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Devil's Plaything

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"Foreign languages"


Chapter VII: Devil's Plaything

Back in Konoha he was known as an idiot; the shinobi that was hopeless at anything that wasn't running straight ahead at a threat, serving as the dumb muscle. To be fair, Naruto didn't do that much after graduation to change that perception people had about him, but it was still a bit demeaning.

So, it truly came as a surprise to him that every single representative of the clubs he wanted to join pretty much accepted him with little to no hassle. The leaked rumors about his exam scores must have had something to do about it. Clones or not, it was still an amazing feeling to be seen in such a way.

"Did you get into the ones you wanted?" came Kitty's voice from behind. Naruto turned around to see the new addition to the mansion sit down beside him for lunchtime. It barely crossed his mind that she had decided to do so since the rest of the table was empty.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah. What about you?"

"Ugh! Logan told me that I should go for something physical because I'm bad at it. Like, I already know that! I just don't like football or soccer or anything that involves taking one stupid ball from one side of the field to another." ranted Kitty. "Sooo boring! But Ororo told me that there are dance classes in here, so I went with that."


Kitty nodded. "Yeah. Ballet and some other styles." Her face then turned slightly pink. "Wanna come see me at practice sometime?"

"I –"

"We'd be delighted to. Won't we, Naruto?" interrupted Jean as she sat down on their table. Accompanying her were Ororo, Scott, and Kurt.

"Sure. Sure, we will," stammered Naruto upon hearing Jean's "be tactful" tone. "I'll be there when you want me to."

"I-I'll tell you when – the only classes I've ever taken were years ago so I'm like, very rusty right now," responded Kitty nervously but the smile never went away.

"Dance is a great way to improve your flexibility and endurance. However, like any other art, you must dedicate practice to it," declared Ororo. "I myself have taken some classes, and Jean as well. I'm sure you will enjoy it."

Kitty laughed nervously. "Thanks, I'll try."

"And you Naruto?" asked Jean, changing the focus. "You really managed to get into all of the ones you wanted?" Her question filled with equal parts incredulity and a little bit of awe, something that made Naruto's chest puff out a little.

"Believe it!" he exclaimed loudly. "The music and arts class took a little bit of convincing, but the science and math clubs were more than willing. Even got offered a place in the student council!"

"All of the clubs? That is insane, mein Freund!" said Kurt in between mouthfuls of food.

Scott however, looked at things a little bit more negatively. "Remember that you still need to train with us. I don't believe that putting priority in this is such a good thing when you're still with the X-Men."

Naruto was about to respond but Jean beat him to it. "Well at least someone is taking advantage of being in one of the best private schools in the country," she said, her gaze fixed on Scott and Kurt accusingly.

"I told you before, Jean, I use all my time to train. Someone has to do it," defended Scott, but his justification fell on deaf ears.

"What about when we leave the Institute? We won't be there forever! High school serves to prepare us for the future, help us gather skills for later. Training your mutant powers will only get you so far." Jean then looked at Kurt. "And what's your excuse?"

Kurt waved his hands in front of him defensively. "Hey! Isn't high school a place to have fun, too? I still need to acclimatize myself to this place, ja? Besides, the less time I spend on the school, the better. Who knows when this little gadget decides to go kaput on me?"

Kitty shrugged her shoulders. "Guess he got you there, Jean."

Jean shook her head. "No, you don't get away that easy –"

"Well if it isn't the newbies!" shouted a voice that Naruto recognized as Johnny Storm's. "Guess you're all fresh out of those midterms? Got to choose the clubs you're interested in? Ah – to be new and foolish!"

"You're still both of those," commented Ororo, her voice dignified despite the jab.

Johnny pretended to be hit in the heart. "Ororo, my dearest, you wound me with your harsh words!" Smiling, he sat down on the remaining seat left on the table. "How about I give you a ride on the way home? I just got my whip back from the mechanic."

Naruto's eyes flashed. "Whip?! Why would you want to use a whip on her?!" His voice probably a lot louder than he intended.

Johnny looked confused for a second before realization hit. "Oh… right. You're still learning English. Well… 'whip' is slang for car. As in 'I just got my car back from the mechanic'."

"You know that I dislike cars, Johnny," interrupted Ororo.

"Then I fear the future of our love is doomed," said Johnny with mock sadness. "But yeah, Naruto. You can't just take everything literally on English… especially in New York City. There so many uses for the same word."

"Huh? Like what?" asked Naruto, arms crossed in front of him.

"Whack," said Johnny. "You can use it to describe something that's awesome. Something like: 'that car is whack.'"

"I see. What else?"

"Hot can be used to say that's something's awesome as well, but also attractive. So, between us guys," he ignored the piercing looks of Jean, "when someone says a girl is hot, that means she's beautiful."

Naruto smiled "Ah! I get it!" he exclaimed, "So… like your sister?"

"Naruto!" growled Jean while all around the table there were different reactions: both Kurt and Scott immediately did a spit take, Ororo's mouth actually opened slightly, and Kitty pursed her lips but said nothing.

"W-What?! It's true!" Naruto responded defensively. What had he done wrong? He didn't ponder long once he saw that fire exploded from Johnny's fists, the flames being pointed directly at him. An angry Johnny Storm was something Naruto hadn't seen before; Susan's younger brother always seemed so easygoing.

"What did you say about my sister?!" Johnny asked menacingly as more and more flames started to take over his body. Even some of the students from other tables started to notice.

Naruto immediately put his hands in front of him defensively. "I said your sister was pretty! That's all! You're saying she's ugly?" As soon as he said that Johnny stopped and the anger visibly drained away, which was followed by a chuckle.

"I guess you're right, my sister is pretty… but it's probably not a good idea to tell a guy that you're interested in dating his sister that way."

Naruto blinked, trying to process what he just heard, and when he did, one could almost see a lightbulb appear above his head. "Huh?! Date?!" He shook his head. "N-No, no, no, no! It's not like that!"

Johnny laughed, as if the previous fury had never been there. "Isn't it? You know… she's been cooped up in that tower begging for someone to take her out. I think I'll let her know about what you think."

"No! I didn't mean it like that!" A date with someone like Susan Storm was a thing people would die for, but he doubted she'd be interested. Johnny did not seem to care as he immediately stood up and walked towards another table where the upperclassmen were seated.

"Come visit when you can! I think Reed has something for you." Was the last thing Johnny said before his voice was drowned amongst the loudness of the cafeteria hall.

