Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja @hussbek
All Aflutter


Chapter 29: All Aflutter

It has been several weeks since the return of the god of Chaos Discord as well as his defeat by Naruto and the mares, things have pretty much gone back to normal with everypony doing their day to day activities. Speaking of which, let's turn our attention to one such pony who happens to be Ponyville's veterinarian Fluttershy as she's currently at her home taking care of the sick animals.

"Now make sure to take a pill after every meal and you'll be better in no time at all," said Fluttershy after giving a small bag of medicinal tablets to a small raccoon. The animal chittered in thanks before taking the small bag in its mouth before making its way out of Fluttershy's home. She let out a sigh as she watched her recent patient leave "That would make my thirteenth for the day but I'm glad that they're feeling better now,"

Fluttershy felt something poking her leg and looked down to see that it was her pet Angel Bunny who was trying to grab her attention.

"What is it Angel Bunny, do you need something?" asked Fluttershy curiously.

Angel nodded and pointed upwards, Fluttershy looked in his direction until her eyes set upon a calendar hanging from the wall, she noticed that one particular date was marked with a red marker and had several butterfly drawings around it, her eyes widened upon realizing what it meant.

"Oh! Tomorrow's the day of the big butterfly migration and I almost forgot about it, thanks for reminding me Angel!" Fluttershy gave the bunny a hug though he was struggling to break out of her grip "Maybe I should bring one of my friends with me to watch?"

She heard thumping on the ground and saw Angel flapping his arms rapidly as if trying to fly, Fluttershy caught on to what the bunny was trying to say.

"You mean Rainbow Dash? I brought her along with me to watch last time and she'll be busy with the weather tomorrow, I should go and check to see if the skies will be clear tomorrow,"

Then Angel proceeded to hop around in long strides.

"Pinkie Pie? She's making plans for a surprise birthday party for a filly this week and she even gave me an invite,"

Angel then picked up a nearby thread and swung over his head like a lasso.

"Applejack's going to be very busy with the applebucking and I heard that applebuck season is coming around again,"

Angel wrapped a handkerchief around it and walked around daintily.

"Rarity might be a little busy to join since she'll be focusing on her next big project,"

Angel was then seen reading a book.

"Angel, we both know that Twilight will be too busy with her studies to join us. I'm thankful for all those suggestions, but they won't be able to make time to come and watch the butterfly migration with me," said Fluttershy, but Angel Bunny shook its head "Huh, you mean that there's someone I could ask but who?"

*Knock knock*

Suddenly there was knocking on the door, she walked over to it and opened up only to be taken by surprise upon who was behind it.


"Hi Shy!" said pony waved at her with a foxy grin and Aoi the blue jay tweeted in greeting.

"What brings you here?" asked Fluttershy.

"Actually…" Naruto began to tell her what happened before making his way to her place.

**Flashback Start**

Naruto sat within the shade underneath the branches of the great oak tree at his favorite spot with his eyes closed as he was currently meditating. His chakra calmly emitted from his body before receding, he opened his eyes but frowned a bit.

"I still can't access my Chakra Burst mode and my chakra doesn't feel complete, could it be that…no that's impossible, we had sealed Discord away and his spells were broken so it should mean that Yami's gone for good. Maybe I should wait to recover a bit more, till then I could use this time to practice on my wind element," Naruto summoned a couple of shadow clones who stood before him in attention "Okay guys, time for a little training. Each of you should pluck a leaf and try to slice it in half with your wind chakra,"

"Okay boss!" the clones spoke in unison before performing a chakra enhanced jump to reach the branches and pluck a leaf with their mouths before landing back on the ground, then they each held a leaf in between their hooves and closed their eyes in concentration in order to channel the wind chakra through the leaf.

Naruto raised a hoof before him and channeled his chakra to form a Rasengan and watched as it spiraled around in its spherical form "If I were to infuse my wind chakra into the Rasengan, I can barely imagine the kind of power that would result from it," he stopped channeling chakra into the sphere for it to dissipate and turned to look at Ponyville then his mind strayed to his battle with his dark side "What he said couldn't have been what I felt deep within, it might be true that I didn't like how they treated me but I understood their reason even if it was partially wrong but I don't really hate the village…do I?"

