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Stranger in a Strange Land

Naruto and Marvel belong to Masashi Kishimoto and Disney respectively.

AN: So, first of all I have to respond to something that has been pointed out in all my reviews.


He still is a shinobi and hasn't lost his chakra. The combination of awakening his heritage, his mutation, and travelling across millions of light years will have some effects however and unbalancing his chakra control is part of it. Rest assured, however, that he will be back to normal and then some in the future.

After careful deliberation, I have decided to not incorporate DC in this crossover like I had originally intended. I will probably do a Naruto/DC story in the future to make up for it though, it's just that I've been planning the story and DC makes it a jumbled mess. Overambition is often the death of great fics, so I've decided to keep it simpler yet controllable. It should make for a better story in the end.



"Foreign languages"


Chapter II: Stranger in a Strange Land

Charles Xavier sat in front of a table contemplating their new arrival, still thinking heavily about how such a young boy could have such wounds, or the mutations that were normally reserved for people that were originally homo sapiens, humans.

That was not all however, despite his earlier assertions that this young mutant seemed to have abilities similar to himself and Jean's, a heavy cloud came into his powerful mind once he tried to further guess the blonde's powers. There might be other abilities he didn't even truly know about hidden underneath the guise of a young boy's body.

If his theory was correct, this boy came from another world entirely different from their own. Which made young Uzumaki's possession of an X-Gene even more vexing. How is it possible that an alien being seemed to be compatible with the genetics that classified the new species known as homo superior? What other… talents did he bring from his home reality or planet?

He would need to talk to his various contacts in order to be sure. The most important thing right now is to hide young "Uzumaki Naruto" – as he had called himself – and make sure he didn't fall into the wrong hands. A boy with so much potential would surely be coveted by less than illustrious people or organizations that would bring misery to the world, both humans and mutants.

The opening of an automatic door signaled the arrival of the only person that could serve as a bridge of communication between them and Uzumaki: Logan.

"Logan," said Xavier in a cool voice. "What are your thoughts on Uzumaki?"

"You ain't gonna read my mind for the answer to that, Chuck?" grumbled Logan.

Xavier looked at Logan seriously. "I have a code, did you forget? I do not pry into the minds of other so carelessly."

Logan grunted before he started to speak. "Well… he definitely speaks Japanese if that is what you're asking, but it was strange."

Xavier kept on looking at Logan with a steely gaze. "Strange in what way?"

"The dialect… I don't know how to explain, but it was different than what you hear the Japanese over hear talk," said Logan.

"Different in what way?" asked Xavier with a hint of curiosity.

Logan flexed his arms before continuing. "After the war and the integration of American culture into the Japanese mainland, many younger people started to integrate English words into their language, similar how the many immigrant groups did so in America with English. It's hard to say, but no Japanese youth – unless he was some sort of royalty – would be speaking in such an antiquated manner."

The bald leader of the X-Men started to think once again on the revelations being put forward. It gave even more credence to his idea that young Uzumaki Naruto was from another place entirely different from their own.

"That's not all, Chuck." Logan straightened himself again. "The movements that he had, his reactions and instincts… he's not just another normal boy. He's been trained – definitely military in some way. He even threw smoke bombs and kunai. There were some shuriken in his pouches – feudal Japanese weapons. It's like the kid came out of the sixteenth century."

"Hmm." Xavier contemplated the information.

Child soldiers were unfortunately a problem that event their world had to deal with in several countries. Even the United States had such predilections even if they didn't reveal them to the public. It was unfortunate that someone so young would have to see the horrors that military conflicts could cause in the world.

Erik was only one of many who had been violently transformed by what they had seen during war's most depraved atrocities.

"I have been trying to find out more about young Uzumaki's abilities… but it seems there is more than meets the eyes. It's not just the X-Gene – there's more to him than that," explained Xavier as he started to move his chair closer to Logan.

The wild mutant grunted. "Try saying that again… there was a fist sized whole very close to his heart but it seemed healed, the blood on his clothes mean that it's recent. His body is also much more powerful than others his age."

Xavier nodded in agreement. He had noticed the young blonde jumping from the top of a twelve-story building and landing with apparent ease, no doubt attributed to his other unknown abilities.

"How is he now?" he finally asked.

"Resting. We patched up the rest of his injuries, but it was almost unnecessary. He's already healing rapidly," grunted Logan. "I wager he'll be awake in no time."

"Very well," drawled Xavier. "I'm sure you understand that you must be here in order for us to communicate with him. He will most likely have questions about us and what we do – he must not be scared away from this place," he continued before his voice turned even more serious. "Who knows what other people might do if he is alone and unprotected."

Logan snorted. "I think the little pint can take care of himself if you ask me. Don't worry Chuck, I'll be here to greet him to our little… group."

