Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja @hussbek
Treasure Hunting: Ninja Style!


Chapter 16: Treasure Hunting: Ninja Style!

Near the outskirts of Ponyville, is a wild wooded area called the Everfree Forest. Many ponies say that it is a mysterious place which serves as a home to many varieties of plants and animals. It is also known to possess a quality which allows them to thrive on their own without the invention of ponies, something that they consider 'unnatural'.

Many of those who entered the forest never came back out, with only a few able to return to tell the others their stories of things which they have never seen or heard before.

At the moment, if one has a good sense of hearing, then would have heard the sound of thumping coming from the forest as if there is a fight going on.

The scene changes to within the midst of the forest where a pack of animals resembling wolves but made entirely of wood known to many as Timberwolves surrounded an orange unicorn wearing a black and orange hoodie jacket and a black head headband with a leaf design on it.

Normally a pony would have been quivering in fear, but not this pony known as Naruto Uzumaki the pony ninja and the element bearer of purity as he stared at the Timberwolves surrounding him with a smirk on his face.

"So you guys think you got the jump on me?" Naruto took the fighting stance and the wolves tensed, neither side moved until a leaf fell from a branch and floated to the ground, when it touched the ground they charged at each other "then think again!"

Naruto ducked under a swipe and responded with an uppercut, launching the wolf into the air. "Chakurateruhoippu" he channeled chakra to his tail which glowed before whipping it at the air born wolf and pulled it towards him.

"Take this, Rasengan!" Naruto rammed the sphere into the wolf and kept on going until slamming into a tree, shattering it into pieces.

Naruto backflipped just as two more came from behind with their claws stretched out, then he pointed his fore hooves at them. "Chakura no dangan: Sokusha!" two runes appeared and unleashed white projectiles at a rapid rate, destroying the wolves.

"Kosei no Ha, Battle stance!" Naruto summoned the glaive to his back as he turned to face the remaining Timberwolves. "Here I come, Windflaw dash!" Naruto charged at them while surrounded by the wind, knocking some of them into the air.

Kosei no giachenji: Chakuramu!" his glaive transformed into a chakram, "Chakuramusaikuron!" then he formed a chakra tendril and threw it at them. The chakram zipped through the wolves repeatedly and his horn crackled with lightning.

"Now for a combo, Bolt chain!" a stream of lightning shot out and struck one of the wolves before arcing off to the rest before falling to the floor charred and in pieces. The chakram returned to his back and reverted to the glaive.

A wolf attacked from above in hopes of surprising the blond stallion, but Naruto was aware as he used a chakra tendril to wrap around a tree and pulled himself over to evade. He landed on the tree trunk and then bounced off it right back at the wolf "Gureibu Make yarijinai!" and ran it through with his glaive which was radiating with chakra.

"Shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto summoned five of his clones who stood next to him and faced the wolves. One of the clones rushed forward and punched a Timberwolf, the original Naruto stepped on the clone's back launched himself into the air, "!" the remaining three clones all performed a double kick simultaneously, sending the wolf into the air towards the original. Naruto stomped on it, sending it crashing to the ground creating a crater.

Naruto turned around quickly, with chakra flowing through his fore hooves to form claws and raised one of them to block an incoming strike from the last of the Timberwolves.

"Time for me to wrap this up," Naruto unleashed an onslaught of slashes on the wolf with his chakra claws at a speed that is comparable to when Neji used the Trigram 64 palms on him, then he jumped and channeled chakra to his horn, "Chakurahonsurasshu!" taking the shape of a longer horn, Naruto sped forward and went past the wolf, then stopped behind it with his horn lowered.

The Timberwolf stood still for a few moments before finally collapsing to the ground and laid unmoving, Naruto exhaled as the chakra receded into his body and stretched a bit before looking back and smirking at the fallen wolves.

"Nothing like a good workout for a ninja like me," said Naruto while grinning, he had been venturing into the forest to train by fighting against the creatures. Doing this sharpens his skills as well as prep for any challenges or opponents in the future. "But they weren't kidding about this place, a normal pony wouldn't be able to survive this place. Luckily, I'm not a normal pony,"

Naruto took a look at himself and saw that he was covered in tree sap from the wolves and grimaced a bit "I'd better get back home and wash up, I don't want smell like a tree,". Then he leapt from tree to tree in the direction of Ponyville, completely unaware that someone was watching from behind the tree while wearing a black cloak.

