Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja @hussbek
D-Tales:: A Draconic Legend Pt 2


Chapter 32: Dimensional Tales: A Draconic Legend Pt. 2

Naruto, Spike along with Spyro and Sparx were currently standing on a tall cliff with thick white mists down below them as they gazed upon a large rainforest ahead of them.

"So this place is the Tall Plains where one of the dragon guardians is kept prisoner," said Spike looking over Naruto's head from his back.

"Pretty much that Spike," said Naruto.

"We need to hurry to where Cyril is and free him before Cynder powers up another crystal like Ignitus told us," said Spyro.

"Off we go to our potential doom to save a dragon," said Sparx.

"You really need to be more positive Sparx," said Spike.

"I'll be when there's nothing to be negative about,"

Spyro rolled his eyes over from his brother's wisecracks "C'mon Sparx,"

Leaping on the miniature islands sticking out before them, the group made their over to the rainforest where three giant stones formed an arch to create an entrance of sorts. Standing at the entrance was one of the ape soldiers except that the color of their fur was colored red. It had seen them as it turned around and ran into the forest.

"He must have gone to alert the others, we need to go after him!" said Spyro.

"Right!" Naruto responded in affirmation.

They ran after the ape soldier into a tunnel and soon caught up with the ape soldier, however he howled loudly and more of the soldiers including an ape leader jumped out from the trees and landed before them. Spyro lowered his head and charged forward before ramming into the ape leader then spinning around to strike him with his tail before firing an electric arc to knock him into the air while suspended in a makeshift electric cage and finished him off with an explosive fireball.

Naruto punch an ape soldier in the gut to force him to recoil backwards in pain then planted his fore hooves and spun around to buck another in the face while Spike used his green fire breath to burn any enemy which tried to attack Naruto's blind spot and kept them at bay. Naruto punched the ground and the area around an ape soldier burst open to reveal a chakra arm which performed an uppercut to launch him into the air "Cook him Spike!"

Said dragon opened his mouth to launch a stream of green flame at the airborne ape, inflicting serious burns as it crashed back into the ground. Soon enough, all of the apes laid on the ground defeated.

"These guys are the first of many more to come, we need to get a move on," said Naruto.

They moved along and descended down a huge hollowed tree trunk and exited to find themselves in an area surrounded by tall cliff walls. Then more ape soldiers jumped off a tall ledge above them and landed on the ground before them as an Ape commander remained on the ledge and looked down at them with an evil smirk on his face.

"Well what do we have here? Enemies of the master," said the Ape commander.

"Correct and I don't need to guess that you're going to try to kill us," said Naruto.

"Not try, will! Get them boys!"

Two ape leaders appeared by his side and jumped off the ledge while several ape soldiers came out of a nearby giant hollow tree trunk from the left side of the area. Spyro launched a stream of electricity at one of the soldiers, shocking it before jerking his head to the side to send the shocked ape crashing into one of its comrades. He heard a hissing sound and turned to see a lit dynamite land close to him, Spyro quickly used his tail to knock it away from him just in time before it exploded in midair then he looked up to see the ape commander holding another lit dynamite with a smirk on his face as he threw it at him.

Naruto was punching at the ape leaders which were attacking him in a pincer formation but he was ready for them "Kosei no Ha, battle stance!" the azure broadsword appeared by his side in a flash of light "Hold on Spike, Windflaw Dash!" a wind swirled around him before taking off at high-speed, the ape leaders looked around confusedly for the pony however they began to feel something like a blade cutting every part of their body and have no way of putting up a defense before being slammed in the gut hard enough to take them down. Naruto stopped in between them with the wind dying out to signal the end of the spell.

"Naruto, there's more coming at us!" Spike pointed behind them as the ape soldiers charged at them.

"Got it, Shadow Clone jutsu!" Naruto concentrated on his chakra then several copies appeared in a puff of smoke "Get em!" the clones nodded in affirmation before charging at the enemies. That was when Sparx flew towards.

"Hey Naruto, my purple bro over there could use some help with a certain ape that has a love for blowing stuff up!" said Sparx.

"On it!" Naruto galloped over to where Spyro was currently knocking the dynamites throw by the ape commander away from himself.

"Hey! Why don't you come down here and fight like a…uh…an ape!" Spike called, Naruto and Spyro could only sweatdrop from what the young dragon just said.

"How about you make me come down!" as soon as he said those words, the ape commander felt something wrap around his hand and saw some sort of tendril made out of white energy before tracing it to where it was coming out of the orange pony. Naruto smirked mischievously before pulling hard for him to fall over the ledge towards them, Spyro jumped towards him and flapped his wings hard enough to send him crashing into the rock wall.

Naruto raised a fore hoof with a white rune appearing before him "Chakra Cannon!" he fired a large white orb to smash the ape further in and knocking him unconscious "All you had to do was ask," he made a witty comment.

They looked around the area for a bit and were about to move on when Naruto noticed a stone block nearby and approached it curiously.

"What do you think it is?" asked Spike.

"Don't know, might be some sort of switch or something. Maybe we should press and see what happens?" asked Naruto.

"I'm kinda curious myself,"

"Okay then," A chakra arm came out of Naruto's back and slammed down on the stone block as it was pressed down, then the group heard a rumble and turned to see a stone totem rise from the ground.

"Well that did something maybe we should find more of these stone switched and activate them," said Spike.

"So you want to solve a puzzle instead of searching for a dragon?" Sparx looked skeptical.

"These switches might help us get around to searching for Cyril," said Naruto.

"I seriously doubt it,"

"Let's get going Sparx," said Spyro.

They went through where the ape soldiers came from, there they saw an ape jump through an opening and quickly went after it. Luckily enough, it had led them to another switch which was immediately activated before continuing on their way. Climbing up a few ledges the group came upon several apes standing guard around some miniature islands which had wooden cages with what appear to being anthropomorphic llamas and one of those bat like creatures now identified as Dreadwings came and carried on of the cages away to who knows where.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend," said Spyro with Naruto nodding in agreement.

