panic. Thank goodness even Naruto has enough sense to stop, though, neither of them moves as Ino answers, slightly breathless, "y-yes?"

"Are you… are you okay," her mother slowly asks.

"I… am," Ino states, trying to sound like she didn't just have an amazing orgasm.

"It's just that… I heard you," Ino's mother states in a knowing manner.

Ino can read the tone and is supremely embarrassed when she knows there's only one reply she can say that would keep her mother away. Her frustrated hands grip and pull at her sweaty blond locks as she begrudgingly answers, "I'm… I'm masturbating."

Ino takes the pillow and tries to suffocate herself as her mother clears her throat and slowly replies, "I see. That's quite normal. Um… if-if you feel you may be overly vocal… use a pillow… for your father's sake."

"… mmkay," Ino weakly responds and her mother's footfalls reduce in volume until Ino can't hear her anymore. Suddenly feeling the weight of it all; the loss of her innocence in her mother's eyes, in Kurenai-sensei's eyes, succumbing to her urges with the same boy again, the possibility that it's only a matter of time before everyone knows… before Sasuke-kun knows… Ino cries. With her face covered by her pillow, Ino simply wails into it, muffling the worst of it. She doesn't feel Naruto pull her pants in place nor even as he covers her in her bed covers. Ino cries herself to sleep.


'How could he ask me to do such a thing?' Hinata's thoughts worry, 'why would Kiba-kun ask me to help him like this?'

Hinata has always felt she would do anything in her power to help her teammates when they needed it, but spying on Ino-chan feels wrong.

"Think of it like recon," Kiba-kun had argued yesterday. "That's our team's specialty; tracking and recon! Please, Hinata, you're the only one I can rely on… and Shino already said no."

"But isn't she entitled to her private life?" Hinata had tried to counter.

"All's fair in love and war," Kiba cried out. "It's like what I always tell you. You have to get after the things you want."

"… Why- why don't you t-track her, then," Hinata had actually managed to ask him.

Proud of himself, he smiled broadly as he said, "I'm so glad you asked Hinata. Because I'm being mature! If I tracked her and uncovered this guy's identity, depending on who it is, I might get angry and blow it with Ino. As team captain, I want you to learn who it is because, I know you're responsible and I'll only want you to tell me if it's someone bad, like any adult."

"I- I can't believe Ino-chan would be… like 'that' with an adult," Hinata had responded.

Kiba explained, "Okaa-san said the flower this guy got her sells for a lot of ryo. Who would do that unless it was an adult? On top of that, Ino hasn't even told her parents. Don't you think that sounds pretty suspicious?"

Though Hinata felt wrong about invading Ino-chan's private life, she didn't want to let her teammate down. Kiba-kun has been so caring and always tries to encourage her. Hinata couldn't not help him in return, even if it felt awful to invade someone else's privacy—'a fellow classmate no less.' That isn't to say that Hinata and Ino-chan were close. In truth, they were slightly better than acquaintances, but as Konoha ninja, there are firm ground rules about using jutsu on fellow shinobi: 'If you do it, don't get caught.'

As such, Hinata finds herself following Ino-chan when she leaves her clan's compound. With her Byakugan, she can see her target from rooftop fifty meters away and not have to worry about Ino spotting her using reflections. Though, Hinata almost lost her footing—nearly falling several stories to a horrible injury—when Ino meets Naruto-kun in the market. Hinata can't hear their conversation but she can tell from their body language that Ino's upset and Naruto-kun is trying to appease her.

Hinata wonders if Naruto-kun could possibly be the boy who gave Ino-chan this flower before immediately wondering if he likes her now. She had observed him ask Sakura-chan out almost every day when they were in the Academy. 'What changed,' her mind asks as she follows them through the market. Ino-chan seems anxious as she physically forces Naruto-kun forward, leaving Hinata to wonder if she's wrong. Of all the places Hinata thought they might go, Kurenai-sensei's house wasn't one of them.