"This is a first time for me to see someone wandering in the Everfree," said the pony before walking away.

Naruto was leaping from tree to tree, when something bright glinted from the corner of his eye. He stopped and backtracked and saw something sticking out of the ground.

"Well what do we have here?" Naruto dug around the strange item a bit before pulling it out of the ground. He was holding a stone tablet with a shiny ruby embedded in it, it also has a picture of an earth pony holding a scepter in her mouth and is surrounded by flames. "What is something like this doing here in the Everfree forest? I think I'll take to Twilight, maybe she has a book or two which can tell us about it," Naruto was about to take off before looking at himself again "After I take a bath,"

After heading home and taking a bath like he intended, Naruto headed to Twilight's place and knocked on the door, only for Spike to open it.

"Hi Naruto, how's it going?" said Spike.

"Yo Spike, nothing but the usual. I'm just checking to see if Twilight is around," said Naruto.

"She's at the library reading,"

"Thanks buddy," Naruto walked and soon found Twilight reading a book like always.

"Hi Twilight," said Naruto happily.

"Oh hello Naruto, what brings you around here?" said Twilight, smiling upon seeing him.

"Actually, I found something interesting during my 'walk' and I thought that I could bring it over and see if any of your books could have information about it," said Naruto.

"Okay Naruto, but let's see it first," said Twilight.

Naruto then approached the table "Sure Twilight, Release Stone tablet!" a white orb came out of the medallion and floated to the table before transforming into the tablet and laid itself on the table.

Twilight looked at the tablet with a critical eye "Hmm, an earth pony holding a scepter, I think I know which book to learn about it," She then called out to Spike "Spike, could you bring the 'The Equestrian Chronicles'?"

"Got it, Twilight," Spike climbed up a ladder and took out a large leather covered book before bringing it over and placing it on the table.

Twilight proceeded to flip through the pages until she finally stopped on a page which had an illustration bearing similarities to the image on the stone tablet.

"Here it is, according to the chronicles, we looking at none other than Pyro Flare, otherwise known as the Mare of Flames,"

"The Mare of Flames? Why do they call her that?" asked Naruto with curiosity.

"It says that with the use of a scepter call the Infernal Flower, she can conjure up flames and manipulate any source of fire to do her bidding,"

"Wow that sounds so cool! It's almost like she's a dragon," said Spike who had stayed behind to listen.

"According to history, she appeared in the battlefield to assist Equestria against the griffons of Griffonstone during the Great War, many soldiers spoke of how Pyro Flare used her Infernal Flower to go up against a legion of griffons and emerge victorious,"

"I've read about the Great War, and I've also read that Equestria and Griffonstone are under a ceasefire treaty,"

"You're right about that Naruto, even before I came to Ponyville for the first time, Princess Celestia has been attending meetings in order to gain an alliance with the griffons,"

"Anyway back to the story, what happened to Pyro Flare?" asked Spike.

"Well when the Great War ended, she left to where nopony knows but before leaving, she gave us a mysterious riddle," said Twilight reading from the book.

"What is the riddle?" asked Naruto.

"These are the words of the Mare of Flames, 'I shall lay to rest at where the flames will never die out' it seems like she was telling us where she would be buried but at the same time not revealing its actual location," said Twilight.

"That's a weird riddle, 'where the flames will never die out'? I mean a flame on a candle will go out when all of the wax melts, the same goes for forest fires when they're put out, kitchen stoves or even dragons when they breathe fire," said Spike.

"Spike, what you're thinking about are flames made artificially, Pyro Flare meant natural flames but which-" Twilight was then interrupted by Naruto's sudden outburst.

"I've got it, the answer to the riddle!" said Naruto with a look of realization.

"What do you mean?" asked Spike who was a bit confused "What is the answer?"

"The answer is in the riddle Spike, the only place where flames will never go out… is a volcano!" Twilight's eyes widened in realization upon what he said.

"You're right Naruto, no amount of water can even put them out especially when it's an active volcano!"

"But the question is which volcano?" asked Spike. Twilight used her magic to bring out a scroll from the bookshelf and unrolled it on the table to reveal a map of Equestria.

