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Days with the Mares


Chapter 7: Days with the Mares

It had been a couple of days since the battle against Nightmare Moon, things had settled down at Ponyville. Since Twilight Sparkle and Spike now live in the library, Naruto took a temporal residence at the Apple family's home much to Applejack's joy and the envy of the other mares.

Naruto is currently on his bed thinking deeply about what he plans on how he will spend the days with one of the mares. "I wonder what I should do. Hmm" thought Naruto, then he looked at the crystals and scrolls that lay on top of the table. Whenever he got time, Naruto would practice on his fuinjutsu and study the crystals that had piqued his curiosity. Normally the crystal would be transparent but when he channels his chakra or magic into them, they change colors and then revert back to normal. As for his fuinjutsu, he would normally use his chakra arms to draw but lately started using his tail as it is more accurate and clearer. He came on a dead end when he realized that only he could properly use the seals but theorized that magic could serve as a substitute but needs a medium which he found in the crystals. "Maybe using fuinjutsu on the crystals would give them a special effect like storage, heating and much more" he thought but decided to think about it later since he has to spend time with one of the mane 6 tomorrow.

*Next Day: With Pinkie Pie*

The next day, Naruto headed to the town square to meet up with Pinkie pie to spend time together, when he got there she was nowhere to be seen. "For Pinkie not to be here must mean that she is going to surprise me from out of nowhere since I always fail to detect her despite being a ninja" Naruto signed in resignation, sure enough he was tackled to the ground by a pink blur which revealed to be the excitable mare.

"Hiya Naru! I'm so happy to see you, so what are we going to do today? Plan a party? Run all over the place? Huh, huh, huh?" said Pinkie Pie, bouncing around.

"Actually Pinks, I was planning that we have fun cooking something for each over. After all, you always treat me to the snacks at the sugarcube corner so I want to do the same for you and I want you to try out the food from my world although it will be a bit different from the original" said Naruto while using his tail to lift Pinkie from him in order to get up from the ground.

"Okay Naru! Let's go to the sugarcube corner since it's closed for the day, I'm sure whatever you cook will taste great and I'm also going to bake a cake so that we can eat together, so let's go!" said Pinkie Pie before grabbing Naruto and dragging him to the sweet shop much to the amusement of the ponies around.

When they got to the shop, Pinkie immediately began on preparing the cake while Naruto watched from a distance. "Whoa, Pinkie really knows how to work her way around the place that bears testament to how skilled she is at baking" thought Naruto as he looked on for a while but then got up and approached Pinkie. "Hey Pinks, mind if I lend a hoof? I'm that it will be quicker and more fun that way" said Naruto and was then hugged by Pinkie.

"You're right Naru, it will definitely be more fun that way so let's get started!" said Pinkie Pie.

Soon, they went on at the preparations, it was going smoothly but chaos reared its head when Naruto playfully flicked a bit of batter from the spoon at Pinkie which landed on her face. Retaliating, she flicked a bit of batter back at him, soon the exchange turned into all-out war resulting in a messy kitchen and the duo laughing at each other. Feeling curious at how the batter tasted, Naruto licked it of Pinkie's face which left her blushing making him blush as well.

"Sorry about that, my curiosity got the better of me" said Naruto while rubbing the back of his head.

"It's okay Naru, I would have done the same just for fun" said Pinkie smiling although her heart was beating very fast. After cleaning the kitchen, the duo continued until they put it into the oven.

"Now that it's in the oven, watch me cook the greatest dish gifted to humans by the gods; RAMEN!" said Naruto with pride while Pinkie watched from a distance. Thanks to helping Teuchi and Ayame in cooking the ramen at Ichiraku, he was well knowledge in cooking the dish and soon the soup was bubbling on the stove and is about to work on the dough. "Now watch a master at work!" Naruto called out to Pinkie Pie who looked on in excitement.

Naruto formed a Rasengan with a chakra arm which amazed Pinkie and slammed it onto the mixture which began to spin and stir until the technique faded away, "With the spinning of the Rasengan, the ingredients would be evened out and make to noodles more tasty" said Naruto.

Then he formed another chakra arm and proceeded to pound it until it was tough, "With that the dough is now firm enough to be made into strings without breakage" said Naruto. Then he began to twist and stretch until it's in strings before using the Chakurahonsurasshu to cut them. (I applied what he, Chouji and Sakura did on episode 168)

"That's so cool with what you did Naru, I've never seen anything like it!" said Pinkie Pie who was amazed by the display.

