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D-Tales: A Nostalgic Return Pt 3


Chapter 23: Dimensional Tales: A Nostalgic Return and Fighting the Prophecy Pt. 3

Naruto slowly walked towards the still body of Shion, he was finding it hard to believe that she was dead but it laid out for him to see.

"How could this have happened?" asked Naruto.

Sakura looked down at the ground sadly "I'm sorry Naruto, I tried everything I could but I was too late,"

Naruto angrily walked over to Neji and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt "What happened Neji?! Where were you when Lee and I were fighting those guys?!Why aren't you saying anything?!"

"Stop it,"

Naruto turned to the sound of the voice and was surprised to see something unexpected, Shion was walking towards them, alive and well. Naruto looked away and still saw the Shion who was dead much to his confusion.

"Shion?! B-but h-how? If you're the real one, then who is that lying over there?" asked Naruto confusedly.

"It's Taruho…he's dead," said Shion.

"What happened to him?"

Neji was the one to answer this time "When we parted ways, he said that he would take a different route to the shrine, in case that he could be of help to us when we arrived there,"

"But we never would have thought that he meant it like this," said Sakura sadly.

"What do you mean Sakura?" asked Naruto.

"When you and Lee were fighting, two more of those ninjas came after us, Neji stayed behind to hold them off while I continued onwards. But along the way I met Taruho performing some sort jutsu which he calls the Shadow Mirror Body Transfer, he used it to transform into Shion's doppelganger and told me that it cannot be reversed. No matter what I said to change his mind, Taruho remained adamant to take her place,"

"But why didn't you at least try to force him to go back home Neji?"

"It was for the sake of the mission," said Neji "Naruto think about it, the fate of the world is hanging in the balance and we have to do whatever is necessary. Had Taruho not done this, then Shion would have been killed and your reason for coming here would have been null and void,"

"I…I understand, but it doesn't mean I like it," Naruto walked over to Taruho's body and knelt next to it "Don't worry Taruho, we'll be sure to give a proper burial,"

"Taruho was a fool," said Shion, Naruto turned to glare at her for disrespecting someone who had such strong loyalty that even Rainbow Dash would have acknowledged "Death was his choice, there is no need to mourn the idiot,"

"So you mean to tell me that you have forgotten whom he sacrificed his life for?!"

"Be quiet! Just leave me alone!" yelled Shion before running into the forest.

"Hey wait!" Naruto ran after her with the others staying behind to look after Taruho's body "How could you say those things when you know full well that Taruho was willing to protect you that he would even offer his very soul just to do that! And you wouldn't so much as show a sign of gratefulness or even shed a tear for him or anyone else?! Does your heart not feel anything, not even pain?!"

Shion finally stopped before a large tree and leaned against it, Naruto noticed that her shoulders were shaking "How can I not feel sorrow when somebody close to me dies?!"

Naruto was taken aback at seeing Shion cry "Then if so, why don't you?"

"I can't allow myself to cry as that will desecrate the memory of the many that gave their lives for me,"

"But why?"

"Foresight is the power that ensures the life of the priestess. When she perceives her own death, the soul leaves the body and shows her past self the image of her demise as well as the people who are near in that final moment. She then tells her attendants who believe that they have to die in her place so that she may live. That is the power of our foresight, to sacrifice the life of others so that we may live,"

Naruto thought back to what Taruho said, about the people would give their lives for her and that if they don't then she will die "So you mean that all of these visions that you receive are warnings of your forthcoming death?"

Shion tearfully nodded "There are times when I think to myself that I should just so that no one will have to sacrifice their lives for me. But if I did, then there will be no one to seal away Moryo and the world will be lost. No matter the amount of pain and sorrow I feel, more would have to die so that I may live,"

"But that doesn't make any sense, why does your people have to sacrifice themselves?"

"That's how it has always been, it's our fate which we must endure,"

Naruto was silent for a moment before he spoke "Do you really accept this? Are you really fine with such a fate?" Shion simply turned away from him and cried silently.