"According to the map, there is a volcano around here," She pointed at a mountain on the map "It has been active for a very long time, that must be where the tomb of Pyro Flare is,"

"Then that's where I'm going," said Naruto with a look of excitement.

"Are you sure about this Naruto? It could be dangerous," said Twilight worriedly.

"Of course, the Infernal Flower must have been kept there and I'm going to get it. It kinda scares me if other ponies were to figure out the riddle and try to find it especially those who have ill intentions," Twilight slowly nodding at the logic and shivered at the thought of anypony using the scepter for their own gain. "Besides, I can't sit out an adventure like this!"

Twilight giggled at his excitement "You almost sound like Daring Do,"

"Daring Do, who's that?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sure you would like her, she's an adventurer and treasure hunter who explores ancient temples and ruins in search of rare artifacts, an author by the name A.K Yearling writes about her adventures and I've even got all the books in the series,"

"Whoa, I think I'll read some of those books when I get back," Naruto turned to leave before looking back "Wish me luck,".

"Go get em Naruto!" said Spike.

"Good luck Naruto, and come back safely," said Twilight, the blond stallion nodded in affirmation and headed for his home to gear up.

Later on, Naruto stood at the outskirts of Ponyville in a different attire. He now wears an all-black jacket with the hood up and a facemask on to hide his identity. He also sealed a few crystals, supplies and a map into his medallion and strapped a ninja pouch to his side then told Trixie that he is going on a trip for a while.

"I'm all set so let's get this adventure started!" Naruto crouched down a bit, channeling chakra to his feet before taking off down the road leaving behind a small crater and a cloud of dust.

After a couple hours of running along the roads and sometimes leaping through the trees, we find Naruto perched at the top of a pine tree overlooking the forest while drinking from a canteen and looking at the map levitating in front of him with magic.

"Hmm, according to the map the mountain should be right over there," Naruto looked up from the map and looked to see a large mountain with smoke coming out of the top. Sealing the map and canteen back into the medallion, Naruto leapt off the tree and headed towards the mountain.

"Darn, can't seem to find any hidden entrance. I've been around the mountain twice and still nothing," Naruto stood there deep in thought until he had an idea, he started tapping the wall. He kept moving along the wall until the sound changed into a hollow one. "I found it" Naruto created a chakra arm which formed a Rasengan then he rammed it into the wall which exploded in a cloud of dust, it cleared to reveal a tunnel leading inside. He was about to enter, when he heard a whipping sound before quickly jumping out of the way of the attack, then he turned to see who had attacked.

She is a Pegasus with a body color of dark khaki with a mane and tail of six shades of grey, she wears a dark olivine vest and a pith helmet with a dark olive band, her cutie mark is a compass.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto.

"I should be the one asking you that question," said the mare.

"Well I asked you first,"

"Fine, my name is Daring Do," said the mare, Naruto's eyes widened in surprise.

"Daring Do? As in the famous adventurer and treasure hunter?"

"That's right, now will you tell me your name and what you're doing here?" asked Daring Do seriously.

"Whoa, what's with the attitude?" thought Naruto "My name is….Hokage,"

"Hokage? That's a strange name," said Daring Do with a raised eyebrow.

"It means Fire Shadow from I came from," said Naruto "I came here to find the Infernal Flower of Pyro Flare," Daring Do's eyes narrowed upon hearing what he said.

"And what do you intend to do with it?"

"I plan to keep it at a safe place so as to prevent anypony with evil intentions from getting their hooves on it,"

"Even with that reason, I can't trust you and I won't let you take it," said Daring Do.

"What is that supposed to mean? What are your reasons for suspecting me?" asked Naruto angrily.

"First you hide your identity behind a disguise which makes you look suspicious, second I've just met you but it doesn't mean that I should trust you just like that,"

"You may be right but I have my reasons as well, first I hide my identity so that the ponies whom I care about will not be in danger, second I could tell that you're a pony with good intentions and I could trust you which was why I told you my reasons," said Naruto.

Daring Do looked at him a few moments before walking towards the tunnel without looking back at the stallion. "I don't care about your reasons, just don't get in my way," then she entered the tunnel.