"Thanks Pinks, now all we have to do is boil the noodles in hot water and then we are all set" said Naruto smiling. After the ramen was ready and the cake had cooled down, they carried them to the table. "You may have the first taste Pinks, I'm sure it will be unforgettable" said Naruto with anticipation. Pinkie took a bite of the ramen and have a shocked look on her face which worried Naruto until he saw sparkles in eyes.

"WOW! This has to be the tastiest I've ever I had aside from muffins, the others have to try it!" said Pinkie who was barely able to contain herself.

"Sure but for now it's just you and me, so let's have some of the cake that you made" said Naruto, after eating the cake and ramen, He bade farewell to the excitable mare and went back to rest for the next day.

*Next day: With Rainbow Dash*

Naruto was heading towards the highest hill in the town where he and Rainbow Dash often meet up to chat and have fun, as he was trotting to the meeting place, Naruto sensed a slight disturbance in the air and spun to the side and he use his tail to stretch out to catch a blue blur before it introduced itself to the ground.

"You really need to work on your landings after all you are the best flier around" said Naruto with a smirk at the Pegasus who was blushing in embarrassment.

"Sorry about that Naruto, I was trying to surprise you before you get to our usual spot" said Rainbow Dash with a grin. "You know if you were a Pegasus I wonder who the fastest in the air would be since you've proven to be the fastest on the ground"

"I'm sure that I would lose to you, besides it's not like I would form my ow- hold on this gives me an idea!" said Naruto as a look of realization appeared on his face. He closed his eyes and focused on his chakra before calling out *Chakura no Tsubasa, then a pair of wings made of chakra appeared from his back. After flapping them wings to get a feel of them, Naruto turned to Rainbow Dash who had a look of surprise, "Can I get some flying lessons from an accomplished flier such as yourself?" said Naruto with a grin.

"Sue thing, come on let's get to the hill and I'll show you the basics" said Rainbow Dash with excitement and dragged him to the hill.

"Why do I always get dragged around?" thought Naruto but wasn't bothered about it much to his surprise.

Soon Rainbow Dash had Naruto learning how to use his new wings to fly and after a few tries, he was able to take off and learned how to glide, ascend and land although he crashed on his first attempt, making Rainbow Dash laugh at him calling it karma. After some more training, Naruto became proficient in the ability to fly which surprised Rainbow Dash.

"Whoa Naruto, you aren't a Pegasus and yet you are flying like one who has been able to do so his whole life" said Rainbow Dash who was flying beside him.

"I was thinking the same thing but it feels right, hey Dash I just got some ideas on aerial acrobatics which I'm sure the Wonderbolts have never come up with" said Naruto.

"Really?! What are these ideas of yours?" asked Rainbow Dash with excitement.

"Just follow my lead and do what I do" said Naruto who then picked up speed and rose to the sky.

Music Start: Super Mario 64 OST; Powerful Mario

Rising to the sky, Naruto flapped his wings and tucked himself in and flipped forwards several times and then looped backwards to maintain his flight. Rainbow Dash did the same and was able to pull it off with little error. Naruto then tucked his wings, making him go into a free-fall while doing a barrel roll, then he quickly pulled up and ascended to the sky with great speed.

"Now you try it out but be careful with the free-fall" said Naruto.

"Sure thing Naruto, I'm sure I'll get it in the first try like the other one" said Rainbow Dash with confidence. She tried the maneuver but then Naruto realized that she won't be able to break out of the free-fall early enough so he quickly dove after Rainbow Dash and caught her on his back before she crashed to the ground.

"I'm sorry about messing that move up" said Rainbow Dash sadly, but Naruto shook his head.

"It's not your fault, that move was tricky so all we need to do is practice at it until you can even do it in your sleep" said Naruto with a foxy grin making the mare blush at his smile and the close contact with his body.

"He feels quite warm to the touch" thought Rainbow Dash.

Resuming on the practice, Naruto came up with the idea of having Rainbow Dash fly behind him and then overtake him like a slingshot which he called drafting which he told her is great strategy to use in a race or competition. Then the duo began to create combination moves, one such example is the dual tornado where they fly in circles at high speed which creates a tornado capable of drawing in anything within its range.

"With these moves, I'm sure that we'll be in the Wonderbolts, I'm sure they will let you join since you can form your own wings" said Rainbow Dash happily.

Music End

"Maybe, but right now we need to perfect them, anyway it's getting late so I'll see you later" said Naruto who decided to walk back. After saying goodbye to each other, Rainbow Dash and Naruto headed back to their homes to rest.