Later that night, they all stood in front Taruho's grave, prayed for his eternal peace "Don't worry Taruho, I'll protect Shion in your place and that I can assure you," thought Naruto.

"Naruto, I need you to take lady Shion to the sealing shrine while Sakura, lee and I will wait for the enemy," said Neji.

"But Neji, she saw his death, maybe one of us should go instead," said Sakura.

"No, I'll go," said Naruto.

"But Naruto-," Sakura began but she was interrupted by the blond.

"Sakura, I came here to help Shion seal Moryo away to protect the elemental nations which also includes all of you,"

"B-but I don't want you to die again!" Sakura was close to tears at the thought of him dying again "Ever since that day I heard of your death, I always felt that it was my fault because I made you promise me that you would bring Sasuke back, but I didn't mean for it to cost your life!" Naruto walked over and gave her a warm hug as she cried.

"Sakura it's okay, it wasn't your fault that I died. Sasuke is someone I also care about, so even if I hadn't made that promise, I would have still done everything to bring him back to us,"

"J-just come back to us this time," said Sakura wiping her eyes.

"Of course, this is me we're talking about!" Sakura, Neji and Lee smiled.

"Alright then Naruto, shrine is close by so we're counting you," said Neji.

"Make the most of your springtime of youth!" said Lee.

"You got it!" said Naruto "Kosei no Ha, you'll have to be at my waist now," the glaive glowed a bit before it floated to Naruto's waist and latched on. He carried Shion on his back and quickly made for thee sealing shrine as fast as he could.

Neji turned to Sakura and Lee "With what Lee saw during his battle, I figured out their weakness,"

"What do you mean?" asked Sakura.

"If there was jutsu which can replenish chakra externally, then it is possible to also absorb different types but for only short bursts of time, which is why they often jutsu which consumes large amounts of chakra. However, forcing foreign chakra into one's body comes at a great risk,"

"So how do we take them down?"

"Here's the plan,"

Later on, Lee and Sakura were leaping through the trees as fast as they could to avoid the lightning bolts which were raining down on them from a dark cloud which was floating from above. This kept up for a while until the cloud suddenly turned into water and fell to the ground. Shizuku and Setsuna landed nearby and fell to their knees, panting in exhaustion.

"It's no good, I'm running out of chakra," said Shizuku as the markings on her body faded, and the same could be seen for Setsuna. Kusuna landed on a tree branch near them "Brother we need to replenish on more chakra!"

"Hang on, I'm coming!" Kusuna was about to move in to help them when he heard something and turned to look behind, only to see Neji standing on a branch in a Gentle Fist stance.

"I don't think so, Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!" Neji swiftly moved forward and proceeded to deliver quick strikes on Kusuna's body with the pace increasing steadily.

"Two palms!"
"Four palms!"
"Eight palms!"
"Sixteen palms!"
"Thirty-two palms!"
"Sixty-four palms!"

With the final strike, Neji sent Kusuna crashing to the ground below much to the dismay of Shizuku and Setsuna.

"Brother!" shouted Setsuna worriedly.

Kusuna struggled to get up but his body wasn't responding "Why isn't the…chakra prescription working?" he panted out.

"I was able to strike all of your chakra points arresting the flow of your chakra," said Neji before he called out "Sakura, Lee, now's the time!"

"Chaaaaaaa!" Sakura appeared from the trees and dashed towards Shizuku with her fist cocked back, punching her with such strength that the tree which she crashed into was torn off its roots.

Lee also appeared before Setsuna and proceeded to inflict a barrage of kicks, sending the both of them high into the air "Severe Leaf Hurricane!" before finishing up with a heel drop kick to drive him to the ground below. The three enemy ninjas laid there unmoving to signify their defeat and the Leaf ninjas' victory.

"Naruto, it's all up to you now," thought Neji as he looked into the distance.

Naruto leapt through the trees with Shion on his back until they stopped a few distance away from the foot of a mountain where they could see the entrance inside.

"Here we are Shion, the entrance to the sealing shrine," said Naruto.

"Have you been here before?" asked Shion.