Naruto was so deep in thought that he didn't hear the sound of wings flapping from above, even when something settled on top of his spiky mane. Though he did notice when the something made itself known by pecking his head a few times.

"Ow, ow, ow! Who did that?!" Naruto looked up at the perpetrator and his eyes widened in surprise at who he saw "Aoi?! Is that you? Where have you been all this time?" Aoi tweeted in response but Naruto couldn't make heads or tails of what she's saying "Sorry Aoi, I don't really understand what you're saying, maybe Fluttershy could help translate what you're saying,"

Aoi let out a tweet as if agreeing with what he suggested, then he turned to call out to his shadow clones.

"Okay guys, let's see what you've got,"

All of the clones grinned at him before opening their hooves to reveal that all of the leaves have been cleanly sliced in half.

"We finally got the hang of it so we plucked up some more leaves to completely master this exercise boss!" said one of the clones.

Sure enough, several pieces of leaves strewn all around the place to testify to that.

"Good job guys, this means that we can advance to the next wind manipulation exercise so you can all dispel now," said Naruto, the clones all nodded in affirmation before disappearing in puffs of smoke although he flinched a bit from the memories

"Alright then, let's head on over to Shy's place," then they made their way towards Fluttershy's home.

**Flashback End**

"…and that's when we came here," Naruto finished his story.

"Oh, I have been wondering where Aoi could have been as I haven't been seeing her around for a while," said Fluttershy.

Aoi tweeted a few times while Fluttershy nodded repeatedly in understanding before turning to speak to Naruto.

"She says that she had been out of Ponyville and travelled over to Hoofington to visit her parents,"

"That's nice, be sure to send my regards the next time you go and see them Aoi," said Naruto to which the blue jay chirped in affirmation.

Fluttershy felt Angel nudging her leg and looked down to see him pointing at Naruto, realizing what he's suggesting.

"Um Naruto?"

"Yeah Shy?" Naruto looked at her attentively, making her feel a bit nervous.

"I was wondering if…um you weren't too busy, that you would…," Fluttershy kept hesitating in asking the question making Angel do a facepalm while Naruto looked a bit confused.

"What is it you want to ask me Shy?" asked Naruto.

"I was hoping to ask…if you could…comewatchthebutterflymigrationwithme!"

Now Naruto was really confused "Uh Shy? I didn't catch what you said, could you repeat it a bit more slowly?"

"I was hoping that you come and watch the butterfly migration with me?"

"A butterfly migration? This is the first time that I've heard of it,"

"It's the time when the butterflies travel north for warmer climates before making their return later in the year, it's really a beautiful sight with many butterflies of different colors flying together," said Fluttershy.

"That sounds like a must see and you said that it's happening tomorrow right?"

"Yes, that's is if you're not too busy," Fluttershy nervously waited for his answer.

"Sure I can come, even if I was busy I could always leave a shadow clone behind to take care of things,"

Hearing this made Fluttershy smile happily "Really? That's great, we could meet up over at town square then I'll show you the way to the spot where we can watch,"

"Okay Shy, I'll see you tomorrow then," Naruto turned and left through the door as Fluttershy saw him out.

"Bye Naruto," Fluttershy closed the door and let out a breath which she didn't know that she was holding this whole time, then she noticed Angel Bunny standing before her with a smug look on his face as if saying 'I told so' "I don't know Angel, suddenly I feel even more nervous now that Naruto agreed to come along to the butterfly migration with me. I just hope that I don't mess things up when I'm with him,"

Angel hopped up to her head and patted it as if to cheer her on.

"Okay Angel, I'll be sure to do my best tomorrow. Now I need to get things ready," said Fluttershy before moving to another room to pack the things needed for tomorrow's outing.

Meanwhile after leaving Fluttershy's home and saying goodbye to Aoi, Naruto passed by the Whirlpool to check in with the shadow clone that he left behind to look after the shop. After checking the sales, Naruto closed up shop and made his way home. He was making dinner when he heard the front door open and he could hear Scootaloo call out.

"Big bro, I'm home!" said Scootaloo loudly as she walked to the kitchen.

"Hey Scoots, how was your day?" said Naruto while using his magic to control the wooden ladle to stir the pot on the stove.

