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D-Tales: A Nostalgic Return Pt2


Chapter 22: Dimensional Tales: A Nostalgic Return and Fighting the Prophecy Pt. 2

Upon leaving the castle in the land of Ogres, Naruto and the others were leaping through the trees making their way to the sealing shrine with Sakura carrying Shion by piggyback.

"Your back is uncomfortable, you should try to keep your body more feminine," said Shion, her comment pretty much irritated Sakura as a tick mark could be seen on her forehead and her fists clenched in anger.

Naruto sweatdropped at what he was seeing "She's lucky that she a girl, if it was a guy. She would have punched him to the next nation," suddenly, an arrow shot out from the trees and struck where he had landed, then the group landed on the ground and heard someone land near them. They immediately recognized who it was.

"Oh, it's you Taruho," said Naruto, they saw that he came equipped with a sword, a bow and a quiver of arrows.

"What are you doing here?!" said Shion angrily.

"No matter where you go, it is always my duty to watch over you lady Shion," Taruho responded blankly.

"You're nothing but a burden to me! Now go back to the village!"

"I will not,"

"Go back home!"

"I will not,"

"Go! I mean it!"

"I will not,"

Naruto leaned over and whispered to Neji "This is going to eat up more of our time, isn't it?" he got a silent nod from the stoic Hyuuga.

Eventually, Shion gave in as the group were seen running through the mountains as quickly as they could. They stopped for a moment and turned to look behind them, and they could Taruho running a bit far behind which was impressive for someone who hasn't been trained to become a Shinobi. They looked at each other and nodded before continuing through the mountains. Soon the sun had set and night had fallen as they were now situated on the edge of a cliff in a forest.

Neji was currently standing near the edge, using his Byakugan to scope the landscape for any signs of the enemy which they encountered before "No sign of the enemy," his eyes returned to normal as he turned to speak to the others "We'll make camp here,"

"But I thought we're pressed for time here?" asked Naruto.

"Normally if it were us, we would be able to go for several more days," said Sakura, they turned to see Taruho massaging Shion's feet in a nearby stream "But they have reached their physical limit,"

"I told you I'm fine!" said Shion indignantly.

"Lady Shion, the sealing jutsu is very taxing. Please, you need to make sure that you get enough rest tonight," said Taruho.

Shion simply turned away with a huff "Humph, I'm hungry! Make me some food!"

"How picky can this girl be?" Naruto grumbled, he would soon find out when they served for her to eat, he took one look at them and threw them away much to their dismay.

"The soup is too cold and I can't eat these or that!" said Shion haughtily.

Lee was crying anime tears at the sight of the wasted food "I would have eaten those anyway,"

"Me too," said Sakura.

"I'm sorry my lady," Taruho bowed in apology.

"Lighting a bonfire would alert the enemy to our location," said Neji.

"Don't you have anything else to eat aside from those things?!" asked Shion, Neji was about to answer when Naruto spoke up.

"I can provide some food, that is if you still want to eat,"

Shion looked at him with a quirked eyebrow "And how are you going to do that? Last I checked you don't even have a backpack. All that you carry is that weird sword," On Naruto's back, Kosei no Ha pulsed a bit to show that it was annoyed at being called weird.

Naruto reached for a medallion with a smile "I have a way of carrying my stuff, release food pack!" everyone was surprised to see the medallion glow brightly and a white orb floated out of it and towards the ground before transforming into a medium sized container.

Sakura was the first to snap out of her surprise "H-how did you do that?"

"During the time Pervy Sage and I were looking for Grandma Tsunade to become Hokage, he taught me a little about Fuinjutsu," said Naruto as he walked over to the container and was about to open it.

"But I read that fuinjutsu is one of the most complex arts which only a few people can properly understand," said Neji, he would know a bit about it since he was branded with the caged bird seal which he hides behind his headband.

"I discovered that I had a real knack for it, so I can create seals for storage, barriers, illumination and other stuff, but I still have a lot to learn," said Naruto, "It's a good thing that I packed some food before I came," he opened the box and reached inside to pull out a couple of containers and a flask with a few cups inside.