"Nah, I had sudden vision which led us all the way here," Naruto replied with a foxy grin, only for Shion to turn away with a huff "Now let's get you in there so that you can seal Moryo away, then you can follow your own path of destiny,"

"You can't change your fate,"

"Someone told me that before, and I proved him wrong. So I guess I have to show you too," Naruto jumped off and was making his way towards the entrance when suddenly the ground started quaking beneath his feet "What the, what's going on?"

The mounds of earth around burst in a cloud of dust only to reveal soldiers entirely made of stone with yellow glowing eyes peering through their helmets, wielding spears and swords.

"Those are the terracotta soldiers! If they're on the march right now, then that means Moryo is somewhere nearby," said Shion.

Naruto grabbed Kosei no Ha and quickly spun around to block an overheard slash from the sword of one of the terracotta soldiers but he was slowly pushed back from its strength, then a chakra arm shot out from his chest and dealt a punch strong enough to send it flying back and knocking into the others. He leapt into the air to avoid a stab from behind.

"What do we do?!" asked Shion.

"We'll blow right through them, so tug your legs and hold on tight!" Naruto, as he descended towards them, he let go of Kosei no Ha which floated by his side and thrust his palm forward "Chakra Bullet!" shot a white orb at one of them and landed a clean hit, but the soldier stood there as if nothing happened "Man, these guys can take a hit. I need to try something else,"

Naruto landed on the shoulders on a soldier and aimed a palm at it "Chakra Cannon!" and fired a point blank shot which blew its head clean off, then he leapt into the air again to launch another attack, but Shion suddenly lost her grip on him and fell off the ledge to the bottom below "Shion!"

"Am I going to die here? But if I die, then Naruto and my people won't have to give their lives for me," thought Shion as she plummeted to the lake below, then she felt two arms wrap around here and turned to see that it was Naruto who had dived in after her. Before they could hit the water, Naruto flipped in midair and used Pegasus Dash to change directions and landed on the shore instead. He carried her over to an oak tree and sat her against it.

"Phew, that was a close one," said Naruto as he walked to the lake and took off his headband, and started to rinse his face with water.

"You shouldn't have saved me, that way you wouldn't have to die. Well, at least until Moryo has found a way to destroy the world," said Shion, looking downcast.

"Maybe so," Naruto shook his head to get the water off his hair "But there's no way I'm dying, you can count on that!"

"Then that means I'll be the one to go,"

"I won't let you die either,"

"One of us will be dead, it's just a question of who!"

"The future isn't set in stone, we can still change it!"

"I keep telling you can't chan-" Shion was suddenly surprised when she raised her head to see Naruto's face close to hers.

"I'll protect you no matter what happens!" said Naruto with a foxy smile, this made Shion turn away from him, which made him quirk an eyebrow at her unusual reaction.

"But how? It's impossible," said Shion without turning to look which she found odd since she had been talking to him however she likes until now.

"If you put a little faith in me, then we'll definitely pull through this. Trust me on this,"

Shion finally turned to face him "Trust you?"

Naruto gave a her a warm smile "Yes, and besides I haven't gone all out on them yet," Naruto turned around and went on one knee "So let's go Shion,"

Shion got up and walked over to him before climbing onto his back "Naruto," he turned his head to show that he's listening "Do you promise?"

"Of course, I promise on my ninja way," said Naruto.

The terracotta soldiers were patrolling the entrance when they heard sounds of footsteps approaching them and turned to see Naruto holding Shion in a bridal carry and several of his clones running towards them.

"Hey rockies! Sorry if I kept ya'll waiting, but now it's Showtime!" shouted Naruto, the stone soldiers stood ready to attack them once they got in close to them "Hey guys, clear a path!"

"Roger boss!" two of the clones got in front and an arm to the side, then chakra arms appeared from their shoulders and started to swirl around the hands before a white spinning sphere appeared on their hands "First strike, Rasengan!" the first clone slammed his sphere into a soldier which grinded into it, sending it flying back into the others and pushed them over the cliff and into the water below. The second clone quickly followed up with his Rasengan and gained the same result, clearing path for Naruto and Shion to pass through, although more came and stood in their path to the entrance of the shrine.