*Next day: With Fluttershy*

The next morning, Naruto had arrived at Fluttershy's home carrying a picnic basket and Ao the bluejay was sitting on his head as usual who also wanted to spend the day with the both of them. Knocking on the door, he waited until it was opened by the shy mare.

"H-hello Naruto" stuttered Fluttershy although she was happy to see him. He was about to reply when he was suddenly tackled to the ground by the animals who were happy to see he blond stallion. "P-please be c-careful or you might h-hurt him"

"Hello Fluttershy, I was hoping that we would go out and have a picnic, oh and the others can along as well since I've packed enough for everyone" said Naruto happily. Unable to say anything since her shyness took over, Fluttershy could only nod while the animals were ecstatic at being allowed to come along. Later Naruto led the group to a large oak tree that grew on the top of tall hill overlooking the town. "This is one of my favorite spots as its view reminds me of the view I would get when standing at the top of the Hokage monument back at the Hidden Leaf Village"

"D-do you miss y-your old home?" asked Fluttershy.

"Yeah, I miss my old friends and there are times I wish that I would visit it once" said Naruto with a look of sadness which made the shy Pegasus feel a little guilty until she saw him smile at her "But I am happy because I have formed bonds with you, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and everypony else here. But enough reminiscing, let's have some fun!"

Naruto had brought along a ball to play with the animals and soon they played a game of catch, they were able to convince Fluttershy to join in which made her happy. But then one of the birds had injured on of its wings and Fluttershy had forgotten to bring her first aid kit, she was about to fly back to the house when Naruto stopped her.

"Hold on Shy! I should be able to heal this level of injury" said Naruto, then he channeled bit of his chakra to his front hoof over the bird's wing healing it within a few seconds, it tweeted happily and flew to his head making Ao glare with jealousy. "Baa-chan had taught me how to use my chakra to heal small injuries when I don't have a first aid kit" said Naruto, Fluttershy signed in relief as she was worried for the bird's health. After eating the lunch Naruto brought with him, Fluttershy saw him bring out a strange instrument which piqued her curiosity.

"Naruto w-what kind of instrument is that?" she asked.

"This is an ocarina, it's like a flute but with more holes, I like to play music as it calms my nerves and makes me relax and I'm good at different types of music, would you like to listen?" Naruto said, Fluttershy and the animals nodded. Then he formed his chakra arms to hold it and began to play a tune (In your Belief from Asura's Wrath OST) from the ocarina. As he played Fluttershy and the animals began to relax and the winds carried the melody throughout Ponyville and anypony who heard it felt at peace, a certain light gray Pegasus who was at her home heard it as well.

"This melody makes me feel calm as if there is nothing to worry about, I wonder who is playing it? I hope to meet the pony" she thought. Meanwhile upstairs a filly looks out of a window when she heard the song as well.

"I feel warm and happy listening to this song, I wish mom and I would meet this pony, I hope it's a stallion" she thought happily before going to bed, using the song as a lullaby. Elsewhere a dark gray earth pony listened to the song with interest.

"Whoever is playing this song is quite talented, I hope to meet this pony at an opportune time" she thought before trotting away.

Back with Naruto, when he finished playing the song he looked around to see that all of the animals had fallen asleep, then he saw Fluttershy sleeping while leaning onto him and his tail had subconsciously curled around her. It didn't take long until Fluttershy woke up and noticed how close she is with the stallion, she let out an 'eep' before hiding behind the oak tree trying to hide her blush.

"S-s-s-sorry about sleeping on you Naruto" said Fluttershy while peeking from behind the tree.

"Its fine Shy, I'm okay with it" said Naruto with a foxy grin. "Her behavior is just like Hinata but it doesn't bother me at all" he thought. "Let's wake the others up and I'll escort you home" Fluttershy nodded in agreement, soon Naruto saw her off at her home before heading home.

*Next day: With Rarity*

Naruto had arrived at the Carousel boutique to meet with Rarity, knocking on the door it was open to reveal the white unicorn.

"Hello Naruto, it's good to see you I was just thinking of you" said Rarity smiling happily.

"Hi Rare, good to see you too and please stop teasing me" said Naruto while blushing in embarrassment. Rarity giggled softly at the blond stallion's reaction.

"Anyway, I will need your help in making some clothes for a special event at Canterlot and I hope to learn of your clothes from your world" said Rarity.

"Sure thing Rare, I even need your help in making some clothes plus I've got some ideas for you" said Naruto getting himself ready to help out Rarity. Later on, Naruto served as Rarity's mannequin as she used her magic to use her tools to fit the fabrics as well as measure them and cut to size.

