Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja @hussbek
The Calm before the Storm


Chapter 3: The Calm before the Storm

As the sun rises over ponyville, it shone its morning rays through the window of the library where Naruto Uzumaki sleeps.

"Damn, why must Celestia raise the sun now" he grumbled pulling the sheets over his head to block out the sun in order to continue sleeping. It wasn't even ten minutes when there was a tapping on the window. Unable to ignore the annoying sound, Naruto woke up to look at the window only to see Ao the blue jay pecking at the window.

"Good morning Ao, I see you came to wake me up as usual" chuckled Naruto after he opened the window to which the bird nodded. Ever since they met on the first day, Ao had been hanging around Naruto and is often seen flying next to him or sitting on his head which Naruto claims is her seat.

"Well thanks for the daily wake-up call Ao, let's go around town and see if there is anypony who needs helps like always" said Naruto, Ao tweeted in agreement. The two friends set off for the town after locking the library.

It had been a week since Naruto first came to ponyville, since he didn't have any money to support himself, Naruto took up odd jobs like delivery, painting, babysitting, gardening, etc. Soon he was well known throughout the town as a very kind and helpful pony, but he always spends most of his time with Applejack and the others.

"Hey Ao, this might sound weird to you but I have been having this feeling of foreboding and it seems to have something to do with the Summer Sun Celebration and the history of Equestria that I read about" said Naruto. Ao tilted her head in confusion and then tweeted as if to assure him that everything would be fine. "Maybe I am just being paranoid" said Naruto thinking back on what he read at the library two days ago.

***Flashback begin***

In the hall of the library, Naruto was reading on the history of Equestria after going through the other books where he learned of the economy, politics and legends of the world he now lives in. What caught his interest was the existence of magic which seemed to replace chakra and decided to learn about it since him as a unicorn can utilize it. As he read, Naruto learnt of the two royal Alicorn sisters of Equestria, Princess Celestia who raises the sun and brings forth day and Princess Luna who raises the moon and bring forth night. During the course of time, Princess Luna became jealous as she felt unappreciated for her duty and transformed into a corrupted pony known as Nightmare Moon. Seeing no way to stop her, Celestia had no choice but to use the elements of harmony to seal her sister in the moon and since then took charge of raising the moon and the sun.

"Hmm, it has been a long time since Celestia sealed her sister away, wouldn't it have grown weaker as the years gone by? This feeling seems to stem from that and the Summer Sun Celebration is around the corner" Naruto thought to himself before closing the book and going to sleep.

***Flashback end***

"Enough of the thinking, let's see if Rarity is done with the stuff I requested" said Naruto shaking his head, slightly irritating Ao who was sitting at the current time.

When Naruto reached the Carousel boutique, he knocked on the door which opened to reveal a young filly, she has a coat of white with a pink mane and tail.

"Good morning Naruto, it's great to see you!" said the filly happily. "It's always great to see you too Sweetie Bell, I hope you aren't causing Rarity any kind of trouble" said Naruto with a knowing smile. The young unicorn flinched slightly, "Not this time, I can tell you that" Naruto smiled and walked inside, he often looks after Sweetie Bell whenever he comes and helps her out as well as keep her out of trouble which she seems to always get into, soon she saw as an elder brother.

"Hello Naruto, it's always good to see you dear" said Rarity with a smile, she liked having Naruto come around since she enjoys his company, and most at times they work together creating ideas for making new clothing for ponies, she was surprised at Naruto as he didn't look like somepony with a fashion sense but seemed to have ideas that she never thought of.

"Hi there Rare, I just came to see if you finished with my request" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"Yes I have, just let me go and get them" said Rarity before going to open a box and pull out a satchel and a black headband with the symbol of a leaf on both of them. Naruto gave it to her to give some finishing touches and requested for her to make a headband for him. When asked why he said "To remind me of my will of fire" which confused her.

"Here let me put it on for you" said Rarity before using her magic to tie the headband onto his forehead. "I must say that it looks good on you, I am sure you'll attract a lot of mares" giggled Rarity at Naruto who was blushing.

"D-don't say that Rare! It's embarrassing, any way I'll see you later, you too Sweetie Bell, thanks for everything" said Naruto before leaving.