Jean let out a long, tired sigh before looking at Naruto. "I told you… tact… please have some tact," she pleaded.

Naruto grumbled, resigning himself to finishing his lunch. He'd have to go to the Baxter building soon enough; hopefully Johnny had only been bluffing. "Don't girls like being called pretty?"

"Yeah… but you have to be a lot more careful in the way you say it. Don't be blunt, say something poetic or subtle, compliment the little details… especially when you're in public!"


"You did get into the reading club, didn't you? They'll help you out."

Naruto nodded. "I guess."

"No… freaking… way!" Kitty interrupted; her gaze fixed on an enormous… blob of a human being that had entered the cafeteria. If he could be summed up in one word, "huge" would be an apt descriptor: at least six feet tall, with a giant gut belly that seemed to be barely kept in check by the clothes that threatened to rip apart from the pressure. "Is that the humongous guy that you and Logan went to see Saturday night?" she asked Jean.

"Yeah, Fred Dukes." She looked at all of them seriously. "He's an okay guy but please try not to antagonize him," said Jean as Naruto looked at the large quantities of food the giant mutant was piling onto his cafeteria tray.

"He eats as much as Naruto," muttered Kurt.

"Hey! That's not fair!" responded Naruto as he looked at the amount of food. Kurt was kind of right but even then, the months he had spent with Jean and Ororo were enough to implement some table manners into him. At least be a little more orderly.

Kitty giggled. "Yeah, but all the food Naruto eats goes into his muscles."

Naruto nodded smugly. "That's right!" he said before returning his gaze back to the lumbering behemoth of a man that was curiously going to a table that was removed from everybody else. Already sitting there was a mutant by the name of Todd Tolansky – someone that made every person feel a lot better about their personal hygiene – and there was also someone that seemed quite familiar.

"What the hell?!" exclaimed Naruto, his hand pointing at the table where Lance Alvers was sitting next to Todd. "When the hell did Quakey get in here?!"

Besides him, Kitty's amazed expression turned into one of annoyance. "He better not like, bring down the entire school this time!"

Naruto turned to Jean. Her brows were furrowed, a seeming combination of equal parts frustration and concentration. "What's going on?"

"Well… remember when I told you that Logan and I went to recruit Fred a few days ago?" Everyone at the table nodded. "When we went backstage, he was gone. The only person we found then was… Principal Darkholme."

Scott twiddled his thumbs. "Now that you mention it… when you and Naruto went to Illinois, Principal Darkholme was also not present."

Kurt suddenly jumped from his seat. "You're telling me that they were enrolled into the school because Principal Darkholme said so? Why would she want to do something like that?"

Scott crossed his arms. "I don't know, but it doesn't smell ri –"

Before he had a chance to continue, a loud crash resounded across the hall. Naruto immediately joined the entire student body in searching for the source and quickly found it. Fred Dukes' body had apparently been too heavy for his seat, and now the giant man could be found on the floor, with the massive amount of food all over him. Some of it had even landed on Jean's jerk of a boyfriend, Duncan Matthews who, much to Jean's visible frustration, had been flirting with some of the cheerleaders at another table.

It didn't take long for everyone to laugh. Even Kurt joined in a little; the only ones that were not amused by the sight were Fred himself and Duncan, who was approaching the gargantuan mutant in anger. "You're dead, fatso!"

Apparently, Fred Dukes had a breaking point; the combination of being threatened with violence, humiliation, and the fact that people were laughing at him triggered it.

"Don't… laugh… at me!" raged Fred while grabbing pieces of his food and throwing them at Duncan, dirtying the douchebag jock even more.

"Food fight!" screamed a student and the cafeteria immediately erupted into chaos; the air was immediately filled with beef patties, beans, pasta, and bread, all of them covered with toppings and condiments. Most fled the hall as quickly as they could, but some decided to grab their own food and continue the fight.

Naruto evaded all the stuff that was being thrown at his direction with ease. It would have been easy enough with just his shinobi skills, but the Sharingan made it even more trivial. The same could not be said for Jean, who was resorting to shielding herself with her powers. Scott had taken cover behind a table, Kurt had disappeared, and both Kitty and Ororo were close to each other, doing their best to evade the food.

Sharingan eyes picked up an especially greasy and large hamburger that was headed straight towards Kitty's head and instincts kicked in. With a wave of his hand, Naruto derailed the projectile from its course before it made contact.

Kitty turned to him with a smile. "Thanks," she said before grabbing Ororo's hand. "I think we're gonna totally skip dessert." Both of them phased through the floor, as if it had swallowed the two female mutants whole.

Grinning, Naruto turned his attention back to Fred. The giant man now screamed with rage; whatever little sense of inhibition that might've been left seemingly gone to the point that he now grabbed a table and started to wave it around like it was a stick.

"Fred, stop!" cried Jean as she tried to get closer, easily using her powers to deflect any oncoming debris. Her asshole of a boyfriend had already been knocked after Fred had flung a plastic tray at him.

Naruto breath skipped as he saw a swing of the table come dangerously close to Jean's head and he immediately gathered chakra into his hand, forming an imperfect Rasengan. In less than a second, he was right next to Jean, just as another swing of the table was about to reach her. He thrust his hand forward and even while incomplete, the Rasengan was enough to reduce the makeshift weapon to splinters.

"Naruto!" gasped Jean before looking back at the giant mutant. "Put the table down, Fred!"

Jean's voice was seemingly enough to bring Jean back to his senses. "Uh… Jean?" Fred muttered dumbly while holding only a foot of the table; what was left after Naruto's Rasengan.

"Baka, you almost hit her!" growled Naruto as he got into a fighting stance. Fred glowered at him and raised his weapon, ready to continue the fight.

"Stop! I'll handle this!" commanded Jean before lowering her tone. "Fred… calm down… everything's fine."

"They laughed at me! They shouldn't've laughed at me!" growled Fred, but his voice was less violent now. He even began lowering the club.

"No, they shouldn't have," assured Jean before turning towards Naruto and Scott. "I'll be fine. Let me handle this… please."

Naruto was hesitant but slowly nodded. "Call me if you need me," he communicated to Jean. Her nod assured him that she would. He was lucky enough to leave before one of the teachers got involved.

"Quite the powerhouse I got around me now, Whiskers," said a slimy voice once Naruto was in the halls.

Naruto smelled the source of the voice before he even saw him. Todd Tolanksy was perched over one a row of lockers, below him stood Lance Alvers.