"I don't recognize any of these food, are they from the other world?" asked Taruho curiously.

"Yeah, sometimes I work part time in a sweet shop with my friend Pinkie Pie, and we bake pastries like pies, croissants, quiche, macaroons and muffins which are my second favorite. I even have some right here so you're welcome to try it,"

"Humph, I can only hope that they're better than the last ones," said Shion, Naruto opened the containers for Shion to try out. She picked a muffin and took a bite out of it, only for her eyes to widen in surprise before she quickly finished eating it and went for another.

Naruto was smiling inwardly "Looks like we got another muffin lover," soon the others joined and Naruto opened the flask to pour iced tea into the cups for them.

"I have to admit that they taste good, but that's all you'll get from me," said Shion, drinking from a cup of iced tea.

"I'll be sure to tell Pinkie what you said," said Naruto with a smirk.

"You know, Choji would give anything to eat these kind of food," said Sakura.

"You're right about that," Naruto laughed at the thought of Choji going on an eating frenzy if he were to go to Equestria, except that he would be dismayed if he hears that they don't eat meat which means no barbeque.

After the meal, Shion went to sleep with Neji, Sakura and Lee stationing themselves around her. Taruho sat on a rock near the near the cliff and watched the landscape, he heard someone approaching from behind and turned to see that it was Naruto walking up to him with a cup of iced tea and muffin in hand.

"I noticed that you didn't back at the camp, so I saved these for you. You'll need the strength to keep up with us since we're going to be running all day," said Naruto with a smile.

Taruho accepted them with a smile "That is very kind of you," they sat in silence as he ate until Naruto broke it.

"Hey Taruho, about these predictions…how do they work?" asked Naruto.

"She can only see someone's death if they are an attendant or someone close to her," said Taruho.

"But if you know what's going to happen, then can't you find a way to avoid it?"

"No matter you try, death cannot be cheated in the end. Except in your case, you were given a second chance to live," Naruto just sat there silently "Although every vision she's ever had had centered on people who were honored to die for her, and did so without question. If they had to fight fate and then tried to live, I'm fairly positive that lady Shion would have died herself," Naruto turned to look at him in surprise. "But lately the people of our land have begun to fear her foresight, going out of the way just avoid her,"

"So you mean that they got scared thinking that if they stayed near her, she would predict their death?" asked Naruto, Taruho nodded in affirmation.

"Yes, I can't say that all her visions will all come true. Maybe it depends on the people revealed in them,"

"I see, this whole time she was so lonely. So she hides her sadness by acting spoiled," Naruto thought back to when he was younger in the village, people would look at him with hatred in their eyes and keep their children away from him. To fight the loneliness, he plays pranks just so that people would just look at him "She and I aren't so different, "

"It is indeed a sad story for her,"

"Then what if she said you were gonna die?"

"My clan is deeply indebted to lady Shion's mother. I can repay that kindness by safeguarding her life, then I would gladly give up my own," Taruho smiled warmly "Nothing can change one's destiny, as long as the heart remains true.

By the time that they finished talking, the sun had risen and its rays of light shone upon the land. Naruto got up and patted his clothes to remove the dust and made sure that Kosei no Ha was still on his back.

"Alright Taruho, are you ready to get back on the road?" Naruto turned and was about to meet up with Neji and the others when he saw Shion standing behind them "She had it rough just like me, maybe I can get her to open up to us," so he smiled and waved at her "Good morning Shion, enjoyed your sleep?" Shion simply looked away from him with a huff to which he almost face faulted at "It's gonna be a long process,"

Shion walked towards Taruho with a sullen look on her face "Taruho, I don't need you. Go back home,"

Taruho was surprised, but he remained steadfast "You'll have to forgive me milady, but I can't leave your side,"

"You'll be nothing but a burden Taruho!"

