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13Underneath It All

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This chap is a little on the short side, but as I'm going to be busy the next couple of days, I thought I'd update today.

Warning: Lemons



Running at top speed from rooftop to rooftop, Kurenai had no concrete idea what to expect when she was suddenly summoned to the Hokage's office. They sprinted so fast, Kurenai's certain she broke her personal record, reaching Hokage tower in a minute, fourteen seconds. Though winded, she didn't let it show, employing the shinobi taught Continuous Circular Breathing technique to constantly supply her brain and lungs with oxygen. Seconds later, Kurenai drops into Hokage-sama's secure black room for sensitive material with not only Kakashi, but Naruto.

'He's back,' she thinks amused, happy to see that despite some blood on his torn jumpsuit, he seems uninjured. To her surprise, a warm thrill flutters from her heating center. Given the amount of amazing sex they had before the blond's departure, Kurenai expected to have a hard time coping without, but after every passing week, she felt further satisfied somehow. While every night her morally-unrestrained subconscious dreamed of their next night together, her physical desire was manageable, especially after accelerating her own team's training.

Now in the Hokage's secured office, one look at Naruto, and despite the darkness of the room, she can see his pupil dilate as they grow hungry for her. Oddly enough, her body is roused awake, transitioning her toned-tense muscles to grow soft as a cushion for his pounding pleasure. Before they can be found out by two of the sharpest shinobi's in all of Konoha, Kurenai steps forward at attention, "Hokage-sama."

Taking a seat, Hiruzen proceeds to inform her, "I've been told a number of things concerning your relationship with Naruto-kun. You've been summoned to explain yourself as well as hear my inclination on this affair."

'He found out,' is Kurenai's first gut-wrenching thoughtless response, but as her brain frantically dissects everything, she realizes his tone seems off; not of a man who found out a Jōnin-sensei with a previous romantic entanglement with his son is currently sleeping with a fresh out of the Academy genin… regularly.

Fortunately, Naruto both assists and completely stuns her with utter surprise as he sternly maintains, "Ji-chan, you said she wasn't in trouble. You're making it sound like a court-marshal."

"Naruto-kun this is important," the Hokage huffs, as Kurenai wonders why Naruto isn't being yelled at for calling the leader and most respected shinobi in their village… 'Ji-chan, like it's the most natural thing in the world! Not even Asuma calls him anything near so personal a name,' she realizes. Nearly instantly, she then recalls Naruto mentioning a Ji-chan often and finds that shocking revelation impossible to keep from her perfectly symmetric face. Whipping her head from her leader to the blond genin and back, her singular thought shockingly yells, 'How the hell is the God of Shinobi his Ji-chan!?' The only way her mind alleviates her anxiety is when she registers this isn't about their sexual encounters.

The Hokage's stern voice continues. "Kurenai-kun, in the past few minutes, Naruto has told us-" "Only because I don't want to lie to you," Naruto interjects in a low voice. The Sandaime sighs before continuing, "he's shown you the technique known as Rasengan, correct?"

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Kurenai promptly answers. "A little over a week before he left for his mission."

"And do you also know how he came to learn this technique," her leader demands to know, and in his presence, her urge to satisfy his curiosity is so strong she's certain she would answer any question he may have, even, to her dread, her sexual relation with the blond.

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Kurenai responds. "As he did not want me to violate your edict, he refused to elaborate, however, I understood what he was attempting to explain."

"Is there anything else you can tell us," her Hokage asks of her, and despite her earlier assertion she would be truthful in all things, Kurenai answers, "simply that he trains diligently."

"Hmm," her Hokage accepts and Kurenai is slightly relieved. "For the moment, this will remain an S-Class secret. Is that understood?"

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Kurenai responds.

"Did you explain to Naruto-kun the hierarchy by which genin disclose their techniques," the strong elder asks of her. "As well as the common practices of a Konoha team dynamic."

"Now wait a minute-" Naruto starts to cut in when Kurenai quickly answers, "Hai, Hokage-sama."

"And he still showed you," Hiruzen thoughtfully says, more to himself than anyone.

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Kurenai still answers.

The Third takes a long drag of his pipe, momentarily in deep consideration when the elder finally expresses, "thank you Kurenai-sensei," taking her by surprise even if she didn't show it. "I've always known how dedicated you were to the future generations of this village, but never more so than now. I feel proud and fortunate to have you within our ranks." Dazzled, Kurenai wanted to cry as her devotion to her home has never felt so venerated.

Hiruzen turns to Kakashi and asserts, "Kakashi-kun, from this moment forward I expect better."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Kakashi returns nearly like an apology.

"Naruto-kun, your training will be strictly monitored from here on out," Hiruzen tells the blond.

"What does that mean?" he asks truly curious.

"It means I need to oversee your training," Kakashi answers.

"Why? I've been doing pretty awesome on my own," Naruto points out.

"You are a special case," The Hokage admits.

"Because of the fox?"

"Among other things, yes," Hiruzen admits.

"What other things," Naruto irately asks.

"…Things like you're an important shinobi to this village," the older man says compassionately, adding, "And I have to protect the future Hokage after all."

Trying to keep the grin from his face and failing, Naruto grumbles, "fine. What's going to happen to Haku? He's a really good person who had a lot of bad crap happen to him."

"I do not object to a neighborly association or even a social one," the Third evenly states. "He may utilize any of the vacant rooms on your floor, however, he will be on probation for a number of years, the strict guidelines of which will be explained to him. He's not the first asylum-seeker this village has ever seen and if it is truly his wish to stay, he will abide by our rules until we are satisfied. As such he will not be able to leave this village for quite some time, which means, for the moment, he cannot be a field-shinobi, if he's ever a shinobi."