"Quakey!" snarled Naruto, his body stiffening even though Lance stood tranquil. "What the hell are you doing here?! Aren't you supposed to be on a cell back in Illinois?!"

"Blondie… you may have gotten the drop on me the last time, but now I've been training with my powers. Next time, you won't be so lucky," said Lance while remaining still. "You and the rest of your Mansion nerds better stay out of our way."

Naruto bared his teeth. "So long as you stay away from ours."

Lance scoffed before he started to walk away, Todd hopping behind him. It seemed that this little group had found a leader in the earthquake making mutant. Naruto had to admit that between Todd and Fred, at least Lance seemed to be a bit less dumb.

Getting worried, he walked back to where Jean's presence was and waited for her to emerge. Once she did, he managed to get one last look at Fred Dukes, who's face quickly glared as soon as Naruto appeared, and even more so when he left with Jean.

'School is going to get a hell of a lot more complicated,' thought Naruto before grinning. 'Maybe it'll also get a lot more interesting!'

In all his life, Naruto could safely say that he had never dealt with a person like Kitty Pryde before. In many ways she reminded him of Ino, but kinder. Or maybe this was the other side of Ino? The one that Sasuke was more familiar with. The one that spoke just as loud but was infinitely more pleasant. The one that said compliments so blatant even he was able to understand.

The one that constantly asked him to go out with her.

"Come on!" insisted Kitty, almost tugging at his arm. "It's the weekend and I don't want to be like, cooped up in the mansion. Let's go out!"

"Err… right. I'm gonna go ask if anybody else wants to come –"

"Nobody else wants to come," Kitty stated quickly and sharply. "Let's just go – you and me."

It was thus that Naruto ended up going to Salem Center, one of the oldest towns in the country. So many of his nights had recently been occupied with the goings-on of New York City that he had forgotten that there was a small town on his own backyard. The reason was simple; there was minimal crime compared to the giant city just south of them.

"Not that many clothing stores," grumbled Kitty. "And I've just received my allowance from my parents. Bummer."

"There are many clothing stores in New York."

Kitty grinned. "Then you totally need to take me there tomorrow. I'm just an innocent girl from small town America going to the big bad city on her own. Gotta have someone to help me out." Her voice was sweet, and with those brown puppy eyes Naruto felt the need to nod, even if Kitty was far from helpless.

"Well, I'm starving and I think I saw a nice place a couple of blocks back." It was indeed a nice place. Rustic, with small tables both inside and outside. A waitress asked them where they wanted to be seated; Kitty and Naruto agreed to sit outside.

The waitress quickly gave each of them a menu. "I assume you're here for the Saturday Couple Special?" she asked and Naruto suddenly became very aware of the small hearts that decorated the tables.

"Yeah!" Kitty answered before Naruto could respond.

"I'll get you the free dessert after your lunch. Are you ready to order?"

Naruto decided to order both a club sandwich and burger while Kitty went for the healthier option of grilled chicken. While he was distracted, he started to notice more and more that the other people sitting around them were only couples; no families or groups.

"So," Kitty voiced, "you already know about me, but what about you, huh? I mean, you have to admit that someone of your height, eyes, and hair speaking Japanese is kinda weird. I thought you were from Scandinavia or something when I first saw you."

Most at the mansion already knew the story, so it didn't matter if there was another one. "I'm… not really from here."

Kitty giggled. "Yeah, I've gathered that."

Naruto chuckled a bit as well. "I'm mean, not from this planet."

Kitty looked shocked for a few seconds before smirking. "I can totally understand. Sometimes, I feel like I'm not from this planet as well."

"You're not?"

"Kidding" Kitty laughed. "But… seriously, you're an alien?"

Naruto nodded. "I guess that's what you can call me. I come from a place where we still don't have as many things as you do. The internet? We could really use that."

"Woah! I guess that explains why you're so strong. Is everyone as strong as you back in your planet?"

Naruto puffed up his chest. "I'm a bit stronger than most, but we all use chakra powers," he explained. "The whole reading minds and telekinesis stuff though, that's something I don't see over there."

"That's so totally cool!" gushed Kitty but calmed down a little when their plates arrived. "Why did you come here in the first place? Escaping?"

Naruto shook his head. "No… I was brought here after a fight. I used a powerful jutsu and my… friend used a powerful one too. After we collided, I was… sent here." He straightened himself on the seat. "I've been talking to the Professor and that stretchy Richards guy about a way I could go back, but so far we've been stuck." With determined eyes, he looked straight a Kitty. "But I swore that I would return… and I don't break my promises."

"Oh… I see," muttered Kitty, slowly gazing at the table and biting her lip. The silence only lasted a little before her smirked returned. "So, you're here until then, right?"

"Yep," nodded Naruto. It was amazing luck that he managed to literally land on a place that accepted him so quickly. He'd be sad to say farewell when the time came.

"That's totally not fair, you know," said Kitty, her smirk now a full smile. "You've been like, keeping this from me all this time. You owe me a trip tomorrow."

"A trip?"

"Yeah, I said that you totally need to take me to the City tomorrow and now you have no excuses. I want to go the movies, too… and to Central Park."

"Kitty –"

She shook her head. "No excuses. Besides, a great guy like you would never like, leave a lady all to herself, would you?" Before Naruto could respond she turned her attention to the waitress. "Excuse me? Could we order the couple's milkshake for dessert, please?"

It was thus that Naruto found himself roped to a trip to the city, and this time it wasn't to help Spiderman beat up thugs. He woke up early and knocked on Kitty's door, explaining that if they didn't go early, the traffic would be unbearable. She looked annoyed but didn't argue. Once both of them were properly dressed, they set out from the Mansion.

Naruto grumbled at the idea of having to take public transportation, especially considering he had preferred to run during his past excursions. "Want to try a less expensive way of getting there? It's gonna be a little less comfortable for you," he asked Kitty.

Kitty nodded. "Umm… yeah, if I can like, use the money to get a new pair of shoes, then it'll be worth it."

Naruto nodded and turned his back on her, crouching down a bit. "Hop on!"


"You need to hold on tight since there are no seatbelts. Tell me if you get tired of the Naruto Express so we can make a momentary stop," he instructed. She seemed to finally understand and carefully put both her hands around his neck. Naruto then grabbed both her legs and held them tight as if she was seated. "Ready?"

"I… guess," Kitty whispered against his ear.