Naruto was really getting annoyed by this "Will you stop being such a spoiled brat?! Can't you see that Taruho has been working really hard and doing everything he can just to protect you from the bottom of his heart?!"

Taruho was silent until he finally spoke "You had a vision, didn't you lady Shion?" they noticed that she winced when he said that "It's alright, you can be honest with me milady,"

"When my pulse races and I hear the tone of the bell, visions of the future are revealed to me. I heard the chime again last night and your future became clear. If you don't turn back now Taruho, you're going to die," Everyone was silent after she spoke, no one expressed any emotions and Naruto's senses did not even kick in to help him.

The scene then changes to a valley with two large mountains with a river flowing in between them, there are rocks sticking out of the water. Naruto and the other Shinobi could be seen leaping on top of them and Taruho was nowhere to be seen, although someone doesn't seem to be enjoying the ride and was very vocal about it.

"Look out! Will you stop?! I'm going to fall! Put me down! Put me down now!" shouted Shion, eventually they had to stop on top of a large rock with a flat surface which was when Shion frantically got of Sakura's back "Are you crazy?! This path is too dangerous! Are you trying to protect me or kill me?! There has to be another way we can go!"

"Neji, should we take another route?" asked Lee.

"No we can't, these springs here are the only source of fresh water in this region. Our enemies' group attacks are fire style," said Neji.

"In other words, the water around can be used to hinder their attacks," said Sakura.

"Correct, lady Shion. Once we make it through here, the sealing shrine is only a short ways away. Please endure a little longer,"

"Fine then," said Shion.

"Unfortunately, our enemies get to strike first so stay alert. And no individual initiatives, you got it Naruto?"

"Well that will depend on what happens," said Naruto with a smirk. Suddenly they heard a loud rush water of water "Did you guys hear that?"

"Yeah, and it seems to be coming from behind us," said Lee, they turned around to see something heading towards them, a large amount of water in the shape of a giant dragon was flying towards them.

"A water dragon?!" said Neji with a look of surprise.

"They're coming after us with water, not fire. You were dead wrong!" said Shion.

"Never mind that now, come on!" Sakura carried Shion on her back again and started to jump on the rocks with Neji in the lead on the rest close behind.

"We've got to get to higher ground!" said Neji as they ran. they ascended up the mountain through the use of ledges until they finally reached the top, they placed Shion down and immediately surrounded her from four sides "We don't know which way they'll be coming from, protect lady Shion!"

"Perfect, good thing we got all this water huh? I thought you were the smart one in the bunch Neji. You might as well give up!" said Shion.

"Someone must be controlling that water dragon," said Sakura.

"then we just have to find the user," Naruto closed his eyes "Aura Sight!" then he opened them to reveal his eyes covered in white chakra, he looked around for a moment before he located two auras situated on top of a ridge not too far from here "I found them, they're on that ridge!"

Neji then used his Byakugan to take a look as well "Hold on a minute, that Kunoichi was using fire style chakra before. Although it is not unusual for a Jounin to wield different elements, I didn't sense any water based chakra from her chakra points at all,"

"I'm going after them!" said Naruto.

"No Naruto, we must stay right where we are,"

"We're sitting ducks if we stay here, but if I move in on them then I can cancel that water jutsu!" Naruto ran off as fast as he could.

"I can't let Naruto face them alone, I'm going to back him up!" Lee took off after Naruto as well.

"Naruto has a point, I just hope that he would make it in time," said Sakura worriedly.

"You mean that bushy brow guy and the blond haired annoyance?" said Shion.

On another side of the ridge, two people watching the group, "Two of them are headed this way," said Setsuna.

"Well that makes it a lot easier for us," said Kusuna.

At the other part of the ridge, the other two saw Naruto and Lee getting close to their location.

"Here they come," said Gitai giddily.

"Yup, looks like it. You take care of the taijutsu user while the blonde haired kid is mine," said Shizuku.

"Are you kidding? I wanted a rematch with that twerp. Oh well, he's all yours then," Gitai leapt forward while laughing maniacally.

