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Visiting the Memories of a Past Life


Chapter 6: Visiting the Memories of a Past Life

Upon returning to ponyville, many ponies of the town cheered at the return of Princess Celestia as well as the revival of Princess Luna as they rode in the golden chariot followed by Naruto and the other mares. Naruto was feeling a bit uncomfortable since he had never received praise from a large number of people. Looking away from them, Naruto noticed that Twilight Sparkle had a sad look on her face as they walked to the town hall.

"Twilight why are you feeling so down?" said Naruto, drawing the attention of the others.

"It's just that after finally making friends with you and the others, I would have to go back to Canterlot" Twilight said sadly. Hearing that, Naruto became depressed as well since he enjoys having her around despite the short time they spent together, looking at Applejack and the other mares, they were also feeling sad at the thought of being separated.

Hearing what Twilight said, Celestia told Spike to take up a pen and paper to write, "I Princess Celestia, hereby decree that my student Twilight Sparkle is to remain in ponyville to learn about friendship with the Element bearers as well as study on the new Element of Harmony and send reports about her research" said Celestia smiling gently as Twilight hugged her in happiness.

Naruto and the mares were happy at not having to be separated, Pinkie pie was about to dash off before Naruto used his tail to grab her, "Now hold on there party planner, remember I said that I would tell you my story after the battle with Nightmare moon" said Naruto, bringing their attention to him. "But before we leave, I will need Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo to come along, they should also hear of this as I don't like keeping secrets from those I care about".

As soon as the fillies arrived, Princess Celestia used her magic to teleport them to the royal castle. The mares especially Rarity were excited to be there but calmed down since they wanted to learn more about their friend. After being lead to the throne room, everyone turned to Naruto to begin his story.

"So tell us about your life before coming to ponyville" said Celestia with Luna standing next to her wanting to learn about the stallion who saved her.

"Geez I don't know where to begin-"Naruto was saying when his glaive appeared in a flash of light. "Kosei no Ha?! But I didn't call you out!" the glaive glowed brightly forcing everypony to close their eyes, when they opened them, they were standing in a forest with a large tree at the center of it.

"Where are we?" asked Rainbow Dash looking around.

"This is my mindscape, Kosei no Ha thought it would be better that I show you my memories of my past life so it drew all of you in" said Naruto who stood at the bottom of the large tree.

"You mean you had a past life before you came to Equestria?" said Rarity with a look of surprise.

"Yes back then, I used to be a human in my world like this" said Naruto transforming into his human form, surprising the others.

"I read about creatures called humans in the books, there used to be some in Equestria but they all disappeared without a trace" said Twilight.

"It would seem that they disappeared to other worlds, I was there when it happened" said Princess Celestia with Luna agreeing.

"Well in my world I used to live in a land called the elemental nations and there are villages called the five Shinobi villages where ninjas live" said Naruto.

"You mean those warriors who fight in the shadows, use smoke to hide and all those cool stuff" said Pinkie pie bouncing around excitedly much to Naruto's amusement.

"Yes and I used to be one, I lived in the Hidden Leaf Village which is one of the five Shinobi villages" said Naruto as a large mirror appeared and displayed an image of a village, as the ponies looked closer, they saw the stone faces on the mountain was painted with and that a younger Naruto was running away from two older humans whilst carrying a can of paint to which they all laughed.

"Naruto what was that all about" asked Rainbow Dash while laughing with the others wondering the same thing.

"When I was still at the village before I became a ninja, I used to play pranks on the village to get attention and even the high ranked ninjas could never catch me" said Naruto with a smirk.

"But why strive for attention? I'm sure your parents were there to support" said Applejack, hearing that, a look of sadness appeared on his face which gave the mares a bad feeling.

"Well to tell you the truth, a demon fox had attacked the village had attacked the village and my father who was the village leader along with my mother sacrificed their lives to seal it away in a newborn baby which was me and died believing that I would be treated as a hero but the villagers believed that I was the reincarnation of the fox and mistreated me since then" said Naruto.

Upon hearing that, the mares were shocked, Fluttershy, Pinkie pie and the fillies began to cry wondering why something like that should happen to a pony like him. "So that's why you always support me because you know the feeling of loneliness" thought Scootaloo.

"It's a surprise that you didn't fall to darkness like anypony would have, how come?" said Celestia to which Naruto smiled gently.

"It's because I met people who saw me for who I am and not for what I contain, they also taught me that when I want to protect those precious to me that's when you gain true strength" said Naruto while looking the mares especially Luna who nodded in understanding.

Afterward, Naruto showed them his memories from his first mission, the invasion which frightened Fluttershy a bit when they watched him against a boy who was also a container like Naruto, the battle against Orochimaru until they reached his last memory.

"What happened here Naruto?" asked Rarity who was pointing at the image of Naruto facing off against his team mate.

"Back at the ninja exam, Sasuke had received a cursed seal from that snake which gave him power but corrupted him as well and with his desire to avenge his clan, it made him leave the village to join Orochimaru in order to gain more power" said Naruto.

"I believe you went after him in order to bring him back to the village since he is your friend as well as your team mate" said Twilight, Naruto nodded in response.

"I was assigned to a squad to bring him back and we split up to face each of Orochimaru's elites till I was the last one to catch up with Sasuke, I tried to reason with him but he wouldn't listen so we fought" said Naruto as the memory of the battle was displayed. "The battle escalated when he used the power of the cursed seal forcing me to use the power of the nine tailed fox to fight back and in the end we clashed with our best techniques with him killing me but I knocked him out".

"Then how did you come to Equestria?" asked Luna trying to hold back tears along with the mares who were sad at how things turned out for the blond stallion.

"When I died, I met Kami-sama who is the god of my world, she asked me what I wanted to do with the soul of the nine tailed fox which I requested to be sent back to its own world as I found out that the fox was under someone's control when he attacked the village. That's also when Kosei no Ha appeared and chose me to be its wielder and the fox unlocked my power as sign of apology before I was reborn in Equestria" said Naruto.

"B-but Naruto, don't you miss them back in your world" asked Fluttershy worriedly.

"It's true that I miss them, however I have you all who are precious to me and I will be with you forever and that's a promise" said Naruto with a foxy grin, making the fillies run up to Naruto and hug him. The mares were also happy to hear that he cares about them very much.

"Is the power the fox gave you the one you used back at the Evertree forest?" asked Twilight.

"Yes it enables me to use my chakra to form anything as well as enhance my physical abilities also I can use magic but I need to learn how, I'm sure you could teach me" said Naruto to which she nodded. "My Kosei no Ha is a special glaive that can transform into anything I wish during battle and I am still training to master its power"

Soon the glaive glowed brightly again and they were back in the throne room and returned itself back to Naruto.

"So what will you do now Naruto? Will you travel throughout the land?" asked Applejack with a hint of sadness that is mirrored by the other mares and fillies. Naruto shook his head in negative.

"No I am rather happier staying in ponyville with you all as you are all precious to me, besides I promised to spend a day with each of you" said Naruto with a foxy grin, making the mares blush at the thought of spending time alone with the stallion.

After giving Princess Celestia the Elements of Harmony, Naruto and the mares were transported back to ponyville not before he promised to visit every once in a while.

This is Hussbek online. This is the latest chapter for the fic, I had to twist the story a little for Naruto when explaining. The next chapter will be about the days spent with the mares so expect it soon.

This Hussbek from Ghana

Signing out.

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