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Birds of a Feather


Chapter 17: Birds of a Feather

It was another normal day in Ponyville as Naruto along with Twilight and Pinkie Pie were at the park. Naruto was reading one of Daring Doo's books with interest, Twilight was reading a book as well although he didn't bother to ask what she was reading about, and Pinkie was being quite descriptive with how Rainbow Dash performs her tricks.

"And then Rainbow Dash was like swish, zoom, swoosh and flew very high into the air,"

"Uh-huh," said Twilight while she continued reading without looking up from her book.

"And then she looped around and was like whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo," Pinkie twirled around a bit before falling to the ground from dizziness, then she got bounced over to Naruto "Don't you think so Naru?"

Naruto looked up from his book with a smile "Of course Pinks, Dash is an amazing flyer and we all know it. Speaking of who, isn't that Dash flying over us?"

Pinkie Pie looked up to see that it was really Rainbow Dash flying over them and bounced off after her much to Twilight's relief.

"Finally," said Twilight.

"Come Twilight, you know that's just Pinks being amazed by Dash's flying skills and wants us to know about it," said Naruto turning a page on his book and continued to read.

"I know Naruto, but I really wanted to learn more about the history of your world," Twilight then closed the book and sealed it away in her medallion.

"Where are you going?"

"There are some books that I want to pick up at the bookstore,"

"Oh, then I'm coming too," Naruto placed a bookmark on the page before sealing it away in his medallion as well, then they walked into town when Pinkie Pie showed up again.

"Hey Naru, can you help me find Rainbow Dash? I've been looking all over for her," said Pinkie Pie.

"Isn't that not her right up there?" Naruto pointed a hoof upwards for them to see a rainbow colored tail sticking out of it.

"Rainbow Dash!" shouted Pinkie Pie, but then Rainbow Dash took off at high speed with Pinkie Pie bouncing after her.

"Dash had better give up and listen to whatever Pinks has to say, as she'll always find her no matter where she hides," said Naruto with a look of amusement.

"What makes you say that?" asked Twilight.

"It's because Pinkie Pie always seems to find me no matter where I try to hide, so in way it turned into a game of who finds who with her finding me more often," Twilight simply shrugged as she never tried to figure Pinkie Pie out.

Later on, Naruto was at the mansion writing some sealing formulas on a scroll when he noticed that he was out of scrolls.

"I'd better head to the shop and restock on more scrolls," Naruto left the house and was almost at the scroll shop when he saw Rainbow Dash moving a cloud above the entrance and Pinkie Pie was hiding by the side of the building "What are those two up to?"

Then he saw Spike come out of the shop carrying a heap of scrolls in his arms while humming to himself. Pinkie gave a signal to Rainbow Dash who then kicked the cloud and a loud crash of thunder came out of it. The sudden sound startled Spike and led to him getting the hiccups.

"I get it now, they wanted to play a prank on Spike," Naruto laughed as he approached them.

"Oh Rainbow Dash, we startled Spike into getting the hiccups," said Pinkie Pie with Rainbow Dash chuckling.

"So you guys were planning to prank Spike, you should have invited me as you know how much I love playing pranks," said Naruto with a mischievous grin.

"You're right Naru, I can't believe I forgot about that,"

"Good one Pinkie *Hiccup* Pie. *Hiccup* You're always pulling a fast one *Hiccup* on me," Spike tried to pick a scroll, but he hiccupped a green flame and it disappeared.

"You're not hurt are you?" asked Pinkie Pie worriedly.

"Don't worry about it Pinks, dragons are fireproof. Right Spike?" said Naruto.

"That's *Hiccup* right," Spike picked more of the scrolls but he hiccupped again, sending the scrolls to Canterlot "Although I wish the same thing *Hiccup* were true with scrolls,"

Meanwhile in Canterlot, Princess Celestia was reading the first scroll that was sent to her and was surprised when a ton of scrolls appeared and fell on her.