"What's with her, it's like I'm dealing with the pony version of Gaara except she isn't a killing psycho, I'd better go after her," Naruto grumbled before entering the tunnel as well. He kept moving along the tunnel until coming across Daring Do standing before a straight passage.

"Why are you standing around here?" asked Naruto, the mare turned around with an annoyed look on her face.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well you told me not to get in your way, but you didn't tell me to leave so there," said Naruto with a smirk.

"Ugh, fine but like I said, don't get in my way," Daring Do turned to face the passage "I suspect that there's a booby trap set up here,"

"You may be right, a straight passage like this would not raise suspicions if you're an average pony," Naruto picked up a rock with his tail and tossed it ahead, it hit a hidden panel and flaming arrows shot out from the wall before sticking on the other side, confirming their suspicions.

"This is nothing for me," Daring Do flapped her wings and quickly flew to the other side and then turned to see how the stallion would get across "So how are you getting past the trap?"

"I just don't have to touch the floor," Naruto took few steps back and channeled chakra to his feet before running along the wall and jumping to the other, repeating the motion until reaching the other side much to the mare's surprise "Like that,"

"At least, I won't have to worry about you taking care of yourself," Daring merely snorted and walked up with Naruto close behind while looking a little annoyed.

Upon exiting the passage, the duo came upon a large stone platform which is held up by four large chains, they also saw a stone golem sitting in the middle, Naruto looked down to see lava below them.

"There's something over here," said Naruto pointing at an inscription on the wall, Daring Do took a closer look and slowly read it out loud.

"In order to proceed, one must emerge victorious against the guardian of the earth," said Daring Do.

"I guessing it means that we have to break that hunk of rock in order to continue, no problem," Naruto walked out to the platform before Daring Do could stop him and stood in front of the stationary golem. "Hey rocky wake up! You have a date at the quarry so let's get moving!"

Then the eyes and runes on its body glowed red and it slowly stood up and approached the pony ninja with the intent to attack.

"Hokage are you insane?! It's far too dangerous to go up against a golem!" shouted Daring Do.

"Don't worry, I've handled stronger opponents than this walking boulder," said Naruto, then he charged at the golem.

It launched a punch at the stallion, but Naruto flipped backwards and quickly ran up the arm all the way to the head and delivered a chakra powered punch, shattering it into pieces. Naruto smirked, thinking that it was over but it dropped when he saw the head reform. The golem stomped on the platform, causing the chains to loosen and drop it to just a few feet above the lava.

"I guess you don't me running around too much," said Naruto keeping an eye on the golem.

"Hokage are you okay?" Daring Do called from above.

"Yeah I'm fine, things just got a little harder," Naruto ducked under a swing from the rock giant and ran between its legs and turned around with his horn glowing "Icicle shot!" Then fired ice projectiles at the feet, holding it in place. Naruto jumped into the air and dived at the golem with a spinning orb in his hoof "Take this, Rasengan!"

Naruto grinded through the stomach and landed on the other side and turned around only to see the torso regenerate itself as if the attack never happened in the first place.

"Darn it, no matter how much I damage it, it just keeps on recovering from my attacks" thought Naruto.

The golem then fired its stone fists at Naruto, forcing him to dodge left and right before returning to its body. Naruto was contemplating on a plan to take the golem once and for all when he heard Daring Do call out from above.

"Hokage! Drive the golem off the platform and into the lava, it won't be able to reform that way!"

"Thanks for the tip!" Naruto turned to face the golem again.

It launched its fists at him again, but Naruto dodged them again but this time took aim at them "Icicle shot!" fired ice projectiles, freezing them in place then he shattered them with a few chakra powered punches and kicks. "Windflaw Dash!" he charged at the rock giant and rammed into it, sending it stumbling to edge to the edge of the platform.

While the golem was trying to regain its balance and not fall off, Naruto simply walked over and gave a small tap with his fore hoof, sending it falling into the lava and sank into its depths. With the absence of the golem's weight on the platform, the chains slowly lifted it back to its original position and Daring Do went to meet up with Naruto.

"Are you okay?" asked Daring Do.

"I'm fine, but I thought you said that you won't need to worry about me?" said Naruto.

"I was just making sure that I don't have to watch over you," said Daring Do walking past him and to the next area with Naruto looking at her with a calculative look before following after her.