"Is that what I think it does?" asked Sparx.

"Yeah, we've gotta help,"

"It's pretty much a given, since the Atlawans are obviously no friends of Cynder," said Naruto walking over as well," said Naruto.

"Oh brother," Sparx grumbled.

Spyro and Naruto went ahead to fight the apes with a few being knocked over the edge to the unseen bottom below…let's just hope for them that the saying 'Lends one wings' is actually real cause they're gonna be needing in their situation. Spyro charged forward and rammed an ape soldier into the remaining cage hard enough to break the lock for the Atlawan.

"Watch it, would ya?" the Atlawan grumbled as he walked out of the cage.

"I was just trying to help," said Spyro.

"Well, the Atlawa and Kane need no help," said the now identified Kane.

"Normally when a prisoner get saved, they say thank you," said Naruto with a frown.

"Well no one asked you to save me!"

"Rarity might not like this one," Spike muttered.

"Forget this guy, Spyro. Come on," said Sparx, wanting to get away from the grouch as soon as possible.

However Spyro ignored him "What did they want with you anyway?"

"It's none of your business. Now move…I have a tribe to save," Kane walked past and away from them rather rudely.

"Oh you're welcome!" Sparx shouted after him.

With nowhere else to go, Naruto and the others doubled back and took an unexplored path to the right…only to find themselves standing on the very ledge which the ape commander was on.

"So we pretty much walked in a circle…next time we bring a map with us," said Sparx with a twitching eye.

"Not exactly Sparx, look," Spyro pointed at the four raised totems ahead of them.

"Guess pressing those switches wasn't really a waste, was it Sparx?" Spike smirked at the dragonfly.

"…no comment,"

They jumped from one totem to the other before landing on of the first hollow tree trunk which they went up on and found an opening on the left for them to go through. Suddenly two large round balls rolled round the bend before stopping before them and uncurling to reveal animals resembling armadillos with large hind legs.

"Those are Armadillos!" said Spyro.

"Then that makes them an enemy in the meantime," Naruto took a stance with Spyro doing the same. Both animals curled up into balls and rolled towards them quickly with the intent to bash them, Spyro flapped his wings a bit to float to one side as he unleashed a blast of fire to counter the attack which seems to harm it greatly.

Naruto waited for the second armadillo to get closer before making his move "Stellar gear change; Shield!" the glaive glowed brightly before transforming into the shield, then he slammed it to the ground and tilted for the armadillo to roll into it and launch itself into the air "Chakra Bullet: Rapid Fire!" he aimed a fore hoof at it and shot a barrage of white orbs, juggling it in midair before crashing to the ground before they resuming their journey to the shrine.

"How much further do we have to go?" asked Sparx, so far they had gone through the forest, crossed long bridges and even fought several stone golems called Stone Brutes along the way and right now they had just exited an ancient ruin.

"Can't say for sure, but I know we've come a long way though," said Spike.

They heard a rumble and turned to the top of a nearby waterfall, there were a group of Stone Brutes menacingly approaching Kane who was backing away, completely unaware that he was close to the edge of the waterfall.

"Kane watch out, behind you!" Spyro yelled out, but the warning came out too late as the Atlawan fell over and into the water with the current carrying him towards the edge of the forest.

"Yeah, I know the guy's an ingrate, but you guys gotta do something, and fast!" said Sparx.

"No need to tell us, I'm already on it!" Naruto channeled chakra to his fore hoof and was about to launch a chakra tendril at Kane to pull him to safety. But Spyro beat him to it by breathing out a stream of ice to freeze the edge of the river which prevented Kane from going over.

"Buddy, you're getting weirder and weirder by the second!" Spyro had to nod in agreement to Sparx's statement.

"You can call it weird, but I call it convenient. Now let's get down there and wreck those guys," Naruto jumped off the ledge and charged at the Stone Brutes with Spyro soon following after.

Naruto channeled magic to his horn in preparation for a magic spell "Water Stream!" water then shot out of the river and hit them with a high pressure.

"Zap them Spyro!" Spike called out, Spyro did just that as the golem continuously spasm from the electricity coursing through their rocky body before finally collapsing in heaps of stone. Naruto and Spyro had learnt earlier that these guys can easily shrug off their melee attacks but other techniques are effective.

"Where did Kane go?" Naruto looked around for the Atlawan.

"He must have left during the fight," said Spike.

"Like I said earlier, the guy's an ingrate," said Sparx.

"We'll definitely run into him along the way, and hopefully he wouldn't find himself in danger," said Spyro.

And sure enough, after traversing more parts of the and defeating more of Cynder's forces, the group found themselves standing before a cluster of miniature grassy pyramids and Kane is currently bashing up a couple of Ape Soldiers. He turned and saw them with a frown.

"You again? Why don't you get outta here and leave me in peace. I'm the boss here…nobody else!" said Kane.

"Boss of what?" Sparx retorted.

Spyro raised a paw and shushed him to be quiet "So you're all alone?"

"Only until I kick these bums out. Which reminds me, I can't stand around chatting with purple dragons, horses and mosquitoes…"

"Woah, woah, woah. Okay, who are you calling a mosquito?" asked Sparx indignantly.

"And for your information, I'm a pony not a horse!" Naruto looked annoyed.

"Besides, it's not safe for you here," said Kane.

"Like you're one to talk," Spike muttered.

"Oh, concerned about our welfare now?" said Sparx.

Spyro spoke up "No need, we can take care of ourselves. Anyway we need to get to the shrine,"

Kane simply and walked away "You'll never make it," then he dealt a backhand at an Ape Soldier, knocking it off the pyramid.

There was a bit of a puzzle for the group to solve if they wanted to get past the pyramids, it involved them having to roll four stone balls into curved holders in order to open the wooden gate ahead. Naruto made solving this puzzle a lot faster and easier with the help of his Shadow Clones as well as dealing with the Ape Soldiers that got in the way. Then they climbed to the top of the tallest pyramid and glided past the open gate where they met Kane once again.

"The Shrine god has not been appeased since Cynder's forces came…he is not happy," said Kane.

