Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja @hussbek
A Chaotic Awakening Pt2


Chapter 28: A Chaotic Awakening Pt. 2

"What do you mean by we lost this game?!" said Twilight while glaring at Discord who was sitting on a couch and eating popcorn all the while laughing at them.

Ever since they ventured into the maze in search of the Elements of Harmony in order to bring down the Draconequus, weird things had been happening to them and Twilight noticed that her friends had been acting strangely as well as their body appearing gray except her and Naruto. Applejack has been lying a lot, Pinkie Pie disliking anything and everything, Fluttershy being rude, Rarity acting all possessive on a large boulder that she claims to be a diamond, Rainbow Dash abandoning them and Naruto facing down what appears to be his dark side.

"Whatever do you mean my dear Twilight?" asked Discord pretending looking clueless.

"Stop playing around Discord, you haven't been playing fair," said Twilight angrily.

"I'm not playing fair? I believe that you've forgotten a certain small detail. I am a being of chaos and disharmony, all part of my job description so duuuh!"

"How are we supposed to find the Elements of Harmony when you took the labyrinth before we could get to the end?"

Discord looked at Twilight with surprise "Hold on, you actually thought that the Elements were in the labyrinth? Hahahahahahahahaha!"

"What's so funny?! You better not be laughing at me!" Pinkie Pie said angrily.

"Not to worry, I was finding it amusing that your friend thought the Elements were in the labyrinth," said Discord while laughing.

"But it's like you said 'Twists and turns' which describes the labyrinth," said Twilight.

"Goes to show that you weren't exactly paying attention to what I was saying before," Discord took out a tape recorder and pressed the play button for Twilight to listen "Twists and turns are my master plan. Then find the Elements back where you began,"

Twilight had a look of realization upon hearing those words "Then that means…"

"That's right, I never said that they were in the labyrinth. But don't worry, I'm sure that the magic of your friendship will help you, in the meantime I have a tight schedule of chaos to attend to," Discord snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of light.

Then the pink clouds loomed overhead and began to rain chocolate milk on the ponies

"Chocolate milk?! I hate chocolate milk!" said Pinkie Pie with a look of annoyance.

"Think Twilight think, where could Discord have hidden the Elements?" said Twilight thoughtfully.

"Don't you dare touch my diamond!" Twilight turned to see Rarity carrying the large rock on her back and glaring at Applejack.

"Why not? You said that we could split it between all seven of us," said Applejack while looking anywhere but at Rarity.

"That's a lie and you know it, so back away from it!"

Then Fluttershy flew over Rarity and touched the rock with a smirk on her face "And what if I don't back away?"

"Then you're gonna be in big trouble!" said Rarity.

"You girls stop that! Ugh this is giving me a headache, wish I could just go home and get some-" Twilight stopped in the middle of her muse when a certain thought crossed her mind "Home…'back where you began'…that's it! That's where Elements could be…in Ponyville!"

Twilight turned to get the attention of the others "Hey guys, I figured out a part of Discord's riddle. The Elements must be in Ponyville so we need to get going!"

"You girls will have to go without me," said Naruto, everypony looked to see him staring intently at his doppelganger who looked amused.

"But Naruto…," Twilight began.

"Right now I get the feeling that my dark side wants to have a one-on-one talk with me, so you girls go on ahead and find the Elements, I'll finish things up here and then catch up with you,"

"Okay, come on girls let's go!" said Twilight.

"And what if I don't want to?" Fluttershy snorted.

"Argh, just come on," Twilight walked off with the rest begrudgingly following her.

Once they were gone, the doppelganger let out a dark chuckle "I thought that they would never leave,"

"I'm kinda surprised that you didn't attack me while Twilight and the others," said Naruto.

"And for you to get distracted during the fight? No way, I want this to be an all-out fight without any distractions,"

"In that case, let's get started," Naruto took a stance as his body emitted white chakra.

"I couldn't agree more," Yami Naruto took a similar stance only that his body was emitting black chakra.

Both sides stared at each other intently without moving as they waited for the other to make the first move.