"Can we train together?" Naruto quickly asks. "He's wicked strong."

"Only if it's supervised," Sandaime answers. "Speaking of… Kakashi, Kurenai, we cannot be so blind to progress by what we think we know. More than any, I understand the magnitude of the bond between a student and his sensei. To my very core, I believe no other significant perspective of tutelage should interfere with that development, that relationship. Many successful shinobi have been produced in this manner, however, so too has it contributed to our failures… my own included. And so, Naruto-kun's development will now be two-fold with Kakashi as lead architect. Kurenai-kun, I understand you have your own team, as such, I only ask for any assistance you can manage without hindering the progress of your own students. I mean it. You're no use to me if you burn yourself out."

"Hai," Kurenai speaks.

"Hokage-sama, that will not be necessary," Kakashi begins to explain with the smallest measure of shame in his voice. "My shortcomings are clear to me now. You have my word I will do better."

"Kakashi-kun," Hiruzen starts, softer in tone than his authority. "You are by far one of the most brilliant shinobi I've ever had the privilege of witnessing, but there are simply some tasks better managed together, as a team, as a village."

When Kakashi nods in understanding, Kurenai bids her leader, "if I may, Hokage-sama?" At his eye blink, Kurenai turns to the silver-maned shinobi, asking, "Kakashi-sensei, you live in a one bedroom apartment correct?" Unless shinobi are part of a clan, work in a military position that sees no combat, or their family are civilians with homes, most shinobi tend to keep a simple apartment. Death is too constant of a companion to plan for a home so Kakashi's answer of, "…that's correct," is no surprise.

"That's what I thought," Kurenai responds then turns to Naruto. Before his eyes dilate and lid even further, Kurenai declares, "Uzumaki-kun, I'm sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but your building's landlord has fled Konoha with all the funds meant for business expenses, which means your apartment currently doesn't have running water or power, and in another forty or so days, all tenants will be evicted."

His squinted eyes are doing the math. "… … Wait, are you saying I'm homeless?" he voices before loudly crying out, "Ah! What about Haku? I said he can stay with me. Mmn, no, Zabuza-jiji's not going to like this…"

"With the Hokage's permission," Kurenai begins to suggest. "My home has three bedrooms and a study that could be converted-"

"I'd rather ask Sasuke-kun," Kakashi interjects. "It would be advantageous if two of my students lived under one roof. And he has more than enough space."

"Ha!" Naruto laughs at the suggestion. "Not with that huge head of his."

"Naruto-kun, he's your teammate. It wouldn't hurt you to be a little more empathetic considering you know why his home is empty," Kakashi tries when the Third Hokage calls out, "enough! Kurenai-kun, I appreciate your offer however I would feel more comfortable if Uchiha-kun is asked first. If he disagrees, try other avenues. Kurenai-kun's offer is the last resort, understood?"

The senseis nod, though a part of Kurenai is beginning to realize how much more difficult it'll be to meet her blond bed-mate now. She informs the shinobi elder, "Hokage-sama, while possible outcomes are currently unclear, Uzumaki-kun has found a very rare plant that he gifted to me with a market value of seven hundred and fifty thousand ryo." They all repeat the amount under their gasping breaths as she continues, "I realize apartment buildings range in the millions, but-"

"I'll have a list of possible properties sent to you," the Third cuts in. "I will expect progress reports. Dismissed."

Kurenai's mind disobeys her moral's will to stop thinking about how hampered her sex-life now is. Her intellect is rebellious in its tremendous desire to locate suitable alternatives for their lessons to what now appears to have been the heaven that was his apartment. Her mind can't help but yell, 'he literally had the entire top floor to himself!' With Hinata-chan and her all-seeing Byakugan living in her home during the week, and this Haku boy living with Naruto every day, the difficulty of keeping their lessons secret went from an E-rank to an A-rank.

'A new location means a new routine which means a higher risk of discovery and all with the same Naruto.' This is the math Kurenai's mind is incessantly trying to solve as they walk out into the hall. Kurenai spots a beautiful girl waiting and finds it odd when Kakashi walks up to her, disclosing something she couldn't hear.

Kurenai's assumptions about the pair don't travel far as she hears, "careful, Nai-chan." Turning around Naruto is leaning the weight of a sword longer than he is against his shoulder and has to lower himself for the tip of the immense blade to clear the doorway. His immediate question after he got her attention is, "uh, um, when do you think we can-"

Kurenai cuts him off just as her own rising core temperature moistens, asking instead, "where did you get such a… actually, why does this sword look so familiar?"

"Mn? Zabuza-jiji wanted me to hold on to it for a while," Naruto responds.

"Zabuza… Momochi, Zabuza?" Kurenai gasps as Kakashi and Haku walk over. "As in the'Demon of the Hidden Mist?' He's one of Kiri's Seven Swordsman! That's- Don't tell me that's actually Kubikiribōchō?" Kurenai asks, looking over the large sword.

"You are well informed," Haku comments standing beside Naruto.

Now Kurenai is wondering why this beautiful girl is next to Naruto when the ever-surprising blond states, "Kurenai-chan, this is Haku. Haku, this is Kurenai-cha-"

"Yūhi Kurenai," the raven-haired Jōnin-sensei clarifies and she wonders how it's possible this bowing boy could look more beautiful than many other actual girls.

"We should get going," Kakashi states, taking the lead toward the Uchiha compound.

As the four begin to walk, Kurenai makes certain Naruto is in front of her while Haku stays beside her, and requests of anyone, "maybe someone can tell me how a legendary sword like Kubikiribōchō, came to be in your possession when its previous owner is a notorious assassin."

