Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja @hussbek
Getting friendly with the locals


Chapter 2: Getting friendly with the locals

In the middle of the day, a figure is seen running along the road leaving behind a trail of dust. A closer look reveals none other than our favorite ninja, Naruto Uzumaki. He had been running since he left the cave where he woke, feeling the wind in his face.

"This is getting boring" thought Naruto with a dull look on his face, "Let's go through the forest and keep my freerunning skills sharpened". With that thought in mind, Naruto dived into the forest and began vaulting over trees and rocks.

Applying his old ninja training, Naruto was jumping through trees and sliding under tree trunks. He created new technique where he applies chakra to his feet to slightly repel against the ground to slide without losing speed which he named the Terra Drift (Like Sonic Drift in Sonic Unleashed) which he also use on walls as well.

He kept on going until a ravine came into view, smiling at a crazy idea, Naruto applied more chakra to his feet and leapt across it. At the arc of his jump, Naruto released chakra at the bottom of his feet to form a blue rune (Like a magic circle) and kicked off it to get higher and further. Upon landing on the other side of the ravine, Naruto smiled at the creation of his new technique and named it Pegasus Dash (Like Dante's Trickster style on Devil May Cry 3) before continuing on.

After an hour of running, Naruto stopped at the top of a hill which displayed a view of a town before him.

"Wow, this looks like a place I wouldn't think twice of staying in, after it makes me feel close to nature and I feel that I will have a lot of adventures and memories here" thought Naruto with happiness. Naruto folded his cloak into his satchel and had his glaive sealed within himself.

As Naruto walked into town, he saw a sign written "Welcome to Ponyville" and thought "Okay Ponyville, surprise me with what you have". Like the saying goes "Ask and you shall receive".

"HI!" a voice came out from behind, making Naruto jump 8 feet into the air before landing on his rump before turning around to see a mare with a pink coat and a lighter shade of pink for her mane and hair and has a mark of three balloons with curled strings on her flank. "My name is Pinkie pie and I can tell that you are new around as I know everypony in ponyville which means I have to throw a party for you so you have to come!" said the pink mare who was excited at meeting a new pony.

"Wow and here I thought I was a hyper person or should I say pony now?" thought Naruto while sweatdropping before getting up. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and you right that I am new around here so can you tell me about this place?" said Naruto with a smile.

Pinkie pie began hopping with happiness before telling him "There are looooooots of amazing things in ponyville that I prefer that you discover it for yourself while prepare for your welcome to ponyville party!" Before Naruto could say anything, Pinkie Pie already ran off leaving behind a trail of dust to who knows where. Naruto stood there stunned for a minute before he started to laugh "That hyper personality of hers makes her kind of cute… wait where did that come from?" thought Naruto before shrugging and moving on.

Naruto was trotting along the road when he heard a voice from above his head, "LOOK OUT BELOW!" no sooner he raised his head that a blue blur crashed into him. When the dust cleared, it revealed Naruto sprawled out on the ground and a blue mare right on top of him.

"Owww, sorry about that and thanks for the soft landing" said the mare. Naruto got up and then took a closer look at the mare, she is a Pegasus with a coat of cyan and a rainbow like mane and tail, she has a mark of a cloud with a slightly curved three colored lightning bolts.

"No problem after all, any landing you can walk away from is a good one although it's at my expense, by the way my name is Naruto Uzumaki, what's yours?" said Naruto.

"My name is Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in all of ponyville!" said the mare with a lot of pride in her voice.

"Oh really? For some reason I don't feel convinced" said Naruto with a smirk on his face. He could tell that Rainbow Dash had a competitive nature and want to have some fun.

"Oooooohhhhhhh, sounds like I have a challenger for my title" said Rainbow with a grin. "Okay then, we'll start from here and the finishing line will be at the town square" "Okay, you're on!" said Naruto already liking her zeal being similar to his own.

As they took their positions, Rainbow counted down "On your marks. Get set. GO!" the two ponies were off. Rainbow Dash was surprised at Naruto's ability to keep up with her as they blazed through the road, Naruto was using his freerunning skills at half cause he could tell that Rainbow wasn't going all out. They were both neck in neck as they drew close to the finish before a cart came out nowhere. Naruto had to jump to avoid it which reduced his and gave Rainbow Dash the win.

"HA, I win and successfully defended my title!" said Rainbow Dash with a grin on her face.

"Hey no way! That cart slowed me down and gave you the lead since you were flying?" Naruto pouted which Rainbow laughed at.

"Okay then how about a rematch the next time we meet. I have to take care of the weather so catch you later" said the Pegasus before flying off.