"So is anyone fun around here?" said Sparx.

"You can't possibly face the god of the shrine alone,"

"You might be right, but if you had been watching. None of us tried doing anything on our own throughout our venture here," said Naruto.

"Naruto is right, not all of us are loners, Kane. I'm not going alone," Spyro walked past Kane with Naruto and Spike following him "Maybe someday you'll learn that two heads are better than one…even if one of them is a pinhead,"

Sparx nodded in agreement "Yeah…what?!" he turned to glare at Spyro who was smirking along with Naruto and Spike was snickering.

They dropped along a couple of platforms before stopping before a large ship made entirely of stone and wood. Naruto and Spike suspected that magic must have been used to help it fly.

"I'm not sure I like the looks of thing," said Spyro.

"Now you tell me," said Sparx.

"Well we don't see any other path to follow, so we might as well hitch a ride," said Naruto.

With that said, they hopped aboard and the ship starts to slowly move away from the island and across the across the sky. Suddenly the cabin doors opened and several Ape Soldiers ran out and attacked them.

"And here I thought it was going to be a relaxing flight," Sparx muttered to himself.

"Shadow Clone jutsu!" a couple of clones appeared by Naruto's side before charging back at the enemy with him in the lead. Naruto swiveled around and bucked an ape in the face to send it flying away from him "Chakra Horn Slash!" chakra was channeled into his horn and took on the shape of a longer horn then he lunged at another Ape Soldier and slashed through his armor several then dealt a chakra infused punch to finish him off.

"Take this!" Spike opened his mouth and launched a fireball at one of the apes which exploded upon impact much to Naruto's surprise.

"Whoa, that's just like Spyro's move. Where did you learn to do that?" asked Naruto.

"Back at the temple, Ignitus was a bit curious about my green flame and decided to teach me a bit about how to use my breath although I'm too young to be able to perform a fury attack," Spike explained to him.

"That's pretty cool, though you might want to keep it a secret from Twilight about where you learnt it. Let's get back into fighting these apes," said Naruto before charging at the next opponent.

Spyro was currently slashing at an Ape Leader with his claws before using his horns to knock it into the air and jumped after it before unleashing a combo of attacks and finishing up with a tail slam to the ground "These guys just keep coming, I'm going to clear them all out with an electric fury attack!"

"Got it, protect!" Naruto activated the barrier crystal as a transparent dome appeared around Naruto and Spike as they watched Spyro slowly rise to the air and dark clouds began to appear above them before unleashing bolts of lightning down upon them and taking out all of the enemies. Naruto disabled the barrier now that the ship is clear of apes.

"Well that was fun, and it looks like we've arrived at our stop," said Sparx.

Just like he said, the ship had docked at the next island to which they got off and went on their way. There were more enemies and booby traps, but they were able to deal with them as they traversed the forest before finally exiting it before finding Kane yet again, standing before a long bridge leading across to the shrine where Cyril is supposed to be.

"Am I the only one wondering how he got here before us without taking the ship?" Spike whispered into Naruto's ear.

"No you aren't," Naruto quietly responded.

"I have to admit, you've done better than I thought possible," said Kane.

Sparx looked at the Atlawan smugly "Saying that had to hurt,"

"More than you can imagine. There are some things you should know about the shrine before you enter…"


Everyone turned to the sound which came from the shrine to see a dragon-like figure ascend towards the sky and fly away to who knows where.

"Something tells me that we were too late and that Cynder has already powered up another crystal from Cyril," said Spike.

"In that case, we're done here," said Sparx.

"Not before we save Cyril," said Spyro.

"It's the main reason why we came all this way," said Naruto.

"…the Atlawa Shrine has been desecrated, and the god of the shrine has not been given tribute since Cynder's forces arrived. But if you can subdue his anger, the balance will be returned. And my people can come home," said Kane.

"That's fine, but we came to free Cyril," said Spyro.

"You must go through the god of the shrine to free him,"

"I knew you were gonna say that," Sparx grumbled to himself.

"Guess this is 'killing two birds with one stone scenario'," said Naruto.

The group went across the bridge and had arrived at the entrance of the shrine, there they saw a large ice blue dragon lying unconscious on a slab of stone with numerous piles of rock all over the place. Sparx was flying ahead of them.

"Be careful Sparx, remember last time," Spyro warned.

"I know, I know, but Cynder left and don't see any Ice Kings hanging around here," said Sparx.

Suddenly the piles of rock started to shake violently and converge towards one point where they began to piece themselves together with thick vines weaving through them as Spyro and the others watched with wide eyes. It slowly stood on it two stony feet to reveal a golem far larger than any off the Stone Brutes that they had encountered in the forest.

"ROOAARRRR!" The golem roared angrily before taking one ground shaking step after another towards them.

"When will I ever learn? When things look good, run for the hills!" said Sparx.

"I guess that's the god of the shrine," said Naruto.

"Yeah, and we'll have to defeat it if we're to save Cyril," said Spyro.

"Okay then, things are going to get dangerous again Spike, so I'm going to need you off my back and at a safe distance,"

"Okay Naruto, just be careful," Spike before jumping off Naruto's back and standing close to the entrance of the shrine.

"Okay Spyro, let's go!" Naruto leapt into the fro with Spyro close behind.

"Chakra Bullet: Rapid Fire!" Naruto raised a fore hoof and fired a barrage of white orbs at the golem only for the projectiles to bounce off its body upon its body, the golem reared one of its stone fist back before thrusting it forward as it sped with the vine allowing for longer range but Naruto jumped to the side to evade the attack for it to hit where he had been "I guess this one is tougher than the others, so I'll have to hit harder,"

Spyro strafed along the right side of the golem and launched a fireball as it exploded on impact with the stone giant roaring in pain before turning its attention to the purple dragon and retaliating with another punch with him jumping away to avoid it before firing another fireball at it.