Music Start: Naruto Original Soundtrack; Raikiri (Thunder Break)

The one to make it was Naruto as he raised a fore hoof and pointed it at Yami Naruto before calling out

"Chakra Bullet: Rapid Fire!" then a white rune appeared and small white orbs shot out if it straight towards Yami Naruto who then formed a pair of chakra tendrils that whipped in front of him rapidly deflected the incoming projectiles into random directions before lashing out at Naruto.

Naruto jumped to the left to avoid the first tendril and leapt into the air to dodge the second but the tendrils changed directions and continued to pursue him, Naruto quickly channeled chakra to his front hooves to form chakra claws before somersaulting in midair to face the tendrils and proceeded to slash them apart.

"Not bad but not good either Hikaru,"

Naruto heard Yami's voice from above him and turned around just to receive a punch to the face which sent him plummeting to the ground below. The pony ninja right himself just in time to land on his hooves and glared at the doppelganger who landed not too far from him.

"Why you- Shadow Clone jutsu!" several clones appeared alongside Naruto as he charged forward at his opponent.

"Typical strategy as always, you haven't changed a bit. Well two can play at that game, Shadow Clone jutsu!" a similar number of clones appeared at Yami's side before they charged as well.

The clones of each side picked an opponent to fight against while the originals engaged each other in close combat as they threw punches and kicks with neither side gaining an advantage. Naruto was able to land a few hits but in turn received a few hits from Yami. Naruto and Yami leapt backwards just as their clones disappeared in puffs of smoke upon fighting to a draw.

"Chakra Horn thrust!"

Naruto sped forward as his horn was covered in chakra which elongated into a long sharp version, the same could be said for Yami who charged as well with his black variation. Both sides clashed at the same time and struggled for dominance.

"Dammit, this guy's countering me move for move!" thought Naruto angrily while pushing back against the doppelganger.

"Hey Hikaru, if you're thinking that I'm countering you with your own moves then you better get rid of that thought cause I'm just as original as you are. Let me show you just what I mean," Yami Naruto pushed Naruto backwards before raising a hoof as a black rune appeared "Chakra Shotgun!" a dark blast of chakra shot out of the rune and slammed into Naruto which sent him flying backwards and tumbling along the ground before finally skidding to a stop.

Naruto struggled to his hooves and looked at a smirking Yami Naruto in disbelief "What sort of technique is that?! I never created a move like that, how did you know it?!"

"It goes to show how you waste the potential on foolish things like friends, friends that could betray us just like Sasuke did when he killed us!"

"Sasuke did not betray us, he wasn't in his right mind. Like Neji said to us, Sasuke was in the darkness and everyone entrusted it to me to bring him out of it and back home. Had we failed and Sasuke went to Orochimaru, he would have ended up like Gaara was or even worse!" said Naruto.

"At least Gaara had the right idea back then, because of that people thought twice before they tried to mess with him. Something we could have done instead of you playing those stupid pranks just to get their attention and scorn," said Yami Naruto while frowning at Naruto.

"And to truly be alone? Not a chance!"

"Then I'll just have to make you see the benefits before getting rid of you!"

"Like I'm going to let that happen! Pyro Breath!" Naruto opened his mouth to unleash a stream of flames at Yami.

"I don't think so, Aqua Stream!" Yami Naruto's horn glowed in a black aura as the rain from the pink clouds converged to form a stream which collided with the flames resulting in steam covering the area.

Naruto looked around in the steam to catch any trace of Yami, then a chakra bullet come out of nowhere and almost hit Naruto had he not tilted his head to the side for it to graze his cheek. Several more shots pierced through the steam and pelted his body despite efforts to evade them.

"Enough of this, Windflaw Dash!" Naruto started to run in circles while covered with the wind at high speed, then the steam was blown away to reveal Yami Naruto standing before him with a hoof raised and a magic rune active.

Naruto glared at his doppelganger before holding out a hoof to the side as chakra converged around it and took on the form of a white spinning sphere, Yami Naruto smirked as he did the same except that his was a black spinning sphere.

"Rasen…!" Naruto launched his attack.

"…gan!" Yami Naruto launched his as well.