Back at Ponyville, Naruto and the others were laughing at Spike who kept trying to pick up the remaining scrolls but he kept hiccupping flames and sending them to Canterlot.

"Have you ever seen anything more hilarious?" asked Pinkie Pie while laughing.

"I can think of one thing," Rainbow Dash kicked the cloud again, startling Pinkie Pie to also get the hiccups but they all laughed. "You know Pinkie Pie, you're not as annoying as I thought. So you wanna hangout?"

"*Hiccup* That'd be *Hiccup* I'd really*Hiccup* When do *Hiccup* I mean *Hiccup* When would you *Hiccup*," Pinkie Pie's hiccups kept throwing her all over the place much to Naruto's amusement until Rainbow Dash stopped her with a hoof.

"A simple nod will do," to which Pinkie Pie complied.

"You guys can count me in, there's no way I'm missing out on this," said Naruto excitedly, he hadn't done a good prank in a long time and was just itching to do so.

"Then welcome to the club," said Rainbow Dash.

Later on, the trio were seen carrying baskets full of items for their pranks. They were hiding behind some bushes in front of the Carousel Boutique, Naruto sent one of his clones to drop a bouquet of flowers at the doorstep and rang the doorbell before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Is she even home?" whispered Rainbow Dash to which Naruto nodded in affirmation.

"Yeah, since I can sense her aura," he replied.

"This is gonna be gold," Pinkie Pie snickered.

Rarity opened the door to see the flowers on her doorstep "Now who would be so nice to leave these beautiful flowers for me?" she bent down to sniff them but a pink powder covered her snout and started to sneeze a lot.

"Gesundheit," Rarity turned to see Naruto and others standing nearby laughing with Rainbow Dash holding a can of sneezing powder. They ran off with Dash dropping the can in front of Pinkie Pie making her fly backwards from her sneeze with Rarity looking at them with a smile.

In the library, Twilight was experimenting with some chemicals. When she was focusing in the chemicals, a yellow tail holding a blue bottle appeared and poured a clear liquid into the ink pot before quickly disappearing. Twilight turned and used the quill to write some data on the scroll before returning to her work. But when she turned to check, everything that she wrote was gone and her experiment exploded.

"You can't read what you can't see,"

Twilight traced the voice to the window and saw Naruto, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie laughing with Naruto holding what seems to be a bottle of invisible ink with his tail, Twilight simply smiled at the harmless prank.

Applejack was bringing a cart out of the barn when froze stunned at what she saw, all of the apples in the orchard had been painted in various colors and patterns.

"Land sakes!" She then heard snickering and turned to see Naruto, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash wearing black berets, each holding a palette of paint and a paintbrush.

"It's quite artistic, wouldn't you agree AJ?" Naruto didn't get his answer as he and the others had to hightail it out of there with Applejack throwing apples at them.

When one of the apples fell into a barrel of water, Applejack noticed the paint washing off and the apple returning to its normal color and chuckled upon realizing that it was just a joke.

Fluttershy was at the pond feeding the fishes and other animals, although one of the turtles looked suspiciously fake and there was a hidden hose in it connecting all the way to the other side of the lake and behind some bushes where Naruto and the others hid.

"Is someone over there? Who're we gonna squirt? Who're we gonna squirt?" Pinkie Pie was bouncing excitedly with a button in her mouth ready to press for the toy to shoot out water while Naruto sat nearby wondering the same thing.

"Fluttershy of course," said Rainbow Dash looking through a telescope.

"Whoa there, we can't do that to Shy," said Naruto worriedly.

"Naru's right, she's so sensitive and it will hurt her feelings, even with our most harmless prank," said Pinkie Pie with Naruto nodding in agreement.

"I guess you're right, then we need to prank someone else. Someone who's made of tougher stuff, so who's it gonna be?" said Rainbow Dash, Pinkie's shoulders were shaking and Naruto put up a poker face.