He rose up and jumped towards the roof of the Mansion, hearing Kitty yelp and tighten her arms around his neck. Making a point to be more careful he started to speed up towards his now usual route. With time, Kitty started to ease her hold on his neck, more comfortable with the unorthodox method of transportation.

Within time, that nervousness started to disappear as Naruto felt the arms ease their hold. At some point, Kitty even let out a "Wooo!" and giggled every time he made a jump and he started to quicken up the pace until they reached the outer limits of the city.

"We're here!" said Naruto, letting go of Kitty's legs, "but unless we want people to take pictures of us, we're gonna need to go on the train or cab the rest of the way." There was also the fact that some people might recognize his jumping after the last weeks with Spiderman. Without his mask, that would be a bad thing.

"You lied, y'know?" giggled Kitty. "That wasn't bad at all."

Looking at her, Naruto let out a chuckle. "I thought most people would take time to get used to shinobi transportation." He looked at the city and thought for a bit. "You know, if you can take that, maybe we can get even closer with another technique but… you don't like Kurt's teleportation, do you?"

Kitty shook her head. "Well it's not the teleportation itself, it's how he uses it to appear next to me all the time… that and the smell."

"Hold my hand," said Naruto, and she barely hesitated. Her hand was soft and small compared to his calloused one; it was to be expected with her not really used to combat. He held on tightly as he went about using the Shunshin technique. It was not really a teleportation technique as much as a high speed one, but with that kind of velocity, Kitty wouldn't have noticed. He went from rooftop to rooftop, as they were often empty, until they arrived at a Manhattan alleyway.

"Yeah… like, waaay better than Kurt." Kitty looked around the city as soon as they left the empty alleyway. It almost reminded him of the way he looked at everything when he first left Konoha during Team Seven's first mission.

The next few hours consisted of Kitty dragging him to almost every clothing store she could find and asking his opinion about things. Like when he had done the same with Jean and Ororo, he really didn't know what to say aside from "you look good." Kitty looked a little more frustrated, though. Even more so when she went shopping for bathing suits.

"I think it would make me look fat? Do you think it'd make me look fat?" she asked while holding a pink colored two-piece.

Naruto shook his head. "No way. You'd look great in it." The thought of Kitty looking fat was ridiculous. She might've been the slimmest and nimblest girl he'd ever seen.

She nodded and put the suit on the cart before walking over to shoe area and he almost groaned. The last time he thought Jean and Ororo would take the least amount of time picking out footwear. Turns out they spent the same number of hours of the previous departments combined in picking out the ones they considered the best. Jean even stared at a pair of high-heeled sandals for thirty minutes. Thirty!

"I usually prefer sandals. I don't like closed footwear – makes my pedicure seem worthless" she sighed, "but winter is coming and we do live in the Northern temperate zone. Plus, I'd rather not do combat training with my toes exposed." Even with her small rant, she ended up buying a diverse range of shoes, including a couple of pairs for ballet.

By the time they were done, he was holding around ten full bags of Kitty's purchases. Scott said that was the worst part of shopping with women but it barely taxed him.

"Hmm…" Kitty looked sheepishly him. "I guess I forgot about that we were gonna see a movie." Her cheeks turned a rose-colored tint. "Could I be any more forgetful?"

"Hey, it's no problem. Come here." He took her near an alleyway and he unfurled a small scroll. Thank goodness that Tenten had been patient enough to teach him about the most basic of sealing techniques. He grinned as Kitty's eyes widened once the bags disappeared into the scroll.

"Oh my God!" cried Kitty, trying to look where her purchases went. "Did… did they get destroyed?"

"No! They've been sealed inside." He summoned back the bags to demonstrate and then sealed them back again. "It's a technique from back home so that we don't have to carry everything everywhere."

Kitty's mouth dropped in amazement. "Do… do you know just how useful that is? People would kill in order to get technology that did something similar to that. There were even articles about an experiment a scientist was doing to reduce the size of organic matter… and you can just like, put them in, what? A pocket dimension?"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders sheepishly. "I'm awesome?"

"That is like, totally super awesome!"

Naruto mentally gave a fist pump. He couldn't help it, but every time he was complimented by people on this planet it never failed to send a warm, tingly feeling through his body, and he'd been complimented a lot of times since arriving here. For some reason, being complimented by a pretty girl his age made it even better. 'Eat your heart out, Sasuke.'

They walked around, asking around for a place where they could see a movie when Naruto saw the familiar sight of the Baxter building near Central Park. "You think we can make a small detour?" Kitty nodded and they both went towards the home of the Fantastic Four.

"Y'know, when I woke up a week back, I could never have believed that I'd be like, meeting a bunch of superhero celebrities," said Kitty after they were confirmed to go in. Most people would usually be turned away, but he was a special exception.

"Hey!" came the energetic voice of Johnny Storm. He was lounging on a couch, reading a sports car magazine. "Guess you finally decided to visit," he gave Naruto a teasing smirk, "isn't it a bit rude to bring in another girl when you want to date Sue?"

Naruto tried to stammer out a response but after a few sputtering attempts, he settled on a glare. If anything, it made Johnny laugh even louder but even that stopped when he heard a growl from another room.

The… thing that came into view was apparently similar to a massive man. That is, unless one were to count out the fact that the skin had been replaced by orange colored stone. Each step he made the whole room vibrate like a small earthquake and his voice was gruff and… rocky. Worst of all, he seemed really mad.

"Ya damned plague! I know you're the one that replaced the sugar with salt this mornin'. I've had it with your –" He looked at Naruto. "An' who is this? Some friend of yours come to annoy the hell outta me as well?"

"He's my friend… but he's also Reed's friend," responded Johnny before smirking at Naruto, "and Sue's very good friend."

The scene turned comical when the rock-man turned sheepish. "Aw… sorry 'bout that. I've been dealin' with them Yancy Street yahoos more than I'd like." He gave them a grave look. "Stay outta that lousy Yancy Street."

Having never heard of Yancy Street, Naruto didn't have any judgements on it, but it definitely wasn't getting good publicity. He nodded slowly.

"Sorry, but your visit was wasted – Stretcho is doin' some fancy-ass presentation in Europe. He left Sue behind to run things." He thrust his hand forward. "Ben Grimm."

'So, this is the member I still hadn't met. He definitely got the most visible of all the powers.' Naruto firmly grabbed the rock-hard hand."Naruto Uzumaki, and she's Kitty Pryde."