Blasts of wind blew throughout the area as the energy from the collision of the two spheres raged like a miniature storm with streaks of black and white flying around.

"Give up now while you can Hikaru, you can't win against me!" shouted Yami Naruto.

"I'm not gonna lose to you Yami!" yelled Naruto.

An explosion occurred from the clashing techniques which sent both ponies flying far away in opposite directions leaving behind a much larger crater than earlier before.

Music End

"We found the Elements, they were here the whole time!" said Twilight happily,

She and the others had arrived at Ponyville which had completely changed and everything didn't look right or even make a bit of sense thanks to Discord's chaotic magic. They made their way to the library where Twilight had Spike retrieve the book that helped them find the Elements of Harmony in the beginning. The book was found but apparently Fluttershy and the other mares decided to fool around with it much to Twilight's annoyance, they had a short scuffle which resulted in Twilight finally getting her hooves on then she flipped through the pages before finding all of the Elements of Harmony safely stored inside.

"This is great, we can finally defeat Discord now that we have the Elements!" however Twilight didn't receive a positive as everyone just ignored her completely "You girls don't even care do you?"

"Nope!" they all responded.

"I can't believe that my friends…have turned into complete jerks! Now put on your necklace and let's go!" Twilight used her magic to place Elements on their respective bearers and was making her way out of the library when Spike ran up to her looking worried.

"Twilight wait, aren't you missing somepony?" asked Spike.

"Well we've got the liar, the grump, a hoarder and the brute which just about covers it," Twilight glared at the girls as she said so.

"But what about Rainbow Dash?"

Twilight thought for a few seconds before coming up with an idea "Congratulations Spike, you're the new bearer for the Element of Loyalty, now let's go!" Twilight placed the said Element around Spike's neck and walked away.

"B-but what if she finds out I was impersonating her…it definitely won't end well, and what about Naruto?"

"Well that's too bad, you're Rainbow Dash now and Naruto is busy dealing with his evil twin brother and might show up late anyway. Since six of the Elements were able to defeat Discord, then we should be able to do it without Naruto showing up beforehand. The sooner we do it, then the sooner I won't have to talk to them again!" Twilight walked away angrily.

"For once we're in total agreement," said Fluttershy with a smirk as she followed Twilight along with the rest.

They had come out of the library where they saw Discord waiting outside while enjoying the chaos which was going on around him.

"I see you've found the Elements of Harmony," said Discord.

"That's right, we figured out that lame riddle of yours and you're in for it now!" said Twilight.

"Oh no, my time of defeat is at hand. Whatever shall I do for I'm doomed," Discord feigned terror "Very well, you may strike me whenever you're ready," then he had a bull's eye appear on his chest before leading against a nearby tree.

"Gladly, alright girls let's do this!"

Twilight's tiara let out a bright glow of energy with the same going for the others…except Spike, however before the Twilight unleashed the power of the Elements, the magic dissipated just like that without any kind of warning much to her shock and confusion.

"What happened? Why didn't it work?" said Twilight confusedly.

"Mine is working alright, the problem must have come from you!" Applejack pointed accusingly at Twilight.

"I hate the Elements of Harmony!" said Pinkie Pie.

"I knew that it was garbage," Fluttershy tossed hers away without a care in the world.

"Mine!" Rarity quickly snatched it up.

"Uh Twilight, I gotta get back to the library since I have a lot of cleanup to do," Spike nervously placed the Element next to Twilight before scampering back to the library although he got tripped up by Fluttershy.

"Oops, sorry about that," said Fluttershy not looking sorry at all.

"Congratulations, you've just proven that harmony is dead and chaos rules. Which means Discord's the winner and Equestria is the loser. I bid you all adieu," Discord flew away from them laughing all the way with Twilight glaring at him.

"I hate all of this! I'm out of here!" Pinkie Pie hopped away from the group.

"Pinkie Pie wait, we need to wait for Naruto to come and help us take down Discord!" said Twilight.

"Why should we wait for him, for all we know he could have abandoned us just like Rainbow Dash," Fluttershy snorted before flying away as well.