"Why don't you blow them all away?" asked Shion.

"That jutsu takes a lot of chakra, I can't just fling them left and right like I want to!" said Naruto, the one of the clones got in front of them, then he cupped his hands together. Naruto stepped on it and was thrown high into the air "Chakra Wings!" white chakra shot from his back and took on the form of wings, then he glided over the stone soldiers before landing right before the entrance. He placed Shion down and turned to face the terracotta army "Get inside while I hold these guys off!"

"Are you sure?" asked Shion worriedly, Naruto turned and smiled at her.

"I promised didn't I?"

Shion smiled back before she turned and ran inside, Naruto turned to face them again, then he crossed his middle and index fingers, and made several more Shadow Clones "Alright guys, none of these pieces of rock are getting past here!"

"You got it boss!" Naruto led a few of his clones to engage the terracotta soldiers while the rest stayed behind to provide cover fire.

Shion was running as fast she could towards the center of the shrine where Moryo's physical laid sealed away, she was feeling nervous about leaving Naruto behind as she was still feeling fearful about the prophecy coming true.

"No, he promised that he won't die. I have to believe in him," thought Shion, suddenly the vision came back and this time in more details. She saw Naruto being pierced through his heart by a purple tendril, she nearly fell on the ground panting from receiving the vision. She got back up to her feet and continued to run until she arrived at the center of the shrine which there were many rocky pathways leading to the center with lava calmly flowing through the gaps. "This…this is where Naruto dies,"

Ahead of her, before the platform sits a man who raises his head and smiles evilly at her "You look just like Miroku," then the stone soldiers appeared next to him "Go and make her feel welcome," the soldiers marched towards Shion with a few more appearing from behind. Shion ran off to keep away from them, turning left and right to escape them. "My name is Yomi. A long time ago, your mother stood in the way of my ambition, I even wonder if you remember that day? We had resurrected Moryo to aid us with his power and the thousand year kingdom was right within our grasp, if only your mother wasn't there to ruin everything,"

Shion ran as fast as she could from the terracotta soldiers, but then she ended up being cornered to the edge of a cliff with lava at the bottom. She fearfully turned around and saw one of the soldiers raise its blade to strike "No, stay away from me!" suddenly her charm bell flashed brightly and shot several beams of pink light which cleanly sliced the soldiers into pieces.

"Hmmmm, it looks to me that you have learnt nothing this whole time," said Yomi.

"You're wrong, I've been preparing for this very day. I finally mastered the ceiling jutsu!" said Shion with a look of defiance.

Yomi chuckled darkly "If you say so, then by all means come and seal me away….if you can that is,"

Shion clutched her charm bell nervously, but then she remembered Naruto's words before walking forward towards the sealing area "You promised that you would protect me didn't you Naruto?" she was almost close to it when he spoke again.

"There's something you must know, I don't have the power to kill you. But at the same time you don't have the power to kill me either, because originally we were both one of the same entity,"

Shion was shocked for a moment before yelling at him "I don't believe you! You're lying and I won't fall for you tricks!"

"I have no reason to lie, truth is that the sealing jutsu's sole purpose is to join you and I together. Your mother knew of this but still accepted it, that's right….your mother exist within me," Shion let out a gasp at what she just heard "In order to prevent the abuse of such power, we were split into two entities with different beliefs and hearts and we faced each other forever at odds. But along the way, one of us became the evil Moryo and we are not bound by words like good, evil, light and dark,"

Shion pressed on and stepped into the center of the circle, she formed a single handsign and the floor lit up in purple light to reveal a symbol on the floor with a barrier being created and the four purple spheres inside the circle slowly revolved around her as Shion levitated above the ground. She went through several more handsigns, then a gate-like stone door which seems to be lying on its back.

Suddenly Yomi burst through the barrier and laid himself over Shion's shoulder which led her to scream out in fear.