"Naruto-kun made a wager with Zabuza-sama," Haku begins to explain to her in a positively enchanting voice. 'He even sounds like a girl,' Kurenai mentally gasps as Haku states, "if he defeated him, than Kubikiribōchō would be his prize."

Kurenai didn't mean to laugh in disbelief, especially not in such an unladylike manner—deep from her toned gut. Without a single denial from Kakashi and at Naruto's hurt expression, Kurenai couldn't help the, "no! He- He was one of Kiri's highest ranking shinobi; having graduating their Academy at the age of nine by single-handedly killing all their students."

"Well excuse me if it's so hard to believe," Naruto pouts.

Kurenai has to work hard not to make it seem like a lovers spat as she evenly states, "I'm sorry, Uzumaki-kun, I didn't mean to doubt you, it's just, the odds of a skilled shinobi defeating Momochi Zabuza is nearly 700 to 1, whereas a genin defeating him…" Kurenai trails off as it seems like Naruto is ruffled by her rational objection. Despite being analytical by nature, Kurenai ignores the statistics and simply states what's underneath it all. "I'm happy you're back Naruto-kun." 'More so now than ever,' she mentally adds, gasping like she only just dodged a strike to the heart.

With his, "Mnn," and his wide grin, she can tell that's all he wanted to hear as Haku explains what happened. Halfway to the Uchiha compound, they all hear a loud shriek that they discover belongs to one of Guy-sensei's students. The black-haired kunoichi with two Chinese buns in a qipao-style blouse breaks from her team and rushes straight to Naruto, or rather the massive sword he's carrying over his shoulder.

"Kubikiribōchō! Kubikiribōchō!" she repeats in total amazement. The pretty girl is beside herself as Kurenai recalls her from the weapons shop, 'Ten Out of Ten.' Snapping away heart-shaped eyes from the sword to the blond genin, she has to ask, "where? Why? When? Please!"

"If it isn't my most beloved rival, Kakashi of the Sharingan," Guy calls triumphantly, causing Kakashi to slink deflated.

"…Guy," Kakashi lamely greets.

"Oooohhh," Guy yells with pumped up fists. "That's what I hate about you, my fierce rival! You're too cool! Kurenai-sensei, you're youthful radiance is as bright as the springtime sun!" He laughs proudly while Kurenai can barely chuckle politely.

"So this is Guy-sensei's eternal rival," Lee observes with bright, star-filled eyes before whipping around to Neji, likely itching to challenge the genius Hyūga again. Neji simply sighs before walking away.

"Na, Guy," Kakashi starts. "We have an important matter to attend to, so… bye."

"Wait," Tenten calls to Kakashi before turning to Naruto. "My family collect rare and valuable ninja tools from across all the nations. Kubikiribōchō is one of the legendary Seven Swords of Kiri with the ability to regenerate itself using the iron from its victim's blood! What do you want for it?! How about a discount on shinobi gear for life?!"

"I remember you from, Ten Out of Ten," Kurenai says moving between a senbon-armed Haku and an unaware Tenten. "Regardless of any offers made by your family, your father will, I repeat, WILL stop treating Naruto-kun like a second-class citizen. You can also tell Dānyī-san from now on Naruto's ryo is just as good as anyone else's. Is that understood?"

Though Tenten had a difficult time looking away from the sword, she nods once before informing the blond, "please don't do anything until we talk again!" then rushes away. When the group continues toward Uchiha compound, Kakashi walks up beside her and asks, "care to explain."

Surprised by the question, Kurenai actually cranes her neck in disbelief as she asks, "aren't you aware of how poorly your student is consistently being treated in the village; not just by civilians, but shinobi as well?"

Kurenai can't tell if he is or isn't aware because she suddenly realizes the mistake she made by leading their walk after telling Tenten off… Naruto and Haku are now behind her and Kakashi. Despite the growing humidity preparing her womanhood for some very aggressive snuggling, Kurenai tries to walk as mechanically as possible, hoping the blond behind her doesn't lose his head over the swaying of her hips or perky rear.


Naruto had no idea how long he'd been staring at Kurenai's ass for—vividly imagining gripping and massaging the round flesh as he mindlessly drills her hot honey-pot—until Haku elbowed him hard enough to break his yearning reverie. When Naruto reads the knowing smirk on the beautiful boy's face, Naruto immediately blushes down to his neck. Turning away from the chuckling boy, Naruto tries his best to control his pangs of lust while they walk, though, looking at the sway and swing of graspable flesh her every step incurs, his desire is continuously testing his weakening control.

"Ne, Naruto-kun," Kakashi calls from behind his little orange book, bringing Naruto out of his daze.

"Mn? Yeah?"

"If you let me do all the talking, I promise to treat you to ramen at Ichiraku's," Kakashi bargains as the walk the empty main street leading to the largest residence.

"Really?!" Naruto eagerly hoots before his mind considers further possibilities. "Wait a minute, shouldn't you treat us for completing the mission anyway?"

"That does sound fairly standard," Kurenai adds with a bit of a smirk.

His shoulders deflate a bit but he agrees as they enter the grandness of the once populated Uchiha mansion. Naruto had never entered the Uchiha compound and was astounded to see how grand it was. Despite how deserted the old traditionally designed buildings are, it all looks regularly maintained. Naruto and company just pass the third gate entrance when they meet Sasuke-teme in the open courtyard before the main mansion, wearing an informal yukata with the Uchiha crest on it. Kakashi takes the lead as Sasuke-teme eyes each of them.

"Sasuke-kun," Kakashi starts.

"Kakashi-sensei," the raven-haired avenger returns. "You know I don't like unannounced visits."