"That could be true, besides I have things to do at the farm where I have better friends," Applejack was the next to go.

"I'm not taking any chances in case he comes after what's mine," Rarity was the last while taking the rock with her leaving Twilight all alone.

"I can't believe that you girls would…fine! See if I care, I don't need any of you either! With friends like you who needs…enemies," Twilight looked down sadly as the color on her body slowly turned to gray and walked away.

Discord was watching from above the clouds with a victorious smirk on his face "With this I've truly won and there's no one who can stop my reign of chaos,"

Meanwhile Naruto was dragging himself out of a crater which resulted from his crashing to the ground due to the explosion from the double Rasengan, he looked at himself to see that his hoodie jacket is now in tatters.

"And here I thought that Sasuke's chidori and my Rasengan could cause an explosion, guess a double Rasengan could do the same," Naruto muttered,

Suddenly he sensed something rapidly approaching from above and dashed to the left just in time to avoid something hitting where he stood, he looked up to see Yami Naruto flying above him with wings made out of black chakra from his back.

"Peekaboo, I see you," Yami Naruto, Naruto simply glared at the doppelganger before activating his own chakra wings to take to the sky and face him "Now that break time is over, let's pick up where we left off,"

"You're right, but I intend to make this short cause Twilight and the others are waiting for me to help defeat Discord," Naruto closed his eyes as he concentrated on his chakra "Chakra Burst mode!" he prepared for the chakra be unleashed from his body…but nothing happened "Huh? Chakra Burst mode!" he tried again but the power still didn't come like it always did "What's going on?!"

Yami Naruto looked amused and decided to speak up "I forgot to tell you this but when Discord let me out, I happened to take half of your chakra along with me in order to sustain myself. So in other words…you can't use Chakra Burst mode anymore,"

"What?! Give it back!" Naruto yelled.

"Make me," Yami Naruto sneered.

"Shadow Clone jutsu!" a large group of clones appeared and surrounded Yami before rushing at the same time to attack.

"Humph, predictable. Bolt Chain!" Yami's horn glowed for a moment before a stream of black lightning shot out and struck a clone then arcing off to hit another which continued until a majority of the clones disappeared from taking too much damage. The remaining swooped in with their horns glowing as they prepared to launch a magic spell.

"Icicle Shot!" sharp pointed ice projectiles appeared before racing towards Yami whose horn was glowing again.

"Fire Lance!" several spears made entirely of flames appeared and shot towards the icicle causing them to melt away from the heat and turn into the steam which surrounded Yami Naruto.

Yami sensed something burst through the thick steam and darted to the left to avoid an attack from a shadow clone before another rushed in for an attack. He kept dodging until suddenly something grabbed him from behind, it was a chakra arm courtesy of the original Naruto. He spun around a few times before throwing Yami towards the ground which resulted in a crater being formed.

"Take this, Chakra Bullet: Rapid Fire!" Naruto held his front hooves forward and proceeded to launch a barrage of small white orbs towards Yami which kicked up clouds of dust as he kept firing "And now to end it, Chakra Cannon!" then he fired a large chakra sphere with the recoil pushing him back a bit creating an explosion upon impact. Naruto descended towards the ground and looked at the crater to see any signs of movement from his opponent and let out a sigh of relief.

"Now that's over with, I better get back to the girls and take down Discord once and for all," Naruto turned to leave…and received a haymaker punch to the face which sent him flying back a few feet. He painfully got back up and looked up only to be shocked to see Yami Naruto standing before with a smirk on his face "How were you able to evade my attacks?"

"It's really simple, I used the Terra Bunker to shield myself within the dust cloud and used the chakra claws to burrow underground and take you by surprise. You should recognize this strategy as it's the improvised version of the one you used on Neji during the Chuunin exams," said Yami Naruto.

Naruto was panting and looked fatigued "Damn I'm running low on chakra, what else can I do to beat this guy?"

"I can see that you're exhausted Hikaru, but it just goes to show that-" Yami Naruto rushed forward and punched Naruto in the face "I'm stronger than you-" a hit to the chest "better than you-" another hit to the face "-and most important of all-" an uppercut which knocked Naruto into the air before plummeting towards Yami who had a Rasengan ready "I'm the true Naruto!" he rammed the spinning sphere into Naruto who screamed out in pain and was sent flying very far away.