Despite his appearance, Ben Grimm turned out to be something of a bit softie. Yet beneath that rocky exterior, Naruto could detect something similar to sadness. Perhaps it was because of the new appearance his body had taken? Being seen as a monster was definitely something Naruto felt he could understand

The sound of the elevator opening heralded the arrival of Sue Storm, her hands full with grocery bags. "There you are," she sighed exhaustedly. "Neither of you refined, strong men were kind enough to come with me to do groceries so at least you can get them from the car… oh hi, Naruto!"

"Ya know I don't like showin' this mug around," said Ben.

Susan turned to her brother.

Johnny waved his hands. "I was at the garage, sis." If anything, this response made Sue's glare get even harsher.

Naruto raised his hand. "I'll go get them for you." He made a hand seal and spawned a several clones who promptly went down the elevator while he took Sue's bags himself and went to the pantry.

From the kitchen, his hearing was enough to hear Johnny chuckling. "See, sis? Your little boyfriend will take care of it."

"Well at least he is behaving like a gentleman. It's more than can be said about you, Johnny."

Kitty's voice joined in. "Naruto is a gentleman," she almost whispered "Too bad he's a little dense."

'Dense? Am I missing something.' "That's the first time I've been called a gentleman," said Naruto once he returned.

The petite mutant squeaked. "Y-yeah… I mean you're really nice!" Her face turned an unnatural shade of red. "A-Anyways… so like, I'm super excited to meet you guys! Naruto told me tons about you."

"Good things, I hope," said Sue, smiling once she saw the Naruto clones coming up, their hands full of grocery bags. "That is a rather useful skill. Should make cleaning a breeze." She sent a dirty look to both Johnny and Ben. "Then again, I wouldn't have that much trouble if there was more help around."

"Hire a maid! Or tell Stretcho to build somethin' useful for once and create a cleanin' robot," ranted Ben. "'Sides, I would jus' break those fancy brooms an' mops you bought."

Sue looked like she wanted to tug at her hair. "You know what?! You two keep the place clean! That goes for Reed as well when he comes back – I'm taking a break!" She walked to the elevator and looked at Naruto and Kitty, nodding at them to follow her. "And I'm not cooking for a month, either!"

Naruto did not say anything to Sue during the ride down. She looked like she wanted to explode… even more than back then. She finally exhaled in frustration when they were out of the building.

"What were the two of you doing… besides trying to get into contact with the esteemed Dr. Richards?" she said, gritting the last part through her teeth.

"Naruto was taking me out shopping," gushed Kitty with a girly giggle. "Then we were going to go out for a movie. I think we still have enough money."

Money. That was something that had been bugging Naruto for a while. Before becoming a shinobi, he was able to live thanks to weekly stipend given to him by the Old Man Hokage. Once he graduated that stipend ended but he then earned his money with the missions. It was lousy pay at first with all the D-ranks but it was nice to not have to rely on others for his basic necessities.

Now, it was like he was back in square one with the Professor giving him, Scott, and Ororo – the orphans – a weekly allowance for their needs. Naruto was unsatisfied with the setback, especially when he wanted some spending money to buy stuff for his nightly excursions. Kurt, Kitty, and Jean received money directly from their parents.

'How do I use my skills to earn money?' A question for another time, but sometimes seeing those stacks of green bills he and Spiderman discovered with the crooks made him think irrationally.

"Did you leave you bags in the building?" asked Sue, annoyance back in her voice. "Please don't take it the wrong way if I don't accompany you back there. In fact, I think I could use a little retreat upstate for a few days while the boys decide to pull their own weight."

"Oh, Naruto is carrying them," said Kitty, nudging at him. "He has a little trick up his sleeve. It's totally amazing!"

It was pretty clear that there was no way he was going to leave Sue with a question mark over her head, so Naruto retreated to a nearby alley and showed her the sealing technique.

"That's… amazing," gasped Sue.

"I know! Totally, right!" raved Kitty. "I don't think I'll have to worry about buying too much now."

Sue's shocked face slowly turned into a smile; her eyes gleaming. "Well… I don't intend to be a third wheel… but I've been eyeing this dress a few blocks from here, and then there's this shoe store… and I really like this pearl necklace they have on sale near Central Park."

Naruto grumbled. 'From a shinobi to a glorified shopping cart.'

At least the company was nice.

Monday saw the start of a new week, and with that, a bunch of grumbled, half-awake students that trudged along towards the school. Normally Naruto would be the same, but he today was the day he met most of the clubs he was now in.

The science club was the best, but the most disorganized. Mainly because "science" was a broad umbrella term for everything that included biology, physics, and chemistry. During the first day, most students seemed to have congregated into the groups that were interested in the same areas that they were interested in. Naruto made sure to spend a little time with each of them.

The art club was much more uniform, and they even got some tips along with complementary sketchbooks and pencils. Math club made his head spin a little; the clones would be getting a lot of work from activities of this particular group.

Kitty looked exhausted by the time she was done with her dance class, but despite that she was actually happy. "I've never had a workout like that in my life. My legs are on fire and my arms feel like lead… but I actually kind of liked it." She smiled. "Maybe I'm a bit of a masochist."


"Nothing!" She grabbed her bag. "I'm so tired right now. Just wanna get to my room, do homework and sleep a bit before Logan tortures us to death."

"Scott already went out… and the car with him." He didn't like these high-tech transportation methods, but The Professor had insisted that they remain inconspicuous.

Kitty smirked and grabbed his arm. "We still have the Naruto Express," she whispered into his ear. "I kind of prefer it to Scott's little compensation machine."

Naruto only thought about it for a little while before he returned the smile. "Hop on." He looked around and checked that nobody was watching but before he even had the chance to jump, a voice rang in his head.

"Professor?! Naruto?! I need help!" Her voice was frantic in a way Naruto would never had expected from someone like Jean. "Please help!"

"Where are you? Jean? Jean?!" he asked. Besides him, Kitty realized that something had gone wrong. "It's Jean… she's in trouble." Naruto's blue eyes met her hazel ones and with as best a commanding voice as he could muster, he ordered, "See if you can find Kurt and transport to the Mansion. I'm going to try and find Jean. Ororo must be here somewhere, too."

"I won't leave you alone!" she responded, holding onto his arm. "She can call to The Professor, right?"

"We have to be sure that there's backup – we don't know what's happening there. We may need everyone."

"But –"

"Kitty," he said gravely. "Go."