Hinata watches them sit in her living room and talk. The conversation seems on edge and for a moment Hinata wonders if she should listen in until she realizes Ino-chan is meeting with her sensei and this has nothing to do with what Kiba-kun wanted to know. Kurenai-sensei has helped her far too much to invade her privacy like this. Hinata was actually able to invite Naruto to lunch once and that was only possible because of Kurenai-sensei. Even now, it's so unbelievably astounding to her she actually asked.

So when Naruto leaves the two kunoichi to walk outside, Hinata ignores the foreign lodging in her throat, the insane heart-beat drowning her ears, and the horrible familial voices in her head detailing how this will all go wrong for her, to bravely walk up to the blond boy of her dreams.


"I did trick Naruto," Kurenai first tells Ino as the three of them settle in Kurenai's living room—Kurenai sits on the sofa with Ino while Naruto takes the farthest chair. Last night, Naruto had woken her by knocking on her bedroom window, and it was no surprise to her when he confessed to telling Ino-chan how she learned of them.

With hard saddened eyes he asks if he can stay with her, to which she had responded, "I know you feel ashamed but that isn't a good idea. That's not what we have."

"I'm used to being by myself so it's no big deal if you want me to go," he replied. "I just thought, maybe, being with you would be better."

"I suspect we're a good distraction for one another," Kurenai had told him. "But maybe that's not always for the best. Go train, Naruto," she had commanded him. He looked upset until she adds, "train for as long as it takes to feel better, then you come back here to rest. After your team meeting, you, Ino-chan and I will talk this out."

He trained through seven hours of the night and when he returned, he was cold, covered in dirt and leaves, with dried blood on his already healed knuckles, lip, and temple. She helped wash his worn and tired body in her large bath and despite covering herself with a towel, she still had to give his excitable membrane some of her best head to settle him. With his arms holding her close, they slept comfortably in her soft bed until he left for his meeting.

Her living room is tense and Ino-chan hadn't made more than fleeting eye contact so far, letting the raven-haired kunoichi know she's supremely ashamed and embarrassed. It must be odd for the young kunoichi to sit beside someone who knows their most intimate secret. With as much empathy and encouragement as Kurenai can express, she tells Ino, "I tricked Naruto as much for his education as yours Ino-chan." Surprised, blue pupil-less eyes snap to her red irises before she answers, "if you had reacted normally when we met in your family's shop, it wouldn't have mattered that I knew who gave you the orchid. Naruto hadn't given me the slightest hint he was involved with anyone until I met you."

To hear such a critical observation from someone Ino has grown to admire is disparaging, and Ino's shoulders sag at her physical assault of Naruto when it seems like she is mostly to blame. Kurenai continues, "I realize that we are in the safety of our village, but we are still ninja. Keeping secrets that affect the world is part of the job, always, and neither of you should be tricked so easily. The both of you must do better with protecting information, understand?"

Both Ino and Naruto nod their head. A moment later Ino shakes her shoulders and bravely asks, "you told Naruto you thought something was suspicious. Can you please tell me what it is?"

"First I'd like to ask you about that day," Kurenai replies.

Ino turns a wary eye on Naruto, "does he have to be here?"

"I don't need to-" Naruto starts already getting up when Kurenai puts her hand out, indicating he should stop and answers Ino, "I want him here to make certain every detail from his perspective aligns with your own. For now, don't pay him any mind and focus on me."

Exasperated, Ino simply huffs and explains, "that day… that day was like any other with the exception of meeting Naruto. I met my team in our usual spot for a meeting. After that, I met Naruto at the Hokage monument and thirty minutes to fifty minutes later, I started feeling…" Her entire face burns bright red and she looks away.

"Ino-chan," Kurenai prompts and it isn't until she places her hand on Ino's shoulder that the Yamanaka heir returns her attention. "You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm certainly not judging you in any way, but I would like to understand every detail before I convey my thoughts."