Yami Naruto smirked before activating his chakra wings and fly after Naruto…in direction of Ponyville.

Twilight had returned to her home and headed upstairs to her room with the intention to pack her belongings and leave for Canterlot, but she was surprised to see a large heap of scrolls and Spike laid on the floor looking quite worn out.

"Spike what's going here?" asked Twilight confusedly.

"The Princess had been sending these scrolls ever since I came back upstairs," Spike moaned before belching out a green flame for another one of the scrolls to appear and fall on the heap "Please make it stop,"

Twilight levitated one of the scrolls over and opened it to read the contents, her eyes widened upon seeing what it contained.

"This must be one of the letters I wrote to Princess Celestia since I arrived to Ponyville about friendship, but why would she send them back?"

Regardless, Twilight started to read them one by one and as she read, she recalled the good times she had and the lessons learnt along with her friends, the gray was slowly disappearing and her original color was returning.

Twilight looked up from the latest scroll and saw something sitting on top of the dresser, it was a picture of her and her friends. Naruto was in the middle grinning like a fox, Rainbow Dash hovered above him and was leaning on his spiky mane while grinning as well, Pinkie Pie was on his left side and hugging him while laughing, Twilight was on his right side and smiling at the camera, Rarity was next to Twilight while wearing a fancy purple sunhat with flowers, Applejack was next to Pinkie Pie and looked like she had tossed her Stetson hat into the air, and Fluttershy was at the far left smiling bashfully at the camera.

"I remember that day, we were having a picnic at Naruto's favorite spot…"


They were all sitting in the shade of the large oak tree that grew on the top of tall hill overlooking Ponyville, they were relaxing after playing a few games and eating which Pinkie Pie brought from the Sugarcube Corner and the ones Naruto cooked and brought over from his home.

"Woo-wee! That was a lot of fun we've had today guys," said Applejack while taking a bite of dango from the stick.

"I must say that today was perfect for relaxing after all those deadlines I had the in the past few days," Rarity was sipping a cup of green tea.

"And the birds really like it here," Fluttershy looked at her bird friends perching on the branches of the trees looking comfortable.

"And I got to show off my sports skills!" said Rainbow Dash flying overheard.

"This is the perfect place to read too," Twilight was currently doing the said activity.

"We need to plan a picnic party after this!" Pinkie Pie hopped around happily, everypony shook their heads in amusement at hearing this.

"All in all, I have to say that being friends with you girls has been one of the best things to have happened to me. I'm sure I can say the same for you right?" said Naruto with a smile, the mares smiled in return and nodded in agreement.

"You got that right Naruto, I wouldn't have found my fellow speedster if we weren't friends," said Rainbow Dash.

"I really liked spending time with you," Fluttershy spoke in barely a whisper.

"I love making friends, we would always have different sorts of fun!" said Pinkie Pie.

"I have to agree that meeting you has been one of my happiest moments," said Rarity with a smile.

"Me too, we've been having a pretty good time ever since we met," said Applejack.

"When I first came to Ponyville, I thought that there was no need for friendship. But it's because of our friendship that we were able to defeat Nightmare Moon and rescue Princess Luna, I also learnt so many things whenever I'm with you," said Twilight.

"Yeah, we now share a bond which will last for a very long time. Like my friend Haku once told me 'When a person has something precious that they want to protect, then they become genuinely strong' those words made me come a long way since then," said Naruto with a warm smile.

"So what exactly is precious to us?" Rainbow Dash curiously.

"For me, it's each and every one of you and I promise to protect all of you no matter what happens,"

"You won't be the only one pardner, I'll also protect our friendship," Applejack held out a hoof, Naruto smiled and placed a hoof over hers.

"You can count me in, the fastest pony in all of Ponyville!" said Rainbow Dash while putting in a hoof.

"And I as well," said Rarity placed hers as well.

"Me too Naru, me too!" said Pinkie Pie happily placing a hoof over theirs.