"With a pony like her like around it's never a dull moment, I am pretty sure she would be a great pranking partner" thought Naruto with glee before continuing on his way.

Continuing along the road, Naruto was enjoying the scenery when he came across a blue jay that was hopping on the ground. Wondering why it wasn't flying, Naruto approached with caution so as not to scare it away.

"Here there little one, is there something wrong?" said Naruto in a gentle tone. The bird looked at him for a while, deciding to trust him, show its wing that was bruised. "Well then, if there is a place you can go to get it patched up, how about I carry you there?" suggested Naruto to which the blue jay nodded happily. Naruto lowered his head for the blue jay to hop on who found his spiky mane to be comfortable to sit on. "Since I am new around here, you will need to direct me to the place, if that is okay with you" said Naruto which the blue jay tweeted in confirmation.

As they went along the road, Naruto decided to name the bird Ao which meant blue. After being explained to about the meaning, it immediately liked its new name. Soon they reached a house which was situated near a forest that gives Naruto a sense of mystery and danger. Naruto knocked on the door which opened to reveal a mare. She is a Pegasus with coat of yellow with a pinkish mane and tail, she has a mark of three pink butterflies on her flank.

"H-Hello how can I help you? Said the mare in a timid tone. "She reminds me of Hinata with the way she acts." Thought Naruto. "I came with this blue jay who had a bruised wing and it seems to me that you take care of injured animals right?"

"Y-yes so please bring her in so I may treat her" said the mare opening the door wider for Naruto to enter. "Okay then" said Naruto "Wait a minute, Ao's a she!?"

In a few minutes time, the mare whom introduced herself as Fluttershy had bandaged Ao's wing. In the meantime, the animals that were at Fluttershy's home were playing with Naruto with smaller one swinging from his tail while the birds settled on his mane much to the envy of Ao. Naruto didn't mind at all as he is also having fun playing with them. Fluttershy watched from a distance, too shy to approach the blond pony until he called out to her.

"Hey Fluttershy come and join in on the fun!" said Naruto before using his tail lift the shy Pegasus from the ground and bringing her over to play with and the animals. When she felt Naruto's wrap around her, it felt fluffly and soothing which calmed her down and made her less shy. After an hour of playing, Naruto told Fluttershy and the others that he had to go which made them sad.

"Don't be sad, I promise to come back and visit. When Naruto Uzumaki makes a promise, he always keeps it, believe it!" said Naruto with a foxy grin. Hearing this cheered them up and made them look forward to his next visit. "I hope to visit Fluttershy soon as it's difficult to leave her alone and she is kinda cute that way" thought Naruto.

Trotting through town, Naruto looked at the buildings until he came upon one that caught his interest. "It looks very colorful to say the least, it makes me wonder what the inside is like?" thought Naruto. With curiosity getting the better of him, Naruto entered only to realize that it is a clothing store (That's what I think), as he wandered around he came across a mare who seems to be focused on a dress. She is a unicorn with a coat of white and indigo mane and tail, she has a mark of three diamonds on her flank.

"Excuse me-"Naruto began before he was interrupted.

"Hush now, I'm in the middle of a breakthrough" said the mare who had her undivided attention on the dress while writing something on a notepad which was floating in the air which got him curious at what it is. After she finished, she turned to talk to Naruto. "Hello my name is Rarity, what might your name be dear sir?" "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I just came into town to find a place to stay"

"You can go to our mayor for accommodation as well as-"Rarity spoke but soon had a stunned look on her face. Naruto wondered why she had that look but didn't have to wait long as she moved to his tail and began to cuddle it. "What an amazing specimen of a tail you have, how did you get it to be like this?" Naruto didn't answer as he was purring to her cuddling which enticed her to continue.

It took everything Naruto had to resist and snap out of it, "Rarity could let go of my tail, it's sensitive" said Naruto while blushing. Rarity soon let go with a sheepish smile, "Sorry about that, I sort of got carried away" "it's okay, thanks for telling me about the accommodation. By the way I'll come around later to request for some clothing to be made" said Naruto before waving goodbye and leaving the shop. "She is very pretty, I'd like to visit her more often" thought Naruto.

After visiting the Mayor mare who gave him the key to the library to temporary reside in before he gets a permanent home, Naruto decided to walk around a bit more before settling at the library. Walking along the road again, he came across a wooden gate with the picture of a red apple and decided to take a look around. Naruto was trotting past the entrance of a barn when he saw a mare that was trying to get a Stetson hat that was stuck in between two bales of hay. She is a pony with a coat of orange and a blond mane and tail, she has a mark of three red apples on her flank.