"How is the government responding to this?" asked Xavier. He had been unable to erase the event from the first responder's memories in time.

Logan stood silent for a moment before answering. "They're backing down now, but don't expect them to stay silent forever. There will come a time when… enhanced individuals become too many and their deeds too significant to hide."

"I feel that Jean has woken up," commented the psychic. His first student had been knocked unconscious upon the arrival of young the Uzumaki.

"She's fine now. Still a little dizzy from the experience. Anything else on the kid?"

Xavier's façade became slightly somber. "I tried to deepen my connection to see what I could find inside him, but…" the powerful psychic composed himself. "… there was… darkness there. Hate beyond what a normal child should bear."

Logan's voice dropped considerably when he said, "Anything we should be worried about?"

Xavier massaged his temples. "I don't believe so right now… still, we must not allow ourselves to be taken by surprise. We don't know what force brought young Uzumaki here with us and what secondary effects it had before."

"Naruto," commented Logan.

Xavier looked at his first X-Man. "What was that?"

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki," continued Logan. "The Japanese put their family names first. Uzumaki is his last name, Naruto is his first."

Xavier nodded in understanding. Aside from Shiro Yoshida – most commonly known as Sunfire – he had no real knowledge of the Japanese. He was not about to question Logan's observations.

"I'll tell Ororo to have food prepared for when he wakes up," Xavier said almost to himself. "Young Naruto will probably be starving after that whole ordeal with Magneto."

Logan grunted. "Don't bother yourself, Chuck. I mean… how much can a kid like him possibly eat?"

Naruto happily scarfed down yet another plate of food that was given to him, much to the amazement of the beautiful dark-skinned woman looking over him. The blonde didn't pay much attention to her, however. He was simply too busy wolfing down any of the meals that were put his way.

At his side there were already a large pile of empty plates that were once full of several assortments completely alien to the blonde shinobi. So hungry had he been that even the vegetables that were usually avoided with extreme prejudice also found a new home in his once grumbling stomach.

He finished what seemed to be a piece of beef mashed in between two loaves of bread when he noticed that a new figure apparently walked. Immediately, his mind stopped paying attention to the food and focused on his visitors.

The dark-skinned woman – Ororo, she had called herself – was no longer wearing the utterly revealing outfit she had previously been sporting when they met. Instead it just seemed to be more of those strange yet comfortable looking clothes the people in here wore.

The same could be said for the new arrival who, in Naruto's opinion, was just as if not even prettier than Ororo.

She was just a little older than him, Naruto estimated about a year, and she had very long and straight red hair that cascaded along her back, all the way to her hips. The eyes were a sharp green, almost like emeralds. Once again, she was wearing something similar to Ororo, a white shirt, some blue pants, and sandals.

The new arrival's eyes widened when she looked at the pile of plates that had stacked up besides Naruto with disbelief.

The Konoha shinobi watched as the redhead's gaze went from the pile, to Ororo, and finally to him. Once the shock passed however, she started to talk to the white-haired girl in that strange language totally unknown to him. The redhead then looked back at him with a smile and started to giggle.

Naruto had the decency to look sheepish. He knew the reputation behind his voracious appetite that shocked most restaurants and shinobi in Konoha.

The green-eyed girl seemed to try and start a conversation and it was at this moment that Naruto really started to get annoyed at his inability to communicate. What kind of language was this? He'd never even heard any other language in all the nations aside from his own!

"Ehh… Naruto," he finally said pointing at himself.

The girl smiled prettily and then pointed at herself.


Jean… such a strange name, much like the rest he had heard. Ororo, Xavier, Logan.

It was still a nice name though.

The three stared at each other awkwardly until the bald man that had named himself Xavier and the short man called Logan walked it. He breathed a sigh of relieved. Finally, someone that could understand him!

"Morning, brat," said Logan before looking at the large pile of plates. "I see the bottomless pit is not so bottomless after all."

Naruto glared at Logan before eating the last bit out of the last meal. "I was hungry."

"I can see that," responded Logan while looking at the impressive pile of plates.

"I was really hungry."

"Well now that you're finished, I guess it's time to introduce ourselves," he then looked over at the wheel-chair bound man and talked to him.

Logan grunted, Naruto was beginning to see that he was a lot less humorous than when he introduced himself. It seemed almost impossible to see the man smiling or cheerful.

"Very well brat, I'm gonna translate what Chuck over here is saying." Naruto reasoned that this "Chuck" was the bald man that introduced himself as Charles Xavier and so it began, with the wheel-chair bound man saying something to Logan, who would then translate it.

"You are currently in the outskirts of New York City. Do you know what that place is?" asked Logan.