If Kitty still wanted to argue, she did not, but worrying looks were still there. "Be careful," she whispered before sprinting to look for help.

Naruto clenched his fists, concentrating to try and locate the source but it was getting weaker by the moment. "Jean?! Where are you?!" She had gone quiet, and his head hurt from trying to figure out where she was but through the pain, he finally found an echo.

He sprinted at direction of one of the more run-down areas, nearly on the outskirts of the town, he quickly looked at the debris left behind from a construction. 'She must have fought here,' and clearly her opponent was not the brightest of kidnappers; there were dusty footprints leading away from the place. The trail continued differently but with similar signs: broken branches, trampled grass, and at one point he even found some candy wrappings in between.

"Help!" Jean's voice returned, enough for Naruto to relocate the source and his eyes eventually met some run-down buildings. It was the old abandoned ironworks factory. Nobody went there anymore, and the foundation was so unstable that even young people didn't use it as a hangout. It only meant one thing: it was perfect for the city's miscreants to conduct shady business.

"I'm coming!" He tried make his consciousness reach The Professor but it was too far away. "Damn it! I need to train better with this!" Not being able to contact the rest of the team was bad, but he could not stop now that he was about to reach Jean.

The trail led to one of the smaller buildings, probably a place for administrators; they'd have the most luxurious accommodations. The entrance was closed with a wooden door but a quick Rasengan made short work of that.

Naruto rushed in; his mind solely focused on one thing: to protect. Protect one of the people that accepted him so easily and without asking for anything in return. Through the debris, the first thing that popped into view was the dumb, deer-in-the-headlights look of Fred Dukes.

"Where is Jean?!" growled Naruto, feeling his eyes turn sharper. Behind the lumbering mass Fred, he noticed a faint glow.

"Naruto! I'm here!" came Jean's voice. "Be careful!"

Fred Dukes' face went from stupid to stupidly angry. "What are you doing here?! You're spoiling our date!"

"Date? I've never heard of a date where one side didn't agree to it!" yelled Naruto, trying to find the best way to get to Jean. "If you don't let Jean go then I'll give you the beating of your life… Blob!"

"Shut up!" growled Fred as he charged towards Naruto. "Jean is with me!"

Naruto's instincts took over, enhanced by his eyes, but even a chakra powered kick to Fred's face seemed to do no damage. 'This guy… a kick of that force would have killed a regular Earth human.'

Even so, Fred grimaced. "You hit pretty hard!" he said angrily before attempting to clumsily grab Naruto's leg, but was unable to at the last minute, "but you're still a little gnat!" He grabbed a big piece of machinery with seemingly no effort and attempted to throw it at the blonde.

Naruto would have almost laughed. Despite his hulking form and incredible resilience, it did not make Fred any faster or graceful. He could have walked and still miss the massive gear sent at his way. Even if he couldn't figure out a way to hurt his opponent, clearly evasion wasn't going to be a problem. "I don't know what you want to do after school, but baseball pitcher is definitely out of the question!"

That definitely angered Fred who began to throw more pieces, and the more objects he hurled at Naruto, the more inaccurate he was becoming. Unfortunately, the heavy pieces of metal he was throwing had to hit something and that something was unfortunately the already feeble structure of the building.

"You won't be able to beat him on a physical fight," Jean communicated into Naruto's mind. "Keep him occupied… I'll try to get into his mind and make him stop." Mind control… it was too dangerous. If the Professor was to be believed, it was also immoral.

But Jean was in danger.

"Alright!" he responded. The life of Jean was more important than the rules.

He got more aggressive with his moves, going for cheap shots that were meant more to annoy than to harm, but Fred Dukes could never be accused of being subdued, especially when one was to pester him. Anger was good; it would make it easier for Jean to access a distracted mind.

"Are you getting close?" Naruto looked at the state of the building; any more damage and it would come crashing down on top of them. "I'm not going to let you get buried in here!"

As a response Jean grunted in frustration and pain. "I… I need your help. If we can both link with each other…"

Naruto grit his teeth, trying to find a way to get Fred distracted long enough so he might go to Jean. He needed to get him out of the building for a bit. He felt pretty dumb that he had to think so hard about it but sighed and hid before creating a clone. "You know what to do."

The clone nodded and jumped from cover and landed just outside the building, still visible enough for Fred. "Hey fatass!" mocked the clone. "How about you leave your mancave and lose some of that weight out here!" It was an insult once thrown at Chōji; it took the combined efforts of Naruto, Kiba, and Shikamaru to calm the Akimichi heir down. Fred Dukes didn't have the kind temperament of Naruto's big-boned friend.

"I'm going to kill you!" roared Fred as he charged at the clone, leading him outside the building. Naruto smirked, hearing the destruction that was being caused outside; the perfect distraction.

He left the cover, going to the source of the light and was greeted by the sight of Jean tied down with a steel beam to a chair, candles all around the room. 'Jeez, I'm not good at this and even I know that this is creepy as hell.' "Jean! You're alright!"

"Yeah… he didn't hurt me," sighed Jean. "How did you distract him? No matter – help me take this stuff off."

Naruto nodded and quickly used his superior strength to bend the beam back to its original position, freeing the redhead from the chair. "There we go. Now… time to go and deal with the big guy!"

"No," said Jean, her voice low. "If we can get out before –"

She was interrupted by the sound of Fred Dukes reentering the building, this time carrying a big metal dumpster bin. "You!" he barked at Jean. "You lied to me! You said you were my friend!"

"Friends don't hurt each other," lectured Jean through gritted teeth. "Let it go Fred. You've already lost me as a friend but you don't want to make me your enemy."

Naruto slammed a fist to his palm. "If you go against her, you go against me."

The warnings did nothing to deter Fred from raising the bin above them. Naruto immediately sprung to action and grabbed Jean, flickering outside the building. "Run!" he told her, hearing Fred's angered roars.

"We're out of there. Come with me and let's go back to the Institute," urged Jean, grabbing his arm.

Naruto shook his head, pointing at Fred. "That guy's out of his mind. He'll rampage all the way to town… people will be hurt – I need to grab his attention."

Jean was silent for a moment. "You don't care if you get hurt?"

He shook his head. "Better me than you… or anyone else. I can take it." Jean did not leave, however. In fact, Naruto felt a warm hold tightly to his own. His blue eyes turned to see her green ones; both sets of orbs brimming with determination.

"I'm staying with you," stated Jean, the strength in her voice was enough for Naruto to know that there would be no arguing, so he did not. "We're doing this together."