Naruto was running towards the ridge when he caught sight of them "There they are!" he reached behind his back and took out Kosei no Ha before leaping high into the air "Stellar Gear Change: Chakram!" the glaive transformed into a large three pointed cyclone blade, he flipped in midair and then threw at them. They jumped away just in time as the chakram sliced through the rock they were standing on before it flew back to Naruto who caught it before it reverted back to the glaive.

At that moment, the water dragon had risen from the valley and was about to attack Neji and the others when it suddenly dispersed itself without warning.

"The jutsu is broken, Naruto must have done it!" said Sakura. Neji nodded in affirmation before he walked over to Shion.

"Lady Shion,"

She looked at him confusedly "What is it?"

He reached out and poked her forehead which made her slump over as she lost consciousness before he caught her in his arms "I hate to do this, but I need you to take a short nap, " then he turned to Sakura "While Naruto and Lee keep them busy, we'll continue moving on. So I'll be counting on you,"

"Understood," said Sakura before she carried Shion and they took off into the forest with two of the enemy ninjas in pursuit.

Lee saw Naruto about to engage an opponent and was about to move in to assist when the earth started shaking which made him jump back and saw it rise from the ground and the white haired ninja stood on top of it.

"Hey twerp, I'll be your opponent today. This will be interesting, let's how much you fist can take," said Gitai with an insane look in his eyes as Lee took his strong fist stance.

Back with Naruto, he watched as his opponent stood on the tip of his toe and the raised the other one high into the air which confused him a bit but he didn't let his guard down.

Music Start: Naruto Shippuden The Moive OST; Water Above Cut

Shizuku smirked at him "Water Style: Surface Slicer!" she brought her foot down on the ground which created a fast jet of water to run through the ground towards Naruto. He quickly jumped into the air over her head and aimed a palm at her.

"Chakra Bullet: Rapid Fire!" a rune appeared and a volley of white orbs shot out towards her. Shizuku quickly moved out of range by gliding on a stream of water, almost if she was ice skating. Upon landing, Naruto quickly thought of a plan before turning around and running into the forest with the Kunoichi in pursuit. Naruto was moving around and vaulting over the rocks to stay ahead of while shooting a chakra bullet at any given moment.

"Do you really think these rocks and trees will shield you from me? I think you're taking this lightly!" Shizuku launched two jets of water at the blond ninja. Naruto landed on a rock with his hands and pushed off it to launched himself into the air just as the two jets sliced through the rock

"Shielding is not the only thing these rocks and trees can do, let me show you!" Naruto was about to land on a slanted rock when he channeled chakra to his feet to perform a Terra Drift as he slid down the slope, then he spun around and aimed his hand at her "Chakra Bullet: Rapid Fire!" another volley of white orbs raced towards her, which she glided out of the way and responded with two more jets of water. Naruto slid out of the way and shot back "Chakra Cannon!" he fired a much larger ball of chakra which destroyed on if the jets but the other one was still coming.

Naruto took out Kosei no Ha and held it in front of him "Stellar Gear Change: Shield!" then it transformed into the defensive armament, he successfully blocked the attack and used the impact to slid backwards to a slanted rock which served as a ramp for him to jump into the air towards the treetops.

"Nice try kid, but don't think you're safe up there!" shouted Shizuku before firing more of the water jets which launched upwards, Naruto used Pegasus Dash to jump higher before crossing his index and middle fingers of each hand together.

"Multi-Shadow Clone jutsu!" several puffs of smoke appeared around him before they dissipated to reveal copies of him which proceeded to attack but were surprised to see the Kunoichi standing there with a huge orb mad out of water hovering above her.

"Water Style: Dragon Water Whip!" many sharp whips emerged from the orb and raced towards Naruto and his clones, they pierced through many of them and even changed directions to attack many more.