With Naruto

"Take this!" Naruto brought his glaive down and cut a soldier into half before jumping away to engage the next one, he and his clones had been pushing back the terracotta soldiers with their current arsenals of techniques but the soldiers have proven themselves to be quite persistent "Man, these guys keep on keeping on, but there's no way they coming through here!"

Two of his clones landed on both sides, then he stretched a hand to each of them as they started forming the Rasengan. Then he charged forward towards the ghost army "Rasengan Barrage!" then he slammed the attack into them, destroying a majority of the stone army. One of the clones cried out in pain as a soldier was able to strike him down and was about to pass through the entrance "I don't think so!" Naruto threw his arm out and a chakra tendril shot out of it and raced towards its target, wrapping it up. Naruto pulled it back and started to spin around with the soldier serving as a makeshift wrecking ball before letting go to send it flying elsewhere.

Naruto crossed his fingers to create more Shadow clones as they all armed themselves with glaives with a few of them switching to chakrams or shields. Naruto charged in and started to slash at them with his clones close behind "Glaive Joust!" he dashed and thrusted his blade forward which pierced through two of the soldiers before pulling it out and kicking them away. He sidestepped to right just in time to avoid a slash but it left a shallow cut on his side.

"Hey! Rare worked hard on this jacket!" Naruto complained angrily before retaliating with a chakra punch to the head. More soldiers moved in to surround him, Naruto held Kosei no Ha with the swirling energy on the hilt of the blade glowing brightly to the side and got ready to execute his next technique "Glaive Windstorm!" he spun on his axis and was cutting down all of the surrounding enemies with his blade covered with chakra "Now back off!" Naruto stretched his hand and a chakra arm formed out of it, only that it was much bigger than normal. He swung his hand with the chakra arm doing the same which sent a large number of the terracotta army back.

But he fell on one knee and was panting heavily, he may have large reserves of chakra in him but doesn't mean his body can handle the strain when channeling. He got back up to his feet and was ready to attack again when he heard one of his clones call out to him.

"Hey boss, we need you to get back here and find some cover!" shouted the clone, Naruto nodded in affirmation and quickly retreated back to the shrine entrance before vaulting over the rocks. The remaining clones raised their palms and pointed them at the terracotta army "Let's do this! Army Clone Firing Squad!" then they randomly fired either a Chakra Bullet or Chakra Cannon which resulted in a cloud of dust from the impact. The cloud cleared to reveal most of the soldier turned into rubble while the remainder were still advancing "Dang it! They still keeping coming!"

"Keep it together guys, we can't let them get past us," said Naruto, he was about to charge in again when he heard a familiar voice and saw arcs of lightning tearing through the army from behind them.

"Lightning Blade!" it was a man with spiky silver hair with his headband slanted to cover his left eye, wearing a flak jacket, dark blue pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and a pair of finger-less gloves with metal plates on the backhand

"Hey it's good to see you again Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto shouted happily, Kakashi's eyes widened in shock upon seeing him.

"N-Naruto?! But how?! You were supposed to be dead!"

"Let's save the reunion for later! I've got to go and check up on Shion!" Naruto turned and ran into the shrine with his clones dispelling before Kakashi would call out to him.

"Naruto wait!" shouted Kakashi but Naruto was already gone, then he heard someone land behind him.

"Who was that Kakashi-sensei?" a male voice spoke up.

"Someone we thought that we would never see again," Kakashi replied.

Shion was shivering on the ground, looking at the dead body of Yomi "He killed him to get inside the barrier!"

"You were too hasty young priestess, you should have waited until he was dead before you put up the barrier," Moryo chuckled darkly, then a purple mist burst out of the body and raced towards the stone gate.

"Oh no! He's going after his body!" Shion got up and tried to stop him from getting any closer but Moryo blew her aside, sending crashing into the barrier which in turned shocked her a bit.

"Once the barrier has been put up, neither of us can escape. Until one consumes the other which will be decided by our chakra," said Moryo, then the gate opened "Finally I've reunited my body at last, nothing can stop me now! I have you to thank child, and that wretch is no longer alive to get in my way," Moryo cackled evilly as the barrier faded away.