"We've got someone in mind," Pinkie giggled.

"Really? Who is it and do I know them?"

"Of course you do, but before that you might want to look at the lake," said Naruto.

Rainbow Dash looked at the water to see her reflection which had ink around her left eye, that was when Naruto and Pinkie Pie finally broke into laughter "Good one you guys, I didn't see that one coming,"

She held out a hoof for Pinkie Pie to slap it only to pull it back each time for her to, but Naruto was quick enough to do so and smirked at her.

"Not so fast are ya Dash," Naruto laughed with the others joining in while Fluttershy was poking at the toy in curiosity as the sun went down.

"That was fun!" said Pinkie Pie bouncing around excitedly.

"You said it Pinks, I hadn't enjoyed myself like this for a while," said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"How about we do this again tomorrow?" said Rainbow Dash, receiving nods from the others before they left for their homes.

The next morning, Pinkie Pie was walking towards Rainbow Dash's home while wearing funny glasses, a fake arrow and mustache, clown nose and blowing a party horn. Then she stopped before a house on top of a cloud.

"Hey Rainbow Dash wake up! It's a beautiful day and we've a lot of pranking to-" she stopped in midsentence when a birdlike creature popped out and stared at her "Ooh,"

"Oh hey Pinks," Rainbow Dash appeared from the roof of her home and landed before Pinkie Pie with the creature landing afterwards. "Gilda, this is my gal pal, Pinkie Pie,"

Pinkie looked closely and saw that Gilda looked half eagle and half lion with her eagle head covered with white feathers, yellow talons and large brown feathers.

"Hey, what's up?" said Gilda dryly.

"Pinkie, this is my griffon friend Gilda,"

"What's a griffon?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"She's half eagle and half lion,"

"And all awesome," Gilda and Rainbow Dash did their signature greeting.

"Gilda's been my best friend from my days at Junior Speedster flight camp. Hey remember the chant?"

"Of course, they've made us recite it every morning, I don't think I'll ever get it out of my head,"


"Oh alright, since it's for you Dash,"

They both flew into the air and started saying the chant, although Gilda wasn't so enthusiastic about it.

Junior Speedsters are our lives,

Sky-bound soars and daring dives

Junior Speedsters is our quest,

To someday be the very best!

Then they landed back on the ground.

"Oh that was awesome and it just gave me some ideas for a prank, would you like to join us Gilda?" asked Pinkie Pie while blowing her party horn.

"Well, I'd love to play a prank as much as the next griffon but Dash promised we'd get a flying session this morning," said Gilda while Rainbow Dash looked apologetic.

"Yeah I hope you don't mind Pinkie, since Gilda just got here and I wanted to show her around,"

"But what about Naruto?" asked Pinkie knowing that he would be a bit disappointed.

"You can tell him to meet up with me later, so see ya," with that Rainbow Dash took off with Gilda, leaving a saddened Pinkie Pie to trudge back into town.

Pinkie Pie was walking along the street when she heard someone call out to her from behind.

"Hey Pinks! I've been looking all over for you,"

She turned to see Naruto trotting up to her with a smile on his face.

"Are you ready for our pranks, I've even made some crystals last night which can produce some flashy effects. Hey where's Dash? I thought that she would come with you," asked Naruto looking around for her.

"She's hanging out with her griffon friend Gilda," said Pinkie Pie.

"A griffon?"

"Yeah, they've been friends since flight camp and said that she'll hang out with us later,"

"I see, if that's the case we'll wait around a bit before we can have our fun,"

Hearing that cheered Pinkie Pie up as she hugged Naruto "You're right, I'll come and get you when the time comes, see ya later," she then bounced off with Naruto smiling after her.

"Since I have a lot of free time, maybe I can do some odd jobs from the request board until then," Naruto muttered to himself before trotting towards the post office.

Meanwhile Rainbow Dash and Gilda were above town while performing loops until landing on top of a cloud to rest.