"Guys, defend yourselves!" Naruto shouted out, the clones then used their shields to deflect the water whips while Naruto used a chakra tendril to latch onto a tree branch and pulled himself over to it to get some cover from the water attacks "I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one having a slight problem with my opponent,"

With Rock Lee

Naruto had no idea how right he was as Lee was engaging his foe in close combat, Lee launched a straight kick at Gitai who leapt high into the air, but he was quick to follow and appeared above him in mid-flip.

"Severe Leaf Hurricane!" shouted Lee as he launched his attack.

"Earth Style: Petrifying Jutsu!" shouted Gitai right before he got it in the head by a flip kick, sending crashing onto a boulder.

Lee quickly descended towards him while spinning "And now to end it!" he slammed a heel drop kick on Gitai's forehead with enough power to crack the boulder underneath them, but he was surprise when he heard a chuckle from his opponent as he raised an arm.

"We're not in the school yard, you better step things up a bit," said Gitai, his arm morphed into a rock club which extended to hit him, Lee backflipped several times to dodge but still got hit and was sent tumbling across the field. Gitai jumped up and launched his rock club at Lee again "is this your idea of getting serious?!"

Lee quickly got up and jumped away just in time to avoid being crushed "Such density and power, but I cannot afford to lose!" he bit into his bandages and pulled to loosen them "Primary Lotus!" he charged forward and ducked under the club flung at him, he performed a handstand and proceeded to kick him continuously which launched the both of them high into the air. Then he whipped out his bandages to wrap around, he grabbed Gitai and dived headfirst towards the ground while rotating at a ferocious speed which led to a large crater and a cloud of dust before Lee jumped away while thinking it was over.

"This is boring, so let me get this straight. So you don't know any ninjutsu?" the cloud of dust cleared to reveal Gitai with over half of his body encased in rock like a golem with only his head uncovered "You really think that rinky dink taijutsu of yours can take me down,"

"What are you saying then? Your body is unaffected by taijutsu?" Lee jumped out of the way when a rock fist was swung his way and started dodging the attacks which followed afterwards.

"I don't know who your teacher is, but he's gotta be one big loser!" Gitai was able to connect a punch on Lee, which sent him flying before moving in to finish him off.

Lee got up to his feet and glared angrily at his opponent "Say what you will about me, but I won't let you badmouth my sensei!" He jumped and kicked him in the face before leaping high into the air and then crossed his arms "Forgive me Guy-sensei, but in order to stay true to my ninja way I would have to use that technique!"

His body began to emit large amounts of chakra, his eyes turned completely white and his skin color changed to red "Third Gate of Life, open!" his chakra increased and he dashed forward "Fourth Gate of Pain, open!" his power increased further, he lashed out with a straight punch which broke through the rock armor and was leaving cracks on it.

Gitai was shocked at what was happening "W-what the?"

"I am only getting started!" Lee pulled his fist back and jumped into the air "Fifth gate of Closing, open!" he came down with a chakra infused punch, Gitai crossed his rock arms to try and block it but it was easily broken through and the armor was shattered.

Gitai burst out of the rocks with a hidden smirk behind his mask "Now this is fun! You got stronger all of a sudden huh?!" but I'm not done yet! I still have a few trick up my sleeve!" He tighten the muscles on his left arm, something was moving along it before tearing out of his skin to reveal some sort of purple snake with a single eye. He grabbed its head and tore it off before removing his mask and squeezing hard enough for a droplet of green liquid to fall into his mouth.

He swallowed it and suddenly his skin became a tannish color and green markings appeared on his face as purple chakra exploded from his body, then magma rocks shot out from the ground and covered his whole body before exploding outwards, Lee had to avoid the flying rocks and looked again to see that Gitai had transformed again, he has six-arms, three faces and a tail.

"He transformed again and his chakra has increased as well, could it have something to do with what he drank?" thought Lee.