"It was pretty much the same thing like any other, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and I tried a few activities to see if any of them could help us our cutie marks but they were all dead-ends. So what about you?"

"I was doing some training with my wind element and I've just completed the first exercise. Soon I'll be moving on the next step,"

Hearing this made Scootaloo look at Naruto with stars on her eyes "That's so cool! It means that you can blow away any bad guys that get in your way!"

Naruto smiled at her enthusiasm "Well that's not all the wind can do Scoots, remember Temari from my old world?"

"You mean that girl with the giant fan?"

"She too has an affinity for the wind element and from what you saw, the wind can do more than just blow stuff away as it can even slice through anything even rocks,"

"Whoooa, so what was the first exercise before you can do all that cool jutsu stuff?" Scootaloo asked excitedly.

"My first exercise was to cut a leaf in half with my wind chakra,"

"That sounds rather easy to me," Scootaloo looked a bit stumped.

"It's much tougher than it sounds, normally it would have taken weeks if not a month to fully master it. but with my shadow clones, I was able to reduce that amount of time in half though it would have been done sooner were it not for certain events popping up,"

"Okay, so what's the next step and can I come watch? Maybe I can get a cutie mark for training supervision,"

"I haven't read the next step yet, I'll be sure to find out and maybe you can come along too as long as it isn't too dangerous. But for now we should focus on more important things,"

"Like what?" asked Scootaloo curiously, then a rumble was heard from her stomach making her feel embarrassed much to her big brother's amusement.

"Like getting our stomachs filled up with food, they must have been bored with our conservation," Naruto chuckled before Scootaloo ran off towards the dining table to set it up for dinner.

The next morning, Naruto had woken up early to some food which he then packed into a cooler and sealed into his medallion after making breakfast and lunch for Scootaloo and Trixie and storing them in the fridge before making his way towards the town square where he was supposed to meet up with Fluttershy.

It wasn't too long that Naruto waited as he heard flapping of wings and looked up to see Fluttershy flying towards him from the sky and landing before him.

"I hope that I didn't keep you waiting Naruto," said Fluttershy nervously to which Naruto shook his head.

"Don't worry about it Shy, I just got here a few minutes ago since I had to cook breakfast and lunch for Scoots before coming here. So where will we be going to watch the butterfly migration?" said Naruto.

"We can watch from a certain spot which is on the way to Winsome Falls, the butterflies will be passing through there so that's where we'll be waiting for them," said Fluttershy.

"Okay Shy, lead the way," said Naruto.

Fluttershy nodded in affirmation before flapping her wings to lift herself into the air as Naruto activated his chakra wings and followed after her. It was a long flight but they soon arrived at the place which Fluttershy had spoken about, along the way Naruto had looked into the distance and was stunned at the scenery that was far ahead of him.

He saw several mountainous with numerous waterfalls some that even has all the colors of a rainbow with many streams and lakes all around the plains.

"Whoa, so that place far ahead of us is Winsome Falls?" Naruto asked Fluttershy while descending together towards a tall hill a few miles from the place.

"Yes, Applejack sometimes invites Rainbow Dash and I to camp out with her every once in a while," said Fluttershy.

"That sounds nice," said Naruto "I get the feeling that I'll be going there a lot for training,"

While they sat down to wait for the butterflies to pass by, Naruto unsealed a small blanket as well as the cooler where he brought out cups and plates first then he pulled out a couple of containers and a flask of iced tea before placing them on the blanket. As he did so, Fluttershy had unsealed a large hard cover encyclopedia, a pair of binoculars and a camera for taking pictures.

"I can't wait to see the kinds of butterflies that would soon pass here," said Fluttershy while looking excited.

"How many types of butterflies are there Shy?" asked Naruto curiously.

"There over 28,000 known butterflies in the world Naruto as there are still more to be discovered," said Fluttershy.

"Whoa there are that many?!" said Naruto while looking surprised.

"Yes and there are many that aren't commonly seen around Ponyville like these ones," Fluttershy opened the encyclopedia for Naruto to see pictures of many butterflies with multicolored wings as Fluttershy pointed to one of the pictures "This one is the Blue Morphio butterfly, they're known to drink the juices of rotting fruit and live in rainforest," she pointed to another butterfly "And this one is called the peacock butterfly, the book says that when it rubs it wings together, it makes a hissing sound and it happens when it is alarmed such as seeing a bird,"

"Wow, you know I'm pretty sure that my friend Shino would have loved to hear about this since he has a love for bugs," said Naruto.