"Together," affirmed Naruto but inside he was a little nervous. Mind powers were so far his weakness, he had barely managed to transmit memory to a rodent and now he was meant to stop an angry mutant that could withstand any attack that he had tried.

"Remember to calm down and concentrate," said Jean, focusing on the massive figure of Fred charging at them like an out-of-control train.

Naruto could feel Jean opening her mind to him at a much higher level that it had been before. He knew that this was a vulnerable position she had put herself in, so he did not pry any further than he needed to. Both minds were now directed at furious enemy going towards them. He let Jean take the lead, being that she was the more experienced one. A good idea too, considering the fiery storm that was Fred Dukes' mind.

"Calm down, Fred." Jean's voice was soft, but also resolute. "Stop running and sit down… now!"

Naruto took the brunt of the rage, but he still felt the very delicate dance that Jean was playing in order to calm down Fred. His grip on her hand tightened, and she returned it. It started slow, but soon enough the tempest began to recede, turning the once raging mutant more and more docile, like a baby going to sleep after a particularly nasty temper tantrum.

"Go to sleep," Jean finished and severed the mind links.

Naruto took deep breath, feeling a bit tired, but Jean was even more so. He moved quickly, and broke her fall just as she was about to hit the ground.

"Let me… let me just lay here for a bit," sighed Jean, looking like she was about to go to sleep. "Thank you."

"No problem," responded Naruto, fighting his exhaustion just in case Fred decided to wake up and resume the rampage. "There was no way I was going to leave you here."

"Not just that," said Jean, her body felt more relaxed now. "You refused to let him rampage into town – most people wouldn't stay and fight. You did."

Naruto chuckled. "I'm not going to just let innocent people be harmed, especially not if one of those people could've been you or anyone else at the Institute."

"Logan will give you an earful, you know. He's always said that if there's danger then you need to get the rest of the team together."

He breathed deeply. "My sensei once said that those who break the rules are trash… but those that leave their comrades behind are even lower than trash." He laughed. "And you know Logan would charge in solo if he were in my shoes, despite what he says."

Jean let out a tired giggle. "Yeah. You're right." Slowly, she started to get up from the ground with Naruto's help. "You're really dependable, you know?"

"Of course, I am!"

"I mean it. When I sent out that signal, I thought the Professor would take a lot of time to find me. I thought for sure that I'd be at least a couple of hours in that place… you found me so quickly."

Naruto puffed his chest. "I have a lot of skills, Jean-chan."

"You do… I guess there's a lot more to you than I initially thought."

The sounds of a loud motorcycle interrupted anything Naruto might say. From the distance, he managed to see Logan speeding towards them, and trailing behind was Scott's flashy car, with Kurt and Kitty aboard. Up above, Ororo was fully decked as Storm and flying through the air.

"Looks like the reinforcements have arrived," joked Jean. "Someone should have told them you were enough."

Naruto sniggered and helped Jean slowly walk towards the rest of the oncoming mutants. It made him feel nostalgic for times past; memories of a planet far away.

'The X-Men,' he thought, looking at all of them, greeting sheepishly when they came together. 'My team… my friends.'

The week went by much faster after the whole debacle with Fred Dukes. Jean recovered after a day but was occupied with her soccer team and studies. Kitty was also very tired with the combination of dance classes and Logan's training. Naruto didn't really break a sweat with most of the Danger Room exercises, but the same could not be said about the Professor's lessons. The only other thing of note was that he finally got the chance to go to that burger place Kurt was always sneaking to.

However, once Friday hit and the homework was finished, it was time to go back to his nighttime activities.

"There they go," said Spiderman, looking through a pair of binoculars at some shady looking men loading carts into a van. "Looks like the Italians."

Italian mafia, Irish mob, Mexican cartels, Russian Bratva. During the last month, Naruto had been learning all these names; different gangs that seemed to be divided by race, creeds, and traditions yet almost all of them were dealing with the same types of activities. Some were allies, some were rivals, some just tried to stay out of each other's way. According to Spiderman, these Italian guys were some of the more professional ones.

"Did you see what they were carrying?" asked Naruto. 'I really need money to buy my own pair.'

"Nope, but I highly doubt they'd by lugging around assault rifles if they were transporting Twinkies, ninja-dude."

Naruto grumbled but nodded. "So, let's go and beat them up!"

"We could do that… or we could tail them and see where they're taking the stuff," said Spiderman. "Then we can blow the whole operation off and not have to worry about them until some other gang takes over their trade."

"So… how's it been going?" asked Naruto as he sat down on the edge of the building both he and Spiderman were nesting in.

Spiderman chortled. "You want to start small-talk, ninja-dude? I'm not the best therapist."

"Waiting around is boring… I'm bored."

Spiderman hummed. "Did you hear about those new plans Tony Stark is having for high-schoolers? Grants, internships, and even paid scholarships?"

Of course, Naruto had heard of it; Jean and Kitty had both applied, and they pressured him to do the same thanks to his grades. "I'm still thinking about it." If he was considered as a candidate, he didn't want to take some poor sap's place while he went back to Konoha.

"It could be my chance, y'know? I don't have a lot of money… but that could be my ticket to a better job."

Naruto grunted. "Gonna be hard to juggle around a job and being Spiderman at the same time."

Spiderman sighed. "Tell me about it. I've been trying to find a way to make some extra cash but trying to keep a set time is like attempting to stop a dog from marking its territory. It's nearly impossible to –" He stopped talking and focused back on the binoculars. "Hold onto your hats – the wise guys are on the move." Putting the binoculars back on the bag, he jumped off the building.

Naruto jumped right after the red and blue wallcrawler, his red eyes fixed on the white van that was now driving through less crowded streets away from Queens and into what he recalled was Brooklyn, but even then, it did not stop there. After what seemed like an eternity, Naruto and Spiderman tried their best to discreetly follow through the bridge that led to Manhattan.

"Hell's Kitchen," Spiderman said with a grave tone so uncommon to the webslinger. "Get ready for anything in this neighborhood – we're far away from the small leagues now."

The van finally stopped in front of a run-down warehouse. Two armed men came out of a door and immediately opened the gate for the van to come in, closing it as soon as it entered and then going back inside.

"There's two guards on the roof, but that's all I can see," said Naruto, using his eyes to perceive two heavily armed men. "I'll take the one on the left."

"Let's get this over with, ninja-dude." Spiderman yawned. "I want to get back to snoozing."