"M-me too," Fluttershy timidly joined in.

"And I promise to protect our bond, after all friendship is magic," said Twilight with everypony nodding in agreement and afterwards took a group photo to commemorate it.

**Flashback End**

Twilight smiled happily from the memory as her color was fully restored "That's right, we all promised to protect our friendship because we cared for each other and were always there to provide support. It all makes sense now!"

"What do you mean Twilight," Spike groaned.

"Whenever one of us works alone, they can barely accomplish but together we can do anything. Discord knew of this and that's why he separated us in the labyrinth and messed with our heads to prevent us from using the Elements of Harmony. So right now I'm going to restore the bond with my friends, they're all counting me and show Discord how strong our friendship really is. Naruto is counting on us too,"

"Well good luck Twilight, in the meantime I'll be taking a nap," Spike crawled over to his bed and laid there exhausted.

"Sure thing Spike," Twilight galloped out of the library and was making her way towards the Sweet Apple Acres "Don't worry guys, our bond won't be so easily broken by Discord,"

"Gyah!" Naruto cried out as he crashed into the ground and tumbled along before finally skidding to a stop. He slowly got back to his feet all the while pain shot throughout his body and exhaustion made it feel heavy. Then he heard something landed before him and looked up to see Yami Naruto walking slowly towards him and had a look of disappointment.

"Look at yourself, all battered and beaten. I told you that I would make you see how strong you would have been had you cared for no one but yourself and that you wouldn't be betrayed," said Yami Naruto.

"And I told you that I don't want it if it meant that I would be alone for the rest of my life," Naruto replied.

"Even after all this, you still refuse to see what I'm trying to show you. What a disappointment, then I might as well put you out of your misery," Yami held out a hoof as a black rune appeared and prepared to fire and Naruto looked at him defiantly "Goodbye Hikaru, Chakra Cannon!" a large black sphere shot out of the rune and headed straight towards Naruto.

"Dammit, it can't end like this! I can't lose here, everypony's counting on me to help defeat Discord!" thought Naruto feeling frustrated as the dark drew close to finish him off.

Suddenly something appeared between him and the incoming projectile then he heard a very familiar voice call out.


A transparent dome appeared and deflected the projectile, Naruto looked at who appeared from out of nowhere to protect him from the attack and recognized who it was.

"Derpy, is that you?!" said Naruto in shock.

It was indeed Derpy the Pegasus who had stood before Naruto and defended him against the attack from Yami with the barrier crystal which he had given to her some time ago as a gift for her and a smaller one for her daughter Dinky.

"What are you doing here?"

"I had taken Dinky home for safety and was on my way to find Carrot Top when I saw that you were about to be hurt then I suddenly found myself standing here and used the barrier crystal that you gave to me to protect you," said Derpy.

"I'm thankful for what you did but you need to get out of here, it's too dangerous!"

"You better listen to him and get out of my way if you don't want to get hurt, that imposter behind you needs to disappear as I'm the real Naruto," said Yami Naruto in a smug tone.

"No I won't, I refuse to believe that you're the real Naruto!" said Derpy angrily.

"And what makes you so sure about that? Who do you think is the true Naruto?"

"The real Naruto is a nice and kind pony whose friends with everypony and is always willing to help without a second thought. He always keeps his promises and never turns his back on a pony in need, everypony smiles when they see him. That's the real Naruto, not you!"

"Derpy," Naruto looked at the cross-eyed Pegasus in awe.

Yami Naruto glared angrily and raised a hoof to attack "Then I'll just have to force you out of my way!"

Music Start: Naruto Original Soundtrack; Strong and Strike


"What's this?" thought Naruto.

* Ba-bump, Ba-bump*

"This feeling…it's so familiar,"

* Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump*

"I remember now, I felt like when I fought against Gaara. This overflowing strength burning through me as if I'm on fire, the feeling that I have to win this battle no matter what even if it puts my life at risk!"