"That was sweet, just like old times," said Gilda.

"Yeah but only faster, so now what?" asked Rainbow Dash, suddenly Pinkie popped her head through the cloud.

"Hey there. It's later. And I caught up," turns out, Pinkie Pie was using a trampoline to reach up to them.

"Oh Pinkie Pie, you're so random,"

But Gilda looked annoyed at Pinkie for showing up. "Hey Dash, got any gas left to race up to that cloud?"

"A race? You're so on,"

"Ready? One, two, three, GO!" they both took off, leaving Pinkie Pie behind and passed through a cloud.

"I won!"

"As if, I won dude,"

They both started to quarrel over who won the race, not noticing Pinkie Pie who had risen up to them while having a dozen of balloons tied to her waist until she spoke up.

"The race was really close, but I think Rainbow Dash beat you by a teeny weeny itty bitty hair, or a teeny weeny itty bitty feather,"

"You see? It's a good thing Pinkie Pie's here to keep you honest G," said Rainbow Dash, Gilda wasn't amused at all.

"Hey Dash, last one up that cloud is a gnarly dragon's egg. Go!" they took off in a cloud of dust, but when it cleared it showed Gilda who remained behind and was glaring at Pinkie "I think the altitude is making you dizzy," she proceeded to pop a few balloons with her talon, forcing Pinkie Pie to descend to the ground.

"But wait, guys,"

Gilda landed on the cloud next to Rainbow Dash, but didn't expect to see Pinkie Pie show again this time riding some sort of contraption.

"Wow guys, you almost got away from me that time,"

The griffon was really getting annoyed by the pink mare, then she spoke the Rainbow Dash "So Dash, you got any new moves on your tricktionary, or are you still 100% old school?"

"Are you kidding? I've got lots of tricks, even ones you've never seen before thanks to a friend of mine, let me show you," Rainbow Dash then flew off, giving Gilda an opportunity.

"Hey Pinkie, c'mere,"

"Yes?" Pinkie Pie came closer.

"Can't you take a hint? Dash doesn't need to hang out with dweebs like you, so why don't you make like a bee and BUZZ OFF!" Gilda then grabbed onto the propeller, causing Pinkie's contraption to spin out of control and plummet to the ground right before Rainbow Dash came back.

"Try to beat that, hey where's Pinkie Pie and her crazy contraption?" She asked.

"She left, something about being busy as a bee," said Gilda looking down with self-satisfaction.

Pinkie Pie got up from the ground while her contraption laid there wrecked and pouted at being snubbed like that.

Later on, Rainbow Dash and Gilda were flying over the town when she heard her griffon friend speak up.

"Hey Dash, what do you think is that?"

She looked down to see something moving across the road at high speed while leaving behind a cloud of dust and realized who it might be.

"It must be my friend Naruto!" said Rainbow Dash excitedly flying towards him.

"Naruto?" Gilda quirked an eyebrow before flying after her, as they drew close Rainbow Dash called out to him.

"Hey Naruto," it skidded to a stop and the cloud cleared to reveal a unicorn with an orange coat and a spiky yellow mane with a cutie mark of a white maelstrom on his flank, he was also wearing a black and orange hoodie jacket, a black headband on his forehead, a pair of goggles and a medallion hung around his neck.

"Oh hey Dash, what's up?" Naruto smiled happily, then he turned to face Gilda "And you must be Gilda, it nice to meet a friend of Dash, a friend of Dash is a friend of mine,"

"Gilda, this is Naruto and he's a good friend of mine, he's been helping me out with my tricks and we often race each other," said Rainbow Dash excitedly.

"Hold on, you mean that you actually race against him? Are you sure that you haven't been taking it easy on him?" asked Gilda who was a bit skeptical.

"We don't hold back on each other at all, why don't I prove it by having a race," said Naruto with a competitive look.