Naruto had never heard of such a place before. Granted, he barely paid attention to Iruka-sensei's classes during his time at the academy, but he was pretty sure that a placed called "New York" had never even been mentioned.

"I've… never heard of that place. How far is it to the Land of Fire? To Konohagakure no Sato? That's where I'm from, I'm a shinobi. If you can get into contact with the Hokage then she will probably send someone for me."

Logan looked confused for a moment before relaying the information to Charles Xavier, who also looked momentarily confused, although less visibly so.

"This Konoha… is it in Japan? Do you know anything about a country named Japan?" Logan asked again.

Naruto thought for a moment. "I don't know about any Japan. My country is the Land of Fire, it's leader is the daimyo, but I belong to the village of Konoha, it's a shinobi village and the Hokage is our leader."

Logan translated his words over to the wheel-chair bound man, aside from him, Jean and Ororo were also looking confused. Worry started to seep in. Had they never heard of the Village Hidden in the Leaves? What about shinobi?

Once again Naruto asked himself where exactly he was.

"Look brat, we'll try and find these places you are talking about, but I will tell you right now that we don't know about and Konoha or Hi no Kumi. There were daimyo's in Japan… around three-hundred years ago that is… and shinobi? What year did you come out of?"

Naruto was momentarily shocked. How was is that they had never heard of shinobi? The manipulators of chakra and the main military force in the world. Civilians and samurai all knew of them and their enhanced abilities, the names of the Kages and their secretive villages were renown across the many countries.

It was Logan who spoke this time however. "Alright, brat. You've had your say, now listen to us." Naruto's mind returned to the present as he listened to the wild looking man.

"You are in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." Naruto had never heard of the place but continued to listen on. "It has been founded by Professor Xavier." The blonde glanced at the bald man. "This place is what you could consider a… haven for people born with certain abilities," Logan then made a fist and three metal claws came from the knuckles. Jean on the other hand placed her palm on her head and concentrated on a dish, which started to float above the ground before she set it down.

Naruto had only one thing to say about the abilities.

"Awesome!" he exclaimed excitedly. Jean probably didn't understand him but smiled in appreciation. Charles Xavier also smiled, along with Storm. Logan remained his gruff self.

"But… why am I here?" asked Naruto with confusion, he didn't truly understand.

"Didn't you here, brat? This place is for people with special talents, just like yours. If you didn't then the Professor wouldn't have detected you. You are a mutant, just like us."

Naruto furrowed his brow. A mutant? He didn't know about that. Sure, not all people could mold their chakra to fight, therefore they couldn't be shinobi. Maybe this school was similar to the Academy, where they managed to train their chakra abilities?

"I have my chakra, but I doubt that is a… how do you say… mutant ability," responded Naruto.

Logan sighed. "Don't you feel anything else? Anything else that you can do? If you didn't have the X-Gene then Cerebro wouldn't have picked you up."

"Cerebro? X-Gene? I don't know what you are talking about, claw man!" responded Naruto exasperatedly.

"Watch yourself there, shorty," warned Logan with a glare.

Naruto crossed his arms. "Look at the pot calling the kettle black."

"You insufferable brat!"

Professor Xavier chose that moment to intervene, calming down the little discussion between the two.

Logan growled but continued. "You ever hear voices in your head? Did you ever push something with your mind? Cerebro… well let's leave that off for now – it picked up your powers and that's why we found you."

Naruto thought back on when he woke up in the city. There were certainly voices, loud voices that were followed by an intense headache. When he put his palm at the flying metal contraption, he was sure it moved thanks to a force.

"I have heard voices in my head, but what does it mean? Am I going insane?"

Logan once again relayed the information to Professor Xavier, who then talked to Jean and Ororo. Both girls left the room and only the three were left.

"You are not going insane… it's just your powers. That's what this place is for, it's a school to help you not hurt yourself or others."

"So, it's like the shinobi Academy? They showed us how to fight as shinobi and to use our chakra as well," reasoned Naruto

Logan looked like he was thinking for a moment before answering. "This place is not some military school. Its purpose is to make you understand yourself and others – to help you fit in with the rest of society."

Naruto looked at them for a moment before Logan sighed and continued with his offer.

"Look brat, here's the deal. We don't know of any Konoha or Land of Fire – hell, I'm pretty sure we don't even know if you're even from this planet." The statement shocked Naruto but before he had time to think, Logan kept on talking.

"What we are offering you, is a place as a student here. Out there you are in danger, not just from others but from yourself. If you cannot control these new things you are experiencing, it can lead to some pretty bad things, understand?"

Naruto didn't want to hear it though. There was just no way he could stay here! He was a shinobi of the Leaf Village! He had friends to go back to! He needed to get Sasuke back to the village just as he had promised Sakura! Just as he had been ordered by Granny Tsunade!