"Now this is what I'm talking about!" he slammed his hands on the ground and some red projectiles raced along the surface, Lee jumped away just before where he stood exploded. More of the projectiles pursued him, but he was able to evade the explosions with little trouble thanks to his boosted speed "Nice dancing moves there! Let's see you handle this!" Gitai encased his body in armor but the only difference is that the armor is darker in color, had extended arms and had a demonic appearance. He swung a rock arm at him to dodged it only to be surprised where Gitai had struck exploded

"If I hope to prevail, I might have to open the next gate but that will put my life at risk," then Lee reach into the pocket of his flak jacket and pulled out a chocolate ball wrapped in foil "Guy-sensei told me only to eat this in a serious pinch, and this qualifies as one!" he unwrapped the foil and ate the chocolate, but then he started to feel rather woozy and hiccupped a bit "Why does this taste familiar? It almost like that medicine I had to take,"

"Hey twerp, what was it you just ate?" asked Gitai, but the moment he blinked, Lee had disappeared from his sight and suddenly he felt himself being pulled upwards. He looked to see one of his arms wrapped up in bandages and Lee was on the other end spinning rapidly with bandages to pull Gitai towards him, then he flipped over and rapidly punched the armor to expose his back.

"Hidden Lotus: Chocolate Bomb!" he landed on the ground and bounced back with a drilling kick. It seemed to have an effect as cracks appeared on the rock armor with purple light shining through it, Gitai screamed out in pain before he exploded and left no trace and Lee laid on the floor all worn out.

With Naruto

Back with Naruto, Shizuku had cleared out all of the clones and there was no one in sight except for the one she guessed is the original.

"Looks like you've gotten bored of playing hide and seek with your clones eh?" said Shizuku, several more whips shot out of the water orb and raced towards him.

"You're only half right," said Naruto, two chakra tendrils popped out from his back and started attacking the water whips but one of them got through and pierced, Shizuku smirked only for it to drop when she saw Naruto disappear in a puff of smoke like that of a Shadow Clone. Then she noticed a shadow loom over her and looked up to see Naruto descending with spinning ball of chakra in his hand "Rasengan!"

"Water Attack Gorgon!" the water orb changed into that of a serpent charged with its jaws wide open. Naruto went right into the mouth but the rotation of the sphere broke through it and he drew nearer to Shizuku, but when he got close enough, Shizuku noticed that he was smirking before he disappeared in a puff of smoke as well much to her confusion "A clone? But why didn't it attack me?"

"Because it was its job to distract you," she turned around just to see Naruto attacking with a Rasengan while another aimed a Chakra Cannon at her. "Rasengan/Chakra Cannon!" They both attacked which resulted in gaping holes on her body, but the only thing wrong with the scenario was that she wasn't bleeding but rather dissolved into a puddle of water.

Music End

"Ninja Art: Water Substitution, nice try kid but you're going to have to do better than that," said Shizuku tauntingly.

"Man this is taking too long, I've gotta rejoin the others. Hold on, if Bushy Brow and I are each facing an opponent and there are four of these guys, then..." Naruto's eyes widened upon realization.

"Looks like you figured it all out, we were keeping you away from each other," said Shizuku with a smirk.

"Dang it, you're gonna pay for this!" Naruto ran off to catch up with the others as fast as he could.

"There's not gonna be a next time, the whole world will soon come to an end!"

Naruto ignored and kept on running "I hope I'm not too late," along the way Lee joined in the run.

"Naruto, what's going on that you're running so fast?" asked Lee.

"Those guys were serving as a distraction to keep us away from the others, we've gotta hurry back!" Together they ran through the forest until they saw Neji and Sakura standing in a clearing "You guys are okay, we found out about their plans and quickly came back, so where is Shion?

They neither answered nor looked into his eyes when he asked them about, fear slowly edged its way into his heart when a certain thought passed through his mind "Where is Shion?" they still didn't answer him and he looked around until he saw someone laying on the ground, his heart turned cold upon recognizing who it was.

It was Shion, and she is dead.

This is Hussbek online with another chapter, looks the one whom Naruto and the others are supposed to protect is killed, so what are they going to do now? We'll find out on the next chapter and it's going to be climatic! Read and review as always.

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