"Shadow Clone jutsu!" several clones appeared alongside and charged forward to attack, they all leapt into the air and charged up a Rasengan as they rammed it into the golem's body with the spheres slowly breaking the rocks. The golem refused to stand idly and be attacked by spinning its upper body like a top and knocking the clones away from it as they hit the ground before disappearing in puffs of smoke "I guess that won't work much,"

"I got an idea!" Spyro waited for the golem to launch another one of its fists at him before jumping back to hit the ground, then he opened his mouth and used his recently ice breath on the golem's fist, anchoring it to the ground. The golem roared out angrily as it tried to break out of the ice with cracks appearing on it.

"Good one Spyro! It's my turn now!" Naruto used his tail to reach into his pouch and took out a couple of impulse crystals, he threw them at the golem's hand as they unleashed blasts of magic, causing it to shatter into many pieces. The god of the shrine charged angrily at the blond pony to make it pay for the loss of its arm. Naruto ducked low under the swing of the stony arm and used the Windflaw Dash to quickly run in between its legs to appear behind it. he created pair of chakra arms as they came close together to perform a Rasengan which is larger than normal before thrusting it towards the stone giant's back "Giant Ball Rasengan!" the attack grind into the golem's skin with the force causing it to skid forwards a bit.

Spyro was currently employing the hit-and run tactic while using fireballs and ice breath to inflict damage. He created a sheet of ice on the ground as the golem slipped on it and fell on its back, then he jumped above it and used the fire breath to inflict further damage before landing at the other side.

The golem tried to get back onto its feet but then noticed that it has been restrained somehow, it turned to the side to see tendrils made of white energy wrapped around parts of its body courtesy of the blond pony and his clones, then it looked up to see what appears to be the original diving towards it.

"Sorry about this, Magical Rasengan!" Naruto formed another spiral sphere whilst channeling magic from his horn into it for orange streaks to swirl around it before ramming the technique into its chest inflicting enough damage to knock it out.

"I'm sure that did it," said Spyro.

"Pretty much," said Naruto.

"Hey guys look!" Spike had ran up to them and was pointing elsewhere, they turned to see that the Atlawa had returned and were bowing before them much to their confusion as Cyril slowly regain consciousness "What are they doing?"

That's when Kane walked up to them "You have subdued the god of the shrine, restored balance to the seasons, the land, our world. The Atlawas want to worship you now,"

Sparx smirked at hearing that "Worship? Okay, now that's what I'm talking about…I have never gotten the respect I deserve, the praise that should be mine,"

"We appreciate the gesture but this isn't something for them to worship us about," said Naruto.

"He's right, and we also need to get back to our own home to figure out how to stop Cynder for good," said Spyro.

"My dear Atlawas, I am the mighty Sparx, scourge of despots…" said Sparx.

"You're really milking this for all its worth Sparx," said Spike with a quirked eyebrow.

"Yes, yes old boy, we'd like nothing more than to stay and be part of your primitive barbaric society, but duty calls…duty calls," said Cyril after finally recovering.

"Geez, talk about a sharp tongue," said Naruto.

"If you must, you must. But know that you're now part of the Atlawa tribe, one of us"

"Thanks Kane," said Spyro.

Sparx was still prattling on "I am the mighty Spar—whatever," he gave and flew after with Spike snickering at him, the group started to walk away from the shrine with the Atlawa still bowing in gratitude.

"By the way, you were right," said Kane.

"About what?" Spyro looked a bit confused.

"Maybe two heads are better than one after all…even if one of them belongs to an annoying mosquito,"

"You're right about that," Naruto smirked in agreement.

"Mosquito, me?! Is that…oh," Sparx looked flabbergasted.

A few hours later, the group had returned to the dragon temple and were having a discussion of what had happened during Cyril's imprisonment.

"…yes, yes, Volteer. I see that months of tortured captivity has done nothing to slow that electric tongue of yours incessantly wagging," said Cyril with a look of annoyance.

"It's just that it's all so exciting, exhilarating, enchanting, enthralling…" Volteer stumbled a bit in his speech.

"All right, no more thesaurus for you pal," said Sparx.

"Ditto, if only I can say the same for Twilight," said Spike.

"Do that and she'll not let you have any gems for a week," said Naruto, making Spike shudder at the thought of it.

"All of you please be quiet! It is certainly encouraging that Spyro and Naruto have been able to free two of you to allow this reunion, but haven't we forgotten someone?" said Ignitus.

"Yes, yes, of course…Terrador," said Cyril.

"Precisely, now how do we proceed?"

"I believe I can help Ignitus," Cyril turned towards Spyro "Well young chap, since you learned a few things about ice on Tall Plains, I suggest we adjourn to the Training Room so that I can teach you some more. The legacy of the ice dragons of yore…my ancestors, who come from the best of the best of this somewhat bedraggled lineage…is long and storied. With my help, rescuing Terrador should be a certainty,"

"This guy sure loves to hear himself talk," Naruto muttered under his breath.

"Your pomposity, arrogance, and pretentiousness are odious to the extreme," Volteer groaned in annoyance.

Cyril simply ignored his fellow guardian dragon and spoke to Spyro "Shall we?"

"Yes sir," said Spyro before walking towards the Training Room to learn how to use the Ice Breath properly.

With the training from Cyril, Spyro was able to master the Ice Stream to the point that he could quickly freeze his enemies to a standstill before taking them out with melee attacks. Next was the Ice Shards which Naruto took note that it shared similarities to his Icicle Shot spell as he fires sharp pointed ice projectiles at his enemies. The last lesson was learning how to use the Ice Fury attack which enables him to instantly freeze surrounding enemies and shatter them into pieces in one move.

After the completion of Spyro's training, they returned to the meeting room to discuss their next plan of action where they heard Ignitus bring up a rather queer theory.

"So what exactly are you saying Ignitus?" asked Cyril.

"Yes, your hypothesis is an intriguing one but is perplexing to the extreme," said Volteer.

Sparx was confused "Huh?

"He said that he doesn't know what he's talking about," Spyro explained.

"Dude, I never know what he's saying,"

"And I doubt you ever will," said Spike with a smirk.