"That would be nice," said Fluttershy.

While eating the snacks that Naruto brought along, they waited, and waited, and waited, and waited…and waited but there was no sign of the butterflies appearing from the horizon which worried Fluttershy greatly.

"Are you sure that the butterflies are coming Shy? Maybe we're a day too early or we had missed it?" asked Naruto confusedly.

"It couldn't be, I had made sure to check when the butterflies would be migrating which is today and I also know that the route of migration would cross through here. Something must have happened to them," said Fluttershy, she flipped through the pages to show a map with a few arrows representing trails that the butterflies are believed to follow and Naruto saw that one of the arrows pass over the spot that they're currently at.

"So maybe we should follow the trail and try to find out what's the problem," said Naruto.

Fluttershy took to the air and looked around for a bit before setting eyes on an eagle which was flying by, then she flew after it.

"Umm excuse me sir, but had you seen a swarm of butterflies during your outing?" asked Fluttershy, the eagle screeched a few times as Fluttershy nodded in understanding "I see, thank you for telling me and have a nice day," the eagle nodded before flying away while she returned to where Naruto was who was packing up the food back into the medallion.

"Did you learn of anything?" asked Naruto.

"That nice eagle told me that the butterflies were last seen flying over a forest not too far from here but the strange thing was that they were descending towards it and not coming back out,"

"Sounds like there's something in that forest which is the source of the butterflies' strange behavior, let's go check it out but I'll leave a shadow clone behind just in case," said Naruto.

"Okay Naruto,"

Following the directions given to her by the eagle, Fluttershy and Naruto arrived at the forest and are currently walking around trying to catch any sight of a butterfly but to no avail. Naruto activated his Aura Sight to pinpoint any of them but got nothing. Suddenly he caught sight of something fluttering among the trees and focused on it.

"Shy over there!" Naruto pointed out with a hoof, Fluttershy followed his direction and saw a butterfly with yellow and black wings flying through the forest.

"That's a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, the rest mustn't be too far then," said Fluttershy happily.

They were about to approach it when something burst out of the bushes and landed before the butterfly much to their confusion. It is rather small in size but has the body of an emaciated rooster with green scaly skin and a long serpentine tail.

"Isn't that a cockatrice, like the one that you told me about?" asked Naruto, he remembered reading about it on a bestiary in the library, apparently it has the power to turn anyone into stone should they look into its eyes.

He recalled some time ago when Scootaloo and the girls went for a sleepover at Fluttershy's place but had ventured into the Everfree Forest to help retrieve her missing chicken where they encountered a cockatrice who had turned Twilight into stone earlier before. However Fluttershy had arrived to save them as well as forced the monster to release Twilight from her stony state. When he heard of it, his first thought was to go into the forest to find the cockatrice and teach it the consequences of messing with those close to him had it not been for Fluttershy to persuade him to leave it alone.

"Yes and I recognize it to be the very same one, but what is it doing out here instead before living in the Everfree forest?" said Fluttershy confusedly.

The cockatrice stared at the butterfly with its red eyes and they watched in shock as the butterfly was turned into stone before falling into the ground with a thud. It even got stranger when it picked up the butterfly and ran off back where it came from.

"Let's go after it, I get the feeling that where it's going might be where the other butterflies are kept," said Naruto.

"Okay Naruto, we need to go and save those poor creatures," said Fluttershy.

Then they followed after the cockatrice and the captive butterfly all the while making sure that didn't attract any attention to themselves. Soon enough they trailed the monster all the way to small cave.

"That must be where the other butterflies are kept," said Fluttershy.

"Shhhhh, I think I heard some voices inside," said Naruto holding a hoof to his lips.

They quietly walked over to the entrance as the voices got louder and peeked inside, there they saw something which worried Fluttershy and angered Naruto. There are a trio ponies with two being male earth ponies and the other being a female unicorn who are currently putting the petrified butterflies into brown sacks.