Naruto stealthily jumped to the warehouse roof and took out the guard with ease, taking the rifle and using his strength to bend it until it was useless. A muffled thud made him know that Spiderman had taken care of his end. Looking carefully, Naruto noticed that there was a large window and gingerly crept towards it, getting a good look at the inside. A goon took of the top of a crate, and the blonde saw that it was filled with assault rifles.

"Weapons," said Spiderman once he managed to peek at the interior as well. "People around the world have been clamoring for more now that Stark has gone off that market. Guess these guys are taking care of the supply now."

"I'm going in," said Naruto. "Doesn't look like there's a lot of people around."

"It's almost easy," agreed Spiderman.

It was easy, way too easy for a warehouse that contained merchandise easily valued in the millions. Even the goons looked young and inexperienced, like they didn't even know how to hold their weapons effectively. "Is everybody else on lunch break?" asked Naruto.

"I dunno, let's just report this to Captain Stacy and get out of here. I don't really know any Manhattan officers to know if they're crooked or not." Spiderman then raised his head in alarm. "I knew this was too easy!"

Naruto felt it too. A quick activation of his eyes made him see it; dozens of people, all of them exiting from vans, all of them heavily armed. They moved quickly, like a professional team, blocking off every exit and swarming inside like wolves to an injured prey.

It was a trap.

"Got 'em, boss!" barked one of them, turning to man dressed in a fancy suit.

The supposed leader took a drag from a fat cigar. "So, you two are the ones that've been giving the Don such a hard time." He took another drag. "Such a shame… but you should've known not to mess with the Maggia."

Naruto tried his best to stay calm and look at a place where he might take cover, but every corner of the warehouse seemed to a have the business end of at least one rifle pointed against it. He could get to Spiderman with a Sunshin and try to get away, but a single bad move and his blue and red clad friend would end up full of holes.

"You know the Don's orders – don't make too much of a mess." The sharply-dressed man took a final drag of his cigar before leaving, shutting the door behind him. The sounds of cocking guns were heard all around the warehouse.

Then, everything went black; the lights had been snuffed out.

Naruto immediately puffed out of the way before the deafening sounds of rifle fire heralded the lead projectiles that would've torn even his own enhanced body to shreds. He barely had enough time to confirm that Spiderman had also sprung into action and was now picking the goons one by one with the darkness on their side.

Through the blurry black mire, Naruto's eyes managed to notice the presence of another person. This one seemed to move through the darkness like it was a bright, sunny day. The newcomer didn't even finish beating one goon before detecting another one and delivering a heavy pummeling with a blunt weapon.

Shots kept on getting fired, but thanks to the speed and skills of their opponents, most of the goons ended up hitting either the walls or their own comrades, and not one time did they hit their intended targets.

The sounds of gunfire got progressively less pronounced. Some of the smarter thugs decided to bail; the stupider ones were either convinced that they would be able to finish their job or were too afraid of returning to their boss with failure. Whatever might have been the case, muted painful moans soon reigned over the warehouse.

"Yeah… that's Hell's Kitchen for you," grunted Spiderman, looking for a place to turn on the lights. "You go out looking for bacon… and you get the whole damn pig. Good thing we had the devil himself on our side." He quickly found the switch where Naruto first felt the presence of the newcomer.

"This is not your place." That was the first thing Naruto heard from the clearly older man. "You two are meant to be taking out bike thieves and purse snatchers… not one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world."

The man in question was dressed in a crimson outfit so dark that it almost turned black in the right lighting. The suit perfectly accentuated the powerful frame; the only place that was not covered was the lower face. The pattern of dark red was interrupted in one place: the eyes were bright ruby, like they were the gaze of a demon from the darkest depths of an abyss.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto, his posture still ready for action.

Spiderman landed besides him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Ninja-dude… meet the Devil of Hell's Kitchen."

Most people would be too afraid to do James Wesley's job. Indeed, working for someone as erratic as Wesley's boss was usually a death sentence if bad news were to be ever delivered, but he was someone that had a wide array of skills not commonly seen in the underworld of New York City. Skills that made sure even someone like the Kingpin would appreciate enough to not dispose of him if things did not go exactly according to plan.

"The Maggia are getting frustrated again," he said to the massive silhouette that was overlooking Manhattan, cigar smoke wafting in the air. "They've been unable to take down the vigilantes that have begun to operate recently. The Don is getting louder… so loud that I fear our law enforcement friends will not be able to keep quiet."

At first, the only response was loud drag of an expensive cigar. More of the heavy smoke soon followed; the figure still by the plexiglass wall. "Silvermane has never taken failure well… he will raise hell before being allowing any slight against him… even if it puts the rest of the organization at risk."

"Our contacts in the government have been trying to feed us information about the three… agitators… so far nothing. It seems they're smart enough not to show anyone their identity." A shame; it'd be easier to go after their families. "I'll talk to our teams to make better efforts to take them out."

"No," came the firm voice of the massive man. "I think we might use this to our advantage."

"Are… you sure that's wise?" It wasn't really a question. Once his boss had a plan, there could scarcely be a chance to convince otherwise.

"Our… nature as humans is to immediately seek and put down the rabid dogs… the diseases and plagues that start to fester in our homes. But," another loud drag of the cigar, "what if the disease could be controlled and… directed to another place."

"A seemingly wise decision – doubtless what the Tatars were thinking when they threw those plague-ridden corpses over the walls of their enemies. The problem is, of course, that sometimes the plague bites back."

"That's why we find a way to cure the disease before it spreads to us." There was a final drag of the cigar before the figure finally moved from his position. One might think that Wilson Fisk was morbidly obese, but they would think twice of attacking him if they knew that what they thought was fat was in fact pure muscle. "Silvermane… the Russians…the Mexicans… the Irish – I do not believe myself to be the same as these people. They have no vision. No plans to better the lives of the people of this city. They rape it every day and I do believe that they've been indulged for too long."

The Kingpin slammed his hand on the table. "Let them be loud. So loud that they can be put down even in the darkest night. Our masked freaks can help us with them… and our friends in the NYPD can take care of the rest."

Wesley closed his eyes and gave a slight nod. "Before I go… about the failure of Mr. Smith."

"He has a son, does he not?"


"Go for the younger one… a broken limb can give quite a scare to a father."

Wesley gave another nod and was about to leave the office before turning back one last time. "Which limb, Mr. Fisk?"

"All of them."

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