"What I'm saying is that Cynder is harnessing the Guardians' power to unlock a portal that must never be opened," said Ignitus.

Those words caught Naruto's attention as he thought back to the briefing in the TARDIS before he left with Spike tagging along "Hang on, I remember doc telling me that the Dark Master was sealed away in a dimensional prison by the ancients. I'm sure that's the portal she's trying to open,"

"Why? What's behind this portal?" Spyro asked curiously.

"That doesn't concern you right now, what does concern you is getting to Munitions Forge and freeing Terrador before she can create another crystal from his powers,"

"…and before the volcano blows it's-," Volteer began to talk but was interrupted by Ignitus.

"That's enough Volteer, there's plenty of time…plenty of time,"

"So what's to know about Munitions Forge?" asked Naruto.

Ignitus proceeded to explain "Munitions Forge is an island dominated by Boyzitbig, an unstable volcano that makes life on the surface very dicey. The locals, who live underground, have been forced to mine the metals that Cynder uses to forge her army's weapons,"

"What are the locals called?" asked Spyro curiously.

"They're called Manweersmalls,"

"Do I need to write that down?" asked Sparx.

"Sparx pay attention," Spike spoke with a small frown.

"Rumor has it that Cynder is holding Terrador somewhere in the mines, we know she's using him to power the last of the crystals she needs to open the portal. Free him before she gets the chance," said Ignitus.

"Concerning you telling us that we have more time relates to when the volcano blows up right? Man, why didn't we just stay in Tall Plains? Oh, I'm a big deal there," Sparx grumbled.

"Sure you were," said Spike with clear sarcasm in his voice as he jumped up to Naruto's back.

"Quit complaining Sparx, maybe there's a tribe on Munitions Forge you can save too," said Spyro rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, but there's always something special about the first tribe you save. Ya know?"

"Now that you mention it, I remember the country my team and I saved used my name for their bridge," said Naruto.

"See what I mean?"

Later on, the group had landed on the shores of the destination and looked at the environment. Far ahead was a large, very active volcano spewing lava and brimstones, where numerous machines in operation at work with large metal pipes pouring lava into the sea and rails leading in and out of mine shafts, and pools of molten magma could be see everywhere.

"Boy is it big!" said Sparx in awe of the mountain.

"You're calling the mountain by its name or describing it?" asked Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

"Both actually,"

"Boy, it's big. But no time for sightseeing Sparx. Time to get serious, let's go," said Spyro.

"Ohhh…not again,"

"Times like these, I'm really glad I'm fireproof," said Spike.

They charged forwards and encountered a pair of ape soldiers who appear different from the last two as the color of their fur is gold. Spyro used his ice breath to freeze one of the apes into an ice ball for Naruto to quickly move in and give a hard kick to sending into the other ape, then Spike launched a green fireball which exploded upon impact, taking them down.

They heard chattering and turned to see several ape soldiers and an ape leader run out of a mine shaft and straight towards them. Spyro and Naruto charged back at them and responded with melee attacks until they were all taken down. Then they ventured into the mine shaft where small flying insects called fire beetles came out of their hives and attacked them, forcing Naruto and Spyro to destroy them and their hives to prevent more from spawning.

Moving further down the tunnel and taking down apes along the way, the group ran into what appears to be a bipedal mole with a long moustache and wearing an iron hat topped with a lit candle.

"Man…is he small!" said Spyro.

"I'm beginning to get confused whether we're describing or simply calling them that," said Spike.

The mole yelped and turned towards their voices "What's that? Who's there?!" he started sniffing the air.

"It's me Spyro,"

"And the former god of Tall Plains, Sparx," said Sparx, puffing his chest with pride.

"And ignoring him, I'm Naruto with my buddy here Spike," said Naruto.

"Hi there!" Spike called out on greeting.

"You don't carry the stench of Cynder's beasts, so you must be friends," said the Manweersmall with a French accent.

"We are…and who are you?" asked Spyro.

"I am Mole-Yair, leader of the Manweersmalls, but I'm not much of a leader anymore. Those of my people who aren't mining for Cynder are holed up in the caves, scared out of their wits, waiting for Boyzitbig to blow," suddenly the ground quaked for a moment before stopping "Which shouldn't be long. If you would help me free them, perhaps there's something I could do for you?" said Mole-Yair.

"I don't know, we're here to rescue a big friend of ours,"

"Is he a mighty dragon?"


"Because I know where he's being kept…in the mines near a large labor camp, where my own brother Exhumor toils away. We can help each other,"

"You have a point there, so what should we do?" asked Naruto.

"Oh, it's simple enough, but we've got to hurry. Boyzitbig is getting more unstable by the minute. We must clear these caves before we can help your friend," said Mole-Yair.

"You're asking him for directions? Wow, talk about the blind leading the blind," said Sparx with a roll of his eyes.

"Forget him, Mole-Yair. We're in!" said Spyro.

"Then we should split up, it will make things easier and faster this way," said Naruto.

"Okay Naruto,"

Spyro and Sparx went into one tunnel while Naruto and Spike went through another, they took out the guards that were enforcing the Manweersmalls to dig before freeing them by destroying the purple crystal that were producing a purple electricity which served as shackles. After freeing about four of the Manweersmalls in the cave, Mole-Yair burrowed towards them after making sure that his people were safe.

"Ha ha! You did it, you did it! A thousand thanks!" Mole-Yair tried to kiss them, but Naruto held him back with a fore hoof.

"It's no problem…just hold back on the man kisses," said Naruto, accidently kissing Sasuke was a memory he sealed away and he definitely doesn't want to remember it for the rest of his life.

"Well…you did your part, now I'll do mine, your friend is being kept in the center of the, past the labor camp where my brother Exhumor is working. Find him and let him know we're friends, and he'll tell you how to proceed," said Mole-Yair.

"How will we know Exhumor?" asked Spyro.

"Yeah, all you Man-are-we-smalls look the same to me," said Sparx.

"He's right about that," Spike spoke in agreement.