"So far so good but it seems that we are low on gems but we are close to the deadline" said Rarity with a look of worry.

"Don't worry Rare, I know just the substitute just wait a bit" said Naruto before galloping out of the shop making the white unicorn wonder what he is up to. It wasn't long when Naruto returned with his satchel which he opened to reveal the crystals.

"Where did you get such beautiful crystals Naruto? I've never seen them before whenever I go out gem collecting!" asked Rarity who looked mesmerized at the sight of the crystals.

"I found them in the cave I woke up from and it seems like they are special cause when I channel either my chakra or magic they change color so I am researching on them but I can spare these" said Naruto with a smile.

"Thank you Naruto! With these crystals, this would be one of my greatest works yet!" said Rarity who jumped at Naruto and hugged him and nuzzled his face which rubbed his whisker marks making him purr. After a minute, they separated from each other blushing bright red. "W-w-well let's get back to work shall we?"

"Y-yeah let's hurry so that we can start on the ideas I have" said Naruto shaking his head as if to clear his thoughts. They resumed on making the clothes then they finished and wrapped them in parcels for delivery. "Now that we are done with the requests, I needed your help in making some clothes"

"Of course dear, so what are we making?" said Rarity with a twinkle in her eye. Soon the duo had made a hoodie jacket which was black and orange with a red spiral on the back (Consider the base design from Naruto's shippuden outfit), a long coat with a hood with a black color with red flames and a kanji for purity (Naruto's coat from sage mode), and a pair of goggles which he now wears around his neck. These clothes look very good on you, makes you quite the handsome stallion"

"Then that makes me the most handsome stallion alongside the most beautiful mare of Ponyville" Naruto teased playfully making Rarity blush at the thought of it. "Anyway, I'll see you around". After leaving the boutique and on the way back to the house, Naruto thought to himself "I'll need to get back to the cave to get more of the crystals and place a seal on it to prevent trespassers from discovering it"

*Next day: With Applejack*

Naruto woke up early next morning to spend the day with Applejack so he put on his new jacket went downstairs to have breakfast with the Apple family.

"Good morning everyone" said Naruto, everyone turned and smiled at the appearance of the stallion, ever since he moved in, it was never a dull moment with him as he always liven things up with his personality and antics, Granny Smith often says that he could become part of the family for real by marrying Applejack which embarrasses both ponies, making them blush red like the apples in the farm.

"Howdy Naruto, aren't you looking dandy today? You got those clothes from Rarity right? Cause she is the only one to do so" said Applejack admiring the new look on the blond stallion.

"Thanks AJ, Rare and I made them together since I felt that I need a wardrobe change since I didn't have much choice of clothes back at where I came from" said Naruto making the mare nod in understanding as they don't need anypony to learn of his origins. "Ready for the usual apple bucking?" said Naruto as he headed for the fields with Apple Bloom riding on his back as usual.

"Sure thing Naruto, I'm right behind ya and there is something I want to ask from you" said Applejack who was close behind.

"Okay, after we finish with the chores then you can ask me what you need" said Naruto taking position under a tree to buck it in order to knock down some apples. After Big Mac joined in bucking the apples. The trio worked on gathering the apples and then they went to the stall to sell their daily wares and when they were done, Applejack led Naruto to the field.

"So what is it you want to ask of me AJ?" asked Naruto with a lot of curiosity.

"Well the thing is that I was hoping that you could teach me how to fight with your fighting style" said Applejack nervously. Naruto looked surprised but then asked seriously.

"Why do you want me to teach you Poniato?"

"It's because I want to be able to protect ma family and friends from harm because I care about them" said Applejack while looking determined to which Naruto smiled brightly.

"Then my answer is yes" said Naruto happily and found himself in a bear hug by Applejack who was happy to be taught.

Later on, Naruto was teaching the mare the basic katas of the fighting style since he knew that she was fit to do it.

"Applejack, you must remember that when facing an opponent, you must be aware of your surroundings as anything can either help or obstruct you in the battle. You must also know when you must attack, defend or better yet counter as attacking an opponent deals more damage than normal. When against an enemy who uses long range attacks then he must be weak at close combat, a close range opponent is helpless against long range attacks" said Naruto, he knew how to teach due to spending time with Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon when he didn't have any missions.

"Is there anything else I should be aware of?" asked Applejack who was listening with rapt attention.