The first earth pony has the body color of brown with a shaggy mane and tail of black, he has cutie mark of a brown path with rocks on it. The second earth pony has the body color of grey with a mane and tail of black and has a cutie mark of a ragged looking ace of spades playing card. And the female unicorn has the body of amethyst, her cobalt with a cool grey streak mane and tail is cut short and draped over to the right, and she has a cutie mark of a purple rose with black splotch and stars as a background.

"Hurry it up you two, we're behind schedule here!" said the female unicorn angrily.

"Take it easy Midnight Rose, we're moving as fast as we can," said the grey earth pony.

"Wild Ace is right, there are a lot of petrified butterflies to pack up here but this has to be the greatest idea which you've come up with," said the brown earth pony.

"Of course it is Rocky Road, all we had to do is control a cockatrice from the Everfree forest to turn certain creatures into stone statues to sell them as figurines to any pony with the right amount of bits. Easiest money we ever made," said Midnight Rose with a smirk.

Back at the entrance, Naruto and Fluttershy had heard everything and were quite displeased with what they were doing.

"How could they do something so horrible to those poor creatures and now they want to do the same to the butterflies," said Fluttershy sadly.

Naruto looked angry, seeing this reminded him of his encounter with Gato during his mission at the Land of Waves "Anypony could do anything just to get their hooves on money, but right now we're stopping them from doing anymore,"

"O-okay Naruto,"

Naruto stepped into the cave while Fluttershy timidly hid behind him as he made their presence known to the others.

"Hey, stop what you're doing and leave those butterflies alone!" Naruto spoke angrily.

The trio turned to the sudden outburst and were surprised upon an unknown unicorn and Pegasus standing at the cave entrance.

"Who are you two and what are you doing here?" asked Wild Ace with tension.

"It doesn't really who we are, just know that we heard everything and are going to stop you from doing anymore," said Naruto.

"Those butterflies are supposed to be on their migration, what you're doing isn't nice at all," said Fluttershy while peeking out from behind Naruto.

"Like that should be of any concern to us," Rocky Road scoffed.

"And since you intend to interfere with our gig, then might as well silence both of you permanently," the mare's horn glowed with a violet aura before a beam shot out of it and hit the cockatrice which jerked a bit before charging straight at Naruto and Fluttershy.

"Be careful Naruto, looking into its eyes will turn you into stone and please don't hurt it!" said Fluttershy worriedly.

"Got it Shy, Terra Bunker!" Naruto's horn glowed an orange aura as he slammed a hoof onto the ground which rumbled before forming a protective dome around Naruto and Fluttershy, knocking the cockatrice back away from them.

"As if a little dirt is going to do anything, I can just knock it down!" said Midnight Rose as she prepared to fire a magic beam to knock down the earthen dome.

Then a part of the rock dome burst open and something flew out and landed before the cockatrice who looked down to see that it was a white crystal with a strange writing on it. The crystal glowed for a moment before unleashing a bright flash of light, making the cockatrice and opposing ponies to cry out in pain while covering their eyes to block out the sudden flash.

Naruto shot out of the dome and threw out the picnic blanket over the cockatrice then quickly brought out a pair of chakra arms to grab the edges and wrapped it up all over before tying a knot and left the monster squirming to break free but to no avail.

"Why you…get him!" Wild Ace shouted out angrily.

Both earth ponies charged at Naruto, Rocky Road launched a straight punch at Naruto's head but the blond stallion ducked under the attack and spun around to use his tail to wrap around one to the hooves, then he pulled hard to lift him into the air and tossed him into the cave wall which left him stunned. Naruto turned to face Wild Ace who launched punches and kicks, dodging them with sidesteps and short dashes.

"Not bad moves dude, but check this out!" Naruto immediately dashed to the left side and launched a double kick to send Wild Ace flying away from him, then he channeled his chakra from within and called out.

"Shadow Clone jutsu!"

Two clones appeared in a puff of smoke then he created a pair of chakra arms to grab them and throw at the still airborne Wild Ace. The first clone tackled into the grey earth while the second clone flew past them and towards the cave wall, there he somersaulted to land on it with his hooves before kicking off and flying to slam into his target's back

"Clone Body Blow!" both clones called out before disappearing in puffs of smoke, leaving an unconscious opponent on the ground.