Yami Naruto got ready to fire "Out of my way, Chakra Cann-" something blurred right in front of him and before he could even wonder what it was, he felt a powerful blow slam into his face which sent him flying. He got and looked only to be shocked that it was Naruto who was supposed to be exhausted had actually countered his move with a powerful punch and was emitting white chakra from his battered body "Looks like you still have something left in the tank,"

And he wasn't the only one surprised as Derpy was looking at Naruto in wonder "Naruto…"

"You showed me how strong you are when you're alone, now it's my turn to show you the strength that comes from my bond with others!" said Naruto.

Then he dashed forwards in a zigzag pattern and engaged Yami in close combat and was throwing punches and kicks and even included his tail in the mix, Yami was deflecting and blocking the incoming attacks but he noticed that for some strange reason that the strength behind them were stronger than before.

"What's going on?! He wasn't this strong before!" he thought frantically.

"Chakra Horn Thrust!" Naruto charged forward with his horn covered in chakra, Yami sidestepped hastily to avoid the blitz attack but Naruto wasn't done yet "Shadow Clone jutsu!" a clone appeared who then launched a chakra tendril to wrap around him and whirled about to launch him like a slingshot, Naruto curled up into a ball and slammed into Yami to send him skidding backwards from the powerful impact.

"I never would have thought that he would come up with a combo like that, I should have seen it coming," thought Yami smarting from the pain, he looked up to see Naruto launching a punch and quickly blocked it but then Naruto closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide to reveal a white crystal which unleashed a bright flash of light, forcing Yami to close his eyes and leaving himself vulnerable.

"Shadow Clone jutsu!" Naruto summoned five of his clones who stood next to him and faced Yami. One of the clones rushed forward and punched the doppelganger, the original Naruto stepped on the clone's back launched himself into the air, "!" the remaining three clones all performed a double kick simultaneously, sending the Yami into the air "Uzumaki Barrage!" Naruto stomped on Yami, sending him plummeting to the ground where a clone waiting with his hoof held out and white rune active "Chakra Cannon!" a large sphere shot out and made impact as Yami was sent tumbling away.

"This is impossible, you can't be this powerful!" Yami yelled in anger and disbelief while getting back to his feet.

"This strength comes from my desire to protect my friends from both the Elemental Nations and Equestria, I've got the best of both worlds," Naruto spoke happily.

"You're lying! I refuse to believe that your strength came making friends, it's completely useless,"

"Then let's put it to the test with our strongest attacks," Naruto held out a hoof and started to form the Rasengan but he didn't stop there as his horn glowed and orange aura which flowed into the sphere causing streaks of orange to appear in it.

"Gladly," Yami Naruto held out a hoof to form his Rasengan.

Derpy stood from a safe distance and watched worriedly as the two ponies prepared to clash "Please be careful Naruto,"

Then they dashed towards each other at high speed before thrusting out their spheres to collide once more.

"Rasengan!" shouted Yami Naruto.

"Magical Rasengan! Yelled Naruto.

The struggle was at stalemate before Naruto's new variation of the Rasengan began to dominate much to Yami's shock.

"No! This can't be! No, no, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Yami Naruto was blasted away in a white and orange streak of light very high into the sky until any sight of him was gone.

Music End

"I won," Naruto smiled wearily at his hard earned victory over his dark side, then he heard flapping of wings and turned to see Derpy approaching with a smile on her face.

"You did it Naruto, you won!" said Derpy happily.

"Yeah and it was thanks to you, you helped rekindle my Will of Fire,"

"So what happens now?"

"Right now I have to go help Twilight and the girls settle things with Discord once and for all,"

"Okay but please be careful,"

Naruto nodded in affirmation, then he activated his Aura Sight and looked around before locating their aura signatures and was happy upon sensing that they're back to normal "Hold on girls, I'm coming," he took off down the road in order to meet up with them.

Discord was currently sitting on a throne and drinking a glass of chocolate while enjoying the sight of flying pigs, dancing buffalos dressed in tutus and such.

"Aaah, chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing," said Discord.

"Not as wonderful as the power of friendship!"

The Draconequus looked to the source of the voice to see Twilight and her friends standing by her side.

"You're back with this again?"