"We're here because your teammate would like your help," Kakashi starts but before Naruto could energetically correct him, he continues to add, "I know it's difficult for the two of you to accept one another, but I believe that's only because you're more alike than you realize. You both know pain and more importantly, you're teammates. The conflicts you face together means something and Naruto-kun would help you just like I know Sasuke-kun would help you," the elite Jōnin tells each boy. "In the world we live in, you don't have to like each other to completely trust in one another. So, Sasuke-kun, the situation is Naruto-kun is now without a home. As his teammate, we thought you would like to help him."

When Uchiha-kun grumbles his agreement, Kurenai begins wondering how easy it would be to sneak into the large compound. 'Maybe Naruto can sneak out?' she immorally wonders when Sasuke adds, "in return, I want my Sharingan Kakashi-sensei. You promised and I won't wait any longer."

"Fine," Kakashi dully agrees.

Before any more can happen, Sasuke also stipulates, "I may have a responsibility to the Dobe but I don't have one to a Kiri traitor." With onyx eyes of steel, he tells Haku, "call me crazy but I don't trust you."

"Fine," Kakashi agrees.

"Not fine!" Naruto breaks the bargain previously struck, saying, "Haku's my friend and I'm not just going to let him live on the street!"

"We'll find him another place to live," Kakashi promises, adding, "think of how much stronger our team will be if you and Sasuke-kun took this opportunity to make peace with each other."

"Sasuke-teme doesn't want Haku to stay, that's fine," Naruto agrees. "It's his house, but I wouldn't feel right about it. So, thanks Teme but Haku and I'll find somewhere else to live."

"Naruto," Kakashi attempts. "Try to be reasonable. You have my word Haku-kun will be fine and Sasuke-kun is your teammate."

Naruto knows that makes sense and struggles to sort his thoughts. Despite how much Sasuke-teme annoys the hell out of him, the spiky-haired blond does understand certain sides of the avenger. Kakashi's right, they both know loss and Naruto understands that to his core. But, what he can't understand is how someone who is so loved by everyone around him—who is so gifted—can act like a complete douche to everyone! While Naruto struggles for every friend, Sasuke-teme only needs to walk outside and nearly the entire village would love to be with him.

'Then there's Sakura-chan,' his mind angrily thinks. Though Naruto is supremely happy Sakura-chan is training with him now, and can't help but push himself that much harder because she's there, the pink-haired love of his life is, instead, in love with this arrogant ass for no discernible reason. It's the strongest reason for their rivalry. 'A now this extra pearly ass-wipe of a teammate wants to separate him and Haku? Not happening!' "I get that we're teammates Kakashi-sensei. We're shinobi of the Leaf so we have to work together, but we're different because I do trust Haku."

"Don't say I didn't warn you when he stabs you in the back," Sasuke retorts.

Naruto didn't see Haku's fist tighten as he proudly declares, "he wouldn't!"

The silence that follows is filled with stern glares, ended only when Kurenai turns to the elite Jōnin-sensei. "Kakashi-"

"There are more options than two boys living with you."

"I don't even want to know what you're insinuating," Kurenai naturally responds, though flooded with guilt. "But I believe I have a viable alternative."


"Of course," Iruka-sensei tells the group after a tearful Naruto hugged his favored Sensei, sweetly blubbering his apologies before they explained the situation. As simple as those two words, an excited Naruto and the ever-serene Haku have a place to stay.

The Umino residence was in the more economical section of the shinobi sector, clearly left to the devoted Chūnin from his deceased parents. It was a one-story three bed, two bath—not nearly as large as Kurenai's two-story home but the unkempt and wooded backyard was more than large enough for the boys to train in. The interior of the home was clearly a workaholics cave with stacks of books, scrolls of essays and student development sheets.

The Umino residence was also far from the main populous of Konoha, and as much as Kurenai tries to deny it, it's much closer to her house than Naruto's apartment. 'That's something, at least,' Kurenai muses. She was silent as the boys picked between two equally small rooms, nearly reflecting the equal war within herself. Like an unbiased observer, she observed a mental war between her body's yearning for sexual release with Naruto, and her moral integrity willing her to uphold decency and civic responsibility.

While Naruto was away on his escort mission, her mind ran the longest marathon on this single topic, going round and round looking for an answer she can live with, because while sex with Naruto is unbelievably marvelous, she still can't bring herself to tell her best friend—who's a sex goddess in her own right. It means deep down, Kurenai knows it's wrong and she just can't keep this moral burden up any longer. No matter how good it feels, she knows it's not right and while Kurenai still wanted several nights with him, it was beginning to feel like her nocturnal time with Naruto was numbered.

That was until her mental gymnastics is thrown for a loop with another point of contention: Naruto nearly died at the hands of Zabuza Momochi. With a highly intellectual, visually vivid mind, Kurenai can easily form mental simulations of what it must've been like for a genin, fresh out of the Academy, to face a seasoned black-list target in their bingo book… and her chest constricts her breathing at all the ways her bedmate could've died. 'He could've died… thirty-eight different ways I can think of…' and that thought makes her stressed and anxious.

It's simply ludicrous he survived and it's left her in an agonizing state of doom to the point that simply acknowledging his well-being with her eyes wasn't enough. Sometimes knowledge is a scary thing and Kurenai just needed an anchor, something to steady her. Wrong though it may be, right now, the raven-haired Jōnin needed to touch him… to feel his breath… his pulse… his heart.

Despite the circumstances, Kurenai had given herself permission to be free with this boy. She let him in, and to her grand astonishment, she's grown comfortable doing so. Her body needed to feel he's actually safe, and yet, she can't. For the foreseeable future, Haku will likely be in close proximity to Naruto and Kakashi has been mandated by the Hokage to take a more vested interest in Naruto's training. Sadly, the observation, 'he doesn't live alone anymore and he'll always have company,' feels like she's being sentenced to prison.