They entered the next room to see lava flowing in front of them with the entrance to the next room at the other side with no way to cross, Daring Do was about to fly again but Naruto stopped her.

"Why are you stopping me?"

Naruto pointed upwards, she looked to see stalagmites that look ready to fall at any given time.

"By the look of things, this trap was set up to stop Pegasus from passing here, so we need another way to cross," said Naruto.

"Then how do we get across, it's not like we can just make a bridge to cross," Naruto's eyes widened at hearing what she said and smiled.

"Or maybe we can," Daring Do looked at him in surprise, Naruto stared at the ceiling as he used his tail to go through his pouch and pulled out a khaki colored crystal.

"What is that and what are you planning to do with it?"

"This is an impulse crystal, it releases a non-lethal burst of magic stored within it, and I intend to knock down some the stalagmites which we can use as stepping stones to get across," Naruto threw the crystal the ceiling and there was blast of magic which dislodged some stalagmites to fall into the lava with some parts sticking out. Naruto threw more of the impulse crystals until there were enough sticking out of the lava.

"Let's get across quickly while we have time!" Naruto jumped on each of them until he finally got across with Daring Do close behind and they turned to see the stones melt into the lava. They continued along the tunnel until Naruto decided to break the silence.

"Why is it that you work alone and refuse to accept help? You don't seem like the kind of pony to do that according to what I've heard from a friend of mine," asked Naruto.

"It's because I prefer to work alone, it has always been that way in my adventures and it always will," said Daring Do "Even working with you is a risk I didn't want to take,"

Naruto stared at her for a while before speaking "From the way I see it, you're afraid that if you become friends with others, they would get hurt during one of your adventures, that may be why you refuse to work with others,"

Daring Do stopped walking in surprise as Naruto continued on as she thought on his words "Could that be the reason why I don't like working with others? Because I don't want to see anypony get hurt?" Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Daring Do quickly caught up with the stallion.

They soon came out of the passage and followed a ledge which spiraled downwards to the bottom, then they stood before a large platform where a statue of dragon sits at the center. Curled around the tail is a crystal and inside it is a pony with a body color of red with a mane and tail of crimson, she also had a cutie mark of a flame.

"That must be the body of Pyro Flare, the mare of flames," said Naruto.

"The crystal must have been preserving her body, but where's the scepter?"

"Daring Do, look up there,"

She looked at where Naruto was pointing and saw in the jaws of the dragon a small golden staff with a red gem in the shape of a rose and it was glowing.

"Okay then, I'll go and get it," said Daring Do, flying up towards the scepter.

"Be careful of any traps," said Naruto.

Daring Do flew around the statue several times to find any signs of a booby trap and found none, then she proceeded to slowly pull the scepter out. Naruto was looking at the scepter and was curious about why it was glowing.

"I wonder why the Infernal Flower has been glowing all this time as nopony has been holding it. According to history, it has the ability to control any type of flames and yet-" Naruto's eyes widened in realization and tried to warn the mare "Daring Do, don't pull it out! The scepter itself is a trap!"

But it was too late as she had already taken the scepter out and the glowed faded away. The mountain started to rumble and shake as the duo looked around.

"What's going on?!" asked Daring Do.

"It has been said that the scepter is capable of producing and manipulating any type of fire, so the scepter must have been the reason why the volcano was active for a long time and why it had never erupted," said Naruto.

"And since I've taken the scepter, the volcano is about to erupt, we need to get out of here!"

Music Start: Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 OST; Crisis City

The duo quickly ran back up the spiraling ledge all the while dodging the falling rock along the way, Daring Do took to the air while Naruto pumped chakra into his hooves to keep up with her. There was a rumble and they turned to see the lava rising before entering the passage.

"We have to hurry, there's not much time left!" said Daring Do flying faster.

"I guess that comes from personal experience," said Naruto running next to her to which she nodded in affirmation.

Several boulders fell in their path, blocking their way. But Daring Do was able to fly through the gaps with Naruto using his freerunning skills to maneuver through them as well, but when the larger rocks were to block their way, Naruto would throw a few impulse crystals to destroy them in order to pass on through.

As they were running, a plume of lava suddenly shot out from the ground right in front of them, Daring Do quickly performed a barrel roll to get out of the way and Naruto ran along the wall while using chakra to stick to it and they kept on going.