Naruto turned to look at Midnight Rose who stood there in shock upon see a seemingly pony take down both of her cohorts "Now that they're out of the way, you best surrender if you don't want to end up like them,"

The violet unicorn took a step back as her mind raced quickly thinking of her next course of actions at that moment "I've got to do something to get away from them, but what?" she glanced to the side and saw Fluttershy standing nearby looking worried "That'll work," Midnight Rose took aim at Fluttershy and shot a beam of magic from her horn.

Naruto's eyes widened upon where the beam was headed and immediately swung into action by moving to intercept

"Fluttershy watch out!" He called out to the mare who stood there frozen in fear, he pumped chakra to his legs for a speed boost and managed to get there in time to tackle her out of the way just as the beam shot by and destroyed a part of the cave wall.

Fluttershy snapped out of her fear and looked up to see Naruto standing over her protectively "Na-Naruto?"

"Shy are you alright? You weren't hurt were you?" Naruto asked with concern.

"N-no I'm fine," Fluttershy responded with a pink tinge on her cheeks due to how close he was to her, then they heard galloping and turned to see Midnight Rose running out of the cave.

"Darn it, she's getting away!" Naruto got ready to pursue the unicorn when Fluttershy called out to him.

"Naruto wait, we'll need to find a way to reverse the spell,"

"Okay Shy, but I'll send a couple of clones after her while we tie up the lackeys," Naruto created a group of four clones who then ran out of the cave in pursuit.

After tying up the still unconscious earth ponies, Naruto and Fluttershy cautiously untied the blanket from the cockatrice. They noticed that the monster was looking around confusedly before setting its eyes on them and stiffened upon recognizing Fluttershy much to Naruto's amusement.

"I'm relieved to see that you're free of the mind control spell, but could you dispel your petrification on the butterflies so that they can continue their migration?" asked Fluttershy kindly.

The cockatrice nodded in affirmation and sounds of rocks shattering were heard, soon the place filled with colorful wings fluttering before slowly making their way out of the cave.

"Thank you very much, now you can make your way home at the Everfree Forest now," said Fluttershy, the cockatrice squawked in response before walking away. Then Naruto received the memories of his shadow clones but frowned at what he saw which Fluttershy noticed "What's the matter Naruto?"

"My clones had cornered that Midnight Rose but then she threw out some sort of purple dust which messed with their senses before making her getaway," Naruto turned to the earth ponies propped up against the wall "As for these two, my clones will send them to the royal guards over at Canterlot,"

"Okay, let's hurry back to the spot before we miss the migration," said Fluttershy.

Both ponies quickly made their way back to where they were originally at as Celestia's sun was slowly setting. Naruto watched the butterflies fly over them in awe of the scenery, Fluttershy was also admiring them while feeling happy that everything was going the way she wanted after all.

"Wow, I never would have thought to see something like this. I'm glad that Shy invited me to see this," thought Naruto happily, then a butterfly descended and landed on his snout while fanning itself. He noticed that this one looked quite different from the ones that he saw on Fluttershy's encyclopedia. It has wings in the color of pink and yellow, there is some sort of pattern almost looking like a bow and arrow "I've never seen this one before, maybe Shy will know about it once I show it to her," Naruto turned to tell Fluttershy.

It was at that moment a butterfly of similar appearance landed on Fluttershy's snout too, she was quite taken with its appearance especially with its pattern.

"I've never seen this butterfly before, maybe Naruto would like to see it before I search on it in the encyclopedia," thought Fluttershy before turning to speak to Naruto.

"Shy you need to see this…" Naruto began while turning.

"Naruto, I would like to show…" Fluttershy spoke while turning.

Both sides faced each other, however neither could finish what they were saying as something else was going on…their muzzles were currently touching each other with the unique butterflies still on it while looking into each other's eyes with surprise. Naruto and Fluttershy were actually kissing each other.

"I can't believe that I'm kissing Naruto/Fluttershy!" Both thought at the same time frantically.

In Ponyville and Canterlot, a certain group of mares stopped whatever that they were doing upon feeling a tinge of jealously as if somepony had gone and done something that they had wanted to do first.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Fluttershy stood still for several moments before finally moving away with their hearts pounding against their chests and the butterflies flew off.

"This feeling again, the very same one when Luna kissed me. Why am I feeling this way?!" thought Naruto.