Mole-Yair chortled in amusement "Oh you will know him, trust me. He's the most cantankerous, hard-nosed Manweersmall around. Whatever you do, don't get on his bad side,"

"We'll keep that in mind," said Naruto as he watched Mole-Yair burrow underground.

Suddenly a wall behind them exploded to reveal another cavern as a few ape soldiers appeared to attack them. Naruto channeled chakra to his fore hooves to form claws before pouncing at them and proceeded to slash at them, then he used the Kosei no Ha in its chakram form and threw it at them as it ricocheted upon impact before returning to his side with the apes down and out on the ground.

The gang went in further and happened upon a large pool of lava where something jumped out of it and landed before them. It is a large worm with scorpion like characteristics as it sports a pair of pincers which snapped at them. Naruto recalled Ignitus calling these creatures Magma Worms, two more shot out of the lava and approached them. They opened their mouths and spat globs of magma at them, but Naruto and Spyro moved out of the way to avoid them. Spyro used his ice breath to freeze then Naruto created two Shadow Clones as they each picked on a target and used the Kosei no Ha to slash them multiple times until they fell to the ground.

The group left the area through a doorway into another room where they saw an ape soldier riding on what appears to be a giant insectoid creature that resembles a scorpion and are known to be called Buffalo beetles. Naruto took to the defense by summoning the Kosei no Ha in its shield form to block the stream of fire shot from its stinger, Spyro jumped over him and was rapidly firing Ice Shards at it, forcing the Buffalo Beetle to recoil back from the effective elemental attack. Naruto quickly followed up by having a chakra arm stretch out from his back with a Rasengan and rammed it into a wall with enough force to dent it.

"What is this doing here?" Spike wondered, they were currently standing in front of what appears to be an old small temple with a large bell at the center.

"I bet you can't ring that bell Spyro," said Sparx with a smirk.

"Why would I want to?" Spyro looked at Sparx with a quirked eyebrow.

"Oh you're scared,"

Spyro frowned a bit "I'm not scared,"

Sparx shook his head in a faux disappointed manner "Oh, the big special dragon is scared of the mean old bell…oh I didn't know, I'm sorry, oh no. I'm sorry baby, why don't I get your pillow all laid out,"

"Knock it off Sparx, now isn't the time for silly challenges," said Naruto with a frown.

Spyro walked over to the rope connected to the bell and hit it for it to ring as well as make the whole cave to quake, then the bell dislodged from its holder and fell right on top of Spyro much to the shock of Naruto and the others.

"Spyro!" Naruto rushed over to help. He couldn't risk using the Kosei no Ha or jutsus in fear of hurting Spyro inside and tried to pull the bell out with his chakra claws but it had embedded itself into the ground.

Sparx was just as worried "Can you hear me?! Are you okay buddy?! Hey listen, forget about those cracks about your fatness and your…being purple and stupid and fat all right?

"You said fat twice Sparx," Spike said with a deadpanned expression.

Suddenly the bell shook wildly and continued to do so, making Naruto and the others back away right as Spyro blasted his way out by fired a green, cone shaped blast of energy much to their surprise and relief.

"Looks like you gained another elemental breath, and with good timing too," said Naruto happily.

"That's a relief," said Spike.

"Did you say something Sparx?" asked Spyro.

"Me? No, no. I was just talking out loud, thinking of my day, I gotta do…," said Sparx.

"Oh, I just thought I heard something before I blasted my way out,"

"Oh, that's funny. Yeah, no. must be hearing things," Sparx flew away from them.

"That's strange, cause we heard you apologizing for all the cracks you made at Spyro," said Spike.

"You two must have been hearing things too," said Sparx in denial much to their amusement.

The a group of apes showed up from another tunnel, apparently they had heard the sound of the bell and came to investigate, Spyro took this chance to try out his new earth breath and it served to be quite powerful compared to the other elements while Naruto and Spike provided backup in the fight. They moved along into another mine shaft where they saw a large train engine with a caboose loaded with purple crystals hooked to the back. there were two ape leaders standing before an ape wearing a brown belt and a tall purple hat resembling a drum hat like that of a conductor.

"Come on you worthless waste of flesh…let's go. We've got to hop on Steam ad get back to that flea bitten dragon. The crystal is almost ready and the volcano is right on the brink," said the conductor before jumping into the train as the other two apes boarded the caboose.

"They're heading to where Terrador is, we've got to catch them!" said Spyro, they ran towards the rails. But then three ape soldier pulled a few levers which closed the gate.

"We've got to push those levers to reopen the gate, you take one while I'll take the other!" said Naruto.

Naruto ran up to the first platform and use his Shadow Clones to take down the apes on it before pushing the lever to open the first of the three locks. Spyro was on the second platform, using his fireball to knock them off before pushing the second lever. They went down to the last one guarded by an Ape Commander and made short work of him to push the last lever, therefore opening the gate.

Spyro and Naruto ran over to a nearby operable three-wheeled mine cart and hopped onto it, ready to give chase.

"You don't know how to drive this thing?!" said Sparx.

"How hard can it be? It's on rails," Spyro replied.

"Oi! Famous last words,"

"Plus we don't have time for tutorials right now!" said Naruto.

Spyro started up the mine cart before passing through the gate and were speeding along the rails, soon they were able to catch up with the train. The ape leaders saw them coming as they moved to the back of the caboose with lit dynamites in their hands and threw them. Naruto and Spyro quickly tilted the mine cart from left to right in order to evade the dynamite then they retaliated firing a fireballs and Chakra Cannons while Spike provided support by flinging impulse crystals at the crystals at the caboose.

"Hurry, they're gaining!" shouted Conductor increasing the train's speed.

"Don't let them get away!" said Naruto using the Bolt Chain spell to zap with the apes on board

Then single rail track splits into two with Steam on the left and the group on the right.

"Hurry up you wretches, they're gaining!" the apes continued to throw dynamites but Naruto uses the Chakra Bullet to detonate them in midair before they got any closer and Spyro continued to launch fireballs at them. This continued before the tracks joined together with the train once again in front and the mine cart behind in pursuit "Okay that's it, playtime's over!"