Shion fell to her knees and began to wallow in despair "What have I been doing all these years, were they all for nothing?"

"Shion!" She turned around to see Naruto running towards her with a smile on his face "How did it go?! You sealed Moryo away right?!"

"Na-Naruto…I didn't deserve to be protected…by you…or anyone else!" said Shion amidst tears.

"Shion what happened?" Naruto was about to approach her, when the ground started to quake and suddenly something shot out from the ground. Naruto looked up to see multiple heads shaped like dragons with red eyes and a lighter purple aura which are all connected to a large purple body. The ground around Shion broke apart as she fell into a dark void below "Shion!" Naruto raced forward in an attempt to rescue her, but one of the dragon heads rushed at him with its jaws wide open only for him to leap high into the air to evade it.

Naruto grabbed Kosei no Ha and descended with a downwards slash "Get out of my way!" he stabbed the blade deeply, causing the dragon head to thrash around wildly in order to shake him until it finally succeeded, sending him flying into the air. Two of the heads came charging straight at him "Stellar Gear change: Chakram!" the glaive transformed and he threw the cyclone blade at one of the heads which cut its head off, then used Pegasus Dash to jump over the second and proceeded to slide down its neck in direction of the pit where Shion fell.

But then, another dragon head appeared before him and attacked, forcing Naruto to jump off and land on the ground "Dammit! Shion, just hold on for a bit. I'll save you soon enough," he stretched a hand out and caught the chakram which reverted back to its glaive form before creating some Shadow clones and charging forward to engage the demon.

Shion was floating in a void surrounded by darkness, then her bell glowed brightly as if shielding her from the darkness.

"As long as you possess that light, I cannot absorb you. But do you truly want this? You might not like what you'll see, like the end of this world perhaps?" Moryo cackled loudly as his voice echoed throughout the void.

"Wait, I'm still alive. But if I'm still alive, then that means Naruto is about to die!" thought Shion worriedly, suddenly a memory of her past flashed through her mind. She remembered back when she was a little that her mother gave her the bell, saying that it will protect her no matter and that she must remain true to herself. But then Moryo appeared with ill intentions to acquire her mother's power, that time Shion didn't have her bell and was attacked, but her mother used her powers to protect even to sacrifice her own life and past through time just for her.

She opened her eyes and found herself sitting near the lake and that she was glowing faintly with Naruto standing in front of her like before "I must have travelled back to the past,"

"Hah!" Naruto swung his blade and sliced off another head with the help of his clones, but then one of the dragon heads transformed into some sort of whip which lashed out and slammed into them, sending them crashing to the ground with the clones dispelling and the original climbing out of the crater "I'm not finished yet!" then all of the dragon heads attacked to finish him off "Chakra Wings!" he quickly took to the air, and performed barrel rolls and flips to evade them.

"You're too slow! Chakram Cyclone!" he transformed the glaive into the cyclone blade again and threw it as flew in an orbit and slashed through all of them. However he failed to notice that one of the heads regenerated itself and transformed into a sharp pointed tendril and shot towards his defenseless back.

"So let's go Shion," said Naruto as he went down on one knee.

Shion smiled softly as she got up, but then she took off the charm bell from her jacket "One's fate cannot be changed,"

"Ya, you keep saying that," She climbed onto his back again, but this time secretly pinned the bell to the collar of his jacket.


"You must…live!"

Right as the tendril was about to pierce Naruto from behind, a barrier in the form of a large charm bell appeared and blocked the attack much to his surprise. Several more of dragon heads attacked, but the barrier blocked all of them as Naruto fell to the ground although recovered at the last minute and landed properly.

"Where did that barrier come from? Could it be that Shion…?" Naruto's eyes widened upon what he just realized, he got back up to his feet and crossed his arms "That does it! I'm pulling out my ace! Chakra Burst Mode!" his body seemed to explode with white chakra then his hair changed from blond to white with chakra radiating from both his hair and eyes which strangely enough have his irises taking the shape of vertical fox-slits. His clothes have changed due to the white chakra, making them have six blue magatama markings around his neck, with blue lines along them with a swirling symbol on his stomach (AN: Think of Naruto's first chakra mode but white with blue lines and markings) Again two glaives hovered in midair by his sides.