Ino nods and weakly explains, "I felt… hot… especially down there, and- and …wet… and then I- I begged him… actually begged…"

Ino stops there and Kurenai ignores Naruto shifting in his seat to ask, "before you met with Naruto that day, did you ever harbor any romantic feelings for him- and please be nice."

"…No," Ino forcefully answer, though she feels like she didn't need to be told to be nice. Even if she did beat him the night before, she regrets it now, and more than anything, it's unlikely she'll ever think of Naruto the same way again.

"Have you had those feelings with any other boy," Kurenai asks.

"I… well, I love Sasuke-kun but I can't say I've had that type of reaction when I think of him."

"So the afternoon you had with Naruto was more of a physical urge than an emotional one? A strong one?"

"Yes, definitely," Ino heaves like she's finally dislodged something heavy from her shoulders.

Rather abruptly, Kurenai cautiously postulates, "I suspect you may have been drugged." The girl reacts exactly as the raven-haired Jōnin expected of a young smart ninja. Her blue eyes well up, but they don't spill. Her biceps tense as much as her jaw but she remains still. Unclenching her tight fists, Ino-chan rubs her welled-up stern eyes with the butt of her hands. Though sniffing through her cute red nose, Ino nods, ready to hear the rest. "It would explain your behavior despite having no romantic inclinations toward Naruto."

"How could that be," Ino asks with a trembling voice. "Before I met with Naruto, all I had was tea and a stick of dango with my team."

"Any sudden pricks to the skin; needle marks you may have noticed," Kurenai asks.

"No, nothing," Ino responds.

"You didn't see the tea prepared," Kurenai guesses. "Did it taste any different? Sweeter?"

"No, but you and I both know that drugs can be made to be tasteless and odorless," Ino returns.

"Yes, but it's no easy thing to do," Kurenai counters. "You also have to consider the motive to go to such lengths. Purchasing or making that kind of odorless and tasteless drug costs a lot. And all for what? Sex with a genin? Seems a bit of a stretch."

Ino turns suspicious eyes to a confused Naruto. It takes her a second to realize it couldn't possibly be him to which Kurenai easily reads and asserts, "that's rather obvious, isn't it?" 'True,' Ino mentally admits, before recalling his very smart teammate. "Sakura," Ino speaks with conviction.

"Hmm?" Naruto perks up as Kurenai asks, "why do you think it may have been Haruno-chan?"

"I hate to admit it but she's pretty smart, maybe even smarter than me," Ino begins. "She's studying Iryō-ninjutsu and we're both competing for Sasuke-kun's attention. If I was out of the picture, she'd have a much easier chance of being with him."

"Did she know you were meeting Naruto," Kurenai asks.


"Naruto, did you tell Sakura you were meeting Ino-chan," Kurenai asks him.

"No," he calls feeling grim about what they're implying. "But Sakura-chan wouldn't do what you're talking about."

"Oh, you don't know anything about Forehead," Ino gripes.

"Always remember it's the ones we think we know the most who are in the best position to betray us," Kurenai cautiously advises the genin.

"If Sakura-chan wanted to hurt anyone she'd just walk right up to you and punch you in the head," Naruto shouts mimicking one of Sakura's many punches. "She just wouldn't do what you're talking about."

"Why, because you love her," Ino accuses feeling an ache in her chest. "For the life of me, I can't even understand what it is you see in her."

"She's super smart and pretty and honest and strong," Naruto quickly asserts. Both kunoichi ignore a sudden feeling of drawing parallels with the one girl in his heart compared with the sexual relations he's had with them. In their heart of hearts, no girl wants to feel less special to someone they've been intimate with, but neither Kurenai or Ino want to consider the romantic attraction necessary toward Naruto to feel inferior to Sakura.

So, while Ino asserts, "she's not that pretty," Kurenai asks Ino, "what about the dango? Did they taste any different than when you normally have them?"