"Let's we were playing to begin with?" Spike asked sarcastically.

The exchange of fire between them resumed through the rails until the tracks split up again, but this time Naruto fired a well-aimed Chakra Cannon which was able to blow up the caboose along with the ape leaders aboard it. Suddenly the conductor slowed down the train right as the tracks converged back into one with Spyro and the others in front of him.

"I gonna run you brats right off the track!"

"Uh oh, Spyro you better speed up before he rams us!" shouted Naruto.

"I know!" Spyro responded as he increased the mine cart's speed with the conductor pursuing them. They turned left and right until the tracks divided again for the third time as the train went the other way, not before they heard the conductor saying something strange.

"End of the line," said Conductor evilly.

"What does he mean by that?" asked Spike confusedly.

"I think we're about to find out!" shouted Sparx pointing ahead, they looked to see that the track had ended and they were about to go over.

"Everyone get off the mine cart now!" shouted Naruto.

Spyro and Naruto jumped off the mine cart and slowly glided towards the ground safely with the mine cart falling into a pool of lava.

"I don't think I'll be riding any rollercoasters for a while," Spike muttered to himself.

"We've lost them for now, but we need to keep a move on," said Spyro.

They moved on ahead and climbed a few ledges in order to get on top of a railroad which was elevated above them earlier, but they had to make sure to avoid any incoming mine carts onto other platforms nearby. Soon they went inside a tunnel and emerged at the end where they met another one of the Manweersmalls, when they drew closer to talk to it, the Manweersmall quickly turned around and raised his shovel to attack them.

"Wait, wait, wait! We're on your side!" said Spyro.

"More like spies for the Conductor…or that flying beast Cynder!" said the elderly Manweersmall.

"You should be able to tell us from Cynder's soldiers by our scent, Mole-Yair said that we don't smell like them," said Naruto trying to defuse the problem.

"You know my brother? He's alive?!" said the Manweersmall.

"Then you must be Exhumor," said Spike.

"Yeah, your brother is all safe and sound. But I gotta say, he's the friendly one in the family," said Sparx.

Exhumor looked apologetic "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. In these dark times, one can't take chances. So Mole-Yair is alive. Wonderful news, but why did he send you here?"

"Well, he said that you might be able to tell us where our friend Terrador is," said Spyro.

"If he's a big dragon, I certainly can. The majority of the Manweersmalls are kept here in this camp, forced to live above ground and mine for Cynder…and there are rumors that your dragon friend is being kept somewhere inside…in the dark pits of the volcano. All of us are doomed…"

Spyro frowned a bit along with Naruto "Not if we have anything to say about it!"

"What do you mean?" asked Exhumor, looking surprised.

"Yeah, what do you mean?" asked Sparx.

"I mean we're going to free the Manweersmalls, venture to the darkest pits of Boyzitbig, and find Terrador," said Spyro and Naruto nodded in agreement.

"That's pretty much the activities for the day," said Spike.

"And then it's off to karaoke!" said Sparx, everyone just looked at him like he was crazy.

"Alright, time for a little prisonbreak! Shadow Clone jutsu!" Naruto created a large number of clones as they charged into the labor camp with Spyro following them from behind. Some of the clones engaged the apes while the other worked on breaking the cages around and freeing the Manweersmalls inside, Naruto and Spyro employed melee attacks to fight and Spike provided backup with his green flames.

Before long, they had accomplished their current objective and returned to see that Exhumor and Mole-Yair had reunited with each other.

"Well I see that you two crazy kids found each other," said Sparx.

"Yes, at last. Thanks to you," said Mole-Yair.

"We're just disappointed that you didn't leave any fun for us," said Exhumor, making Naruto sweatdrop.

"Maybe next time. So now…which way to Terrador?" asked Spyro.

Exhumor pointed over to an open doorway and spoke "That way…but be careful the Conductor and his maniacal locomotive will surely be nearby,"

"When you say be careful, does that mean try not to die…I'm trying to do that anyway," said Sparx.

"We've been doing that from the very beginning Sparx," said Spike.

"Come Exhumor, we must get all the Manweersmalls underground…where they belong," said Mole-Yair.

The ground quaked again, this time more violently than before.

"Yes, it won't be long now," said Exhumor before leaving together with his brother to where the Manweersmalls probably are.

"We better hurry and find Terrador before the volcano erupts," said Naruto.

They passed through the doorway which suddenly closed shut and refused to open back up, but they continued on nonetheless. Eventually they reach the center of the volcano as they went up a spiraling slope leading all the way to the top and fighting enemies on the way and passed through another door which sealed itself shut just like the other one from before.

They looked around the area and saw a giant green dragon trapped in a cage which was floating midair surrounded by purple energy that came from the purple crystals around it.

"Is that…Terrador?" asked Spyro.

"Big dragon being held prisoner in the center of an explosive volcano? I'm guessing that's Terrador," said Sparx.

"No need to point out the obvious, we need to get him out of here," said Naruto.

"Just be careful…it's never this easy," said Spyro.

"After the last two times, you're not gonna get an argument from me chief," said Sparx. Suddenly the train drove in the area before them "Oh, here we go again!"

"You're a little late fella, the crystal's already charged and the volcano's ready to blow! But before it does, me and Steam here are gonna take great pleasure in running you down!" said the Conductor.

"Sorry but nopony is going to your roadkill!" said Naruto

"We'll see about that horsey,"

The conductor restarted the train as it quickly moved around the area in an effort to run over them, Spyro and Naruto jumped out of the way, this time he didn't tell Spike to get off his back.

Spyro took to the offensive by firing Ice Shards at the train to inflict a decent amount of damage with Naruto joining in with his Icicle Shot. Spyro got an idea and went to stand at the center of the track and stood still, the conductor saw this and steered the train towards him.

"Prepare to be rolled!" the Conductor.

Spyro waited until the last minute before jumping out of the way for the train to skid on its brake and crash into the wall and almost knock the Conductor off, Naruto took this opportunity by pounding it with the Chakra Cannon and Spyro launching Electric Arcs at it to zap both the Conductor and the train until finally righted itself and was on the move again, picking up speed as the Conductor shoveled more charcoal into the engine.