"I can't stay here! I need to go back home!" he exclaimed. "What do you mean not from this planet? Where am I?!"

The Professor then held up his hand in an attempt to pacify him. He did not know why, but he suddenly felt a little calmer at the shocking revelations.

"Do you have anything you need to go back to now? Any parents or anything urgent?"

Naruto looked downcast a little. "No parents, no family… only friends and comrades… and my teachers as well."

"We'll try to find some answers. The Professor has some contacts with several scientists that can tell us what happened, but in the meanwhile we are extending this invitation towards you. Whatever you want to make of it is up to you," stated Logan before he and the Professor walked out the door and closed it behind them, leaving the whiskered blonde to think about what he'd been told.

Ororo watched as Jean was struggling to lift a three stone blocks consecutively with some difficulty. The young redhead had been improving considerably ever since she started to truly train her mutant powers. Nearby, Scott was also training his optic blasts with his specialized ruby quartz visor.

Of their little group, the white-haired girl was the oldest, though it wasn't saying much. She was still fifteen years of age and still completing her education but her control over her mutant abilities was certainly much stronger than both Jean's and Scott's.

The dark-skinned girl continued to stare as Jean struggled to stack all blocks together, sweat was pouring down the redhead's brow and exhaustion was radiating from her.

"Slow down Jean, you'll give yourself another headache if you overdo it," warned Ororo with a concerned tone.

Jean seemed to take the suggestion to heart, as she let go of the blocks with and took a step back, clutching her head with a grimace.

The telepath over to Ororo's direction and sat down next to her, taking the offered water with a look of gratitude. Still, the weather manipulator could see the telepath grimacing from what seemed to be another headache. On the back of her mind, Ororo noted that they had intensified the moment Naruto had manifested himself.

"So," the voice of Jean interrupted Ororo's thoughts. "What do you think of him?"

The mutant known as Storm did not need to ask who Jean was talking about. Their new arrival was certainly strange, compounded by the fact that he could not speak their English, the international language of the world.

"He's… interesting," Ororo answered, thinking back on the moment she met the bloodied young blonde. "Why do you ask?"

Jean took another sip of water. "Just curious. I mean… there really aren't that many of us around. There's you, the Professor, Logan, Scott, and me. I know there are other mutants out there… but I don't know where."

"He's a little bizarre. He didn't use his mutant powers when we met him, despite the dangerous situation he found himself in." Ororo took a sip of water herself. "I didn't even know his powers at first in fact. He seemed to be trained in other forms of combat – just like Logan but… stranger."

"What are his mutant powers by the way?" asked Jean, who had now composed herself and was talking normally.

Ororo smiled at the redhead. "That's the surprising part. They're quite similar to yours."

The statement cause Jean's eyes to widen in surprise and confusion.

"That's what the Professor told me at least. Like I said, there seems to be other powers he's more proficient at."

"Another psychic…" Jean trailed off in what sounded to be both nervousness and optimism. A weird dichotomy that could only come from a person like Jean Grey.

"What are you talking about?" interrupted another voice. Scott Summers had apparently finished his training and was now joining in their little conversation.

"Our newest member," said Jean.

Scott lips made a grimace. It was hard to make out his full emotion without the sight of his eyes but it was clear that the brown-haired mutant had reservations about the young blonde boy.

"He's not a member," he responded.

"Yet," countered Jean, always the positive member of the entire team.

Ororo decided to support the telepath. "You know what the Professor said, try and make him feel welcome. He'll be a great addition to the X-Men."

Scott sighed but nodded. "I will, but I still have my reservations. I mean… we don't even know where he's from – he can't even speak to us!"

"I do not believe him to be a threat. I looked into him then… he tried to hide it but he was scared, hurt, and alone… just like we all were once," commented Ororo. "We of all people should not judge others for things we cannot understand."

The trio was then interrupted by several footsteps that emerged from the mansion. Ororo turned around to see both Logan and Naruto walking outside and to the outside training area. Gone was the bloodied and torn orange jumpsuit, replaced instead by black colored sportswear that would make it easier to move.

The pair spoke once again in Japanese, a complicated language the dark-skinned mutant could not understand, yet both of them were deep in conversation with it. She wondered what was being said between the two, Ororo doubted she had ever heard Logan be so deep in conversation as in that moment.

It was in that moment that the blonde-haired boy looked at their group and sent them a large smile with a wave of his hand.

Jean smiled and waved back enthusiastically, Ororo also saluted but it was far more restrained, a smile did reach her lips at the sight of the energetic Naruto, Scott gave a small wave before sitting down and staring at both the blonde and Logan as they made their way to the training area.