While walking through the town, Naruto was admiring the handiwork that Rarity did to his satchel, "Now I'll apply the seals in the interior to increase the space as well as not weigh me down when I carry it, it's a good thing I convinced Ero-sennin to teach me about seals when we went to find Ba-chan" thought Naruto. Ever since Naruto was introduced to the art of sealing, he discovered that he had a talent which he believed that he inherited from his parents.

While deep in thought, Naruto heard a loud voice from behind him. "EXCUSE ME! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" the voice yelled. Naruto quickly back flipped just in time avoid a collision with a filly who was riding a scooter. She is a Pegasus pony with a coat of slightly dark orange and purple mane and tail. Although she was relieved to have avoided the pony ninja, she failed to notice a rock on the road which flung her into the air. Naruto quickly leapt after her and used his tail to catch her before landing on the ground.

"Geez Scootaloo, does this always have to happen whenever we meet up" said Naruto with a smirk at the young filly. Naruto met Scootaloo a few days ago in the exact situation, Naruto learnt that she is an admirer of Rainbow Dash and aspires to be like her. When he found out that she is also an orphan, he took upon himself to watch over her as he could relate since he is also an orphan. He also began teaching her the lower levels of his free running skills which she had a talent for, soon he became her brother figure as well.

"Sorry about Big bro, I somehow lost control of my scooter along the way" said Scootaloo rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment, a habit that she got from Naruto.

"No problem Scoots, tell you what, let's head over to the Sugarcube Corner and get something to eat" said Naruto.

"Okay Big bro, race ya!" said Scootaloo while zooming off on her scooter. Naruto chuckled softly before following after her. When they reached the sweet shop, Naruto had won their race. "I'm impressed Scoots, for you to apply Terra drift while on your scooter is a stroke of genius" said Naruto with a foxy grin. "That's because I have a great teacher" said Scootaloo smiling brightly.

When they entered the shop, Naruto had hardly taken a step when he was tackled to the ground by Pinkie pie.

"Hiya Naru, I missed you!" said Pinkie pie, Naruto had been helping her out in the shop as well as planning out parties, he often has to properly name her parties much to the relief of the other ponies that attend them. Naruto also has to keep himself on alert because of her 'Pinkie sense', every time Pinkie's tail twitches he has to get out of the way of falling objects ranging from flowerpots to ponies mostly Rainbow Dash.

"Hey Pinks, Scoots and I came to get some snacks, you're welcome to join if you want-"said Naruto, he barely finished talking when Pinkie pie had already set up the snacks on the table and was waiting for him, surprising Naruto and Scootaloo. "What are you waiting for? They won't eat themselves" said Pinkie enjoying the look on his face, she always likes to surprise him often saying it livens up her day.

After eating and saying goodbye to Pinkie pie, Naruto also said goodbye to Scootaloo. When he turned to leave, he heard Scootaloo speak softly to herself "Sometimes I wish you were my real big brother" He smiled inwardly and thought "I can do something about that but in due time".

"Now where should I go next? Maybe Fluttershy's" thought Naruto walking towards the edge of Evertree forest. As he was walking, Naruto heard a voice from above "Hey Naruto! Heads up!" instead of listening to the voice, Naruto quickly flipped backwards in time to avoid a shower of rain which fell at where he was standing.

"Nice try Dash! But it will take a lot than that to surprise me!" said Naruto smirking while looking up to see Rainbow Dash sitting on top of the cloud. He and Rainbow Dash have been competing in different challenges just to get one over the other with both sides getting an equal number of wins, losses and draws.

"True but that's what makes me strive to get the jump on you" said Rainbow Dash while descending from the cloud she was on. "Where ya going anyway?"

"I'm heading to Fluttershy's place to see if she needs any help for the Summer Sun Celebration" said Naruto before suddenly grinning "how about a race?"

"Sure, I need a warm-up before I go and clear the clouds before tomorrow" said Rainbow Dash. Both got into a starting position before they took off leaving behind a cloud of dust. By the time they reached Fluttershy's house, the result was Naruto winning.

"Yeah I won! That makes 125-124 with me leading by one point" said Naruto with pride while Rainbow Dash pouted "Well it won't be like that for long, anyways see ya later" She then flew off to take care of the weather. "She acts like that but she having as much fun as I do" thought Naruto. He was about to knock the door when Ao flew over and began pecking his head, upset for being left behind. "Sorry about that Ao, I'll make it up to you" Naruto apologized.