As the big-dick blond in question creates clones to retrieve the few belongings from his apartment, Kakashi lazily calls, "Haku-kun, I'll be back in a moment. I need to speak with Kurenai-sensei." Slightly confused, Kurenai follows the elite Jōnin outside to the unkempt wilderness that is the front lawn. When they were alone, he cuts straight to the point. "Whether it was your intention or not, you've undermined my authority as Team 7's sensei."

Kurenai expected this and respectfully explains to her senior Jōnin, "it was never my intention to weaken your place as their sensei and team-lead. This simply played out within our blind spot; yours as much as mine."

Though silent a moment, it's not tense before Kakashi points out, "with regard to Naruto, the third feels the way he does because of what he couldn't see in Orochimaru." Though unsure why he would bring it up, Kurenai agrees with a nod nonetheless. "But Naruto isn't Orochimaru. I've checked on that kid a number of times and despite his solitude, I felt comfortable he wouldn't turn to his hate."

"Is that why you're dedicating more time with Uchiha-kun," Kurenai asks, though she's sure Obito fits in there somewhere. "To curve his hatred?"

"If my team is going to maintain its unity," Kakashi begins to say, ignoring her question. "I can't wait to raise Sasuke's skill level."

Kurenai understands what that truly means, and though she's aware Uchiha's introverted personality type is necessary within their ranks and have their uses, she's not sure how sustainable that model is with someone like Naruto on the team. "You want Uchiha-kun to be the captain…" Kurenai accuses the elite Jōnin. "…as a counterbalance to the dominance of his unstable feelings. You're using Naruto-kun and Haruno-chan to taper off his hatred of Itachi and his trauma."

"Don't expect to reach me for at least a month," Kakashi easily continues.

"You need to think of another way," Kurenai tries to impress upon the elite Jōnin. "That's avoidance and no matter how much better it would be if Uchiha-kun was the best, Naruto-kun isn't going to stop growing."

Kakashi disregards her concerns and simply reports, "Naruto and Sakura are more than capable of completing D-Rank missions on their own. You don't need to supervise. Just sign off as sensei. I'll also have either Guy or Asuma check in-"

"Guy," Kurenai quickly cuts off.

After a moment, Kakashi casually states, "it's not my place to butt-in, but he told us Tomoko-hime is a petty and spiteful person. As the third born daughter, she has little prospects in the way of any significant power or marriage, so she's very rebellious and has no respect for shinobi or her own family. He ignored you because if she learned how much he cares about you, or you him, she would've delayed her return that much longer simply to feed off of your pain. Apparently, she even prefers more feminine boys; you know, the frail, hairless, pretty ones."

… … Kurenai silences her mind for seconds allowing that revelation to sink in and test the fragile waters of her loving heart and honestly, it only made her angry. It's such an Asuma thing to do, protect her from pain as best he can. 'And what? Now it's okay for me to be with him? After the perfect way he brushed us off?' Her mind recalls Genma's words, 'he'll be okay,' and she can't but wonder if that's truer now more than ever. Despite the context, the agony continues to drown her chest with heavy hurt.

'No,' she thinks. 'This wasn't just that. This was a fear.'

Though Kurenai loves Asuma for how much of a man he is, her village places a lot of importance on teamwork and even a friend would've been treated better than she was. Kakashi was told, and more than likely so was Genma, which is likely why Genma feels he's better for her than Asuma-kun. 'What was he waiting for? Commitment for shinobi who are so often near death can be harder or easier, but could that be the reason why he hesitated? Why he thought it'd be better if I went through that?' She can feel her heart harden as she flatly tells Kakashi, "he may have overextended himself trying to avoid hurting me. As you're the leader of Team Seven, I'll respect any choice you make."

Kakashi just nods as they both reenter Iruka's house to find it empty. The Jōnin-sensei find the boys in the backyard and Haku is showing Naruto how to throw senbon when Kakashi interrupts. "Haku, we should go."

"Hai, Kakashi-san," Haku returns.

"Wait!" Naruto calls confused, and for once, Kurenai feels the same.

For a moment she entertained the notion that maybe Kakashi preferred boys until the elite Jōnin answers, "Naruto, part of receiving asylum in Konoha is a mandatory interrogation."

"Really?" Naruto calls with a hint of worry. "For how long? Can it wait? We were going to Ichiraku's for some ramen."

"It'll take as long as it takes and it has to be now," Kakashi mundanely states. "Just don't freak out if Haku's not back in two days or three days. The more information they have to go through the longer it'll take. Team meeting tomorrow; seven, sharp."

With a respectful bow to Kurenai and a hug from Naruto, Haku departs with Kakashi, leaving the sexy Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha and a sexually starved blond boy with a big dick and mountains of energy alone in an empty residence. Kurenai manages a gulping swallow before her thin waist is captured by strong, hungry arms, pulling her softness to him like he's trying to fuse them together.

She can feel his heat and muscle as he moans repeatedly, "Nai-chan," exciting her nipples to hear such need for her.

"W-wait…" Kurenai tries, feeling slightly short of breath with an amorous rumbling in her chest. His arousal was easily pressing against her round rump and within the orbit of his radiating warmth, her body grows softer, like a hot cushion with zealous lubrication. Without her consent, her ass rubs against his steel rod and like recalling hunger, her appetite grows rapidly to uncontrollable heights. 'Cock,' her mind bids as Naruto absentmindedly begins dry-humping against her, moaning, "Nai-chan!"