"You must be very careful when fighting against enemies who have a lot of experience as they will make it difficult for you to get a hit on them, I'm sure you remember seeing that in one of my memories" said Naruto, Applejack nodded remembering the battle he had with Kabuto. "And another thing, I want to tell you what my teacher back then told me; those who break the rules are trash but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash, let's get going before we're late for dinner" said Naruto helping Applejack up with his tail and the duo headed back to the house eat and sleep because of the training.

*Next day: With Twilight Sparkle*

Naruto was at the front of the library where Twilight and Spike now reside, knocking on the door it was answered by the young dragon.

"Hey Naruto. It's great to see you!" said Spike happily, the baby dragon had taken a liking to the blond stallion as Naruto often drops by when Twilight is out to keep him company and treats him to the gems he finds from the caves during his explorations and enjoys the stories of Naruto's pranks from his dimension.

"Yo Spike, how's it going? Is Twilight around?" said Naruto smiling at the dragon.

"Yeah, she is inside waiting you and I can tell she is excited to learn more about you and your powers" said Spike.

"Thanks Spike, oh I almost forgot, here is some of your favorite gems I found in a cave just be sure to hide from Twilight or she will fuss about me spoiling you too much" said Naruto winking at Spike who winked back before entering inside to meet with Twilight who reading a book.

"Hi Twilight! How are things going for you?" said Naruto smiling at Twilight who smiled in return.

"Hello Naruto it's good to see you, things are okay with me and I was hoping to talk to you about your powers and other things" said Twilight.

"No problem, so what is it you want to know?" said Naruto who sat across the table ready to answer her questions.

"Well I wanted to know about this energy that you call chakra as I've read a lot of books but found nothing helpful" said Twilight who had a pen and paper ready using her magic.

"Well Chakra is an energy created by combining physical energy and mental energy, it enables anypony who uses it to perform feats that no normal pony can perform and it also serves as a source of life so should one completely exhaust his chakra, he dies" said Naruto.

"Okay then, what can you do with chakra can you give me some examples?" said Twilight writing on the paper.

"I've seen ninjas from different villages use their chakra to execute techniques with the elements like shoot fire, wield lightning, control water and other things. I used to create solid copies of myself in battle and a certain elite ninja could perform illusions, however all of these techniques require us to use our hands to form a string of certain signs to perform but there are some techniques that don't require hand signs. For example, now that I am a pony I can't use clone duplication anymore but I can use my father's technique the Rasengan" said Naruto forming a chakra arm to create a spiraling ball of energy which amazed Twilight.

"Thanks for telling me Naruto, I'm to learn more from you later on so is there anything that you want know?" said Twilight putting the pen and paper away. Naruto thought deeply before remembering something that was at the back of his mind.

"Actually I wanted to know more about magic since it is foreign to me, I already know about the basic information and how to channel it to my horn but I need your help on how to use it." Said Naruto.

"I can teach you about levitation and other basics, but magic is capable of doing of doing a lot of things as new magic is discovered everything" said Twilight displaying an example by levitating a book from the top of a bookshelf. Naruto tried it as well and was able to levitate a book from the shelf thanks to training on his Chakura no sosa gijutsu which made it easier to use his magic.

"Since Twilight says that you can create your own magic since there is no fixed element on a pony unlike back at the elemental nations then I wonder if?" thought Naruto then he asked Twilight "Twilight can you take me to where there is a lake?"

With a look of curiosity, Twilight teleported the both of them to a nearby lake. "What do you plan to do Naruto?" He didn't answer but channeled magic to his horn, making it glow orange and then a stream of water rose from the lake and slammed into a tree surprising the mare. "What was that!?" she shouted.

"Well I thought of using magic to create of a stream of water and it worked, I got the idea from a certain ninja I met on a mission, I think I'll call it Water stream" said Naruto rubbing the back of his head.

"Is it possible for me to learn it?" asked Twilight with a look of excitement to which Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, the magic is in a way that a lot of unicorns with good control of their magic can use it and if I come up with anymore then you'll be the first to know" said Naruto, Twilight blushed at being able to learn new magic with the blond stallion. "Let's return, it's been a long day for the both of us"

Soon after leaving the library, Naruto checked out the Apples 'mailbox and saw a message addressed to him from Mayor Mare. Then he went to his room and opened the letter to read and by the time he was done reading, Naruto was smiling happily. "With this I can finally commence with my plan for a certain somepony" he thought. Taking off his Jacket, Naruto went to bed thinking of how happy a certain pony would be.


Chakura no Tsubasa = Chakra Wings

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