Spike continued to throw more impulse crystals and launched fireballs, Naruto positioned himself on the outer lane and called out to the Conductor.

"Hey Banana-addict, come and get us or is your train modeled after a tortoise?!"

That taunt caught his attention and ticked him off as well "You little brat! You and you lizard friend are pancake when I'm through with you!" then he steered the train towards him and sped forward. Naruto turned around and channeled chakra to his feet and took off with the train behind him. He turned right and ran across the center before calling out to Spike

"Spike, do it now!"

Spike took out a white crystal from the pouch and threw it at the Conductor which suddenly released a bright flash of light forcing the ape to close and for the wall to crash into the wall yet again. Spyro moved in and repeatedly shot Fireballs at it to burn them.

The train righted itself and went even faster while shooting streams of fire from its multiple exhausts on both sides, Spyro looked around to get another idea to attack the Conductor and his train until his eyes set upon the rails and a plan came across his mind.

"Naruto, help me zap the rails!" Spyro shouted out before using his electric breath.

"Got it Bolt Chain!" his horn crackled with lightning and shot out a stream into the rails.

Both combined electricity coursed through the tracks and made contact with the train before continuously electrocuting them. The train started to produce black smoke from all over and was unable to move, the Conductor tried to remedy this by shoving in more coal which proved to be a grave mistake because it exploded from both the damage and overload of steam. That in turn also destroyed the cage which Terrador was imprisoned in.

The gang approached Terrador as he slowly got back to his feet and looked at Spyro in surprise and was stunned upon seeing Spike.

"The purple dragon lives…and I never thought that there would be another one!"

"He has a name, you know. Plus the little guy doesn't classify into what you think he is," said Sparx.

"Yes, my name is Spyro and those are my friends Naruto and the younger dragon is Spike…you must be Terrador," said Spyro.

"Yes, yes I am, and I must say I never thought I'd live to meet you Spyro as well as your special friends," said Terrador.

"Look, I'd love to sit here and hug everybody and chat. But how about we leave before the volcano blows up?" said Sparx.

"You're right, I've got to tell the others what Cynder is up to,"

"Let's go, I'm right behind. Actually, I'm right in front of you,"

They were about to leave when something burst out of the lava and rose to the air and cleared the flames to reveal a black and magenta dragoness with multiple horns, scythe-like tail, silver bracelets and chokers.

"I-I-I-it's Cynder," said Spike fearfully.

Naruto took a step back in worry, he may have dealt with a dragon back at Equestria but this is a whole different level.

"Run!" Terrador shouted out to them.

"Look, when the guy says run, I think he knows something!" said Sparx.

"I hate to admit it but you're right," said Naruto.

Cynder swooped to the ground and grabbed the crystal nearby before ascending to the sky with Terrador in pursuit. The dragoness saw him coming and spun around with a backhand to send him crashing to the ground much to their shock.

"Terrador!" Spyro called out in worry.

"Run away from here! Fly like you never flown before! I'll go back to the temple for help!" Terrador spoke out to them.

The group felt fear crawl up their spines when Cynder stared right at them, they turned to flew with Spyro spreading his wing and Naruto activating his Chakra Wings with Cynder chasing after. They flew through the tunnels of Boyzitbig over the sea of magma. They veered left and right to avoid the lava flowing from above and dove down into a tunnel, Cynder fired her breath at them which possessed a dark aura around it but they dodged the attack before it could hit them. Some apes riding Dreadwings came charging in from the front, Naruto used his Chakra Bullet to shoot them down and clear the way.

"Shadow Clone jutsu!" the duplicates appeared and turned around to attack Cynder, but she launched her breath at one of them which before exploding and taking down the rest of the clones "Damn, not even my clones can slow her down,"

"Naruto, fly faster! She's catching up with us!" said Spike.

"I know, and I'm going as fast as I can!"

They flew through the tunnels until reaching the exit of Boyzitbig right as it erupted, they pulled off every single maneuver they could think of but Cynder stayed on them regardless. She almost caught them when a red blur crashed into her, Naruto and the others turned around to see that it was Ignitus who was currently struggling with Cynder before tackling her as they both fell into the darkness below.

"Ignitus!" Spyro cried out in worry. He flew around with Naruto and Spike as they looked around for any traces of the red dragon guardian, Naruto even used his Aura Sight but to no avail. Terrador appeared before them and was blocking their way "We've got to find them…help Ignitus!"

"We have to rescue him before he gets captured!" said Naruto in agreement.

"They're gone Spyro, there's nothing we can do," said Sparx.

"I don't care, Ignitus wouldn't leave us…"

"Spyro, he's right," said Terrador.

Sparx looked a bit surprised "I'm right? Oh my god, that's a first,"

"Whatever," Spike muttered, obviously worried about Ignitus who had taught him a bit about using his flame.

"Yes, you'll never find them in this mess, and you're not ready to face Cynder. Let's us not forget about your recent battles before she appeared. The time to fight will come…but it is not now,"

Naruto wanted to retort, but Terrador spoke the truth as he could feel the exhaustion slowly taking its toll and had no other choice but to comply.

"I guess you're right. Let's go," said Spyro.

They all flew towards the Dragon Temple with Naruto turning to look back at Boyzitbig and grit his teeth in frustration. Despite accomplishing their objective, the enemy gained a consolation prize in Ignitus and that truly stung with the feeling of defeat as the situation has now taken a turn for the worst.

"Dammit! Why am I so powerless?!" he thought to himself as he flew back to the Temple.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, after Naruto and Spike teaming up with Spyro and Sparx, things went well with saving Cyril and got even better with saving Terrador, but everything went wrong upon the appearance of Cynder and now Ignitus had gotten himself after trying to saving the group. Now how are they going to turn things around?

Remember that Naruto lost half of his chakra which in turn reduces his performance, so things are getting a bit tougher for the blond pony, but let's see what happens next. Read and review as always.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.

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