"I still can't believe that I kissed Naruto, I feel like I'm going to faint," thought Fluttershy.

"Um…Shy…" Fluttershy looked up with a start to see Naruto looking away with a blush on his face "I'm really sorry about that. I didn't mean to do that, I must have made you feel uncomfortable,"

"I-i-it's okay Naruto, I really don't mind," said Fluttershy in a placating manner

"Oh okay, maybe we should pack up and go home," Naruto suggested, Fluttershy could only nod in agreement.

It was a very awkward trip back to Ponyville and Naruto escorted Fluttershy back to her home.

"Um goodnight Shy," said Naruto.

"Y-You too Naruto, I'll see you tomorrow,"

"Okay," Naruto then left with Fluttershy closing the door.

Feeling that she was alone, Fluttershy ran up to her room and jumped into her bed before covering her head with a pillow to hid a full blown blush on her face upon recalling the memory of the kiss.

"Now that I think about it, I didn't check up on that butterfly," Fluttershy unsealed the encyclopedia and flipped through the pages until finding a picture matching what she and Naruto saw, then proceeded to read the information.

The Cupid's Fluttering Arrow

This butterfly is an extremely rare with only a select few being lucky enough to even catch a glimpse of it. This creature is noted to be a strong flier, capable of flying through strong winds with the least effort and loves to drink nectar from pink and red flowers. Rumors has it that when a pair of these butterflies were to land on the snouts of a male and female pony and they were to kiss, it would mean that they were destined to be together as a couple.

By the time she was done reading, steam could be seen coming out Fluttershy's ears. She couldn't take it anymore and simply fainted on her bed, dreaming of her and Naruto walking through a beautiful forest with numerous butterflies flying overhead.

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Anonymous reviews have been disabled. Login to review. 1. The Dimensional Rebirth 902 0 0 2. Learning to walk before running 997 0 0 3. Getting friendly with the locals 2801 0 0 4. The Calm before the Storm 2364 0 0 5. Awakening from the Dreamless Sleep 2944 0 0 6. Way to the Dawn 4278 0 0 7. Visiting the Memories of a Past Life 1624 0 0 8. Days with the Mares 4661 0 0 9. A New Home and a New Family 2506 0 0 10. Meeting a Ditz 2712 0 0 11. A Musical Debut 2904 0 0 12. A Ninja in the Big City 4209 0 0 13. Getting Tricky with Trixie 5490 0 0 14. How to evict a Dragon 4590 0 0 15. Dimension Tales: Monster in my Pocket 1 3476 0 0 16. Dimension Tales: Monster in my Pocket 2 6341 0 0 17. Solo Harvesting 4307 0 0 18. Treasure Hunting: Ninja Style! 5357 0 0 19. Birds of a Feather 4621 0 0 20. The Humorless Joke 4985 0 0 21. Common Sense vs Pinkie Sense 4784 0 0 22. A Guide For Bird Care 5909 0 0 23. D-Tales: A Nostalgic Return Pt1 4110 0 0 24. D-Tales: A Nostalgic Return Pt2 4892 0 0 25. D-Tales: A Nostalgic Return Pt 3 6611 0 0 26. The Reminiscence of One's Talents 3365 0 0 27. Party Time for a Party Animal 4729 0 0 28. An 'Eventful' Night in Canterlot 5760 0 0 29. A Chaotic Awakening 5854 0 0 30. A Chaotic Awakening Pt2 5960 0 0 31. All Aflutter 4877 0 0 32. Diving into Fiction…literally 7206 0 0 33. D-Tales: A Draconic Legend Pt 1 5029 0 0 34. D-Tales:: A Draconic Legend Pt 2 9742 0 0 35. D-Tales:: A Draconic Legend Pt 3 6628 0 0 36. Catch if Catch Can 6259 0 0 37. The Apple of My Eye 8054 0 0 38. The Unwanted Visit of a Dark Past 4628 0 0 39. Seeking Out Undesired Answers 8630 0 0 40. Sifting through the Norms of Life 4344 0 0 41. To the Dark Side of the Moon 4647 0 0 42. Facing Uncertainties 6503 0 0 43. Radiance within Darkness 5457 0 0 44. To Be or Not To Be 4725 0 0