He grabbed the glaives and connected them but the ends of the handles which melded together to form a double sided nagitana, then he twirled it before taking a stance "Here I come!" he sped forward to fight again.

Shion was still in the void, but this time she was without the charm bell to protect her and Moryo was laughing at her "I've seen that power once before, is that what you wish for though? If so, then I shall absorb you as you watch the people who had tried to protect you perish and the world of man rot away to nothing,"

"I would have been fine with this if I had known that the people who gave their lives for me wouldn't have had to die," Shion sobbed quietly "Isn't that right…mother?" a sparkle of light appeared in the darkness and took on the form of a woman whom she immediately recognized as her beloved mother.

"I'm so sorry Shion, all I wanted was for you to live the rest of your days in peace. Which is why I sealed your power into the charm bell, it has the potential to surpass even that of mine. I thought that it was too great of a burden for you, but it only meant that I didn't have faith in you. Do you hate me?" asked Shion's mother Miroku.

"There's no way I could ever hate you, I love you too much for that!" said Shion she started to glow brightly throughout the void, much to the surprise of Moryo.

"What?! How can this be?!" said Moryo in shock.

"Now I know why I have this power, and it's to destroy you! Release!" then her body changed form as she access the power sealed deep within herself. Her skin gains red markings, her hair turns pink and stands on the end, a blue cloth hovers behind her and covers her arms and her clothes changes to a thin yellow dress that is nearly see-through.

"Now I see, your true power was held in that bell of yours!" shouted Moryo angrily.

"Now I know my true destiny. Naruto, I'm leaving the protection of the world to you and the others now," said Shion, she could hear the words which Naruto said to her before.

"I won't let you die either! The future isn't set in stone, we can still change it! I'll protect you no matter what happens! Of course, I promise on my ninja way,"

"You're a terrible liar," thought Shion as tears flowed from her eyes, the light radiated further with Moryo screaming out in pain "You and I will disappear together!" suddenly she heard the familiar sound of a bell and a voice which she never thought she would never hear again.

Music start: Naruto Shippuden OST; Heaven Shaking Event

"Shion! Wake up!"

She reverted back to her normal self and looked up to see Naruto only to be surprised he looked different from before. He quickly had her in a bridal carry before forming chakra wings on his back and flying out of the void and into the air.

"Open your eyes and breathe!" shouted Naruto "What is that your heart is trying to tell you?! Do you truly wish to disappear from the face of the earth?!"

Shion was too stunned to say anything "I…..I….,"

"Come on Shion, say it! Say what your heart wants you to say! Yell it out for the whole world to hear!"

"I…want….I want…..I WANT TO LIVE!" Shion shouted out so loud that echo carried the sound throughout the cave.

"That's right!" said Naruto with a smile, then he held his hand out with Shion holding hers above his. The charm bell floated in between and a spiraling ball of chakra took form around it, and change color to a lily violet as well as grow in size "If you don't like the hand fate has dealt you, fight for a better one! And if you don't feel that you're strong enough to do so alone, then my friends and I will be there to fight by your side!"

Then the cavern floor broke apart to reveal the giant serpentine body of Moryo as it tried emerge from the lava.

"You're too late!" shouted Naruto as he held the huge spiraling sphere above his and Shion's head "Experience the power of Shion's and my Super Chakra Rasengan!" he folded his wings as they dived down towards Moryo and slammed their attack into it. The demon screeched out in pain as it felt its body being torn apart from the severe power of the jutsu.

The power of the attack was so strong that it awakened the once dormant volcano as the cavern floors broke apart, the ceiling was coming down, and the lava was quickly rising.

Music End

Later on outside the mountain, Sakura, Lee, Neji and the other ninjas were watching the eruption with interest and amusement.

"Looks like they ended up creating new volcano huh?" said Lee.

"We should have expected no less from him," said Neji with a smile.

"Yup, Naruto is still Naruto," said Sakura.