"N-Naruto… wait," Kurenai tries, even though it thrills her to the bone at the thought of him deep inside her, spreading her slick walls repeatedly until she cums hard enough to pass out. "Not… here," she manages as the last vestiges of reason slip away.

Holding her so comfortably tight that she can feel his racing heartbeat, he simply lifts her off her feet and her flexible legs bend back and wrap around him at the knees, fixing herself deliciously against his raging hard-on as he walks inside the house. With every step, her weight presses down on his rock hard rod, growing overly wet with an itching need. She can feel the pulsing shape of his head pressing between her soft cheeks until he just clears the threshold, then she's on the floor, on all fours, with a magnificently hard phallus eager to rearrange her insides. The realization triggers a massive rush of blood toward her already twitching wet cunt.

Naruto whimpers as he shoves the mesh armor blouse up and over her bandaged thighs and pelvis. Groaning like a wounded animal, Naruto, without thought or permission, unsheathes a kunai, spins it in his grasp and expertly cuts through a binding, unraveling the complex impediment. "Naruto!" he hears and is immediately remorseful… until he sees her pulsing peach, sodden and swollen for him and he forgets everything, including his own appendage to stuff his hungry face in her sensitive womanhood.

"MMN!" Kurenai groans deeply from her tight core. 'Yes!' her mind screams, feeling his long tongue lap her never-ending stream of honey. Feeling shackled in her clothes, Kurenai struggles to take off her blouse, but when he dips his long slippery organ in her twitching snatch to get at the richer fluid deep within, Kurenai's mind blanks out as she groans loudly. She drops midway through taking off her blouse as the tension cable of her impending orgasm tightens frightfully fast. It's been too long, he wants her too much, and after what Kakashi told her, the ever-present ache in her heart needs this just as bad.

"Ahhh! Haahh! Mmmnn! Na-Naruto! I'm- I'mmmnn, almost!" she moans. The building ecstasy churns her cunt-connected sanity madly and she bangs her heavily aroused head against the tatami mat. Her mouth salivating profusely, spilling down her chin and neck as the unyielding coil filled with unbridled ecstasy is ripped to shreds when his mouth finds her engorged clitoris and sucks. "CUMMMMM-" She screams, her lower back arching with full body spasms as her strong legs try to snap together, though it's not enough to keep his hungry tongue out of her spewing snatch. Kurenai screams from within her white and red blouse as her entire body erupts continuously for nearly a minute. All the while he laps and sucks at all the juices erupting from her radiating pleasure center.

Kurenai finally sinks to the floor, boneless in a haze of euphoria. Suffocating in her blouse, she weakly removes the moist cloth and vaguely learns Naruto is naked behind her. She becomes more alert when he lifts her waist to his pleasure weapon's level.

"Wa-wait, Naruto… I'm still-AAHH!MMMNNNN!" she mewls as he penetrates her sensitive folds to her depths, delivering the exact exhilaration her body has been craving. Kurenai moans along with him, who clearly feels the same. The hot wet connection only lasts until his need to be even deeper in her sodden center overtakes him. With a tighter grip on her strong hips, he drives his meat pole the full length of her gushing canal, ripping a deep moan from her throat as his fat cock-head kisses her puckered cervix.

"I missed you so much Nai-chan," he moans desperately.

Weak and losing control fast, Kurenai doesn't respond, concentrating instead on the delicious friction he sparks within her as he pulls out and quickly plunges back in to a wet 'shloop!' 'Wai- I'm still aahhnn…Ahhn! Ahhn! Sensitivvvvvv,' Kurenai panics but her voice is gone as he pulls out and pumps his massive hardness back in, ripping a, "Cuummmmiiinnnnnnnggg," scream from her throat. Curling her back and toes as she full-body spasms in repetitive rupturing pleasure, her twitching cunt grips and pulls him in, jonesing for his man milk.

Naruto moans loudly, happily, by her clamping sucking grip and isn't far behind. After a minute of a full-body orgasm, Kurenai sinks to the mat below, sweating and breathing heavily. Naruto flips her over to see her thoroughly debased and debouched appearance. Her pink nipples on her large breasts stand stiffly at attention, her hair is a mess, shiny and stuck to her feverish skin, her ruby red lips moaning and rubbing against each other and her half-lidded eyes are unfocused and heavily dilated. Inflamed by the splayed evidence of his lust, Naruto slopes against her sweating body, hungry mouth to flushing chest as he uses his knees, feet, and pelvis to pump his engorged need in and out of her sopping mess.

"Haah! HAhnn… Ahn… ahhh… Na- Na- I'mmmmmmnn," Kurenai tries, instinctively wrapping her legs around his pumping ass and her arms around his nipple-sucking blond head. Over and over his unyielding speed is maddening, fucking her like tomorrow is the end. 'The end,' her heart clenches at the thought of his near death. 'He could've died,' it hurts her to realize and Kurenai fucks him that much harder, quickly closing in on a grand third orgasm. "Fuck me Naruto! My pussy's aching! Fill me up!"

"Nai-chan! I can't- You're so-" The horny blond starts to say before forgetting his words and takes enough of her pert breast in his mouth she can feel his teeth as he hungrily sucks and fucks, Kurenai's eyes roll back as another body-shattering climax ruptures her every pleasure nerve in her body, only this time, Naruto slams in, to his balls, and dumps stockpiles of cum into her quaking cunnie. If the pumping liquid filling her quaking cavity wasn't so thick, she would've feared he was urinating a day's worth of pressurized piss. At the gelatinous flooding of molten man-milk in her quaking center, Kurenai cums continuously, losing her mind in the process and ascending past all problems into pure bliss.