They could be using the Danger Room, but the Professor wanted to limit that for the moment. Ororo had only been in there a few times herself, it was definitely more intensive than the training she had in the mansion's grounds.

"Poor Naruto, he's going one on one against Logan," commented Jean. Ororo agreed, she remembered the first session with Logan. The man needed to restrain himself sometimes when it came to the intensity of his training regiments.

Scott seemed to perk up again, however and said, "I guess we are about to see what his powers are exactly."

They sat silent as the duo was talking to each other in the foreign language. Ororo believed that they were maybe talking about what kind of skills they had, as Logan revealed his claws. She had never seen the wild mutant being so talkative with someone, it was a shame she couldn't understand anything they were saying.

They finally came to an agreement apparently, as they both distanced themselves from one another cautiously. Naruto and Logan finally took their positions and stood still, waiting for either one of them to make the first move.

In the end it was Naruto that relented, but not in a way that Ororo would have expected at all.

The blonde did a strange sign where he crossed both his fingers and to the shock of everyone, created about five clones of himself following little explosions of smoke. These replicas were indistinguishable from the original, they even took out their own strange blades weapons and launched towards Logan.

Wolverine unleashed his claws and immediately parried all of them with relative ease.

"He can multiply! Is that his mutant power?" wondered Jean as she stared on

'I thought his mutant powers were telepathy and telekinesis? Was the Professor wrong or does Naruto have even more up his sleeve?' thought Ororo as she continued to watch the fight.

It was Wolverine's turn to attack now, he lunged forward and retracted the adamantium claws as to not hurt the new arrival. Still, Ororo knew that even without his claws, Logan was a powerful opponent with his unrelenting physical prowess and adamantium skeleton.

Naruto did not back away from the challenge, however, and charged ahead at the older mutant.

"Is he an idiot, or just insane?" commented Scott from the side. "Or both?"

The white-haired girl did not comment on this, but Scott did have a point. Going up against Logan on a physical level was tantamount to suicide. Wolverine was the most physically impressive person Ororo had ever seen, being able to take punishment that would kill a normal person with relative ease and little wounds.

So, it was a surprise to everyone when Naruto actually started to hold his own against the short, wild mutant.

The blonde was extremely physical adept as well, being able to dodge each and every one of Wolverine's attacks, realizing feats of agility that were inhuman. At one point he even managed to jump over ten feet in the air with ease and dropping down on Logan with a kick that forced the gruff mutant back a couple inches.

It was an impressive display of both their physical abilities.

"There's much more to him than meets the eye," Ororo finally said. To her side, Jean nodded dumbly.

The spar started to get even more intense after that. The spectators noticed that a weird blue energy started to surround Naruto like an aura of strength.

"What is that?" asked Jean.

Nobody answered, too entranced by the sight of Naruto seemingly vanishing from sight only to appear right in front of Wolverine and striking the older man with his fist. The punch was so strong that Logan back a few meters before managing to regain his footing.

"This guy's not normal… he seems to have something more than mutant powers," Scott noted as he continued to watch the fight with an unreadable face.

"Whatever he is… he's strong," stated Jean.

Ororo nodded, she had never seen Logan be pushed this hard before. Granted, she had never been in a true mission before yesterday, but still.

Naruto prepared to launch another fist at Wolverine, but his opponent managed to sidestep just in time so that the punch landed on a tree instead, which cracked halfway at the contact.

But it was not over yet, Logan managed to get one over the blonde and stuck back with his own fist at Naruto. But instead of hitting him, the strange boy turned was seemingly replaced with a log in what seemed to be a substitution of some sort.

Naruto appeared a few meters away, however, along with another clone. Just one this time, but what he did next was even stranger than the feats he managed before.

The blonde's blue eyes suddenly turned red as he held out his hand. The same blue energy Ororo had seen before appeared again but it concentrated on his hand. The clone then began weaving his hands as well around the original's energy until it materialized as a ball. Ororo didn't know what it was, but one thing was for certain.

Whatever it was, she did not want to get hit with that.

"That's enough!" rang the voice of Professor Xavier, who had been apparently watching the fight to the ignorance of the other onlookers.

Naruto and Wolverine looked at the Professor and then at each other. The mysterious ball of blue energy dissipated from the whiskered boy's hands and his eyes returned back from blood red to cerulean blue. Both fighters resumed a more relaxed position as they acknowledged each other before walking back to the direction of the spectators.

Naruto and Logan were both offered water as they sat down with the rest of the group. Despite the rigorous spar, Naruto did not seem to be tired in the slightest, and after a while he asked a question to Logan who answered with an annoyed gruff tone before nodding.

The blue-eyed boy then stood up energetically before sprinting over to the mansion. Ororo thought that she would crash into it, but to the amazement of everyone started to run on the walls like it was nothing until he reached the rooftop instead.