"I still think you guys are hallucinating, there's no way that troublesome blond would still be alive," said a boy with black hair and tied to a pony in shape of a pineapple.

"I know I saw him Shikamaru, we'll just have to wait and see," said Kakashi, looking around carefully.

They all heard the flapping of wings and looked up only to be shocked at what they're seeing. They saw the priestess being carried by someone who had wings made out of chakra coming from his back and descending, but what was most familiar was the spiky blond hair and the whisker like marks on his face.

"Hey, long time no see!" said Naruto with a foxy grin, most of those who hadn't seen the first time were too stunned to say anything, but it was Kakashi who spoke up.

"How is it that you're alive when we all saw your body being buried, and we know that it couldn't be a fake corpse,"

Naruto signed deeply as he put Shion down on the ground "A lot happened since that day I died,"

"Do tell, I would like to know. As much of a drag it would be," said Shikamaru, Naruto proceeded to tell them everything that had happened to him with the exception of Kurama not being sealed in him anymore "As I thought, you're just too much of a drag to figure out all this time since I've known you,"

"So what happens now Naruto? This is a chance for you to come back to the Hidden Leaf village with us, I'm sure everyone will be happy to see you again," said Sakura.

"As much as I want to, I can't," said Naruto with sad smile,

"But why?"

"Because my life here is already over, and I've been given a new life in another world where I have bonded with people I've considered precious to me and I can't just leave them," He could see that they really wanted him to come back with them and smiled warmly at them "But that doesn't mean I won't come visit every once in a while just to say hello. Should the Hidden Leaf ever get into any trouble, I'll come running to help and that is a promise!"

Sakura smiled tearfully before walking forward and giving him a hug "We understand, just come and see us from time to time, otherwise I'd come over to where you are bash your head in,"

Naruto smiled back and nodded, then he walked forward and took out six scrolls, giving one to Temari and the rest to Kakashi. "Those are letters that I want you to give to Gaara, Pervy Sage, Granny Tsunade, Iruka-sensei, Sasuke and the others," Kakashi took them with an eye-smile.

"There's something I'd like to talk about before you leave," Naruto nodded in affirmation, knowing what he wanted to talk about

He turned to see Shion staring at the mountain and walked over to her "So what happens now Shion, are you going to retire now that Moryo has been defeated?"

"No, there will always be a need for one," said Shion "When I was in there, I realized that Moryo was born from the darkness of people's hearts so who knows if he won't return again and again,"

"Then if that happens, then I'll always be there to help out," said Naruto with a smile.

"Thank you Naruto, and I won't curse my fate anymore. After all I'm a priestess and it's my mission, right?"

"You're right about that!" said Naruto.

Suddenly Shion's eyes glazed over as she was having a vision and images flew through her mind. She saw one of Naruto looking like a pony and fighting a dark shadow, running across the plains as a fox alongside a white wolf with crimson markings, facing down a creature that looked like a centaur, fighting alongside a purple dragon, and finally walking down a road with mares by his side and smiling together.

Naruto took notice and called out to her "Hey Shion, are you okay?" she snapped out of it before replying to him.

"I saw…a vision of your future," this earned looks of surprise and some of worry.

"What was it about?"

"I couldn't tell clearly, but what I can say is that you have a long journey ahead of you. But I know that you'll persevere through it all," said Shion and Naruto simply smiled with everyone else feeling the same way.

Later on, Naruto was back at where the TARDIS was situated and slowly approached it. He reached for his pocket and took out a scroll to take look at it. He remembered the farewells from his friends and Kakashi giving him the scroll after their discussion.

"No matter how far apart we may be, my bonds with them shall never be broken," Naruto said to himself before he sealed the scroll into the medallion and resuming his walk to the TARDIS in order to return to his new home that is Equestria.

This is Hussbek online with another chapter, I've reached the end of the arc and I hope that you enjoyed it. Kakashi has given Naruto a scroll after their discussion, what is in the scroll and what did they talk about? Find out the future chapters, for all we know, this isn't the last time that Naruto has seen of his old home.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out

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