"That sounds like a fun idea Naruto, first one to reach the town square wins," Rainbow Dash settled on the ground and lined up with Naruto and Gilda.

"There's still time for you to back out," Gilda smirked.

"I'd advise not underestimating me, most ponies that did that ended up losing to me in the end," said Naruto with a grin.

"Alright then, ready, set, GO!"

The trio took off at high through the streets of the town. Gilda was stunned upon seeing that Naruto was able to keep up with them as she had expected him to left behind in their dust but here he was maneuvering through the obstacles and not losing any speed at all.

"I've never seen a pony who can run that fast before, no wonder why Dash is so friendly with him," thought Gilda.

They quickly banked right around a corner and Naruto sent chakra to his hooves to drift into a street where there were a lot of ponies walking around. Thinking quickly, he ran towards an empty cart and used it to launch himself to the rooftops. Then he slid down the walls and caught up with the others. They were neck and neck as they drew close to the town, when Naruto suddenly fell behind. Gilda smirked thinking that the stallion had ran out of gas, then Naruto quickly overtook her and reached the finishing point in first place, Rainbow Dash in second and her in third.

"Looks like I win," said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"Hold up, how were you able to pass me when I saw you fall behind?" asked Gilda.

"I think I know what Naruto did, he must have slowed down to behind you to reduce wind resistance before overtaking you like a slingshot," said Rainbow Dash.

"That was fun, but I gotta go now since I have to complete some deliveries for the post office so I'll see you around," said Naruto before trotting away.

"Okay see ya," Rainbow Dash waved at him while Gilda was glaring at him with jealousy.

Later on Naruto was strolling through the town market when his senses suddenly picked up sadness and he recognized it to be Fluttershy, quickly galloping towards it to see Fluttershy crying.

"Shy what happened?! Why are you crying?" asked Naruto worriedly.

"It was Gilda Naru, she was being a big meanie and bullied Fluttershy," said Pinkie Pie, walking up to them.

"Gilda did what?!" Naruto was shocked that a friend of Rainbow Dash would do that.

"Not only that, she played a mean trick on Granny Smith too," Naruto got angry upon hearing this as he doesn't like anyone precious to him get hurt, either physically or emotionally.

"Which is why I'm gonna teach her a lesson, Pinkie Pie style,"

"I hope you don't mind if I join in on this?" asked Naruto with a mischievous smirk, something Pinkie Pie mirrored before nodding as they started to plan.

"Is this your idea of a party?!" Gilda roared out in anger.

That night, Naruto and Pinkie Pie who were throwing a party at the Sugarcube Corner had invited everypony including Gilda. However Gilda had been falling for pranks like lemon drops coated with pepper, dribble cup full of punch, spitting snakes and even trying to blow out relighting candles, all of which she suspected Pinkie Pie to be responsible for. Naruto was wondering when she was going to blow a fuse, it was finally the pin the tail on the pony that she did.

"I've never seen much lamer dweebs in all of my life and you Pinkie Pie are the queen lame-o with your weak little party pranks. Did you really think that you could make me lose my cool this way?" said Gilda, not noticing the look of shock which was on Rainbow Dash's face. "Rainbow Dash and I are much cooler than all of you! Come on Dash we're leaving," Gilda turned to leave but noticed that Rainbow Dash wasn't following her.

"Actually Gilda, the one who set up all of those pranks was me," said Rainbow Dash.

"What? You've got to be kidding me Dash," said Gilda who was shocked.

"So I guess I'm the queen lame-o huh?"

"No way, it has to be Pinkie Pie! She must have set up all those pranks to make a fool out of me!"

"Me? I thought a good party might ease your mood, I should have known that dribble cup had Rainbow Dash's name all over," said Pinkie Pie innocently.

"I fell for the lemon drop trick, Dash got me good that time," said Naruto.