"I don't eat dango," Ino admits. At Kurenai's curious eyes, Ino adds, "they're terrible for your figure. I only ate dango that day because I knew I was going to need the energy and Chōji made them especially for me." When Kurenai raises her eyebrows, Ino feels a need to completely explain the situation. "He had made some before then when the team first formed and he just didn't get why I wouldn't eat them. That's why he made these special dango for me."

Kurenai asks, "how were they special?"

Ino slowly answers as she wonders why she's breathing harder, "low calorie, low carbs. Zero fat. They tasted fine enough," she asserts before recalling, "the blue one was a little chalky though."

"Blue," Kurenai repeats with the final click of missing information. The Raven-haired beauty has had enough dango with Anko to know every stand in Konoha sells pink, white and green dango, and a chalky taste makes no sense. Kurenai's mind correlates the keywords blue, Akimichi, and chalky to hypothesize, with near certainty, what Ino-chan ate was not dango.

Ino's been quiet for several moments and clearly, she's trying to understand what she likely hasn't been told of. The blue pill isn't exactly commonplace talk among unmarried couples, but the blue medicine is a sweet insult she's heard a time or two. Kurenai eases Ino into her theory by asking, "you're aware the Akimichi clan produce most of our military ration pills?"

"…Yes," Ino states to Naruto's, "really?"

"The Akimichi also have special medicine pills," Kurenai continues to explain. "Three are used specifically for their clan in combat situations and one can be used by others—normally married adults—specifically for sexual situations. That pill is blue and artificially stimulates sexual excitement. Depending on the amount ingested, it can produce a great amount of sexual arousal within a person."

Ino is stunned still as an even tone escapes her parted pink lips. "I… You're saying… Chōji drugged me?"

Tentatively, Kurenai answers, "I'll have to verify…" and doesn't add, 'but, yes.'

"…My own teammate," Ino, mumbles looking as if her own parents had struck her. Kurenai turns to an angry, though thankfully silent Naruto, understanding they were all classmates so it isn't hard to imagine their confusion and outrage. Kurenai whispers to Naruto, "give us a minute. And don't do anything to Chōji-kun. We don't know what Ino-chan wants to do."

Taking one last look at a stunned Ino, Naruto nods before leaving. Kurenai shuffles right next to the girl, and though she was strong earlier, Kurenai can easily imagine the weight of the hardships she's been suffering for months now, only to find out it was all because of her teammate; one shinobi she is supposed to trust more than any other. When Kurenai places a comforting hand on the beautiful girl, she shutters, then trembles. Sorrow breaks the artistry of her elegant face, adding creases her tears flood over. The girl turns and wraps her arms around Kurenai's waist, holding her just as desperately as Naruto tends to and wails in her chest.

Feeling the strong sound waves from the crying girl vibrate her very ribs, Kurenai holds her just as dearly. Kurenai leans against the sofa as she holds her, softly singing, "it's okay, Ino. Cry as much as you want. I have you. I have you." She cries for so long, her tears run out and she falls asleep.


Naruto walks out of Kurenai's house, unsure of how he feels about what he's learned. He recalls playing with Chōji, Shikamaru, Kiba—before Kiba turned into a dick—and of their group, Chōji was always the kindest. It simply didn't make any sense that such a nice guy would drug his own teammate. It makes him angry enough to want to hit the boy, but more than that, Naruto wants to know why. 'How could he do that?'

Naruto is happily surprised when he notices Hinata tentatively walk over to him and calls to her, "hey Hinata-chan!"

Her entire face blushes in her surprise but she stutters, "he-he-hello, N-N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiles at her, loving the way she tries even though she's so shy. "Are you here to see Kurenai-chan? She's kind of busy right now." The indigo-haired Hyūga twiddles her index fingers in front of her lips before shaking her head no. "Hey, do you have some time? Maybe we can hang out?"

The midnight-blue haired girl visibly shakes to spend time with him. Unable to recall her ability to speak, Hinata-chan nods her head, 'yes.'