"Nai-chan! I can't get enough!" Naruto bemoans from the pain of so much pleasure. Despite milking him dry, he hasn't softened and in her frenzied euphoria, she couldn't do anything but let him have his way with her. He brings both her knees to her chest before going balls deep with another round of hot beef injections. Her breast swing trapped between her raised legs as he beats on her gushing walls, continuously keeping Kurenai in the high heavens, triggering orgasm after orgasm up and down her squirming body until his balls tighten and he unloads shot after shot of his hot cream. Kurenai sees white for an indiscernible amount of time, feeling only heavily vibrating bliss.

When she comes to, Kurenai realizes she's in a bed, it's dark outside, making it darker inside and more than anything, Naruto is resting on top of her, his head nestled between her soft breasts and his groin firmly against her own. At the feel of his hot hard body on top of her, a humming pleasure makes its presence known along with half his flaccid penis still inside her. Kurenai enjoys the tranquilizing feel of him against her as her body celebrates the refreshing feel of a good, hard fucking. It certainly wasn't the longest of their sessions. The need between them just propelled it to another level of sensitivity all its own.

With Naruto between her breasts, hugging her with a fear she may flee, Kurenai rubs the top of his silky blond hair, enjoying everything about the moment. She doesn't tend to hug him back when she wakes up like this, but she can't forget he nearly died. Every ninja in the village knows any mission can go bad at the drop of a hat. There are no guarantees in their profession, but still, with Kakashi in the lead of a C-Rank mission, she had no doubt everything would be okay.

'He not only survived what was changed to an A-Rank mission, but he fought Momochi Zabuza and actually won!' Her chest aches with the statistical possibilities of his death. It's very possible Team Seven could've returned with the announcement that the blond trouble-maker, who shouts to all who will listen, how he'll one day be the greatest Hokage ever, is dead.

Though Kurenai never really returns his desperate hugs, she holds him dearly now. Her rising body temperature triggers her cooling sudor and she leans down to pepper the top of his head with ardent kisses. Pleased within his slumber, he hums and she starts to feel him grow within her.

"Naruto…" Kurenai softly calls as she massages his fine scalp. It takes several more calls to finally rouse him out of slumber, all the while his penis steadily spreads her sticky and white walls. Sleep addled, he looks directly at her a moment before a wide smile breaks across his face.

"How are you feeling," Naruto manages to ask before more sensations register. She can clearly read on his face when it registers that he's on top of her and growing semi-hard inside of her. His piercing blue eyes dilate and are lidded as his cheeks blush for an overall expression of lust-filled hunger. Before he gets too ahead of himself, Kurenai rolls them on the bed so she's on top.

Leaning up as she saddles his groin, Naruto has the most amazing look of a naked goddess, hard nipples on perky C-cup breasts, long, black, fuck-me-hair of a mess framed around her beautiful face, elegant neck, and toned shoulders. Feeling her weight on his groin with her knees and toned legs bracketing his torso was its own majesty. Naruto was instantly hard at the drug inducing sight of her and instinctively bucks his hips up. But even if he had the leverage to dive in deeper, Kurenai lifts herself just high enough to remove his curved meat rod from her soaking quim.

"Nai-chan," Naruto tries, sitting up.

Feeling the copious amount of semen in her begin to ooze downward, Kurenai places a gentle palm on his chest stopping him. Sitting on his engorged arousal, rubbing herself against him as she explains, "Naruto, do you remember what this position is called?"

"I- ah, you're rubbing," Naruto tries to say, enjoying the way she slowly grinds her pussy lips, lubricating the underside of his throbbing erection.

"Naruto, I'm not going to allow you inside me unless you tell me what this position is called," Kurenai promises, growing wickedly fond of the pained face he's making as she rides his thick log, coating it with her juices and his dribbling cum. "Come on. I taught you this, remember?"

"I- mmn, don't remember?" Naruto calls between gasps, gripping her thighs as he tries to thrust for more friction.

Kurenai takes his hands and fixes them above his aroused head, giving him a much close view of her swinging breasts. "Come on, I know how smart you are." Kurenai dangles her tits so they barely brush against his hot chest as she continues, "I'm riding you. What are girls called when they ride a stallion?"

"C-Cowgirl," Naruto whimpers.

Kurenai releases his hands so she can sit up straight. Taking his pulsing cock in one hand she slowly lifts herself and aligns his pleasure rod with her dripping love tunnel. They both groan in satisfaction as she impales herself with his beating sex. In this position, women have much more control and Kurenai easily navigates his thick-headed trajectory with her angling, squeezing him all the way to their mutual satisfaction.

Fully stuffed, Kurenai remains still, slowly asking the groaning blond, "Naruto, why did you think you could beat Zabuza?" Naruto's response was to grip her thighs and try to fuck her. She dashes his hopes when she grabs his hands and plants them over his head again, leaning in closer to look him straight in the glazed eyes. Her face is inches away and despite being wrapped so euphorically inside of her, her face and red eyes are serious. "Why did you think you could beat Zabuza?" she asks again.

Regaining some clarity, Naruto realizes she's asking him a serious question; one he didn't have much of an answer for. He isn't sure what to think, though the silence is interrupted when she continues. "Ninja survive because we take careful stock of our opponent and use that knowledge to develop a strategy to defeat them or if the option is available, run. What was your strategy against the Demon of Hidden Mist?"