"You surely didn't need any help to make a fool out of yourself Gilda. I never thought that my old friends would treat my new friends this way, if being cool is all you care about then you should go and find cooler friends elsewhere,"

"Fine then! When you stop being lame and want to be cool again, then you know where to find me!" shouted Gilda, turning around and leaving.

"Not cool," said Rainbow Dash watching her leave then turning to the other ponies "I'm really sorry about this everypony, I never thought that she would act this way. And Pinkie, I'm sorry that she ruined the party that you prepared for her,"

"Hey, if you wanted to hang out with party poopers then that's your business," said Pinkie Pie

"But I'm pretty sure that you would rather hang with us," said Naruto with a smirk.

"You're right about that Naruto, so let's get this party rolling!"

Everypony cheered out loud and continued with the party, Naruto took a glance at the door and saw a yellow tail disappear before walking up to the others.

Meanwhile, Gilda was walking along the road and kicking some pebbles in frustration. "I can't believe Dash chose those ponies over me, after all that we've been through since flight camp," then she heard someone approaching her from behind to turned to see that it was Naruto "And what do you want, here to gloat?"

"I'm rather here to find why you did that when you were different from the first time I met you," said Naruto walking up to her side.

"Why would you want to know? You don't know how it feels be alone, ignored by everyone!"

Naruto smiled bitterly, remembering someone saying those words before he became something like a brother "Why don't you try me?"

Gilda sat down on a hill and looked up to the night sky "When I was young, I entered flight camp thinking that it would be fun, but I was the only griffin there and no one wanted to befriend me because of what I am,"

"I guess it's because of the Great War," thought Naruto as he continued to listen.

"But then Rainbow Dash walked up to me, wanting to be my friend. At first I thought that she was pitying me but as time went I started to enjoy hanging out with her as a friend. So when I came and saw her having fun with other ponies, I got scared thinking that she had forgotten about me,"

"So you started being rude to others just to spend more time with Dash,"

"Yeah, but I ended up having her hate me instead,"

Naruto looked at the griffin for a moment before facing the night sky "Y'know back in my village, everypony hated me for something that was out of my control, they refused to look at me and if they do then it would be with hatred, no one wanted to be friends either and I was so lonely, I would have fallen into despair if it weren't for my teacher who reached out to me. Soon others joined him and I considered them to be precious to me as they saved me from myself, so I swore to protect them no matter what the cost,"

Gilda looked at the pony in surprise, she thought that all ponies lived in a no worries world "If so, then why are you here in Ponyville instead of your village?"

"I had to leave under certain circumstances, never to return. But my bonds with them shall never be broken," said Naruto while tracing a hoof on his headband.

"But I broke mine with Dash and I'll be alone again,"

"I wouldn't say that, I'm pretty sure that Dash still cares about you as she wanted you to hang out with us so that you would have more friends, so you just let this blow over for a while for everyone to calm down. Plus you already have another friend,"

"Really, who?" Gilda turned to see Naruto grinning at her.

"You've been talking to him, remember what I said back then 'A friend of Dash is a friend of mine' and I meant it,"

"B-but I was so rude to everyone," Gilda stammered in surprise.

"Then let's start over, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I'm a unicorn, it's nice to meet you," said Naruto holding out a hoof, Gilda looked at it before she smiled and grabbed it with a talon and shook it.

"My name is Gilda and I'm a griffon, it's nice to meet you too,"

"Before you leave, I want you to have this," Naruto took out something from the pocket of his jacket and held it out for Gilda to see. It was a pair of goggles similar to the one Rainbow Dash wears around her neck. "I made it after I left you with Dash, consider it a sign of our friendship,"

Gilda took the goggles and wore it around her neck "Thanks Naruto, and I hope that the next time we meet then we'll have a race again,"

"Of course, train hard until then," said Naruto as he watched the griffin fly off into the night sky. "Guess I'd better return to the party while my clone is still around,"

Naruto walked back into town while thinking of how he help Rainbow Dash and Gilda become friends again.

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