"Sweet!" Naruto calls. "Come on, I don't live too far from here." On the way to Iruka's, Naruto wonders about his sensei, about Naru-nii's assertion of Hinata-chan, of Chōji drugging Ino which led to Ino doing something she never wanted to do with him. 'It's so weird how things happen,' he thinks before asking Hinata-chan, "hey, why do you think someone who's usually good might do something bad? You know, like hurt other people."

Hinata-chan's whitish lilac eyes grow in surprise by the question and though her throat dries and shrivels, she answers him. She only had the strength to do so because he seems so uncharacteristically serious about wanting to know, and she wanted to help him in any and all ways. Thinking about Kiba's request of invading Ino's privacy, Hinata answers, "mn, m-maybe th-they d-didn't mean to-to do something bad." Thinking about her own clan, she adds, "s-s-sometimes it isn't s-so simple."

Naruto thinks about Iruka. Whether he meant to or not, it was his fault Iruka is hurt the way he is, and like it always does, Naruto's guilt riles him up to try harder, to be better, so he can protect his friends. He promises, with Hinata-chan as his witness, "because of me, Iruka-sensei is in the hospital. Because I was too weak, he got hurt. I definitely won't let that happen again." He clenches his fist and closes his eyes when he feels his eyes moisten.

Unbeknownst to Naruto, Hinata is in awe of him. If the sun could be a person, her life would start and end with Naruto. She's never seen anyone fight as hard as he does against everyone, every day and never quit. It's unbelievable to her, but in his presence, she feels like she can accomplish anything. "I b-believe in you," Hinata finds herself faintly saying, and completely turns beet red when she realizes she said it aloud.

Naruto turns to her, surprised, not simply by her faith in him, but also by the cute way she crouches down till her butt sits on her heels and hides her embarrassed face with her dainty hands. Naruto's heart beats warmly at the sight of her. Regardless of Naru-nii's promotion of the Hyūga's abilities, Naruto would be happy simply to have her in his life. He crouches in front of her, gently calling, "ne, Hinata-chan." She only spreads her middle and ring finger so a bit of her left eye looks at him. Smiling he expresses, "I believe in you too. Let's get stronger together."

He stands and extends his hand to help her up. After routinely being forsaken by her own family, deemed expendable by her own father, deemed inferior to by her little sister, hated by her hurting cousin, Hinata is amazed anyone besides her sensei could believe in her. For those words to be spoken by someone as strong-willed as Naruto, is the most amazing dream she could ever be lucky enough to live. She doesn't know why she has the strength to take his strong hand, but she nervously does. Promising all the while not to let him down… ever.

They visit Iruka, giving their Academy sensei flowers Hinata-chan picked on the way. Naruto tells them all about his training, about taking care of Tori-chan and his concern over Haku's wellbeing. When Hinata suggested they throw Haku a welcoming celebration, Naruto is so excited he loses his head and hugs Hinata-chan until she goes limp; unconscious.


Ino wakes from a troubled slumber but on a comfortably soft pillow. She nudges deeper when she feels caring fingers massage her scalp. Her immediate thought is of spiky blond hair and sky-blue eyes, forcing Ino to snap awake, learning the soft headrest she was laying on is actually Kurenai-sensei's chest. Ino hops off of her and the couch they were laying on, apologizing through several deep bows. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Kurenai-sensei. I didn't mean to fall asleep like that."

Leaning up, Kurenai shakes her lustrous mane, reassuring the frantic girl, "it's alright, Ino-chan. You were understandably upset."

At the mention of what led to this in the first place, it all returns to Ino, and initially, she's upset. However, when she feels like she doesn't have tears enough to shed, she's quickly seething. 'This entire time… I've been suffering this entire time because of that fat idiot!' "I'm going to kill him," Ino voices with a tone detached of any humanity.

Kurenai stands to face the furious girl, and in a commanding voice asks, "Yamanaka-chan, I need you to enter your operational space."