"Whoa that was close, something tells me that we really need to step up before this place blows up!" said Naruto.

"And something tells me you're right," said Daring Do.

Without warning, a rock fell from above and struck one of Daring Do's wing, causing her to fall two the ground and Naruto quickly doubled back to check on her.

"Are you okay?" asked Naruto.

"My wing is sprained, I don't think I can fly with it," said Daring Do.

"Then get on my back," said Naruto, she looked at him in confusion "Well you won't be able to keep up with me and we're short on time," Daring Do nodded at the logic and climbed to his back, Naruto wrapped his tail around her so as to make sure that she stays on. "Just hold on to the scepter and I'll do the rest" Naruto pumped chakra into his hooves and ran even faster than he did before.

They kept on going until they were almost at where the flowing lava and stalagmites are.

"Hokage how are we going to get across, we won't have time to make stepping stones with the stalagmites," said Daring Do from his back.

"I thought of that, which is why I'm going to use my abilities," said Naruto much to Daring Do's confusion. When they got there Naruto jumped off the edge to her shock.

"Has he lost his mind?! We can't jump all the way to the other side!"

Naruto shot out a chakra tendril to latch onto a stalagmite and swung then he released before shooting out another one to swing again and kept it up until they reached the other side, then he continued to run.

"I guess that's one of your abilities?" asked Daring Do and received a nod in return.

"Yes, and only I can do it, few ponies know about as it's a secret," said Naruto as he kept running, another boulder fell in front but Daring Do quickly grabbed an impulse crystal from Naruto's pouch and threw it at the boulder to destroy it and clear a way.

"I must admit that these crystal are pretty useful," said Daring Do.

"Well I got them from a friend of mine who lives at Ponyville, he owns a shop called The Whirlpool which sells different types of crystals," Naruto replied.

There was a larger rumble from behind them, they turned to see lava rushing towards them.

"Hokage hurry, it's coming!" shouted Daring Do.

"I got it! Windflaw dash!" Naruto ran faster with the wind flowing around, this helped them pull away and knock away any falling debris and soon they were to escape from the mountain.

Music End

Later, they were standing on a hill and were watching the volcano erupt as Celestia's sun was setting and Luna's moon slowly rose.

"I guess it's another day in the life for you Daring Do?" asked Naruto.

"You're right about that Hokage, but this has to be one of the most exciting for me," said Daring Do.

"So what happens now, will you take the Infernal Flower with you?"

Daring Do looked at the scepter a few moments before holding it out to Naruto, much to his confusion.

"I think I'll give it to you,"

"But why are you giving it to me?" asked Naruto.

"From what I've seen, I can tell that you can keep it safe from others. Besides 'It's first come, first served' since I met you at the mountain," said Daring Do.

Naruto looked at her for a moment before taking the scepter "Okay but if it's any consolation, Release stone tablet!" an orb floated out of the and transformed into the tablet, then he removed the barrier bracelet from his hoof "You can take these so that you won't return empty handed,"

"Thanks, and maybe we'll meet again," said Daring Do with a smile.

"I hope so too," said Naruto with an eye smile since he's wearing a mask. They parted ways and returned to their homes.

When Naruto returned to Ponyville, he took off his disguise and wore his normal clothes. Then he called Twilight and Spike over to his place and told them of his adventures. Twilight was quite excited to hear that he actually partnered up with her favorite heroine to find the Infernal Flower.

"I can't wait to see how the next book will turn out!" said Twilight excitedly.

Naruto then sealed the scepter into a scroll which can only be opened with his blood and hid it away in his workshop, Twilight and Spike promised to never reveal its existence until the situation called for it to be used.

Somewhere in another part of Equestria, a pony sits at a table, looking at a manuscript with a satisfied look on her face.

"This has to be one of my best works yet," said the mare as she placed the manuscript on the table and left the room.

We look to see the title written Daring Doo and the Scepter of the Mare of Flames with a Mysterious Shadow.

This is Hussbek online with another chapter, I had the weekend so I thought that I could squeeze some time from schoolwork to put up another chapter. I had to watch a few games which had volcanoes as a stage in order to get some ideas and the impulse crystal is a replacement for the exploding tags. I'll have you guess the next chapter so read and review as always.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.

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