"I'm getting kind of curious of these marks these ponies have?" thought Naruto before going in help the mare. "Hi, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I was hoping to help you with your problem" said Naruto

"Howdy there, ma name is Applejack and I've trying to get ma hat out of there but can reach it" said the mare.

"Allow me to try to get it out of there" said Naruto before using his tail to go through the gap and grab the hat after which he put on Applejack's head. Applejack blushed at the contact with the blond stallion before gathering her wits.

"Thanks for the help, I never thought of using my tail but then again, it's not as long as yours" said Applejack.

"Don't mention, but it seems like you're going somewhere" said Naruto.

"Yeah, Big Mac and I are going to the Evertree forest to gather firewood" said Applejack with slight fear in her voice.

"Mind if I come along, I'm sure it will be safer with a larger group" said Naruto having noticed the fear in her voice.

"Are you sure? That place's kinda dangerous"

"All the more reason for me to help you and your brother, besides I'm pretty strong in my own right" said Naruto with a determined look.

"Okay then, come along and I'll introduce you to ma brother" said Applejack to which Naruto nodded.

They out of the barn and into the yard to meet a large red stallion with a horse collar who getting himself latched onto a cart.

Naruto, this is ma brother Big Macintosh and Big Mac, this is Naruto and he will be helping us to gather firewood"

"Hello it's nice to meet" said Naruto with a smile.

"Eeeyup" Big Mac replied with a smile as well.

Soon the three ponies set off for the Evertree forest, Naruto was on guard by using his senses to detect any kind of hostile creatures which he had encountered on his way to ponyville. After gathering a sufficient amount of firewood, they were about to leave when Naruto sensed a group of wolves emerge from the bushes with ill intent to the ponies.

"Applejack! You and Big Mac should get out of here while I hold them off!" shouted Naruto.

"No! We can't leave you behind, you could get yourself killed!" yelled Applejack not wanting to leave the stallion behind.

"You need to protect Big Mac on the way back in case any wolves come after him and don't worry I've these guys before!" said Naruto. Applejack soon consented and led Big Mac out of the clearing.

Making sure that they were gone, Naruto turned to the pack of wolves and grinned which made them a bit nervous." Now that they are safe" said Naruto taking a pouncing position "Its SHOWTIME!" before dashing towards them. Naruto launched a wolf into the air with an uppercut and followed after it then executing a tail slam, sending it flying into another wolf. Upon landing, he quickly spun to the left avoiding a claw from behind and using his tail to grab the tail of the wolf performing a 360 spin on his front hooves knocking the wolves back before slamming the grabbed wolf into the ground. "Now for the Climax!" Naruto shouted out, before channeling chakra to his horn making the energy to take shape of a much longer horn. "Take this! *Chakurahonsurasshu!" he called out and slashed at the wolves, leaving them in pieces. "Heh show's over" Naruto smirked before going to meet up with Applejack and Big Mac.

Upon setting eyes on Naruto, Applejack ran to him and began checking for injuries and was surprised to find none. "I told you that I would be fine, but I am sorry if I worried you" said Naruto.

"Okay, I'll accept your apology if you come around help us buck apples, how's that?" said Applejack.

"Sure thing, I'll come around later. See ya Applejack, you too Big Mac" said Naruto before waving goodbye.

It was now late and Naruto was heading to the library to turn in for the night. When he opened the door, "SURPRISE!" He stood there stunned at the sight of the balloons, confetti, ponies that were waiting to surprise.

"Welcome to your party Naruto!" said Pinkie Pie who was there along with Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy who had Ao on her back, Rarity and Applejack. Naruto still stood there in surprise before he smiled.

"Thanks everypony! And I am happy to be here in ponyville" said Naruto and everypony cheered and the party commenced. It was full of fun and Naruto stuffed himself silly with snacks since he hadn't eaten throughout the day. After an hour of partying, everypony left for their homes and Naruto cleaned up the place with the help of Pinkie Pie and the others. When they left as well, Naruto went upstairs and settled himself in the bed and got ready to sleep.

"Wow, so this is my new life, I'm looking forward to the memories which I will make with the others but I feel that should be ready for an incoming battle" Naruto thought not knowing how right he was.

Meanwhile on the moon, the silhouette of a mare begins to pulse in purple light before fading.


Chakurahonsurasshu = Chakra Horn Slash

Hello this is Hussbek online, sorry about taking so long but i was trying to sort out how Naruto met the ponies and i am thinking of having another before the nightmare moon battle. As always i'm up for suggestions just pm me if you have and i appreciate your reviews. I look forward to continuing this fic of and i wish you all the best.

This is Hussbek from Ghana

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