Surprised to hear about Shinobi mission management by the suddenly stern sensei, Ino tries to ask, "but sensei, that fat pervert-"

"Genin," the Jōnin-sensei interjects. At her commanding voice and stern eyes, Ino naturally straightens her posture and is more receptive when her superior kunoichi continues. "This is a mission scenario that will require a set of interactions which will lead to multiple outcomes. I need to know you can hear the options?"

"Options? You mean whether his funeral should be open casket or not," Ino honestly answers. "He drugged me, sensei, which led to my rape under the influence!"

"You have every right to confront him if that is your true goal-"

"It's the only thing I've wanted for months!"

"More than keeping the loss of your innocence secret?" Inu pulls up short at the question, so Kurenai continues, "putting aside actual murder, let's use mission management to follow the threads. If we are open and honest about this, considering your families history, Chōji's parents will no doubt want to make amends to your parents. Assuming your parent's anger involves the Yamanaka clan, we would no doubt have to involve the Hokage to keep everything as peaceful as possible. I can't currently predict how this will completely affect the village, however, it's certain very much would change. This thread's outcome will likely lead to some form of justice for you. You may even feel better but I doubt you'll ever be 'seen' as the girl you were."

"I don't know if I can let this go sensei," Ino freely admits. Like every genin—likely with the exception of Naruto—she knows about mission management; weighing the variables to lead to the best possible outcome for completing the mission. That lazy Shikamaru is actually a genius in this field of reasoning and it never failed to surprise her that her teammate could very well be the Hokage's right-hand man one day.

Still, Ino thinks about the first time she sees Chōji—smiling or eating as he does—and her anger makes her blood boil with a great need to kill him. Slam her fists against his fat face for hours until it's an ever-widening pool of blood, ground up meat and bits of bone. Ino shakes her head, clearing it of the over-powering anger within her.

"That fat-ass drugged- …he made me have sex- …Kami!" Ino curses taking a deep breath. "I'm no longer the innocent girl my mother thinks I am!" Ino painfully admits to the beautiful sensei, feeling her hyperventilating burden lighten the more she speaks. "Do you know how often I m-masturbate now? How often I think about sucking Naruto's sweet, thick cock? And drink everything that comes out? We even had anal sex, sensei… And I can't even say I hated it! I'm scared of who I am now! This isn't the girl I ever thought I'd be! I'm corrupted and it's all because of him!"

Ino couldn't physically cry anymore, but the agony is clear on her pain-cracked face. Kurenai takes the girl in a fierce hug, trying as much as she can to transfer all her warmth and understanding to the young blond. The distraught girl hugs the beautiful kunoichi back just as desperately and in a comforting voice, Kurenai orates, "self-discovery is one of the greatest challenges life has to offer. Self-understanding is such a daunting task, most would rather not know their true selves, choosing instead to rely on external objects and superficial emotions to feel fulfilled, but that will never be enough, Ino. It's perfectly normal to feel fear when uncovering parts about your identity you never thought you'd feel favorable towards, but that doesn't mean you're damaged, or less than what you were, much less corrupted."

Kurenai pulls back to look into the young Yamanaka's pupil-less blue eyes. Thinking about her own reality with another blond-hair blue-eyed genin, Kurenai confesses, "I'm fairly adventurous in the bedroom, Ino-chan. I have my own kinks and I'm even willing to try different things I may not have considered before. I know women who actually prefer anal sex, and I don't dislike it myself. The point is, I don't think there's anything wrong with you. You were forced to confront a lot of revelations in a short span of time, and I think you're handling it amazingly well."

Feeling absolutely grateful, Ino hugs the beautiful Jōnin-sensei, enjoying the comforting warmth and her vanilla and walnut scent. Normally, shinobi use odor canceling shampoo and conditioner to avoid being tracked, but Ino thinks no amount of bathing would ever remove such a lovely scent and more than ever, Ino feels like she has to get Kurenai-sensei and Asuma-sensei together.

"Come on," Kurenai tells the girl. "Let's make some lunch while we talk some more." As they prepare a late afternoon meal, Kurenai asks Ino, "did you ever think Chōji might be capable of doing something like that?"