"That's right! You couldn't break our friendship with those dirty tricks of yours for long," said Applejack.

"Unless you've forgotten that I'm the one who made you a liar, I see that none of you have learnt a thing from what happened before,"

Discord used his magic to drag the Elements along with the mares towards him, but Twilight quickly teleported in between them and used her magic to create a purple forcefield which carried them away from the Draconequus.

"We didn't need to learn anything, all you did was help us remember the promise that we made a long time ago. To always be there for each other even in difficult times, our bond is what makes us strong and it's definitely worth fighting for!"

Discord let out a yawn "Enough with the boring speeches already, and from what I see you're all still an Element short, Purity to be exact,"

"Naruto will show up, there's no way he's gonna miss out on kicking your butt!" said Rainbow Dash.

"That's right!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Truer words couldn't be spoken," the very pony whom they were talking about had landed before them although they became worried upon seeing his current condition.

"Naruto are you okay? You're hurt," said Fluttershy.

Naruto turned to smile at the shy mare "Don't worry Shy, I still have enough energy left to deal with this walking zoo,"

"How were you able to defeat your dark side?!" asked Discord who was in shock.

"Let's just say that my Will of Fire was too hot for him," Naruto smirked "But now it's time to end this!"

His Element floated away from Twilight and settled itself around his neck before glowing along with the other Elements. Naruto leapt high into the air and then felt something like a voice at the back of his mind to form a Rasengan, recognizing it from when he faced Nightmare Moon Naruto complied and formed the technique then streaks of magic shot out from the girls' Elements and floated into the sphere along with Naruto's to form a spiraling vortex of multiple colors.

"What's this?" said Discord confusedly.

"This…is the power of our friendship! Harmonic Rasengan!" Naruto dived towards Discord and rammed the collaboration technique into the Draconequus.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo!" Discord screamed out right before turning back into a stone statue, the magic continued to radiate throughout Ponyville, reverting everything back to normal.

Naruto, Twilight and the others approached to look at the statue of the defeated Discord with smiles on their faces.

"You lose Discord," said Naruto.

"And that means we won! Let's have a party!" said Pinkie Pie hopping around.

"We totally kicked butt!" Rainbow Dash pumped a hoof in victory.

"But first we need to check if everypony is alright and also get Naruto to the hospital for treatment," said Twilight with the other mares agreeing.

Normally Naruto would stubbornly disagree but right now his fatigue was taking its toll and so allowed himself to be taken to the hospital.

A few days later, the group returned to Canterlot castle. They entered through a doorway where they saw a large crowd of ponies waiting for them with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna standing at the end of the room with smiles on their faces. While making their way to the end, Naruto saw Derpy standing amongst the crowd and winked at her, causing the Pegasus to turn away with a blush.

They climbed up the stairs and turned to face everyone before Princess Celestia began to spoke for all to hear.

"We are gathered here today, to once again honor the heroism of these seven friends who stood up to the villain Discord and saved Equestria from eternal chaos!"

Everypony cheered out loud, Twilight, Applejack and Pinkie Pie smiled, Rainbow Dash and Rarity felt at home in the praise while Fluttershy felt a bit timid from all the attention and stood close to Naruto who was waving at them. Princess Celestia pointed at some closed curtains before Princess Luna used her magic to open them which revealed another one of the stained glass windows. This one showed Twilight and the girls facing down Discord with Naruto attacking with the Harmonic Rasengan to finish off the Draconequus.

"This was our victory, as long as our bond with each other stays strong, we can accomplish anything," thought Naruto while standing alongside his friends.

Somewhere over a hundred miles away from either Ponyville or Canterlot, we see a large smoking crater and noticed a long trail of hoofsteps leading into a dark forest. A dark chuckle could be heard from within it, who does this evil laughter belong to?

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, we've now drawn to the end of the Discord arc and I hope that you enjoyed it. If any of you noticed that Naruto didn't use the Kosei no Ha, I'll tell you the reason in the next chapter. Naruto's Chakra Burst is now gone but don't worry, he'll get another power and it's not the sage mode. Simply stay tuned to find out what it is. Read and review as always.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.

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