Naruto knocked on the door which opened to reveal Fluttershy. "Oh h-hello Naruto' said Fluttershy while trying to hide her blushing face with her mane. She has been enjoying Naruto's company as well as the animals, they always come around him wanting to play or just relax when he sleeps under a tree. Naruto speaks and encourages her to overcome her shortcomings, being by her side makes her more confident in herself although she still acts shy around him.

"Hello Shy, I came here to see if I could help you in preparation for the Summer Sun Celebration" said Naruto smiling brightly, He often comes to see Fluttershy and the animals as he feels calm and relaxed when with them.

"Y-yes well I am planning on teaching the birds some songs for when Princess Celestia appears, could you watch over the others while I teach the birds?" said Fluttershy with Naruto nodding his head in affirmation. After a couple hours and Fluttershy was done teaching for the day, Naruto bade farewell promising to visit again soon. "I never seem to get why Shy blushes when she looks at me but it doesn't bother me, it rather makes me happy" thought Naruto as he moved along.

"My next stop would be at Sweet Apple Acres to help AJ buck some apples before meeting Mayor Mare" thought Naruto before trotting towards his location. After walking through the gate and into the barnyard, Naruto felt somepony coming up from behind but pretended to be unaware as the pony jumped onto his back. He turned to see Apple bloom, the younger sister of Applejack. She is a filly with a coat of light-grayish olive with a red mane and tail and a big pink bow.

"Howdy Naruto, I was wondering when you would show up, Big sis has been waiting for ya" said the filly with a smile. She met Naruto when he was bucking apples with her sister, she was shy at first but soon became friends and often rides on his back when she gets the opportunity as well as swing from his fox like tail, she also looks up to him other than Big Mac as a brother.

"Hello Apple Bloom, I've been around town helping out that's why I took so long, let's not keep your sister waiting any longer" said Naruto returning the smile before trotting out of the barnyard and to the apple fields with Apple Bloom enjoying the ride. Reaching there, he saw Applejack kicking the tree and knocking down the apples with Big Mac carrying baskets full of them.

"Hiya AJ! You too Big Mac, sorry for taking so long, I had to help the other ponies in town before getting here" said Naruto while setting Apple Bloom down with his tail which she seems to enjoy.

'Howdy there Naruto, well better late than never since we're in charge of the catering for the Summer Sun Celebration" said Applejack grinning at the blond stallion. Naruto often helps her with the bucking of the apples as well as selling them at the stall. Although both of get embarrassed when Granny Smith frequently tries to convince them to get married. Aside from that she like being around him.

"Sure thing let's get started" said Naruto approaching a tree to knock down some apples from. After a few hours of apple bucking and having lunch with the Apple family. Naruto set off for the Mayor's office to discuss something with her.

"Good afternoon Mayor Mare, there's something I wish to talk to you about" said Naruto to the amber mare with the grayish mane and tail with a mark of a scroll tied with a blue ribbon.

"Hello Naruto, what is it you want to talk about?" asked Mayor Mare smiling gently at the blond stallion. He had built quite a good reputation among the residents of ponyville.

"Well I want to build a home and here are the blueprints and I hope these would cover the cost of the building materials and other things" said Naruto bringing out the blueprints and some shards of crystals.

Mayor Mare was stunned at the sight of the crystals "Where did you get them Naruto? These should cover the cost and still have money left over"

"I found them in a cave on my way here, and you can give the rest of the rest of the money to the orphanage" said Naruto.

"Okay, it should take at least two months to build so you will have to wait until then" said Mayor Mare to which Naruto nodded before saying goodbye and heading to the library.

When he reached the library, Naruto said goodbye to Ao. As he laid down to sleep, Naruto thought to himself "I feel something big is about to happen tomorrow" before falling asleep.

This is Hussbek on the line, sorry about the slight delay with the next chapter, i've been having power outages in my area and its going to be frequent. Anyway i will soon bring in the final member of the mane 6 and then kick off for the battle against Nightmare moon and finally have naruto go out guns blazing. Read and review like always and PM me when you get an idea. I appreciate your reviews as it encourages me to write more, keep them coming.

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