"Never in a million years," Ino answers. "Personality-wise, he's too soft for that. Total nurturer mindset. He leans on Shikamaru for practically… no…" Ino gasps her racing mind speculating on both her teammates being in on her drugging. "Now that I think about it, Chōji wanted to hang out afterward! Kami, if it wasn't Naruto, it may have been those two idiots, or if I was strong enough to run away, some random villager."

Rather than comment on her suspicion, Kurenai asks, "since that one day, have you ever been made to feel the same way you did with Naruto? Simply put, do you think they, or Chōji, may have dosed you again?"

"Um, n-no," Ino admits.

"So it's possible they or Chōji only did it that one time."

"M-maybe," Ino hates to admit. "But I still… feel weird."

"How exactly," Kurenai asks, graciously looking away to help Ino feel more comfortable.

"I… you won't tell," Ino asks blushing down to her neck.

"I won't tell a soul, Ino-chan," Kurenai promises.

With a long exhale, Ino answers, "I still get… excited, like really excited. Every time I think about him… what we did… I get so hot, and aroused, all I can think about is getting back to my bed so I can… take care of myself."

"Do you feel this way about any boy or just…"

The blond indication clear to them both, Ino responds with a nod, "…just… I mean it felt so so good! Better than anything I've ever felt. That can't be normal. It has to be the drug's effects, right?"

"Possibly," Kurenai tells the girl. "I don't know the specifics of what's used to make the blue pill, however sex feels very good even without it. Power, money, sex, love, are four of the most common driving force in all of humanity, and you know, woman love sex just as much as men. We're just not as flagrant about it."

"I've heard women talk about their first time before," Ino starts feeling more and more comfortable with the raven-haired kunoichi. "In the bathhouse or at the compound. Most say it hurts too much to really enjoy it. Some girls even prefer to touch themselves instead of letting their boyfriend get them off."

"While true, there could be many factors to that on both sides," Kurenai explains. "The woman may have a difficult time achieving orgasm, the man may be too sexually inexperienced to bring her to orgasm, lack of communication between partners, confidence issues, anxiety, and many more reasons."

"…yeah," Ino mutters, wondering if somehow Naruto wasn't the worst first partner she could've had. When she thinks about what could've happened when she was hit with the pill's effect in the village, she shudders.

"Mission scenario number two," Kurenai continues. "You secretly beat Chōji within an inch of his life. He won't know why, nor will anyone else… except maybe Naruto. If the resulting investigation leads nowhere, this may bring you a small measure of justice and it's possible you'll move on. After all, when you're in the field, if you don't trust your team, you're as good as dead."

"That doesn't sound too bad," Ino snaps viciously cutting through the lettuce.

"The problem there is, I absolutely have to make sure he hasn't done this to someone else," Kurenai says. "Which leads to the third thread. While keeping your identity completely anonymous, I bring him in front of his parents and make him aware of what he's done and how it's hurt someone. If his reasons have no malice in them, I'll end it there and make certain he knows never to reveal your identity to anyone for the rest of his life. I'm sorry Ino-chan. I know that's not what you want to hear, but I can't allow him to do that again."

"…I want to be there," Ino states, agreeing with the beautiful sensei. "I need to see."

"I can do that," the Genjutsu mistress of Konoha guarantees, happy to use her skills to help Ino. "How's today sound?"

"The sooner the better."

More Ino to come! I may have been too subtle about what happened to Ino in the beginning chapters. I don't like spoon feeding my audience so I'm glad I got to explain that within the story and have it move the plot forward. I want Ino to put that stuff behind her so she can begin to change for the better.

I'm sorry I hit Naruto again, but he's tough and Ino really lost her equilibrium. Currently I have no further plans to have any of the other girls beat on Naruto... that I know of.

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I can't wait to get to the Chuunin exams and write Gaara and all the other stuff I want to introduce. I feel like that'll be great fun.

As always, I'd love to know your thoughts and have a great one,


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