'What else is he capable of?' Ororo wondered before turning her attention back to the group.

"That was certainly an interesting display, if I say so myself," the Professor finally said once the blonde seemed out of sight.

"He's definitely more than he looks like, I'll give him that," grunted Logan.

Jean giggled. "What's the matter Logan? Afraid you were going to get roughed up even more?"

Logan snorted with a small glare. "I didn't use my claws and he took me by surprise, he wouldn't be as lucky if I did."

The Professor cleared his voice. "Although that does bring in the fact of his other powers… Logan, what do you think they were?"

"The kid called it 'chakra'… I don't know what that means, but it seems to be an energy of some kind. You're sure it's not a mutation related power."

The Professor looked to be in deep thought. "It's a little strange… it feels like a mutation, but it's less… erratic, than the X-Gene." He closed his eyes in deep concentration. "I can feel it… sense it… but not to the same extent I feel his mutation."

"I was right, by the way," said Logan. "He's definitely part of a military of some sort. He called himself a 'shinobi', a ninja, those reflexes are not normal either. He has some experience down his belt,"

"Military? But he's so young!" exclaimed Jean with worry.

The Professor looked at Jean sadly. "Unfortunately, there are some people that do not share our beliefs on the innocence of youth,"

Storm nodded. In Africa, there were several factions that were not above using children as soldiers in order to get a little more manpower against their enemies. It was forbidden by international law, but it meant little to certain individuals who would put their ambitions beyond a child's life.

"But Professor, what is he exactly?" asked Scott, now sounding curious.

The Professor took a deep breath before looking over at the Scott. "I don't think he's from around here."

"I think that is very much evident," responded Scott.

"You don't understand, not from around here as in not from this planet… this world, whatever you may call it," continued Professor Xavier. "I have researched, and this Konohagakure he talks about does not show up in any place."

It was Jean who answered next. "But Professor, how can that be? I thought mutation only affected those who came from bloodlines of humans – just like my parents!"

"Jean… there are many mysteries surrounding him that mystify us as well. He speaks an outdated dialect of Japanese and he seems to be completely human at first glance, but there's that 'chakra' that he uses and his enhanced physical abilities." The Professor looked at all of them with complete seriousness. "I don't think we will be able to find out all about him at once… we must be patient."

"Is he staying?" asked Ororo.

The Professor looked at the sky. "It's his decision in the end… I will not force him to stay with us… but I very much wish for him to stay." A look of sadness spread across his features. "I do not know how – if ever – he will return home… but maybe we can do our best to give him one here, with us."

Ororo suddenly felt a wave of sympathy for Naruto. She could always go wherever she wanted to, nothing aside from friendship and duty bound her to the X-Men. The same could probably not be said for the blue-eyed blonde if he truly came from another world in it's entirety. The white-haired mutant remembered how utterly alone she was those days as a thief in Egypt before the Professor found her.

Ororo decided she would do the best she could for Naruto Uzumaki.

Professor Xavier continued to try and convince them. "There's also the fact that many people and organizations would like to get a little more knowledge of this 'chakra' than it would be otherwise ethically possible. I wish to shelter the young boy until he can adapt to the world around us… this is a place of acceptance and learning – human, mutant or alien."

All three students nodded in acceptance.

Later that evening as they sat down for dinner, she watched Naruto with renewed interest. An extra helping of food had been piled before him. It seemed as if the enhanced energy, body and chakra necessitated even more calories than a normal person would need.

Naruto looked at the utensils strangely, probably not knowing their usage immediately. Ororo smiled and scooted over closer to him and demonstrated them.

Naruto smiled before holding the fork between his hands. "Itadakimasu!" he exclaimed and then began to dig in to the food with the same ravenous gusto as before.

"He's thanking you for the food," explained Logan as he also started to eat.

The Professor nodded towards Naruto. "We are going to need to find an instructor for him soon… Logan – "

"Forget it Chuck. I'm no teacher,"

"Very well then. I will try and search for someone tomorrow. It would be for the best if we managed to get rid of this language barrier."

The rest agreed.

"Ororo, Jean." The Professor looked at them. "Naruto does not have a wardrobe yet. Could you take him to the city tomorrow and buy some clothes for him?"

Logan chuckled darkly. "Shopping with two women… I pity the brat."

Jean smiled however and said, "Of course Professor. We'll make sure he's presentable – isn't that right, Ororo?"

Ororo also smiled but was a little nervous inside. This wouldn't be the first time she and Jean went together shopping, they found great joy in buying clothes...

Particularly the more daring ones.