Again, Naruto couldn't think of words to answer but could see her growing concern. She almost looks in pain to him when she continues, "were you really willing to throw your life away over a sword? There are people who care about you, Naruto. Iruka-san would be devastated if he learned you died trying to fight someone as strong as Zabuza. Your 'Ji-chan—,' which, don't think you're getting out of explaining that one to me—our Hokage cares about you and would've been saddened to learn of your death. I-" Kurenai pulls up short, though her cum-filled womanhood squeezes him hard. They both moan as she wonders if it would be a lie to say she cares for him nearly to the point of love. Her love for Asuma clearly shows the difference between the two but it would most assuredly hurt her if Naruto died. She couldn't help think how his death would taint her life, make her a bit spiritless… lose her fire.

"I think of you as a special person in my life," Kurenai concludes. "It would've hurt us to learn of your death. So why would you be so reckless?"

Naruto is stunned—dick-in-pussy-forgotten stunned. 'She was worried about me?' His mind asks. Being worried he could die is not something anyone has ever expressed to him, except maybe Iruka-sensei when he fought Mizuki. But this beautiful, strong kunoichi actually cares about him like Iruka-sensei does. It actually excites him to learn he's made another friend; another special person he would do everything to defend. And he swiftly realizes that's always been his answer.

"Nai-chan," Naruto starts looking completely in her worried red eyes. "I mean it when I say I'm going to be the greatest Hokage but that means there are super strong ninja out there I have to fight. No matter what they want, they'll hurt anyone just to get it and I need to be even stronger than I am to make sure they can't ever hurt the people that mean the most to me. The Hokage always protects his people." Naruto's hands move out of her grip to cup her beautiful face in his palms. "I didn't care about the sword, I cared about Haku. And I didn't think I could beat Zabuza, but, I just had to. I'm sorry I scared you, Nai-chan. I didn't… I didn't think that I could do that… to you."

'This fucking boy,' Kurenai's mind yells with affectionate aggravation. Rather than tell him anything, she leans down and kisses him. She rarely instigates this type of affection. For the sake of maintaining their emotional boundaries, her mind simply won't allow her to cross those boundaries. While Kurenai understands kissing can be a part of sex, she prefers to kiss someone she's in love with.

Swirling her dainty tongue deeply around his large rougher organ, the feeling overwhelming her isn't simply sexual or loving, but of gratification, praise, adoration, and triumphant. While she may have her reservations on the morality of their relationship, there's little doubt this boy—this shinobi—will be someone great. He may have a long way to go to surpass the four before him, but the foundation is there. She can see it. And that deserves this kiss.

'He risks his life because he cares,' is her answer. 'He still cares despite it all,' she thinks recalling everything she learned of his daily life. Her awe of him is enough for a make-out session. It's as simple as that. As uncomplicated as his needy upward thrusts, and as natural as her responding downward grind, it's the first time they've ever have slow simmering sex.

On top, Kurenai takes the lead, rolling her hips and angling his rock hard cock to churn her insides in all the right places. Her red eyes flutter with his every sparkling pull and quivering push against her gripping walls. Her red lips constantly moan and she nearly loses all awareness every time he rouses her melting g-spot. He grips her strong thighs, massaging them as she rides his cock closer and closer to their peaks.

"Naruto, I'm… ahhn… going to help- AH!.. make your dream com- ah! Ahnn! Cum! True!" Kurenai moans with her eyes closed, tweaking her nipples as she nears the greatest drop.

"I'm almost-" Naruto groans, tightening his grip on her. Leaning her hot and wet body forward, Kurenai picks up her tempo when she felt her massive end only a few hard thrusts away, and Naruto didn't disappoint. He grips her hair-matted face and crushes her moaning red lips against his, sliding his tongue into her mouth to suck on hers as his final thrust busts his balls and Kurenai's mind explodes with ecstasy.

He moans along with her as her lower back snaps to an arch, quaking and jerking powerfully with mind-rippling pleasure as her quivering cock-pocket clamps and swallows hungrily around his entire length. Kurenai's buzzing mind only wants to pull as much of him in her as she can, milking him for all she's worth until she's brimming with his hot seed. At the feel of his knot expanding at her entrance, plugging her up while he shoots stream after stream of his hot white goo, the Konoha beauty falls forward, thinking along the lines of, 'he's going to get me pregnant,' as she surrenders to unconsciousness on top of him.

When they wake to the aches and pains of satisfaction, they dovetail the previous session with another round of slow, deeply intimate sex and for the first time ever, Naruto has enough presence of mind to play with her clitoris. With her direction, the eager blond combines that stimulation with the sensitive spots within her he knows hugs his cock the hardest until she's squirting her orgasms and screaming his name.

Yay! Iruka saves the day again! He's always been a favorite of mine.

Ino is definitely coming around in the next chapter. I actually had some time to figure out where she's going and how the chapter plays out, I just need to go over it a few more times.

I'd also like to mention, I don't dislike Asuma in any way. I didn't want to make him a villain but he did brush her off and I wanted to make it clear why. I'll figure out a way to do right by him eventually. It just won't happen for some time.

There's a reason why Sasuke is living in his clan home and not in that hotel residence we saw in canon. It's a small change but one I thought about for Sasuke's arc.

We're also getting closer to more story and training for Naruto(like two maybe three chapters away). For those readers who raised legitimate concerns about the amount of explicit lemons, I want to say that direction of this fic was done on purpose. Time travel fic and Harem fics has a lot of well established tropes. THe reasoning behind my fic is, we've already read many time travel fics that have all the variation of his training as well as Harem fics that have a lot of drama/story. Now, it's not that drama and training isn't exciting to write by themselves, but in their singular way, it's been done and done well in some cases. So, instead of writing in explicit detail about Naruto learning all the stuff everyone already knows he learns: Rasengan, Futon training, RasenShuriken, Sage training... I decided to focus on the drama/lemons part while his canon training happens around the Harem. Once we get closer to the new techniques and stuff I want him to learn, Harem lemons will share the screen time more fairly.

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