Even so, as she looked at Naruto continuing to eat with a calmer pace upon seeing the rest, Ororo started to smile. It would be nice to introduce him to one of the biggest cities in the world, even if she herself was fonder of nature and silence rather than the noise of New York City. Still, it was the home of her parents, she reminded herself, and her birthplace. Ororo should think nicer of the city that saw her come to this world first.

With a nod, she accepted the offer and continued to eat towards the night, thinking of what would suit Naruto better. Anything would be better than that bright orange jumpsuit.

Naruto decided that he really disliked those metal carriages once he managed to into one. It was small and way too cramped, the wind that he should be feeling in breezing across his face was missing thanks to the glass. He was not very pleased to say the least.

Although being cramped with two of the prettiest girls he had ever seen was definitely the upside of their little trip.

Jean did not seem to mind the situation, smiling as she talked to the driver. Apparently, people payed these drivers so they might be carried in these carriages for some time. Why anyone would be paying for such an unpleasant experience, Naruto did not know.

Ororo, on the other hand, was definitely uncomfortable, probably even more uncomfortable than he was. It took some of his observation skills, but he managed to see the dark-skinned beauty tense when she sat in the metal carriage, even more when she slammed the door shut with some hesitation.

She definitely did not like these contraptions either.

With some trepidation, Naruto grabbed her hand to show some support. It was the only way he could properly communicate with Ororo since they could not speak their language. Logan had told him yesterday that an instructor would be brought to the school in order to try and teach him the language these people spoke.

Naruto wanted to learn it as fast as possible. Probably the first time in a long while that he truly wanted some education, maybe even – Kami forbid – read a book about it.

Ororo did not flinch away at the physical contact, in fact, she turned her previously lost gaze back at him and smiled softly. Her blue eyes were similar to his, but were clearer, almost like the sky, while his were deeper. At least when he didn't have his Sharingan activated.

The Sharingan

He had finally managed to activate it again in his fight against Logan. The world seemed to change once he did so, even if he never really used it in conjunction with the Rasengan. Everything was clearer, mere perceptible than before. It really was something.

But the mystery still remained. Why exactly did he have the sacred eyes of the Uchiha clan? As far as he knew, he was no true Uchiha. Naruto never knew his parents or where they came from, however. So could it be possible that he was a lost member of that clan? Was he thrown away at birth because of his connection with the Kyūbi?

He would need to find out once he found a way back home.


Naruto wondered what exactly was happening back at Konoha. Did his friends believe him dead? Did Sasuke go to Orochimaru? What exactly happened to him anyway? Was the dark-haired avenger also somewhere around this country?

The bald man had offered Naruto a place to stay in the mansion, along with the other students that were currently occupying it. Logan even said that they were on the lookout for new recruits, new "mutants" as they called them.

But Naruto already had a home and staying in such a place even momentarily seemed like a betrayal to Konoha. If he stayed too long in one place without returning to the shinobi force, then would he be considered a missing ninja? A traitor to his nation and headband?

Still, the place Naruto was offered was certainly a lot safer than that of any other. He still remembered the chaos when he arrived with all the people looking out for him. The jinchūriki would rather very much avoid that particular situation from happening again.

The contraptions suddenly stopped, and Ororo paid the man with money similar to what he was used to, but with different engravings and pictures. Naruto then saw the spectacle that was the big city.

It was filled with buildings; even larger than the ones he saw during the night he was transported to this mysterious place. Some of them looked like they were touching the sky, then there were the people. There were thousands upon thousands of them, each going to and fro from one place to another. The ground was filled with shops and restaurants.

Jean and Ororo guided the jinchūriki through the city, with the redhead taking his hand. It would be almost impossible not to lose each other in the giant swathes of humanity that threatened to drown the place with its sheer numbers.

Despite that, Jean managed to lead them to several shops that sold some clothes. Even without the language, they could communicate pretty well with each other with hand gestures, enough to get them through the day at least.

Jean then placed various assortments of clothes on his hands and showed him to a changing room and tried them on. He had to admit, some of these were quite comfortable and pretty durable just like his now ruined orange jumpsuit. Once he came back, Jean took out a plastic card and apparently paid the shop with it because they let them walk straight out with the bags.

Jean then took some money of her own and started to buy some things for herself. With summer season apparently close at hand, the redhead bought some clothes that in Konoha would be considered quite daring unless you were a part of the shinobi force and needed freer outfits.

It was still nothing compared to what Ororo had chosen to wear the night they met, so it was far more modest then that, but that actually got him thinking. If this is how they dress when they are being civilians, how daringly would they dress when they were in action?

It was a question best left to when he saw it.

Jean also tried to get Ororo to try out some new clothes. Naruto thought that white looked great on her, it contrasted perfectly with her darker skin. Jean looked good on anything, almost any color fit her.

Before taking the trip back to the mansion, Jean took them to a large park that was less crowded than the rest of the city. There was a vendor there selling more food Naruto had never seen before. It was triangle shaped had some sauce and cheese on it. Jean bought one for Ororo and another for herself, while giving Naruto two large ones.

They sat on the grass as they looked at the giant city around them. Naruto had to admit that the park certainly brought a little bit of home back but knew that he was far away from Konoha. How far, he did not know yet.

Still, Naruto couldn't help but the feeling of fulfilment that settled throughout the day. For once in his life, he was not given the usual dirty looks he had always received, and although he could not talk to them, Jean and Ororo were already some of the most accepting people he had met in his life.

Logan had told him previously that their kind were also a group that would doubtless be in trouble when they revealed themselves to the rest of humanity. They would be feared and ostracized when such a time came. Naruto could understand the feeling completely.

When they finally arrived at the mansion, Logan and the Professor told him that he would be spending some classes every day in order to learn their language. The private school was not far from the mansion and Naruto could run to it in less than fifteen minutes every day with his advanced speed.

After a few days learning of hitting the books more intensely than he had ever done in his life, Naruto finally managed to start speaking this "English" language that the people apparently spoke. He had to admit, it was a little easier than his native language when it came down to it, pretty simple actually.

Little by little, he started to communicate with the people in the school.

Jean was always the positive member of the group, not as hyperactive as Naruto himself but whenever she talked to anyone it was with a smile and a welcoming tone. She did get angry at times though, and when she did, it was very passionate.

Passionate was a word that described Jean Grey extremely well.

Ororo was a little more reserved, but her kindness could also come whenever it was needed. Naruto thought that she needed to smile more, however. She looked was extremely beautiful when she smiled.

Her powers were apparently to control the weather, which is why she chose the name "Storm". Naruto had looked on in awe as she summoned rain from a clear sky like it was nothing.

The last one of the students was also a year older than him, just like Jean. Scott Summers was a little more reserved. He rarely smiled and chose to train rather than to talk with him. The brown-haired boy apparently could shoot blasts out of his eyes, which is why he always wore those red tinted glasses. In a way, Scott reminded Naruto of Sasuke in some ways.

But in his time living in this place, Naruto had not just met people but he had also started to familiarize himself with the world around him.

The technology was different a lot more advanced than what they had in Konoha. Sure, they had some of the electricity and televisions, but not in such abundance. Some of the smaller fishing villages and towns didn't even have power at all, and most inventions were for the express purpose of shinobi.

Things like television were used for entertainment rather than communication or videos on training. Another place technology made its mark was the kitchen, where most of it ran on electricity. In Konoha, most people and restaurants relied on traditional cooking methods.

Transport was a lot easier, if a little cramped. The steam powered locomotives from back in the elemental nations were replaced with faster ones that ran on electricity. There were even these things called planes that could fly you from one place to the next very quickly.

And the food! Naruto had never seen such variety before. There were still the dishes he was used to back home with ramen (though none of them would ever match Old Man Ichiraku's), rice, and others. Those dishes came from a place called "Japan" he'd heard so much about. But there were many other cultures that brought their own techniques.

Logan had explained that New York was a city of mostly immigrants, each bringing their own style into the great country that they were in: The United States of America.

It was two weeks into his arrival that Professor Xavier had decided to visit him once again in his room.

"I see you have settled well… do you mind if I come in?" he had asked while standing alone in the doorway.

Naruto nodded, finally understanding what the Professor was saying.

"How are you Naruto? Are you feeling well?" continued Xavier with a genuine tone of concern.

Naruto thought for a moment before carefully choosing his words. "Feel good…" he burrowed his brow in annoyance. "… but confused. Don't know where… home is."

Xavier smiled and lifted his voice. "Well Naruto, there is always a home for you here if you wish to stay. I know it hasn't been easy for you… but I really hope you can consider this a place where you can be safe. The doors are always open in this school."

Naruto looked over the window. Where was home? Where were his friends? Would he ever go back to Konoha?

He did not know the answer to these questions, but so far this was the only placed that gave him shelter and care. It also helped that the Professor was trying to get into contact with scientists and researchers to find out a way back home, however faint the hope may be.

With a heavy heart, Naruto finally made his decision.

"I will… join… Xavier-sensei,"

Professor Xavier smiled. "Good, I will look forward to teaching whatever I can. We will start training with your powers as well when the time comes. For now, I need to get into contact with the government so we can give you a citizenship and an identity. I will also enroll you so you can go to the same classes Jean and Scott attend."

"Classes?" asked Naruto with a hint of dread.

Xavier nodded. "That's right, you are going to school."

The scream of pure agony could be heard for several miles like hurricane of pain.

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